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Her Rancher Daddy by Shelly Douglas – Extended Preview

Peering over at the illuminated red numbers on the clock next to the bed, Jessie noticed that it was a little after seven in the morning. Since Trent was in the habit of leaving for work by six-thirty, she was finally alone in the house. When he had risen from the bed that morning, Jessie had displayed some realistic-sounding sleep noises, giving the illusion that she was off in dreamland, and as anticipated, Trent hadn’t disturbed her.

I can possess the talent of sounding like an approaching freight train when it’s necessary.

He liked to prepare breakfast in the morning, and if she was up early, they would talk about their plans for the upcoming day. She didn’t want to lie to him by omission, and thought it would be best not to share her agenda that morning. Naturally she’d decided not to consult Sammie with her scheme, because if she had, the plan would’ve been doomed from the beginning.

My sister can’t help it if she’s a blabbermouth. The girl comes by it quite innocently.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jessie stopped for a minute to think. The week had truly been an eye opener, and her new relationship with Trent was absolutely a gift from heaven. Had she known what was waiting for her on this side of the Mississippi, she would’ve traveled out West long ago. Fate was imminent sometimes, but rarely had it ever been kind to her or Sammie. Luckily, some angel had been watching over them on their vacation. So, why was she determined to tempt fate by having the final word with her ex-boyfriend?

Because he’d played with my head. For the last time.

Sailing into the bathroom, she made a quick pit stop and then returned to the bedroom to stand in front of her open suitcase before choosing a casual walking outfit, which would include gym shorts, a T-shirt, and some hiking boots.

It’s important to look like I’m just outside for an innocent stroll on the trails.

Slowly, she laced up the sturdy tan leather boots before meandering into the kitchen and finding a note on the table.

Hope you had a good sleep after your tiring day. Since we didn’t have breakfast together, I thought you might want to enjoy a quick bite. I have fond childhood memories of my mom serving us Pop Tarts with a cup of hot tea. It’s not nutritious by my standards, but it is sugar-coated and delicious. Be good, and I’ll come to check on you after I make my morning rounds. Trent

“Under that stern cowboy coating is a sensitive, sweet man,” she mumbled, chomping down on the iced pastry while sipping on some lukewarm orange pekoe tea.

After blotting her mouth with a napkin and wiping up the countertop, she grabbed her dark Oakley sunglasses and walked out the back door. Reaching the end of the lane, Jessie cupped a palm over her eyes and peered both ways before taking off in a sprint. Even though Trent’s quarters diverted from the main part of the ranch, it still wasn’t more than a quarter of a mile until she came to where most of the guest cabins stood. But just to be careful, she’d stop and occasionally pivot on her heels to make sure no one was nearby.

These Reynolds men have a habit of showing up when you least expect them.

No more than ten minutes after she’d started, Jessie spotted the cabin she’d been searching for. It was Ben’s cabin. Number thirteen.

Because she’d only concocted this little escapade in a moment of restless sleep the night before, a decision hadn’t been made as to what she was going to say to that rat. And it also wouldn’t hurt to get the lay of the land before coming up with a solid scheme of how to approach him.

Okay, maybe this plan was a bit undercooked.

Before continuing down the pavement, she hesitated one more time, knowing that Trent would be furious with her for doing this alone. Again, she quickened her pace and tried to appear as if she was out for nothing more than an innocent, brisk walk down the road. Rounding the corner for a second time, she finally stopped in front of cabin thirteen and bent over as if she was tying her shoe. But glancing up, she noticed there was no activity inside.

The asshole is probably still sleeping.

Continuing her stroll, she hastily decided to circle around and approach from behind where the cabins backed up into the desert. She made a quick right, turned the corner, and raced past the other guest cottages. Spotting a curve in a flanking trail that just so happened to come near the patio of Ben’s quarters, she slid over onto the path, hoping that it would seem a lot more innocent in case she got caught. Her mind continued to race, thinking of reasonable excuses to be walking in that area.

Nearing Ben’s quarters, she searched for a good spying angle. The corner of the cabin had a sliding glass door to the left that opened to the rear patio and a window with a blind to the right. The slats were only slightly drawn. Glancing at the ground prior to proceeding, she thought it would be helpful to see if there were any potential trip hazards or more important, any small cacti.

Jesus. This is not the time for a clumsy accident.

Feeling confident, she tiptoed over to the corner and placed her spine up against the wall. Jessie’s breathing became labored and her thundering heart felt like it was about to jump out of her chest.

This is crazy. What am I trying to prove? That I’m not afraid of him? That I’m not a fragile, frightened little girl?

After easing toward the window with the open blind, she edged her head closer and quickly peeked in.

Good lord, he’s up.

Wearing only gray sweatpants, Ben was sitting at the table drinking from a white mug and appeared to be gawking at a laptop. Rolling her eyes skyward, she wondered what the hell he could be staring at with no internet connection. Fortunately, his back was to her so there was no chance she’d be noticed.

With her nose practically pressed up against the window, she watched him peck away at the keyboard and imagined that typical self-righteous look in his eyes. Though the man successfully hid his arrogance from friends and coworkers, Jessie knew him better than anyone.

What the hell is he typing? Maybe I should just confront him and get this all over with.

After turning to brace herself against the wall, she closed her eyes and tried to muster up some courage.

It’s just silly standing around imitating a secret agent. You need to suck it up and go to the front door and tell that asshole how you feel.

With her mind ultimately made up, she took a deep breath and swiveled. But before her right foot hit the ground, someone grabbed her from behind, abruptly pulling her backwards.

Jesus Christ.

A small squeal escaped her throat as she pivoted and came nose to nose with Trent who knelt on the ground in front of her. “Shh, Jessie, what are you doing here?” he growled in a hushed voice.

“I-I’m not sure. I was walking around the cottages and got lost…”

“And you just so happened to end up here behind Ben’s cabin?”

Jessie’s head whirled from one side to the other. “I’m near his cabin? Really? Imagine that!”

“Alright, young lady, you’re coming with me. I can assure you it will take much less time traveling home than it did for you to arrive here.” Taking her by the wrist, Trent stood up straight and briskly led her back to his house. But as they left the vicinity in a hurry, neither one had noticed Ben’s haunting eyes in the window watching them trek vigorously down the front road.

“Do you understand how dangerous it was to stalk that man?”

“I know, and I’m really sorry,” she answered in a contrite tone.

His eyes darkened as he lifted her chin with two strong fingers. “We had an agreement. You weren’t to be anywhere near him without another person to keep you safe.”

“I know. I remember.”

He paced back and forth in front of her, continuing his speech. “And should I assume you deceived me by pretending to be asleep this morning, so you wouldn’t have to share your grand scheme?”

Jessie decided it was in her best interest to be silent.

“Well?” he barked.

Staring at the floor, she prayed that his lecture would be over soon. But he wasn’t anywhere near finished.

“If you want to be taken care of, I’m going to need your trust that I’ll make the best possible decisions.” Trent stopped abruptly and took a deep breath before exhaling slowly. “Right now, I’m not sure you want to be sheltered, darlin’. So, how about if I head out for a while and calm down while you ponder this situation?”

“Please don’t leave me alone. I’m sorry for what I did today. But I probably would’ve chickened out after taking another good look at him through the window…”

His arms folded across his massive chest. “You didn’t think he would’ve seen you peering inside his cabin? Jesus, Jessie, what were you trying to prove? Do you really want to have a face-off with that lunatic? I have responsibilities on this ranch, and need to be able to trust that you won’t put yourself in danger every time you get the chance. You’ve earned a bright red bottom, young lady,” he growled as he took her by the hand and led her into his bedroom.

Standing by the bed, she peered up at him with sad eyes. “I don’t know what possessed me to do such a stupid thing…”

His gaze was dark as a muscle twitched in his strong, square jaw. “Take your shorts off,” he snapped in a sharp tone.

A chill ran down her spine as she quickly obeyed, lowering the thin fabric to her thighs.

He twirled her around and administered a loud smack to her soft behind. “And take those panties down, too.”

Her eyes welled up with tears as she slid her clothing to the floor and removed each piece. But she knew it was more from the embarrassment of being treated like a child, than the fear of her impending punishment.

Taking hold of her wrist, he walked her to the other side of the room and pointed toward the bare wall. “Your nose… shall remain… in this corner… until I get back.”

Jessie’s lower lip quivered. “Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack,” he warned before calmly walking out of the room.

Jessie stared at the empty wall through blurry eyes. There was a storm swirling inside her, and she really needed a good release.

God, I just need to let it go and stop worrying what everyone thinks of me.

Anxiously, Jessie stood and shuffled from one foot to another for what seemed a long time. Finally, she peered over her shoulder and saw his large frame standing in the doorway. And then he strutted over to the bed and sat down.

“Come over here, right now.” His voice was controlled, but firm.

When Jessie saw that he was tapping a leather belt on his thigh, she stopped and her tummy flipped.

Nonchalantly, Trent gazed up at the ceiling. “Do I need to count?”

Shaking her head, she ran over to him.

“Have you made a decision yet?” he asked, lifting her onto his lap.

“Yes, sir.” She hugged him, tears brimming in her eyes. “I’m sorry for being dishonest,” she whispered in his ear.

“Darlin’, I need to make sure you never pull a stunt like that again. Do you understand how much you mean to me?” he said, hugging her tight.

“I do. I’m so sorry.” Her pupils dilated as she watched him lay the supple black leather on the bed.

After sliding her off his thighs, he pulled a cushion from the bedroom chair, placed it on the edge of the mattress and arranged her hips high over it. As Jessie’s neck turned, her mouth fell open as she saw him slowly reach for the belt. Placing the buckle in his fist, he doubled the implement and stared into her wide eyes.

“Face forward and put your hands in front of you. There’s no need to see what’s going on—it’s only important that your naughty bottom feels the lick of my strap.”

As she swiveled her head toward the mahogany headboard, he put his hand on the small of her back and wasted no time getting started.

The first bite of the leather snapping against her flesh sent a piercing cry from her lips and her body bucked upward as she imagined a red stripe imprinting on her fair, delicate skin. “Please, please stop! I’m sorry!” she begged through her sobs, rising to the tips of her toes as the second loud crack was applied to the smooth contour underneath her bottom.

“I. Hope. You. Learned. An. Important. Lesson,” he bit out slow and firm, punctuating each carefully measured word with the red-hot sting of the pliable belt.

But instead of answering, she rolled from one side to the other while trying to protect her burning backside with a wavering palm. “Oww! It hurts. It hurts!”

His large hand caught both of her wrists and held them to the small of her back. “It’s supposed to. Now, lie down and take your punishment. I’m not finished,” he scolded in a calm voice, landing two more cracks onto her fiery flesh.

“Oh, God. Please!” she howled in a high-pitched plea.

“Are you ready to tell me what you’ve learned?” he asked in a quiet tone.

Jessie’s small voice was barely heard through all her sniffling and crying. “That you care about me, and are trying to keep me safe. I should’ve never tried to deceive you.”

“Your punishment isn’t over, sweet girl.”

“Oh, God. There’s more?” she uttered in between breathy gasps.

He stood her up and snapped his fingers, motioning for her to return to the corner. When she didn’t move, he turned her around and spanked her blistered behind twice with his rock-hard, resolute palm. “You’ll go back to the corner right now. Don’t move or speak until I give you permission.”

With her flushed face hung low, Jessie quietly slipped to the other side of the room. She’d often wondered why her sister was aroused reading those erotic spanking novels. And finally, she had the answer to her question. The fire Trent had just ignited on her ass had sent her pussy into a gushing, flaming inferno and her head swiveled in the hope that she’d see a burning desire in his eyes to fuck her senseless. But unfortunately, his expression was telling another tale. Nope. He wasn’t done punishing her yet.


“Push your backside out and spread your cheeks,” he growled in her ear.

While compliantly cupping her hot buttocks with shaky hands, she heard him open a drawer and she jumped as the tip of his lubricated finger touched the sensitive ring of flesh at her shivering furrowed entrance.

“Naughty girls who deliberately put themselves in danger,” he said calmly while pushing a steeled, heavily lubricated tip in between her soft mounds, “get their bottoms disciplined on the inside, too.”

“Dear God, what is that?” she groaned in a fractured voice, her flushed face feeling like it might burst into flames from embarrassment.

“Face forward and take your punishment.”

“You’re insane!” she whimpered in between heavy breaths.

His warning was stern and adamant. “Behave yourself, missy. Take a couple of breaths and bear down. I want this deep inside you.”

Blowing out an amplified rush of air, she shivered as Trent moved the cool, smooth tool in and out of her bottom hole, and her clit fluttered with an uncontrollable urge as he stretched her anus, fucking her slowly with the metal instrument. Finally, as Jessie’s tight muscles relaxed and her tender channel accepted it, he twisted and seated the hard object into the depths of her ass.

“Why don’t we have a quick review, so there’s no misunderstanding between us,” he deadpanned, giving a tug on the base of the steel plug. “The next time you plan to put yourself in danger or try to deceive me in any way, I’ll plant this device deep into your hind end and then strap your luscious globes until they are good and rosy. That way, you will have a clear reminder of your naughtiness in between your tight little buttocks. And there it will stay, just where it is right now. All day. Have I made myself clear?”

She shuddered as the strange mixture of pain and desire surged throughout her body.

“Answer me respectfully, young lady.”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered in a raspy voice.

With his bulging erection pressing frantically against his jeans, he ground against her hot, bare cheeks, slid the warm, smooth device out of her ass and teased her needy soaked lips with two firm fingers. As he pushed them deep into her drenched sex, she rose up on the balls of her feet and clenched her muscles around him, praying that he’d take her wanton, slick pussy right then and there.

“Jesus, you’re flowing like a river, but it wouldn’t be a punishment if I pressed my hard cock into you right now,” he whispered, aroused that his discipline stimulated her deeper than he’d imagined. After setting her tender behind down on his rough jeans, her crying finally slowed to soft hiccups as she buried her face in his neck. Smoothing her strawberry blonde hair around her ears, he rocked her slowly as they sat on the bed together.

“Everything is going to be all right, my sweet Jessie,” he purred, kissing her wet cheek.

She nodded. “I can’t remember the last time I cried like that.”

“Sometimes it’s good to have a release,” he said, exhaling a long sigh.

Crawling off his lap, she lay down on the cushiony duvet. “I know what would really make me feel better…”

“Your backside is supposed to be stinging inside and out,” he scolded, turning at the waist to meet her eyes.

“It’s still sore, and I’ve learned my lesson. Have I been forgiven?”

“I shouldn’t pleasure you so soon after a punishment.” Trent shook his head, admonishing himself as he kissed her belly and slid his tongue down toward her shaved mound, hoping to arouse the fever between her thighs. Watching Jessie’s skin shiver with delight as she compliantly parted her legs, the corners of his mouth curved upward as he slowly slid inside her plump wet pussy. The spicy note of her intoxicating scent of arousal made his cock swell with a shuddering ache and he wanted… no, he needed to push his hardened length deep into her, but instead he decided that it would be just as fulfilling to hear the love of his life scream with ecstasy from his tongue fucking her with wild abandon.

While Jessie ran her fingers through Trent’s dark wavy hair, he stroked her slick nether lips with his fingertip, watching her labia swell like the ocean and basked in the hope that the crest of her orgasmic wave would be heightening quickly. Bending his face close to her smooth, silky sex, he tenderly blew warm breath on her drenched skin as she quietly twitched and mewled.

“Hush. If you don’t settle down, young lady, I will take you across my lap. Now, do you want your pussy licked or that beautiful bottom of yours smacked again?”

Jessie tried to relax, but when he traced her soaked seam up and down and circled her clit with the tip of his tongue, her back automatically arched as she tried to wriggle closer.

Chuckling, Trent knew that his spanking threat had aroused her even more and he delved a little deeper into his girl’s gushing wet slit, skillfully gliding around her bulging bundle of flesh, marveling as it swelled and shuddered from under its sensitive hood. He knew it embarrassed her to make groaning noises when she was about to come, but as he began to lick and nibble, igniting a delicious new stream of nerve endings, a satisfied moan managed to escape from deep in her throat. Continuing to wash his flattened tongue over her swollen folds, she finally found it impossible to hold back and released a soft whimpering cry as an earth-shattering orgasm overtook her small body, shaking it to the core as he relentlessly continued to suck on her throbbing clitoris. When Jessie couldn’t take one more minute, she finally grabbed each side of his head with both of her hands and tried to push him away, giggling uncontrollably.

“Please stop, I can’t take any more,” she screamed with pleasure.

He licked his lips and smiled, rolling her over to one side. “Take a nap, my little kitten, and have wonderful dreams,” he whispered, moving his front to her back. “I’m not going anywhere.”

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