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Her Rugged Guardian: A Dark Enemies to Lovers Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Are you sure you can handle me?” Sweet Jesus, if he didn’t kiss me I was going to go out of my mind.

“Don’t worry, baby. If I have to tie you to the bed I will.” As he crushed his lips over mine, I felt myself melting in his hold, my mind spinning with lurid fantasies and needs that I knew only he could fulfill.

The ugly little bird inside my head reminded me that I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do this again for fear of getting hurt. But the man was like a drug, and I wasn’t entirely certain I could stop the intoxicating need. Why would I want to?

He opened my mouth with his lips, holding them in place, capturing a moan as it erupted from my throat. Everything about the man was insanely amazing and I couldn’t seem to get enough of the way he made me tingle all over. The way he thrust his tongue inside was more demanding than before and he pulled me even closer, placing his hand on the back of my head. I could kiss the man for hours, languishing in the taste and feel of being in his arms.

As he swept his tongue back and forth, I felt growls rumbling up from his chest, the muffled sound driving red-hot flares into every cell throughout my body. I wrapped my arm other arm around his neck, adoring the way his hair felt sliding through my fingers. There was something so sublime about what we were doing, maybe a little crazy too.

My bottom ached and I was sitting on my almost stranger’s lap with my jeans and panties still wrapped around my knees. Maybe it was more than a little sinful as well, but I didn’t care. I rolled my fingers through his hair, undulating on his lap, certain that my wetness would leave a significant stain on his jeans.

I sensed he couldn’t care less, his needs outweighing every bit of the common sense he’d accused me of not having earlier. We were wild together, primal in a way that suited both our needs. This wasn’t about love, maybe the kind of lust that couldn’t be denied, unbridled and more passionate than any two people could be used to experiencing. That was fine with me, perfect for my life. I sensed he was the same way.

He proved that by rising to his feet, cradling me in his arms. As he took purposeful steps forward, I felt light as a feather, the wafting scent of my raging desire the perfect aphrodisiac to the crazy moment.

He carried me out of the room, moving slowly while he kept our lips locked and his tongue planted firmly inside. Nothing else mattered at this moment but being in his arms, his possessiveness exactly what I hadn’t known I needed.

Only when he headed into my bedroom did he break the kiss, pressing his forehead against mine. “I’m going to fuck you. You can’t say no.”

His statement made me laugh. “Why would you think I would?”

“Cause you’re a woman. You change your minds a lot.”

“Haven’t you figured out I’m not just any woman?”

The sneer on his face was endearing, his throaty laugh sending another electric wave dancing down my spice. “Lady, you’re right. You’re unlike any other chick I’ve ever met. That makes you very special. A pain in the ass, but special.”

He had me laughing although I punched him in the chest. “Such a bad man.”

“Yeah, I am.” The moment of sadness in his eyes was haunting. As I touched the side of his face, sliding my fingers down his neck, he stood over the edge of the bed as if I was going to change my mind.

“Maybe I like bad men. Did you ever think of that?”

“Just be careful what you ask for. I could be your worst nightmare.”

“Oh, yeah? What are you going to do?”

He lowered me to the bed, raising a single eyebrow as he lifted one leg, yanking on my boot, repeating the move with the other. When he tossed them all the way across the room, each thudding against the wall, I burst into laughter. His expression was even more carnal than before, his eyes now hooded as he stared down at me.

As with the kiss, now he took his time yanking off my jeans and panties, easily maneuvering my shirt over my head. This time, I wasn’t wearing a bra and that seemed to delight him by the number of husky growls he issued.

As he bent over, very slowly planting his hands one at a time beside me, the look on his face became explosive, bordering on obsessive. I sensed he wouldn’t let me go even if I attempted to push him away.

“What am I going to do?” he asked with mischief laced in his voice.

“I don’t know.” My words were defiant, but I was hopeful of his actions. That made me a very bad girl indeed.

“Listen to me, Cinnamon Girl. I’m going to devour you until the morning light dawns over the horizon. I’m going to enjoy spending quality time exploring every inch of your body, which means first I’m going to bathe you with my tongue, drilling my tongue into that wet pussy of yours second. After that I’ll take every inch of you fucking you as you’ve never been fucked before, leaving you breathless and sweaty, every inch of your body aching, your pussy leaking and you begging for more. After I’ve heard you scream my name in ecstasy, I’ll wait until you beg me to start all over again. And woman, you will beg me time and time again because you won’t be able to get enough.”


That’s the only way I could describe the brutal man’s words or the look in his eyes as he slowly rose to his full, magnificent height, yanking off his shirt by the back of his neck. The smirk crossing his face was positively evil, the man calculating exactly what he planned on doing to me. Why did he have such an incredible ability to make me feel free? I wasn’t certain but as he backed away, his eyes never blinking, I rose onto my elbows.

When we’d fucked before, the hunger had been so great that I hadn’t taken the appropriate time to enjoy his gorgeous physique or the fact he was so well endowed. I was determined to fix that little issue right now. I also planned on teasing him relentlessly and started by opening my legs wide, allowing him to catch a glimpse of how wet he made me. I shifted my hips back and forth, moaning just enough to keep his attention focused on my face for a few seconds longer.

But his hunger was evident by the way his cock pressed against his tight jeans, the bulge absolutely delicious.

He took a deep breath and held it. My God, his eyes were glowing in the waning sun. “Careful, little girl. I am a beast. In case you haven’t figure that out.”

I waited until he unfastened his belt before bending one leg at the knee, tossing my head back and rolling the tips of my fingers down the length of my neck to my chest. I adored the sound of his heavy breathing, taking my time to lift my head as I rolled a single finger around one fully aroused nipple. “There’s nothing quite like a true savage, you know.”

His smile widened but I sensed a hint of danger by the glint in his eyes. “Mmmm… You are playing with fire.” He took his time unfastening and unzipping his jeans before peeling them aside, driving them down just an inch.

I dragged my tongue across my lower lip several times, every sound I issued more like a lioness in heat. As I shifted my leg back and forth, I moved my hand to my other breast, pinching my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I narrowed my eyes, giving him the same kind of heated onceover he’d given me, allowing a natural moan to escape my lips from the flash of pain.

“I happen to like playing with fire.”

“That’s what makes you unique but dangerous.”

He chuckled more darkly than I’d heard before, his chest rising and falling in perfect sync to the rapid beating of my heart.

“I think I like hearing that. Now, take them off,” I told him.

“You’re not in charge. Maybe I won’t.”

“Then I guess I’ll be forced to walk away.” I shifted my hand to my other nipple, moaning more loudly than I’d done before, pinching and twisting as he stared at me with more desire than I’d ever seen in a man. When he started to shake his head, I shocked the hell out of him, scrambling to get off the other side of the bed. I almost made it until he snapped his huge hand around my ankle, dragging me back with ease.

“No, you don’t, Cinnamon Girl. You’re not going anywhere and you will do exactly as I say. Is that clear?”

“And what if I don’t?”

“I don’t think you really want to find out. Now, do you?” There was such a look of amusement in his eyes that I was more surprised than I could express.

Maybe we were good for each other in our badness, fulfilling the perfect needs, allowing two fractured people to come alive again.

“I don’t know.” I slipped my finger into my mouth, making exaggerated sucking sounds, now impatient for the man to rid himself of the rest of his clothing. At least he didn’t wait much longer, yanking off his boots, tossing them back with mine then rolling his jeans down his long, muscular legs.

I followed the trail, basking in his chiseled beauty, wanting nothing more than to laugh from the way my mouth was watering. I’d never had this kind of reaction to a man’s physique before. When he was completely undressed, he decided to tease me as I’d done to him, rolling the back of his hand down his chest while he craned his neck from one side to the other, stretching out the thick cords in his neck.

He stood with his legs spread open, his cock at full attention and his swollen balls hanging low. And dear God, I wanted to have them in my hot, wet mouth more than anything.

A sly grin drifted across his chiseled face as he very slowly moved his hand down to his carved abdomen, rolling onto the balls of his feet before wrapping his hand around the base of his cock. Even the dark hair surrounding his thick, throbbing shaft was attractive, creating images of me running my fingers through the coarseness.

I couldn’t seem to stop tingling all over as he stroked his cock, pumping up and down, still rubbing his chest with his other hand. Watching him was a sheer delight but as one minute turned into two, my patience was nearing the end. I rose to a sitting position, immediately reaching out.

He was quick to the draw, pushing me back, dropping to his knees and yanking my legs until my bottom was halfway off the bed. “Not so fast, little girl. As I already told you before. You’ll never be in charge. Get used to it or you’ll feel the effects of my belt every day.”

I wanted to think he was doing nothing more than teasing me, but at this point I wasn’t so certain. There was a look in his eyes that went beyond being a carnal beast, bordering on the kind of obsession that any woman should be worried about. Only with him, it was simply another attractive trait.

Even after his proclamation, he was forced to push me down, not hesitating before lifting and spreading my legs. With a single very dark growl, he dropped his head, immediately swirling his tongue around my clit.

“Oh, lord.” Laughing softly, I clutched my hands around the comforter, closing my eyes as myriad dazzling sensations tore through me. He was a master in using his tongue and the bad girl inside of me wanted to question how much experience he had in tasting a woman. Somehow, I knew it wasn’t the question to ask, certainly not now.

He took his time, his sounds as exciting as the moment. I tried everything not to think, to process the yin and yang of this crazy experience, but he was such a take control kind of man that I was blown away by how I felt about him. Love and hate were certainly close kin, my ability to drift from one feeling to another a testament to his powerful prowess.

And the fact he could irritate me faster than any man had before, including Stephen. One of many things I adored about Jake was that what you saw, you got. He was rugged and honest to a fault, refusing to take anyone’s bullshit, including mine. That alone was refreshing enough to keep me interested.

Even if he’d pissed me off more than a few times.

I was still in the thinking process when a sharp pain tore through my pelvis and down my legs as he smacked my pussy several times with his thick fingers.


“Pay attention, little girl,” he commanded and I was so surprised that I was ready to follow his every command. That just wasn’t like me in the least. I rarely followed anyone’s rules, which had gotten me into hot water more than once. “I can see I’ll need to tame you.”

As he breathed a swath of hot air across my pussy, I was thrown into a perfect moment of ecstasy. He’d have his hands full if he really believed he could tame me. That wouldn’t be an easy feat, not after everything I’d been through. But if I had to admit the truth to myself, I couldn’t wait to see him try. Push and pull. Love and hate. I was up for the challenge.

Or so I thought.

He was famished, his needs spiraling out of control. I knew that the moment he picked up the pace, licking me furiously as he thrust several fingers into my tight channel. This wasn’t about a tender moment. It certainly couldn’t be considered making love. But my God, it felt unlike anything I’d ever experienced, raw ecstasy sweeping through me like fire consuming dry timber.

I tossed my head back and forth, bucking up from the bed. He was having none of it, but instead of pushing me down as he’d done before, he slid his hand up my stomach to my chest, pinching my already aching nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, God.” Stars were once again floating in front of my eyes, my breath stolen as the combination of pain and pleasure drifted into scintillating rapture. I kept my fingers wrapped around the bedding, jerking and pulling it as an orgasm quickly rushed up from my toes.

He took that moment to smack my pussy again, the incredible control he had keeping my mind spinning as the electric sensations seared every nerve ending.

“Oh. Oh. Yes. I…” There was no chance of issuing any coherent words, no possibility of doing anything but accepting his control, enjoying the moment. His rough actions remained, the man licking up and down my pussy furiously as he growled like the animal he was.

“Good girl,” he breathed. How strange for me to want to be his good girl. That was so unlike me, but this man could turn me into mush any day of the week.

He already had.

The way his fingers dug into my thighs was as protective as it was possessive. I knew he’d never let anyone hurt me. The thought was terrifying as well as comforting.

As soon as I started to come down from the high, he released his hold. I studied him in my sensual fog, laughing from the way he dragged his tongue around his lips, gathering every bead of my cum. He was slow in his actions, taking his time to rise to his feet. God, I adored that way he towered over me, peering down as if I was the finest piece of rare filet, his eyes hooded, his chest heaving.

How could any man be this insanely gorgeous?

I noticed him grab his belt, yanking the thick strap from his trousers. I whimpered, trying to crawl off the other side of the bed, but I had no strength left.

“Not so fast, little girl.”

“I don’t want another spanking.”

“That’s not what you’re getting.”

He didn’t give me time to ask what he was doing before crawling onto the bed, not only yanking me into the middle but spinning me around so my legs were facing the head of the bed. He grinned as he yanked my arms over my head, straddling my waist then sliding the belt under my wrists.

“What are you doing?” I asked, the tone and clipped words more of a demand.

“Tying you to the bed, sweetheart, which is exactly what you deserve.”

“Wait a minute.”


I struggled with him even though I knew there was no way I was going to win this round. Within seconds, he had me firmly secured to the iron post of the footboard. That didn’t stop me from continuing to struggle, moaning when all I managed to do was to tighten the strap.

“You’re terrible,” I hissed.

“Yep.” He climbed off the bed and I’ll be damned if he didn’t leave the room entirely.

“What are you doing?” I heard the strain in my voice and groaned all over again. If the man was trying to assert his authority, he’d done so brilliantly. Even I hadn’t thought he’d stoop to something this… I wanted to think the word ‘low’ but the truth was, I was tingling all over with additional excitement. It was crazy. The fact we’d fucked already and he had lips and a tongue that could make any girl beg or agree to anything the man wanted couldn’t matter. I still didn’t know him that well.

For all I knew, he was the crazed guy who’d stood outside my house, watching me like the possessive man he was. Granted, that was more than a little farfetched, my thoughts bordering on hysterical, but as I tossed and turned on the bed, the bad girl side of me took over once again.

“Damn you, asshole! I’ll get you for this.” All I heard was my voice slightly echoing and a single woof from my treacherous dog, who couldn’t care less that his Mommy dog was tied up like some convict. He’d found the rugged man who’d given me the best orgasms of my entire life more attractive than his own Mommy dog.

Calm down. This is just about a game of passion.

And the man’s determination to win.

After several deep breaths, murderous thoughts were no longer spiraling out of control. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t find a way to get him back for this.

I heard nothing else for what had to be ten minutes, enough time that my patience was shot. Kaput. I didn’t care he was the sexiest man alive. How dare he treat me this way!

Out of the blue, the hunk and a half cleared his throat, which prompted me to glance at him upside down in the doorway.

“Untie me.”

“Not a chance, Cinnamon Girl,” he growled. The waning sun allowed me to see just how mischievous he was being, including highlighting his dimples. He leered at me for a few seconds, which made me all hot and bothered all over again as he sauntered into the room. His cock remained at full attention, standing out proud like a beacon of sin.

Why, oh, why did he have to be so damn attractive?

His hands were behind his back and when he walked closer, I could tell he was hiding something.

“What are you doing?” I repeated.

“Whatever I want, remember.” He pressed a single finger against my forehead as his wry smile grew. “You belong to me. How quickly you forget.”

The man had a way of befuddling me that wasn’t normal, his extreme personality differences keeping me on edge. When he planted one hand on the comforter, leaning down and dragging his tongue across the seam of my pursed mouth, a series of shivers slipped down my spine. He took his time kissing my lips, my cheeks, and my nose.

That’s the moment I realized he was being deceitful and coy, an icy series of sensations crashing into my system.

“What the…” It took a few seconds to realize what he had in his hand. Ice cubes. The asshole was taunting me with frozen liquid. I bucked and twisted, taking gasping breaths. That only made his savage sounds darker, more ominous.

He chuckled evilly as he rolled a single cube around one nipple then the other. “I noticed you needed to be cooled off.” After repeating the move, he bent over, placing his soft lips around my aching bud and the ice cube. The dichotomy of extreme heat and cold almost drove me to another orgasm.

“Oh, my… goodness.” I closed my eyes as I drifted into euphoria, at a total loss for words. Hearing his brutal sucking followed by a crunch of ice as he chewed the remnants was a fiery aphrodisiac.

Laughing softly, he repeated the move with my other nipple, the animalistic sounds adding to the heat of the moment. Okay, so I was being driven into a puddle of desire, unable to think clearly. What was wrong with that?

He knew exactly what he was doing as he took a third ice cube, rolling it between my breasts to my stomach, swirling it once around my belly button before thrusting it into my overheated pussy.

“Ah!” The scream escaping my mouth was so high-pitched, so loud that I was certain people heard my exclamation at Millie’s Diner. Oh, what did I care? They would just be jealous. The cube melted almost instantly given my entire body remained on fire.

I felt the weight on the bed change as he crawled onto it, moving far too slowly for my tastes. I tried to open my eyes, but they were heavier than they should be. When I was finally able to focus, the only thing I could do was smile.

“Ready for me to fuck you, bad girl?”


“Good, cause I wouldn’t have taken no for an answer.” He settled between my legs, lifting one over his shoulder then the other. “This is perfect.”

Perfect? I was totally helpless, putty in his hands. Even though I wiggled incessantly, the man was in full control. He rolled the rough pads of his fingers down my leg, positioning the tip of his cock against my wetness with the other hand.

“You’re so bad,” I whispered a split second before he plunged his cock inside. “Oh! Oh!”

I couldn’t believe how he filled me completely, stretching my muscles to the point they ached. It was as if I’d never experienced him before or that I’d never had sex before. No man should be this well-endowed.

Jake was like a man on a mission, driving hard and fast, keeping me at the awkward angle. I couldn’t breathe, nothing else mattering but the electric vibrations drilling through every cell and muscle, cascading to my toes. He never blinked and neither did I, both intent on staring the other one down. Or perhaps he was searching my soul as I’d already done with him.

I was immediately thrown into a beautiful moment where time and everything else seemed to stop. Between my thudding heart and the force he was using driving the headboard into the wall, the loud sounds drowned out everything else.

He planted kisses on my legs, one coming right after the other. Within seconds, the rush of energy mixed with the splattering of adrenaline and I couldn’t believe an orgasm rushed into me so quickly.

“That’s it, baby girl. Come for me. Come.”

I opened my mouth, the scream strangled as the climax curled my toes. He continued powering into me, thrusting like the rugged hunk he was. I was exhausted after only a few seconds, shocked how powerful the euphoria had become.

As I’d experienced several times, the man surprised me by pulling all the way out, nipping one inner thigh before lowering my legs. He turned me over, twisting the belt around my shackled wrists, thrusting me onto my knees.

“You’re crazy,” I told him.

“Yep. The perfect position.”

“For what?” I knew as soon as I’d asked the question what his answer would be.

“For fucking this ass of yours.”

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