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Her Shameful Arrangement by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Lily gave a wrenching sob over his knee as William pulled the sexy thong down to the middle of her thighs.

“These are very pretty panties, Lily,” he said. “Thank you for wearing them tonight.”

“Oh, God,” she whispered, shaking her head no again, turning her face back to the cushion in an obvious but fruitless need to hide her crimson face. William shifted his grip on her wrist to his right hand so that he could smooth all her disheveled hair over to the right side of her head and over her shoulder.

That drew a whimper from Lily. “Please?” she said. “Please don’t?”

He watched her slender thighs squirm, her knees get close together. She had a secret down there, William knew for sure now: Lily had almost certainly gotten very wet as her sponsor had positioned her and bared her bottom.

He took her wrist in his left hand again, and now he could use his right to do what he had wanted to do since the first time he had watched her walk away from him, leaving the bar. Gently he molded her adorable little bottom-cheeks in his right hand, fondling her the way a sponsor does with the girl whose allowance he pays.

“Oh, no,” Lily moaned softly, as she felt him caress first her right cheek and then her left, getting her ready for her punishment. William put his hand in the middle, used his middle fingers to exert soft but insistent pressure down low where her buttocks and thighs concealed the feminine secrets he meant soon to possess in full. “Please… William…”

“Shh, sweetheart,” he said in a low but authoritative voice. “Remember what I told you in the bar. I decide.” He fondled her there for long seconds, as her bottom trembled in his hand, without trying to make her open her knees at all.

His hardness grew along his thigh as he wondered whether she had followed the advice of—and taken the subsidy from—either the New Modesty or Selecta Arrangements, for the Brazilian wax they recommended. Plenty of time to find out, and if necessary to add his own instructions: if Lily’s pussy and anus weren’t bare and smooth already, they soon would be. William liked a young woman that way when she took the cock; he preferred that she have a weekly wax, but if Lily were embarrassed by that or scared of the discomfort he would tell her she was allowed to shave.

He found he could take her whole backside in his big hand, nearly. His palm squeezed a little, and Lily answered with a soft, ambiguous cry. William kept fondling her, trailing his fingers down to her creamy upper thighs, then back to her prim cheeks, enjoying himself to his hard cock’s content, ensuring that Lily knew what her new sponsor liked to do with a pretty girl’s ass.

When her whimpers satisfied him that Lily felt herself under his command, William spoke again.

“You were a disrespectful little brat in the bar, weren’t you, Lily?”

Her body tensed as he continued to fondle her bottom. He could feel her considering her response—could almost sense with how many conflicting impulses she had to deal and cope: mind and body and heart and sweet young pussy all waging a fierce battle with one another.

“No,” she said. “I just…”

William raised his hand, and Lily tensed still further, struggled against his restraining left arm and right leg, as she realized what would happen now. He gripped her tightly, wanting her to understand that when the time came for a lesson over his knee, she had no escape.

Then he started to spank her, bringing his hand down over and over, from shoulder height each time. He began in the center of her lovely little bottom, right on the sit spot, and as she cried out helplessly in pain he delivered six sharp smacks to the sensitive flesh there, quickly turning her skin a bright pink.

Now Lily struggled for real, in a desperate manner she hadn’t done before, even when he had first grabbed her as she ran for the door. The reality of the agony a man’s hand could bring to her naughty backside, along with the embarrassment of her position over his knee with panties down, gave her a burst of strength that forced William to concentrate on keeping her backside in place as he moved to deliver six more spanks, to her right cheek.

“Stop! Please… please…” she yelled, trying to kick, trying to use the leverage of her left arm to free herself from his own left arm across her back. “It hurts so much!”

William thought he could hear in those familiar sobbing words the realization girls like Lily always seemed to have when they got punished for the first time: that even though it hurt—a lot—it wouldn’t kill them, or even really harm them. The thing Lily wouldn’t and almost certainly couldn’t say was that the worst part—the most serious consequence of her misbehavior—lay in the shame of finding herself over a man’s knee at nineteen, with her panties down for a lesson in respect.

And the worst part of the worst part… the way that even amidst the discomfort of a hard spanking her naturally submissive sexual needs raged as they never had before… well, William thought, Lily probably could think about the shame, but she very clearly couldn’t even let her need for firm-handed training in the bedroom into the corners of her mind.

He didn’t stop spanking her as he spoke again, in his sternest voice, delivering six smacks to her left cheek as punctuation, watching with satisfaction as her already red bottom bounded under the old-fashioned discipline.

“You… were… a disrespectful… brat… weren’t you… Lily?”

Her body had gone limp, now, her chest heaving over the couch. Hearing no response, William moved the punishment further down, to her thighs. He would turn her whole backside into a fiery reminder of her brattiness, if he had to.

“Yes!” she cried after the first spank to her right thigh. The sharper sting given in that area made her body jerk in agony.

William spanked the other thigh, then went back to the right. “Yes, what?” he asked, alternating hard slaps between the two sides, not breaking rhythm.

“Yes, I was… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Lily sobbed.

William stopped spanking her. He had no illusion that she had truly turned what he always pictured as the corner of true repentance. It would take a good deal of time—if Lily did decide to accept him as her sponsor with a full understanding of his intention to guide her toward real adulthood—for her to get around that corner. Right now, she wanted the spanking over with, and she wanted to get off William’s knee so that she wouldn’t have to confront the shortcomings in her conduct any further.

Still, he could hear in her sobbing apology the beginnings of what could turn into real improvement in her attitude. The majority opinion of her mind and heart might tell her later that she had said she was sorry only to make William stop punishing her. A vocal minority, though, of the many voices Lily, like everyone, carried inside her would quite possibly pipe up to ask whether her new sponsor might have gotten it right—William’s suggestion that she had desperately needed to go over a man’s knee for her first spanking would in any case echo in her mind.

Certainly her body would support that idea, however urgently her mind fought it. When William brought his hand down again, gently now, to rub her punishment-heated bottom-cheeks, Lily whimpered with a forlorn sound that left him, at least, in no doubt about how aroused she had gotten.

“Are you finished?” she said in a strained, muffled voice. She turned her cheek again so that he could see her red, tearstained face against the dark leather of the couch, wet from her weeping eyes. She started to push herself up on her elbows and to try to twist her hips off his thigh.

William had no difficulty understanding her intention: Lily wanted to do anything in her power to keep him from noticing how the spanking had stimulated the need in her virgin pussy. He had no intention of allowing that sort of concealment—whether or not he decided, finally, that the time had come for her defloration.

He answered her first with the strength of his own body. He kept her right hand bent behind her back, tightening his grip a little there so that with a little cry she stopped moving. With his right leg he made it clear that he wanted her backside to remain precisely where it was, raised and offered to him. With his hand on her adorable little bottom, he told Lily that a lesson from her sponsor involved a good deal more than his firm hand merely making her sorry for her misbehavior.

“I’m finished spanking you,” he said, his voice stern so that he could make it clear she wasn’t to attempt to get away from him before he gave her permission. “I’m not finished disciplining you.”

Lily’s body gave a shuddering little start at that, and a sound came from her throat that William thought might well indicate that her pussy had clenched. He smiled, and rubbed her bottom gently: a circle on the right, then another on the left.

“What… what does that mean?” she asked in a troubled voice that barely rose above a whisper—almost as if she had asked herself the question more than she had posed it to her sponsor.

“It means that if you decide to date me, your lessons will involve a good deal more than punishment for this naughty bottom.”

William emphasized his words with a squeeze just at the center of her backside, low down, where he knew the pressure would travel all the way to Lily’s clit. She shuddered again, and again the adorable little noise came from her throat.

“Please…” she whispered. “Please… don’t…”

“You have a great deal to learn, Lily,” William said quietly. He used his two middle fingers to caress her more precisely now, right where the warm roundness of her sweet young bottom became the crease that joined her equally pink thighs. His fingertips could feel the greater heat there, emanating from her needy, virginal vagina.

Lily whimpered. “Please don’t… please…”

William didn’t need his extensive experience with disciplining submissive young women to hear in her voice the opposite of the words’ usual meaning. That experience, though, told him a good deal more than Lily wanted to reveal—more than she probably understood about herself yet. Not only did she mean Please do—if in an ambiguous, hesitant way—but the fantasy behind Please don’t made her even needier each time she uttered the words.

In a moment of decision that he knew he might well regret in private, later, William chose the path of the rest of this momentous meet and greet. He had no doubt now that if he wanted he could fuck Lily all night—deflower each of her adorable holes in turn and leave her quivering with need and begging her new sponsor for more. He wanted her to learn, though, how very deep her submission went. He wanted to ensure that she could acknowledge him as her firm-handed guide.

Ah, hell, he thought to himself as she let out another of those adorable noises, I want it all.

So instead of parting her thighs with his strong hand and claiming her pussy for the first time with his skillful fingers, he moved his right leg a little, and eased the pressure across the backs of Lily’s knees as if unintentionally freeing her to shift her own legs’ position for the first time in long minutes. At the same time, with his fingertips, he rubbed just a little lower down, pressed just a little harder—not so as to invade her intimate places but so as to make her own arousal a little clearer to her.

Lily’s helpless response came in the arching of her back and the parting of her knees, accompanied by an unambiguous sob of need that belied Please don’t so thoroughly that William felt sure she herself could see the contradiction. For a lovely, cock-stiffening moment William saw the sweet pout of her pussy lips, glistening with need, and the pink, wrinkly hood of her clit.

“Pull up your panties, sweetheart,” he said. “Then kneel down in front of me.”

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