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Her Shameful Lesson by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Carly heard a louder, more frightened cry, break from her chest. Her whole body shuddered, but she didn’t struggle; she hung her head down, and he could hear her breath coming in ragged little pants, as if from another person. The part of her that felt like herself, the part down there, got so needy that despite all her fear at what Jim might do—or maybe because of that fear?—her fingers started to move again over the tiny, tingling bud of her clit.

“Stop that,” Jim said, his voice so much sharper that Carly whimpered in fear as she felt his left hand reach all the way under her tummy to grab her wrist and pull her own hand away from her pussy. At the same time, his other hand—the one with the belt wrapped around it—went between her legs from behind.

His fingers, so long and so strong claimed her, inside her soaking panties. The leather of the belt pressed there, too, and the combination of sensations, together with her husband’s terrifying words, turned the whimper into a sob. Carly tried again to get away from Jim’s grasp, but her body seemed even more conflicted than it had when he had first seized her by her naked hips and held her close to his denim-covered lap.

Jim’s fingertips pressed roughly on her clit, fluttering there, making the sob at last become a moan.

“Oh…” Carly managed to say in that moan. “Oh, please… what… Jim, please…”

And then it just came out. The word she realized she had had in the back of her mind at the intimates store—no, the one that had been there since their wedding night… or maybe since the first time their eyes had met at the coffee shop.

“Sir… sir, please… please don’t whip me.”

She heard him make a noise in his throat, a kind of cross between a grunt and a growl. She felt his hips move, and she understood suddenly with a new rush of heat that seemed to go from her face to her swollen clit that her submission had aroused her husband the same way it had aroused her.

“This,” Jim growled, his fingertips moving even more urgently, the leather pressing against her bottom through the cotton panties even more firmly, “belongs to me.”

Carly started to come, for the second time in her life, but so much more powerfully now that she understood why girls experiencing climax for the first time sometimes thought they might be dying. Her whole body, given over to her husband’s strong grip, seemed to come apart with pleasure, and she screamed, “Sir… sir… sir.”

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Jim said, as he started to move her into a different position. Carly’s limbs felt like jelly and he had no trouble moving her, though for long moments she had no idea of what posture he meant to put her in. “You’ll call me sir from now on.”

That sent a shudder through Carly’s body, and made her start to tense again, a little, in fear of what she suddenly understood her dominant husband meant to do. But Jim overcame her fearful squirming with ease, and he had sat down on the edge of the bed, turning Carly so that he could lay her down over his knee with her face in the covers.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, when she felt his left hand move her wrist to pinion it behind her back, and his right leg go over the backs of her knees.

Only then did he take the hand with the belt away from her pussy. Carly let out a forlorn little cry; it just felt so good to have her husband touch her down there. She felt a surge of heat to her cheeks when she realized she only had herself to blame that she hadn’t had it there more often; the discreetly applied lube had let her say, “I’m ready,” and raise her knees as soon as Jim had put his hand under her nightgown on their sexy mornings.

Sexy mornings, she thought, her voice scornful in her head. She almost laughed out loud, but Jim had begun to move his upper body in an unexpected way—almost the opposite of what Carly had expected, if he meant to raise his right hand, and…

“Open your eyes, sweetheart,” she heard his voice say from high above her. Carly only realized then how tightly she had closed them. At the same moment, Jim gave her the reason to open her eyes, because she felt something land with a slight jingle right in front of her face.

She knew before she saw the belt there what she would find, but the actual sight of the coiled leather, wide and black, and the silver buckle, made her cry out softly. At the same moment, she felt Jim put his hand in the waistband of the blue cotton panties and do what he hadn’t done on their wedding night, because Jim Williams was a kind, understanding husband.

Carly’s panties came down. She had stolen, and she had disobeyed, and now she would receive the bare-bottom lesson she deserved. In Jim, she had indeed found a kind, understanding husband; it had taken a couple of months, but he had finally understood that his young bride needed a firm hand on her pretty bottom, to keep her in line.

“I want you to look at my belt while I spank you for the first time, Carly,” he said now, in a calm, even voice that still made her heart jump with alarm. “You’ve earned a whipping, and you’re going to get it, but first I need to make clear to you that from now on you will obey me when I tell you to put on something sexy for me, and you will not touch your pussy without permission.”

Carly blinked at that, feeling her brows knit in confusion. It almost sounded like Jim cared more about the panties, and her not taking off her clothes to put them on—and her playing with herself—than he did about the stealing.

As if to confirm that idea, the panties landed in front of her face, next to the belt. Another wave of heat came to Carly’s face at the sight of the things together: crime and punishment.

“I know what you need, Carly Williams,” Jim said in a low voice, and he put his hand on her bottom, so possessively that she gave a little whimper as if to confirm his words. “And you’re going to get it, from now on.”

His hand left her backside, and Carly cried out, because she knew what would happen next. She struggled out of pure instinct, but her husband held her tightly down over his knee, and he began to spank her, hard and fast.

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