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Her Stern Doctor by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

A Very Naughty Christmas 3D PNGKendra looked at Derek in horror as he explained their situation. She was stuck, snowbound with a man who had already spanked her twice, made her come then stood her in the corner, and she was so wet her legs would freeze together if she stepped outside.

The situation was inconceivable; how could she spend the night here with this man and avoid having sex with him? Toe curling… body slapping… hard grinding… blind screaming sex… her naughty thoughts sent another gush of fluid to pool in her panties.

This was not good.

“All right?” his deep voice asked from where he sat next to her.

Kendra blinked. “What?”

Derek laughed. “I’ll have to see what I can do to keep your attention focused on me. I said, first we are going to see what we can rummage from the freezer for dinner and then you and I are going to have a little talk.”

Her eyes flew open and it was all she could do not too grab her sore bottom protectively.

“But I didn’t do anything!” she wailed.

He laughed again. “This time talk is code for actually talking, but it’ll keep. Let’s find something to eat.”

Kendra wasn’t at all sure she was going to enjoy this discussion any more than the one they’d had with her over his knee. Then she remembered what else had occurred over his knee and had to stifle a groan. Great, Kendra; at this rate you’ll be naked before you’ve eaten dinner.

His deep voice rumbled again, pulling her from her thoughts… shit, he was talking and once again she had no idea what he’d said. “Ummm… what did you say?”

“Kendra, you’re going to give me a complex,” Derek said with a rueful grin. “I said it’s a good thing Mary always watches out for Dr. Kent, Dr. Davis, and me. There should be several frozen dinners in the freezer.”

“I think she just restocked,” Kendra said with a small smile. Their office manager, Mary Gant, was an older lady who doted on the doctors and had made it her personal mission to see they never missed lunch. “She loves you guys. You completely have her snowed.” Kendra didn’t mention she had never exactly warmed to Mary or that Mary didn’t seem to like her. It could possibly be because Mary was so tight with Serena, who Kendra had developed an almost instant animosity for, and which was returned a hundred fold.

Derek snorted and led the way to the office’s small kitchen. Sure enough, the freezer was stocked with TV dinners, snacks, and a few frozen containers of Tupperware that probably contained something yummy from Mary’s own kitchen.

He immediately pulled out a couple of the Tupperware containers. “Mary’s meatloaf! We will feast like kings.”

Kendra laughed. “What if I don’t want meatloaf?”

“Do you dislike meatloaf? Don’t eat red meat or pork?” he asked curiously.

“No, I love meatloaf… that wasn’t really my point,” she said with a frown.

Derek raised a brow at her. “Meatloaf it is.”

“Hey! What if I want…” she began, only to be interrupted when he held up his palm to stop her.

“I feel we are discussing more than meatloaf; that said, it would be best if you resigned yourself to the fact that I’m in charge,” he said in a tone that brooked no argument.

Kendra started to argue but bit her lip and watched as he turned and popped the first container into the microwave. Curiosity got the best of her and she couldn’t stop herself from asking, “What do you mean, you’re in charge?”

He turned to face her and walked toward her slowly. Kendra couldn’t stop herself from backing up as he advanced until he’d walked her straight into a wall. He rested his hands on either side of her head and leaned down until they were eye to eye and nose to nose. “I mean I’m in charge of everything… when you are disciplined, when you eat, when you sleep, and most important, when you come. You are not going to avoid me and this thing between us anymore, Kendra. It’s time to stop fighting me… time to stop fighting yourself.”

Her throat went dry as she looked up at him; suddenly the room seemed to lack oxygen and her heart began to pound in her chest as her face flushed anew. “I… I… don’t know what you mean… I…”

“Shhhh…” he said just before he closed the distance between them. His mouth sealed over hers, his tongue sinking deep and claiming everything in its path.

Kendra held herself stiffly for all of a nanosecond before she gave a breathy sigh and sank into his kiss, her tongue coming out to duel with his. She groaned huskily as his tongue rasped against hers and he gently began to suck until her knees went weak.

She whimpered, her mouth trying to follow his when the microwave dinged and he pulled away. “You think on that while we eat.”

She wasn’t sure which of them was more surprised by her softly voiced, “Yes, sir.”

He grinned and turned toward the microwave, obviously pleased with the results of his kiss. Kendra decided retreat in this instance was the better part of valor and hurried to seat herself gingerly at the break room table.

Since Derek said he would decide when she ate, he could fix her dinner too! She crossed her arms over her chest and gave a little frown. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Dr. Bossyman!

The sassy inner dialog made her grin, not that she was brave enough at the moment to say it out loud.

She was still smiling to herself when the container of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans with onions and mushrooms was placed in front of her. “Eat up,” he said, sitting down in the next chair.

“You’re very bossy,” Kendra said with a disdainful sniff before taking a big bite of meatloaf and groaning in pleasure. He was right; Mary’s meatloaf was the best she’d ever tasted. The rich sweet tomato gravy covered the mashed potatoes generously as well and the green beans didn’t taste frozen.

“You need bossy,” Derek said with a grin as he dug into his own meal.

She snorted and ignored him to concentrate on the wonderful plate of food. Kendra only managed to finish a little over half the plate as the portions were so generous. With a sigh she pushed the plate away, then shook her head when Derek snatched it up, placed it inside his empty dish, and proceeded to eat the rest of her dinner too.

“I can’t believe Mary spoils you guys so much,” she said as she watched him polish off the last of her green beans.

“Mary knows even doctors can use a little pampering from time to time,” he said softly.

Kendra rolled her eyes and got up from the table. “Whatever.”

“Stop right there, young lady,” he said, suddenly stern when he’d been all smiles seconds before.

She froze in her tracks. “Yes, sir.”

“You will not roll your eyes or say ‘whatever’ to me when we’re talking. Is that understood?” he asked.

“I guess,” Kendra said with a little shrug. She wasn’t sure what it was about the man that made her react like a sullen teenager.

“I think a physical examination is in order and possibly an enema,” Derek told her firmly.

“What?” she shrieked, certain her eyes were about to pop out of her head.

“You heard me,” he told her, facing her with his hands on his hips. “You head on to exam room three, I’ll be right behind you.”

“Derek… I…” Kendra began, only to be cut off.

“Now Kendra, do as you’re told or do it with an even sorer bottom; your choice,” he said in an implacable tone.

She hurried from the break room and toward the exam room with butterflies flipping in her tummy. Kendra knew she could refuse the instructions; Dr. Malcom wouldn’t push it if she gave him a genuine refusal, but the demanding pulse of her clit reminded her how much she’d always wanted to explore the world of dominance and submission.

Derek had said she would be his during the time they shared here and Kendra realized she wanted to be his… what would happen when the road reopened was anyone’s guess, but she was going to enjoy their time together.

She stood nervously by the exam table and imagined herself laid out on it with her feet in the stirrups, a delicious shudder going through her body at the thought.

The door opened behind her and she jumped, she’d been so lost in her imaginings. Derek walked in carrying an enema bag in one hand. Her belly hit her knees as she thought about him slicking that tube and working it into her ass. She chewed her lip nervously as she took in the determined expression on his face.

“Strip,” he said succinctly.

“Strip?” Kendra hedged a little, suddenly nervous despite her decision to embrace whatever her time with Derek would bring her way.

“Don’t try my patience, young lady. You’ve been a very naughty nurse and you’re about to see what happens to naughty girls in my office,” Derek said sternly.

She toed off her shoes and socks then pulled down her pants and panties, leaving only her scrub top and bra.

“All the way, Kendra,” he told her firmly.

Kendra took a deep breath, pulled the top over her head, and then unhooked her bra, letting it fall on top of the pile of clothing on the floor.

“We’re going to start with an enema; bend over the end of the table,” he told her firmly.

“But… I… please… I’m sorry…” she began, backing slightly toward the door, her tummy flipping. She was equal parts horrified at the prospect and so aroused she could feel it slicking her thighs.

Derek caught her and propelled her toward the table with one hand on her arm and the other clapping off her ass until she threw herself face down over the end of the table, the hot sting in her bottom throbbing anew.

“I think you’ll find it much easier to mind the first time, young lady,” he told her.

Before she’d fully recovered she felt the slick tube of the enema bag pressing against her anus; she whimpered as it easily slipped deep inside her. Her clit throbbed as the tube invaded her most private of areas.

It felt good to have something in her ass, but then she heard the little snick as he released the valve and warm liquid began to fill her. She gave a mewling little cry of distress as he slowly emptied the enema bag into her tummy. “Please… no more!” she cried.

“Shhh… you can take the rest. This will help you remember who’s in control, won’t it, little girl?” he asked as he pulled the tube from her ass with her watching over her shoulder and held up a small bullet-shaped anal plug for her perusal.

“Yes, sir! Please… I’ll be good! I promise!” she whispered.

“You’re going to be my very good girl from now on, aren’t you?” he asked as he began to press the small plug into her puckered hole.

She shivered as he worked it slowly in and out of her, as if using it to take possession of her ass. “Won’t you, Kendra? Are you going to be my good girl?”

“Yes!” Kendra yelled, shocked to feel the amount of wet heat leaking from her core in response to the enema. She’d never felt so submissive, so completely owned.

“Who controls your pleasure and decides when and how you’re punished?” he asked as he seated the plug firmly with a twist of his wrist.

“You do! Ooohooo!” She needed to relieve herself but found the need to come almost as important.

She bent over the table, legs apart with a plug in her ass. She felt vulnerable and at his mercy. His hand came down to rest on her vulva, his thumb playing across her clit as lightly as a feather and intensifying the cramping in her belly. “Please… I need to…”

“Not just yet, baby, a few more minutes,” he said soothingly even as his thumb played over her clit while two fingers rubbed her slick entrance.

When his other hand grabbed the base of the plug and began working it in and out of her ass, Kendra came with a little gasp of surprise.

“Good girl; see, when you mind you get rewards,” Derek told her softly before straightening away from her. “Reach back and spread your ass cheeks open for me.”

Kendra blushed but did exactly as she was told, spreading herself wide for him. She breathed a sigh of relief when he removed the plug. He gave her a resounding slap on the ass and then lifted her. “Go to the restroom and then come right back.”

She rushed into the bathroom and closed the door, sitting down on the toilet with relief as she emptied herself. Grabbing the wet wipes they kept in the cabinet, she cleaned herself up before returning to the exam room.

Derek eyed her with a hot gleam in his eyes, sending a fresh flood of cream to coat her thighs.

“Table,” he said succinctly and Kendra scurried up onto the table, shivering as her bare bottom touched the smooth cool paper layer on top. “Lie back, Nurse, and scoot your bottom down to the edge.”

She moved her bottom down to the end of the table, then gasped when he caught an ankle in each hand, neatly set her heels into the stirrups, then spread her wide with a hand on each knee.

A flush rose in her cheeks as she watched him studying her quivering labia. He pulled two black Velcro straps from his pocket and used one to secure her left thigh before attaching the other to her right. Somehow the straps attached beneath the table and held her legs wide open. “Beautiful,” he said in a husky growl.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Kendra said softly with a hint of shyness.

A large finger slid into her open slit, making her gasp.

“Someone is very, very wet. You are a naughty nurse indeed. I do believe a severe tongue lashing is in order.”

She frowned in confusion, then he buried his head between her thighs and his tongue began to lick from her asshole to her clit and back down again. With each trip up he lightly circled her clit before snaking his tongue back down to her asshole and then rimming it.

“Do you know why the enema was so important?” he asked her.

Good lord, did they have to talk about it right now? She was ready to explode and he wanted to have a conversation on the benefits of enemas.

“Kendra?” he asked, a thread of darkness entering his voice.

“No, sir,” she said softly.

“It was important that you understand your will is now my will and also made you all clean so I could do this,” he told her, just before he sank his tongue into her asshole.

Kendra gave a shout of surprised pleasure as he worked his tongue in and out of her; the tissues inside her ass were unbelievably sensitive. She began to shake as her arousal built. He pulled out and his tongue skimmed across her entire vaginal area, touching everywhere but the one place she wanted it most.

He licked all over her pussy and then sucked part of her left labia into his mouth before doing the same on the right. It wasn’t as pleasurable as her clit would have been but it still felt amazing. Then he zeroed in on her clit, sucking it between his lips and worrying it with his tongue.

Kendra’s back bowed off the table, the pleasure was so intense.

“Please! Ohhhoooo… please…” she cried, her head turning from side to side as the need to come built higher and higher.

He raised his head, lips and chin glistening with her juices. “Would you like to come?”

“Yes, sir!”

Derek dove back in, his tongue spearing deep inside her this time as his thumb played over her clit in a circular motion and a finger on his other hand slid into her ass. He worked his tongue in and out of her hard and fast; between that and his thumb on her clit, she shot over the edge fast, coming hard.

“Yes! That feels so good!” Kendra yelled, her channel spasming around his tongue. He didn’t stop; he kept licking in and out while his thumb rubbed the little bundle of nerves without mercy. The orgasm went on and on, then began to build into something stronger.

Just as she felt close to snapping, he pulled his tongue out, sealed his lips over her pulsing opening, and sucked hard. Kendra exploded, screaming his name.

When she came down, she looked up to find Derek naked, standing on the step at the base of the table, his big thick cock in his hand. “Do you want my cock?”

“Yes, please,” Kendra said, suddenly aching to have him fill her.

“Where do you want it?” he asked. She could see fluid leaking from the tip and couldn’t help licking her lips.

“Inside me,” she panted.

“Clarify, Nurse, I want to make sure we’re clear.” Derek said with a maddening calm, considering the way he was poised over her with his cock in his hand.

“In my pussy! I want your cock in my pussy!” Kendra yelled.

Derek needed no further urging and slammed inside her to the hilt. “I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She gasped as her inner muscles clamped down on his rigid length in response to his words. She felt stretched to capacity, filled more thoroughly than ever before with his thick, long cock.

He pulled back and she felt every inch as he pulled out almost completely, leaving the head poised at her clinging entrance.

“Are you ready to have that naughty little pussy pounded into submission?” Derek asked huskily.

“Yes, please,” Kendra said on a rush of air, then he slammed home so hard his balls slapped against her ass while he took her hard and fast.

Again and again he hammered in and out of her, giving her the pounding of her life until all she could do was wail her pleasure as her body tried to hold desperately onto his cock, but he gave her no respite.

He drove her from one orgasm into another, on and on until the pleasure seemed to have no end; finally he hit some spot inside her that made her come so hard, she screamed his name.

As soon as her shudders ended, he pulled completely free of her body and climbed up on the table to straddle her face, feeding his pulsing cock between her lips just as he came.

“You swallow every drop, little girl. Waste any and I’ll have to give you another spanking,” he told her firmly.

Kendra eagerly took everything he gave her and licked him clean, enjoying the sound of his deep moan as her tongue played briefly in the little slit on the head of his cock. She continued sucking long after he had come, trying to milk every little bit of cum from his cock.

“Good girl,” Derek said finally, pulling free of her mouth and hopping down from the table. He undid her restraints and lifted her limp, sated body in his arms, carrying her back to his office.

Kendra snuggled into his arms, then smiled when she saw that the couch was now a nest of the blankets they kept in a warmer and a couple of pillows. He’d removed the back cushions to make more room for them to sleep together.

Derek put her down then lay down next to her, curling around her body as he covered them both. She felt so safe wrapped in his arms between him and the back of the couch; it was like being in a loving cocoon of warmth.

“Derek?” she asked hesitantly.

“Shhhh…” he told her quietly, kissing her furrowed brow. “Go to sleep, baby girl. It’ll keep. I promise we’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir,” Kendra said as she snuggled her head against his chest and closed her eyes. Her body deliciously relaxed and sore in the most delightful places, she fell asleep thinking about all the wonderful ways he’d just made her come and wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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