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His as Payment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

His wife. Did the insane asshole actually think I was going to marry him? He was fucking out of his goddamn mind. I’d die first.

Fuck the man who thought he would own me. To hell with my father.

“Never forget… I will break you…”

His damning words lingered, leaving a nasty taste in my mouth. I’d whispered them over and over again as I packed, unable to wrap my head around the deal with the devil. Whatever sins my father had committed, the fact he’d garnered the Lugianos’ attention had yet to be fully explained. Perhaps my father didn’t have the guts to admit what he’d done. I’d already ventured a guess. I knew about his penchant for gambling, his love of winning at all costs. This had been a lifelong addiction, something he’d argued about when my mother was alive.

Oh. My. God. I still couldn’t understand anything. I was lost in a time warp. My phone, iPad, and laptop had been taken away, any chance I had of contacting the outside world eliminated. If the bastard hurt Audrey in any manner, I’d kill him. I swear to God.

I’d sat through lunch in a fog as they discussed my transfer, as if I was nothing more than merchandise. I still couldn’t fathom how this could happen on any level. How could my father barter my body in exchange for keeping his career and his freedom?

There weren’t enough words in the English language to describe my hatred of him. Or of Dominick. One day, I would exact revenge.

And it wouldn’t stop with my father.

My mind reeled with ugly thoughts, murderous in fact. I could see blood in spots in front of my eyes even as tears threatened to give away my continued terror.

The moment I’d been led into Dominick’s glorified office, I stood gawking at the picture over the mantel.

One of the paintings he’d just purchased. I could barely stomach seeing the steamy dark piece, very much a telling of my personality just like Dominick had managed to pick out.

I stood in the center of an expansive room, the mahogany-lined shelves full of books, sculptures, and pictures of pretty people smiling from tropical destinations. Nothing seemed real. What little I’d seen of wherever I’d been taken was limited to this space and nothing more. I’d heard the lock click in place, the gravelly voice telling me that only after he was gone could I remove my blindfold. My fingers had fumbled in an effort to do so, stiff and cold from the ride over.

Light snow had been falling when I left, the change in the weather forecast unpredicted, just like the change in my life. Harsh conditions. An icy reception. I almost laughed at the realization that everything I’d ever known had been swept away.

At precisely eight in the evening, a car had arrived to take me to my new destination. My father had said nothing, only kissing me on the forehead before walking into his office and closing the door. I’d refused to cry or show any emotion. I was cold, dead inside and that would keep me very much alive. I’d been blindfolded then forced into the backseat of a car, a man I’d never seen before slipping in beside me. I’d dared to gaze into his eyes, memorizing his face seconds before he’d secured the material around my eyes.

The brute was a solid three hundred pounds of muscle and anger.

Had I considered going to the police after lunch? Hell, yes, but memories of my beautiful mother had kept me from doing so. If there was a chance she was alive, I refused to give into my fears. If she wasn’t, the bastard would pay. Besides, the police would never believe me. The man had purchased my paintings. I’d no doubt been seen leaving with him, in his very expensive POS car from the gallery. The man was a master player and I was simply too naïve.

Tears slipped past my lashes and I rubbed them away in a fierce manner. The asshole wasn’t going to get to me, no matter how sexy his eyes or demanding his tone. Fuck. Him. Fuck the world. I was my own woman. He will never break you. He will never break you…

I continued to say the words in my mind.

I shivered even though a roaring fire was going in the stone fireplace, unable to move any closer. The room was impressive in detail and design, artistic and very masculine, but also without any sign of life. The blinds were closed, including on the massive set of French doors and I dared not touch them. Tonight I’d remain compliant, pretending to listen to him until I knew what I was facing. I made several promises to myself, finally closing my eyes and catching my breath.

When I opened them I was calmer, able to study my surroundings. If this had been any other time, I might consider the space beautiful, but for me, this was nothing but four walls and roof.

A cage.

Swallowing, the bile sticking in my throat had been there since lunch, keeping my stomach churning. I’d thought through several plans, knowing that one day I would escape, but I’d have to play along. At least to a point. I’d followed at least one of Dominick’s orders, wearing a dress and heels. The entire situation was laughable. This wasn’t about a date or a round of passion, not that there’d been any real adoration in our hard fucking. Jesus. I still couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid. There was no way I could fall for the man, no matter how much he threatened me. I wiped a single tear, refusing to succumb to anything that the man had to offer. I’d made a promise to myself and I would keep it.

Damn him.

Damn the world.

Damn my father.

My real anger was directed at myself. One night of letting go had turned into this. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. One day at a time.

I had no idea how long I’d been forced to wait. I also had no watch on my wrist, no jewelry of any kind in fact. Dominick’s orders had been very specific about what I’d been allowed to bring, which didn’t include my paints or canvases. All the discussions about my work, my art, and what I loved didn’t matter in the least. The rest of everything I might need he would furnish, or so he’d stated almost in passing. I’d noticed the Rolex on his arm, a bold statement for a man like him. Even his less formal attire had the scent of wealth, his shoes perfectly polished. The family lived in the lap of luxury while their victims suffered.

I was nothing to him. A commodity.

The sound of the lock engaging forced me against the sharp edge of a desk, the pain biting. I would show no fear.

Dominick walked in, looking entirely different than he had earlier in the day. His casual stone-washed jeans and simple polo shirt were a direct contrast to the man. They made him seem boyish, almost normal. There was nothing normal about the monster in any manner.

He stood, gazing at me. There was no smile, no emotion of any kind, merely a look as if he was checking off a box as an order came in. He closed the door, moving toward a gothic-looking bar on the far end of the room. “Would you like a drink, Caroline?”

“Nothing from you.” Ever. I heard him exhale, as if already disgusted with me. I scanned the room, searching for any weapons, my eyes falling on a letter opener. The thought was preposterous but tempting.

“I expect you will attempt that one day,” he said with no inflection.

“What are you talking about?”

He finished pouring two drinks, the liquid the color of smooth molasses. As he advanced, his gaze was concentrated on my breasts. I couldn’t help but notice his rugged good looks and the way the tight-fitting jeans hugged every curve, accentuating his muscular legs and the thick bulge between them. Embarrassed, I looked away, mortified that I would consider him handsome in any regard.

Or that I could actually want him.

“Escaping. Retaliating. I would expect no less from you.” Now he seemed amused as he held out his hand, offering one of the drinks.

“You know nothing about me.”

His chuckle pissed me off, enough so I lashed out, knocking the drink out of his hand, glass shattering in hundreds of pieces. His reaction didn’t come for a full minute and only after he took a sip of his drink, his hand wrapping around my hair and yanking. Using the hold to force me against the desk, he slammed his glass down so hard I jumped. “I’ve accepted the fact you require harsh discipline in order to simply get through to you. I know that you believe you will find a way to gain my trust, all the while planning your escape. I also know that all you’ve ever wanted to do is get out of your father’s house and from under his control. Your paintings tell no lies. You loathe him almost as much as you hate me. Tell me I’m wrong, Caroline.”

I abhorred the way he pronounced my name, as if everything about this situation was formal and legal. I hissed my answer.

“When I ask you a question, you will answer. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” The second hiss was elongated, floating from my pursed lips. I yelped when his hold tightened, and he ground his hips against my ass. His cock was thick, hard as a rock. I slapped my hands on his desk, gasping for air.


“Yes. Sir.” I knew what he wanted, some bullshit level of respect.

“Now, answer the question. Am I wrong?”

He’d seen right through me, although he’d been able to pick up on my discontent from the minute he met me. “Fine. You’re right. You’re both disgusting, wretched excuses for human beings.”

“Doesn’t that make you feel better?” he asked, laughing.

The bastard was laughing at me. “Damn you. Damn you!”

He intertwined his fingers in my hair. “I promised you that your first lesson in obedience would begin tonight and it will.”

“Are you going to spank me again? Is that what you think will keep me in line?” I heard the ragged sound of his breathing matching the swift beating of my heart.

Dominick slipped his other hand around my arm, sliding his fingers under the bodice of my dress. A slight growl left his lips as he found his way under the thin elastic of my bra, cupping and squeezing my breast. “Your nipples are hard and the scent of your sweet and very wet pussy is ripe with the kind of need that burns from deep within.”

“No, you’re…” My voice trailed off as he flicked his finger back and forth across my hardened bud. I was stunned at my body’s reactions, at the way my pussy tingled. “Wrong,” I finished, defiance in my tone.

“I’m always right, my beautiful Caroline.” He pinched and twisted my nipple in a brutal manner as he continued to grind against me. “And remember, I know you. Every inch of you, including the desires you’ve kept pent up for years. No boyfriend has ever been able to satisfy you, no plastic toy has been capable of producing what you require.”

What a fucking asshole. Panting, I licked my dry lips, struggling with my own mind to try to push him away. Everything was a blur, my inability to focus jarring. And yes, I was wet. Yes, I wanted this man… this monster to fuck me. I was blinded from the raging desire sweeping into every cell in my body.

The pain coursing through my system was exhilarating, breathtaking in a manner I’d never experienced. I was lost in the blinding hunger only vaguely aware he’d yanked my dress to my waist. In a swift move, he wrapped his fingers around my panties, ripping them away with a snap of his wrist. He kicked my legs apart as he blew a long and sweltering breath across the back of my neck.

“Oh!” Moaning, I was forced further over the desk, his rugged hand smacking my ass over and over again.

“You are going to learn to obey without question.” His husky voice sent shivers into the very core of my being.


My answer was met with another series of hard swats against my bottom, his hand moving rapidly from one side to the other.

“Let go of me!”

He wrapped his hand around my hair, yanking. “You’re not in charge any longer, Caroline. The sooner you get that into your head, the better off you’ll be.”

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you! I could no longer say the words, my emotions all over the place. Fear and uncertainty, anxiety and some horrific level of excitement created a wave of nausea.

“I will teach you,” he muttered, his hand peppering my ass cheeks and upper thighs.

I continued to struggle in his hold, kicking out, flailing one arm behind me. “You’re nothing but a bastard.” I expected him to whip me even harder, to teach me the lesson he so desperately wanted me to learn. Maybe I was pushing his every button to see just how far he would go.

Maybe I secretly craved the very firm hand he’d insisted I needed. No. No! The thought was revolting.



I was shocked at the mire of thoughts, as well as the visions of the spanking I’d received in my studio. I’d been excited, pushed onto a delicious precipice. I had to be just as sick as he was. I couldn’t fall for this, losing myself to this man. Ever. So, I fought harder, almost managing to wiggle out of his hold.

He hissed and pushed me down, leaning over. “I’m not going to harm you, Caroline. What you don’t seem to understand is that I do care for you. From the very first time I laid eyes on you, I refused to settle for another woman. I had to possess you.”

I heard the sound of his belt buckle and the moment my mouth watered, I was thrown into Never-Neverland. “I’m not an object.”

“No, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

His words shouldn’t have impressed me to any degree, but I was thrown by the sincerity, the heightened level of longing. As he jerked the leather strap free, cracking the tip against the floor, my body jumped involuntarily while my mind wrapped around the reality. There was nowhere to run, no place to hide.

“Now, hold your position.” He released his hold, folding the belt in front of my eyes then gliding the thick leather down my back. I was shocked at his level of calm. There was no anger, no nastiness in his tone. He was simply giving orders.

Everything about this man surprised me.

I just seemed to react to his command, easing my face against the cool wood, and stretching my arms out to hold onto the edge of his desk. Everything was a blur, whirling in front of me. I took several breaths, preparing.


Dominick snapped his wrist, the strap slapping across both ass cheeks.

There was no flash of instant pain, no indication that I felt anything. My grip became white-knuckled and I concentrated on my breathing, even counting as I heard the whooshing sound once again.


I was thrown at the intensity of the noise, pain finally coursing through my cheeks. I closed my eyes in shame as my cream trickled from my pussy, leaking onto my inner thighs.

The spanking continued, one coming immediately after the other. The pain shifted into anguish, forcing cries from my throat, but I refused to cry. I would never give him the satisfaction.

“You’re doing much better than I expected, Caroline.”

I wanted to retort. Dear God, I did, but I bit my cheek to keep the nasty words at bay.

Dominick shoved two fingers past my swollen folds, flexing them open as he thrust as deep inside my pussy as possible, driving in a barbaric manner. “I can give you everything you’ve ever desired, but every moment you’re disobedient, you will suffer harsh punishment.”

I heard the words. I knew what he was saying. I also couldn’t react or answer.

Two fingers became three then four, plunging like the horrible savage he was but I was so wet, close to coming. “When you’re a good girl, complying with my rules, the pleasure will be infinite.”

He ripped his fingers away, resuming the round of punishment, the strap smacking against my bottom, creating vicious heat.

The anguish was blinding but the way my pussy clenched, my nipples aching to an almost desperate level was shocking. On some level I wanted this.

Needed this.

Still, I was humiliated by the moment, as well as my ridiculous thoughts.

His fingers were thrust into me again, brutal and unyielding. I heard his savage growls, so husky and sensuous that I was floating on some cloud, arching my back and widening my legs as far as they would go. The scent of my feminine wiles wafted up, filling my nostrils. I was so aroused, every cell in my body on fire. Panting, my cunt muscles clamped around his fingers, trying desperately to draw him in further.

When he removed his fingers once again, I whimpered, undulating my hips against his desk.

He chuckled darkly. “You are one hungry little minx.” Without hesitating, he thrust his thumb past the cleft in my ass, finding my dark hole.

“Fuck!” I slapped my hands on the desk, white-hot pain searing every nerve ending.

Leaning over, he eased the strands of hair from my neck, his heated breath falling like soft velvet. “Your mouth belongs to me, your lips used to suck my cock. Your pussy belongs to me, wet and ready whenever I crave. And your tight little asshole belongs to me. To fuck. To punish. Whatever I desire. Anything at any time.”

“Yes, I…” Everything in the room was spinning, my heart racing. I knew what he was saying, the command in all aspects. I expected the belting to continue, but the moment he shoved his cock all the way inside my pussy, the force smacking me against the desk, the shock thrust me into an instant climax. “Oh. Oh… Oh!”

He filled me so completely, spreading my pussy lips until my muscles strained from the girth. He was thick and hard, the angle pushing me straight into raw ecstasy. His skin slapped against my bruised ass, the intensity of the discomfort increasing.

“Do you like that?” he asked, his voice gravelly as he continued plunging.

“No. Never. Not from you.”

Another almost evil chuckle was followed by a quick snap of his hand against my bottom before he dug his fingers into my skin. He was brutal as he took me, his actions so powerful that my breath was stolen. I panted and moaned, and I hated this man, everything about him. His actions. His world. His disgusting nature.

But I was unable to stop the climax rushing into my pussy. “Oh, no. No!”

He didn’t stop as the climax moved me into a frenzied state, goosebumps popping along my arms. I couldn’t breathe or think, my eyes becoming hazy and the orgasm continuing.

Dominick waited until my body relaxed before jerking out. “Something for you to remember. Only girls who obey without question are allowed to come.” He wasted no time, slipping his cockhead to my asshole, sliding in until he hit the tight ring of muscle. “As for bad little girls, they’re fucked in the ass.” He plunged all the way inside and I heard his roar, guttural and full of pent-up longing.

I also heard the husky sound of his voice, but the words he whispered merely floated away. The chemistry between us was so unexpected, the wildfire of need damning. He was the devil, my captor. There could never be anything more.

But I knew what he wanted. All of me.

Including my heart.

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