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His Caged Kitty by Alta Hensley – Extended Preview

“I have extra kitty collars and even a tail if you want it,” Marx added as he looked at Erik for an answer.

With a nod, Erik said, “Yes, I would like those if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Get her naked,” Marx said so casually as if having a woman shed her clothing for all to see every inch of her body was completely normal.

Erik took a step toward me, and I took a step back.


I shook my head and took another step backwards, raising my hands to visually tell him to leave me alone. “No. Absolutely not.” My voice cracked and didn’t sound nearly as forceful as I had intended.

Erik cleared the distance between us and grabbed my upper arm before I could even move away. His eyes squinted and his jaw tightened. Between clenched teeth, he warned, “Get undressed now. I’m warning you, this is not the time to reveal your stubborn pride. You will not like the result.” He glanced over at Marx who held a collar and tail in his hands. The man had a smirk on his face, clearly enjoying the show.

“Please, not here. Not in front of everyone,” I said as I scanned the room and noticed that every single woman was watching me.

“Take. Off. Your. Clothes.” Erik said each word as if they were the stabs of a dagger making direct contact with my chest. I knew better. I knew what Erik would do. He had proven it last night, but I didn’t care. There was no way in hell I was going to allow this to happen.

“You are not my master, and I am not your pet,” I said. “I was meant for another.”

“You belong to me. You will always belong to me.”

Without waiting for a retort, Erik began removing my clothes, not taking the time to be gentle or careful. My clothing was coming off whether I liked it or not, and no matter how much I struggled, Erik met each move with another item of clothing being shed from my writhing frame. Shoes were tossed, shirt and bra flung—a whirlwind of material flew about as I felt the cool air of the barn on my exposed flesh.

“Stop!” I screamed, no longer paying attention to the women around me. “Don’t do this!” Fury blended with humiliation. I could see Marx in the corner of my eye, enjoying every minute of the scene. I pounded my fists against Erik’s torso, his arms, anywhere I could, but nothing stopped him. He was a man on a mission, and his mission was to have me standing nude before him immediately.

“Stop the hysterics immediately,” he boomed. “You are the one who agreed to be a pet. It was you who decided to move to Floris. No one forced you. No one kidnapped you. This was all you.”

“I did not know! I did not know!” I screamed.

“Well, now you do. You created your fate. You signed your soul to the devil, and I’m the fucking devil.”

I stood there with only my panties on and my pants bunched down at my ankles. Erik paused for a moment, taking in the sight of my bare body. Heat worked its way from my core to my face. Trying to conceal my breasts, I wrapped my arms around me.

“My pet, you will learn that it is much easier to submit rather than fighting me every single step of the way.”

“Damn you,” I spat. How dare he? How dare he strip me bare for all to see?

His response was not what I expected. He reached for my panties and tugged the cotton fabric so hard that they ripped from my body. The tearing noise of fabric blended with my screams of shock. The aggressive move left me falling forward and into his arms—which was the last place I ever wanted to be. I pushed away and tried to turn to run, but the pants bunched at the bottom of my legs tripped me. I fell to the ground, knocking the pail of breast milk over. The creamy substance that the three women had been working so hard on producing was now being absorbed into the hay-covered floor. The sickly sweet smell of hay coated with milk sifted through my nostrils, as the gasps from the observers lined my ears. Looking up into the dark and furious eyes of Erik, I knew I might have just committed the ultimate sin. I had spilled the kitty milk from Marx’s hucows.

“Bad kitty,” Marx said from behind me. “Bad, bad kitty.”

Erik gripped my arm as I kicked off my pants so I could stand. Even though his hold was firm, he was careful in lifting me up.

I looked up into his eyes, feeling awful that I had ruined what I could only assume took hours to accumulate. Those poor milk women must have hated me. Would they now get beaten by Marx because of my actions? “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—” The shame I felt only added to my humiliation of standing completely naked for all to see.

“Bad kitty is right,” Erik said, pulling me over to a bale of hay. “Bend over. Now.”

His voice.

His command.

I became weak.

I wobbled over to the hay as my ears rang and my throat dried. All thoughts of flight were conquered by my fear.

“Bend over the hay now,” he said.

I did so, feeling the prickly dried grass poke my belly and breasts. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, not sure if anyone could hear my words other than myself.

“You are about to be. You are about to be very sorry.”

The sound of the leather belt being removed from the loops of his pants sent a shiver through me. I closed my eyes and mentally prepared. He was going to whip me. With his belt.

“You embarrassed me,” he said in a low voice. “You made a scene for all to see.”

I wanted to scream at him. Tell him that if anyone was embarrassed, it was me. I was the one naked, the one about to be collared, about to have a cat tail thrust inside of me, and about to be whipped by his leather belt. All while everyone watched. There would have been no scene if they had just let me be. Hell, there would have been no scene at all if there weren’t several women caged, tied, chained, and captured in this awful and terrifying barn. I could actually feel Marx’s lecherous eyes staring at my upturned ass. Even though I closed my legs tightly together, I worried that my sex was still on full display for him and his pets to see.

“You insulted our host,” he continued.

I almost huffed at the statement. Host? What kind of host makes a guest sleep in the barn? What kind of host offers items to be placed around a neck and to be shoved into an anus?

The sound of his boots crunching against hay as he walked toward my quivering frame made me want to cry out even though he hadn’t even touched me yet. But I was so fearful of the bite of his belt that I shook in anticipation. The palm of his hand pressed against my naked behind and he began to caress. He rubbed small circles while alternating small pats, once again petting me as he would pet a cat—his kitten. He placed the folded leather belt in front of my face and then caressed it on my cheek. I could smell the dust, the manly essence of Erik, and the thick aroma of what would be the tool used for my punishment. He was having me see it, feel it, smell it—it was pure torture. Tears welled up in my eyes and I shook even harder. The buildup was too much and I actually wanted him to just do it and get it over with. Now.

“It’s just a spanking, my pet,” he said softly. “No need to shake so much in fear.” He continued to stroke my bottom, heating the surface skin in the most delightful of ways. I knew the discipline was going to hurt. I knew I was going to cry. There was no way I would be able to take a beating from a belt, and yet the soft touch he gave now caused me to practically… purr.

“Please don’t. I will clean up the mess, and I will—”

“Lick it up off the ground?” Marx said from the distance. The bastard. Though I think I would have gotten on my hands and knees and licked up every single drop if it meant no belting from Erik.

Erik traced his fingertips along the seam of my ass as he pulled my legs apart, then lowered his fingers to my pussy lips and began to pet me in a place no one other than him had done so before. Tingles of excitement blended with my fear, and my head spun in confusion as my body hummed in need.

Erik patted my pussy lightly before saying, “You are going to be my kitty, Maya. Which means that you don’t get to fight me. You aren’t allowed to act out like you just did. You are a celestial pet on the planet of Floris whether you like it or not. And as of today, you will be a kitty, and I will be your master.”

The crunch of his boots as he stepped back was quickly replaced with the swish of leather and then the crack as it made contact with my poor behind. I didn’t cry out at first, because the shock of what just occurred had numbed the pain. My mind was not in tune with my body… yet. But when the second lash of the belt fell upon me, there was no holding back the cry. Fire seared my flesh as the punishment truly began. When the third lash rained down, I thought I might die from the pain.

“Please!” I screamed.

“You brought this upon yourself.”

The leather fell upon my flesh as I wiggled and writhed to avoid the painful wrath. The only saving grace I had at this point was that Erik was whipping my behind at such a steady and rapid rate, I no longer paid attention to each individual stroke. Instead, I was able to focus on my breathing as I closed my eyes and bore the discipline. As odd as it was, the spanking seemed to become easier to endure as each wallop occurred. It was as if my body was submitting, therefore the pain lessoned. Not that it didn’t hurt—oh, it burned like the depths of Hades. Tears ran down my face, but I no longer screamed out. I whimpered, I gasped, but I took the punishment as stoically as I could. Pain morphed into submission, and I suddenly wanted to please Erik. I wanted to be a good… kitty.

I surrendered.

I had no choice.

I would be Erik’s celestial kitty.

As if Erik could sense my complete internal obedience, the belting mercifully came to an end. I heard the crunch of boot against hay once more, and Erik was again caressing my chastened flesh.

“You held position the entire time,” he praised. “For that, I ended early. Very good, my little pet.”

I didn’t say anything, but his praise and his touch warmed my core. I had pleased him, and that knowledge gave me a sense of accomplishment I had not encountered before. My head spun with what that all meant, since the only man I had ever tried to please and make proud was my father. A feat that I learned was impossible. Nothing I did pleased the man, so hearing the praise from Erik gave me a sense of pride. I would have to remember that he valued taking a punishment without hysterics—though I wasn’t sure I would truly be able to do so every time.

My heart skipped when the realization hit me that I had just visualized another punishment. I had accepted the future with Erik. I was his pet, and I knew that would mean a stern hand. I had heard the stories. I suppose I knew that firm correction would be in store for me. But until this very moment, I had not come to terms that the discipline would be issued by Erik—my master.

“Marx, would you mind bringing me the collar and the tail?” Erik asked as he continued to run his palm over my bottom.

I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see the stable ponies watching on, or the hucows, or the caged kitties. I wanted privacy, and the only way I was going to get it was by keeping my eyelids sealed tight.

Erik placed his lips to my ear. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath tickle the sensitive skin of my neck. “I’m not going to mate you here. Not unless you resist me in becoming my kitty. But if you take the collar, accept the tail, and behave until we leave tomorrow, I won’t mate you until we get home.” He gave a very gentle kiss on my neck, which surprised me. “I’m sorry I punished you for all to see, but you gave me no option. I could not risk Marx spreading the news of a disobedient pet running feral in Fortsmith. The council would issue a warrant for you,” he whispered so only I could hear. “A public flogging by the council leader would be the punishment for the crime.”

A shiver ran down my spine at his mention of a public punishment by another man other than Erik. Although I knew this. I knew the rules before arriving on Floris. It was true. Celestial pets were to be obedient at all times or would be whipped on display as an example to others. I agreed to the terms the minute I boarded the transport ship, but did not really grasp the ramifications. Erik was looking out for me. He could just let me be disciplined to teach me a severe lesson I would never forget. So why?

“Here you go,” I heard Marx say. “I gave you the tail with the smaller plug attached. I’m sure she has a tight virgin asshole. No need making her meow all night since she took her punishment like a good little kitty.”

Marx was a bastard, and I wanted to claw at his face as an angry kitty would do.

I flinched when I felt the collar touch my neck. I still kept my eyes closed, so every single touch was heightened, but I couldn’t bear seeing the pity in the other women’s eyes. Erik fastened the collar on my neck as I listened to the tiny chime of the bell that hung from the front of my neck. When I left Earth, I never processed the entire situation. I knew I would be a pet, but I had no idea there were different types. A kitty. The thought of being such a pet had not once entered my mind.

There was a short pause as I waited. Erik wasn’t touching me anymore, and I was tempted to open my eyes and turn to see. Was he still there? I hadn’t heard the crunch of boots, which also meant that Marx was still standing near me as well. He was being allowed by Erik to watch the entire collaring and plugging.

I jumped when I felt a wet and cool finger touch my anus. It felt different than the time before—slicker.

“Shhh, my little pet. I’m just lubing your kitty hole so your tail goes in nice and smooth,” Erik said in a deep and husky voice.

His finger circled my entrance, coating it with the lube. He then pressed his fingertip past my puckered hole, inserting his digit all the way in. The sensation wasn’t foreign, and in an odd way, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the night before and the erotic sensations I experienced.

“I’m adding a second finger,” he said as I gasped. The stretch of my hole stung, and it shamed me that the sensation was pleasurable as well.

In and out, he eased his two fingers. They slid in, and then slid out. Each movement hurt but in a really good way. I gasped. I moaned, and I writhed against the bale, scraping my belly and mound with the prickly straw. The wetness on my face from my tears was nearly dry, but a new wetness from my sex coated my inner thighs. When he removed his fingers, I had to fight the urge not to beg for him to place them back inside of me.

“I’m placing the tail in you now, my pet. Take a deep breath and relax. This is going to bite, but if you tense up, it will only be worse.”

My heart stopped and my stomach flipped, but I did as he asked. I was terrified what it would feel like if I didn’t follow his command.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes… yes, Master,” I mumbled against the hay, preparing for the invasion.

The foreign object pressed at my entrance, and very slowly, Erik inserted it. My tiny hole was much too small for something so large, and I panicked that I would tear or even rip in two.

“It’s too big,” I cried as every muscle in my body tightened. “Please, no. Please.”

“Take a deep breath. I’m going slow, and it will fit. We have to get the base past the ring of your anus, and then this initial pain you feel will ease.”

I took a deep breath again and concentrated on relaxing my body. Erik would show me no mercy when it came to enduring this tail, so I needed to accept. I had no choice.

He pushed a little more and the plug popped inside, and as he promised, the sharp pain did ease, but the stretching threatened to steal every breath I took. He stopped pushing, so I took that time to adjust to the sensations. Every second that went by did get easier.

“Are you doing all right, my pet? We are almost done.”

It was so big, it did sting, and I wanted to plead for him to stop. And yet, I also wanted to please Erik again. The submission still ran strong through my veins, so I nodded. “Yes, Master.”

The minute I said the words, Erik pressed the tail all the way inside of me. I cried out—more out of surprise than pain. I felt full, stretched, but not necessarily in pain.

Erik pulled me off my stomach, sat down on the bale of hay, and placed me in his lap in the most fluid of motions. “That’s a good girl. You did very well.”

He pressed my head to his shoulder so I could cuddle in the arc of his neck. His smell soothed me. So intoxicating, yet so undistinguishable. I just knew he smelled of man. All man. My bottom was tender from the belting, and the tail rested heavy inside of me. I whimpered when he adjusted me so he could spread my legs as he still held me firmly against him. When I tried to close them, he swatted my inner thigh, silently commanding me to keep them wide. I flinched when his hand rested on my mound, but settled down when his touch was so gentle. He began to pet my pussy—his pussy. He caressed my thatch of hair as one would stroke the fur of a cat, and once again, if I could have purred, I would have. Pain, surrender, domination, and the most loving aftercare caused my entire body to hum. Life surged through me, and although I remained confused and my mind was at constant war with my body, my body won this battle. I would sit there all day in Erik’s arms while he petted my pussy and kissed me gently on the head if he would allow it. If being his pet meant this type of affection—affection I had never received in my entire life—then I had chosen correctly by moving to the planet of Floris.

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