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His Caged Kitty by Alta Hensley – Serialization (Part Three)

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Chapter Five

The sound of the leather belt being removed from the loops of his pants sent a shiver through me. I closed my eyes and mentally prepared. He was going to whip me. With his belt.

“You embarrassed me,” he said in a low voice. “You made a scene for all to see.”

I wanted to scream at him. Tell him that if anyone was embarrassed, it was me. I was the one naked, the one about to be collared, about to have a cat tail thrust inside of me, and about to be whipped by his leather belt. All while everyone watched. There would have been no scene if they had just let me be. Hell, there would have been no scene at all if there weren’t several women caged, tied, chained, and captured in this awful and terrifying barn. I could actually feel Marx’s lecherous eyes staring at my upturned ass. Even though I closed my legs tightly together, I worried that my sex was still on full display for him and his pets to see.

“You insulted our host,” he continued.

I almost huffed at the statement. Host? What kind of host makes a guest sleep in the barn? What kind of host offers items to be placed around a neck and to be shoved into an anus?

The sound of his boots crunching against hay as he walked toward my quivering frame made me want to cry out even though he hadn’t even touched me yet. But I was so fearful of the bite of his belt that I shook in anticipation. The palm of his hand pressed against my naked behind and he began to caress. He rubbed small circles while alternating small pats, once again petting me as he would pet a cat—his kitten. He placed the folded leather belt in front of my face and then caressed it on my cheek. I could smell the dust, the manly essence of Erik, and the thick aroma of what would be the tool used for my punishment. He was having me see it, feel it, smell it—it was pure torture. Tears welled up in my eyes and I shook even harder. The buildup was too much and I actually wanted him to just do it and get it over with. Now.

“It’s just a spanking, my pet,” he said softly. “No need to shake so much in fear.” He continued to stroke my bottom, heating the surface skin in the most delightful of ways. I knew the discipline was going to hurt. I knew I was going to cry. There was no way I would be able to take a beating from a belt, and yet the soft touch he gave now caused me to practically… purr.

“Please don’t. I will clean up the mess, and I will—”

“Lick it up off the ground?” Marx said from the distance. The bastard. Though I think I would have gotten on my hands and knees and licked up every single drop if it meant no belting from Erik.

Erik traced his fingertips along the seam of my ass as he pulled my legs apart, then lowered his fingers to my pussy lips and began to pet me in a place no one other than him had done so before. Tingles of excitement blended with my fear, and my head spun in confusion as my body hummed in need.

Erik patted my pussy lightly before saying, “You are going to be my kitty, Maya. Which means that you don’t get to fight me. You aren’t allowed to act out like you just did. You are a celestial pet on the planet of Floris whether you like it or not. And as of today, you will be a kitty, and I will be your master.”

The crunch of his boots as he stepped back was quickly replaced with the swish of leather and then the crack as it made contact with my poor behind. I didn’t cry out at first, because the shock of what just occurred had numbed the pain. My mind was not in tune with my body… yet. But when the second lash of the belt fell upon me, there was no holding back the cry. Fire seared my flesh as the punishment truly began. When the third lash rained down, I thought I might die from the pain.

“Please!” I screamed.

“You brought this upon yourself.”

The leather fell upon my flesh as I wiggled and writhed to avoid the painful wrath. The only saving grace I had at this point was that Erik was whipping my behind at such a steady and rapid rate, I no longer paid attention to each individual stroke. Instead, I was able to focus on my breathing as I closed my eyes and bore the discipline. As odd as it was, the spanking seemed to become easier to endure as each wallop occurred. It was as if my body was submitting, therefore the pain lessoned. Not that it didn’t hurt—oh, it burned like the depths of Hades. Tears ran down my face, but I no longer screamed out. I whimpered, I gasped, but I took the punishment as stoically as I could. Pain morphed into submission, and I suddenly wanted to please Erik. I wanted to be a good… kitty.

I surrendered.

I had no choice.

I would be Erik’s celestial kitty.

As if Erik could sense my complete internal obedience, the belting mercifully came to an end. I heard the crunch of boot against hay once more, and Erik was again caressing my chastened flesh.

“You held position the entire time,” he praised. “For that, I ended early. Very good, my little pet.”

I didn’t say anything, but his praise and his touch warmed my core. I had pleased him, and that knowledge gave me a sense of accomplishment I had not encountered before. My head spun with what that all meant, since the only man I had ever tried to please and make proud was my father. A feat that I learned was impossible. Nothing I did pleased the man, so hearing the praise from Erik gave me a sense of pride. I would have to remember that he valued taking a punishment without hysterics—though I wasn’t sure I would truly be able to do so every time.

My heart skipped when the realization hit me that I had just visualized another punishment. I had accepted the future with Erik. I was his pet, and I knew that would mean a stern hand. I had heard the stories. I suppose I knew that firm correction would be in store for me. But until this very moment, I had not come to terms that the discipline would be issued by Erik—my master.

“Marx, would you mind bringing me the collar and the tail?” Erik asked as he continued to run his palm over my bottom.

I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see the stable ponies watching on, or the hucows, or the caged kitties. I wanted privacy, and the only way I was going to get it was by keeping my eyelids sealed tight.

Erik placed his lips to my ear. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath tickle the sensitive skin of my neck. “I’m not going to mate you here. Not unless you resist me in becoming my kitty. But if you take the collar, accept the tail, and behave until we leave tomorrow, I won’t mate you until we get home.” He gave a very gentle kiss on my neck, which surprised me. “I’m sorry I punished you for all to see, but you gave me no option. I could not risk Marx spreading the news of a disobedient pet running feral in Fortsmith. The council would issue a warrant for you,” he whispered so only I could hear. “A public flogging by the council leader would be the punishment for the crime.”

A shiver ran down my spine at his mention of a public punishment by another man other than Erik. Although I knew this. I knew the rules before arriving on Floris. It was true. Celestial pets were to be obedient at all times or would be whipped on display as an example to others. I agreed to the terms the minute I boarded the transport ship, but did not really grasp the ramifications. Erik was looking out for me. He could just let me be disciplined to teach me a severe lesson I would never forget. So why?

“Here you go,” I heard Marx say. “I gave you the tail with the smaller plug attached. I’m sure she has a tight virgin asshole. No need making her meow all night since she took her punishment like a good little kitty.”

Marx was a bastard, and I wanted to claw at his face as an angry kitty would do.

I flinched when I felt the collar touch my neck. I still kept my eyes closed, so every single touch was heightened, but I couldn’t bear seeing the pity in the other women’s eyes. Erik fastened the collar on my neck as I listened to the tiny chime of the bell that hung from the front of my neck. When I left Earth, I never processed the entire situation. I knew I would be a pet, but I had no idea there were different types. A kitty. The thought of being such a pet had not once entered my mind.

There was a short pause as I waited. Erik wasn’t touching me anymore, and I was tempted to open my eyes and turn to see. Was he still there? I hadn’t heard the crunch of boots, which also meant that Marx was still standing near me as well. He was being allowed by Erik to watch the entire collaring and plugging.

I jumped when I felt a wet and cool finger touch my anus. It felt different than the time before—slicker.

“Shhh, my little pet. I’m just lubing your kitty hole so your tail goes in nice and smooth,” Erik said in a deep and husky voice.

His finger circled my entrance, coating it with the lube. He then pressed his fingertip past my puckered hole, inserting his digit all the way in. The sensation wasn’t foreign, and in an odd way, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the night before and the erotic sensations I experienced.

“I’m adding a second finger,” he said as I gasped. The stretch of my hole stung, and it shamed me that the sensation was pleasurable as well.

In and out, he eased his two fingers. They slid in, and then slid out. Each movement hurt but in a really good way. I gasped. I moaned, and I writhed against the bale, scraping my belly and mound with the prickly straw. The wetness on my face from my tears was nearly dry, but a new wetness from my sex coated my inner thighs. When he removed his fingers, I had to fight the urge not to beg for him to place them back inside of me.

“I’m placing the tail in you now, my pet. Take a deep breath and relax. This is going to bite, but if you tense up, it will only be worse.”

My heart stopped and my stomach flipped, but I did as he asked. I was terrified what it would feel like if I didn’t follow his command.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes… yes, Master,” I mumbled against the hay, preparing for the invasion.

The foreign object pressed at my entrance, and very slowly, Erik inserted it. My tiny hole was much too small for something so large, and I panicked that I would tear or even rip in two.

“It’s too big,” I cried as every muscle in my body tightened. “Please, no. Please.”

“Take a deep breath. I’m going slow, and it will fit. We have to get the base past the ring of your anus, and then this initial pain you feel will ease.”

I took a deep breath again and concentrated on relaxing my body. Erik would show me no mercy when it came to enduring this tail, so I needed to accept. I had no choice.

He pushed a little more and the plug popped inside, and as he promised, the sharp pain did ease, but the stretching threatened to steal every breath I took. He stopped pushing, so I took that time to adjust to the sensations. Every second that went by did get easier.

“Are you doing all right, my pet? We are almost done.”

It was so big, it did sting, and I wanted to plead for him to stop. And yet, I also wanted to please Erik again. The submission still ran strong through my veins, so I nodded. “Yes, Master.”

The minute I said the words, Erik pressed the tail all the way inside of me. I cried out—more out of surprise than pain. I felt full, stretched, but not necessarily in pain.

Erik pulled me off my stomach, sat down on the bale of hay, and placed me in his lap in the most fluid of motions. “That’s a good girl. You did very well.”

He pressed my head to his shoulder so I could cuddle in the arc of his neck. His smell soothed me. So intoxicating, yet so undistinguishable. I just knew he smelled of man. All man. My bottom was tender from the belting, and the tail rested heavy inside of me. I whimpered when he adjusted me so he could spread my legs as he still held me firmly against him. When I tried to close them, he swatted my inner thigh, silently commanding me to keep them wide. I flinched when his hand rested on my mound, but settled down when his touch was so gentle. He began to pet my pussy—his pussy. He caressed my thatch of hair as one would stroke the fur of a cat, and once again, if I could have purred, I would have. Pain, surrender, domination, and the most loving aftercare caused my entire body to hum. Life surged through me, and although I remained confused and my mind was at constant war with my body, my body won this battle. I would sit there all day in Erik’s arms while he petted my pussy and kissed me gently on the head if he would allow it. If being his pet meant this type of affection—affection I had never received in my entire life—then I had chosen correctly by moving to the planet of Floris.

“Erik,” Marx said, breaking my luxurious bliss, “the stew is waiting for us. Why don’t you put your pet in the cage with my kitties. She will be just fine there. We will bring them supper after we’re done.”

Erik stopped petting between my legs, and I actually released a small whimper because of it. He looked down at me and smiled. “Kitty likes being petted?” He chuckled as he lifted me off his lap, forcing me to open my eyes and face my reality for the first time since my belting.

I stood on wobbly legs, squinting against the setting sun that was shining through the large wood planks in the barn ceiling, feeling as if my face was on fire. The shame, the humiliation that I hadn’t hated everything that had been done to me, made me want to hide from Erik’s brown and captivating eyes.

Erik shook his head and pointed at the ground. “Crawl.”

I looked at him with wide eyes and opened my mouth to object, but the pressure in my anus reminded me that I was now a kitty. So, for the first time in my life, I got down on hands and knees and crawled after him as he led me to the cage holding the other females. The hay cushioned the ground, but the sharp straw stabbed at my knees and palms. I tried to maneuver as gracefully as I could, but it seemed impossible to move without something poking into my flesh. Plus, I was so distracted with the movement of the long black cat tail that hung from the cleft of my ass and tickled the back of my thighs as I tried to move like a cat.

Marx opened the cage and stood to the side so I could crawl inside. The other three women cowered to the back of the cage as if fearful of what Marx might do. They were skittish in their movements much like a feral barn cat would act.

“Mama kitty,” Marx began, “I would like for you to give this baby kitten a bath. Her pussy is dirty from her most recent behavior.”

I froze at the words, staring at a woman who obediently crawled toward me. I wasn’t all the way in the cage and was reminded of that fact when I felt the toe of Marx’s boot nudge me in the butt to keep me crawling. I looked over my shoulder at Erik with pleading eyes.

He nodded. “Go on, Maya. Do as Marx asks. He may not be your master, but he is still a man. You must respect all men on this planet or face punishment.”

It wasn’t the thought of punishment that had me crawling forward again, but rather the way Erik softly commanded for me to do so. It seemed as if he did care for my well-being and didn’t want me to be punished harshly for disobedience.

“Lie on your back and spread your legs,” Erik ordered the minute I heard the click of the cage door.

There wasn’t a lot of room in the cage. Even if the female pets were allowed to stand, the cage was not high enough for that. The length and width were more accommodating. There would be enough room for the four women to lie down and fully spread out, but there wouldn’t be much more room after that. There would maybe be enough room for one more woman after I claimed my spot.

A woman—who I assumed was the mama kitty—crawled my way. I could see she had black fingernails that were filed into pointy claws. She also had tattoos of paw prints around her green eyes. With every move of her body, her little bell jingled beneath her neck. I glanced at Erik one more time before doing as he said. Lying on my back, I spread my legs and stared at the bars of the cage up above as I tried to mentally prepare for the unknown.

The woman crawled up to me and lowered her head to my pussy. Without waiting for another command, she swiped her tongue from my kitty tail all the way to the top of my mound. I gasped and arched my back at the same time. The sensation sent electricity through me. It was too intense, so I moved my hands to block the woman from doing it again. As if she knew what would happen, she grabbed my hands and put them at my side. She looked at me with those big green eyes and subtly shook her head. There was warning in her eyes.

I swallowed hard and balled my fists at my sides, not wanting to upset Erik again. My ass still hurt, and the thought of another spanking sealed my wrists to the bottom of the cage. The woman placed her tongue at my anus again, and then she ran her tongue all the way to my clit. She did this repeatedly, licking every inch of my sex. She bathed my most intimate of spots as a mama cat would bathe her kitten… all while the men watched. The embarrassment heated me just as much as the sexual act.

“That’s enough for one day,” Erik mercifully cut in. It wasn’t that I wasn’t enjoying it, but I worried that with another swipe of her tongue, my moans would rattle the barn walls. And something told me that this act of bathing was not meant to give me pleasure.

“All right, my pets. Please welcome our guest to your cage. We will return with supper later. If there is any disobedience at all, you will be whipped soundly.”

With that, the two men exited the barn, leaving me with my fellow pets.

Chapter Six

The shuffle of bodies in the cage had me scanning the surroundings, taking in the other two women who still cowered in the far corners of the cage. They didn’t seem afraid necessarily, simply skittish like a feral cat would be. The mama cat did not say anything to me, but did wipe her face, removing the signs of my juices off her lips and chin. I wondered how I tasted and if she minded doing what she did to me. Based on her casual demeanor, I got the sense that her licking my pussy from anus to clit was not out of the ordinary. Was it her job to bathe all the kitties?

I looked out from between the bars and could see the hucows sitting in a row as the metal devices tugged at their nipples. It looked uncomfortable, but none of them even grimaced. They were talking among themselves, but they were too far away for me to hear exactly what they were saying.

“You’re lucky to be a kitty,” the mama cat said to me. “There are some awful types of pets you could have been chosen to be. The cows have to be milked throughout the day, the horses have to tend to the fields, and the guard dogs are the worst. The dogs have to fight and protect to the death if need be.”

“What do the kitties do?” I asked, pulling my knees up to my chest, trying to conceal my nudity the best that I could. No one else seemed to mind being naked with collars and a tail, but being completely nude in front of strangers, I couldn’t help but feel vulnerable.

“The house cats are in charge of the cooking and the cleaning mostly. The barn cats are the wild ones. We are in charge of pleasing the master. We bathe his cock as I just bathed your pussy.”

Her shocking words seemed so normal to her. There wasn’t even a tinge of pink on her cheeks to give away any embarrassment or shame. In fact, everyone seemed to be at peace with their situation. I didn’t sense panic or the need for escape in the barn. Everyone just eased into their roles. The three women I shared a cage with stretched out and made themselves comfortable. I looked at the ponies, and they too seemed to settle in.

“He has us locked in a cage. Are you always locked up?” I asked, certain that they were prisoners and truly wanted freedom. Maybe I could help them, although I wasn’t sure I could even help myself.

Mama cat smiled warmly. “I remember feeling afraid when I first arrived on Floris too. We all were. Anything is better than Earth, but I know how scary this is for you. As a pet, you will not starve, you will not drink and breathe toxic water and air like on that hell hole of a planet we left behind forever. Wars between man do not rage here. Plague is nonexistent. You are free from the horrid life you will never have to see again.”

“But we are not free.” I lifted my hands and pointed to the bars for emphasis. “We are caged! At least on Earth we had freedom.”

Her smile never ceased. “Did we? Really? Have you forgotten why you chose to leave that planet? Why you chose to become a celestial pet to begin with? This was your decision, wasn’t it?”

I nodded. Yes, I had chosen this path. “I did not realize I would be caged. Had I known I would no longer be free—”

“We were not free on Earth. No one was. We were slaves, victims, and prey to a ruthless planet that was self-destructing. On Floris, that nightmare is all behind us. You’ll see,” she said, reaching out to pat the top of my knee. “When you learn to let go and accept, things will be so much easier. You will be safe. You will be cherished. The masters love their pets. You will never have to worry another day in your life. Your master will always provide for you, shelter you, and care for you. You’ll see that soon.”

The two other women in the cage remained silent but did nod in agreement at the mama cat’s words.

“Does he ever let you out of the cage?”

“Oh, yes, all the time. Marx is not a bad man. He is strict, but he also rewards good behavior. We are only in this cage because we are settled in for the night. We spent the day in the gardens planting seeds. It was a lovely day. The suns for this planet aren’t nearly as harsh as the one for Earth.” She leaned back and stretched out her legs. Her large breasts and bush were on full display but she didn’t seem to mind at all.


Yes, that was what these women were. And although I had felt a sense of surrender to Erik, and did feel a strong need to please him, I could not see how I would ever enjoy sleeping in a cage. And never would I agree to have milk extracted from my body. The thought horrified me.

I swallowed against the lump in the back of my throat. I was in desperate need of some water. “I’m thirsty. Is there any water?”

Mama cat nodded and pointed to a small bowl. “That’s our water dish over by the litter box.”

I froze and felt my heart skip as her words sank into my terrified soul.

She giggled. “Don’t worry. It’s clean for now.”

Not being able to take another minute without drinking the liquid that I knew would be refreshing regardless where it was placed, I tried to ignore the thoughts of any one of us using the litter box like a damn animal. Hand and knee, I crawled over to the water dish because I couldn’t stand due to the height. My black tail swayed with every move, tugging on the plug rooted in my anus. Though the pain had completely subsided, the constant stretching still remained. When I went to pick up the dish, my prison mates gasped.

“No!” the mama cat snapped. “Put it down and drink from it like a cat. If Marx were to see you picking up the bowl, he would punish you severely.”

Fighting back the urge to rebel, I did as she asked and placed the bowl down. The fear in all their eyes twisted my gut, enough so that I lowered my face to the water in the bowl and began lapping at it with my tongue.

“I don’t know what your rules will be with your master, but while you are here, never eat or drink like a human. And never walk unless given permission to do so. Act like a cat at all times or risk a painful reminder of what type of pet you are. Your master’s belting was nothing in comparison to the ones that Marx gives.”

I wiped at the water that had dripped down my chin and nodded. I crawled back to my area of the cage, not wanting to be near the litter box if one of the women needed to use it. We all sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity—an hour or maybe two. Had Erik forgotten about providing me supper? The women were dozing on and off, lazily yawning and stretching. They were so relaxed, though I could only focus on the fact that I was in a cage. Glancing over at the ponies, I wondered if I would prefer to be one of them rather than a caged kitty. At least they had a stable and were not confined behind bars.

“Have you ever tried to escape?” I asked in a hushed tone.

The mama cat seemed annoyed by my question. “There is nowhere to go. The Torin are far worse than the stories I’m sure you heard on Earth. They slowly kill their captives in the most painful of ways. I hid in the shadows of a caravan when I first arrived and watched it be done to my travel mates. It was the worst thing I had ever seen or heard in my life. And I experienced the awful wars of Earth and fought as a soldier, so I had seen some horrific things. Nothing.” She leaned in and stared directly in my eyes. “Nothing is worse than the aliens on this planet. So remember that when you decide to be rebellious one day and try to run. You will be lucky if a human catches you and you only have to suffer a thrashing by your master. Trust me when I tell you that there is nowhere to go. There is no escape. Always stay within the force fields.”

Tears welled up in my eyes as the sense of hopelessness constricted my chest. Why had I agreed to come to this planet? Why had I thought the adventure of the unknown would be far better than the dismal life I barely existed in before?

The mama cat tilted her head and narrowed her eyes as she watched me hold back my tears. “Did you agree to be a pet?”

I nodded and sniffled back the sob that threatened to escape. “Yes.”

“You knew you would have a master?”

I nodded again. “Yes.”

“Had you seen pictures and heard stories of pet life?”


“Then remember all the reasons you came. When times seem the darkest here on Floris as a pet, remember how truly pitch black it used to be on Earth.”

Her words seemed so fatalistic and void of any hope that I couldn’t help but release the tears I had been struggling to hold back. I didn’t care if I seemed weak, or childish. Any bravado of strength had been spanked right out of me, and a constant reminder of that punishment was still lodged in my ass. I was naked in a cage. In a barn. Alone. These women did not understand me. I had no allies in this forsaken new existence. These figures before me were no longer women. They were pets.

I, on the other hand, was merely an imposter. Kitty tail, collar… but I was still a fucking woman! I was a fool to ever think I could become a pet, or that I could ever submit to this way of thinking and new life. I was never meant to be a caged kitty.

The mama kitty crawled toward me with pity in her eyes. Without asking for permission, or even to test how I would react, she gathered me in her arms and pulled me into an embrace. “There, there. No need to cry. I know you are scared and confused. This is a lot to take in. I’m sure you think this whole situation is far worse than you had anticipated. Your feelings are normal. We all went through this, and we all experienced a lot of correction like your master just gave you to help us come to terms with our new roles.” She petted my head in long even strokes. “But your inner demons will vanish eventually. You will find peace. You just have to allow all the battles you have fought your entire life to remain on Earth. You don’t have to struggle here anymore. Your master will make sure of it.”

I sobbed into her bare breast and helplessly clung to her for support. I wanted to scream for help, yet there was no one to hear my pleas. This life, this existence was all I had left. And as I wailed and shook against a stranger’s naked body, I wondered if Rue and Dabney were feeling the same things. Were these feelings normal as the mama kitty had stated? Would I learn to accept and adapt to this new way of living? Maybe, but for now, all I could do was cry. I wasn’t sure how long I remained like that, weeping for all I had left behind, and for my fear of what was to come, but I was startled when I heard the doors of the barn being opened. Erik and Marx both carried trays with large bowls balanced on them.

Erik locked eyes on me, placed the tray he carried down, and rushed toward the cage. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He unfastened the lock, watching me with worry all over his face. Was he concerned for me? Though I don’t know why that idea surprised me. Erik had been nothing but concerned for me from the beginning. My warmth, my comfort, my safety, and of course, my life.

I didn’t say anything, but wiped the tears from my eyes as I sat up.

Marx walked up behind him and said, “Mama kitty, I give you permission to speak. Why is Erik’s pet crying? Were you mean to her?”

I shook my head. “Oh, no. They were very kind.”

“She was scared of the cage, Master,” the mama kitty said.

Erik opened the door of the cage and pulled me out gently. Like a baby, he cradled me in his arms and carried me to the same bale of hay that he had spanked me on and sat down. I snuggled up against his chest, enjoying his warmth and the familiar smell of his essence. The ball of panic inside my chest seemed to lessen immediately. He stroked the hair away from my face and stared at me, his brown eyes so warm. “Is that true? Did being in a cage scare you?”

“Yes,” I said, oddly feeling overcome with shame that I had to admit something as minor as sitting in a cage had put me in near hysterics. If it hadn’t been for the comfort of the mama kitty, I would have quite possibly broken into a million pieces.

“Why? You don’t strike me as being so fragile.”

I shrugged and hid my face into the curve of his neck. “I felt alone. Hopeless. Scared.”

Erik stroked my head, combing his fingers through my tangled hair. “All right. No more cage. From now on, I will keep you with me.” He continued to stroke as all my anxiety melted away. “Marx, I would like for my kitty to be a house pet. I will have her stay with me in my room, and in my bed.”

I pulled my head away and looked up at Erik, surprised, and then glanced at Marx, who was distributing the bowls of food to all the women. He shook his head in what appeared to be disappointment but didn’t verbally express it. Each pet ate from the dish with only their mouths, yet they had mastered it so that their actions looked delicate and almost elegant.

Marx let out a large sigh. “The rules of Fortsmith are in place for a reason, Erik.”

“I’m aware of the rules,” Erik said.

“Then you know you are to mate before she is even truly considered your pet. Keeping her in here as it is, is breaking the rules. She is not truly a celestial pet yet. So having a woman in my house…”

“I’ll mate with her tonight.”

My heart skipped a beat, and a large lump formed in my throat. I knew this time would come. That I would have to mate with a man to truly become a pet, but knowing it was about to happen scared me… but also excited me. Erik was going to claim me as his.

Marx nodded. “Very well. If you make that happen, then no laws are being broken.” Marx reached for the last supper bowl and handed it to Erik.

Erik grabbed the bowl. “Thank you, friend. I appreciate your understanding.” He brought the bowl to my face and I prepared to try to eat from it as I had drunk from the kitty bowl earlier but was surprised when Erik picked up a piece of stew meat and brought it to my lips. “Eat.” His command was firm yet soft.

I opened my mouth, and he put the meat on my tongue. The delicious morsel almost melted in my mouth and I nearly moaned as I chewed. Erik continued to feed me, one piece of meat after the other while I remained sitting on his lap.

“I don’t ever want you to be scared,” Erik said quietly to me as I chewed. “After tonight, I will own you. I take care of what is mine. I will always take care of what is mine.”

I looked into his eyes and nodded. This was my very first act of acceptance on the planet of Floris. I was accepting that I would be mated to Erik, and I would truly become his kitty.

“Finish eating. We need to get to bed. I want to be up early and head home.”

Home. I would soon have a new home. “Yes, Master,” I said with a full mouth.

Chapter Seven

The room we were placed in for the night was small. There was only enough room to hold a bed and a small dresser up against the window. But there was no cage, no chains, and no milking machines so I was happy. Everything about this room felt human, and I was in desperate need of something—anything—human right now.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my hands placed on my lap while Erik removed his boots. I wasn’t sure if I should be sitting on the floor and acting like a cat at all times like the mama kitty had warned me to do, but there was not enough room to do so while Erik stood and undressed.

He unbuckled his belt and I instantly remembered being spanked by it. The cheeks of my ass clenched, which then reminded me that I had a plug inside of me with a cat tail hanging out. I repositioned my body so I didn’t have so much weight on the plug, but there was no way to truly get comfortable.

“Are you tired?” Erik asked as he removed his shirt. His chest was broad and muscled. The ripple on his abdomen, the firmness on his pecs, and the bulkiness of his arms revealed a man who worked hard and conducted manual labor on a daily basis. One look at Erik with his shirt off and I knew this was a man who could crush anyone or anything that tried to hurt me. He was strong… that much was obvious, and I liked it.


“I am too, but we have to mate and make this official. I gave my word to Marx. I know I told you I would wait until we got home, but unless you want to stay in the barn…”

I shook my head. “No, please, no. I want to stay with you.”

“Then you understand we have to mate.”

I nodded and looked toward the floor.

“Are you a virgin?”

I nodded as I swallowed back the nervous ball forming in the back of my throat.

“Then you know this is going to hurt, but I’ll try to be as easy on you as I can.”

He removed his pants, and my gaze was captured by his large member fully erect in front of me. Erik was now completely naked just as I was.

“Have you ever seen a cock before?”

I shook my head slowly, still staring at it in fascination. “No.”

He gripped it in his hand and walked toward me. Standing right in front of me, he put the tip of his dick at my lips. “I want you to lick me clean like a good kitty.”

There was no room for question in the way Erik gave his order, but I also felt no reason to object. Sticking out my tongue, I tentatively licked the tip of his member.

“More,” he said as he reached down and grabbed my hand. He placed my palm where his was, silently instructing me to grab a hold of it, which I did.

Remembering how the mama kitty had licked the entire length of my pussy, I followed suit and placed my tongue at the base of his cock as the curly hairs that surrounded it tickled my nose. Very slowly, I licked my way to the very top. The salty taste, the musky scent, and the way he moaned tantalized my senses. It pleased me to know I was giving him pleasure, so I repeated the process over and over, making sure to lick every inch of his hard cock, noticing a clear fluid escape the tiny hole at the head. Whenever I saw this fluid, I made sure to swirl my tongue around and gather every last drop. His moans grew louder and his penis would flex within my grip each time I did so.

“Place it in your mouth all the way,” he commanded.

I did as he asked and opened wide as the weight of his member rested on my tongue. He took hold of my hair and began to guide my head up and down. I continued this movement, his cock going deeper and deeper into the back of my throat each time.

“I want my entire dick in your mouth. Take all of me.”

I tried to do as he asked, but he was much too large for me to do so. When I pulled up, feeling as if I could go no lower, he tightened his grip on my hair and forced my head to go back down, lower than all the other times. I struggled not to gag as the head of his cock pressed on the back of my throat.

“That’s it. Take it all.”

His praise relaxed me enough that I did as he asked and concentrated on allowing his dick to go even further down my throat until I had all of him in my mouth.

With a loud moan, he pulled completely out of my mouth and ordered, “Lie down.”

I did as he asked as butterflies fluttered in my tummy. It was time. I knew it was time.

He took hold of my thighs and spread my legs wide as he positioned himself in between them. He sat back so he could look at my sex spread wide before him.

“You have a beautiful pussy.” He placed his fingertip on my clit and circled it gently. I flinched at first but then gasped when electricity sizzled beneath the surface. Running the same fingertip along my folds, he added, “I hate to be the cause of any pain to this sweet thing, but I promise you that after tonight, you will only feel pleasure when I fuck you.”

I cried out as I arched my back, not in pain but in need. I wanted it. I wanted Erik to claim me—pain or not.

Hovering over me, his eyes darkened and his face appeared predatory in nature. He didn’t kiss me as I had hoped he would. Instead, he placed his cock at my opening and pressed in. The stretch of my flesh was too much.

“You’re too big. I can’t.”

“Shhh, you can take me. You will take me.”

He pressed on inch by inch as I moaned. It hurt. It burned. Yet, my body responded by craving more. When he paused, still not all the way in, I took hold of the cheeks of his ass, and pulled him even deeper. The excruciating, yet at the same time delightful torture was too much. I couldn’t stand the way he inched his way in. I wanted it all. I wanted all of his cock in me now.

With an animalistic growl, Erik pressed all the way in. I tensed and cried out as my virginal barrier was broken.

Erik paused and, for the first time, kissed me on the lips. It was gentle, tender, almost as if he were giving me a reward for taking his cock fully. He kept his lower half completely still as he claimed my mouth with his kiss. His tongue danced with mine, capturing my breath with his. My body hummed with life as my pussy adjusted to the size of his girth.

Breaking the kiss, Erik whispered against my mouth, “You are mine now.”

“Yes.” I gasped when Erik pulled his cock out and then thrust back in.

Over and over, he repeated the action. Pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling. Our bodies danced to the music of our moans and gasps. Erik held me, he kissed me, and he fucked me until I could only hear my moans and a burst of energy shot through my core and vibrated against the walls of my pussy. I screamed. I thrashed. I melted as my body pulsated with the most intense pleasure.

Erik grew more aggressive in his thrusts, groaning loudly as he did so. Over and over he took, he claimed, and eventually he exploded his seed inside of me. He had claimed me. We were mated. There was no turning back.

We remained frozen by our release for several moments. The weight of Erik lying spent on top of me comforted me. He was like a heavy blanket shielding me from the harsh realities of life on Floris. Right now, this moment, I was secure. I was safe. I was under the protection of my master.

“Are you all right?” he mumbled against my ear. His breathing was still labored and the knowledge that I was the cause of that gave me a sense of accomplishment.


“Yes, what?” There was no warning in his voice, nor did I get a sense that I was in trouble. It was simply a reminder.

“Yes, Master.” The words felt different saying them now. They were true. They weren’t forced. I was not saying them just to please Erik or to avoid a spanking. I was saying them because I wanted to. They felt right.

He kissed my neck and rolled off my body. He lay on his side, positioning his body so he could look into my face. “Yes, I am your master. It was never my intent to own a pet, but now that I do, I plan to take very good care of you.” He petted my breasts with the softest of strokes. “Are you still frightened?”

“A little.”


“The unknown scares me. I underestimated what being a pet would actually mean. I wanted off Earth so bad that I would have done just about anything. But that decision was really rash, and now…”

“If you could go back to Earth, would you?” I knew the question was purely hypothetical for there was no way to return. Migrating to Floris was a one-way ticket. There was no return.

“No. I wouldn’t. Nothing could be worse than my life on that planet.”

Erik nodded slowly, looking sad as he did so. “I remember it well. It was a brutal life.”

“What will our life be like when we reach your homestead?”

“Hard work, but safe. The land is more fertile than Earth, but the process of living off the land takes time.”

“Is that why you and your brothers steal?” I still didn’t like the fact that he was a criminal. That was one of the reasons I had left Earth—to leave all the corruption behind.

“Yes. It’s not something I’m proud of. When I came to Floris, my intention was to live a good life, not just survive. Right now, it’s been all about survival. Much like on Earth.”

“What would happen if you were caught robbing the transport ships?”

He smirked. “I think you know the answer to that.”

I did. I knew the laws of the planet. I knew the council was strict against crime. I also knew the punishment for any laws broken was death. The planet of Floris was a zero tolerance planet.

He leaned down and kissed one of my nipples and then the other. “But that is all over. Those days are behind me from now on. I’m not saying it will be easy, but we will manage.”

“I’m a hard worker. Being the daughter of a fisherman, I had no choice. I can work the fields with you.”

“Shhh,” he said as he placed his fingertips to my lips. “It is my job to work and worry about the fields. It is your job as my house kitty to worry about the house. Keep me fed in a cared-for home, and I will be a happy master.”

“Are those my only expectations?”

“No. You will be expected to follow the laws of Floris as well as my rules.”

“What are your rules?”

“You’ll learn all the rules in time, but my main expectation will be complete obedience.”

“And if I break the rules?”

He smirked again. “I think you know the answer to that as well.”


“Shhh, let’s get some sleep. We still have a ways to go tomorrow.” He got out of bed and walked over to the dresser. Opening the top drawer, he pulled out a towel and walked back to where I still laid motionless. “I’m going to clean you up and take out your tail. I won’t require you to sleep with your tail, but I will always reapply it first thing in the morning. One of the laws of Floris is that all pets must be tailed. But I’ll allow you to have a break during the night hours.” He brought the towel between my legs and wiped my juices and his cum from my pussy. He then reached for the base of the plug and pulled it out. I squealed and flinched in pain. The coming out hurt almost as much as the going in.

“Come now, my little pet. This is a very small tail.”

“It doesn’t feel small.” Both my holes were tender from their invasions. A dull ache was present yet a dark part of me wanted both my holes to be filled again. I didn’t like the empty void as much as I thought I would.

He chuckled. “Well, I advise you to be a good little kitty or you will find out just how small that tail is.”

“You have bigger ones?” My voice cracked as I asked the question.

“I will make sure I do.” His mischievous smile made me smile in return. I liked the playful energy between us. It was nice.

Erik tossed the towel and tail to the floor and then reached for the blankets, pulling them over our nude bodies. Cradling me in his arms as he had done by the campfire, he whispered, “Goodnight, my little pet. Tomorrow we start our new lives together as master and kitty.”

“Goodnight,” I whispered as I snuggled my body up against his. His flaccid cock rested against my ass, and instead of being frightened by it, I only felt security. I was his kitty, and like the mama kitty had said, he would forever take care of me.

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