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His Caged Mate by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

The day passed and the night came leaving Ryia writhing in need on her bed. She ached for her mate… the desperate pulse of her clit and the emptiness of her wet and swollen sheath impossible to ignore. She’d realized how a Cantari female obtained her mate when her womb began to cramp with need and the wetness began to leak from her core until the scent of it filled the air. A female Cantari went into heat in order to drive her mate in the frenzy necessary to force him to claim her.

A lone tear tracked down her cheek as she accepted her reality. Barrick would eventually respond to her call but Ryia had wanted him to freely choose her… to recognize she was his other half… the other part of his soul that she’d seen in him the moment they met. Now he would be trapped by the need of his body as it answered the call of hers.

As the heat built, all thoughts of Barrick and what could have been left her as her womb clenched painfully in its demand for the seed of her mate.

Ryia no longer wanted the mating. Why should she accept a mate that did not choose her? She fought the need clawing through her with every ounce of her resolve.

Tears tracked unchecked down her cheeks as she was overwhelmed with heat and desire… desire for her mate.

She throbbed with the need for her mate to take her… to claim her… to answer the demand of her body with demands of his own. Ryia could smell it… her arousal grew stronger with each hour that passed… each hour that her mate ignored her need.

She crawled along the floor, rubbing her body against the furniture in an effort to relieve the itch that seemed to fill every nerve ending of her body. Her skin was alive in its need to be stroked, caressed, touched.

Ryia knew if Barrick didn’t come to her soon she would go mad. Mad with the desire for her mate to take her hard… the need to be fucked. Soon the cries would come unbidden from her throat… she would call to him like a cat would call for its mate. A cat in full mating heat demanding that her cries be answered.

By the next day she was helpless to the animal within her… helpless to halt the yowling cries… howls of need that she knew were echoing through the halls of the ship. Ryia was naked, no longer able to stand the touch of fabric against her skin; she wanted nothing to touch her but her mate. He was the only thing that could assuage this raging need… stop the almost painful throb between her thighs… fill the yawning emptiness that would soon take her beyond reason.

The scent of Ryia’s need filled the ship as her cries rent the air, Barrick found himself starting toward the hallway where her room lay more than once though he continued to fight it.

Then the young prince started toward the room determinedly. “She belongs to me! I captured her; she is my prize!” he hissed as the strange light of lust filled his eyes. “I will have her!”

“No!” Barrick roared as he grabbed the man by the scruff of his neck and pushed him toward his advisor. “Take him to his quarters!”

Then he realized his men were starting to migrate toward her room almost helplessly, the scent of sex stirring lust in the hearts of all of them.

When one of the young officers broke away from the rest to charge toward Ryia’s alluring scent, Barrick grabbed him and flung him against a wall.

“You will not touch my mate! No one touches what is mine,” Barrick roared before storming through the ship to her room. He was moving on instinct he’d never known he possessed now… to take her… claim her… mark her.

He knocked and when he didn’t get an answer he yelled, “Ryia, you will open this door!”

The only answer was another of those mewling little cries of need followed by a yowl. Barrick typed in the override code with shaking fingers and the door slid open.

Ryia was naked in the middle of the floor, curled into herself as those little yowls escaped her, the need consuming her. He closed the door and stripped before reaching down to pull her to her feet.

Ryia hissed at him as she looked up at him, her eyes completely black with need as she swiped at him with her sharp claws, leaving her mark behind. She appeared to be mindless, yowling and hissing, trying to fight him even as she spread her legs for him.

“Stop!” he commanded her but she continued to fight him. Barrick firmly put her on her hands and knees, forcing her chest to the floor as she continued to hiss and fight.

Barrick slapped a hand down on her upturned ass hard. Ryia bucked and hissed even as she spread her thighs farther apart and lifted her ass. His hand slapped down again and again, and he watched the color bloom with each swat.

A mournful cry of need sounded from her throat as she looked at him over her shoulder. “Please!” It was the first coherent word from her he’d heard since this madness… this heat had overtaken her.

He ran his hand between her thighs, groaning as he felt the evidence of her need. The thick wetness coated her inner thighs and practically dripped from her swollen pussy. Barrick fit the head of his cock against her spasming opening and moaned as he pressed inside and the wet heat surrounded him.

Ryia arched her back and hissed once more in demand.

He slapped her already reddened ass. “You are not in control of this, mate.”

Catching her shoulders in his hands, Barrick drove inside her to the hilt in one hard thrust.

She gave a yowl of pleasure as his cock bottomed out in her tight sheath then he withdrew almost completely before slamming home once more. He curved his body over hers as he pounded in and out of her in feverish demand.

Ryia stopped fighting him and slammed her hips back to meet him until she tightened around him with a shudder and a soft scream of release.

Barrick paused inside her for a moment as her inner muscles pulsed around his swollen cock, gripping him tightly as her body sought to milk the seed from him.

“No!” he said firmly, fighting his own control as his hand began to slap down on her beautiful ass again and again. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Wrapping his arms around her with one arm coming up between her breasts, Barrick pulled her back against his chest, holding her to him as he continued to hammer into her without mercy. His lips found her shoulder where it met her neck and he began to nibble and lick her there. Instinct began to fill him once more until he bit into that flesh, holding her in place as he fucked her even harder.

The pleasure seemed to be never-ending, one orgasm bleeding into another until the pleasure seemed to go on and on, overwhelming her in its intensity.

Ryia stiffened in her mate’s arms once more as his teeth sank into the flesh of her shoulder, sending her pleasure to a place of mindless intensity. She began to shiver uncontrollably in his hold as a final orgasm overtook her, screaming as he ground high inside her and she felt his seed splash against her inner muscles, bathing her in his heat.

Barrick held her tightly against him, giving a few more thrusts as he finished, his teeth releasing her shoulder and laving the little wound with his tongue.

She whimpered as he pulled from her sensitive core, suddenly bereft by the loss of his cock. Barrick stood then lifted her high in his arms, carrying her to the bed and laying her gently upon it.

Ryia was conflicted by their mating… shocked that she’d gone into heat like an animal… angry that it had taken that level of need to bring him to her when he’d denied her previously. She didn’t want this reluctant mate of hers… she could survive without a mate.

As if sensing her withdrawal, Barrick grabbed her firmly and turned her back to face him. “No… you will not pull away from me. You belong to me!”

Narrowing her eyes, Ryia couldn’t stop the hiss, “I belong to no man! Thank you for scratching my itch, Commander, but I am no longer sure I want you!”

She spat as she pulled away from him and climbed off the other side of the bed, knowing even as she said the words she didn’t mean them. Ryia wanted him with every fiber of her being, but she wanted a mate that loved her… like her father loved her mother. Not one that came to her because he couldn’t resist the scent of her mating heat.

“Too bad, little cat, you’ve got me,” Barrick said firmly as he caught hold of her once more. “You belong to me! You are my mate. I have seen my tomorrows in your eyes. I am yours and you are mine. I tried to fight it until I’d fixed the mess the high prince had made but it is too late to fight what is my destiny. My destiny and your own.”

Ryia hissed again, swiping at him with the claws she’d allowed to spring from her fingers once more. “I don’t need further servicing at this time. Let me go!”

“By god, I will take care of those claws here and now, my contrary little cat!” he told her as he sat down on the bed and pulled her face down over his lap. His hand clapped off her already sore bottom on the tender under curve of her left bottom cheek. She gave a little cry of pain when his hand began to fall again and again in the exact same spot until it felt scalded. His hand continued to fall in the same place almost relentlessly until she felt tears spring to her eyes. “Barrick, please!”

Ryia breathed a sigh of relief when his assault on her left ass cheek finally stopped, only give another cry of dismay when he began to apply his hand in the exact same way on the right cheek.

Her feet began to drum on the mattress as he punished her thoroughly. When he finished with that cheek, he began to spank back and forth on each spot as he told her sternly, “In this bedroom my word is law, little cat! On the battlefield we will fight side by side as equals but I will rule my home!”

Before she could even think to argue or agree, he lifted her from his lap and flipped her to her back, his hands gripping a sore ass cheek in each hand as he brought his mouth to her swollen pussy.

She cried out as he devoured her flesh, sucking and biting at her clit then licking down her slit and driving his tongue into her slick heat. His tongue worked in and out of her hard and fast then fluttered against a spot high inside her that had her on the verge of orgasm within what seemed like seconds. But before she went over the edge, he pulled back. “No. You don’t come without permission, little cat.”

Ryia glared him with a hiss of displeasure.

“Glare at me all you want, baby, but you aren’t allowed to come,” he told her with a smile, his lips glistening with her cream just before he lowered his head to suck her clit deep into his mouth while his hand spread her ass cheeks wide, his thumbs sliding in between them and pressing at either side of her quivering asshole.

She groaned and bowed her back as she looked nervously down her body where he fed on her pussy. “You can’t!” she panted.

Ryia moaned as she felt the lips around her clit turn up before he flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. His thumbs simultaneously pressed against the shy bud of her ass until they both sank past the tight ring of muscle guarding her most secret place.

She felt her eyes widen as the burning sting of her stretching muscles sent a zing of pleasure straight to her core. “Barrick!” Ryia cried out uncertainly.

“Come for me, Ryia!” he commanded as his thumbs sank deep and his tongue drove into her dripping pussy.

The intense climax exploded within her, stealing her breath as he worked his thumbs and tongue in and out of her in tandem, driving her pleasure even higher.

“Before we leave this room, I will own every part of you, little cat,” Barrick told her as he lifted her then lay back on the bed, arranging her with her pussy resting against his lips, facing his straining erection.

Ryia licked her lips as she stared at his long thick cock, her mouth watering at the sight of it. She gasped when he slapped her upturned ass. “Suck me, Ryia. I want your mouth before I take your ass.”

His tongue sank into her depths once more as his hand clapped off her sore bottom again and again until with a moan she leaned forward and caught the tip of his cock between her lips.

As she worked him deeper into her mouth, Barrick sank his thumbs back into her ass, stretching her as he moved them in and out, his tongue alternating between her clit and slick sheath.

“Oooh, Barrick,” Ryia whimpered around his cock as his hips began to rock the thick rod demandingly in and out of her mouth. Soon he was driving it even deeper in hard thrusts that made her gag around him even as she desperately tried to suck and lick every part of his dick she could reach.

“That’s it, little cat, take it all… yes… suck it good, baby… suck my cock good. Such a good little kitten,” he told her as he pulled his thumbs free and began to knead her ass.

She moaned around his cock as Barrick fucked her mouth, owning her just as he’d promised. Ryia shivered as she thought of the rest of that promise, feeling more wetness leak from her slit as she imagined him taking her ass.

“Enough,” he barked as he pulled free of her mouth and placed her on her hands and knees. A firm hand between her shoulder blades pressed her chest to the bed as he drove into her slick heat from behind, driving in to the hilt in one hard thrust.

“Who owns your pleasure, Ryia? Who commands you in this room?” he demanded as he pounded in and out of her.

“You do, Barrick! Only you!” she cried as he drove her higher and higher. Then he pulled out of her as he spread her ass cheeks wide, fitting the slick head of his cock against her asshole. She began to shiver and shake as he pressed the head inside, feeling the muscles give with a burning stretch that filled her with a dark pleasure she could never have imagined.

“Oh… Barrick… ooooh, it’s too much!” Ryia cried as the pleasure began to overwhelm her as he worked his cock in and out of her tight ass, taking it deeper with every thrust.

“You will take it all… you will take everything I have to give,” Barrick commanded her as his hand slapped against her wet slick pussy. He began to slap rhythmically against her slit, the tips of his fingers catching her swollen clit with every swat while he began to pound in and out of her ass.

“Yes! Harder, Barrick, harder!” Ryia demanded as the dark need overtook her and she began to rock her hips back to take him even deeper into the depths of her ass. Pleasure and pain wrapped together until she couldn’t tell the difference between them… she was sensation personified; every nerve ending leaping to life at the command of this man… her mate.

“Come now, Ryia!” he barked and she shattered into a million pieces, fragmenting in his arms as the orgasm overtook her. White lights sprang to life behind her eyelids as she shuddered in his arms.

Ryia collapsed against the bed as Barrick pulled free of her body, wringing another moan of helpless pleasure from her at his withdrawal. She felt the loss of his body heat keenly but he returned with a warm cloth and cleaned gently between her legs and bottom cheeks before climbing into the bed with her and wrapping her in his arms.

“There’s my good girl… my sweet little kitten,” Barrick murmured as his hand stroked down her hair while he pressed kisses along her jaw.

Ryia sighed contentedly, held tight in her mate’s arms, safe and at peace as she drifted off to sleep.

Barrick studied Ryia’s sleeping form, surprised to feel his cock rising again as he watched her. He’d taken her repeatedly for the last twenty-four hours, giving her very little respite between bouts of sex. The most amazing sex he’d experienced in his life and every time he touched his little mate it seemed to get better.

His intellect told him he’d made a poor decision but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. Ryia completed something inside him that he hadn’t realized was missing anything. His tomorrows were now a clear picture. He could see Ryia forever at his side and their children surrounding them.

The little cat was his and it felt right; he would just have to face whatever that meant with her family. They would either accept him as her mate or they wouldn’t, but wherever his career took him from this point, Ryia would be going with him.

Barrick smiled as he pictured her fighting at his side, kicking ass and taking names. His fierce little mate was a warrior and he would never deny that side of her as long as she followed his lead in their bedchamber.

He couldn’t resist stroking a finger down the side of her face. Ryia turned into the caress and a soft little purr rumbled from her chest. The sound of that sexy little purr went straight to his balls and he made himself straighten away from her so as not to disturb her rest.

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