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His Caged Princess: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray – Extended Preview

Evston stood in the doorway, staring at her. She was so beautiful, her skin flushed with heat, the shift so light he could see her body beneath it. He was incredibly relieved that they’d found her, but more than relief gnawed at him. The moment he’d arranged to marry her, he’d begun to think of her as his. This exquisite girl that he—like so many men—wanted with an animal hunger. And his recent frustration and turmoil over her dangerous absence wanted to be sated in a particular way.

He leaned over the couch and shook her gently.

She looked surprised for a moment, then smiled. “So she was right,” she said, sitting up. She cleared her throat. “It’s been—”

He hauled her up and pulled her to him. He kissed her hard on the mouth, then looked at her.

“Get out of that shift,” he said.

She swallowed.

“Right now,” he said.

Her fingers trembled slightly as she slid it up and off, exposing full soft breasts, her flat belly and trim curved hips.

“There will be a conversation later. Not tonight.”

She nodded.

He leaned closer. “Tonight you’re property. Mine.”

She licked her lips and nodded again.

His cock throbbed. He needed this. “I searched the entire realm. I started to worry you were dead or that someone had you locked away where I’d never find you.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“Make it up to me. I don’t want a princess tonight. I want a pet.”

“Yes, I’ll try. I want to.”

She didn’t understand.

“If you need me to stop because you can’t take what I’m doing to you, say ten-ninety. Otherwise, the only words I want to hear from you are ‘Yes, Sir’ or ‘No, Sir’ when I ask you something.”

She nodded.

“Get in the bedroom, and lie over the end of the bed.”

Despite the hot, humid air, she was shaking. She’d felt the tension in Evston’s body when he’d been close to her. He practically vibrated with it. It made her skin hum too.

Draped over the bed, she waited. He stalked in and bent down. He hooked a cuff on each ankle and secured them with something on either post. She began to hyperventilate while he slid a collar around her neck. He hooked the leash to it and then hooked it to the wall at the head of the bed. Her forearms were bound together in the hollow of her back.

“I’m scared,” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

“It’s normal,” he said. “You’re going to be my soft, sweet little pet, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Mmm. Have you been a bad girl?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Should your master spank you then?”

She hesitated for a moment. “Yes, Sir.” She closed her eyes, her nipples tightening. Everything low and deep in her body thrummed with excitement.

His hand landed hard, and she gasped. He gripped her buttock and squeezed. “You’re so beautiful. So smooth and soft. So slippery and ripe in hidden places,” he said, running his fingers between her lower lips.

She circled her hips. Then his hand landed across her buttocks again. “This pretty little ass is going to become a juicy piece of fruit for me.”

She was startled, but also aroused by the way he talked about her body.

The blows began to rain down until she was gasping and writhing in pain.


“Raise up on your toes. Put that tail in the air, naughty pet. It’s a pretty pink, but I want you red and ripe and bursting.”

His hand cracked down, and the heat seeped all through her. Over and over and over again. Until she was screaming and squirming, until she clenched her bottom and pressed her belly against the smooth wood of the footboard.

“Gorgeous,” he said, and a cool tongue licked each scalding cheek. His fingers dipped in the slippery wetness of her pussy and swirled the moisture over her clit until she whimpered and begged. He pulled his fingers away and then she felt a sensation she’d never felt. He pulled her flaming cheeks apart and rubbed her bottom hole.

She wiggled and panted. His hard cock slid into her pussy as a finger sank into her backside.

She moaned, and he growled. Another finger joined the first.

“Sir!” she said weakly.

“Yes, masters love all a pet’s tight little holes. I’m going to fuck you in here tonight. Naughty lost girls are very sore the day after their angry masters find them.”

She shuddered, unable to speak. She was still crying from the spanking, but was trying to be very quiet because she didn’t want him to stop.

He wanted her in unspeakable ways.

“Uhhh,” she groaned as he stretched her in back and thrust harder in front, his cock rising into her and banging against the entrance to her womb.

“Mmm,” he said, reaching around with his free hand to rub her pussy. “Feel me in you everywhere, pet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Like that, bad girl? Want more?”

“Yes,” she cried.

He had gotten almost unbearably rough with her bottom hole, but she didn’t care. She was too close.

She screamed as the sensations spiraled out of control. He pushed his fingers and his cock deep and rocked back and forth while she spasmed. Then he pulled out his fingers and grabbed her hip. The next few moments were a blur of being taken hard while he spoke raw, rough words.

Her legs shook so much, only the bed frame held her up. Then he finished, and she cried softly into the linens.

He rubbed her upper back. “Good girl. Rest, pet.” He bent forward and kissed her fingers, his mouth soft and light. Then he licked each hot globe again.

He undid the bindings on her arms and straightened them, massaging her skin and muscles.

She tried to move, but the leash held her down. “I’m chained by my collar.”

“I know,” he said, walking around to sit on the bed. He stroked her hair.

“May I get up?”

“No. We’re not done.”

She sniffed. “Will there be much more?” she asked softly.

He reached down and squeezed her sore rump.


“When you ask questions, how do you address me?”

“Sir.” She licked her lips. “Will there be much more, Sir?”

“Is there something more important you need to do?”

“No, Sir.”

His tongue licked her lips, making her shiver. “Every time my cock gets hard, it’ll go in your body. All night. That’s how much longer.”

Her heart clenched, and not with fear. “All right,” she whispered.

He lowered his head, kissing her temple. “We got a communication about a girl who’d been found. She’d been abused and—more, by former convicts. I thought it was you, and that you were dead.” His breath ruffled her hair. “Until I knew it wasn’t you, I felt like I was being torn into shreds.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that would happen.”

“Don’t talk. Just rest and consider. I want you to understand the consequences your reckless actions have on other people. And I want you to understand what could have happened to you.”

She shuddered, tears stinging her eyes. She nodded.

“You have to learn to control your impulses. Until you do, you can expect memorable nights that include plenty of discipline.”

She swallowed, licking her lips.

“In a few moments, firebird, I’m going to whip you with my belt. One stroke for every lost night of sleep that the Calex household suffered while you were gone.”

Seventeen brisk slaps of the belt had reduced her to uncontrollable sobbing. He knew it was partly because she felt guilty for the pain she’d caused. He stopped the punishment early, knowing it had been severe enough for her emotionally.

After unhooking her cuffs and the leash from the collar, he pulled her up onto the bed and turned her onto her back and aching backside. He raised her thighs toward her chest and drove into her.

Her crying changed when he began fucking her. She clung to him, her storm of emotions shifting, looking for another outlet. His body would give it to her.

“Please,” she said, scratching his side with her nails.

“Need me to tie those hands to the wall, pet?”

“No, Sir,” she said, tears still leaking freely from her beautiful eyes.

He pinned her arms to the bed with his hands as he thrust against her womb. She arched and groaned, raising her hips. He took his time, banging against her clit until she came, milking his cock.

He reached under and gripped her whipped ass, making her thrash. Then his pace was faster, more merciless.

“Please!” she cried.

“Mmm,” he husked. “My beautiful pet is going to be so sore tomorrow.” He kissed her gorgeous trembling mouth then pulled out and rolled off the bed.

He dug out the inflatable vibrating toy and the lube. When he climbed back on the bed, she had her palm grinding against her clit, fingers curled into her pussy. He jerked her hand away and slapped it lightly.

“You’re such a greedy little thing.” He rolled her onto her belly and swatted her ass twice, making her howl. He slid the smooth bulb into her pussy and positioned the rubber bud over his pet’s clit. He pumped the bulb up until the resistance and her mewling told him it was intense enough. He clicked the lever and the bud buzzed to life.

She screamed at the intensity. He dripped lube into her crease, anointing her tiny pink rose. He slicked the oil over his cock and pressed the crown into her.

“Sir! Sir!”

He reached under and slowed the vibration down. Her frantic movements slowed.

“Please! I’m sorry I was bad. Please!”

He let some air out of the internal bulb, the hiss sinister and sweet at the same time. She settled down, still whimpering, but not trying to thrash or buck out from under him. The entire time, the cap of his cock remained nestled tightly in the heat of her bottom hole.

He pushed her thighs farther apart. She had such a small pert ass, that alone exposed her to him. He bent forward, lowering himself onto his hands. Then lower still until his chest was against her back, trapping her.

He loved taking a pet in the ass when she was trapped prone beneath his weight. It made them feel completely helpless. And to have this particular girl under his power was the ultimate rush.

She couldn’t keep her hips still, there was too much stimulation. At the same time, she had no control over anything. He stretched her arms out, holding her wrists and pushed deeper into her ass.

He groaned. “Feel that, pet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Where am I?” he asked, moving deeper until she gasped.

“Please,” she begged.

“You’re so tight. And up inside…” He groaned. “Feel me rubbing that bulb in your pussy?”

She struggled, moaning and whimpering until she lost her battle and came.

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