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His Caged Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray – Extended Preview

Giss would never have admitted it, but she liked being in an unknown part of the universe with him. Light sparkled off the clear, cool water and shimmering sand. She had bathed with a small stick of soap he’d furnished her with. Then she’d put on one of his shirts, which she’d gone swimming in.

The lagoon was stunning in its purity and isolation. She’d seen images of such places, but had never been to one.

He’d stripped down to his skin, and her entire body contracted with lust. His tall body was ripped with muscles. She remembered the feel of the blondish-brown hair that formed a triangle around that lovely male cock. No wonder Linzens had been stolen for breeding. Even without the desired offspring, a night with a stunning lover would’ve been worth the trouble. Then she reminded herself that slavery was wrong in all its forms. She looked again at his body, and her mouth all but watered.

Dead realms. Control yourself. Who’s the savage now?

He dove into the water and swam out to a marker. When he returned to shore, he carried a small net of fish. He dropped them into a bucket of water in the shade.

“Do you know how to clean and cook fish?”

“Of course,” she said, walking over to him. She leaned forward. “But I don’t know how to weave a net like that. Did you make it?”

“Yes. I’ll teach you.”

She looked up and smiled. “I’d love to learn.”

“First, we’ll practice the other things I’ve taught you.”

“What other things?” she asked, her gaze drifting down to his cock.

“How to lie over my lap for a spanking.”

Her gaze jerked up. “What? Why?”

“Bad behavior.”

She put out her hands and took a step back. “I have not behaved badly since last night. You’ve already punished me plenty of times.”

“And I intend to punish you again and often,” he said, lunging forward to grab her arm when she’d started to turn to run away. “I know men on Orius punish their women. It’s an old tradition still practiced on most of the old worlds.” He sat back on a smooth wooden bench.

“Slaves are punished, but not women of my standing,” she lied.

“You mean not single women of your standing, don’t you? Aren’t husbands expected to correct a wife by spanking her pretty ass?”

She shook her head.

The corner of his mouth pulled up. The scruff of his beard was so sexy. It made him look rough and wild, which she liked, though she would never admit it out loud.

“Well, on this island I’m the law of the land, and you belong to me.” He nodded at his muscular thighs.

She wrinkled her nose at him, but places low and deep in her body were already humming with excitement.

He tugged on her arm.

“This one last time,” she whispered. “Because what I did to you was awful.”

“Good girl,” he said, when she was lying over his lap with his erection pressed against her belly.

Her nipples beaded to hard knots of excitement at the way it turned him on to have her lying facedown and at his mercy.

He raised the damp shirt, exposing her trim backside. “Being in the Wilds was a tough stretch of my life. My new scars stand as markers of that truth. But if I had the night we met to do over again, I still wouldn’t let this beautiful body of yours sink to the bottom of the sea. I’d ransom your life with my blood again without regrets.”

She shivered. “Linc—”

A crack of fire across her buttocks stole her breath.

“Wait! Please let me speak,” she said, reaching back.

“I don’t want words. I want flushed cheeks and your obedience. Move your hand.”

She slid her hand away, leaving her ass defenseless. And in that moment, it felt right to surrender. She dropped her head and forced her arms to relax.

Then his hand came down again with a hard crack, and she sucked in a breath.

“Not so hard! You know I’m sorry.”

“Do I?” he asked, pinning her arm to her lower back when she tried to protect herself again.

She struggled. “Larsinc!”

“Be still,” he said, trapping her legs with his. He spanked her again and again with heavy thuds that stole her breath.

Her bottom felt warm and swollen, and she ached between her legs. She squirmed, panting and struggling as the discomfort worsened. She tried to kick her legs, but couldn’t. His hand fell in a steady rhythm, mercilessly.

“Please!” she shrieked, the shirt falling down to cover her head and sweep through the sand. Now her back and breasts were exposed to his view. Was he looking? And would that drive things even farther? A part of her hoped so.

The sharp cracks intensified, but he paused occasionally to rub her wounded ass and to play between her legs, like she was his toy, or his pet. His possessive handling of her made her feel more flustered and ashamed. Why were her feelings so confused? She should hate him. Maybe a part of her did. But the rest of her? No, not hate.

“That’s enough!” A burst of defiance made her twist and thrash until he let her fall from his lap onto the sand. She wiped away the tears dotting her lashes and then rubbed her aching ass. She needed to do more to check his impulses to dominate her. They weren’t married or even planning to be. She must remember that.

His gaze was steady on her face. “Still rebellious.” A faint smile tugged at his lips. “Let’s try a different kind of lesson.”

Her eyes widened and her hands thrust out in a protective gesture of protest. “No, I just couldn’t take anymore and—”

“Don’t try to lie to me,” he said, his tone hardening. “You weren’t at the end of your endurance. We both know I’ve seen you take much more without such a dramatic protest. You’re testing my resolve, to see what I’ll let you get away with.”

She bit her lip, knowing it was true. “No, really—” she began, but then trailed off weakly, afraid if she persisted in lying, he’d get angry, and rightfully so. “Can you blame me?”

“No, I blame myself. If a pet isn’t properly trained, that’s the master’s failing.”

“I’m not a pet!”

“You are what I decide you are,” he said with finality as he walked away.

Where was he going? She thought he planned to continue punishing her?

Linc delighted in her curiosity, wit, and flirtations with him, but he couldn’t let that factor into the way he handled Giss’s dangerous behavior or her lying. Larsinc would break her of trying to run wild in the night with no protection. He would also break her of her inclination to lie to avoid the consequences of her actions. This was not Orius, and he was not a corrupt magistrate. Linc had more than proven she could trust him to protect her from real harm.

Linc cut a smooth cylinder of ginger that was as thick as a pair of his overlapping fingers. His heart thumped with aroused anticipation. Peeling it, he returned to the beach.

Busying herself with net-weaving, Giss only glanced up for a moment.

“Go and get a cushion,” Larsinc said, sitting on the bench.


“To give your face something to rest on.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will soon enough. Go.”

After a brief delay, she hurried off. Her nervousness was apparent when she returned because she stayed out of reach, a questioning look on her face.

“Put the cushion on the sand and rest your cheek on it while you kneel with your ass in the air.”

Giss stared at him wide-eyed. “Why?”

“If you make me wait, I’ll cut a length of knotted cord to whip your bottom with. It’ll be like the punishment in your dorm room that you couldn’t sit for days after.”

The tone of his voice sent her scurrying onto the sand.

“Pull your shirt up around your waist and then reach back with her hands and spread your cheeks.”

She sucked in a breath. “I can’t.”

“You will if you’re smart.”

Gissandre shuddered and looked over her shoulder at him. “Please don’t make me do this.”

“You’re going to learn that anytime you lie to me, the punishment will be much worse than if you’d told the truth.”

“I won’t lie anymore.”

“Glad to hear it. Now reach back and open yourself.”

“What are you going to do? Please tell me,” she begged.

“I’m going to put a small length of ginger root in your ass while I spank you.”

“No, please. You can’t.”

“Do you want to skip the ginger and the beach? I can take you up to the bed, but once I tie you down, I’ll use more than ginger to stretch your tight little ring.”

“You can’t do this,” she said, but she slid the shirt up to her waist and rested her palms on her firm globes.

He stood and walked over, looking down at her. The position was the perfect kindling to his dominant lust. The pretty pink holes were tasty offerings for his cock. Linc drizzled oil on her trembling star, then opened it with a fingertip. She clenched reflexively when he touched the pink whorl. Her startled whimper whet his appetite farther, and his balls ached at the thought of her coming discomfort and ultimate submission.

Gissandre felt sick with embarrassment as she reluctantly pulled her own bottom cheeks apart, leaving all her private parts shamefully exposed to him. Warm oil dripped into the crevice and slowly pooled in the fragile little dimple he planned to defile.

Could this really be happening? He might be teasing her, just to scare her. But his manner was serious, not at all like when he teased. A fingertip pressed against her bottomhole and she clenched, her entire body going rigid.

“Listen carefully, sweetness, because fighting will make everything worse. Relax for my finger.”

Giss swallowed the lump in her throat, but it didn’t go away. She squeezed her eyes closed and drew in a deep breath as his finger pushed past her resistance. A little sob of humiliation escaped.


“Quiet,” he murmured, pushing deeper into her smallest channel. “Or I’ll be tempted to put something much thicker inside you.”

Her body shook, terror and anticipation warring within it. He added another fingertip, making her gasp. The stretch was sharply painful at first, then as her resistance weakened, gave way to a heavy ache.

She squirmed and was shocked by a sharp slap to her pussy that took her breath away. That had not felt good in the least. Sinking her teeth into her lip, she resolved to keep her bottom still for him.

His fingers withdrew and were replaced by the hard piece of ginger. It entered her easily, and she whimpered.

“Good. You took that very well.”

His knuckles grazed her pussy and settled against the exquisite pleasure nub. He rubbed it lazily, and she was coming dangerously close to enjoying herself. Giss spread her knees a bit farther, back arching. Then, a stinging warmth started at her tight ring.

“What’s happening? Dead realms.” Her toes dug into the sand, trying to dig a hole to escape into. “Please, something’s wrong. It hurts!”

“Mmm. That’s the idea.”

“Take it out of me! I have to—”

She reached for the root, but he grabbed her wrists and held them, then pushed them down to her sides.

“Forearms pressed to the sand until your punishment’s over.”

“I can’t!” she cried.

“Shall I fuck you instead as punishment?”

His huge cock thrusting in and out without mercy? Unimaginable at the moment.

“No,” Giss said, her voice faltering.

His palm cracked against one cheek and then the other. She clenched because she couldn’t help it. Waves of fresh stinging pain coursed through her from her bottom to her pussy. She wailed in agony.

Larsinc, the brute, was apparently unmoved. His hand came down against her soft ass in a series of punishing thumps. The ginger moved inside her, spreading the accursed juice until her inner passage was on fire, too.

Her screams became uncontrollable as the intensity of the pain sharpened to slices.

When the root finally slipped from her ring, a pair of fingers replaced it. Their rough twisting motion was actually a relief as they massaged away the dreaded ginger juice. She collapsed onto the warm sand, but didn’t squirm or try to escape. His strong fingers remained buried inside her, stretching and toying with her.

As the pain faded, she was left with a realization that she’d fully accepted his continued taboo penetration of her. She was sure her face burned almost as brightly as her ass.

Her voice was barely audible. “I’ve learned my lesson. You can stop now.”

The invading fingers partially withdrew and then surged forward again. Her hips twisted, but not from pain.

“Linc,” she groaned, burying her face in the cushion.

“Mmm. My wild and sweet little slave. Are you enjoying this?” The flat of his tongue licked her tortured ass, making her writhe on his fingers.

Gasps mixed with groans.

“That’s it.” His free hand cupped her hot bottom possessively. “You want to make up for being bad, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she said, tears spilling even as she pumped her hips.

Bending over her, he kissed her cheek, tasting the salt of her pain and guilt. His whiskers caressed her face. It felt inexplicably good to be under his control.

“All right,” he said in a husky voice, the thick muscles of his chest resting against her back, almost soothing as his rigid cock jutted against thigh. “When you’re good, you’ll be rewarded. When you’re bad, you’ll be punished. But no matter what you do, I’ll always protect you from real harm.”

His fingers withdrew, and to her horror, she almost begged him to put them back. He turned her over and held her against him.

Kissing his chest even as the tears continued, she held him tighter.

“I need something more from you. Get on your knees, little slave.”

She shuddered, but didn’t resist being pulled into position as he stood. His hand rested on her shoulders as her lips parted to take the head of his cock in her mouth. She licked the smooth cap and swallowed the drop of fluid, which tasted salty and delicious. She loved the feel of him in her mouth.

She raised her gaze to find he’d tipped his head back. His chest expanded with breath. She loved that he was so moved by just the stroke of her tongue. She sucked slowly as her palms rested on his ridged belly and then slid lower. She squeezed the sac that hung heavy beneath his cock.

He exhaled and took a step back, coming free of her mouth and her grip. He watched her as he took hold of his cock and pumped it up and down.

“Lie on the sand and spread your legs.”

She flushed, wanting to do exactly that. If she did though there would be no going back. Ever. “I shouldn’t,” she whispered. She moved forward on her knees, reaching for him. “Let me use my tongue.”

“No, but I won’t use your body the way it’s meant to be used. Lie on your side.”

She obeyed, and he lay behind her, tucked against her body, his cock between her thighs. He reached around to rub her nub as his cock slid between her lower lips. His glided easily through her juices, which was evidence of her longing to have him buried in her body, mastering her in a very different way. Her sore ass ached as he banged against it, but that almost didn’t matter.

He groaned and his long fingers tangled in her hair. “Feels good,” he groaned.

He pumped his hips, and she accepted the rhythm of his thrusts, enjoying the breathless feeling she got when he stroked her and held her close. A tangle of sensations burst through her, making her cry out and pulse with satisfaction.

“Mmmm. I like when you come. One day, you’ll come with a man inside you, and it’ll feel even better.” He sucked the side of her neck and then rolled her on her back and knelt above her, pushing his cock into her mouth. His thrusts quickly became deeper as her hot, wet lips closed around him.

When he reached his peak, she drank down his seed, the warmth spreading through her. How would her entire body feel if he claimed her by spilling that seed into her pussy?

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