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His Captive Kitten by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

Julie crawled into the back room, only giving the crate a passing glance. He hadn’t locked it. She hadn’t even checked. When he left her in the room alone, she’d done exactly what he wanted. She’d lain on the pillow and fallen asleep.

At any time she could have easily opened the door and crawled out. Walked out. She could have gotten dressed and simply walked into the other room and told him to fuck off with his spankings and his rules.

But she hadn’t.

She’d lain quietly thinking about the burn in her ass, about how desperately she wanted to please him again. Recounting how easily he’d just taken over, had used her mouth for his fuck vessel, how delicious his cum had been sitting on her tongue. She’d drifted off to sleep hoping she’d get the chance to do it again, and maybe he’d fuck her cunt the next time he unleashed his beautiful cock.

And there she was doing it again. He said to crawl into the back room, and she just shuffled away obediently.

Finally getting her bravado back, she started to rise up to her feet, but a sharp smack to her ass reminded her she wasn’t alone.

“Down,” he snapped, pointing back to the floor.

She clenched her jaw, fisted her hands but moved back to the floor. At least the lush carpeting cushioned her knees. The collar around her neck tightened as he gripped it and yanked. She scrambled along with him to the cabinets he’d retrieved the collar from earlier.

“Sit.” He pulled the collar back. A rebuke burned her tongue, but he’d said no talking.

She sat back on her heels, keeping her head bowed. He kept his hold on her collar while he opened the cabinet with his free hand. Again, he dug around the top drawer.

“You’re going to learn patience and obedience tonight. If you learn quickly, you’ll be rewarded. If you push back, if you fight me or refuse, then you’ll be punished.” He spoke while he continued to move items around.

With a grunt of frustration, he released her and slammed the top drawer closed, only to open the second. She gripped her knees, pinching them together. If his words could make her so wet and wanton, what would happen when he actually began touching her?

“Here it is,” he said with a celebratory tone. When he turned around, he held up the item he’d been looking for. Brand new in its package, he held a tan furred tail.

Her mouth dried.

“If you’re to learn the lesson right, you’ll need the right tools,” he said. Grabbing a small bottle from a shelf in the cabinet, he pointed over to the ottoman. “Go there and bend over, lift up your skirt for me and present your ass. Once I have you in your tail, we can begin.”

She opened her mouth, full of protest but he quickly pushed his finger against her lips.

“No, if you want to talk you raise your hand.” His finger slipped away and he gazed down at her.

Her heart pounded in her ears; she could hear every beat. Could she do this?

He must have sensed her reluctance to participate or deny him. Squatting down again, he brought himself to her eye level.

“The reward is much better than the punishment, Julie. I promise I won’t do anything you don’t love and need.” A softness touched his eyes. He wasn’t angry or deranged, although maybe just enough of the latter to make the time they were stuck together more enjoyable.

“Go on, to the ottoman.” He patted her head and moved out of her way.

With her bottom lip tucked between her clenched teeth she went back to her hands and knees and crawled to the black leather ottoman. If his gaze physically touched her, her clothes would have caught on fire.

“Up and over, present your ass, Julie,” his hard, but soft voice reminded her. She already knew what he wanted her to do, confusion didn’t still her movements. Getting her body to get in line with her mind made her hesitate.

Presenting her ass for a fucking tail to be inserted wasn’t something a woman did every day. Well, perhaps some women did.

But not her.

Not yet.

One hand then the next, she eased her way up and over the ottoman. Pressing her face into the cool leather, she reached back and scrunched up the skirt until her bare ass faced him. She’d pulled her pants down or skirt up for a man before. Plenty of times for play sessions, but this time, with this man, in this situation, her cheeks heated and she closed her eyes, hoping to hide away from his prying stare.

The chill of the room ran over her flesh. The silence drowned out her own thoughts, leaving her only to hear her breathing and his soft steps.

She started when his fingers stroked her sex. Internally groaning, she pressed her face into the cushion. He found her clit and rubbed her with just enough pressure to make her moan out loud.

“See? Obedience is greatly rewarded,” he said, increasing the force he put on her clit, rubbing faster. “Have you had a butt plug in before? Nod yes or no.” He continued caressing her while he questioned her.

She nodded, still not moving her face from the ottoman. She’d never had anyone else insert it, but she didn’t tell him that. What a girl did on her own while fantasizing about the sort of things she dreamt of did not need to be explained to John. Not when it seemed he had plenty of equipment in the room to make all of her fantasies a reality.

Plastic wrap crinkled behind her. She’d had similar experiences while waiting to have a tooth extracted. She’d laid frozen with her eyes clenched in the dentist chair while all the noises of instruments being pulled out of fresh packaging ramped up her anxiety about the procedure.

The same happened again. He discarded the plastic, the sound of it landing after he dropped it amplified in the room. His warm hands were on her bottom, pulling her cheeks apart.

“Relax. If you clench it will hurt, and that’s not my goal at the moment.” He stroked her left buttock until she could force her muscles to give way and ease up. A squeak of a bottle, then the cold gel poured over her asshole. “Relax,” he said with more force this time, giving her a smack on her bottom.

Maybe if she squirted lube all over his asshole he could hold still. Just the thought of saying that to him made her smile inwardly. The distraction proved to be her undoing though. He managed to have a quarter of the plug already pushed past the tight ring of her anus. The plug began to flare out, stretching her muscle, making her clench again in protection.

“This is the last warning I’ll give you. Relax right now and let the plug in. This tail is going in with or without your cooperation.” He gave her another smack to punctuate his statement.

Gripping the sides of the ottoman, she bore down and gave way to the intrusion.

His hand slipped beneath her, searching out and titillating her clitoris while he continued to push the plug past the point of comfort. “Good kitten. Good,” he praised as the plug finally made its way past her sphincter and the narrow end nestled in place. “That wasn’t too bad,” he decreed.

Yeah, for him—easy peasy.

Julie pushed up from the ottoman; having lost his touch on her clit, she looked over her shoulder. He recapped the lube and put it on a small table beside the opened packaging.

Her ass burned from the initial insertion, but the sensation quickly morphed into a warm stretch that pushed desire through her body. Fur brushed against the back of her thigh when she moved, but she couldn’t see anything from her angle.

Climbing down from the ottoman, she looked between her legs. The tan tail she’d seen wrapped so nicely hung loose between her thighs. Heat rushed to her face as well as to her clit.

“Heel,” he directed, tapping two fingers to her ass.

Would it never end? She shook her head. He demanded too much.

“Now, Julie.” He tapped again, harder.

She sank back on her heels, the tail bunching behind her and pushing on the plug. He bent down and reached between her spread thighs, pulling the fur forward. Looking down, she could see it lying between her legs.

His fist pressed upward on her chin until she met his gaze. “Very good.” He leaned down and pressed a quick, warm kiss to her lips, leaving her feeling tingling and unsatisfied. She’d endured the plug insertion; shouldn’t she get more than just a peck on the lips?

Before she could show him her displeasure, he plucked her nipples. She bowed her back, bringing her breasts further away from him.

“No, no, none of that. Now, let’s get this shirt off you.” In one quick yank, the shirt was up over her head and deposited on the ottoman. “Skirt too.” Another pull, this one fiercer, and the skirt ripped at the elastic band and continued to tear to the hem. He tossed it aside as well.

She watched the skirt land beside her shirt. The only item of clothing she had left.

Again, her nipples were pinched. She squealed when he twisted them as well.

“Shhh,” he chastised, but didn’t look her in the face. She noticed he was palming something. “Put your hands behind your back and arch. Give me your tits.”

“Why?” she asked, for a split second forgetting his dictate that she remain nonverbal. His gaze snapped to hers.

“That will cost you one, kitten. Now do as you’re told.”

One what? Not being able to ask him drove her mad. How could she be expected to obey him when he didn’t tell her anything? He didn’t explain what he was doing or why, she was just supposed to go along with him?

She folded her hands behind her back and pushed her chest out.

“You’ll like these too,” he promised and showed her two nipple clamps in his hand. Each had a small bell on the end. She hadn’t had nipple clamps on in ages. Jimmy didn’t care for them, and she hadn’t missed them when he stopped bringing them out of his play bag.

She swallowed hard, trying to rid herself of her dry mouth, and watched as he plucked her nipples again. He gathered a large portion of her flesh and hovered the clamp over it. “Deep breath,” he ordered and she obeyed, without question or indecision. The soft teeth bit down on her nipple and she squeaked, leaning back and away from him. He grabbed her left nipple, pulling it toward him until she moved back into place.

“One more and then we can start.”

Start? What the hell had he already been doing?

She bit down on her lip, her breathing picked up speed as he brought the second clamp to her breast. He gave no warning this time, just let it go and bite into her. She cried out. Stumbling backward on her knees, she lost her balance and fell backward on her ass. The plug made its presence known, and she scrambled back to her knees.

Oh, to be able to smack the pleased expression off his face.

Each movement made the bells ring and his eyes light up with delight.

“There. Now I can tell if you’re being a good kitten or not.” He stood and walked across the room from her. Once he reached the corner, he snapped his fingers at his side. “Come here.”

She knew what he wanted, and her pussy clenched at the idea. The embarrassment, the degradation of what he sought only made her more wet for him.

Taking note of the thick bulge in his jeans, she licked her dry lips and moved back onto all fours. He wanted her objectification, and she wanted his cock. They could both get what they wanted.

With each step she took, the plug moved inside her, the tail swishing against her thighs, and the bells dinged out a melody.

“Good.” He patted her head when she reached him and he moved again, back to the ottoman. “Here.” He pointed to the spot beside him.

She took a steadying breath and once more crawled across the soft carpeting until she approached his side.

“Heel.” He gestured to her ass and she sat back. Once he was pleased with her posture, he stood up and moved to the doorway. “Stay,” he said and walked into the kitchen, leaving her alone in the room.

At first, she figured he went to get something. A new toy, or a wooden spoon or something. But the minutes ticked by without a sound coming from the other room. He hadn’t left the cabin, she hadn’t heard the front door.

Deciding she was done playing, she stood up and made for the door. He appeared in the doorway with the first jingle of her breasts.

“I said stay,” he ordered.

“You just left me in here,” she protested, only stopping herself too late. A shadow fell over his face as he charged at her.

“This is why you got the belt earlier. You didn’t stay when I told you. You need to learn.” He gripped her arms and pushed her back to her hands and knees. “Now stay—and that cost you two.” He tapped her nose and left the room again.

Growling seemed a good option. It wasn’t really talking, so he couldn’t add anymore to whatever tally he seemed to be taking.

He came back in holding two wooden pegs in his hand. Squatting down to meet her gaze, he showed one to her, pressing the end of the pin to open the rounded edges. “Two times you spoke out of turn, so two pegs.” He let the clamp close. “Stick out your tongue.”

She pinched her lips together. No way.

He sighed. “I could make it three, or four? Maybe I’ll just add until you finally obey, and I’ll have to decorate your whole body with them?”

She didn’t doubt him. After swallowing back her self-irritation, she slid her tongue out past her lips. He made quick work, clamping one to the right side and one to the left side of her tongue. Positioning them on the fattest part of her tongue kept the pain dull. Her ego hurt more than the pegs when he patted her cheek and left the room again. Leaving her once more alone.

She couldn’t close her mouth with the pegs, or swallow easily. Damn him to hell.

“Julie, come here.”

She’d just about given up hope he would call her or come back into the room when she heard his command. Not wanting to be left alone on her knees again, she didn’t bother trying to walk into the other room.

The kitchen was empty. “Here, Julie,” he called.

She followed his voice down the short hall to one of the bedrooms.

Once inside she found him standing at the foot of the bed, his shirt long gone and his jeans replaced with a thin white towel. A thin layer of moisture clung to his muscular chest.

He crooked a finger at her. “Come here.”

She looked away, figuring she’d drooled just about enough for one day over him.

He helped her to her feet and cupped her breasts. “You make pretty sounds when you moved with these. I think we’ll use them again.” As he flicked the bells, the clamps bit into her flesh, reigniting the flame in her belly. “I want to see how pretty they sound when I have you bent over fucking you from behind. What do you think about that? Wait. Let’s get these off so you can use your words again.”

Simultaneously, the pegs were pulled from her tongue. She hissed and covered her mouth with her hands, swallowing and moving her tongue around her mouth until the dryness wore away.

“You’re asking me if you can fuck me? After you shove a tail in my ass, clamp my nipples—now you ask permission?” She probably could have eased her tone just a bit, but her tongue still throbbed.

“Should I shove my finger in your pussy to show you how wet you are right now?”

Hell, no! She knew well enough how aroused she was, how hungry she was for him to do exactly what he suggested.

“No.” She shook her head, taking a step away from him. As though he wouldn’t just follow suit and do it anyway if he wanted.

“I won’t fuck you unless you say okay, but I will strap your ass if you misbehave. I will teach you lessons you need to learn.” His expression didn’t change. She could see his excitement, the rod pressing against his towel told her how much he wanted her, but his eyes gave nothing away.

He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t touch her if she said no. She’d known that since the moment she met him at the club. Everything he did so far, the crate, the tail, the bells—they were all to teach her a lesson. To make her understand she needed to obey him. But sex wasn’t a lesson. Sex was something altogether different, and he wouldn’t force her.

“I’m going to touch you, and if you want me to stop and just put you to bed, you have to say so. You’ll have to use the words arrest me to put a stop to it all.” If he didn’t look so serious, if he hadn’t just licked his bottom lip and stepped toward her again with desire burning in his eyes, she might have found humor in his choice of safewords.

His hand wrapped around the back of her neck, pulling her toward him. The stumbling of her feet jingled the bells. He laughed, a soft throaty sound.

The warmth of his lips drew her attention away from the sound of the ringing, or the sting of the clamps pulling when his chest pressed against hers. His tongue ran along her lower lip, before thrusting in, not begging entrance, but possessing her entirely.

A tingling shot through her, the electric current of her arousal spreading throughout her body.

He broke the kiss, rubbing his nose against hers. “Over the bed. Ass up in the air.” He jerked her to the bed, pushing between her shoulder blades until she took the correct position.

Holding herself up on her elbows to keep her breasts from pressing against the mattress, she walked her feet apart and arched her back. She didn’t play coy. Not when it came to getting what she wanted, and she wanted him to be inside her.

The towel pooled on the floor, and he stepped behind her. His cock pressed against her ass, pushing on the plug. The tail. Oh, hell.

With a flick of his wrist, the fur tail landed on her back. He didn’t remove it, just got it out of his way.

“John—” His name was the last coherent sound she made as his cock rammed inside her. She fell forward onto her forearms. The bells played as he thrust into her again and again.

So fucking full. Her eyes rolled closed, her throat constricted, and she fisted the blanket on the bed.

“Fuck, so tight,” he growled and plowed into her again. Her feet shuffled forward, catching herself before face planting on the bed.

A hard thrust, then another. Her breasts dragged against the mattress, pulling one clamp off. She grimaced but had no chance to think more on the pain as it morphed too quickly into a bud of pleasure, blooming lower and lower in her body until her clit ached with it.

His hand left her hip and reached below her, flicking the nipple clamp barely hanging onto her flesh. She’d pulled it mostly off from her movements against the bed.

“I’m pulling it off. One. Two.”

She howled with the sharpness of the pain, bucking back at him only to have him meet her aggression with his own powerful thrust. His hands gripped her hips hard, pulling her back toward him as he drove into her.

So full, so stretched. So fucking delectable. Her ass hurt from the plug moving so much, her tits burned from the clamps being removed, but the harder he fucked her, the closer to the edge she inched.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried out when he wrapped an arm around her and began to play with her clit. Any hope of being able to control herself flew out of the room when he pinched the sensitive bundle of nerves between his fingers.

“Ask. Beg.” He sounded too far away to be real. His voice too gravelly.

“Please!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck, please!” She pushed her ass back at him, accepting his thick cock as it continued to plow into her.

“Come, Julie. Come!” he yelled.

His fingertips dug into her, his nails bit as waves of electricity ran over her nerves, through her core. Her breath stolen, she rode out the orgasm, only recognizing he’d stilled behind her when the pounding of her heart slowed.

“Hold still,” he ordered. He quickly withdrew from her and picked up the towel from the floor. She laid her chest flat against the bed, smiling to herself as he gently wiped away his cum mingling with her own as it slipped from her body.

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