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His Captive Mate by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

His Captive Mate“I’m hungry,” Daz said, her voice hoarse. She had no idea how long she’d slept. She’d woken up to the giant, Hawk, sitting in the corner of the room, watching her.

“Good,” Hawk replied, getting up and walking toward her.

Suddenly, Daz realized that something was different. Something wasn’t quite right.

She looked down at herself to find herself completely exposed. No uniform. No undergarments. The nipples at the ends of her creamy, round breasts had stiffened. Daz gasped at the realization that she had on not a single garment in the presence of… a man. As she attempted to cover herself with her arms, her eyes shot back up at Hawk, who by now was standing over the bed and staring down at her.

Daz noticed the bulge in his pants and wondered what it was. She could have sworn she hadn’t seen anything there before.

“Where are my clothes?” she snapped.

“They’re put away. You won’t need them anymore.”

“What do you mean I won’t need them?” Daz said, scowling and cowering toward the corner of the bed. She realized there was a blanket around her and moved quickly to pull the thing up to her neck, covering her body.

“Our women don’t wear any sort of clothing,” Hawk replied evenly.

“Your women? Well, I’m not your women. I’m a Sister of Tranquility and I will be treated with dignity and respect!” Daz snapped back immediately.

Hawk took a deep breath. “You will. That I can assure you. I told you, Dazea…”

“Stop calling me that!” Daz spat the words out, “only my grandmother called me that.” She looked away for a second, then realized how harsh she’d been. “Just… just call me Daz.”

“Very well. I will call you Daz.”

A silence lingered between the two for some time before Hawk went on. “Every woman is treated with respect here. Unlike how you treat us on your planet. We just have different customs than you are used to.”

Daz scowled. How did he know anything about how people were treated on Golan? These savages didn’t even have ships to get them there. How could they possibly know? Daz remembered that Hawk had spoken about other women. Those women must have come from somewhere. But how did they get here? And why did they stay?

“As soon as we get back you can make food,” Hawk said, extending a hand to help her out of the bed.

Daz’s jaw dropped open. How dare he! That she should prepare food? For him?

“Wh-what do you mean, that I have to make the food? That I have to cook it?” Daz whispered in disbelief.

Hawk felt his impatience rising.

“She told me you would not know how,” Hawk answered.

“Of course I don’t know how! That’s disgusting!”

Hawk shook his head. Maybe this was going to be more work than he thought.

“For now, come. We must go or we will be late.”

“No!” Daz snapped, tightening the blanket around her neck. “I’m not going anywhere! You can go yourself!”

Hawk shook his head again. Enough was enough. Bending over, he scooped Daz up with one arm, sitting down on the bed at the same time. Daz screamed as the blanket fell from her body, revealing her creamy backside to the rugged man. Hawk felt a raw pulse of lust at the sight and his body craved to sink itself into the woman’s folds. Pushing the thought away, he tried to focus on the matter at hand.

Hawk’s powerful palm connected with the smooth flesh of Daz’s rear and sent it rippling down her thighs. With measured strength, Hawk administered ten swift smacks, alternating from one side to the other. He watched each cheek redden as he felt the woman squirming beneath him. There did come a point, however, somewhere in the middle of her punishment that her body ceased its resistance. That moment made Hawk harder still because with it came a sweet scent from between the woman’s legs that filled the room.

When his discipline was done, Hawk let his hand linger on the round cheek of his soon-to-be bride. This time, she didn’t protest. She didn’t try to stand up, or push herself off of him. She lay there over his knee, breathing deeply and slowly.

Daz was very confused with how her body was reacting. Surely she should be completely appalled and disgraced at being treated this way by anyone, more so a man. But as she lay stretched over Hawk’s knee, reveling in the heat that had spread on her tender rear, she couldn’t separate the feelings she was having one from the other. Of course she was ashamed at being treated like this. How could anyone not be? What if any of the sisters had seen her in this position? She would be disgraced. But there was something beneath the surface of that emotion, something she couldn’t put into words. It wasn’t so much a feeling as it was an ache. It almost felt like… she wanted to be treated this way.

Embarrassed at entertaining such a thought, Daz tried to push it aside, but that proved to be exhausting. And what seemed to be making it more difficult was the weight of the giant man’s hand on her bottom. As he moved it slowly lower, so low that it was almost touching her most private place, Daz was shocked to feel her legs open slightly. It was as if her body was inviting him closer!

The bulge that Daz had seen in Hawk’s trousers was now pushing into the side of her stomach. For some reason, Daz longed to find out what it was. Who had a body part that hardened like that so quickly? Perhaps there was something wrong with him? But she had no more time to consider it. Hawk swung her up off his knee and set her standing directly in front of him, so that her chest was at the level of his mouth.

Daz looked down to see him staring at her two ripe breasts. A part of her wanted to cower from his gaze. But the same part that had made her legs open pushed her toward him. The thought of his hungry mouth gorging on her stiff nipples flashed through her mind. Daz shook her head and looked to one side, and the motion stirred Hawk from his trance. He stood up and moved aside, shaking his head. “Come. We must go.”

This time Daz turned around and looked at the man with different eyes. This time, she wanted to please him. “Where? Where are we going?”

“We’re going to see the doctor.”

Daz scowled. Why would they need to see a doctor? There was nothing wrong with either of them. How did they even have a doctor in this crazy place? They weren’t supposed to be anything more than barbarians.

“Why do we have to see a doctor?” she asked quietly, cautiously, hoping the question didn’t step over any bounds. But Hawk answered with patience.

“It’s our way. It’s our tradition here. When we take a bride, the doctor examines her first. It’s something our ancestors did…”

Daz was almost as shocked as she was confused. She’d read about brides in history books but surely that was a thing of the past… “Take… take a bride? What do you mean?”

“I’m claiming you, Daz,” Hawk said evenly. “It’s what we do here when there is a new arrival. Each man in turn claims a mate. Do you know what it means to mate?”

Daz shook her head slowly.

“The doctor will help explain. Let’s go.”

“But… but I have no clothes,” she said quietly.

Hawk turned to look at her again. “As I told you, our women don’t wear any.”

“But… will anyone see me?”

“Everyone will see you.”

The words sent another burst of guilty shame, coated in the strangest pleasure Daz had ever felt, tumbling through her.

Stepping out into the sunlight of the street, Daz cowered from the light and from the inevitable eyes that would rest upon her. With each step she looked down at her chest, looked down at the way her breasts shook, exposed to the light of day for all to see. Maybe they won’t look at me? Because everyone here is like this. Maybe they won’t care?

But nothing could have been further from the truth. Every time a new mate was found, everyone knew about it and everyone wanted to see what the new girl looked like.

Daz felt the gentle pressure of Hawk’s hand on her back as he guided her out the door and onto the street. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness, she realized that there were dozens, maybe hundreds of pairs of eyes on her, looking at her from all directions. Even if she wanted to, there was no way she could hide. Suddenly, unable to bear the shame of being so exposed, she spun around and pressed herself tightly into Hawk’s chest.

To her surprise, he didn’t react at all like she thought he would. She thought he would quickly bend her over and administer another swift spanking, but instead, he wrapped his massive arms around her and pulled her close to his body. Daz was flooded by yet another feeling she’d never felt before. She felt safe in a man’s arms.

“It’s alright,” Hawk said quietly, bending low and whispering. “They’re here to see you because they’re happy that you’re here.”

Daz glanced up to see him looking down at her with kind eyes. This was the craziest thing that had ever happened to her. But somehow, she believed him. She believed that he just wanted what was best for her. Daz turned slowly, keeping her eyes on the ground so she didn’t get scared again. She straightened up as best she could and took her place beside Hawk.

The two walked through the streets together, Hawk holding his bride-to-be by the arm, guiding her through the lines of onlookers standing on the sidewalk or staring from their windows.

As they passed through the streets, Daz felt her shame begin waning somewhat. Though she was still embarrassed, there was something… warm and pleasing about all those eyes on her. Of course as soon as she thought of the Sisters of Tranquility and what they would think if they saw her like that, the blush quickly returned to her face and she tried to bury her gaze in Hawk’s strong arm. Walking completely nude and exposed through a city! What had her life come to?

When they finally arrived where they were going, Hawk turned, opened a door, and motioned that she should step inside. The warm closeness of the walls brought some relief from her shame.

Clinical was the best way to describe the space they’d entered. Only after the last swells of embarrassment had left her did Daz realize how white and clean everything was. The smell too was almost antiseptic. This was nothing like how the planet had been described at school. She had been told that men lived in caves, wore no clothes, and didn’t have even the simplest comforts of life. They were taught that it was a great privilege and honor for them to come to Golan and become seeders, that it was an improvement on their life. That most men wanted it.

But from the looks of things here, that couldn’t possibly be true. This place was clean, well-lit, and… and it looked like a hospital from back home.

“Captain Agnon.” The voice came from across the room and belonged to a man in a long white coat, with a trim beard and spectacles. A jolt of adrenaline rushed through Daz. Is this what Hawk had been talking about? Was this man the doctor who was going to examine her?

“Doctor Vlin,” Hawk said, extending his hand. Daz watched as the two men gripped each other’s hands and shook them. She stifled a giggle at the funny ritual. Her bottom still stung from her last spanking and she didn’t think she had the energy for another. Her amusement went quickly to embarrassment the moment the doctor looked at her and she once again realized she was naked. She looked down, trying to hide her blush. Her nipples had stiffened again at the attention, something that only caused her to blush even more.

“What have you brought me?” the doctor asked.

“Doctor, this is Dazea. She will be my mate.”

The words caused Daz to blush even more and she tucked her chin toward her chest, trying to hide her shame.

“Congratulations,” Daz heard the doctor say. “She is a fine specimen. She’ll breed excellent offspring, I’m sure.”

The words shook Daz to the very core and she snapped her head up and glared at the man, unable to believe what she’d just heard.

Hawk interjected quickly, “I’ve only just met her and she hasn’t yet been trained.”

Now Daz peered at Hawk, her eyes wide, wondering if he was going to contradict what the man had just said. But he did nothing of the sort. He looked back at her calmly. So that’s what it meant to take a mate. Hawk meant to treat her like a common breeder! Daz trembled as she thought of what he was going to do to her to make her grow a child inside herself. Though they’d never been told exactly what happened to make it occur, she’d always been taught that there was nothing pleasant about it.

“Come,” the doctor said, spinning around and waving his hand for them to follow. Hawk took Daz by the arm and began to follow the man, but Daz resisted and tried to pull herself from his grip. When Hawk turned to see what was wrong, he was greeted by her look of complete fear.

“What is wrong?” Hawk asked.

“I… please, I don’t—I don’t want to be bred…” she whimpered.

“It’s not what you think,” he said gently, holding Daz’s warm, trembling body close. “Trust me. I will not let any harm come to you.”

And even though she’d just met him on this strange new world, she did trust him, at least a little.

The doctor’s examination table was very similar to the ones that Daz had climbed onto so many times on Golan. Still somewhat shy, but a lot less petrified, Daz climbed onto it and sat with her feet dangling down, almost touching the floor.

“Feet up,” the doctor ordered.

Daz glanced at Hawk, who nodded back at her. Reluctantly, she lifted her feet until they were on the edge of the table and she was curled into a sort of ball.

“That’s it, now spread them for me,” the doctor said, pushing on the inside of one of her knees with a finger.

Daz balked at his touch. It was still very foreign to her that anyone should touch her without permission. Having a man do so was almost inconceivable. But Hawk’s stern look made her understand what she had to do. Slowly, painfully shy and blushing a crimson red, Daz began to move her feet apart. Both men’s eyes lowered. Daz, unable to control her curiosity, followed their gazes.

Raised as any proper Sister of Tranquility, Daz had not been allowed to touch, or even inspect herself. Handmaidens assigned to her took care of bathing her and were always very delicate around those areas the men were now looking at. There had been times when she’d felt a faint tinge of pleasure as their soft sponges brushed those regions, but she had quickly dismissed the feeling as being something she shouldn’t entertain.

Now, with two men looking at her, one of them a doctor, Daz could finally look at herself for the first time. As her round thighs opened, she looked down and was surprised to see the soft patch of hair just above the folds of her skin. She opened her legs slightly wider, her heels sliding along the edge of the table, and craned her neck to be able to see herself better.

Daz shuddered as she peered down the length of her body and tried to see between her legs. Though she felt a great amount of shame about it, she wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch herself there, to feel what it was like to put a finger on those soft folds of flesh. The doctor’s voice interrupted her fantasy.

“The Golanite Sisters of Tranquility are quite repressed,” the doctor said, explaining to Hawk. “It is likely that this one hasn’t ever seen this part of her body.”

Hawk looked up at Daz, one eyebrow raised. Daz bit her lip and looked away from his gaze. The doctor went on. “Would you permit her? To touch herself that is? It will make her humiliation less when I have to do it.” Hawk looked at the doctor, then back at Daz and nodded. “Oh, she won’t be able to herself, there’s far too much shame attached to it. You’ll have to help her,” the doctor added, by way of explanation.

Shocks of fear laced with a confusing eagerness shot through Daz at the suggestion. The doctor had just told the man she’d been captured by in the forest to help her touch herself. Everything in her mind told her she should be running, she should be screaming, or at the very least admonishing these men for what they were doing to her. But everything in her body was begging for Hawk to reach out his hand to hers and place them both on the soft, pink folds of skin between her thighs. Her body’s wish was granted.

Hawk reacted to the doctor’s suggestion without any hesitation. He picked up Daz’s hand. She gasped, causing him to look up.

“Remember,” he said softly, “trust me.”

She looked down as he moved their hands toward her softness. She felt his breath on her neck as he put his fingers on hers. Her mouth opened in anticipation of that first, soft touch of her own skin. When it came, a pleasure she’d never felt coursed through her, a gentle hum flowing from the tips of her fingers, through that softest flesh and into the rest of her body. Hawk let go of her hand but she kept it there, reveling in the sensation. After some time, she couldn’t help but move her fingers slightly. That feeling was even better, disrupting the quiet hum into soft waves of pleasure.

A moan escaped her lips as she explored herself in front of the two men. She knew she should stop, that she shouldn’t be doing this, that she should be ashamed of being watched in this way, but the pleasure her body felt was just too good for Daz to listen to her mind. Pushing the annoying voice out of her thoughts, she stared at the soft folds intently as they moved and let her fingers find the spot that felt the best.

When they did, it was as if every joy she had ever felt had been condensed into one quiet moment of absolute bliss. She ran another circle around the gentle nub she’d found atop her soft opening and the same feeling returned, only stronger. After making another circle around it, she knew she wasn’t going to be able to stop until she found much more of this pleasure. Her hips began to move, back and forth with the rhythm of her hand. Her fingers picked up speed.

Wave after wave of soft, electric heat coursed through her and she closed her eyes, trying to put her mind closer to the source of it inside her body. Her memory of the fear at the doctor’s words flashed through her mind. She’ll breed excellent offspring. Daz flooded it with a wave of pleasure by quickening the pace of her fingers even more. Now the quiet hum inside her was more of a roar. She could hear it in her ears and feel it in her feet as it began to take over every inch of her body. Now the pleasure that was coming from between her legs began to radiate back to the tips of her fingers and deep into her center. She felt muscles that she’d never felt before begin to squeeze. A certain wetness began to seep from her but she didn’t care. She didn’t care that the men were watching. She didn’t care that she was being so shameful and touching herself. She only cared about one thing: finding more of this feeling inside her.

Her rocking on the table grew more furious. Back and forth her hips swayed as she chased the sensation through her body. She opened her eyes to see the two men studying her intently; that same bulge she’d seen before had grown at Hawk’s center. An ache began at the sight of it. She wanted to find out what it was. What was it that grew so much on a man? The question left just as quickly as it had come, caught in the whirl of sensations racing through her body. She looked down at herself. The wetness she’d felt before, she could now see. It was dripping out of her, onto the examination table. She didn’t care. She didn’t care that she was being a naughty girl who was making a mess everywhere, she just wanted to find the end of that feeling…

When it came, it swallowed her completely. Her mind stopped racing, though her hand did not. For a second there was a complete stillness as if time itself had stopped and she was the only one in the universe. Her with that feeling, suspended forever. Then it crashed through her, from her mind down through her chest, stiffening her nipples even more. To her core that tightened and released and tightened and released, to her thighs that shook, to the very tips of her toes that curled and uncurled. And she screamed. A terrible, undignified scream that no proper woman would ever emit but she didn’t care because now her body was falling, falling through the thick and jagged pleasure that in turn ripped through her like soft velvet on a speeder.

When her body, mind, and self finally came back together in the room, she found herself in the very embarrassing position of being completely naked and wide-legged in front of the two men staring at her. The blush returned to her face and the shame to her body and she looked away, hardly able to believe what she’d done to herself in front of the two strangers.

“It’s always quite an awakening,” the doctor said quietly.

Daz looked at Hawk, who was nodding. Something had changed in his eyes. They were… hungry now. She looked away, unable to bear the heat of his gaze. Somehow she knew what he wanted. Hawk was hungry for his bride.

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