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His Captive Pet by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

The water washed away some of the tension from Aubree’s body as she stood beneath the spray. Blake hadn’t bothered her after he put her to bed. A small part of her had wanted him to come into the bed with her, to hold her and help ease the worry starting to build up inside her. But she couldn’t listen to that little voice; she would handle things on her own. Like always.

She had been surprised when he let her have her own room, especially since he didn’t trust she wouldn’t sneak off during the night. Although, since Samuel had slept with him, he probably felt safe she wouldn’t leave him behind.

She finished drying off and walked back into her room.

“Shit.” She jumped when she saw Blake standing near the bed. “What are you doing in here?”

“I want you to stay in my room from now on.” He picked up the few items of clothing she’d laid out from the duffel bag of clothes he’d brought for her.

“Why?” she asked, gripping the towel tighter.

“Because I want to be sure you’re where you’re supposed to be.” He picked up the duffel bag. His gaze wandered over her body. The blatant appraisal stirred more than just a little arousal from her; it reminded her of a conquering of sorts. Like just his stare alone could claim her as his.

Isn’t that what she’d been fantasizing about for months? To belong to him?

The level of ownership she noted in his gaze wasn’t like any level of dominance she’d experienced before. This was complete possession. A darkness lurked just in the shadow of his controlled expression.

Pulling her own feelings apart, she knew it wasn’t fear making her heart pound. It would be so much easier if it was. She could manage being scared; she knew what to do with that emotion. The feeling was not foreign, she’d be able to conquer it. But this, this unease, this verge of excitement; she hadn’t encountered it before. What did she do with it?

“I’m not going to go anywhere. Besides, you have the keys to your truck, and I doubt I’ll be able to walk to the nearest neighboring property to find any help before you or that friend of yours finds me.” She doubled her grip on the towel. “And it’s not like anyone here will be of any assistance.”

He smirked. “The only people at this resort who know of the circumstances surrounding our arrival are Devin and Kara. No one else needs to know, and you won’t be seeing any of the other guests.”

An understanding hit her. “You’ve been here before. Is this little cabin yours?”

“No, not really. Just until my house back at the hunting cabin we stopped at is finished.” He gestured toward the door with his chin. “Now, drop the towel and get in my bedroom, sweetheart. It’s time we set a few things straight between us.”

“Like what?” She stepped back outside of the room when he moved toward her.

“Like when I tell you to do something, you do it.” His body brushed against her as he passed and went into the next bedroom.

He reappeared in the doorway, leaning against the frame and crossing his thick arms over his chest.

“Blake,” she started, unsure of what exactly she wanted to say, but figuring something should be said, some sort of delay to his plans before she started to get excited about the pleasure his touch could bring her. She couldn’t allow herself to be drawn in. Too much was at stake.

Any sort of ideas she’d held about being with him had died at that dog fight. The foundation of any solid relationship began with trust, and he didn’t trust her. How could he—she had lied to him, snuck off to do exactly what he said not to do with the fights. And could she trust him? He’d gone to his friend at the station to find out about the fights, to see if she was involved.

“I’m waiting, Aubree. And I have to say, my patience with you has started to thin to a dangerous point.”

“You’ve already punished me for yesterday.” She adjusted the towel, tucking the edge further in.

“I’m not punishing you right now.” He didn’t move, but he seemed to take up more of the hallway just by his temperament. “Right now, I’m giving you a chance to be a good girl and talk with me. But if you don’t want to obey, we can have an entirely different conversation.”

His brows rose a fraction, as though he were intrigued to see her response. Very much like the caterpillar sitting on the mushroom, he offered two options with very different outcomes.

“You know.” She decided to bring her own mushroom to the party. “You’re right. I think it is time we had a clear talk about us.” With a dramatic nod, she nudged past him into his room.

The room was larger than hers. Her breath caught when she noticed the black iron rings hanging from the wall directly across from the bed.

She needed to remember they were at a BDSM resort of some kind, and Blake didn’t necessarily go around snagging women and bolting them to his walls, though memories of the implements and bondage equipment she’d seen at the hunting cabin contradicted that.

“How many women have you brought up here?” The question came out before her filter could stop it. Did she really want to know?

His eyebrows rose higher. “Six.”

Not sure what she had been expecting him to say, his response unsettled her. Six other women had been there, standing before him naked and ready to be used or played with or punished. She needed to remember a few things. Blake was not her forever-after. She’d made that decision the moment he’d slapped on the cuffs at the dog fight.

He was not her hero in shining armor. She didn’t need one. She learned a long time ago to fend for herself and to be sure to help where she was needed.

And she didn’t feel jealousy. No, the twist in her gut, the way her stomach soured had nothing to do with the idea of him having had six other women in that very room with him.


His deep voice softened, catching her off guard.

“How many men have you fucked?” he asked, pushing himself off the wall and taking the step needed to close the small gap between them in the hallway.

Her mind raced for a number. The guys in college, all two of them. She’d dated some afterward, another guy when she started working at the vet clinic in the city. He’d said six, just for this place. He’d mentioned his family vacation cabin in Michigan was being rebuilt or remodeled, so the number had to be twice, maybe three times what he said, and then women in the city. Chicago wasn’t exactly in a drought when it came to submissive women who wanted to play with a dom like Blake.

Blake’s fingers trailed along her collarbone, dragging her attention to him.

“I asked a question.”

“I.” She swallowed. She’d never been embarrassed of her sexual history before, and she wouldn’t start now. But the way he looked at her gave her pause.

He gripped the portion of the tucked-in towel and pulled it out, unraveling the cotton wrap from her body and letting it drop to the floor.

“Five.” She lifted her chin when she answered. Fuck him if he would judge her. So, she didn’t spread her legs for just anyone, and she didn’t go around playing with people she didn’t know.

“Five men have touched you?” His fingers danced downward through the valley between her breasts and to her stomach.

“You said you wanted to talk.” She tried to yank herself away from his reach, but his other hand gripped her arm, holding her in place.

“Does it bother you that I’ve had six different women here?”

Was he teasing her? Trying to make her jealous?

“You can do whatever you want.” She forced an edge to her voice.

His gaze narrowed.

“And if I told you I don’t want to have other women here, what would you say if I told you before yesterday afternoon, I had every intention of making you mine?”

She tried to laugh, but the ache in her chest stifled it. He’d said before—before she’d ruined it by lying or before he’d ruined it by being an asshole?

“And was I going to have a chance to voice an opinion or would you just stick a flag on me and claim me yours?”

“You wanted me as much as I wanted you.”

Just because the man was right didn’t make it okay.

“I thought you wanted to talk.” The direction of the conversation needed to change. Talking about what might have been helped neither of them.

“I do.” His fingers continued to trail down her body, and just as he reached her pelvis he pulled back, taking her into the room. “And for that, we’ll be standing you over here.” He took her to the rings on the wall. The rings she had just convinced herself were for decoration only.

“Blake, I don’t want—”

“Yeah. Funny thing. When you went all rogue vigilante on me back home, you sort of lost all privileges of having your wants taken into consideration. Now, you’re under my protection. Now, you’re the girl I’m keeping safe from some nasty gangbangers.” He spun her to face him, and shoved her against the wall, bringing his dark eyes down to meet hers. “Do you remember what I said I would do to keep my girl safe?”

Her throat constricted. She remembered. Vividly.

“I asked a question, and I’m really getting tired of repeating myself.” He grabbed one wrist and yanked it up over her head, getting her secured within a breath.

“Yes. I remember.”

“Good.” He took the other wrist and maneuvered it into the metal ring. Only after the snap of the lock did she realize she should have put up some sort of fight.

“I meant it then, and I mean it now.”

“You said if I were yours. But I’m not.” She pulled down on the cuffs, too late to get free but still needing to test them.

His hand covered her mouth. The scent of wood and earth wafted to her nose, which he had left free to breathe.

“What makes you think you aren’t mine? You didn’t lie to me about the dog fight because you’d thought I’d actually strap you. No, you thought that was a little tease or something. You lied to me because you’d wanted to see me that night. And if I knew you were ignoring what I’d said about the fight, I might have cancelled.”

She swallowed back the nervous laugh threatening to erupt. He couldn’t have hit the nail any more directly on the damn head. She had been scared he’d take back his offer of dinner. More afraid of that than of the strapping.

“But you did lie. You did a lot of naughty things, but I already punished you for those. Right now, we’re just talking. We’re setting things straight. All the cards on the table, now, Aubree. Are you ready to listen to your new rules?”

She couldn’t move her lips with his hand pressed against her mouth. She’d hear him out then she’d talk some reason into him. Though she’d never seen Blake as someone who could be so easily manipulated. And the darkness lingering in his gaze now didn’t give her much hope she would be able to manage him the way she had previous men.

She gave a nod, little as it was with him pressing her against the wall. He seemed appeased.

“Good. Rule number one. You obey without hesitation. No questioning or backtalk.”

He seemed to want a response, so she nodded again.

“Rule number two. You will not under any circumstance try to get a hold of anyone back home. You don’t know who Jorge has started to target while looking for you, and you don’t want anyone to have to try to lie for you.”

The clinic. They’d be expecting her at her next shift in the morning. She’d need to get a hold of them at least, but she nodded anyway.

“Rule number three. You will never lie to me again. If you so much as fib to me, I’ll wear my belt out on your ass. Do you understand?” This rule was given with more force. His eyes narrowed, and his lips thinned. Her teeth dug into her lips from the force of his grip.

When she nodded for the third time, he pulled his hand away. She licked her lips, opening and closing her mouth a few times once the pressure lifted from her jaw.


His hand wrapped around her throat and pinned her to the wall. She lifted her leg to kick him away, but he only pressed his body against her. His hard, muscular body should have terrified her.

“None of that now. I just want to see you, and I don’t want you wiggling. If I have to lock down your legs, it will be more uncomfortable for you, and that’s not my goal this morning.”

“My throat,” she said, a little surprised at how easy talking was with his hand gripping her.

“Does this frighten you?” He squeezed a little tighter.

Would he listen if she threw out her safeword? He’d ignored it when he punished her, but he wasn’t disciplining her now.

He sighed. She hadn’t answered him again.

“No,” she said quickly, sure he would start to see her hesitation as disobedience. Her ass still had a small bruise from the strap he’d used the day before, and she had no intentions of revisiting that thing.

“Good.” He kept the pressure on her throat and took half a step back.

She wouldn’t react. Keeping her mind completely void of his actions would be the only way to get through the sense of humiliation at his inspection.

Except he wouldn’t let her hide in her own mind.

“I will never get tired of seeing you naked. Maybe I should just keep you this way.” He winked at her. A casual wink, as though they were sitting across from each other at a coffee shop.

“I don’t want your help, Blake. Just let me go. I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone.” She yanked against the chains and fought against meeting his eyes. Her mantra. She didn’t need anyone. A lesson learned long ago. Counting on someone else to save her didn’t get the job done.

No one had come to save her mother. Not even Aubree. She’d gone off to college, listening to her mother promise she’d be okay, swearing everything would be fine. But she’d been a coward. Her mother had needed her, and she hadn’t been there.

So, she couldn’t depend on Blake. The only safe place to put her faith was in herself. She didn’t deserve his help. Cowards should walk the earth alone.

“You confuse need with weakness. You think if you need me you can’t be strong, but you’ll learn. Putting your faith in someone else, depending on them, takes a hell of a lot more strength than you think.”

She blocked out his words. Leaning on him was weak and undeserved.

Her breath picked up as his hand lightly brushed over each breast, the back of his knuckles flicking her nipples in kind. Her stomach fluttered when he caressed her skin and her pussy tightened when the tips of his fingers trailed over her mound.

Why the hell was her body betraying her so easily? Already she could feel the wetness between her legs. Her nipples stood at attention, as though awaiting his orders.

“What’s this?” He tickled the spot right above her clit. She hadn’t been to the salon in a few weeks, and she’d forgotten to shave the day before. “Seems grooming wasn’t top on your list, was it, Aubree?”

She wanted to close her eyes to avoid seeing his dark expression focusing on her.

“Looks like you need some help with this.” With a hard slap to her pussy he released her throat and stepped back. “Don’t go anywhere.” He tweaked her nose and disappeared from the room.

He was a madman. Obviously, her radar for such craziness had malfunctioned over the past months of fantasy about him.

As soon as he stepped out of the room, she began to tug on the rings. Maybe if she used all of her weight, she could pull them from the ceiling. Jumping up into the air, she bent her legs and tried to yank downward.

Sharp pain radiated through her wrists.

“That was a dumb thing to do, Aubree.” Blake stood in the doorway, looking almost amused.

She growled and yanked downward again. “You don’t have to chain me up, Blake. I won’t go—what is that?” She eyed the small appliance and tube of pea-sized balls in his hands.

He put the items on the nightstand, clearing away a book before bending down to plug in what looked like a small Crock-Pot.

“Supplies.” He stood up to his full height. His black tee hugged his body. A month ago, she’d admired the way his clothes all seemed to show off his physique. Now, knowing what his strength could mean for her backside, the awe dimmed.

“For what?” She twisted in her restraints as he stalked to her.

When he reached her, he framed her face with his hands and brought his nose to touch hers. He inhaled deeply and grinned when he pulled back. “I can almost smell your arousal, sweetheart. You have no idea how fucking happy that makes me. You don’t want to be turned on by all this, I know you don’t. And you’re confused by it, by how wet your pussy is right now just because I have you tethered to my wall. But we’ll get through all of that. For now, we need to clean you up.”

“I’m not turned on,” she lied through gritted teeth. If her pussy became any slicker, it would be drooling down her leg.

He chuckled. “Already forgot the lying rule.”

A retort tingled her tongue, but she managed to keep herself in check. If he touched her, he’d know the truth, but he already did. He’d smelled it, he said. While he was busy undoing the cuffs, she sniffed the air.

Oh, god. He was right.

Blake unhooked his girl and brought her arms down to her side. He could smell her pussy, how wet and ready she was, but she wouldn’t admit it. Not that he thought she would. Stubborn girl.

“Go lie on the bed, legs spread and your arms over your head.”

“What? Why?” She looked past him to the nightstand where the wax melted.

“Because I said to.” He stepped aside to let her by. He let out a heavy sigh and gave her a hard smack to her ass to get her moving. She rubbed the red handprint on her bare ass as she moved to the bed and climbed up. Peeking in the warmer, she turned a flushed face to him.

“You can’t wax me.”

He shook his head. “Of course I can, and I was even going to be nice about it. But seeing as you still haven’t learned who’s the master and who’s the pet in this scenario, I’ve changed my mind. Now lie down and spread your legs.”

Her eyes dilated another fraction and his cock throbbed. Fuck. Teaching her lessons was harder on him than he thought. Sinking his cock into her right then would have been heaven. Would have soothed every tense muscle in his body, but he had to wait. Had to keep himself in check, because this lesson, as small as it was, wouldn’t be enough to get her to finally give over to him and realize she wasn’t alone anymore. She could and would let him help her.

She still didn’t move, and his patience diminished. He easily picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. Grabbing one wrist and yanking it over her head, he fished out the cuffs he kept attached to the headboard, and had both hands tied down before she could put up much of a struggle.

Her feet were another story. Flailing, she nearly kicked him in the chest with her heel.

“Oh, sweetheart, you’ll pay for that one later.” He caught her foot and locked it down before dealing with the second. Not one to give up so easily, she twisted in the restraints and pulled.

“I swear, Blake, let me out.”

He went about stirring the wax and testing the temperature. “We keep having the same conversation over and over. If you would learn, if you would stop being so damn stubborn, maybe we could move on from this point. Maybe.” He pulled the Popsicle stick up into the air, letting the wax pour back into the warmer before looking over at her. “You would be having some fun right now. But, you haven’t learned yet, and until you do, the only thing we’re going to talk about is how you’ve done in your lessons.”

Twirling the wax around the stick until satisfied with the amount, he went to work. He knelt one knee on the bed and dropped the hot purple wax onto her mound. In truth, she hadn’t gone long since having shaved, and the hair was the perfect length to get the job done.

She sucked in her breath as he spread the wax over her, stroking downward with the growth, the way one of his exes who had been into him waxing her had taught him.

“This isn’t going to be pleasant, so feel free to scream.” He patted the strip of paper over the wax until it was ready to be pulled. Fast yank and she’d have a moment of pain, but she hadn’t listened. And this was a lesson.

And lessons weren’t easily learned.

“Argh!” She tightened and yelled as he slowly began to pull the paper strip back, taking with it any hair the wax had grabbed onto. His dick twitched at the guttural sound of her discomfort.

“That’s one.” He winked down at her. Tears filled her eyes, and she squeezed them shut, letting a few of the droplets slip down her cheeks.

Blake applied more wax, another strip.

“Ready, sweetheart?” He pulled upward on the edge, and her toes curled in the restraints.

“No. Don’t,” she whispered but he had already begun.

She cried out, arching herself and trying to move away as he inch by inch pried the paper from her body, more hair being pulled out from the follicles. The wood of the bed frame creaked as she pulled away from it, trying to tear her arms free of the restraints. The bed had been constructed for just this sort of pressure, but she didn’t know that.

He continued, strip by strip, removing every bit of hair from her pussy. Tears streaked down her face, and her breasts heaved with each new pull of the wax, but he pushed forward. When he got to her labia, he rested his hand against her pussy. With all the struggling and crying, he thought maybe she wasn’t getting wet for him, maybe she just saw it as torture. But her body didn’t lie; he pried apart her lips with his fingers and the glistening there told him everything he needed to know.

With the tip of his middle finger, he pressed down on her swollen clit and rolled it around.

A gasp of pleasure escaped her.

“There. See, it’s almost over, and look how hard your little clit is for me.” He slid his finger down through her folds and slipped into her heated entrance. Her pussy clenched around his finger and he stroked her slowly. “Ah, there’s my good girl.” He leaned down, hovering right over her face. “I knew you were in there. My little slut.”

She shook her head but words didn’t evolve.

“No lying now, Aubree. I can either make you come, or I can let you dangle in the wind.” He slipped a second finger into her, and she arched her hips upward. He licked his lips. Any woman giving in to her submissive side could be beautiful; Aubree completely captivated him. “You just have two more strips to go, and if you’re good for me, if you beg me, I’ll make them fast. I won’t let it hurt so much.”

“Please.” She lifted her head, bringing herself closer to him. “Please,” she whispered. If she could see the desire and the purity of herself at that moment, he wondered if she’d fight him so hard.

“Please what, sweetheart? Please make you come? Or make it hurt more?” He slowed his thrusts with his fingers, curling his middle finger and pressing upward.

Her eyes rolled, and she mewled louder. She teetered so fucking close; a few more strokes and she’d be screaming to the rafters with her orgasm.

“Blake… fuck… please… oh… god… please.” When her lids opened, he saw the raw desire burning. She may not enjoy begging, but she loved being made to.

“Here’s the first.” He kept his thrusts rhythmic and gripped the edge of the paper on the right side of her pussy. In one quick upward motion the strip peeled away, his thumb pressed harder down on her clit, and the scream the motion elicited was one mixed with pain and arousal. His fingers became coated in her juices, and he grabbed the edge of the last strip.

“Do you think you’re going to come for me? Can you come like a good girl?” He fucked her harder with his fingers, making sure to rub the sensitive flesh with his fingertips. She clenched around him.

“Please.” She raised her hips off the bed, taking him in deeper.

He leaned over her, running his tongue along the newly waxed flesh until he came to her clit. He toyed with it at first, a little nip, a flick of his tongue, and only when her pleas turned into a deep growl of need did he suckle her clit into his mouth and thrust his fingers harder into her, taking her orgasm from her.

Her pussy clenched his fingers tightly. Juices ran over his hand, but he didn’t relent. He sucked harder on her clit, and just when she seemed ready to start coming back down from her high, he ripped the last bit of paper from her. Tonguing her clit while she screamed out from the waxing, crying out from her orgasm, and whimpering from the knowledge she’d given over to him—she’d come all over his fingers, and she’d begged for it.

Licking her clit with a new gentleness, he slipped his fingers from her. A heavy sigh escaped her, the muscles of her thighs easing, and he leaned up to look at her.

Tears stained her cheeks. His dick shouldn’t respond so quickly to it, but there it was ready to explode in his pants. He’d made her cry, he’d made her beg, and he’d made her come.

He shoved his fingers, still coated with her cunt juice, past her lips. Not needing any more direction from him, her lips wrapped around him and her tongue cleaned him.

“See how easy it is when you behave?” He pulled his hand free and tapped her freshly waxed mound with it.

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