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His Captive’s Heart by Meredith O’Reilly – Extended Preview

His Captive's Heart by Meredith O'Reilly

Dimitri and I made quick work of cleaning the kitchen. Then we went back into the bedroom and made the bed. Thankfully, he allowed me to put my briefs back on as he dressed in regular black jeans and a matching black shirt. The man sure loves black.

Once we both brushed our teeth, he said that it was time to work. He took me back to the kitchen and opened a door in the corner of the room. I had assumed it was the door to the pantry or something, but it behind it there was a small landing and then a staircase.

“Where does that lead?”

“See for yourself.”

We walked hand and hand down the stairs. At the bottom, Dimitri opened another door and held it open for me. It was dark, and I realized the door must be behind another thick red curtain.

He pushed the curtain open and held it so I could step through. As I did, I realized we were in the BDSM club I had gone to last week and that we were standing behind the bar.

“You live above the club?” I asked as he led us out of the bar area and toward the dungeon.

“Yep. This way I can go upstairs and relax if I want to, and if anything happens, even though I have my dungeon monitors in charge, I’m here.”

“Smart plan,” I said as we entered the dungeon. Everything looked the same as it had last weekend.

Dimitri walked all the way to the end of the dungeon and stopped at a cabinet . He took keys from his pocket and unlocked it.

As he rummaged in the cabinet, I looked around and saw another set of red velvet curtains. I pushed them away slightly and saw a door.

“Where does that lead?” I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“That’s the senior staffs’ private room. It’s basically a breakroom, and there’s a couch and bed if anyone chooses to crash for the night,” Dimitri said as he pulled out a box and asked me to hold it. I took it while he locked the cabinet back up.

“Follow me.” He turned and started back toward the lounge area. He stopped when we were about halfway out. We stood at a station with the large, solid oak table. On the wall there was a large mirror and I noticed that there was one just as large on the ceiling too.

“Put the box on the table.”

“What’s in there?” I asked as I placed the box on the table.

“Since I run a BDSM club, some manufacturers send me their products to test. If I like them enough, then I’ll sell them in the club. I test them all out personally. Normally I’d ask a friend to come over, but seeing as I have my beautiful captive here, I figured I’d try them out on you.”

“I… ummm… I’m really not big on pain.” My mind raced with the possibilities of what could be in that box. Canes, whips—or worst of all, a loopy johnny! I was not okay with having those used on me.

“Hmm,” Dimitri mused, shifting things around in the box. “You’re in luck then. I didn’t get much punishment merchandise to try out this time. All I have is a ball gag that’s supposed to taste like chocolate, a wand vibrator, an eye mask that’s supposed to massage the person’s eyes, massage oil, and a wooden paddle.” He placed each item on the table.

I took a step closer. None of those items sounded too bad.

“Hop up on the table, sub. It’s testing time.”

As I hesitated, he grabbed my chin and turned my face up to his, meeting my gaze intently. “You always have a safeword with me, Marcus.”

“Yes, sir.” I sat down on the table.

If anything is too hard, then I could say a safeword and he’ll stop everything, I reminded myself. I needed to get over my nervousness. But then thought occurred to me. What if there were other people around. Who knew when his employees got here?

“Wait. Is there anyone else here?”

“No, Marcus. It’s ten in the morning. We have the whole place to ourselves.”

“Oh, good,” I said, feeling relieved. I didn’t want someone to show up and surprise me when Dimitri was testing the products on me.

Dimitri pulled the eye mask out of the packaging. It looked a little different than any eye mask I’d seen before. It was black, but it looked bulkier at the sides.

“Okay. We’re going to try one thing at a time because I want you to concentrate on each item and give it a fair rating. I’m going to place the mask over your eyes and turn it on—first the low speed, then medium speed, and last high speed. If it hurts at all, let me know.”


He placed the masked over my eyes. “Can you see anything?”

I looked around and I could see light coming in at the top and bottom of the mask. It was the amount of light that would have been showing if I’d been wearing glasses and a mask had been put on top of them. “There’s a fraction of light coming from the top and bottom.”

“That’s not a deal breaker. I’m going to turn the massage setting on low now.”

I heard a click and the little bulges on either side of the mask began to move.

“Okay, I don’t like that,” I said firmly as I ripped the mask off my face. The little bulges hadn’t hurt me, but they had started to press down really close to my eyes.

“Are you okay?” Dimitri asked, stepping in between my parted legs.

“Yeah. The mask just almost hit my eyes.”

“Let me see.” He placed his hands on either side of my face and looked at my eyes. “They look okay, but we can definitely throw this away.” He picked up the mask from the floor and held it in his hand, then met my gaze. “Marcus, I understand that you were worried that this was going to hurt you, but I’m the one in charge. If you had used your safeword, I would have taken it off. Don’t do that again. If we were in a scene at the club and you pulled a stunt like this, I’d have spanked your ass until you couldn’t sit for a week. Do you understand me?”

I felt terrible. I had reacted on instinct. You need to trust your master. “Yes, sir.”

“Would you like to continue?”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“Okay, then let’s try the gag that tastes like chocolate.” He unwrapped the gag from the plastic. It looked like a regular gag, but it was brown instead of black.

He held it up and said, “If you need to use a safeword, I want you to squeeze my hand twice. I’ll take it off right away.”

I nodded and he wrapped the gag around my face, tied it, and grabbed my left hand.

“Does it taste bad?”

I licked the ball and shockingly, it did taste like chocolate. It didn’t taste fake either, but like actual chocolate.

I shook my head no while I continued to lick the ball. This is yummy.

“Let’s keep it in for a minute. If the taste stays, then I’ll order a few and ask some couples to try it to make sure that the chocolate flavor will last for an entire scene.”

I nodded my head again, closed my eyes, and leaned back a little, enjoying the taste of the chocolate. If I had to wear this gag again when Dimitri and I played, I really wouldn’t mind.

I suddenly felt him slip his hand beneath my briefs and grab my flaccid length. It hardened underneath his grip.

“Do you like that?” he asked, ever so slowly stroking my hard shaft.


“I can’t seem to keep my hands off you, especially when you look so delectable, sitting in my club with a gag in your mouth.” He stroked me for a few more minutes before he pulled his hand out of my briefs and took the gag from my mouth.

“We’ll have to order more of these. It will be an excellent starter gag for someone who is skittish about wearing one. Now, let’s check out that erotic massage oil. First, let me get some washcloths. I’ll be right back.” He walked away from the station, giving me the perfect chance to ogle his tight ass.

I lay back against the table and looked up at myself in the mirror on the ceiling. My body was in fairly good shape as I enjoyed my five a.m. swimming workout almost every day. It kept my body nice and lean. Thinking of my body got me thinking about Dimitri’s body, which was quite different. He must lift weights, I thought as I ran my hand up and down my firm stomach. He had a six pack and huge muscles.

“Whatcha thinking about down there?” Dimitri asked, coming to the side of the table so he was right next to my head.

“Nothing much, just how different our bodies are.”

“Our bodies aren’t that different. My muscles bulge a little more than yours,” he said, demonstrating by posing like a body builder to show off all his muscles.

“Yeah. We’re so similar.” I laughed, sitting up and flexing the same way, looking nothing like him. He chuckled as he opened the cap on the massage oil.

“Please give me your arm.”

“Why my arm?”

An annoyed look crossed his face, making me feel like I had to apologize.

“I’m sorry. I’m a lawyer—curiosity and cross-examination run in my blood.”

He sighed. “Marcus, let’s leave it in the courtroom, babe, shall we? I’m the dom and I like a certain amount of obedience in my subs. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“To answer your question, since we don’t know if this will work or not, I don’t want to pour it on anything sensitive and then have it burn you or something. This way, if you get hurt or irritated, it’s only your arm.”

“Oh. Well, that makes me feel better.”

He gave me a pointed glare and I quickly closed my trap. He poured a little bit of the oil on my arm and massaged it in. The massage felt heavenly as he really worked the oil deep into my muscles.

It all felt pleasant until a slight tingling traveled up the part of my arm that the oil had touched. It wasn’t the enjoyable type of tingling like one gets as they’re being turned on. It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful, but the tingling was much more intense than it should have been.

“Marcus, is your arm starting to burn?”

I nodded my head as he flexed both of his hands.

“My hands are too. I’ll wash it off.”

It was then I noticed that he had a small bowl full of soapy water on the table. He washed my arm with the water, and thankfully, the tingling went away. He dried me off and asked, “Better?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That, my dear sub, is why you never put a new product on your cock before testing it.”

“Yes, your point has been made clear. Though I don’t like the fact that it burned any part of me or you at all.”

“Yes, but better your arm than your shaft,” he said, giving me a pointed look.

“Okay, you’re right,” I said admitting defeat. I held my hands up in the air to further prove that he was right.

A smirk crossed his face. “All right, now let’s test this battery operated wand vibrator.” He put batteries in the wand, then turned it on and off a couple of times.

“Why would we use that?”

“Oh subbie, you have a lot to learn. Haven’t you ever tried using a vibrator?”

I shook my head.

“Then you’re in for a treat.”

He started the vibrator and ran it up and down my stomach. It tickled a little, but it didn’t turn me on at all. Then he ran it around my nipples and over them.


My nipples hardened into little nubs as little tingles of pleasure descended to my cock, making it hard.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked with a knowing grin on his face.

“Uh-huh…” I purred as he ran the wand over my nipples again.

“Let’s see where else you like this.” He trailed the wand down my body. “Lift your hips.”

I did as I was told and he pulled my briefs down, leaving them bunched around my ankles.

I had expected him to run the wand over my shaft now that it was free. Instead, he teased me by running it up and down my inner thighs, low over my stomach, everywhere but my package. Still, it made me tense.

Finally, he ran the wand over the base of my cock. It tickled, but was bearable. When he ran it up and down my length, it felt heavenly.


“Wait, sub.” He continued to run it up and down me. “Spread your legs.”

I did as I was told and he moved it so that it buzzed just beneath my balls—right on that small strip of tender flesh above my asshole. I almost lost control. The vibrations were too much.

“S-sir?” I asked again, hoping this time he would say yes.

“No,” he said and clicked the vibrator off.

My eyes snapped open at the disappearance of the vibrations.

“We definitely have to put that in the yes pile.” He wiped the vibrator with a cloth and placed it next to the chocolate ball gag.

“Master!” I protested. This was so unfair! I was rock hard and had been only seconds away from coming.

“You will wait, Marcus,” he said, frowning down at me. “I’ve been pretty generous with your orgasms up to this point. I don’t believe it will kill you to wait another half an hour before you have another.”

I knew he was right, but that didn’t help my erection. However, I didn’t say that because I knew that would end up with me getting punished.

My master had the nerve to laugh. “If only you could see your face. Trust me, holding off will be worth the wait.”

“Yes, sir.”

A thought occurred to me then. He did have a point that he had given me plenty of orgasms, but I had hardly given him any.

“Master, before we try the paddle, may I please return the favor and give you a blowjob like you gave me earlier?”

“You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to, Marcus. I gave you one because I enjoyed it, not because I expected one in return.”

“I know, sir, but I’d really like to give you one too, to please you. It’ll make me happy as well.”

He looked at me for a couple of moments before he nodded his head.

I jumped up off the table and then knelt down in front of him, my eyes on the bulge behind his zippered fly. In seconds, I had his hard-on free from his jeans.

I slowly took the head of his cock into my mouth. I licked my tongue around it and gently sucked it between my lips. A small burst of tangy pre-cum entered my mouth, letting me know that he liked what I was doing.

Steadily, I took the rest of his shaft in my mouth and continued to suck and swirl my tongue around his length. My hand reached up and massaged his balls.

“Marcus, babe,” he said, his deep voice sounding like a low growl, “the sight of you on your knees, your lips wrapped around me, my cock gliding in and out of your mouth as you take all of me—damn, it makes me ready to explode.” His hand came up and threaded through my hair. “Take me to the back of your throat,” he demanded as he gently fucked my mouth.

His dominance spurred my own arousal and I knew then, right at that moment, I’d do anything for him.

I glanced up to meet his eyes. He looked tense.

I hummed my pleasure and it sent another large burst of pre-cum down my throat.

Both of his hands dove into my hair, pulling me deeper, massaging my scalp.

I opened my mouth wider, taking more of him, letting his cock thrust in and out of my mouth as if we were actually fucking. That seemed to please him a lot because his moans increased.

“Marcus that feels a-ama-amazing.” He groaned as I swirled the tip of my tongue over his cock again.

I took his entire length in my mouth as his hands tightened in my hair and he pushed deeper with his cock.

“I’m going to come soon, Marcus.”

I hummed again. That was the entire point, I wanted to say. Then I started to use a deep throat technique I’d read about in one of my books. It had had the character screaming as he orgasmed in a matter of moments, and it seemed to work really well in real life as once I did it, my master called out my name and then immediately came in my mouth.

I swallowed every last drop of his seed and made sure to lick his shaft clean.

When his grip on my hair finally loosened, I pulled his now flaccid length out of my mouth and lapping at it gently with my tongue. He pulled me to my feet, smashed our lips together, and pushed me up against the table, deepening the kiss.

My hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to me. His tongue plundered my mouth, making it clear exactly who was in charge in this relationship.

Finally, he pulled back as we both tried to catch our breaths.

“You, my dear subbie, give blowjobs like a god.”

I blushed. “Thank you.” No one had ever given me such a wonderful compliment before.

“Come on, we have one last implement for you to try. I think you’ll enjoy this one. Paddles can be quite pleasant when wielded correctly. Bend over the table. Now!”

I swallowed, a little anxious over his eagerness, but obeyed. “Yes, sir.”

“I’m going to warm you up with my hand before I use the paddle.”

“Thank you, sir.” The thought of being hit with the paddle without a warm-up sent shivers through me, and they weren’t the pleasurable kind of shivers.

“Okay,” he said, and then his hand smacked my ass three times. One smack for each cheek and then one in the middle. The smacks stung for a second, but then the pain went away.

He did it again and again, until I was sure that my entire backside was a nice shade of pink. The pain wasn’t that unbearable. In fact, by the end of the spanking, my ass was thrusting into the air to meet every one of the smacks.

“Excellent, sub,” he said, running his hand over my bottom, spreading the heat from the spanking.

After a moment, his hand left my bottom and he said, “I’m going to start with the paddle now.”

“Yes, sir.”

It was silent for a moment, and my trepidation over how the paddle was going to feel was building. After another moment, I thought my nerves were going to get the best of me. The hard, solid wood would hurt much more than his hand. The wood would be less forgiving than Dimitri ever could be.

Then my master landed the first smack against my already heated ass.

I groaned at the feeling. I was right—the wood was much more unyielding than his hand. The paddle also left a much sharper sting than a spank, but a few seconds afterwards, the sharp pain turned into a good feeling that went straight to my cock and made me harder than I already was.

“Talk to me, Marcus. Are you ready for more?”

“Yes, sir.”

At my assurance, my master landed three more smacks to my butt. I had to control my breathing through the pain, and then I let out a moan as my cock started to leak. It felt so damn good!

After several more smacks with the paddle, I watched out of the corner of my eye and saw sir put the paddle on the table.

At this point, I was sure that if I heard the first sound of the word ‘come’ from my master, I would in a heartbeat. My cock was sledgehammer-hard and could probably break a piece of concrete right about now.

He flipped me around on the table and took my length in his hand, then ran his hand up and down it.

“P-plea—” I moaned, not able to get the entire word out.

“Come,” he said, and I was thrown over the edge.

I screamed as I came. The power of the orgasm had me curling my toes as pleasure ripped through my body.

When I finally finished, it felt like my body had turned to jello. I would have slid to the ground if it hadn’t been for Dimitri supporting my weight.

He sat down on the table, then lifted me onto his lap.

“Excellent job, Marcus. I’m proud of you for not coming when you wanted to. You made me very pleased.”

“Thank you, sir,” I whispered, not having the strength to lift my head up to look at him.

“You’re welcome. Why don’t you close your eyes for a bit? I’ll clean you up and then I think a nap before lunch would be a smart idea.”

I nodded, content to let him take care of everything.

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