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His Captured Mate by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Even though she may have dreaded Tanin’s return, and the ominous meaning of ‘training,’ Milla was relieved when the doors opened and the warrior’s silhouette filled the doorway. The time had passed very, very slowly in the cage. She had oscillated between utter helplessness and terror, rage and despair, and managed to calm herself through guided meditation and plotting her escape. But it wasn’t easy. She was going to go crazy in here.

Tanin entered the room. The cage door opened after he tapped away at his displayer. Milla rose to her knees, bottom on her heels, to face him. He stood, almost glowering at the other side of the room.

She was tempted to ask him if she had somehow displeased him, his countenance was so changed from when he had left. So… severe.

“We will begin your training. Exit the cage,” he said gruffly.

Milla crawled from the cage. Once outside of it, she had no idea what to do, so she paused, resting on her heels, and lifted her eyes to her master.

“Climb onto the pikyerh,” he ordered. He indicated with a flick of his hand a table-like structure that seemed to have materialized beneath the pikyerh.

Milla could not help the small jut of her chin, and the drag of her feet as she tried to move toward the table after standing up. A cool feeling was twisting in her stomach.

“Obey me, Milla, or I will have to resort to punishment,” he warned her.

The hot sting of his punishments throbbed on her bottom, as if it had heard the warrior and wished to remind her of the spanking she would receive.

At the thought of being punished, though, she felt less fearful of it than she did of the mysterious training.

She looked at the table.

Tanin sighed, evidently losing his patience. “You will submit,” he said gruffly. “One way or the other.”

Milla reminded herself of the conclusions she had drawn while waiting through the many hours of boredom in the cage: her best course of action was to pretend to submit, to gain his trust of her as a willing and subservient slave.

And then to exploit that trust.

However unpleasant it may be.

She took a few steps toward the table and climbed onto it. Her mind might have been made up, but her body betrayed her reluctance as she moved into position on her hands and knees.

Her reluctance… and…

Dear God, no, she thought. Not again.

Her arousal.

Why? Why was it so arousing to her, why did her body betray her like this? Why did she begin to well up like a fountain? Why did she feel that pleasant, throbbing ache, whenever she did something as simple and as humiliating as propping herself up on her hands and knees for…

For what?

She started to turn her head when she heard the familiar swoosh of a piece of furniture moving along the floor. She caught sight of a table similar to the one the examiner had used on her in the medical room, just before Tanin ordered her gruffly to turn her head away.

She obeyed, but it didn’t stop her from straining her eyes trying to look behind her. She heard the objects in the tray being moved around.

Then she felt Tanin’s hand on her bottom. His touch was hot and it made her red skin burn with a stinging reminder of her punishment from the day before.

Then, her heart leaped and her legs trembled as she felt one of his fingers make a slow, leisurely circle over her anus. She stared straight ahead, trying desperately not to feel the emotion she felt most strongly: arousal. He did this a few times, and her cheeks burned with the violation of it, even as her pussy welled with excitement.

Then she felt him move again, and suddenly there was a very cold sensation joining his finger. She realized it was wet, and her eyes went wide with shock as she anticipated his next move, but he was already dipping his finger inside of her.

She made a noise and could not help but squirm as just the tip of his finger disappeared inside of her.

His finger entered further, and she turned her head and gasped. “Oh,” she said. “I can—”

But before she could even finish her protest, she felt the sharp sting of his hand across her right buttock, and the wave of heat that swelled over her whole body afterward. Another strong slap, and the crack of her skin echoed in the room.

The finger plunged inside of her.

“You will not speak unless I ask you. You will accept your training in silence,” Tanin growled. “Otherwise… I will simply take you at once.”

He curled his finger inside of her, as if to emphasize his point. A dull and erotic ache radiated through Milla, and her cheeks burned as she realized that her pussy was dripping wet. Her bottom burned and her ass throbbed from the inside… and she… she… she liked it.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, and she found that the words also made her tremble.

The finger inside of her slowly slid from her hole, and her stomach dropped. Was that all?

She should be grateful, she realized but she felt a craving building up instead.

Then she felt something at the entrance of her pussy. Was it his finger? It didn’t feel as hot. She squeezed her eyes closed to keep herself from turning around to see what he was doing.

He played with her petals and dipped the object—no bigger than his finger—into the wetness of her pussy. This went on for a long time, and the tickling sensation turned to a throb of desire inside of Milla. She struggled to remain calm and still. She wanted desperately to push back against Tanin’s hand, to thrust the object inside of her. Or to feel the thick head of his cock next, against her tight hole, ready to push inside of her and burst her hymen, fill her channel with his hot member, fuck her senseless…

The object trailed slowly from her pussy to her anus again. Against the pucker of her ass, it felt bigger—thicker—than his finger.

And then, very suddenly, it was sliding inside of her. Unlike his finger, this pushed her open wider, and it kept going and going. Inch after inch of the hard object entered her, filling her up, aching in her bottom. At last, it seemed to reach a point where it could go no further, and a lip of some kind bumped up against the ring of her eyelet, snug against her skin.

She squirmed a little. The object pushed against her from the inside, stroking to life the dull, sexual ache that so tormented her. She could feel her pussy welling up, her clit starting to throb.

“This is the first plug,” Tanin stated, his fingers moving over her burning ass cheeks, lightly as a feather. They dropped down to the hard object in the center of her hole and outside of it, and pushed gently on it, sending a wave of pleasure through her as the hard length of the object pushed against new places inside of her.

Then his fingers moved down to the dripping hole of her pussy. He played with her petals briefly, and then his fingers were gone.

“They will get bigger and bigger, until you can accommodate me.”

Milla frowned, and turned back to face him in spite of herself. “You know that that won’t be mating?” she said defiantly. She couldn’t stop her scientific mind from pointing out this horrible equivocation of anatomy.

But she had spoken out of place.

A sensation snaked through her again as she realized that she was almost certainly going to be punished.

Tanin pushed against the rod inside of her and lifted it slightly, spreading a delicious ache along her pubic bone, in strange places she did not know how to describe to herself. She gasped. Tanin raised his hand and brought it down on her bottom, and the hot slap made Milla gasp. Especially, she thought, especially because of the ache inside of her that throbbed as Tanin lifted her up.

Another slap. “Face the other way,” Tanin said. And then he began to spank her, slap after slap in quick succession.

Milla made a few noises, and then she remembered: she must submit completely if she wanted the punishment to end.

She lowered her chest to the table. The covering on the table was cool to the touch and sent a shiver though her. She closed her eyes and tried to remain still, accepting her fate and her punishment.

She could scarcely believe the way her body was reacting to the stinging slaps that Tanin was delivering to her bottom. Each crack of his hand against her skin sent a searing burn through her, and as the wave of heat moved deeper into her body it transformed into a rush of thrilling, aching pleasure.

She cringed again, realizing that her pussy was welling up with excitement. The rod inside of her ass was aching pleasurably. She was, to her own dismay, enjoying this.

A lot.

The spanking continued, and then with a final, harsh slap that left her bottom throbbing with a sharp, red-hot pain, it was over.

She remained where she was, wanting to display her submission to Tanin. As she lay there—doing so because she wanted to convince him that she was submitting to him, turning into an obedient sex slave, because she was a cool and calculating spy—she found that she enjoyed it. As she imagined him watching her sink into her submissive position with her ass throbbing in the air, she could feel the effects of her arousal trickling down her thighs.

As much as she didn’t want to.

She waited, and it would have been a lie to say that it wasn’t in breathless anticipation of Tanin’s touch again, on her bottom, maybe around the stretched circle of her ass, maybe again weighing down on the rod and sending a dull ache through her ass.

Finally, she felt his hands on her bottom. First her left cheek, then her right. His palms were hot against her stinging skin, and they heated up her sore bottom again. She sucked in her breath and willed herself not to move.

She heard Tanin breathing deeply behind her. His thumbs moved inward as his palms pushed her buttocks apart. To her horror, she could feel her body responding by craving his touch. Every inch of her wanted to feel his fingers on it. Her stretched eyelet pulsed with the desire to feel his fingers running lightly around it in a circle. Her wet pussy wanted him to plunge inside of her and fill her up.

She shivered a little at the thought of having him inside of her, filling up her pussy while that stiff rod was inside her ass. She could feel a wave of hot juice gush from inside of her as she clenched her pussy at the thought.

She shuddered again and sucked her breath in sharply when she felt his thumbs along the ridges of her inner lips, softly feeling out their shape. He was prying her open in delicate movements, almost as though he was examining her. He wiggled the knob at the end of the butt plug, and then watched her as she responded to his touch.

She had to fight the urge to moan, to gyrate her hips and beg him to actually touch her. Her pussy ached now with a deep, burning fire that was matched only by the searing heat of his skin against her abused bottom.

She felt his fingers move inside of her, deep into her pussy, where he began to feel around. The thickness of his fingers strained against her hymen, and she winced a little. It did not deter him; he moved his fingers in and felt around inside of her, like he was looking for something—

She gasped when his fingers found the spot. A shudder went through her. She herself could feel the difference between the friction of his skin in the rest of her pussy and this patch of—

She gasped again.

Tanin lifted a hand and brought it down with a crack on her right buttock. “Silence,” he growled. “And do not move.”

Her pussy pulsed on his fingers, and he smacked her bottom again. “Do not move,” he repeated sternly.

His voice had changed, and was deeper and more like the voice of an animal now. He slid one finger out and left only one in, and that finger began to rub on her rough bundle of nerves. Her whole body began to scream with desire.

She had the desire to buck against his hand, to gyrate her hips, to reach through her legs and try to pull his cock toward her and inside of her. He was stroking her nearer and nearer to the edge of a glorious orgasm, and her body could not hold still.

She bit her lip, and twisted her feet, which she hoped he could not see. She could feel her head becoming sweaty… she was nearly there, so close, so close.

Her voice was a whisper and it simply escaped her when she said:

“Don’t stop.”

A wave of terror went through her and her eyes flew open. No. She hadn’t said that, had she?

But Tanin’s finger, so very close to sending her over the edge, stopped moving inside of her. He pulled it slowly, slowly from inside her pussy. As each inch left her in excruciatingly slow motion, she started to feel like she might start crying. Her pussy throbbed and her abdomen ached.

He drew his finger, wet with her juices, up and around the aching ring of her ass, following the edge of the rod inside of it.

Then he pushed against it, and her legs turned to jelly and shook. Her entire lower body was throbbing with desire.

“You will leave this stretcher inside of you at all times,” Tanin said gruffly. He pushed against it again, and then he rubbed her bottom with his hands. “You must learn not to move, Milla. You must learn to submit completely.”

His voice sounded different than before, almost tender. He continued to massage her bottom and her burning skin. She began to sink into the table, enjoying the wild pleasure that was throbbing inside of her, even as much as it screamed to be released. Perhaps he would not punish her, and perhaps he would go back to touching her—

But he lifted his hand again and spanked her bottom five times in quick succession.

“That is for speaking out of turn,” he said in a low voice.

“I’m sorry,” Milla blubbered. “I… I—”

Another slap burned through her bottom. She snapped her mouth shut and her eyes welled up with tears. Her pussy ached even more now.

Then, she felt the pull of the arm restraints against her wrists. They pulled down, around, tucking her arms beneath her chest. She had to wriggle awkwardly to allow them to pass beneath her. The ankle restraints moved at the same time as well, pulling her legs apart so that her wrists, locked together, could squeeze between them.

It was an utterly submissive position, and mildly uncomfortable.

Which she almost liked.

She felt Tanin’s hand on her bottom, lifting her up by pushing upward on the bulb protruding from her ass. Then she felt him connecting something to the end of the rod, as though from the ceiling. At the same time, the rod inside of her, just past her anus, seemed to swell slightly.

“You will remain in this position,” he said. “And think about your transgressions, and how you will not repeat them.”

Then he seemed to sigh.

“You must submit completely in order to mate.”

Milla was unsure of what his tone meant: did he regret this? Did he not want it? He sounded almost resigned, exasperated.

And what did that mean, anyway?

But she had a lot of time to think about it, because she heard his footsteps leave the room, the door swish open and closed.

Her bottom was lifted higher than was comfortable, as she soon found out, and her knees began to ache within a minute. She shifted a little, though it was next to impossible with the restraints locked down as they were.

But at least she could lower her ass, maybe even to just above her hands, maybe even low enough that she could touch herself and release the aching that still throbbed inside of her.

But as she let her hips drop, the use of the attachment she could not see became apparent: a dull, beautiful ache pressed up against the inside of her ass. It was as delicious as it was unbearable, and she let out an involuntary moan. She dropped into the pressure and savored the sensation for as long as she could bear it before lifting her hips again.

She was sweating. She opened her eyes and stared at the warped reflection of her body in the white plastic wall.

This, too, made her wild with need.

What was wrong with her? She wondered this even as she let her hips drop again, and the delightfully painful pressure worked its way through her body, making her ass throb and sending another wave of need through her core.

She lifted her hips.

Well. If there was no way out of this predicament, was it really so bad that she enjoyed her mission just a little bit? So what if it was turning her on; that would make her act that much more believable, wouldn’t it?

She just… needed to… not lose sight of… what she was doing…

She moved her hips up and down, letting her body hang on the hook with a little more weight each time, increasing the pressure on the inside of her and the intensity of the ache. The delicious ache.

If she just kept going, maybe she could reach her pussy, find her clit with her fingers, and touch herself. She only needed the tiniest flicker to push her over the edge.

But it was too far, she would learn over the next hour or so. Just the tiniest bit too far, no matter what aching pressure she subjected her ass to.

Finally, she lifted her hips and began to cry in frustration.

How long would she have to wait for him?

Would he keep in this state forever, craving release, torturing her in this perverse way?

She dropped her hips again to get the aching thrill in her bottom.

Please, she wanted to scream. Please. She would be good—there was not much she wouldn’t do—if only he would come back to her.

But the gtans ticked by.

Slowly, with no other choice, she allowed herself to sink into the pleasure of her predicament, letting the weight of the object push against her. Maybe, if she submitted completely, he would come back.

Tanin watched from an adjacent room—a command room where he could view the goings-on of nearly the entire ship. But his own room was the focus of his attention now.

The training was going well, he thought, and he tried to subdue the pleasure that it gave him.

The human was remarkably responsive to his punishments, and to see her now, hanging her weight on the anal hook he had devised, trying to pleasure herself, was an excellent sign that he could get the girl to submit completely to him.

Which was what he wanted, wasn’t it?

He could feel his cock throb and the burn of his ghant when he thought about sheathing himself in the silky pussy he had felt with his fingers. The feeling traveled over him in a wave, almost blinding him, it was so overpowering.

So pleasurable.

He slammed his fist down and waved away the screen showing the wriggling, weakling human.

This is what he couldn’t have.

So much distraction, so much taking away of his power and his stamina, away from his ultimate mission, which he could never forget.

He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled the scent of his human mate. Another wave of wild pleasure rolled over him.

How long would he make her writhe there? Would he take her tonight, or should he make her suffer even longer?

She was not quite fully given over.

And yet he could feel his desire to claim her taking over his common sense, pushing it out of the way, driving him to feel her whole body around him like molten lava.

He spun around and brought up another screen in a desperate attempt to distract himself.

He must make her wait, at least one full helxgtan.

It seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a helxgtan, when the door opened again. Milla had been doing her best to show her submission by letting her hips fall and the weight of the rod inside of her press against her. The aching pleasure was at a fever pitch now, and she had to work hard to resist the urge to lift her hips in relief when Tanin entered the room.

He circled her, and she had to dig into the flesh of her palms with her fingernails to suffer the exquisite pain of craving—both release from her terrible predicament and the touch of his hands on her bottom. She had to remain still.

Her skin peppered with gooseflesh as he walked around her, his hands just inches from her body.

He stood behind her, and made her wait for several torturous moments, before she felt the rod inside her move. At first he released the pressure with his movement, but then she felt it come back, even harder. Her feet twisted, but she remained as she was.

Finally, she felt his hand on her bottom, burning into her soreness, igniting her skin again. Then a finger on her sore anus, delivering a sweet tickle, a promise of more. She squeezed her eyes closed and pressed her nails into her flesh.

“You have submitted,” Tanin said. “And I am pleased…”

Milla felt a rush of pleasure at his words. A ‘but’ lingered at the end of his sentence, though, and she found herself aching to know what it was.

Aching to amend it.

He climbed onto the bed in front of her.

The tug of the restraints on her wrists felt lighter suddenly. As soon as she felt their release, she felt Tanin’s hand on her head, his fingers in her hair. He was pulling her up, up to her hands and knees.

As he did, the rod rolled inside her ass and made her lips part in pleasure, but she turned her body over to him and did not move.

When she rose to her hands and knees, like a dog, she was face to face with Tanin’s enormous, erect member.

His cock was thick and long, but other than its incredible size, it looked essentially human. Milla’s pussy clenched as she stared at it, and she was again scandalized by her body’s betrayal of her… her sense of decency.

“Put your hand on it,” Tanin ordered.

Milla’s pussy squeezed again, because she wanted desperately to hold it. When her hand closed around it, she could feel that she had pleasured him. The ropes of veins that ran along the shaft pulsed as blood squeezed through them.

He was hot to the touch; the Cylothian warriors ran hot, like feral animals. Milla found it arousing, now that she felt it in her hand.

“Have you ever pleasured a man with your mouth before?” Tanin said. An opal-colored drop of cum squeezed from the head of his cock as he did.

Milla shook her head.

She felt another pulse in his cock, and perversely, she was pleased that she could answer no to his question, and that he seemed happy with the answer.

She barely had time to think about what was wrong with her before he pushed against the back of her head, and the fat bulb of his crown touched her lips. With no other option, she opened her mouth, tasting the sweetly briny drop of pre-cum as it smeared over her lips.

His cock was enormous, and soon her mouth was filled completely. But he was going to keep going. Her lips stretched and she looked up in concern, but Tanin’s expression was stern and commanding; she would do what he wanted.

At first she felt her throat gag in revolt, but Tanin made a growling noise of pleasure, and this encouraged her to open further, to take more of him inside of her.

To her own surprise, she was able to do it, and the sensation of swallowing the meat of his cock into her mouth only aroused her more. Her ass and her pussy were spasming wildly, the rod pressing against her insides and her pussy gushing onto her thighs.

Tanin pushed and pulled on her head, and Milla relaxed her jaw and her throat completely, letting him in, letting him use her body as he pleased. Her lips bumped against her closed hand, at the base of his cock.

He allowed her to hold him at the beginning but at some point she felt his fingers—very gentle, on her fingertips, prying her slowly away from the remaining inches of his shaft.

She looked up at him in alarm, and he made a surprisingly gentle gesture, pushing her hair from her face. “Open up, submit to me fully. You can do it.”

She closed her eyes and Tanin stroked her cheek. “Look at me. You must submit completely.”

She opened her eyes, the humiliation of having to look into his eyes as he pushed deeper into her throat reverberating through her body. To her surprise, she shivered in delight.

Tanin’s fangs were long and his eyes went almost black. Milla saw the violet glare of his ghant. Against her lips, she could feel his blood boiling, and her mouth stretched uncomfortably as his cock seemed to grow even bigger.

He clutched her head against him, pushing himself deep inside of her.

And then her mouth filled with his seed.

He held her to him, but at a slight distance. Cylothians had much more cum than human males, and he was still filling her mouth. But the taste was not as repugnant as she had heard human cum was.

Tanin looked down at her. “Be a good slave,” he urged her. “An… obedient… slave… and drink every last drop. You must… show your complete submission.”

Milla obeyed. She had to, after all. She had to obey to complete her mission.

She had to submit to do her part for the resistance.

She had no choice.

It was not relevant that it made her pussy throb with an incurable ache, a need to feel this warrior between her legs.

Tanin stared at her in approval as she sucked his seed from his cock, and then, at last, he slowly pulled it from her mouth.

She looked at him imploringly.

He leaned over her and released the hook that was holding her in place.

“You have performed well,” Tanin said. “Now return to your cage.”

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