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His Errant Ward by Celeste Jones – Extended Preview

She did it! Oh, the glorious sensation of telling that oaf she would never marry him. And then the freedom of allowing her horse to have her head and gallop away, the air slashing at Tallie’s face, her heart pounding as loudly as the horse’s hooves upon the street.

There’d be hell to pay for her infractions and her bottom, which was not fully recovered from yesterday’s punishments, would surely bear the brunt of it. A few slaps with a ruler or hairbrush were well worth it to regain authority over her own life.

There was that pesky business about the family finances, but surely Zander exaggerated the situation to make a point and to push her into an unwanted marriage. Well, she’d shown him.

Her hat flew off as she dodged through traffic on her escape. Sections of her hair came loose and hung about her shoulders, bouncing with the movement of her ride.

Arriving at the stable behind Slattery Hall, she hurriedly dismounted, tossed the reins and riding crop to one of the stable hands, and rushed toward the house. With the element of surprise and a head start, she had the advantage over Zander, but just barely and she did not wish to encounter him until he had had ample time to cool down.

However, she had misjudged his speed and determination and as she exited the stable, he came barreling in on his horse and screeched to a halt in front of her. Before she realized it, he had jumped from his horse and also tossed his reins to a stunned yet quick reflexed stable boy, then gathered her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

“Sir,” the stable boy called after him, “what about your crop?”

“Oh, you may rest assured, I am far from finished with the crop for the day.”

From her position hanging over Zander’s back, Tallie glanced up at the boy whose face no doubt reflected the shock she felt, and a knot of dread formed in her stomach. A cold chill ran through her body.

Perhaps she had gone just a bit too far.

Well, what was done was done, there was nothing she could do about it now. Zander’s arm clutched across her thighs and she could feel the tension in his body.

Yes, she had definitely gone too far.

“Zander, you must put me down right now.”

The riding crop cracked across her bottom. “What have I told you about using my Christian name? Though, considering the scene you just orchestrated and the irreparable damage you have done, that is the least of your transgressions.”

He slammed the door to Slattery Hall open with a bang and headed for the main staircase. Desperate, Tallie began to shout for help. Maids and footmen appeared as if from thin air and stared at the spectacle playing out in front of their eyes. One of the footmen took a step forward. Zander paused and speared the young man with his gaze. “If you value your job, you will get back to it.” Turning to address the rest, he said, “That goes for all of you.”

His ominous words hung in the air for a moment before they all scurried to their assigned tasks.

There would be no reprieve for Tallie.

Taking the stairs in several long strides, within moments they were inside Zander’s bedchamber. He closed and locked the door with a resounding snap, then set her upon her feet in front of him.

His eyes raked over her. A muscle in his jaw twitched. His fingers flexed around the riding crop.

Her cunny spasmed and clenched.

Oh, what had she done?

Tucking the crop into his boot, he used both hands to open the closures on the coat of her riding habit, roughly tugging the sleeves off her arms, wadding and tossing the garment into a corner.

Beneath the coat, she wore a heavy skirt attached to a lightweight bodice that easily fell away once Zander got his hands on it. Soon, she stood before him completely naked, her riding boots topping the heap of her garments in a corner by the door.

Never had she seen him in such a state. Determined. Resolute. It was as though he had not even noticed her nudity.

As she watched in silence, he removed his jacket and tossed it on a chair. Next, he unknotted his neck cloth and carefully unwound it, revealing the dark flesh of his throat, a few crisp chest hairs showing in the opening of his shirt.

Her eyes were drawn to those black curls, irrefutable proof of his virility and the intimacy of the moment. Between her thighs, a pulse throbbed.

He opened the cuffs of his shirt and with slow, deliberate movements he rolled his sleeves up. Tallie’s eyes were drawn to the flexing muscles of his forearms.

In all her one and twenty years, she had never seen so much exposed male flesh. Her breath hitched in her throat.

“Zan—sir, I am truly sorry. Please—”

He cut her off. “I am in no humor for your excuses.” Pointing to a corner of the room, he said only one word, “Go.”

With her back to him, Zander took a moment to study his errant ward. Between her wild ride home and him carrying her through the house hanging over his shoulder, all of the pins had come out of her hair and it fell in waves over her bare flesh.

Hands clasped behind her back, she was surprisingly compliant, considering the depth and breadth of her disobedience that day. He took no pleasure in what he was about to do. But he would not allow her defiance to go unpunished. It was his duty to see to her well-being and right now, he needed to instill upon her the seriousness of what she had done.

Removing the crop from his boot, he clasped it in his hand and moved to stand behind her. “Do you have any idea the gravity of your current situation?”

She drew in a ragged breath. “A-are you going to use the cr-crop on me?”

In response, he smacked the crop on the underside of her arse cheeks. “I am. However, when I said ‘the gravity of your current situation’ I referred to the consequences of your childish actions regarding Lord Banyon.”

“I told you I do not wish to marry him.”

Fisting his hand in her hair, he dragged her across the room, sat upon the edge of the bed, and drew her across his lap. He released her hair and wrapped one hand around her waist, keeping her in position close to his torso while he raised the crop. “You are without a doubt the most spoiled, stubborn, and headstrong young lady I have ever known.” He lowered the crop across both cheeks, leaving a thin red stripe. She gasped and gripped his boot between her hands.

“I-I am so-sorry.”

“You forgot something.” The crop impacted again, just below the first stripe.

She twisted her head around to try to look at him, brows furrowed.

“How are you to address me?” he prompted.

“S-sir. I am sorry, sir.”

Three quick cracks with the crop followed. She kicked her feet and swore at him. “If you are truly sorry, you would take your punishment without attempting to injure me or using foul language. However, I believe I have the cure for your tart mouth. We will get to that in due time.”

He repositioned her and clamped her legs between his. In doing so, her bottom tipped up and her thighs opened, revealing the pink folds of her cunny. He took a moment to savor the sight, then refocused his attention on the task at hand.

He commenced to punish her in earnest, lecturing and cropping at the same time. “Not only did you reject the best and possibly only prospect for a husband you will ever have, but you publicly humiliated him.”

“I-I did not kn-know what else to d-do,” she wailed. “I t-told you I did not want to marry a man I do not love.”

“So your answer was to create a public spectacle? Rest assured, Lord Banyon will not marry you now, not after you rejected him in front of some of the biggest gossips in town. Not only did you disrespect Lord Banyon, but you disrespected me as well by defying my instructions. Not to mention the damage you caused to your own reputation by that outrageous display. Or your father’s wishes, which you completely ignored. I thought you had better sense than that, Tallie.”

What had she been thinking? Zander had always disdained the stuffy rules and expectations of society. A small part of her had actually expected him to be impressed with the way she took matters into her own hands and told that bossy Lord Banyon what she thought of him.

She had made a dramatic miscalculation.

It was not just Zander’s words that cut Tallie to her core, but his tone—a combination of disappointment, shock, and more disappointment. She had wanted him to see her as an adult who could make her own decisions and she had made a muddle of everything.

And that did not even take into account the thunderous burn in her backside from the steady slap of the riding crop. Her legs were immobilized in the vise-like grip of Zander’s thighs. Her hands clung to the firm muscles of his calf as she steadied herself and braced against the punishment of the crop. She wanted to scream out about the pain, but even worse than the ache in her flesh was the agony of her broken heart. She had been so sure Zander cared about her in the same way she cared about him, but he continued to see her only as a child.

What a fool she had been. She had ruined her chance to marry Lord Banyon—though she still did not see that as any great loss—but it was now abundantly clear to her that Zander would never love her the way she loved him. He would always think of her as a foolish child.

Great sobs of grief, pain, and remorse racked her body. Tears covered her cheeks and dampened Zander’s pant leg. Her breath stuck in her lungs and she gasped for air.

All she wanted was for him to care about her, even just a little bit. Was that so wrong?

Based upon her current situation… it was.

So lost in the misery of her own making, she did not notice when Zander stopped swatting her with the riding crop until she felt his fingers probing between her thighs.

“What have we here, naughty little Tallie?” Zander said. “Why, you are soaking wet. I think you enjoy having your arse cropped. Is that true?” Jostling her a bit on his lap, her legs fell wide apart and she knew he could see the shame of her arousal.

He inhaled a deep breath. Tallie whimpered against his leg. She smelled it too, the musky scent of her desire.

She was literally laid bare before him, all of her secrets revealed, her humiliation complete.

“You have not answered my question, Natalia.” Zander’s thick voice sent a thrum of heated longing to her core.

“P-please,” she whispered against his leg, “have you not embarrassed me enough?”

In reply, Zander touched the hard nub of her desire, sending additional shocks through her body. “Do you know what this little spot is called, Tallie?”

“I-I cannot say it.” Her face heated with embarrassment, but despite herself, she began to move her hips to increase the contact between Zander’s hand and her womanly core.

“It is called your clitty, and you will say it. You will say, ‘please touch my clitty, sir.’ Do you understand?”

She mewled and buried her face against him. “P-please touch my cl-clitty, sir.”

“Do you remember how it felt when you climaxed yesterday while I used my fingers in your naughty quim?”

“Y-yes,” she said, her voice barely audible even to her.

“Would you like me to do that to you again?” He pinched her clitty and she bucked in his lap, the crescendo of release building within her.

“Yes, yes.” She went from whispers to shouts. “Please, Za—sir.”

“No, Tallie, you do not deserve a climax. It must be earned. You behaved abhorrently today. I shall not reward your actions by pleasuring your wet cunny.”

She moaned in frustration.

“There are a few other matters which we must attend to first. If you do a good job, then maybe I will give your cunny what it wants.”

God help him, but he loved this girl. He gazed down upon her, kneeling before him on the floor next to the bed, her hair a wild tumble down her back. He buried his hands in it, holding her head in the right location.

As he tilted her face to get it just so, she gazed up at him. “Open your mouth, Tallie,” he said then watched as her tongue moistened her lips before she obeyed.

“I am going to push my cock into your mouth. I am going to slide all the way in and you will feel me as the tip of my cock touches the back of your throat.”

Simply saying the words as he looked at her had him on the verge of spilling his seed before he even had the opportunity to have her lips wrapped around his rod. Never before had his ability to control his passions been so utterly demolished.

He fisted the hard shaft of his cock and touched the tip of it to her bottom lip. When she moved to close her mouth around him, he stopped her. “No, not yet, Tallie. You are to follow my instructions. You are to keep your mouth open and not move until I instruct you to do so. I am in charge here, not you. Do you understand?”

In reply, she opened her mouth in the same position it had been in before his cock had rested upon the pillowy softness of her bottom lip, her eyes downcast.

Still holding his cock, he swirled the tip all around her lips and then slowly, oh so sinfully slowly, he moved it across the moist heat of her mouth.

Bloody hell! With his cock preparing to fuck her mouth he was able to gaze upon the beauty that was his sweet Tallie.

When the head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat, he glanced down to check her reaction. She did not resist or object. He removed his hand from his cock and with both his palms he caressed the sides of her face, peering deep into her eyes. “You look astonishingly beautiful, my darling Tallie, so submissive and obedient. Such a good student. You may close your mouth now, but do not move other than that.”

Immediately her lips wrapped around his cock and euphoria overtook him. Her sweet lips surrounding his cock, it was the sort of thing he had envisioned many, many times, in his most sordid dreams. He felt her tongue wiggle slightly as though she intended to use it on him, and though he had no objections to such a delightful idea, he had very clearly told her not to move.

He fisted his hand in her hair. “Hold your tongue still, Tallie,” he said and she glanced up at him in surprise.

Her tongue stilled. “Good girl. I had no idea this would be the only way to make you mind my words.”

He buried his other hand in her hair and held her in place while he slowly pistoned his swollen cock between her lips.

“Tallie, your mouth was meant for fucking.”

It was not the sort of statement a gentleman would make to any sort of proper lady, and let there be no mistake, Lady Natalia Waltham was a proper lady. But in that moment, stripped down, kneeling at his feet, his engorged cock on the verge of exploding down her throat, there was nothing proper about her.

A muffled groan emanated from her throat. She was magnificent.

“Now, I want you to suck my cock.”

She glanced up at him, brows furrowed.

“It’s time, Tallie. Time for you to suck my cock. It is exactly what it sounds like.”

Hesitantly, she hollowed out her cheeks, slid her tongue along the underside of his shaft, and sucked.

Bloody hell.

He growled deep in his throat and began to move in and out, allowing her to suck the length of him as he rocked his hips back and forth.

“That feels wonderful, Tallie,” he said, though he had a bit of trouble getting the words out.

In response to his words of praise, Tallie glanced up and her eyes met his and she sucked with increased vigor.

His knees trembled. His balls tightened up and within just a few moments he gripped her head and held tight while he exploded against the back of her throat. Perhaps he ought to have been troubled by his quick release, but he had been waiting for this moment for months. Longer.

Fucking her mouth was just the beginning.

His cock seemed to urge him to grab her hips and plunge deep into the heat of her virgin pussy. He wanted nothing more than to jam through the barrier of her innocence and claim her as his own, not just for tonight but for every night.

With one last tiny thread of restraint he made a decision. “Get up on your hands and knees, Tallie.”

She looked at him quizzically, still in the haze of having her mouth thoroughly fucked.

“My hands and knees?” She stared up at him without moving.

If he did not remove the temptation of her sweet virgin cunny from his view he would go against his own decision and claim her hard. So hard, his balls smacking against her ass as he thrust deep into her. Claim her for himself. Ruin her for all others.

“You heard me,” he said, flipping her onto her stomach and giving her arse a couple of swats to make his point. “Up on your knees.”

She complied and though he could still see the folds of her sex from between her thighs, he moved his focus to other parts of her anatomy.

With both his hands, he spread the cheeks of her bottom apart and gazed upon the pucker of her bottom hole.

“What are you doing?” Tallie twisted her head around to get a better look at him and what he was doing.

“I’m going to claim this little pucker of yours, Tallie.” He reached into her quim, coating his hands in the abundance of her essence there, which he then applied to the crease between her bottom cheeks. “It would appear that sucking my cock had a similar effect on your cunny as having your backend spanked with a riding crop. You are certainly a naughty, naughty young lady.”

“I beg your pardon?” Tallie’s eyes were wide with surprise, but she held her position just as he instructed her to.

His palm cracked across her arse. Then he looked into her face and responded, “I shall take my pleasure as I choose. And I choose to fuck you back here. Is that clear?”

“B-back th-there?” she said. “Wh-what about… my c-cunny?”

He landed another sharp swat on her tender bottom. And then another. Her thighs quivered and her juices flowed. “Your cunny will not get what it so desperately wants. That is part of your punishment. I get my pleasure. That does not mean you will. We are not equals, Tallie. I am in command here. Do not forget it.”

While her little pucker was well lubricated already, he allowed himself another opportunity to stroke his fingers in the heat of her core, gathering more of her essence and spreading it around the rosette of her bottom hole. As he touched that sensitive area of her body he noticed the way Tallie stiffened upon her hands and knees.

“It is time, Tallie,” he said. “You will need to steady yourself, for when I enter you it is important for you to keep your position. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” She steadied her hips and grabbed hold of the coverlet of her bed with her hands.

He continued to prod her opening with his finger. He had pressed past the tight ring of muscle and was moving his finger all around the edges in order to stretch and prepare her for his cock. Once she had relaxed and allowed him entry, a soft moan formed deep in her throat as he plundered her with his finger, moving it in and out while she got used to the sensation.

He spread more of her juices over her opening, then used his thumb to prod at her pucker, spreading it wider and wider. Tallie clutched at the coverlets on the bed, her moans of pleasure driving him wild. “I am going to fuck your bottom hole now, Tallie.”

She looked at him again over her shoulder. “As you wish, sir.”

He positioned the head of his cock at the opening and dipped it into the copious amounts of natural lubrication that he had collected and applied to the crease between her cheeks. Once the length of him was sufficiently coated he began to work his way into her tightest of holes.

Despite her brave front, Tallie had tightened up at the first contact of his cock to her opening. Though she had performed well with the ginger, he reminded himself she was, in fact, a novice and this was rather advanced fuckery that he intended to perform upon her.

Tallie took a deep breath and forced herself to loosen the ring of muscles that he intended to breach. As the head of his cock pressed further into the little opening, she gasped. Zander’s hands gripped her hips and she could feel the power of them, and she could also tell he was restraining and holding himself back. Delaying his pleasure in order to assure she was ready.

It was completely uncharted territory for her, but she knew she trusted him. And the sensation—oh, good lord—the sensation of his cock filling her left her in a swirl of hedonistic pleasure.

After a few moments, she heard him sigh. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Tallie, this feels incredible. Can you feel me filling you up?”

“Yes,” she said, fisting the coverlet of her bed in her hands, her knees quivering. “I am yours, Zander.”

“Oh, Tallie, yes, you are mine. This little arse of yours is mine and mine alone.” He slid slowly out the length of her and she felt the absence, but before he completely removed himself he pushed back in, filling her again. He repeated this motion back and forth, in and out, harder and faster as she became accustomed to the size of him in her most private opening.

“Tallie, I am going to spill my seed inside your arse. I want you to be ready, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to restrain myself and this might hurt you, but I suspect you will enjoy it just the same.” The instant he stopped speaking he grabbed her hips in a vise-like grip and pushed into her so forcefully, she moved forward on the mattress. She cried out her pleasure and he exploded, his hot seed shooting into her rear end. She had never felt anything like it. So completely and utterly claimed and marked as his.

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