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His Feisty Human by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Lorelle twisted out of Mal Ton’s grasp and took a quick step backward. “This isn’t going to happen.” Her legs wobbled beneath her. The instability heightened the spinning in her head. She faintly remembered being in a clinic, bright lights and beeping scanners. “Take me back to the clinic.”

“It won’t help. I think you know that.”

“Sean said there was a cure.”

He leaned against the door and crossed his arms over his chest. She was tall and athletic, yet he’d carried her like a child. She could hold her own with most human men. Her agility compensated for their strength. But Mal Ton wasn’t human. Her gaze descended from his arresting features to the corded muscles in his arms and shoulders. If he was determined to fuck her, there was no way she could stop him.

Did she want to stop him? She’d been ready to blast her head off to end this… hunger.

“You were given the counteragent, but it needs time to bind the virus.”

“I’ll risk it.” Despite her bravado, her senses began to burn.

He advanced without warning, crossing the room with three long strides. “Let’s get one thing straight right now. This is and will always be your decision. I have no interest in rape. But I would rather not watch you die simply to appease your pride.”

His hands clasped her upper arms and his scent teased her nose. It would be so easy to melt into his embrace, to part her lips and invite his kiss, to feel his cock pushing into her, stretching her, filling her…

She kept her gaze averted and concentrated on her breathing. “I’ve resisted this long. I can ride it out.”

“Why put yourself through that?” He caressed her neck and trailed his fingertips along her jaw. His tone was as seductive as his touch. “If you’re hungry you eat, even if the enemy provides the food.”

She glanced into his eyes. “Are you the enemy?”

“You know I’m not.”

With a sudden twist, she evaded his touch and took a step backward. “I know little more than your name.”

“Andrea trusts me. Doesn’t that account for something?”

His charming smile was anything but reassuring. She couldn’t afford to like him. How could she fight off her yearnings when everything about him appealed to her?

“Which planet is this?” she asked, desperately needing a distraction. “Where is Andrea?”

“This is Protaria.” Mal Ton clasped his hands behind his back, his vest stretching tight across his sculpted chest. “Andrea is on Stilox.”

“Then the… mutants are Protarian?” She was uncomfortable with the word, though the mutants themselves had embraced it.

“You’re just prolonging the inevitable.”

“It is not inevitable. All I need to do is resist until the counteragent kicks in.”

“You’ll never last that long.”

“I won’t if you keep drawing my attention back to what I’m feeling,” she snapped. Any surge in emotion caused heat to flare in her pussy. She had to remain calm. “Talk to me. Help keep my mind occupied.”

He inclined his head, his gaze bright and assessing. “What would you like to know?”

“Anything. Just talk.” She crossed her arms over her breasts, shocked by the sensitivity of her nipples. More annoying than a tingle and more intense than an itch, the sensation made her squirm. “How did the mutations begin?”

“Andrea’s message explained—”

“Tell me again.”

He heaved a sigh then repeated the information. “After decimating our planet, the Protarians resorted to biological weapons in their attempt to obliterate our existence. Not only did we fail to die, we founded a civilization right under their noses.”

“Then you’re originally from Stilox?” She tried to put some distance between them. He countered her step for step, but compassion had softened the predatory gleam in his eyes.

“I am, but the Underground is populated with mutants from several different worlds.”

“Who is the bigger threat, Max or the Protarians?”

“They each pose different dangers.”

He stayed just out of reach, a constant temptation. “What’s being done to find the other captives?”

“Everything in our power.”

She raked her hair with both hands, annoyed as much by his appeal as his evasion. Keeping her gaze off him wasn’t helping. She could feel him. She wanted to climb his tall body and feast from his lips. All she had to do was reach out and he would end her suffering.

“Are we finished talking?”

Her clothes rasped against her skin, damp and irritating. Why was she so damn hot? “I presume shapeshifting and… whatever you call what Sean did are not the only abilities available to you. How did you find us?”

“A seer narrowed your location to a couple of city blocks. Sean and I scanned each building until we found human bio signs.”

“So we wait around until this seer senses where the others are being kept?”

“Why are you concerned with the other captives? You should be focusing on your recovery.”

“I’m just curious about your resources,” she muttered, risking a glance at his face. Big mistake. Desire leached the strength from her knees and made her hands tremble. God, he was gorgeous. “If the seer fails, what’s plan B?”

“We don’t rely entirely on those with clairvoyance. Much of our intel is gathered the old-fashioned way.”

“Spies and hackers? That sort of thing?” She swayed, reaching blindly for support while her ears started ringing.

“Enough of this foolishness.” Mal Ton caught her upper arm and pulled her toward him as he sat down on the edge of the bed. She struggled, yanking against his hold, but it did no good. Nearly faster than she could comprehend, he had her face down over his knees. Then he casually reached between his legs and unfastened her uniform bottom. One firm yank and her pants dropped around her knees, her panties half a second behind.

“What the fuck are you—” His first hard spank trapped the rest of her sentence in her throat. His hand was huge, covering an entire ass cheek with each swat. She cried out and called him every vile name she knew, but he kept right on spanking her naked bottom. Heat spread like fire, sinking deeper and growing hotter with each firm stroke. Her pussy fluttered and hot liquid seeped out between her folds. It was humiliating, and infuriating, yet it gradually eased the urgency tormenting the rest of her body.

“Better?” His deep voice played across her senses, reigniting the need.

Rather than give him the satisfaction of knowing he’d been right, she snapped, “Fuck you.”

He spanked her some more, harder this time. Each firm blow sent sensations ricocheting through her overstimulated nervous system. She wrapped her arms around his muscular leg, clinging to him as her body battled with itself. Each stinging slap drove the urgency back, yet his masculine scent and the inescapable ridge of his erect cock against her hip kept the fire smoldering and her juices flowing.

Unable to help herself, she eased her legs apart, praying he’d understand the invitation. His next spank never fell and then he caressed her stinging ass, spreading the heat as he eased his hand between her thighs. “Still pretending you don’t want this?” His fingers lightly stroked her sopping folds. “You want cock so bad you’ve made a wet spot on my pant leg.”

She whimpered and moved her legs even farther apart.

“Say it, Lorelle. Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers?”

“Yes.” Then much to her horror, she whispered, “Please.”

He pushed one long finger into her aching pussy, twisted his wrist then carefully pushed in another two. Her inner muscles stretched around the fullness, easing the demand, yet making her horribly restless. She tried to move, to drag his fingers out so she could slam them deep again.

His free hand pressed against the small of her back, holding her still. “I’m in control here. You come when I’m ready to let you.”

She gritted her teeth as fury burned away a bit of the delirium. “You’re such an asshole.” His free hand lifted then spanked her already burning ass. She cried out more from indignation than actual pain. “I hate you!”

Before she could throw herself off his lap, his hand began to move between her thighs. He fucked her hard and fast as his free hand rained down more slaps on her abused posterior. She screamed and wiggled, but most of her movements drove his fingers deeper into her cunt.

His spanking hand began to stroke her burning ass cheeks, allowing the fire between her thighs to escalate. Within seconds she came so hard lights flashed before her eyes. But a new wave of heat crashed in on top of the release, leaving her anything but satisfied. He pulled his fingers free of her needful pussy and she moaned. Would he fuck her now for real, ride her over and over until the fire was extinguished for good?

Suddenly he stood and tossed her over his shoulder. Her breath whooshed out, cutting short her indignant cry. Instead of throwing her on the bed as she’d hoped, he took her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. “Your temperature just spiked. We have to cool you down or your brain will fry.”

How the hell did he know what her temperature was? Well, half his hand had been in her pussy. That probably gave him a pretty good idea. He placed her beside the shower and pinned her against the wall with one hand. She tried to hit him, but his long arm kept his body out of reach. Her pants were still tangled around her ankles, which made kicking him impossible.

Before she could figure out another way to hurt him, he’d kicked off his boots and tugged off hers. He paused only long enough to rid her of her pants before he pushed her beneath the cool spray, blocking her retreat with his body.

“That’s cold!” She pressed herself against the far wall, trying to avoid the water.

“It’s tepid. You’re feverish.”

He continued to undress with alarming speed, so she grabbed the handles, debating which way to turn. With the water still streaming over her body, she didn’t want to scald herself. Before she could choose, he stepped up behind her and dragged her hands away from the controls. Her pulse raced, fire erupted between her thighs, and her bottom throbbed like a son of a bitch. If she was feverish, why could she feel heat emanating off him?

“I’m not going to fuck you!” She couldn’t look at him, didn’t trust her reaction. The spanking, make that spankings, had calmed her body well enough to make her obstinate again. “Why can’t the doctor inject me with whatever is in your… There has to be a medical treatment for this.”

“The antigen can’t be synthesized.” He turned her around, his hands lingering on her shoulders. He didn’t speak again until she looked into his eyes. “Scientists have been studying the phenomenon for decades. Unless the antigen is passed directly from one body to another while both are sexually aroused, it has no effect on the virus.”

“That’s ridiculous.” But Mark had insisted the strength of the transfer was determined by Karla’s arousal. It was either true or a well-rehearsed lie used to justify their lechery. “Who would engineer this into a biological weapon? It doesn’t make sense.”

“They wanted it spread quickly among the adult population. It makes perfect sense.”

He started unfastening her uniform top and she grasped his wrists, water streaming over her face and down her body. “How can fucking both spread the virus and put it into remission?”

Returning his hands to her shoulders, he leaned in and brushed the crest of her cheek with his lips. “The longer we wait, the wilder you’ll become. The only reason you’re rational at all is because I spanked you.”

“Afraid you won’t be able to control me if we wait a while longer?” She regretted the question as soon as she heard the challenge in her tone.

“Do you want me to control you?”

“I want to understand why this is necessary.” It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t accurate either. The thought of being controlled by Mal Ton teased her imagination and fueled the inferno building inside her. She’d never had a lover willing, or able, to physically dominate her. Until now.

“The initial contagion, what they used in the biological weapon, was inhaled. But the virus can only survive for a matter of minutes in its airborne state. Far more often it’s passed from person to person through close contact.”

“Then how the hell did we end up with it?” After the initial shock of the water passed, she was able to relax a bit, to think more clearly. “Sexual interaction with the guards didn’t start until after we had symptoms, which means we were already infected.”

“The counteragent stabilizes the symptoms, but none of us is actually cured. If a person has symptoms at any time, they’re also contagious.”

“The virus goes in and out of remission, like cancer?”

“Something like that.” He made an impatient sound in the back of his throat. “Nearly everyone in this star system has been exposed to the virus, which means we’re all contagious to some degree. Humans have no resistance to the virus, so the slightest exposure—levels that don’t affect us—would have resulted in the onset illness. I don’t think your exposure was deliberate. You were just kept from receiving the counteragent when your ship was shot down.”

“Well, the sexual stimulant was definitely deliberate. Those bastards included the stimulant to ensure the virus spreads as quickly as possible.”

It wasn’t actually a question, but he said, “Yes. And it’s not just the stimulant. When people improve after having sex, it seems logical to repeat the ‘treatment.’”

She shuddered, appalled by the ruthless design. “People fuck each other, thinking they’re providing a cure when in reality they’re spreading the infection. And the compulsion comes back regardless of how many people… Who the hell came up with this?”

“I’ll give you a detailed history once you’re past this crisis.”

“The guard said pregnancy isn’t a risk. Was he telling the truth?”

“Yes. Having sex with me won’t give you little alien babies.” One corner of his mouth formed a sardonic smile and a fresh rush of heat assailed her system.

“Will Karla and the others need more of the antigen?”

He shook his head and wrapped his fingers around the nape of her neck. “They’re safe. And so are you.”

She wanted to believe him, but it was only partly true. She wouldn’t be safe until she allowed him to give her the antigen. Gazing into his eyes, the temptation took root and swept through her in languid waves.

“I’d rather do this while you’re still rational. We’re running out of time.” He tried to pull her closer. She shoved against his chest. “If I hadn’t had my fingers inside you, I’d swear you were a virgin. Why the hell are you so resistant?”

“I generally know a man for more than an hour before I have sex with him.”

One of his brows arched in silent challenge. “You’ve never been tempted to indulge your fantasies?”

“What would you know about my fantasies?”

He responded with action instead of words. His long arms wrapped around her and his mouth settled over hers. Lorelle balled her hands into fists, clinging to the last few fibers of her stubborn nature. It felt wonderful to be held. Another fiber snapped. His lips were warm and patient. He teased and caressed when she’d expected force.

“Open your mouth,” he whispered against her damp lips.

Hard and hot, his body enveloped her. He pushed his knee between her thighs, pulling her hips forward until his erection aligned with her belly. Her mound rubbed against the unyielding muscle in his leg, compounding the ache already pulsing there.

Her startled gasp allowed him to deepen the kiss. His tongue eased past her lips and his fingers tangled in her hair. Tension coiled. Her legs trembled and reality spun away. She’d been taken from her home world without explanation, much less permission. Now she was expected to yield her body as well?

With a frantic tug, she freed her mouth from his sensual assault. “I won’t do this! I can fight the urge for a few more hours.”

“Lorelle,” he framed her face with his hands and stared into her eyes, “in a few more hours you’ll be feral. Your DNA will recode and there’s no cure once that transformation begins. I understand your need to resist. No warrior wants to surrender, but I will not rape you. I’m asking you to let me ease your pain.”

Her body shook. Never in her life had she lost a battle; there had been occasional retreats, but never a surrender. “If I say no?”

“I’ll do what I can to minimize your suffering.”

Her heart lurched and she glanced away. “I… don’t want to die.”

“I know.” He stroked her jaw with his knuckles, his voice soft and low. “Say the word and we’ll fight this thing together.”

Mal Ton watched the rapid rise and fall of her breasts. The conflict emanating from her was nearly as intense as the heat. She kept her face turned away, yet her nipples formed distinct peaks beneath the wet material. He admired her determination. Still, they’d postponed this as long as they dared. He was about to repeat the directive when she pulled her top over her head and handed it to him. She looked so forlorn, it was all he could do not to crush her to his chest and stroke her hair. All the tenderness in the world wouldn’t save her right now. Tenderness? When had he ever been tempted by tenderness?

He tossed the soggy top over the shower partition and it landed with a wet splat. She still wouldn’t look at him, so he glanced at her naked breasts. High and round, the firm mounds would fill his palms. Her nipples were deeply flushed and tightly erect.

She drew in a deep, shaky breath and her breasts quivered. “If I find out this wasn’t necessary…”

Grasping her chin, he tilted her head until their gazes locked. “I’m not going to hurt you. Some people actually enjoy this.”

“I’ve accepted that it needs to be done, but I have no intention of enjoying it.”

He laughed and pulled her arms behind her back. “That, sweetheart, sounds like a challenge. And I love a good challenge.” Mutant fire stung his eyes as he gazed at her trembling body. Long, lean legs flared to gently rounded hips. His gaze skimmed over her pussy. Once he allowed his eyes to linger there, he’d be hard-pressed to look anywhere else. Her waist was trim and he would never tire of her breasts. Her ass was just as delectable, but he couldn’t see the firm, well-reddened curves right now.

His cock twitched and his balls tingled. Everything about her was exotic and arousing. From the ivory pallor of her skin to the unusual color of her eyes, she was… alien. Only her dark, wavy hair could have belonged to a Stilox female.

“What’s wrong?” Her hushed question drew his gaze back to her face.

“You’re absolutely stunning.” He covered her mouth with his, pleased to find her lips pliant if not yet responsive. After stroking the silken interior for several moments, he sucked her tongue into his mouth. She yelped and jerked back. “Are you always so skittish?” Her defiance gusted through him, yet he sensed a core of vulnerability. She might be a well-trained soldier, but she was still frightened and overwhelmed.

Guiding her hands to his shoulders, he leaned in close. “You kiss me this time. I promise I’ll behave.”

She pushed to the balls of her feet and fit her mouth over his. He didn’t rush her, didn’t attempt to take control. Her exploration began tentatively. She traced the shape of his lips with the tip of her tongue, her breath warm and teasing. By the time she delved inside, he was ravenous. She curled her tongue around his and he fought back a groan. Encouraged by her response, he forced himself to relax and let her set the pace.

Her skin was hot, not passion-flushed but feverish. He wanted to take her to his bed, to stretch out beside her and explore her curvaceous body at his leisure. No matter how appealing he found the idea, he couldn’t risk it until her fever broke. Reaching behind her without separating their mouths, he decreased the water pressure to a cool drizzle.

She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her soft breasts against his chest. His hands ran up and down her back, cupping her hot, red bottom as he rubbed against her belly. Needing stability and leverage, he backed her against the wall. Her shoulders connected with the tiles and he took the kiss deeper. As hard as he’d spanked her, the tiles would feel good against her inflamed skin.

Keeping their lower bodies flush, he eased his hand between them and cupped her breast. Just as he knew it would, the warm mound fit perfectly in his palm. He didn’t want to forfeit the sweetness of their kisses, but her nipple begged for attention. She rested her head against the wall and arched, obviously anxious for the first touch of his mouth.

Her nipples gathered into pebble-hard points. He brushed his thumb over one and then the other. Her eyes drifted shut as he bent his head and caught one tight crest between his lips. He’d only meant to suck for a moment and then move on, but her skin was intoxicating.

He caressed her bottom and the back of her thighs while his mouth continued to suck. Her fingers closed around his dreadlocks, pressing him close, then pushing him away. The battle was not yet won. She had accepted the inevitability, but that would never be enough. He wouldn’t be satisfied until she abandoned herself to the pleasure and submitted to his control. He ignored her indecision and savored the delectable rasp of her nipple against his tongue.

His knee nudged her legs apart and he covered her mound with his fingers. She tensed but didn’t try to stop him. Amplified by her fever, her pussy radiated heat. He wanted to lift her, wrap her legs around his waist, and feel her hot cunt envelop his shaft. But he wanted more from her than begrudging acceptance. He wanted more for her. Keeping her pressed against the wall, he knelt and grasped her hips. Her bush was neatly trimmed, offering a teasing glimpse of her feminine folds.

“Make room for my hand.” Her thighs flexed then she moved her legs apart. He traced her slit with his middle finger, teasing without parting her delicate flesh. She rocked her hips and grasped his shoulders, needful murmurs escaping her throat. “If you want more, show me.”

Her fingernails bit into his skin. Why was she still fighting? He could sense her need, feel the urgency pounding through her. She doesn’t know you. She has no reason to trust you.

He was about to reassure her when she canted her hips and relaxed her thighs. His finger slipped between her folds and he groaned. She was slick and hot just as she’d been while he spanked her. Unable to resist the temptation, he pushed into her core. Her inner muscles gripped him firmly. With a swirl of his wrist, he added a second finger, pulling nearly out before driving back in.

“Oh!” She arched into his next thrust. The forceful motion jostled her breasts. “God, that feels good.”

Pumping steadily with his hand, he inhaled her tantalizing scent. The musky tang made him wild, made him eager to taste the slickness coating his fingers. He kissed her belly and caressed her with his breath then parted her outer lips and exposed her clit.

The tiny nub was hugely swollen. She was so wonderfully responsive. He circled her with the tip of his tongue then caught the delicate hood between his lips. Her passage contracted with every gentle pull. He drove his fingers deep and flicked his tongue across the sensitive cluster of nerves.

She cried out, her pussy squeezing hard as she came. He prolonged the spasms with his mouth and slowly drew his fingers out.

“Let me taste you, really taste you. Do you like that?” It was so unlike him to ask. He generally took what he wanted with enough intensity to convince his lovers they wanted it too. Lorelle was different. He didn’t want her stiff with resignation. He wanted her writhing and begging for more.

Her violet gaze smoldered as she looked around the crowded shower stall. “How?”

His grin was unabashedly sexual. Draping one of her legs over his shoulder, he pressed his lips to her slit. With long, thorough licks and careful little nibbles he soon had her rocking against his mouth. She rolled her head back and forth, her fingers curved around the back of his head. Her scent filled his nose and her essence coated his tongue, evocative and addictive. Pushing up into the very heart of her, he savored her softness and heat.

Another orgasm built inside her. Gathering speed and force, the contractions curled around his tongue. She gasped, shaking uncontrollably as her pleasure saturated his empathic receptors.

Before the last spasm receded, he shot to his feet and found her entrance with the head of his cock. Her leg slid across his shoulder and down his arm, her knee neatly hooking his elbow. Her cunt surrounded him, wet and hot, yet incredibly tight. He gritted his teeth as he fought off the urge to ram his full length inside her.

“We can’t… do it like this,” she ground out in a strangled whisper. “I’m too heavy.”

He hid his smile against her hair. She’d tensed so suddenly he was afraid he’d hurt her poor abused ass. “We’ll be fine, sweetheart. I’m stronger than I look.”

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