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His Firm Direction by Alexis Alvarez – Extended Preview

Her stomach lurched even more than before. Now that she was naked, and the spanking was imminent, she was at once terrified and aroused. What if it hurt too much?

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

He sat down beside her. “I’m going to spank you, Cleo.” His voice was firm, implacable. “I’m going to put you over my lap, spank your pretty little ass until you cry. I’m going to spank you with my hand,” he told her, his voice low and firm. “I’ll start out light to warm you up, then it will get harder. It’s going to hurt, and you’re going to ask me to stop. I’m not going to. I’ll stop when I think you’ve had enough, and then you’ll get the extra ones that you just earned.”

“Axel, no!” What if it was too hard? “What if I really can’t handle it?” She sucked in air, breathless.

“I’ll watch your responses,” he promised. “It’s a punishment, but like I said, I won’t dole out more than you can take.”

“But why do you even need to punish me?” They were playing, right? At least, sort of? She wasn’t entirely sure. He seemed so serious.

“To remind you about how bad your behavior was in the beginning, with the crew, before we had our come to Jesus talk,” he said. “To hold you accountable and help your behavior stay appropriate… Do you agree that you need punishment for that?”

“No! You even told me to stop apologizing for it. So why should I be punished for it?” She still felt guilty about it, though, even now that she was being her usual supportive self. The look on Martin’s face that day when he’d confronted her. The way Laska even said she’d had to miss an important clinic volunteer function. She still remembered that, and she hadn’t let it go. “How will spanking make that better?”

“Well, it won’t,” he said. “You’ll make it better.”


He smiled and continued, “But accepting a spanking, for some people, is a trigger that allows them to purge out the toxic emotions they keep carrying around. Crying over the spanking leads to an emotional catharsis that clears your brain. You’re the one who brought it up time and again, these past few days. I can tell it’s still biting you. You can’t let it go. Maybe a good hard spanking will give you the opportunity to get it out of your head. For kinky people who enjoy rough sex and spanking anyway, roleplaying it like that just seems to work, sometimes. The endorphin rush, the chemical purge… I don’t know how the fuck brains work, just that sometimes it does.”

Then he added, in an undertone, touching her thigh, “Besides, I like spanking bad girls like you. It gets me hot. And the more turned on I get, the better I make things for you. I’ve also found that when bad girls get punished, they fuck so much better. Don’t you want to see how that works?” He raised an eyebrow.

“But I don’t know if I want to be punished.” In her mind, at home in bed, touching herself, it had seemed sexy and erotic: Being spanked by a handsome man. By Axel. Here in real life, though, it seemed… more powerful.

“Over my lap.” He took her into his arms and pulled her over smoothly, and in a second she was draped over his thighs like she’d been at practice, although this time it was clear she was really going to get a spanking. “Feel okay?” He adjusted her. “There you go.”

Before she had a chance to think about it further, she felt his hand on her ass. She flinched, startled, then cried out when he pulled back and gave her a sharp spank on her right buttock. “Ow, Axel. That hurt.” She reached back to rub it.

He grabbed her hand, put it back in front of her. “No. Hands in front. No reaching back.”

She didn’t answer, and he slapped her on her left buttock, then again, harder, in the exact same spot, making her hiss out her breath and shoot her hand back to rub.

“What did I say about hands?” He took her hand and gently but firmly moved it again. Then he slapped her ass.

“Ouch! You said not to reach back.”

“That’s right.” He gave her a short flurry of spanks that made her wiggle. “So are you going to reach back?”

“No! Ow, ow. No, I won’t. Ouch.” She whimpered at a harder slap, twisting her fingers together in front of her face. “Axel, are you done?”

He laughed. “We’re just getting started, Cleo. And while I discipline you, I’m Sir. If you call me Axel, it means extra spanks.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she shot out, and gasped when he rained several slaps on her ass, first on one cheek, then the other.

“Ouch! I’m sorry. Please, stop. Not so hard.”

“What do you call me during a spanking?” He rested his hand on her skin, then rubbed in circles. Her ass stung, and coupled with his soft touch now, the two warring sensations—mild pain and gentle soothing touch—were an amazing combination. She shifted her hips, trying to understand and process this brand new experience.

“Sir! I’m sorry, Sir.” His hands were light on her body, although firm, and she knew that she could get up and walk out. She could tell him to stop, and he would. But she didn’t say it.

“How does it feel?” He continued rubbing, gave her a small, sharp spank that made her jerk, and rubbed. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, but it feels good,” she answered, breathless, and pushed her hips down into his lap, then up to his hand. “It’s weird. But I like it.”

“You like it?” He laughed. “I thought you would. Remember?”

“You don’t need to be smug,” she complained, but her voice lacked a bite. She closed her eyes, just enjoying his warmth.

“I’m not smug, I’m glad,” he answered. “Ready to go again?”

“I don’t know,” she murmured. “This feels so good right now.”

“Oh, but you have a lot more spanking to go before I spend any real time caressing you,” he warned, and laughed when she twisted around to look at his face. “But you’ll like it,” he said, bending his head down. “Even when it hurts. Head back down.” His voice got firmer. “Behave, or it will be harder.”

“Axel, I—”

“Sir. Last reminder. It’s up to you to remember from now on.”

“Sir, I just don’t know if I…” Her voice trailed off. “Fine. Whatever. I’m ready.”

“Good job with the Sir, but it’s only going to get harder, so brace yourself,” he warned her, and his hand fell again and again, first on the left cheek, then the right. Soon he was slapping her three or four times in a row on one cheek, in the same spot, making her whine and cry out. Then he switched to repeat the treatment on the other side until she squirmed and begged.

When her bottom began to sting harder, she shifted, trying to get away from his punishing hand, but he held her in place without effort. “Cleo, stop trying to get away. You are to accept the punishment without complaint, or you’ll get extras with my belt.

“No! Please, not the belt,” she cried out. “I’ll be good.” She forced herself to still her hips, although she wanted to push and pull, to do anything to get away from his hard, heavy hand.

Now he began spanking in earnest, lifting his hand up high and bringing it down with force, slaps that echoed around the room and had her begging for mercy and genuinely twisting, trying to get away. It hurt. Not the kind of pain that felt like it would leave injuries, or anything, but fuck! Who knew a spanking actually hurt?

“Axel, Sir. It hurts so much. It burns, it stings, it’s on fire.” She jerked her hips to pull away from his punishing hand. “Ow.”

In response, he slapped again, concentrating on the tender skin at the base of her thighs, make her moan and writhe. The pain in her rear was intense, but another feeling matched it, that of arousal. She could feel new moisture between her legs, and even though the spanking hurt ferociously, she didn’t want him to stop, not exactly. If only he’d lighten up a bit, or rub it again, soothe the wicked burn, let that warm feeling grow, the one that was igniting in her belly. She pushed her clit into his legs, hard, trying for some relief, and felt him under her body—he was hard. He was aroused by this, too.

“Axel,” she begged. “Please just give me a break and rub my ass again. That felt so good. Please.”

“Sorry, Cleo.” His voice held remorse and resolve. “This is supposed to be punishment, so no more rubbing until it’s over. It’s time for those extras you earned… the ones with the belt. Don’t touch your ass.”

Adrenaline swirled through her body and she swiveled to look at his face.

“Watch what I’m doing, Cleo,” he ordered, shifting her so she was sitting on the couch.

“Ow! My butt is already sore,” she complained, but at a stern look from him she stayed seated, although she shifted uncomfortably on the rough fabric, which made the stinging more prominent.

“No, please,” she begged, anxiety flooding her as he deliberately held her eyes, pulling the belt from the loops with a soft swish. He folded it over and slapped it into his palm, and she jumped. “God! Axel.”

“Sir.” He nodded his chin at her. “In just a second, you’re going to get up on your knees and lean over the back of the couch. Keep your thighs spread wide. You’re getting ten hard ones with the belt. After that, I think you’ll be properly contrite.”




“Twelve. I suggest you stop arguing, Cleo, if you don’t want the count to go higher.” He took the panties from his pocket and tossed them to her; startled, she caught them. “Slide these back on, but only up to your thighs. Now.”

“But why?”

“Because I like the way it looks.”

She bit her lip and bent down to put on the panties. She stopped just short of her ass cheeks. “Like this?”

“Exactly. Very nice.” He raised one eyebrow. “Get into position. Now.”

She gave him a pleading look, and when she saw that he wasn’t going to change his mind, she slowly got up onto the couch, burning at the fact that her underpants were twisted around her thighs. It somehow seemed lewder than being fully naked. She leaned into the couch and spread her legs until the panties prevented her from further movement. “That’s all I can do,” she said, her voice hitching.

“Good. Lean your head on your arms and relax your body. This is going to hurt, but when we’re done, you’ll feel better.”

“No, I won’t.” She was sure he was wrong, and when the belt fell, she knew it. “Ow!” she wailed. The stripe was etched into her body, she could feel the indentation, the hot bite of fire, the needles of pain. “I can’t do twelve.”

“You can. Lean forward into the couch. Hands down, head down. Spread your legs. Yeah, like that.” He used his broad palms to spread her thighs, and suddenly her mind was consumed with ideas of his fingers moving higher, into her wetness. “Fuck, Cleo,” he swore. “You’re so wet.” She heard his breathing, rough. “Spanking really turns you on,” he murmured.

She hid her face in her arms and mumbled into the fabric of the couch. “Don’t mock me.”

“I’m not mocking you. If you weren’t aroused, we couldn’t do this. I fucking love that it gets you hot.” He stroked her softly, and she gasped and pushed into his hand. “See how good it all feels together?”

He ran his fingers over her clit, chuckling at her whimper, the way she sought him with her body. “How the sting in your ass only accentuates the pleasure… here?” He dipped two fingers into her body and probed softly, finding the spot that made her wild, and she moaned out her reply. “But I’m going to make you wait, and redden that ass just a bit more, because you deserve it. Don’t you.”

She shuddered at his touch. “Axel, please.”

His voice became stern. “Don’t you, Cleo.”

She bit her lip. “Yes, I do deserve… more. As much as you think necessary.” Saying the words, the humiliating words, made new moisture surge between her thighs. Her sensations were all mixed up—the pain, the arousal, the need to come, his voice. She shifted from knee to knee, wanting to rub her ass, wanting him to stroke her clit, wanting him to fuck her. She was one big ball of unfulfilled sensation.

“Good answer.” He stroked her one more time, then withdrew his fingers, and she made a noise of dissatisfaction. “Now keep your body still for this. I want you to feel my belt across your disobedient ass and know that each stroke is turning it red for me.”

She heard the swish of the leather in the air and once again the pain blossomed on her ass, strong and fierce, and she gasped, even though she had meant to take it in silence. “I can’t! It hurts.”

“Back down.” He brought his hand to the small of her back and pressed, and the warmth of his touch calmed her.

She pushed her hips into the couch, wishing she could push them into his, and when the belt flew at her skin a third time, she muffled her cry in her hands, letting her skin absorb the pain. The discomfort was starting to outweigh the arousal. She clenched her ass cheeks and stiffened her whole body, shoulders, and quads so tight they were like iron, and took a deep breath, bracing for the next stroke.

It didn’t come. The belt hit the floor and his hand stroked her ass. “It’s okay, then, we’re done,” he soothed her. “You took a good hard punishment, and I’m proud of you.” He rubbed her skin lightly in circles. “See, I told you’d I’d watch your responses.” He sounded a little cocky.

She wiped her eyes, her whole body going limp with relief, and then new arousal. The fact that he was so in tune with her body, so fast!—who could do that? That just made him even sexier. She trusted him more than ever.

“Are you going to give me the other nine?” she said, at once terrified that he’d say yes, and wishing he’d say yes, both at the same time.

“No,” he murmured. “You’ve been sufficiently punished.” He sat on the couch beside her, and he drew her into his arms, nearly naked from the waist down, to sit on his jean-clad thighs. The touch of her sensitive skin to the fabric made her hiss out, but he held her firmly, making her sit there, and stroked her back and hair while she breathed into his neck and face.

This was completely new to her, and she had no idea what she should do now. But he touched her chin, making her look into his eyes. Their faces were close, so close that she could see his long lashes, examine the patterns in his irises. She could see the tiny wrinkles at the sides of his eyes, feel the warmth of his breath. It was intense and intimate, to sit naked on his lap, looking into his face, with a sore and punished ass.

“Are you all right?” His voice was serious, and he held her chin so she could not look away. Mesmerized by his eyes, she nodded.


“Tell me why I spanked you.” He held her gaze. “Why did you deserve to be punished?”

“I didn’t deserve it,” she retorted.

“Uh-uh, that’s not the right answer,” he chided her. “Or do you want the last strokes with the belt?” He raised one eyebrow and gestured to the belt. “I can put you right back over the couch and give you more spanks, good hard ones. You’ll be a little sorer tomorrow than you’d planned, I bet, but you’ll learn to be obedient when we’re together like this.” He grinned. “Yes?”

So they were still doing the game thing. And she liked it, even though she hated this part. Sort of. She hesitated. “Do I have to say it?” Even if it was roleplay, not totally real, it was real enough to be embarrassing.

He smiled. “You do. Look into my eyes and tell me very honestly and earnestly about what you did wrong, and how good for me you’ll be next time.”

“But that’s demeaning.” Pissed, she tried to pull away.

He held her chin in place. “Cleo?”

She felt her face turn hot. “Because I was being a diva and messing up rehearsal for everyone, making them stay late, delaying our readiness. Because I was rude to you in front of the crew. I’m so sorry.” And she was sorry about it. She’d built her reputation on her skill but also on her interpersonal skills, and she was sick and angry at herself that she’d been acting like this for so long. Hopefully she hadn’t alienated too many other actors.

He nodded. “I want you to get your head on straight so you can rock this part to hell and back and get the reviews of your dreams. Okay? I want your success. And I don’t want to see you ruin your chances because you’re afraid of a role.”

“I’m not afraid of it.” She wiped her eye, a sudden tear surprising her.

He grabbed a tissue from the box on the coffee table and handed it to her. “I think you were. I think you were afraid to try to get into the character’s head, because you were afraid you’d like it too much. Scared you’d understand it, because you thought that was at odds with your feminism.”

She squeezed her thighs together and wiggled on his lap, tossed the tissue to the floor. “Axel.”

“So now that you’ve been spanked for it, you’re going to let it go, understand? No more talking about it. Move forward, not backward. Clear?”

“Yes, fine.” She nodded vehemently. “I need—I need…”

“I want to be sure.” He took her chin again and looked into her eyes. “You really are forgiven, okay? By yourself. You don’t need to worry about me. I let go of it a long time ago.”

She nodded. “Yes, and now can we do my reward?” She lowered her hand to his lap, where he was rock hard through his jeans. “I feel like you’re interested in a reward, too.” She leaned in and breathed into his neck, and licked his skin. “I want to touch you and taste you,” she whispered.

“Soon.” He pulled her back to look into her eyes. “I think punishment is really going to work with you, Cleo, so we’re going to do it again when you need it. But next time I have to spank you for bad behavior, it’s going to be longer and harder than this one. If you think this stings, just imagine what it will feel like to get a more serious punishment with the belt, or maybe a crop. Do you want that?”

She shuddered. Her ass was still sore, pulsing with the beat of her heart. “No. I don’t.” Even though she kind of did. It was messed up, it was hard to wrap her mind around, and she didn’t fucking care. This was a rush and she loved it.

“So what do you need to do to stay off my lap?” He gave her a stern look that had her heart racing.

I don’t want to stay off your lap. But she certainly didn’t want a harder spanking; that was for sure. This one had been hard enough, thank you. “I need to—” she flushed, but carried on, “be professional. No tantrums? I guess? Try—not to mock the role. Try to do my best to get into the character’s head.”

“Good. That’s all I ask. Stand up now.”

She did, and reached for her panties, but he stopped her. “No. First I want you to stand in the corner for five minutes, panties around your thighs, legs spread nice and wide, and think about what I did, and how it will be worse next time. It’s not a long time, but it will remind you to be humble. Make sure the panties don’t fall down, either.”

“But I don’t want to go into the corner,” she argued. “It will be weird and demeaning.”

“No,” he said. “The corner is for contemplation about what’s coming next. It’s for reflection on the delights that await. It’s a blank slate, touching your nose, a canvas on which to paint all of the sexy things we’re going to do later on, when your punishment is done. It’s your submission laid bare.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Yes, a little. I like embarrassing you.”

“Why shouldn’t you be in the corner?” she complained, still not moving toward it.

“How do you know I’m not?” he countered. “When I’m out there, and all I can think of is you, waiting here for me, naked, don’t you think I’m backed into my own corner?”

“Corners seem boring.”

“Then you’re doing it wrong,” he said, his voice silky. “It should be anything but boring, Cleo. You should be entirely focused on what I’ll do when I come in. Will I spank you again? Fuck you? If you don’t get wet and breathless in that corner, it’s not working.”

She sniffled and looked toward the corner.

“Try it once and see. A fair try. And Cleo?”


“You touch your ass even one time in the next five minutes, and I will give you those last strokes with the belt.”

He was right. Standing in the corner, her nose to the wall, was the most embarrassing, crazy, erotic thing she’d done. She could see herself in her mind, ass red and naked, her thighs apart, showing her arousal. Her body, still, just awaiting his command. Knowing that she was standing there in this submissive position just because he wished it, because he had told her to do it, made her even wetter. She hated being in the corner; she loved it; she was angry; she was exultant. And she was dying for his touch.

When he finally came up to her, she started to lower her arms, and he ordered, “Leave them. I’ll tell you when to change position.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said softly, shifting her stance. He ran one hand over her buttocks. “Nice and pink, still. Sore?”

She nodded. “A little.”

“Good.” There was approval in his voice. “I like to have you a little sore, Cleo. I’m going to keep you that way often. I think it’s going to really help you get into your submission.”

She bit her lip. “Yes, Sir.”

He grabbed a handful of her hair and fisted it, then leaned into her neck and whispered, “Sometimes, I’m even going to spank you in my office at the theater when everyone’s out on stage. I’m going to spank you nice and hard until you whine and beg me to stop. Then I’ll make you stand in the corner there while I go talk to the crew for a few minutes. How would you like that?”

“No, Axel, that would be so inappropriate and unprofessional! What if someone saw?” she whined, but just the thought of being mastered like that, a mixture of public and private, was enough to have her rubbing her thighs together, her arousal driving her mad. “You can’t.” She adjusted her position, closing her legs.

“Oh, but I can,” he rejoined. “And I will. And you’ll take it. And if I have tell you to get down on your knees and suck me off right there after your spanking, you’re going to do it.” His fingers strayed to the front of her body, made their way down her flat stomach. He cupped her mound and let one finger drift to her clit. “Aren’t you.”

“Y-yes,” she whispered.

“Spread your legs back out a few inches. Like that. Stay there,” he ordered, then started teasing her clit with his fingers. “Tell me what you’d do in my office at work. Make it good, or I’ll stop touching you and spank your ass instead.”


He didn’t reply, but removed his hand from her pussy and cracked her across the thighs, once and again, hard.

“Ouch! Axel, ow!” She jumped, reached back.

“No. Hands back up.” He slapped again, and again. “You disobey, you get two each time. You stop pleasing me with your words, you get spanked until you correct yourself.”

“But my ass is already sore.”

He slapped again, twice. “Then you better start talking, now.”

She took a breath and put her hands back up, fingers laced behind her head. “Okay, I’ll… I’ll let you spank me in your office. I’ll…” She got into the role, thinking of how sexy it would be to tease him by getting naked.

“Maybe I’d surprise you, Axel. I’d sneak into your office and be naked when you got back, what do you think of that? I’d be totally stripped bare, and you’d come in to find me on my hands and knees on your desk, my pussy pointing right at the door, so the first thing you’d see would be how wet I am for you.”

He made a sound of approval and put his fingers back onto her body, and stroked. She purred and leaned back into his embrace, but left her arms up behind her head, not wanting more spanks at this point. She continued, “I’d have my thighs open wide so you could see me and have easy access, Axel. And I’d have a nice little paddle right beside me on the desk, or a hairbrush, so you could punish me if you wanted. I’d open my legs and let you spank me as long as you thought necessary, even if it made me cry and beg.”

“Fuck, Cleo.” He thrust two fingers into her pussy and swirled, and with his other hand, he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She moaned and arched her back into him, pressing into his body. “I want to touch you,” she begged.

“No. Not yet. Keep talking.” For emphasis, he took his hand from her nipple and slapped her right hip a few times.

“Ow! Okay, okay, I’m talking. So you’d paddle me until I begged, and if you told me to get on my knees on the floor and open your jeans, and suck your cock, I’d do it. You could thrust into my throat, Axel, and fuck my face as long as you wanted.” She could tell he liked this really dirty talk because he was hard against her and he was pleasuring her with his hand with such skill that she thought she’d come right there. “Oh, God, I’m—you’re already getting me so close. I want to…” she said.

“Don’t come without permission, Cleo,” he said, his voice silky but firm. “Or else I’ll put you back over my lap for another spanking.”

“I’m already sore!”

“So hold off, then,” he suggested. But the way he was holding her against his hips and rubbing her made it hard.

“Not—yes, right there, but if you keep doing that, I can’t hold it off!” she cried, in pleasure and alarm.

“Here? Like this?” He repeated the movement, holding her so she couldn’t move her hips away from his teasing touch. “And this?”

“God, yes! I can’t hold it!” She took a deep breath, trying to stave off the feeling that threatened to roll over her.

“We’re going to have to work on orgasm training,” he murmured, continuing the fingering without pause. “Train you to last longer, hold out. By the time I’m done with you, I could tease you like this for an entire hour and you wouldn’t come.”

“Not a whole hour!” She was as horrified as she was aroused. “I’d die.”

He laughed. “It can be a wonderful punishment, Cleo. Think about having me touch you incessantly, driving you mad, for an entire hour, then denying you the orgasm. Making you wait an entire day. How would you like that?”

“Axel, no, that’s mean. You wouldn’t,” she begged.

“Well, if you disobey or need punishment, I can get creative. It’s not just about spankings.”

“But it’s cruel to make someone wait!” She was almost delirious with the need to come.

“It’s hard, yeah,” he admitted. “That’s why it’s so effective. If you have to skip an orgasm when you really, really want one, and wait a whole day, think about how good you’ll be in the future to avoid that? Hmmm? Would you be good for me so you could earn your orgasms?”

“Yes, yes, please, I’ll be so good,” she begged. “I’ll do what you say, when you say it, just let me come. I have to come.”

“Not yet,” he whispered. “You can make it a little longer, I think. Remember, I will put you over my lap if you fail, and it will hurt. But if you hold out, you’ll be rewarded.”

“I’m trying!” Her face scrunched up with effort. And her body shook. “Axel, I—I literally can’t hold it anymore. Like, my body just can’t.”

He took mercy on her and ordered, “Okay, then come into the bedroom with me.” He took her hand and led her along with him, then said, “Now, lie back on the edge of the bed and spread your thighs.”

She obeyed instantly, relieved and excited, eager for what he’d do next.

“Good,” he said, and knelt down. “Keep those legs open and your hips glued to the bed. You move, I spank. Understood?”

“Yes, yes, Sir, please,” she babbled, and cried out, lurching her hips up to the ceiling at the first touch of his tongue to the tip of her clit. “Aaaaa, God,” she wailed, because it was so fucking good. She was so, so close. One more little lick and she’d be over the edge.

But instead of his tongue, she got a sharp slap on her inner thigh, then another. “Axel, ouch,” she complained.

“Legs up,” he ordered, taking both of her ankles in his hands. “Straight up. I told you not to move. Ten.”

Then he slapped her ass, hard, with a crack that echoed through the room like a gunshot. She jumped and cried out at the sudden sting of pain. “Ow. No!”

“Complain, and it’s twenty. I’m serious about disciplining you during this, so I suggest you obey. You can call red, but then we stop everything, yes? Try again later, sure, but it means you don’t get to come right now.”

She sucked in a breath. Would he really stop everything? Really? Not with his cock already so rock hard, he wouldn’t! Totally lying! But his face was stern. “I’m sorry.” The threat had her surging with new passion. Who knew being sexy-threatened could be so crazy hot?

“Good.” He spanked again and again, covering her ass and thighs with sharp fast spanks. She was wiggling by the time he was done.

“I won’t move again, I swear,” she begged.

“See that you don’t,” he said. He paused, looking at her with eyes burning, then kissed her lips. “God, you’re hot,” he said, and then, “Stay still.”

And then he was back between her legs and his mouth was on her pussy and all she could do was cry out as he licked up and swirled his tongue around, forcing herself to stay molded to the bed, lest she earn another set of spanks. And before long the surge was back, more powerful than before, the biggest crest she could imagine, and she rode it as long as she could, the feeling making her fly and gasp and burn, until she begged, “Please,” in a strangled voice. And this time he just said, “Come,” and she did, contorting, screaming, pushing into his mouth to get more, into the most phenomenal orgasm of her life.

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