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His Girl, His Rules by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

His Girl, His Rules by Morganna Williams

Glory barely had time to change into her favorite flannel gown and wash her face before the doorbell rang.

She frowned; who would come over to her house this late? Maybe Nat and Jess couldn’t wait until tomorrow to ask about her evening.

That had to be it! With a grin she swung the door open. “You couldn’t wait until tomorrow?”

The sight of Gabriel standing on her doorstep with a pair of lacy panties in his hand brought her hand to her throat in alarm.

“I certainly couldn’t, young lady,” he said firmly, herding her back into her hallway and pushing the door closed behind him. “In the future you’re not to answer the door without asking who it is and definitely not unless you’re dressed.”

Glory blinked up at him, still trying to process the fact that he was standing in her house at all, much less giving her instructions about stuff that wasn’t really his business.

“Am I understood?”

“Huh?” she asked as she licked suddenly dry lips.

“I asked if I was understood,” he explained helpfully.

“Understood about what? Why are you here?” Glory asked. “We finished, didn’t we?”

Gabriel quirked one eyebrow at her and folded his arms across his chest as he studied her, apparently prepared to wait her out.

She flushed and plucked at her gown anxiously. “I mean… we… well… I, er… I was kinda done and it was late… so…”

“Did I or did I not tell you to wait for me in my office?” he asked succinctly.

“Well… I… guess… sort of,” Glory finished lamely, still avoiding eye contact.

“Morning Glory Walters, I asked you a question and I expect an answer,” Gabriel said firmly.

She gulped, raising her flushed face to meet his stern gaze, “Oh, my gosh, did you just three-name me?”

“Glory.” He said her name warningly.

“Okay. Yes! I confess! You told me to wait and I left. I was kind of in a hurry so I…”

“You panicked and ran away,” Gabriel finished for her. “Our scene was not finished and you knew it.”

“I must have misunderstood,” she said rather lamely.

“Glory, you already have one punishment coming. Do you really want to add to it by lying to me?”

“P-punishment?” Glory began to back carefully down the hall away from the big dom. She felt very vulnerable standing there in just her nightgown without even a pair of panties underneath it.

Gabriel smiled and stalked slowly toward her, rolling up his sleeves as he advanced toward her retreating figure.

Glory’s eyes widened at his approach, then she turned in a blind panic to run and ran straight into a wall. Gabriel caught her, politely preventing her fall when she bounced off the wall backwards straight into his arms.


Gabriel bit back a laugh at the startled expression in her hazel eyes when she found herself back in his arms.

“Good girl,” he told her with a grin as he steered her toward the living room with the arm he had wrapped around her waist. “It’s always best to face a punishment immediately. I’m proud of you, sweetness.”

“Wait… what? I wasn’t… I mean, I…” Glory stammered as if she wasn’t quite sure how she found herself standing between his legs as he sat down in the center of her cream-colored sofa.

“What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” Gabriel asked her sternly, his eyes pinning her in place.

Her face filled with color. “I just couldn’t stay and…”

“You didn’t want to answer my questions.” Once again he finished for her.

She looked down. “No, sir.”

“Eyes on me, Glory,” he barked. Her wide eyes sprang back up to his and her chin began to quiver quite enchantingly. “You knew I expected you to be waiting in my office when I got back.”

“Yes, sir,” she said softly, her shoulders rounding dejectedly.

“You were naughty, weren’t you?” he asked her, watching her responses closely.

Eyes dilated, Glory gave a shudder before swallowing visibly and answering, “Yes, sir.”

There it was: the delicious response of a submissive who knew she’d earned a punishment she both feared and craved.

“What happens to naughty little girls?” Gabriel asked her, continuing to hold her gaze.

She shuddered again, letting her breath out in a little gasp, before she squeaked her answer, “They get spanked.”

“That’s right, naughty little girls get spanked on their bare bottoms,” he told her as he took her arm firmly and pulled her down over his lap.

“Wait! No! You can’t!” Glory came back to life, struggling to roll off his lap, but Gabriel held her easily in place.

“Be still!” he said, delivering two crisp swats to her flannel-covered bottom.

“Oh!” she cried out as she jerked in response to the swift spanks.

“Why are you here?” Gabriel asked firmly. “Why are you over my lap about to get your bare bottom spanked?”

“Stop saying that out loud!” she yelled, beginning to twist her body a little frantically.

Again he held her easily in place, marveling at the deep red color filling her face and neck as she looked up at him over her shoulder in a panic. Shaking his head with a sigh, he pulled the hem of her gown up to reveal her naked backside.

“Obviously I need to help you focus on the issue at hand,” he told her resolutely as he lifted his hand high and brought it back down hard on her white bottom. It bounced delightfully beneath his hand as he delivered swat after swat to her wriggling posterior.

“Oww! Ohh! Please! I’m sorry, sir!”

Raining his hand down hard and fast, Gabriel paid special attention to the under curve of her generous bottom as he delivered five swats to each sit spot. Then he stopped and stroked his hand over the area he’d just spanked.

“What are you sorry for, young lady?”


Glory couldn’t believe she was over a man’s knee getting her bottom spanked. It hurt way more than it did in her fantasies. His hand was hard! His palm now rubbed over her stinging flesh and she felt a gush of wetness between her thighs.

“Glory?” His hand fell again in four sharp swats.

“Oww! I’m sorry I left. I should have waited for you in the office,” she said in rush of breath. Did this mean her spanking would be over? Why did the thought of him stopping make her want to cry?

“Very good, now that we’ve established the reason for your spanking, we can start your punishment,” he told her soothingly as his hand continued to stroke her heated flesh.

Glory sighed, “Oh, good. Wait! What do you mean start my punishment?”

“Did you really think we were finished?” he asked in surprise.

“I didn’t really know. It’s not like this is an everyday occurrence or anything,” she said with a hint of snarkiness. Did he think she’d read the spanking rulebook or something?

“That just increased the number of swats from twenty to forty, young lady,” he told her sternly. “I’d keep the smart comments to myself if I were you.”

“Yes, sir,” she said softly.

She couldn’t believe she was over a man’s lap about to receive forty swats on her bare bottom for punishment. For years Glory had fantasized about a man taking her in hand quite literally, but now that it was happening she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

A loud clapping sound and a sudden stinging heat on her left cheek brought her out of her musings in a hurry. “Ouch!”

“Now that I have your attention again, are you ready to begin your punishment?” he asked as his large palm rubbed circles on her upturned backside.

“That one didn’t count either?” she asked in alarm.

“I have quite a healthy self-esteem, but I really do expect a sub’s attention on me and what I’m doing when spanking her. You will focus on your punishment without further side trips in your mind until I’m finished. Are we clear, young lady?”

“Yes, sir,” Glory said with another heated blush filling her face.

Then his hand fell hard and fast and she found she couldn’t do anything but focus on him, his hand, and the burning heat rapidly filling her poor vulnerable bottom.

“Ohh… oww… not so hard… not so fast… oohhhhh!” she cried and kicked, but he held her easily in place as his hand continued to fall in no discernible rhythm.

Tears were welling in her eyes and her bottom felt like it would burst into flame at any moment. Then he stopped and simply rested his hand on her heated flesh and Glory breathed a sigh of relief. It was over.

“Almost done, sweetness,” he told her as he caught her chin to make her look over her shoulder at him.

Crap, it wasn’t over!

“Remind me again why you’re over my lap getting your naughty bottom spanked like a little girl?”

If her face got any redder, Glory was sure she’d spontaneously combust; between the blush and the intense heat in her seat, it seemed like a distinct possibility.

“You told me to wait for you in your office and I left,” was her only answer.

“What should you have done?”

“Waited for you, sir,” she said with a miserable little sniffle.

“Very good.” He smiled at her then made a motion for her to put her face back down. “I plan to make these last ten memorable.”

Then his hand slapped down hard on the crease between her thigh and bottom; she stiffened and yelped when it fell again just as hard in the exact same place. Her eyes widened in horror as she realized he was going to do five on each side.

“No! Not in the same place… please… ooooohh!” she cried as tears filled her eyes and spilled over to run down her cheeks.

Gabriel ignored her pleas and delivered exactly what he’d promised: ten swats, five to each sit spot, and part of her reveled in the fact that he hadn’t given in to her pleas. Even though her bottom burned, she’d felt herself getting wetter and wetter throughout the punishment and the heat seemed to spread to other areas that wanted his attentions.

She groaned and arched her hips as the very palm that delivered her punishment began to stroke the hot, sore flesh of her bottom. When his fingers moved to press against the wet heat between her thighs, Glory moved her legs farther apart for him.

“Good girl. You’re so wet and hot,” Gabriel said as he sank two fingers deep inside her and began to move them in and out in an ever-increasing rhythm as he shifted her over his lap so her clit rode his knee with every inward thrust of his hand.

Glory’s breath began to come in short panting gasps and every muscle in her body began to tighten in preparation for an explosive orgasm. Then his other hand shifted between their bodies so he could pluck and pinch at her clit as his fingers worked in and out of her mercilessly.

Her body coiled tighter and tighter as she got closer to the edge… just as she was about to explode, all movement stopped.

“Noooo! Please, sir… please…” she whimpered, desperate in her need for release.

“What were you going to say you’d never had earlier in my office, Glory?” Gabriel asked.

Glory couldn’t think, she was so caught up in her need to come and the demanding pulse of her swollen clit between her thighs. “What?”

“When you said you’d never had an orgasm with a lover, you said you’d never actually, but then you didn’t finish. I need you to finish that sentence, Glory. What have you never actually had?” he asked implacably.

The hands that had been about to send her into nirvana now held her still, preventing her from rubbing against him or pressing her legs together to relieve the ache of need.

Glory turned her head to look over her shoulder at him and glare, her lips tightening as she shook her head at him defiantly.

The grin she got in return should have warned her.

Gabriel worked three fingers back inside her and pressed his thumb into her back hole as he began to pluck again at her clit.

His broad thumb seemed to rotate inside her ass as he continued to relentlessly thrust those three fingers in and out of her pulsing sheath. All the while Gabriel’s other hand continued to pluck and worry her poor abused clit until once again she was on the edge of shattering to pieces.

Again everything stopped, and Glory wailed in frustration.

“Answer the question, Glory,” he said firmly.

“Bite me!” she snapped, then yelped as the fingers working her clit were removed so he could deliver three sharp swats to each side of her already sore bottom. Then the fingers returned to torture her throbbing clit anew while his fingers and thumb worked in tandem to drive her insane.

He worked her hard and fast, bringing her to the edge again and again, only to stop just before she could go over.

“Please… please… I need to come,” she whimpered, tears of frustration and need falling from her as she begged.

“Answer my question, sweetness, and I’ll let you come,” he told her resolutely.

“Fine!” she shouted, glaring at him with tear-bright eyes. “I’ve never actually had a lover or had sex! I’ve never done the horizontal tango or mambo whatever you want to call it! I’m a virgin! Are you happy now?”

“Immeasurably,” he told her with an unrepentant grin as he twisted his fingers high against some magical spot inside her and pinched her clit hard.

Glory came, screaming his name as she writhed in her position over his knee. She’d barely managed to catch her breath before he did it again.

When she came back to herself, she was sitting up straddling him, resting against his chest. She looked up at him; as soon as she met his eyes, he brought his fingers to his lips and licked them clean. She felt everything between her legs clench tight at the sight of him licking her essence off his fingers.

Then he cupped her face between his hands and leaned down to capture her lips. Glory had at least been kissed before, but nothing prepared her for the way he seemed to devour her.

His tongue sank deep, claiming every inch of her mouth for his own; his kiss reeked of possession. He demanded her surrender as he conquered her, and Glory gave him everything. It was as if he took her very breath and gave it back to her.

Then Gabriel pulled away after pressing one last soft kiss against her lips. “It’s been a long night for you, sweetness. I think it’s time for bed.”

Then he lightly rested his hand on top of her quivering bottom. “Warm-up is done, sweetness. Now I am going to give you a lesson in proper behavior.”

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