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His Human Captive by Stella Rising – Extended Preview

“Hey!” I shout, glaring at Kest. “You can’t invade Earth! It’s not your world, you have no right!”

Kest returns my stare, shooting daggers back at me, but he doesn’t interrupt.

“If Earth is really in trouble, tell us how to fix it!” I argue. “Taking it over is just wrong.”

The pink Council member looks at me, then turns to Kest. “Tell us about your specimen,” she says. “Is it brave or just stupid?”


The telerings pull my wrists outward, holding my arms straight and level, and my ankles spread slightly. Kest gathers my hair in one fist and pulls it back. I seethe in his grip, but am helpless to fight against my restraints.

“She’s hardly stupid, Councilor. But it’s possible she’s too brave for her own good. When I met her hardly a day ago, she was running from agents who intended to execute her. Apparently, she had crossed a very powerful man. I took her with me because I didn’t want to come before you without a specimen, and if I’d left her, she’d now be dead. This has been a lot for her to process.”

“Interesting,” the councilor says.

“From what I have seen so far, this specimen, known as Haley Feyn, is an outlier among her species in both intelligence and courage.” His hands travel down to my hips and then up my stomach, rising to cup my breasts from below. “Her physical attributes are also quite pleasant, as you can see.”

I want to spit and curse, but the way Kest’s hands toy with my body make me groan blissfully. The watchful eyes of the Council burn into me, observing my every reaction. I feel like I’m being studied, and for some reason it’s scrambling my circuits. When I dare to open my eyes, the Council is indeed watching, men and women both, with great interest.

“She’s a lot shorter than optimal,” one of the males points out. “But their facial symmetry has more than reached standards.”

“Indeed, their race is capable of extraordinary beauty,” Kest agrees. “This one was not a model on her world, but she is certainly beautiful. She hasn’t received any cosmetic surgical augmentation that I can detect, and has not benefited from nanite therapy. This is an all-natural human.”

The pink councilor chuckles softly. “You sound rather smitten, Agent Kest.”

“I am,” he replies, not hesitating a moment. “In fact, I’d like to claim her.”

“A claim? No. We need her for testing,” says another Council member, a female with deep purple skin and platinum hair reaching down to her waist.

“I will make her available for testing, but I would claim her nevertheless,” Kest responds, squeezing my shoulders. I should be nervous about what they mean by testing, but I’m too lost in his touch to think. “In fact, it would be our pleasure to administer whatever tests you require. Isn’t that right, pet?” he asks, unbuttoning my blouse and revealing my plain white bra. The telerings raise my arms so Kest can easily remove both garments, leaving me topless and on display for the aliens.

Oh God oh God oh God!

“Yes, sir,” I mumble, panting deeply. Maybe I’m an idiot, but trusting Kest comes easily. I don’t think he’d make a point of ‘claiming’ me, only to subject me to tests that would cause harm.

“Very well,” says the pink councilor. “We can grant your claim. But, your human has breached Council etiquette with her outburst. We assume you warned her in advance not to interrupt, meaning a proper punishment is now warranted. Discipline her for us now, Agent Kest, and if her response meets our expectations, we shall certify your claim.”

The other councilors nod in agreement, eyeing me with interest. I blush, humiliated by the lust in their eyes.

Kest stands up straight and nods. “With pleasure, Councilor.”

I moan, hardly believing what’s happening. The telerings pull my ankles back together, planting my feet firmly, and then the collar around my neck pulls downward, forcing me to bend over. As this happens, Kest slowly draws down my skirt and panties, revealing my ass to everyone in attendance and stripping me completely.

Shock and disbelief inject me with adrenaline; my heart races in my chest. When Kest runs his hands over my bare bottom, the sound that comes out of me is throaty and raw. It turns into a shriek very suddenly, as Kest spreads my cheeks and examines me. Sweat runs from my temples as my face burns, mortified by the alien’s treatment.

“You… bastard,” I mumble, thrashing against my bonds, but to no avail.

“I warned you not to interrupt the meeting, Haley,” Kest replies, stern and regretful, like a teacher who just flunked his student. “Ready, pet?”

“Yes… sir,” I say, chest heaving in anticipation.

He slaps my ass softly with an open palm, though I yelp anyway, wriggling in my bonds. The next smack is harder, and the meaty sound echoes a little through the chamber. I force myself to breathe steadily, attempting to hide the pain coursing through me with each successive spank. I try not to scream or shout too loudly, but I don’t let myself be silent either, lest the Council or Kest not think I’m being adequately disciplined.

Kest works my cheeks one at a time, and it doesn’t take long before they burn savagely. The councilors laugh quietly as my resilience begins to break and I howl openly in pain. My legs wobble in place, and if not for the telerings, I might not be able to stand.

When Kest pauses, my body tenses with an unbidden need for release; even though the Council is watching, I wish he might finger me until I come. Instead, he resumes the spanking, with slow, deliberate slaps that send pain shooting throughout my body. My arousal fades in an instant, replaced by the torment of throbbing welts and bruises.

“How do you feel, pet?” Kest asks, again pausing from the barrage.

“Please,” I gasp. “I’m sorry… Please have mercy.”

“You want me to stop?”

I hate to appear weak with all the aliens watching me, but I can’t take any more.

“Agent Kest,” says the pink councilor.

We both turn to look; in her hand is a keera stick with intricate, metallic designs. She tosses it to Kest.

“You came prepared, Councilor,” he says, winking at the woman.

Her lips lift in the barest of grins, and only for a moment, but we both see it. “Continue,” she says.

“Yes, Councilor.” Kest steps around in front of me, so I can see him. He holds the keera stick aloft, and it drifts out of his palm and over my head. Slipping his hands behind his back, Kest’s gaze drills into me. Then I feel it: a sharp smack from the stick. I howl, stunned by the acute, sudden pain.

Groaning, I manage to put together what I’m seeing and feeling: Kest hasn’t moved a muscle, and yet I just got caned. This stick must use the same materials as the telerings, allowing it to move seemingly of its own volition.

Of course, without a hand to grip the stick, its range of motion is much less inhibited. Sure enough, it begins to strike my throbbing rear, rotating back and forth on an imaginary axis. I try moving my hips to dodge the stick, but Kest’s aim is impossible to fool, causing me to scream in frustration as much as the pain.

“Stop trying to avoid your punishment, human,” he scolds. “You’re making this harder on yourself, not me.”

He’s right, which only makes me angrier.

With each half-swing, the stick punishes one cheek or the other. It even lifts and lowers, making sure to paint every inch of my flesh with harsh smacks. Maybe I’ve been hardened by the previous spankings and caning, but I maintain my composure much better than I expect, holding back my tears. My cries in pain are still plenty loud, ringing throughout the vast chamber, but I know I can endure it, and that I’ll be okay afterward. Kest might be strict and exacting, but he’s not needlessly cruel. This thought gives me an ounce of comfort until the harsh caning finally stops.

When he finishes, Kest opens a palm to collect the floating stick. As he sets it down on the chamber floor, the room is so quiet I can hear it tap lightly on the hard surface. My bottom smolders like molten steel. I’m actually glad I can’t move, because if I could, I’m sure it would compound my pain even worse

“Apologize to the Council, pet,” says Kest. He steps back around me and traces his fingers over my punished cheeks. The slight contact feels like electric pinpricks, causing me to whine and cry out with every touch.


My mouth opens, but I can’t get it to do anything more. Rage and bliss swirl through my body; sexually frustrated and humiliated, I want to erupt in tears, but I refuse to let them see such a display. More important, I don’t want them to know about the desire that’s grown within my warming core. I can’t deny it much longer—I can always feel it. Sometimes the pain overwhelms the odd sensation, but I’m sure it’s still there.

“We’re waiting,” Kest grunts, giving my ass another quick spank. Tendrils of pain curl through my cheek.

“I… I’m sorry,” I mumble, a single tear rolling off my cheek.


“I’m sorry… for… interrupting.”

Kest sighs, drawing a single finger across my swollen pussy. The touch kicks off an avalanche of needful spasms. All I can think about is him, and what will get him to satisfy my desires.

“What about the things you said?” he asks.


“You defied me—us—in regard to invading Earth. Are you sorry for that?”

Oh, God. Earth.

It feels so far away, even though I’ve only been gone a bit more than a day. Yet, it’s still my home.

“No.” I clear my voice, then repeat it. “No. I’m not sorry for that.” I don’t care what Kest will do to me, it’s the truth.

“Your honesty is appreciated, Haley,” says Kest. “But we’re going to have to work on your attitude.” He holds out a hand for the keera stick, but it doesn’t come; instead, it floats back to the pink councilor.

“That’s enough, Agent Kest. You may conclude your specimen’s punishment in private.”

“Yes, Councilor,” he replies, bowing his head.

“Please, tend to her while we discuss the matter of Earth.”

Kest helps me get dressed, then takes a seat. He directs the telerings to lay me down on his lap; though I’m not pleased about the degrading way my ass sticks out in the air, I imagine it’s better than trying to sit on it right now. The welts still burn; even the light brush of my panties keeps the fire going. The only thing that keeps me from mewling in agony is the bigger distraction coming from my pussy, which still aches for Kest’s powerful cock. Lying across his lap, I can feel it straining against the fabric of his suit. He’s no doubt just as eager to finish what he started.

After a few minutes of whispered conversation, the Council quiets. Kest taps my shoulder, helping to lift me to my feet, rather than using the telerings.

“Thank you for your preliminary report, Agent Kest,” says the pink Council member. “Though many of us were moved to action by your presentation, we did not reach a unanimous decision. If Earth is no longer viable at this stage of growth, then not all of us are convinced it’s worth saving. We have plenty of other worlds to oversee, as you know.”

“I understand, Councilor,” Kest says, though the disappointment on his face is unmistakable.

“The value of Earth, versus its projected viability, is also too unclear to be determined by the emergency body,” the councilor continues. “It will require thorough study and analysis. Therefore, it is our decision to put the matter to a full Council vote, which will be held six weeks from now. In the interim, intervention plans shall be prepared, should the vote decide in favor of taking action to preserve humanity.”

Kest nods politely. “Of course. Thank you, Councilors. I am certain that between my reports and an examination of my specimen, you will be convinced that full intervention is the only way.”

“Perhaps. You will be informed of the exact date of the meeting, at which time you will be expected to present the findings of a full study of the human specimen. Conduct it however and wherever you wish.”

“Understood, Councilor. Thank you.”

The pink woman turns to me. “Your actions may just determine the fate of your species, Haley Feyn. I suggest you keep that in mind at our next meeting.”

“I will,” I growl, meeting her stare.

The councilor stands, followed by the rest.

“Then the meeting is concluded. Agent Kest, Agent Briette, you are dismissed.”

Kest grips my forearm so tightly, I fear he might break it. The telerings snap my arms together stringently behind my back, and then we’re moving. He pushes me forward, and even though I’m walking, I feel my ankle cuffs urging me to go faster.

“Dammit, I’m going!”

“Quiet, pet,” says Kest, giving my ass a squeeze. His harsh touch reignites the soreness from the hard spanking, and as much as I want to hate it, my breath catches from both pain and euphoria.

There is definitely something wrong with me.

“They called me a goddamn ‘specimen,’” I continue, perhaps in the hope of getting him to touch me again. “They treated me like I’m nothing.”

“To them, you are one of seven billion humans who may or may not be more trouble than your worth. They’re trying to decide whether your species is a wayward creature in need of guidance, or an infestation on an otherwise pleasant planet.”

“An infestation? Those assholes! We’re people, just like them.”

Kest stops, and the telerings spin me around. He grabs my shoulders and looks me dead in the eyes. “I know that, Haley. It’s why I’m here, now, with you.”

He reaches into a pocket on his jumpsuit and retrieves the oval gag device he used on me earlier, and in seconds it’s firmly fitted over my lips, squelching any outcry or objection from me.

“To save humanity, I need to show the Council that humans can be trained. I urge you not to fight me on this.”

He turns me around, swats my ass a few times to reignite my pain, and then nudges me forward, back on the march. As we proceed out of the Council chamber section of the station, the Dominars watch us with greater interest than before. Was our session broadcast to everyone, or was word simply spreading? Do these aliens have social media, or some kind of nanite hive mind? I wish I knew.

We ride the tram in silence; I check the status display for the destination, but we’re not headed back to where we came from, the docking bay. We’re going somewhere else. I’d ask Kest where, but the device sealing my mouth cannot be dislodged, no matter how hard I try.

Fortunately, I don’t have long to wait. The tram drops us off in a section of the station where the lighting isn’t turned on so bright and a jazzy music plays. At first I see no one else around, but after we turn a corner we nearly run into another couple. Like Kest, the man is unbelievably tall and muscular, his build apparent despite the long white cloths that hang from his massive body. The woman could have been human if not for her eyes, which are solid green orbs with no apparent pupil or iris. Compared to her mate, she looks small, but is a half a foot taller than me. She’s also quite beautiful, with gracefully long limbs and thick red hair. Of course, she’s bound with telerings too, with one stuck between her lips, keeping her mouth gaping wide open. Yet, despite the discomfort the gag must cause, the woman’s eyes are lit with pleasure.

The man mutters something to Kest, then guides his woman around us. I try to turn to look at them as we pass, but Kest ushers me forward and into a door that opens as we approach.

At first when we enter the room, I have no idea what’s going on: it’s completely empty. Just a floor and four white-paneled walls.

However, when Kest rakes his eyes across the room, everything starts to happen. The panels either lift into the ceiling or draw into the floor, leaving in their place rack after rack of small devices. Some of them I recognize, like keera sticks and telerings. Others I can guess at, such as dildos and plugs. Yet, many are wholly unrecognizable to me. Additionally, a section of the floor opens up, allowing several pieces of furniture to rise, including a bed.

Oh, God. It’s a sex dungeon!

I’m not sure whether to be excited or terrified.

Kest taps the gag device on my lips, removing it. I inhale deeply through my mouth, glad to be rid of it.

“You need to be careful, pet,” he says, nudging me toward the bed.

“What do you mean?”

“My claim on you will keep you safe from other Dominars,” Kest explains, picking me up so easily I may as well be weightless. I groan a little at the feel of his incredibly strong hands as he sets me down on the bed. “But if the claim is revoked, others will want you. They’ve never seen a human, felt a human…” Suddenly, he tears my blouse and bra apart, sending buttons flying. “…Or tasted a human,” he finishes, massaging my breasts. “And if Earth is left to ruin, they might not ever.”

Juices dampen my panties, but I try to stay focused on Kest’s warning. “Why would… oh… would the claim be… be revoked?”

He picks me up so that the telerings can swing my feet beneath my legs, then sets me down on my knees. My hands reposition too, landing on my thighs. Though I still can’t move freely, it’s a relief not to have my arms bound behind my back.

“If you refuse to obey and serve me, pet, then I’ll have failed as your master,” Kest explains. “That is the most common reason to revoke a claim. After all, if I can’t control you…” his fingers slide into my skirt and feel for my sopping lips, “…then someone else will.” With his other hand, he pinches one of my nipples; I scream, shocked by the sudden pain. “And they may not be as nice,” Kest finishes.

When he lets go, I look down at my breast. I can’t believe how much that hurt; yet, instead of being glad it’s over, I hold onto the sensation as it fades.

“While you’re here, you do as I say. Understood, pet?”

“Yes, sir,” I say, staring down at the hem of my skirt. His words send a shiver of dark delight through my body, and I’m not sure I want him to know.

The fabric of Kest’s jumpsuit opens up from the neck down to his chest, and he slips it off his shoulders. “Let’s see if you mean it.”

Watching his hulking form approach, my eyes take in his extraordinary body. A human could train his whole life and not develop such an immaculate, cut physique: every contour is pure, sculpted muscle, with deep ridges across his lean abdomen. His arms seem to ripple as he sets his fists at his waist, his biceps hard and free of unsightly veins. The bulge of his hairless chest appears natural, rather than excessive, and yet hard as diamond. Despite the fact that he was a warrior, his skin is free of scars and blemishes, healthy and perfect. And while I don’t mind a man with a few tattoos, I find myself glad that he bears none, allowing me a fully unobstructed view of his body.

As I watch, the silver of his skin darkens in time with his stiffening cock. It rises proudly, thick and hard. He chuckles as he catches me looking. Taking his rigid rod in hand, he doesn’t stop his approach until his tip is inches from my lips.

“Open,” he says.

Whether it’s because I believe his warning about losing his claim, or because obeying his command causes a wave of pleasure and heat, I do as I’m told. I wrap my tongue around his tip, having to open pretty wide to accommodate its tremendous size. Tasting pre-cum, I moan softly and suck, trying not to choke as I take in more of his length.

Kest grunts with pleasure, fisting my hair. My hands try to rise to help stroke his shaft, but they’re still bound in place. I wonder if he can tell when I’m fighting them through his nanites. If so, he doesn’t say, forcing me to use nothing but my mouth.

I keep sucking, listening to his groans and feeling the spasms passing through his body, but after a while he growls and presses down on my head.

“You can do better, pet,” he says, forcing more of his length into my mouth. I cough, unprepared for the sudden presence of so much of his cock, but I keep myself from gagging too hard. His cock reaches to my throat; I’ve never taken one so deep before.

“Good, Haley,” he says. “Just like that.”

I shouldn’t feel pleasure from getting such a compliment, but it curls my lips into a smile. My nipples tighten with desire and my inner walls clench, still longing for satisfaction.

He’d better let me come soon, I think, urging myself to suck harder in the hope that it will get me my reward. Kest groans loudly, enjoying my renewed effort. I shoot up and down on his cock so fast I feel lightheaded, but I don’t stop. Every second I feel his massive member in my mouth, I think about him driving it into my pussy and how it would fill me so.

After what seems like ages, Kest finally stirs as though he’s about to climax. Sweat mats my hair from the work, and I’m so wrapped up in the job that I’m not even thinking anymore, just acting out of pure animal instinct. His flavor overwhelms my senses, as if I’m perceiving him through all five at once. Like his presence is dominating me completely.

When his seed finally spills, it fills my mouth until it dribbles down my chin. I try to suck all of it in, high on its taste and the satisfaction of finishing. Kest’s heavy panting and closed eyes report his bliss. His smile is barely detectable, but I see it and know I did well.

“Very good, pet,” Kest says at last, crouching down to kiss my cheek. He motions toward a panel on the wall, causing a small white cloth to float across the room and into his hand. He uses it to wipe off my face. “That was incredible.”

“Thank you, sir,” I say, blushing.

He sends the cloth away, and looks to another section of the room. A short, metallic vase emerges and rises, slowly traveling toward us. When Kest catches the vessel, he holds it to my lips. Inside I see a clear fluid, so I drink. Though it looks like water, it carries a subtle sweetness; cold and clean, it tastes wonderful, and I drink it all.

“Haley, while you’re with us, you’re going to be tested. Evaluated. The Council will want to know humanity’s physical capabilities and tolerances. I can’t promise it will always be pleasant, or that you’ll like it.”

The telerings activate, resettling me on the bed, allowing me to lie comfortably on my back. Kest quickly pulls off my skirt and panties, then hops on top of me, straddling my body. I feel tiny beneath a wall of muscle, but I certainly don’t mind seeing it up close.

“I’m going to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible,” Kest continues, his fingers finding their way to my drenched chasm. Immediately I moan, squirming beneath him. His touch feels so good, especially as he hooks his finger and probes deeper.

“My people won’t go through the effort to save Earth without an enticing reason. They want to know that humans will make good sex partners, that they can be trained to serve their masters faithfully and willingly.”

Despite the exquisite bliss of his touch, I sneer at Kest. “Is that all we are… to you people? Sex slaves?”

Kest works in a second finger, and brushes my clit with his other hand. His fingers are thicker than some of the cocks I’ve encountered in my life, and soon I’m desperately fighting not to come. As badly as I’ve craved release, I’m too furious to give him the satisfaction.

“What else would humans be to us, Haley? We don’t need workers; we have machines. We don’t need your scientists; ours are better. Your artists may hold some interest, but not enough to conquer a planet over. But we do like our pets, and that is where many humans thrive: you love to please others. You’re conditioned to have superiors.”

“Fuck you,” I growl, trying to twist out of his grasp. To my surprise, it actually works: the telerings don’t keep me in place. Turning over forces Kest’s fingers out of me, and though I miss the way they feel, I’m glad of it.

“You don’t want to come?” he asks, amused. I’m sure he knows how close I was, and how desperate.

“No, go away.”

Kest chuckles, then gets up to go. As soon as he’s clear of the bed, the air around me shimmers—no doubt another force field to keep me from leaving.

“Get some rest, pet,” he says. “Tomorrow, you’re going to need it.”

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