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His Human Mate by Stella Rising – Extended Preview


We take a lift down to the landing platform and make for my shuttle; I watch Sabine’s face every step of the way, as she experiences the alluring discomfort of walking while plugged. Every wince and gasp makes me want to hike up her gown and plow her, but I keep my cool, chuckling from time to time at the adorable noises she makes.

The shuttle flies us south to Washington, DC. We cover a few hundred miles in mere minutes, streaking through the sky, high above the clouds. When we descend past the National Mall and the Washington Monument, Sabine’s eyes widen in immediate recognition—especially when we land in front of the White House.

“Holy shit, there he is!” she says, pointing out the window at Kent Weatherly, president of the United States, who’s waiting for us among a crowd of guards and leaders.

“I told you today would be historic,” I say, grinning.

When we get out, I hold Sabine’s hand tightly, keeping her close as an honor guard follows in our stead. Approaching those gathered to welcome us, I put on a big smile and greet the man considered to be Earth’s top leader. “President Weatherly, it’s a pleasure,” I say, shaking the man’s hand with a firm grip.

“I’m honored to meet you, Executive Consul,” he replies. “Thank you for coming.”

Weatherly speaks in a deep voice with smooth elocution. His smile is warm and welcoming, and he looks healthy and fit for a man in his sixties. He’s handsome, with classically masculine features—a strong jaw covered by a peppery beard; short, dark hair; and sharp brown eyes. Yet, my sensors pick up his rapid heartbeat and the sweat moistening his armpits—though he hides it well, he’s nervous.

“And Ms. Marchessault,” he adds, turning to Sabine as we head inside the presidential residence. “It’s good to see you again. You’re doing well?”

“I’m fine,” she says. “Thank you, Mr. President.”

Good girl, I tell her through our nanites. She smiles back at me and nods.

Perhaps Weatherly is nervous, or showing off for me—maybe he just genuinely likes his history, because he tells us all about the White House, as if we’re on a tour of the West Wing. I could just tell him to cut it out so we can hold our meeting, but considering what’s about to happen, I’m willing to let him tell his stories until we reach the Oval Office.

Welcoming us all in, Weatherly points to a pair of facing couches, across from which are an array of video cameras. Working quickly, I instruct my nanites to hack the devices—for what comes next, I need to be sure the news feed will be broadcast to the whole world, and that it will not be cut off. In seconds, my nanites have taken control.

“Please, have a seat,” says Weatherly.

I wait for Sabine to go first, in part for the sake of etiquette, but mostly because I’m eager to see her expression as she tries to sit comfortably on the plug. She grimaces as she settles down, suppressing a gasp by passing it off as a cough. I smile, taking my place next to her.

Good cover, pet.

She nods subtly, masking any irritation she might be—and probably is—feeling right now.

When the cameras turn on for real and the broadcast begins, Weatherly breaks into the widest smile I’ve ever seen on a politician before.

“Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the world. I thank you for joining us,” he begins. “The Dominars have requested a joint address, so we have gathered in the spirit of cooperation. Sitting with me are Executive Consul Tamrys and his associate, Sabine Marchessault, who we’re all familiar with already. Welcome to you both.”

“Thank you,” I say as Sabine smiles. “We’re glad you were willing to sit with us for this occasion.”

Weatherly motions to the cameras. “Of course. There are a lot of people out there watching, wondering what the Dominars plan to do next. I personally believe that the statements made by Commander Vol were true, and that you intend to aid humanity as we move into the next era of our existence. You have my pledge that as long as the Dominars are here to guide us toward peace and prosperity, I will do everything in my power to help.”

I hold a hand to my chest and bow slightly to Weatherly. He seems honest and devoted to public service, which makes me feel slightly bad about what comes next.

“Thank you, Mr. President. I appreciate that you want to help, and I’m sure that you will find ways to continue to be of service to humanity. I expect you heard about the dissolution of the United Nations that I recently enacted. Today I am here to announce that the Office of the President is similarly no longer an active entity in Earth’s power structure.”

As I speak, a hologram appears beside me. “This is Consul Forta, who will serve as my direct subordinate here in North America. He will be responsible for overseeing all governing bodies, both Dominar and human, in this region.”

Not known for having a gregarious personality, Forta nods, but says nothing.

Weatherly’s face falls and he slumps back a little in his seat. “What about the rest of the world? Will they be getting their own consuls?”

“Yes,” I say. “In the near future, heads of state everywhere will also be asked to step down peaceably, as Dominar consuls take over in their stead. For now, though, I ask that you depart the premises immediately. Doing so will signal your acquiescence to this edict, and that the Dominars’ power will not be challenged.”

For all his poise and professionalism, Weatherly can’t hide the rush of emotions tearing through him. Though I may be the only one who can tell his pulse has quickened, everyone else can see him squirming in his seat, wrestling with the decision.

I steal a glance over to Sabine, who looks on with her lips pressed together in grim resignation.

At last, Weatherly turns to the camera operator and shakes his head. When nothing happens, he says, “Shut it off.”

“I’m trying, but… we’re still live,” the cameraman replies, pressing buttons in confusion.

“Mr. Weatherly, I’ve ensured the world will continue to watch this broadcast. It deserves to see everything that happens here today, for better or worse. I encourage you to keep this in mind and make your decision accordingly.”

The man raises his hands in the air, starting to lose his composure. “And if I don’t?”

“You will be escorted out,” I reply, trying not to sound too belligerent or hostile. “This is happening, with or without your resignation.”

Leveling his gaze at me, Weatherly stands up. “Then have your people escort me out. You may see yourself as Earth’s saviors, but to us you’ll always be conquerors.”

I nod. “So be it. Kent Weatherly, you are hereby relieved of your authority and the Office of the President is dissolved. Guards, see him out.” Turning to the camera, I add, “The Dominars are in charge now; I suggest you all get used to the idea.”


Tamrys wasn’t kidding about this being a historic day. Holy crap! Weatherly’s forced departure is so stunning, I completely forget about the plug stuck up my ass for a few minutes. When we arrived, I expected Tamrys to introduce the new consul, but I never imagined I’d see the president get fired. It makes sense though: the exact same thing happened to me. Weatherly should have been prepared for this.

Realizing I’ve started to grin, I reset my face to a mask of concerned focus. However, I am actually kind of happy about this turn of events. Weatherly’s a career politician, the product of a family steeped in politics for generations. Due to this, I’ve known him and his various brothers and uncles for years. Though I’ve always believed he wanted the best for his country, he’s always been an underhanded snake in the grass. Being president was his lifelong goal, and he accomplished it by ruining countless others. I’d be more worried about the consequences of his unceremonious departure if he didn’t deserve it.

“I saw that,” says Tamrys, turning back to me. “I take it you approve, Sabine?”

“Kent cared for his country, but he cared about his career more.” Shrugging, I add, “No big loss.”

Tamrys nods. “Interesting. I’d have thought you’d be more sympathetic, considering you recently went through the same thing.”

“Did I mention he once made a pass at me before his State of the Union speech?”

“Really?” Tamrys says, sneering. “Our records say he’s been married for most of his adult life.”

“And your records are accurate,” I snort.

He shakes his head. “If I’d known, I might not have given him the option about how he left. I’d have thrown him out the window myself.”

I giggle, imagining the scene. “I’d have enjoyed seeing that… though the optics would have been a bit severe.”

He smiles, patting my thigh. “Good point. I wasn’t sure how you’d feel after today, but since you aren’t especially upset, how about we celebrate this historic occasion?”

I shift in my seat, reminded of the constant intrusion in my rear. Though I have, admittedly, gotten used to its considerable size—at least in my opinion—it’s still a constant source of irritation. Not only is it impossible to ignore, the frustration it’s caused has left my pussy sopping. If I had to guess, Tamrys is aware of my state, and his ‘celebration’ is either going to exacerbate my distress, or relieve it—probably in that order, in fact. Though, considering how it would end…

Biting my lip, I nod. Guilt swells up in my chest immediately. I’m supposed to be spying on the Dominars, not rushing to screw them. I can tell myself it’s for the good of humanity, that it’s putting me in a position to gather more information on the aliens, but I know it’s just an excuse. For some reason, my body is craving to find out how that cock of his would feel inside me. God help me, even the plug in my ass, as much of a pain as it’s been, has made me wet.

“Is that a yes, pet?” Tamrys asks, lifting my chin with his finger.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Smiling, he gets up and turns to his colleague. “Forta, I’ll leave you to it. Speak with the media, introduce yourself. Be honest and specific about our plans. The country is bound to be feeling a bit adrift, with their leadership being cast aside. It’s still too early for them to know with any certainty what the future holds. Convince them that this will be a change for the best, that the promises we’ve made start to become real through you.”

“Yes, sir,” the red-skinned alien grunts, then his hologram flickers out.

When Tamrys turns back to me, I realize that I’d been staring. “That was nice, what you said.”

“Thank you, pet,” he replies, kissing my cheek. “Coming from you, that means a lot.”

“I meant it. You could have been a lot harsher in your dismissal of Weatherly. It was kind of you to give him a chance to leave with dignity. That’s not really what I would expect from conquering aliens. I think it was important for people to see…”

Tamrys grins. “What?”

I sigh. “That you’re not so bad.”

“Aww, thank you,” he says.

I roll my eyes. “At least, in public. If they knew what you did to me yesterday…”

Licking his lips, he reaches a hand underneath me and jostles the base of the plug through my dress. “They might be concerned. But if they knew how hard I made you come afterward, they’d line up to be next.”

“Oh, you think?” I scoff, squirming as he pulls on the plug and lets it go. My hole is sore from being stretched for so long, and the arcs of pain make me groan, undercutting my retort.

“If you think you came in spite of everything I did to you yesterday, you’ve got a lot to learn about yourself, Ms. Marchessault.”

Tamrys lets me go and strides over to the former president’s desk. He raises his arm and sweeps the entire desk clear of papers, pens, and decor. Then he lifts me up onto the desk, spreading my legs as much as the dress will allow.

“Holy shit,” I mutter, turning back and forth. “This is the Oval Office! You can’t just—”

“Sure I can,” Tamrys says, planting his lips on mine.

His kiss is sudden and hard, but my shock gives way quickly, leaving me melting as I inhale his salty taste and sporty cologne.

This is so wrong, I find myself thinking for what feels like the hundredth time since I met Tamrys. It’s not just that I’m kissing the alien who has taken me prisoner, ended my career, and effectively installed himself as king of the world. It’s also not that we’re making out in one of the most historically significant rooms in the world, right after kicking out the previous occupant. I haven’t even processed the fact that I was present for such a world-changing event with a plug up my ass with no one else the wiser. What makes this all so wrong is that I’m enjoying it.

It’s also a bit strange that Tamrys has seen me naked, spanked my ass raw, and fingered me to a massive orgasm, all without us kissing first. Is it normal for Dominars to lovingly kiss their pets? Does he see me as more than just a sex slave and a tool for improving his control of Earth? Is it possible he actually really cares about me?

If he did, would that be so terrible?

I moan as his tongue presses into my mouth. He holds my head against his and I wrap my arms behind his back, feeling his hard body against mine.

Is it possible a creature like Tamrys could actually like me? I might be kind of a big deal among humans, but aren’t the Dominars supposed to be hundreds or thousands of years old? What could he see in someone like me?

He did say he’s interested in mortals…

It’s a thought I’ll have to return to later, because Tamrys wastes no time after breaking from our kiss: he pulls off the jacket of his uniform and flings it across the room. Underneath he has on a form-fitting undershirt that clings to his breathtaking chest; in seconds he yanks it off, revealing the six-pack beneath. Tracing my hands over his turquoise skin, his body feels hot to the touch and hard as iron.

Breathing deep as my heart beats loud as a drum, I stand up on the desk and pull my dress off over my head. Tamrys swings his legs up and rises to his feet, then mentally releases the buttons on his pants, allowing them to slip off. A black undergarment strains against his erect member, so Tamrys finishes stripping, revealing his immaculate physique.

Oh, fuck.

His cock looks like it could split me in half, massive in both length and girth. I shiver, imagining every inch of his shaft sinking into my sodden orifice.

“Lie down,” says Tamrys after we’ve stared at each other long enough.

I comply immediately, ignoring the twinges from my ass as the plug jostles.

“Open,” he adds, lightly slapping my inner thighs. I swing my legs out wide, and stretch out my arms too, though he didn’t ask me to. How many women have been sprawled out completely naked on this desk? I may not be the first, but I’m sure I’m entering some interesting company.

I guess being the lover of a Dominar consul has its perks.

Tamrys lowers himself on top, straddling me and pinning my wrists against the desk. Under his massive frame, I feel tiny, trapped, and helpless.

He leans down and kisses my breast, sucking on the nipple. A rush of pleasure sweeps in like a squall and makes my whole body tremble. Sweat beads on my forehead as he switches to my other breast, giving it the same loving attention.

“Oh, my God, don’t stop,” I groan, looking down at his copper hair and wanting to run my hands through it. I try breaking out of Tamrys’s grip a few times, but he’s holding me firmly; the effort isn’t wasted though—I can feel his cock throbbing against my pelvis. He grunts, then suddenly rears up, grabs my shoulders, and spins me onto my stomach.

His hands trace their way down my back, stopping at my ass. He squeezes my cheeks and pats them softly. “You’ve had that plug in a long time, pet. Do you want me to take it out?”

“Whatever you desire, sir,” I reply, too horny to care. My pussy clenches at nothing, wanting to be filled, aching for sweet release.

“Good answer,” he says, kissing my neck. He pulls the plug out a little, stretching my hole, then lets it sink back in. I let out a gasp of bliss as the plug settles into place. “Sounds like you want it to stay in.”

Fuck, he’s right.

Mortified, I blush at the horrible realization. I’d like to think that I was just reacting to the sting of the penetration, or that I’d grown accustomed to having the plug inside—but when it slid back in, I felt relief.

It’s a matter I’ll have to think about later though, because Tamrys begins to slip his cock into my hungry hole. He feels impossibly large, just as I expected. Like with the butt plug, he gives me time to adjust with each inch, pulling out and driving back in as my swollen pussy grips down hard.

“Oh, wow, you’re tight, Sabine,” he groans, giving me a solid thrust.

“You’re—oh, fucking God—so big,” I reply, my brain scrambling, overwhelmed by the euphoric sensations. Tamrys’s cock presses against the plug from inside me, an intoxicating pleasure I never could have imagined.

When he starts pounding, filling me completely with each thrust, everything else in the world fades into the background. I forget where I am, and what has happened in the past months—all that exists is Tamrys, me, and the incredible ecstasy we’re creating together. Outside there’s a world in upheaval, and I have no idea what will become of my life from one moment to the next, but right now I’m in heaven.

Even when Tamrys begins to smack my ass in between each thrust, the pain only feeds my growing orgasm. He swats my cheeks, switching from one to the next, while using his other hand to rub and flick my clit.

“Sabine, are you forgetting the rules?”


Snapping back to reality, I search my mind for what he could be talking about, but it’s hard when I’m so close to—


“Please, sir, can I come?” I ask, figuring it out.

Causing me immediate distress, he slows his thrusting. “I don’t know if I should let you, pet. Convince me.”

“Please,” I moan. “What do you… what can I do…”

Tamrys descends on top of me and whispers into my ear, “Say you belong to me, that I am your master now.”

Oh, fuck. “I belong to… to you, sir,” I mumble, shocked at what I’m becoming for the sake of carnal release. “You are my master now.”

Tamrys accelerates his rhythm again, but not all the way. “Say that I own you, that you need my big alien cock.”

Tears wet my cheeks as pleasure surges through my whole body. He feels so thick and rigid, as though his virility is growing with my words.

“You own me, sir. I need… I need your big alien cock,” I murmur.

“Louder, pet.”

“You own me! I need your big alien cock!”

Tamrys gives my ass a firm smack, then starts hammering at full speed. “Sabine, you have… permission… to come,” he grunts.

In a flash, the pressure I’d been holding back bursts, and my orgasm erupts. Hot rapture envelops me, lifts me to subspace, and I lose perception of everything but Tamrys. His seed flows into me as he reaches his zenith, but he keeps going, rubbing my clit and massaging my breast until my deafening howls fill the room. My body quakes until every drop of strength is used to power my orgasm, and then I’m gone.

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