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His Human Subject by Stella Rising – Extended Preview

Shouting and kicking, beating Prust’s back with my fists, I protest being handled so crudely, but my panties feel hot and slick against my skin.

“Holy crap, what are you doing?” I scream.

“Quiet, human,” he replies, carrying me into his ship’s living quarters. He drops me onto a good-sized bunk with a firm beige mattress and thick pillows. I immediately turn over and scramble away, but Prust grabs my knees and pulls me back, then flips me over.

“Hey, this isn’t funny!”

“I wasn’t trying to be,” Prust growls, holding my arms at my sides until a set of telerings float over from a nearby cabinet. I struggle as the devices lock around my wrists, ankles, and neck, immobilizing me completely.

Looking up, I can see Piskiron through the window; I can’t help thinking of how it used to look, back when the entire world burned.

In one move, he pulls down my jeans and panties, exposing my wet, throbbing need. Rage should be boiling my blood; I didn’t come to see Prust tonight for this. I didn’t ask to be once again bound and helpless, at his mercy. Is he completely incapable of just having a conversation? Why does every ‘lesson’ he imparts have to involve me being dominated and used?

Yet, I could protest all day long, but he and I would both know I don’t really mean it. He drags my bottoms all the way to my ankles and leaves them there. Then he slides my body backward until my legs hang off the bed, bending me at the waist. My telerings activate, locking my ankles in place and pulling my arms tight behind my back.

“I want you to keep your eyes on the planet. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I mutter, wrenching against my bonds.

Prust crouches down and gives my ass a firm smack. I yelp, shaking in place. My skin tingles, scorched by his palm. I suppose this will ensure I don’t forget the Piskites, but it’s absurd that my ability to empathize with a long-extinct civilization should depend on my being physically disciplined and humiliated.

He alternates between my cheeks, using one hand to spank them and his other to hold onto my bound wrists. I writhe with each slap, gasping and groaning, the sweet aftertaste of soek on my tongue. Glancing over my shoulder, I look to Prust for any indication of how long he plans to punish me. He keeps his expression blank, his gorgeous lips pressed flat. I know he’s enjoying this, but he hides it well.

After the first few swats to my bottom, just as I’m growing used to his rhythm, Prust tricks me. Expecting the spanking to continue, I react with a wince, even though he doesn’t make contact.

“Was that one too hard?” he taunts, rubbing the spot I thought he’d slap.

“Ha. Ha,” I mutter, jerking against my restraints. My face radiates heat as I try to swallow my embarrassment. More and more I’m finding I can take the physical pain of getting spanked, but the frustration is what really stings. Why does he have to make this worse by making fun of my instinctive reaction? How is that fair?

“Where’s your mind at, Alexis? Are you fully here in the moment with me?” Prust asks, tracing a finger up my back.

“Yes, sir,” I say with a sniff.

He retrieves a small black crop from a cabinet next to the bed. “Liar. If you were, you wouldn’t react to pain you didn’t actually feel. So, that’s your goal today: clear your mind. The only thing that exists for you right now is your physical form and the discipline it’s receiving. Am I clear, pet?”

“Yes, sir.”


I do as he says, as best I can. My mind wants to race, and it’s hard to summon my reserve of willpower during a spanking.

He wields the crop with expert precision, seemingly smacking a different part of my ass each time. My skin feels painted, one hard square of nerves at a time. I force myself not to think about my humiliation or even the Piskites. For a while, it’s just me, Prust, and the many sensations overtaking my body. My pussy quakes, desperate for relief—I’d rather not dwell on it, but if I’m being true to my mindfulness, I have to acknowledge the desire.

I stare back at Prust until my neck aches. His manner mesmerizes me; it’s like watching a master painter in front of a canvas, only the canvas is me. After a while, he notices I’m watching, and his expression darkens.

“Didn’t I tell you to look at the planet?” he asks.

“Yes, but—”

He waves off my objection. “You don’t think you can be present, and follow a lesson at the same time? You sell yourself short, Alexis.”

Whimpering, I watch as he puts away the crop and takes out some kind of curved piece of chrome. Thick as my thumb, it features a small ring at the straight end.

“Do you know what this is?”

I shake my head.

“This will ensure your attention goes where it’s supposed to.”

When I look at the device again, it glistens with oil, in the process of self-lubricating.

“Wait, what’s it for?”

Prust grins and slides the toy between my ass cheeks, spreading the fluid all around.

“Are you serious?” I cry, squirming in my bonds, trying to keep the toy away.

“As an extinction-level event,” he replies, pressing the toy into my tight hole.

I gasp as the strange pressure invades my mind. Though it hadn’t looked particularly large, it feels considerably bigger poking against my rear. Though the bizarre penetration brings a pain I’ve never experienced, it’s not without an illicit pleasure. Prust urges the toy in deep, driving it hard against my tight muscles, then leaves it in place. At first I don’t understand how that’s supposed to help me focus on the planet, then I see he’s not finished. He retrieves a length of rubbery silver cord and proceeds to thread it through the ring at the end of my hook. Then he gathers my hair in his fist, draws my head back, and knots the cord around my bunched locks.

“Holy shit, are you kidding me?” I shout, overwhelmed by my predicament. Any movement of my head translates into sensation in my ass. If Prust were to leave me this way, there’d be nothing I could do to escape. My neck starts to ache almost immediately. I try to clench and force the hook out, but it’s impossible. The toy refuses to budge. My head pounds, sweat rising, as reality sets in: this is going to get extremely uncomfortable very rapidly. “Please, Prust! I’ll do what you want, just untie me!”

He shakes his head. “Focus this time, Alexis. I’m not letting you go until you’ve learned your lesson.”

“Please,” I whimper, the hook shifting inside me. “I promise I will.”

Prust smiles, patting my ass. “I know you will.”

Oh, fuck.

This is too much. It’s bad enough to have a toy in my ass for the first time—being fully restrained at the same time, unable to avoid the new sensations, sends my mind reeling. Maybe I could handle it better if Prust wasn’t so clearly enjoying my suffering.

He steps behind me, and now I can’t turn back to him without pulling on the hook. Hearing a rustling sound, followed by a soft thump, my eyes widen—it sounds like clothes being stripped off. My pussy clenches, eager for attention—anything to get my attention off the hook. My fluids drip, yearning for Prust’s monster cock.

I moan as he plunges inside, not realizing how incredible it would feel as his thick shaft presses against the hook from within. He takes his time inserting himself fully, drawing out and pressing back in with infuriating deliberateness. I’d complain, but I probably wouldn’t like the consequences. I’m at Prust’s mercy, and all I can do is try to earn my reward. At least I can be assured that between his incredible anatomy and unflagging stamina, he won’t disappoint.

“Are you thinking about the planet?” he asks, pausing his motion.

“Yes, sir,” I lie.

A jolt of heat stings inside my ass—an electric shock! I wail, thrashing in place, desperate to remove the toy and soothe my ass, but I can’t.

“What was that?” I cry, my body quaking.

“Dishonesty is unacceptable,” Prust growls, pulling on the hook. “You better fix your behavior, pet, or you’ll find out what else this device can do.”

Tears stream down my cheeks. “Fuck you, let me go!”

The toy releases another shock, causing me to instinctively clench down hard. Prust grunts with pleasure as my walls grip his cock, then reaches to my face and brushes my hair from my eyes.

“We could do this all day, Alexis. Is that what you want?”

“No, sir,” I whimper.

“Apologize for lying,” he orders, drawing the hook in and out while turning it back and forth, massaging my soreness from the inside.

“I’m sorry, sir!” I shout. There’s not much I wouldn’t say right now to get him to stop.

“Good. Are you going to lie again?”

“No, sir,” I mumble, clenching down again on his cock and the hook, ravenous for pleasure to erase the pain from my consciousness.

“That feels so good, Alexis. Does my tight little human like being fully stuffed?” he asks, jostling the hook some more.

“Yes, sir,” I mumble, shame boiling in my blood.

“Have you ever had your ass used before, pet?”

“No, sir.” As if that wasn’t obvious to him.

“Lucky me,” he chuckles, slowly thrusting.

Waves of bliss cascade through every cell in my body, and I forget all the pain of getting spanked and shocked—I forget about my abject humiliation. Prust’s cock feels too good.

“You want to come, pet?” he asks, slowing down enough to make me squeal.

“Yes, so bad!”

Prust slaps my ass. “Say you like being stuffed by your master.”

Closing my eyes, I shake my head, accidentally pulling on the hook. “Oh… please…” I beg.

He gives my backside another smack with each word: “Do. You. Want. To. Come?”

Sweat drips down my forehead. I clench down hard on his cock, but Prust quickly pulls out.

“Last chance, Alexis. I can come back later. Maybe give you an hour to reflect on your situation.”

“No, please! I like being stuffed by my master,” I say.

He tugs sharply at the hook, making me howl loud enough to fill the ship.

“Convince me, pet,” he growls.

“I like… being stuffed… by my master!” I scream.

Prust plunges back in, but he doesn’t let go of the hook. “Once more.”

“I like being stuffed by my master!” I shout.

“You need your alien master’s big cock,” he says, resuming his thrusting.

“I need my alien master’s big cock!” I cry. Right now I’d probably say anything for him to pound me harder and faster.

Prust laughs, giving me what I crave. “Eyes on the planet, pet,” he says.

I don’t have much choice in that, but right now he’s all I can think about. Not Piskiron, not the colony—not my smoldering ass—just his cock and the ecstasy he’s creating inside me. When I climax, I let out an earsplitting scream, catapulted into a trance of pure bliss. On the fringes of my perception I can feel Prust hammering me wildly and spanking my ass, but I’m too overwhelmed to compartmentalize what I’m experiencing.

“Keep coming,” he whispers into my ear. “You’re not to stop until I tell you.”

I’d say that’s not going to be a problem if I could speak. My jaw hangs open, but all I can do is breathe, my lungs desperate for oxygen.

Drawing from his endless reserve of energy, Prust thrusts into me until I peak three more times. Yet, he still hasn’t come. Without a word, he unties the cord tying the hook to my hair, releasing my neck. I’d stopped feeling how much it hurt until now, and the flood of sensation breaks me out of my rapture.

“What do you say, pet?”

Does he seriously expect me to thank him?

“Prust, why are you doing this?” I ask in reply, rolling my neck around my shoulders, trying to soothe the ache. “Because I’m not… sad enough about… some ancient aliens?”

“In part,” he says, slipping the hook out of my ass. “But mostly for lying, and for being disrespectful.”

I grunt in relief, glad to be rid of the hook, though my respite doesn’t last Prust immediately starts driving his cock into my tight back entrance. Crying out, I press my head into his bed. The hook hadn’t been very thick compared to his cock, and his shaft spreads my flesh even wider.

“I’m sorry!” I shout, alarmed by the massive new intrusion inside me.

“For what?”

“All… of it!” I gasp, trembling as I feel him sink in deeper.

“Good, Alexis. Think of that until I say otherwise.”

I’m still extremely sore from the shocks, but at least he’s going slowly, giving me time to adapt to the incredible girth attempting to penetrate my tender bud. He goes deeper an inch at a time, pulling in and out, working his cock gently onward. My body quivers, enthralled by the pain and pleasure. Prust shows incredible patience, but also determination, as he doesn’t stop until he’s driven in all the way.

Moaning uncontrollably, I writhe in my bonds as Prust’s piston-like motion drives me to new heights of ecstasy. Mortified by such a dirty, submissive act, my face glows like a neon sign. And yet, I don’t want him to ever stop. I try to keep my mind on my contrition, but before long I’m well past the point of conscious thought.

Building momentum, he grunts from his own pleasure, his musky, masculine aroma surrounding us.

“Your ass is perfect, Alexis,” he says, slapping it as he pounds faster.

I think I mumble my thanks, but I can’t say if it comes out as words or just another wail. My whole body bucks as the telerings release me, and Prust holds me tight to his muscular frame. He pounds my ass like a machine, then groans euphorically, releasing his seed.

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