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His Innocent Bride by Kryssie Fortune – Extended Preview

Deanswood stared at his wife as she perched on the edge of the bed, her blindfold over her eyes. It was the only pretty thing she wore. Her gown was only fit for the midden. After yesterday, he knew it covered slender curves that could drive him wild. Much as he wanted to despise her, his cock reared up and demanded he seduce her.

Locking the door, he moved to sit beside her. “Good morning, my lady. No new gowns to tease me with?”

Her blush crept up her cheeks and she pulled at her dress’s high neckline as though it choked her. “Not yet, sir, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Of course, if my husband comes to my room…”

Leaning in, he brushed his lips against hers. “And fucks you? Don’t count on it, chick. He’s stubborn once he sets his mind to do something. Or in your case, not do something. What do you want to learn today?”

Yesterday, he’d gotten carried away by her delicious kisses and pseudo-innocence. Today, he’d stay in control and teach her not to sneak around behind his back. He attempted to undo her dress, but she brushed his hand away. “I don’t want to repeat yesterday’s lesson, but I need to learn how to please my husband.”

He removed his hand from her dress, leaned closer, and nibbled on the lobe of her ear. “So, what do you want me to teach you today? Have you ever sucked a man’s cock? Do it right and any man will be putty in your hands.”

She sat up straighter but dropped her chin. No respectable lady would do that, but her damned inner slut sat up and cheered. “Never, but since you said my husband would like it, I should suck your cock. Rather than do it wrong and displease him, I need practical experience.”

Every man’s dream was a woman willing to take his cock between her lips. The thought of her licking and sucking him until he came made him groan.

Taking her hand, he placed it on his cock. She felt the thick length of him and gasped. “Is that supposed to fit inside me? It’s huge. Are all men that size, or are you a freak?”

He’d intended to stay stern and use her, but her innocent comment made him chuckle. “I don’t go around making comparisons, but I’d lay odds that your husband’s about the same size. Right, chick, I’m going to stand up and open my breeches. You should feel my cock without anything between you and it.”

He moved her hand aside and pulled down the flap covering his dick. Once he sat back down, Alethea moved closer, her sweet floral essence filling his lungs. When she felt her way up his inner thighs to his cock, his breath caught in his throat.

Her hands were firm as she explored his groin. She stroked her fingers over every crease and cranny in his engorged balls and erect dick. The gentle touch of her fingers on his mushroom-shaped tip made him shudder.

She nestled her cheek against it as she stroked her fingers down the length of him. She keened—soft, sweet, and low as she spread one hand over his cock, pinning it between her palm and her cheek. “It feels hard and pulsing. So beautiful. I wish I could take the blindfold off and take a look. You’ll have to describe it for me.”

He’d never thought what his cock looked like before. “It’s pink and extremely happy right now. Most of the time it lays flaccid against me. When a lovely woman catches my attention, it turns rock hard and demanding. It swells, and the head stretches until it’s wide and shaped like an umbrella. My pre-cum is clear and sticky. When I ejaculate, my cum is somewhere between white and gray.”

She smiled and curled her fingers tighter around it, making it twitch. A few drops of pre-cum dripped onto her cheek. She dipped one finger in them then licked it clean. “May I suck it now, please?”

The thought of his wife’s lips surrounding his shaft turned Deanswood cock as hard as iron.

Unable to resist his wife’s pleas, he patted Alethea’s cheek. “You may most certainly suck my cock.”

Still blindfolded, she kneeled before him and nuzzled her cheek against his dick. She was beautiful in her innocence and her need to please him. He shuffled forward until he sat at the edge of the bed, legs open, cock sticking out like a sword stick. Vision blocked by her black lacy blindfold, his wife depended on her hearing and on touch.

She sucked hard, hollowing her cheeks. The damp heat and pressure made him groan with need. Cupping his balls in one hand, she wrapped her other around the base of his shaft, exploring every inch of him. When she closed her lips around his mushroom-shaped head, she flicked her tongue across it. Deanswood half growled, half groaned. Alethea pulled back. That made him groan again.

She kneeled with her bottom resting on her ankles, her head tilted to one side, her forehead furrowed. “This is hard when I can’t see. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what I did wrong. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

He gripped the eiderdown and swallowed hard. “You were perfect. I groaned because I was struggling not to thrust down your throat.”

When she chewed on her lower lip, he could practically feel her thinking things through. Finally, she admitted, “I’m still not sure I’m doing it right.”

He chuckled. “Then you’re a natural. Fellatio or oral sex is all about pressure and damp heat. Keep licking my cock from base to tip. Occasionally flick your tongue over its head. Better still, hum while you suck on my cock. The vibration shoots through it and into my balls.”

Letting her mouth fill with spit, she took him deeper. He thought she’d stop when his cock hit the back of her throat. Breathing through her nose, she sucked him deeper. The tight bands of muscle in her larynx squeezed him around his dick.

He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think for the ecstasy she showed him. When she hummed softly, the vibrations shot through his cock and into his bones. His anger and accusations evaporated as he lost himself in the moment.

The way her throat pulsed around him made pressure build in his balls. Orgasm rose like the tide inside him, but he didn’t want to choke her. “Pull back. I’m going to come.”

She stroked his balls and sucked harder. A stream of cum shot from his cock, filling her throat and mouth. Some spilled over her lips and dribbled down her chin, but she kept sucking and licking. He thrust his hips forward and let the last of his cum fill her throat. Once she’d licked him clean, she pulled a dainty handkerchief from her pocket and wiped her lips.

He’d intended to seduce her before he revealed his identity. Instead, she turned him inside out with her innocent temptation. He liked the way her head rested against his chest when he pulled her onto his knee. “You amaze and delight me. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t spank you before you leave. Tell me what you got up to yesterday afternoon if you didn’t go clothes shopping.”

She sat, spine stiff, head high. “It’s bad enough that you know my identity. I will not share my day-to-day life with anyone except my husband. And, since my bottom is still sore from yesterday’s lesson, there’s no need to spank me.”

Her determination to keep her personal life to herself pleased him. She’d still lied to the staff and sneaked off somewhere yesterday afternoon. For the first time, he wondered if she’d left a lover back in the Brotherhood’s village. Maybe the man had followed her to town. Either she met him because she loved him, or he blackmailed her into doing his bidding. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. “Your choice, chick. Either I spank you again before you leave, or this is your last lesson.”

She hesitated for a full minute. Her eyes glazed, and her nipples pearled. Deanswood felt sure if he checked, her pussy would be damp. He already knew his naughty wife liked pain mingled with her pleasure. He held his breath, his palms twitching as he savored the thought of her behind turning scarlet when he spanked her.

Finally, she nodded. “I still think it’s unnecessary but spank me if you must.”

She sounded like a queen conferring a favor, but he wasn’t having that. Grabbing her around the waist, he pulled her close and stole a kiss. When his tongue tangled with hers, he could taste his cum in her mouth. She melted against him, but he hoisted her over his shoulder and marched through the house.

She squealed and beat her hands on his back. “Put me down, you fool.”

He landed a sharp slap on her derriere. “Behave, or I’ll double your punishment.”

Alethea hung head down over her tutor’s shoulder. She’d no idea where he was headed, but she knew he climbed two flights of stairs. That put her on the floor she’d explored yesterday. The one with paddles, whips, and places to tie people up.

After marching down a corridor, her tutor set her down carefully. She liked how he held her elbow, steadying her until she found her balance. Only, if he’d brought her where she thought, she should run off screaming.

Despite her fears, Alethea trusted him and wanted to please him. Confused, she clung to his arm. “Where have you brought me?”

She heard a door open. “We’re on the top floor, chick. Things are a bit more hardcore up here. Inside there’s a way to fasten your arms overhead while I work your back with a flogger. There’s also a spanking bench I can strap you to while I paddle your behind. Go inside and remove your blindfold. Choose both your punishment and the implement you want me to use.”

Legs trembling, arms extended, she took a step forward. When she heard the door close behind her, she took off her blindfold. She stood in the room that had horrified her yesterday. She should hate this, but determined to please her tutor, she studied the two ways he could restrain her. The thought of a flogging terrified her, so she decided on the spanking bench.

Turning to the wall covered in floggers and paddles, she wondered which to choose. The smaller the better, she thought. Or maybe a large one would spread the pain. She tested a few against her thigh.

The small bendy one felt like a branding iron against her skin. The large one hit too many nerves. Finally, she decided on one about the size of her tutor’s hand. Polished smooth, she loved how it felt beneath her hand. Since it had small circles cut into it, it shouldn’t hurt so much. She hoped.

Paddle in hand, she opened the door and replaced her blindfold. “You can come in now.”

She’d hoped to catch a glimpse of her tutor, but she didn’t. Was he handsome? Dark-haired like Viscount Stonehurst? Or blond like her husband? Knowing she could walk past him in the street and not recognize him hurt.

She heard another door close then her tutor was at her side. “You decided on a spanking, then. Let’s get you into position.”

He seemed to enjoy carrying her since he picked her up again. When he set her down, he took her arm. “Kneel on here, chick.”

Nervous, she clambered onto the lower platform of the spanking bench. He pushed her torso forward, pressing it into the top platform. “Good girl. Now stretch your arms out.”

Once she’d found her balance, he moved around her and fastened her wrists into the restraints. Alethea whimpered and tested her bonds. There was no give in them.

Thoughts of what would come next made her heart pound. Even restrained, her hands shook. She could call a halt and walk away, but then he’d never give her another lesson. That was a price she wasn’t willing to pay.

Gritting her teeth, she sighed and rested her cheek against the cold leather. The position thrust her bottom in the air. She wriggled, trying to find a position that would lessen the pain of her spanking. There wasn’t one. When he bunched up her skirt, she froze.

Reaching between her legs, he caught her honey on his finger then slid it between her lips. “Taste yourself. Your juices are like sweet ambrosia.”

Obediently, she swirled her tongue around his finger. He hitched in a breath, and as if needed to show her who was in control, he brought his hand down on her bare bottom.

She yelped and tensed her arse cheeks. “That hurts.”

He slapped her again. “It’s meant to. This won’t be as easy a spanking as yesterday. I’ll start with my hand then when you’re ready, I’ll use the paddle.”

She froze like a rabbit mesmerized by a bright light. “What do you mean? I don’t understand. Ouch! Ouch. For God’s sake, stop.”

She tried to scramble to her feet and escape, but that only pushed her bottom higher.

“Stay still, chick, or I’ll restrain your legs as well as your arms.”

Her inner slut reveled in the lack of control. All her life, she’d had to be careful what she said or did. Here, inside Stonehurst’s House of Fun, no one judged her. Determined to get through this spanking, she stilled.

He spread blows down her bottom, two high, two dead center, and two at the tender flesh where her thighs merged with her bottom. Tears poured down her cheeks, but she surrendered to the pain.

He stopped abruptly. “Consider that a warmup. It’s brought the blood to the surface of your beautiful bottom. A hand spanking followed by ten strokes with the paddle of your choice should do nicely.”

He slammed the paddle down onto the padded platform. The downdraft and the way the leather gave beneath it made her wince. She whimpered at the thwack when it struck the leather. He swung the paddle again, and this time it connected with her bare bottom. “This has a good weight to it. Of course, the holes make it hurt more.”

When the paddle connected with Alethea’s behind, her scream came from her toes, through her belly, and out from her lips. Tied down and helpless, she sobbed out her pain. Her tutor paused and stroked her behind. “This paddle leaves a lovely pattern on your arse.”

The next two blows landed on her sweet spots, making her pant and twist in her bonds. Ecstasy beckoned. She let her mind drift freely. There were no commandments to break. No deadly sins to commit. No actions to guard. Submission lifted a weight from her shoulders.

His next few blows were harder, reinforcing his control. She sobbed again, but the more he battered her behind, the more the fight leached out of her. When he returned to the tender flesh on the top of her thigh, she screamed again. Her sobs turned into small mewls. Her body went limp. Her thoughts blurred, but her body burned with wanton urges.

As she submitted, heat blossomed deep inside her, clawing its way through her blood. Her pussy tingled and tensed. Letting go of control freed her spirit. Beyond hurting, she was lost in wicked needs and dark desires.

Each time the paddle landed on her bottom, jolts of pleasure rippled through her bones. When he reached between her legs and pinched her clit, tremors shook her body. Her juices pooled between her legs like honey flowing from a comb. It covered his hand and coated her inner thighs.

When her tutor ran one finger over her puckered anus, she tensed and shook her head. Ignoring her protest, he slid his little finger inside it. It only hurt for a moment. He delved deeper, before pulling his finger back then pumping deeper still.

Alethea wriggled, excited but uncertain and breathless. “That’s… It’s… No. Just no! That’s wrong, isn’t it?”

He slid another finger into her arse, stretching her and making her gasp. Reaching around her with his other hand, he pinched her clit. The combination of pain and pleasure made her come again. “Your husband will want to claim you here. I’m only loosening you up for him.”

She groaned and wriggled, her bottom sore inside and out. “If Deanswood wants to claim me there, he can loosen me up. That place is as private as my pussy.”

Her tutor made that sexy chuckling noise she liked so much. “I’ll lay odds that your husband will have some metal plugs to stretch you here. Once he has, he’ll claim your bottom hole as well as your pussy. The more he stretches it, the more you’ll enjoy him screwing you there.”

His crude language made her gasp. Letting anyone explore her darkest hole went against her religious upbringing. She should hate it, but excitement stirred in her belly. Thoughts of Deanswood exploring that naughtiest place made her nipples ache and her pussy tingle.

When Alethea’s tutor pulled his finger from her behind, she felt empty and lost. He’d shown her so much pleasure, but the way he mingled it with pain confused her.

Her brain went into overdrive. How would Deanswood stretch her, and would it hurt? What sort of plugs? And could she bear him putting anything in her darkest hole? Thinking about it made her nervous, but she’d trust her husband not to hurt her.

After her tutor had helped her sit up, he moved away, and she heard him washing his hands. She still sobbed softly, shaken by the way her body reacted to a stranger’s touch.

When he tried to hold her, she pushed him away. “I can’t believe I came all over your hand. Honestly, I can’t believe I came at all. No one ever spanked me before yesterday, and my poor derriere is throbbing.”

Her bottom felt sore, inside and out. The way his finger had delved deep inside her rear entrance had felt deliciously sinful. Her common sense told her to stay stiff and distant, but she’d never felt so at peace.

The instant his lips claimed hers, her resolve melted, and she kissed him back. Her nipples hardened, and her body cried out for his touch.

She loved the way her tutor pushed her boundaries. Only, once her husband bedded her, her tutor would move on to debauch another innocent. She’d no right to feel jealous, but she wanted to crawl beneath his skin and block out the world. When she thought about Deanswood, her pulse pounded double time. How her heart beat for two men was beyond her.

Deanswood might not share her bed, but when he’d proposed, he’d stolen a piece of her heart. Confused, she pushed her tutor away. “I must go. I have things to do before I call on Lady Charlotte this afternoon.”

Her tutor sounded angry, maybe because she’d denied him access to her private places. “Like yesterday, you should count to one hundred before you leave the room. Same time tomorrow, chick?”

For the sake of her sore bottom, she should say no, but this man fascinated and enthralled her as much as Deanswood. “Tomorrow it is.”

He gave her bottom a friendly pat, but still sore from her paddling, she winced. Once she heard the door close and pulled off her blindfold. She blinked at the bright sunshine, she ran her hand over her behind, and she counted off one hundred seconds. All the while, she stared out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her tutor as he left the building.

When no one appeared, she wondered if Viscount Stonehurst was her teacher. When they’d made these arrangements, his manner had amused and intrigued her. His larger than life persona made him an ideal candidate, but she didn’t know him well enough to ask.

Her bottom still burned from her spanking, and her thoughts churned. The attraction she felt for a man she’d never seen broke every tenet of her upbringing. She’d made vows in church, and she intended to keep them. That meant forgetting about her tutor and concentrating on her husband.

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