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His Little Actress by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Sarah sort of choked, her windpipe cinching down to almost nothing. “Wha—you, how… you… know?”

Daddy grinned. “Hey, I’m not completely dim. I started to notice that you were quite amorous on nights following a spanking. Yet, there seemed to be a contradiction: you were behaving. What’s up with that?”

“You’re right, on all accounts. The thing is, I don’t like them, and I hate that horrid wretched brush! But, a couple hours after a spanking, I do feel… needy. Are you mad?”

“No, it’s okay. Like I said, your behavior has improved, so the spankings are working. If you later get a positive reinforcement from it, what’s the harm? Now, let’s get home and get packed, and don’t forget your warm clothes. Remember, we’re going from sunny Southern California to icy Canada.”

Once more, Sarah was floating. It felt so much better to be honest with Tom, to truly trust and confide in him like the adult daddy she wanted. The drive seemed to pass in an instant, as did their remaining time before leaving. It seemed literally the next day and they were on the plane to Edmonton. Stepping up to the counter at the hotel, Sarah hung back, pulled her hat down a bit, and adjusted her dark glasses.

“Good morning,” Daddy said to the clerk. “I believe you have a suite reserved for me, Thomas Jones.”

The lady checked her computer.

Jones? That’s what the geniuses at the studio came up with as a cover? What, Smith was too obvious?

“Ah, yes, here it is, sir,” the lady said. “The agent requested a suite for you and your daughter. As he didn’t give her age and said to give you the best, we’ve booked you into the deluxe family suite. Huh, I see you’re going to be with us for eight weeks! My, my, that’s quite a stay. Extended vacay?”

“Could we move this along, please? It’s been a long trip and we’re tired.”

“Of course, sir. If you’ll just fill these out,” she said, sliding some papers toward him.

He did so, the not so subtle questions continuing: where had they flown in from? Did they need a rental car to get anywhere? What were their plans while in town? Daddy remained tight-lipped, and Sarah kept her distance. The ride up the private glass elevator was nice, and the bellboy was quite nice and not pushy. Daddy tipped him and then they settled into their temporary home, and what a place it was. This was no mere suite, it was like a condo: two bedrooms, a combo nursery and playroom, laundry and kitchen, and a well-stocked pantry.

“Damn, Daddy, how much is this costing?”

“The studio is covering it. While we’re here, you need to keep a low profile.”

“I kind of figured that. Did you suggest us passing as father and daughter?”

He shook his head. “No, baby, it was their idea. I knew it was something very private between us, but I also didn’t object as I figured you’d understand.”

“I do. Man, what was with that clerk? You’d think she worked for a network or a fan mag what with her game of twenty questions.”

“You’re not that far off,” Daddy said, holding the local newspaper. “Take a look at this.”

She did. The headline was about the village and castle that’d been built outside of town for the movie, and the media going nuts trying to figure out what film it was for and who was the star.

“Wow, now I understand the studio’s paranoia.”

“Yeah, which means it’s absolutely vital you keep a low profile while you’re here.”

“So much for skiing, huh? Two months cooped up inside,” she said with a grin, unzipping her parka. “What will we do for fun?”

Daddy had some ideas.

The next morning, very early, they slipped out the back door to a waiting SUV with darkened windows, and zipped off to the location to start shooting. It was a long hard day and Sarah was suddenly quite grateful for all of the training and classes she’d had. For the first month, her routine was pretty solid: film all day, rest and enjoy her time with Tom in a loving relationship, and keep a low profile. Then came the first glitch. The studio wanted to move forward with the remake of Clever Cricket and the Ghost Chasers (working title), and so the production team flew up for meetings with her. After that, every drive to and from the set, every break and meal, and every evening was packed with activity.

The stress got to her.

She started to snap at people, she missed cues, flubbed lines, and practically lived on energy drinks, caffeine, and breakfast bars. Finally, one morning she awoke feeling absolutely miserable. Daddy took one look at her and ordered her back to bed.

“I’m fine,” she snapped. “I can make it.”

“No, you can’t. Now, are you going to do as you’re told, or do I have to get the brush?”

She grumbled, but complied. He got on the phone, canceled her meetings, and informed the director. From what she heard, it seemed Arthur was okay with it, he and the second unit would shoot establishing shots, crowd scenes, and secondary characters. That made her feel better, which was good considering the tightness in her gut. Daddy brought her tea and toast in bed.

“Oh, thanks, but no food,” she groaned, clutching her tummy.

He put his hand on her forehead. “No fever. Huh, but definite pain, I can see it in your eyes and expression. Baby, when was the last time you went to the bathroom?”

She knew what he meant. “Um, I don’t know, couple days.”

“Uh-huh, sounds like someone’s got clogged pipes. Let me check the medicine cabinet. I should be able to find you something.”

She smiled. Such a good guy, good daddy, he knows what’s what.

Her smile vanished when he didn’t return soon and she heard water running. Curious, she ambled to the bathroom door and looked in.

“What in the world are you doing?” she said.

He turned to her as he shut off the water. “You’re just in time, I’m ready for you. Come on in.”

“Ready for what?”

“There weren’t any laxatives, but I found an enema kit, and it’s all ready.”

Her eyebrows shot up and she backed away. “Whoa, wait a minute, no way, uh-uh, there’s no way you’re putting that… stuff in… inside me!”

“Sarah, come on, there’s nothing to it. Just relax and come here.”

“No, absolutely not!”

She turned and tried to run, but between her health, her size, and his size, she didn’t get two steps before he snatched her up in his arms.

“Young lady, don’t push my buttons or you’ll regret it,” he said, carrying her into the bathroom.

“No, no, no, I refuse, put me down, stop this at once!”

He did put her down, right across his lap. She gasped, squirmed, and fought, but he held her tight, and… smack! His large hand landed squarely in the center of her bare bottom (she’d slept naked). After that, she got a steady stream of firm swats.

“Now, are you going to settle down, behave, and let Daddy help you, baby?”

“Ouch, ow! But, Daddy, I don’t want an enema, they’re nasty,” she whined.

“Baby, they’re like many things in life that help you, like a spanking. They’re unpleasant, but a truly mature person knows they’re for the best.”

Sarah grumbled and whined between yells as she knew he was right. She just didn’t want to admit it. Her stubbornness was getting in the way and her bottom paid the price. Finally, after five minutes of steadily increasing heat to her seat, she gave up. Yet, she wasn’t released. He did it with her across his lap! First came the parting of her hot cheeks. Coldness swirled across her anus. She squirmed for a moment, but another swat got her to settle down. The nozzle eased between her cheeks. She cringed and grunted when it entered. It went deeper and she groaned louder. The full length of the hard plastic became seated inside her, and Daddy started the flow. She whimpered as she felt herself filling. Humiliation built within her and she blushed bright red as her heart pounded.

“Daddy, please, not like this,” she begged. “Let me up, I promise to behave.”

Smack, a medium spank rippled across her red right cheek.

“You had your chance to be a good girl, now you’ll just have to lie there and take it,” he scolded.

Sarah groaned as myriad sensations washed over her. The sting in her cheeks, the fullness in her bottom, the humiliation of the whole situation, and then there was the topper: a full-length mirror across from them that let her see everything. That Daddy was fully dressed and she was buck naked was icing on the cake. A thrust of pure raw sexual energy rocked and thrust into her pussy. Pressing her lips together, she tried not to moan as her toes curled, and she prayed for the whole sorry episode to end. Her breathing came hard and labored; she turned to look in the mirror and saw her face was as red as her bottom, and the sight of the tube going between her cheeks sent her embarrassment into overdrive.

“Uh-oh, I think the tube is leaking,” Daddy said. “My thigh is getting wet.”

Sarah gasped, her eyes popping open as she clamped her legs together, and she squealed.

“What the…? Sarah, you spread your legs this instant,” he ordered.

She groaned, he gave her a light swat, and she complied. His hand slid between her legs. A bigger, deeper moan escaped her lips before she could suppress it. She heaved forward on his lap, his left arm easily pinned her, and his right hand explored her.

“Baby, what’s up? It’s usually hours before you get fired up from a spanking,” he said, his fingers probing her clit. “What, is it the enema?”

That was the last straw. Sarah lost it; she came hard, bouncing and convulsing on his lap as she howled out pure delight. Daddy quickly picked up on it and used his fingers to their full extent (literally and figuratively), and dragged out her climax until she thought she was going to shake right off his lap. By the time she came down, Daddy was helping her toward the toilet.

“I’ll be outside if you need any help,” he said.

“Ohhh, yes, Daddy,” she moaned.

Sitting there, she felt no pain from her poor sore bottom. She was so blessed high on bliss she truly thought the warlord in her movie could use his whip on her and she wouldn’t feel it. Emerging from the bathroom, she felt better, but still blushed bright red to see Daddy waiting and smiling.

“So, I’m wondering if my baby likes being a baby,” he said.

“Daddy, no, I… well… that is,” she stammered. “I… it is something I find… exciting.”

“Sweetie, it’s okay, it’s just another cute element to your sexuality. In fact, I think my baby should have a Baby Day. I bet that’ll take away a lot of your stresses.”

“A… day?” she squeaked, swallowing hard. “Wha-what’s that mean?”

He grinned and took her by the hand. “Come on, you’ll see.”

First stop was the nursery. Daddy sat her on the changing table, which made her wince, and then laid her back and held her feet up. Once more she had four crimson cheeks as he powdered her bottom and slid a large diaper on her. Her only other garment was one of her pink and rainbow-covered t-shirts, and then he carried her to the kitchen. She let out a squeak as he sat her in one of the stools at the counter, and then set about making her a light meal: Cream of Wheat, scrambled eggs, and juice. No sooner was the plate before her than he stepped behind her and grabbed her wrist.

“Hey, what’s going on?” she whined.

“I remembered that day at the studio feeding you and how excited you got by it. So, I figured it would be a nice way to start this day.”

Moving around in front of her, he did just that. Sitting there, helpless, forced to let him feed her, Sarah shivered and trembled with renewed sexual fire. She couldn’t believe it; she was building toward another orgasm. Of course, Daddy being as sharp as he was, he picked up on it at once, and pushed her closer and closer.

“Now, if baby Sarah is a good baby and cleans her plate, she can play with her toys for a while, and then get a bubba and a nap. When she wakes, if her warm bottom has heated her pussy up nicely, Daddy will let her ride his horse. Won’t that be nice?”

Clamping her legs together as much as the diaper allowed, she let out a series of gradually higher pitched chirps as she again lost it.

“Y-y-yes, Daddy,” she choked out.

“Well, well, did baby just come again?” he said smugly.

All she could manage was a nod. Daddy chuckled, finished feeding her, and then carried her to the play area. Here he loosened her straps a bit, but added new ones to her legs. She was effectively reduced to the reach and movements of a crawling infant.

“Now, you go ahead and play, baby. Daddy will clean up and take care of some big people stuff.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, crawling to the toy box.

Smiling ear to ear, he left, and Sarah tried desperately to get her mind in anything besides the fire growing in her pussy. It was maddening. The utter humiliation of her situation, the heat transfer taking place inside her body, both were things beyond her ability to control, and that turned her on more than anything she’d ever experienced. As a result, her mind sort of slipped down the ‘ladder of maturity.’ Minutes melted away and she played as a tiny child would.

“Baby, time for your bubba,” Daddy said.

“Oh, you scared me,” she blurted out, her head whipping around to face him. “OMG, Daddy, don’t record me!”

He was standing in the doorway, a baby bottle in one hand, and his phone in the other.

“I’m sorry, baby, but I had to, you were being so cute, and you’re telling such a sweet story with your toys.”

“I was? I didn’t realize, I was kind of… in the zone. You’re not going to show that to anyone, are you? Daddy, Tom, I’d die of embarrassment!”

He chuckled and lifted her to sit on his lap. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll write up a transcript, and give it to the screenwriter.”


Nodding, he reclined her and stuffed the bottle in her mouth. “Oh, yeah, it’s a delightful story, make a great kiddie movie or TV special. You keep this up, baby, and we’ll have to start our own production company.”

She smiled around the nipple and drank, and squirmed as Daddy’s hands caressed and squeezed her body. He rubbed her inner thighs, slid up under her shirt to massage her breasts, and slid across her tummy. Combined with the humiliation of being fed like a baby, her body was forced toward another orgasm. The next thing she knew, she was breathing hard. She’d drained the bottle. Daddy popped it from her mouth and hoisted her over his shoulder. Sarah whimpered as he patted her back. She’d been so close. Once she burped, he put her down in the crib.

“All right, baby Sarah, it’s nap time. Daddy will check on you in a while. When you wake, you better have filled your diaper! If not, Daddy will be very angry, and have no choice but to spank you severely. Is that clear?”

“Huh? I… um, y-yes, sir,” she replied.

He smiled, turned off the light and left, and she was left in a state of confusion.

What the hell was that all about? Oh, wait a minute, I get it, he wants to try sensual spanking. Hey, I’m game.

Snuggling down in bed, clutching the teddy and blanket he’d given her, she drifted off to sleep, and slept better and deeper than she’d ever known.

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