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His Little Bride by Aurie Jameson – Extended Preview

“Jen, hold onto the cart, please.”

Jen pouted, but obeyed and held onto the shopping cart that Will was pushing through Bargain Market. She had been admiring the shelf near her that was filled with colorful boxes of cookies. Jen loved cookies. They were by far her favorite snack. Will seemed to favor chips and pretzels, but not her. Cookies were definitely the way to go.

“Can we get just one box of cookies?” she asked sweetly. She looked up at him with her biggest eyes. “Please?”

Will had been going over the shopping list in his hand when he noticed Jen was no longer next to him. She had wandered over to get a closer look at the cookie shelf.

“Naughty girls who wander off most certainly do not get cookies,” he informed her.

Jen was absolutely glowing, despite being forced to be his little girl in public. She and Will usually split up the responsibilities during grocery shopping trips. He would fetch the items from the shelves while Jen kept track of what items on the list they’d collected and how much money they’d spent. When she was his little girl, though, Will announced that he would do it all and Jen would simply tag along. She was having fun looking at things they usually didn’t buy since she had so much more time to do so.

She would be having a lot more fun if Will didn’t force her to always have her hand on the cart. He’d explained that he didn’t want her to get lost or wander off. Jen had rolled her eyes at that, earning her a swift swat to her skirt-covered bottom, which was still sore from her last spanking. Her eyes had widened, and she had looked around frantically to make sure no one had seen. When she ensured that it had gone unnoticed, she glared at Will. What if someone had seen? She would have died from embarrassment.

Will hadn’t seemed at all concerned with the fact that someone could have seen. He had simply threatened to do it again, but this time, make sure that someone was watching when he did it. That should have made Jen behave, but it only annoyed her.

Now, she was bristling as she waited at the cart for Will to come back. At the very end, right before they were going to pay, he realized he had forgotten to grab toilet paper. The toilet paper was all the way across the store and Bargain Market was pretty crowded. Instead of pushing the cart through the throngs of people, Will had decided to leave Jen and the cart in the aisle closest to the cash registers and the exit.

He had probably been gone for about three minutes and Jen was already bored and restless. She was hungry, too. She looked longingly toward the cookie aisle, just two aisles away.

Will hurried through Bargain Market, a pack of toilet paper under one arm. It was past the time they usually ate dinner. He was quite hungry and knew Jen would be as well. She got grumpy when hungry, so he needed to get her to the restaurant quickly.

He turned the corner and looked to where he had left his fiancée and froze. Jen had her back to him and was on her tiptoes, reaching toward the bottom of the cart. He marched right over and paused behind her to watch.

Jen had a box in her right hand and was using her other hand to move other items around in the cart. She froze when she heard someone clear their throat. Swiftly, she whirled around, looking like a deer in the headlights, a box of cookies clutched in her hand.

Will’s eyebrows rose in surprise. He felt his jaw set. He knew Jen saw the fire in his eyes since she immediately ducked her head guiltily and held the box out for him to take. He stepped forward, tossed the toilet paper into the cart before taking the box from her. He held the box of chocolate chip cookies up to her face.

“Explain,” he ordered.

Jen shook her head, eyes already welling up with tears. “I’m sorry,” she said instead.

Will’s eyes hardened further. “I didn’t ask for an apology, young lady,” he informed her sternly. “I asked you to explain what it was you were doing. If I have to ask again, you will do so with my hand on your bottom.”

Jen’s lower lip quivered, but she was able to deliver the response Will could have predicted. “I was hiding cookies in the cart. I’m sorry, Daddy.” She looked up at him hopefully after she added the title. Perhaps it would soften his heart.

It was immediately apparent that her efforts were in vain, however. Will wordlessly placed the box in Jen’s hands, grabbed her by the upper arm, and walked her into the cookie aisle.

“Will!” she complained, digging her heels into the floor. This time when she looked around, there were a few people watching them curiously.

“Don’t you make a scene, Jen Simmons,” Will barked. When she began to walk normally, Will took her free hand and led her the rest of the way down the aisle.

“You’re the one making a scene!” Jen hissed between her teeth.

Will looked over his shoulder to make sure the coast was clear before he landed a swift spank to the back of Jen’s skirt.

Jen whined but was somehow able to return the box to the shelf like she knew Will wanted.

“I suggest you be on your best behavior while we pay,” Will warned darkly, taking her hand and turning back toward the cart. “You are already in enough trouble.”

Jen obeyed, allowing Will to escort her back to the cart. He placed her hand back on the handlebar. This time, she kept it there. She was silent and contrite the rest of the time spent in the store.

Not a word was spoken between them until Will had put all the groceries into the trunk of their car. He was completely silent as they walked across the parking lot to their car, which was parked at the far end and had no other cars around it. Will preferred not to park next to other cars. He had always threatened to spank Jen in a parking lot, but she was normally on her best behavior in public.

Until today.

Jen jumped when she heard the slam of the trunk. Will had ordered her to wait in the car while he loaded the groceries into the trunk. She fiddled with her seatbelt nervously. The tension was overwhelming. Her eyes widened when Will walked to her side of the car and opened the front passenger seat door.

“Will, I’m so sorry,” she apologized immediately. “I don’t know what came over me. I was bored, I guess, but that’s not really an excuse.”

She looked up at him and whimpered a bit at his unamused expression.

“Come on out of the car, please,” he said.

Jen did so reluctantly. He didn’t seem too angry with her, just not happy. She unbuckled her seatbelt before stepping out of the car. As soon as both her feet were on the ground, Will grabbed her by the arm and led her to the back of the car, opening the door leading into the backseat.

Jen looked around frantically, pigtails swinging with each movement. “Will, please!” she cried out, making sure to keep her voice down. “Don’t do this. Not here.”

Will shook his head. He pulled her gently toward the car. “You were a naughty little girl, Jen,” he informed her. He looked over his shoulder before smacking her backside.

Jen jumped more at the loud pop that his hand made against her skirt than at the sting. “Hey!” she yelped, reaching around with her arm that wasn’t in her fiancé’s grasp, so she could rub at the spot he had struck.

“I was planning on spanking you inside the car,” he mused, adding another mild swat to her tush. “But we can do it out here if you prefer.” He kept his body angled so that he was in between Jen and Bargain Market. No one would have been able to notice their little exchange.

Jen shook her head and practically dove into the backseat. Will followed closely, shutting the door behind them.

“I’m really sorry, Will,” Jen said again. “I won’t be naughty anymore. I promise!”

Will settled into the middle of the backseat before patting his lap. “Let’s make sure, okay, angel? You embarrassed Daddy a great deal today. I think the punishment should fit the crime. Having your bare little bottom smacked in public will be pretty embarrassing, won’t it?”

Jen whimpered but complied, climbing over Will’s legs. She was short enough that it wasn’t too uncomfortable. She could stretch her legs out behind her without touching the sides of the car. She tucked her hands under her chin.

Will placed his hand on Jen’s skirt-covered bottom. He patted the mounds lightly as he began to lecture. “You’re in big trouble this time, little one,” he said. “Not only did you disobey me by letting go of the cart, you tried to deceive me by trying to hide cookies in the cart.” He began to knead her tush through her clothes, enjoying the way it made Jen whine.

“I’m sorry,” was all Jen could manage as her bottom was roughly handled.

Ironically, Jen was almost relieved when Will began the spanking. Obviously not because of the pain, but because he didn’t bare her bottom. He landed heavy, measured swats to the seat of her skirt. She began to wriggle immediately, more from embarrassment than from pain. She was very much aware of the lights from other cars passing outside of their car.

“You’re lucky I didn’t bend you over for a well-deserved spanking in the middle of the store,” he said as he spanked. “Next time you pull a stunt like that, you will not be as lucky.”

“I’m sorry, sir!” she cried out. “I promise it won’t happen again! I’ll be your good little girl!” She rushed to get the apology out, hoping she could put a quick end to the public spanking.

After a couple dozen swats were applied to the seat of her skirt, Will ceased the blows, causing Jen to sigh deeply in relief. Her relief was short lived, however, when Will’s hands went for the hem of her skirt. Before she could protest loudly, the thin cotton was thrown over her back, revealing pink ruffled panties.

The odd combination of pain and relief returned when Will continued his onslaught on the thin panties as opposed to her bare tush.

Will didn’t plan on making this a hard spanking. They still had a nice dinner to go to and he didn’t want his little girl in pain throughout it. He wasn’t opposed to having her eating dinner with a warm bottom, however.

“Please don’t spank me on my bare bottom, Daddy!” she pleaded desperately. She looked over her shoulder at him. “Please don’t! Someone could see!”

Will paused once again, putting a hand to his chin so he could stroke at the light brown stubble thoughtfully. “I don’t know, angel,” he said finally. “You were awfully naughty in there. Awfully naughty girls deserve bare bottom spankings, don’t you think?”

Jen whimpered. “Please, no.”

Will just rubbed Jen’s pantied bottom. “Okay,” he said finally. Before Jen could get excited, he spanked her pert globes hard, one swift swat to each summit. “I won’t spank your bare bottom, but your punishment isn’t over yet. Little girls need to learn that they cannot disobey their daddies.”

Then, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her pretty panties.

“Will!” she gasped, turning sharply to look at him in shock. “You just said you wouldn’t spank my bare bottom!” Her voice came out as a whine but she hardly noticed.

Will did notice her whine. “Watch your tone, young lady! I know what I said. I’m not spanking your bare bottom, but you haven’t been punished enough yet. I have something else in store for your bare tush.”

Jen cried out when Will yanked her panties to her knees, her bare cheeks bouncing into view. She threw her hands back, but Will simply pushed them away. He then bent over her, so he could retrieve something off the floor of the car.

Jen stared at the duffle bag that her fiancé pulled up onto the seat. It was pretty dark in the car, so she was only able to partially make out the small object and bottle that Will pulled out of the bag.

“What are you doing?” she asked in dismay. “Where did you get that bag?”

“It’s been in here for a couple of weeks now,” he informed her, fiddling with the objects in his hands. “I imagine we’ll be doing a lot more traveling in the future and I wanted to make sure I had everything we needed to make sure my little girl is properly maintained.”

“What is it?” Jen cried out.

“You’re going to have a butt plug in your bum while we go out to dinner,” Will said. “Hopefully, it will be enough of a reminder for you to be a good girl.”

“No, please!” She didn’t know what a butt plug was, but it wasn’t hard to guess what it was going to be used for.

Will ignored her and carefully lubed the small pink silicone butt plug. It wasn’t much larger than his index finger, which had invaded her bottom in the past, so he knew she wouldn’t be in any pain. Jen had always been extremely embarrassed when he would put his finger into her bottom hole.

It made her extremely contrite.

When he had the little plug lubed up, Will parted the chubby cheeks on his lap with one hand. Jen’s cheeks immediately clenched at the contact.

“Relax your cheeks now, Jen,” Will ordered. “I told you I wouldn’t spank your bare bottom but I made no promises about your thighs.”

Jen whimpered, but relaxed. She hated having her thighs spanked.

Will wasn’t in a hurry. He took his time parting Jen’s chubby bottom cheeks and lining up the plug to her little pink anus. He pressed it gently to her hole, letting it rest there.

“This is going to stay in your bottom until we get home,” Will said as he held the plug to her hole. “Maybe next time, you’ll remember that little girls are always to behave in public.”

“I’m sorry!” Jen cried. She had never been so embarrassed in her whole life. No one was around, but just the act of having her cheeks spread and a plug pressing against her hole made her feel so naughty. Her whole face was burning as she wriggled over Will’s lap.

Jen gasped when Will slowly pushed against the plug. She whined as it entered her inch by inch so she could feel the entire thing go in. Her anus stretched painfully to accept it, intensifying her squeaks and whimpers. She attempted to wiggle off his lap but Will held her firmly. When the plug was about halfway inside her, she felt Will wrap a large arm around her waist to keep her in place.

“It hurts!”

“Stop moving and it won’t hurt as much,” Will said simply.

Jen yelped when the widest point of the plug slipped inside her. The rest followed quickly and with it, a sense of overwhelming shame filled her. Her face felt hot as she wiggled to get used to this new sensation. She felt full and naughty and embarrassed.

Will gazed down at Jen’s bottom. He could barely see the plug between her full cheeks. He gave each perfect mound a rough squeeze before lifting Jen up and settling her on his lap so her face was in his chest, her knees on his thighs. Her bottom poked out and she kept her eyes down, upper cheeks pink.

“Look at me, Jen,” he ordered.

Slowly she did so, her large doe eyes glossy.

Will kissed her, hands reaching around to cup her bottom cheeks. He pressed lightly on the plug, causing Jen to whimper. He pulled away after a couple of moments but kept his hands on her tush.

“You’re going to be a good girl now, aren’t you?”

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