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His Little Lily by Aurie Jameson – Extended Preview

A month had passed since Lily had quit her job and started to stay home full-time. She had thought it would be quite a transition for her after working for a couple of years, but she found with satisfaction that she fell back into doing housework as if she had been doing it all her life.

She had thought she wouldn’t enjoy it or find it fulfilling, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. There was something satisfying about taking care of her own home. She couldn’t help but compare it to the idea of editing. When she cleaned her home, she was fine-tuning and improving what already existed just like taking a rough draft of a book and making it better.

When she was done with the nitty gritty parts of taking care of a home, she got to do more fun things like experiment with new recipes and decorate different rooms in the house. She even found more time to play with Kovu, which had been a struggle to fit into their previously tight schedule.

The real transition was reprising her role as a submissive wife.

“I’m asking you not to forget to eat while I’m at work, Lily,” Caden warns her as he dressed her that morning.

“And I asked you not to talk to me like that,” Lily retorted evenly, her jaw tightening stubbornly. She blushed prettily though when she looked down at the light pink babydoll dress he had put her in.

Caden sighed and dropped the headband with a polka-dotted bow he had been about to put on her and instead sat on the edge of their neatly made bed. He crooked a finger at his wife, who stiffly approached him.

“You agreed to obey your daddy, didn’t you?” he asked after tucking her between his knees. He took hold of her little hands. “I know I haven’t been consistent with you, so I’m willing to be patient, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to punish you severely from now on if you step out of line.”

Lily just nodded, looking up at him with shining caramel-colored eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, finally. “I like it when you take charge, I just feel so high-strung still from the transition, I guess.”

Caden smiled gently before kissing her forehead. “I understand,” he said, making her return his grin shyly. He tapped her bottom through her white cotton skirt. “However, that isn’t how baby girls speak, is it?

Lily swallowed uneasily. “No, Daddy, I sowwy.”

“You’re also not allowed to be mouthy to Daddy. Next time, you’ll get a very ouchy bottom. Understood?”

Lily nodded with difficulty, her lower lip poking out in a pout. “Yes, Daddy.”

Several hours later, Lily cursed under her breath. She had been so distracted by Caden’s warning that morning that she had been out of it all day. She had spent the morning like usual. She’d brushed and played with Kovu and then started to organize the cabinets. Organizing was probably one of her favorite parts of keeping the home. She found it satisfying to make things run more smoothly. It had been a pain the past couple of weeks to find certain items in their large pantry and in their cabinets that held their pots and pans. She had decided that today would be the day that she finally took care of the mess.

It was a surprisingly ambitious project that involved removing all of the items from the pantries and cabinets. All the countertops, the dining room table and most of the kitchen floor were covered in various cooking trays, pots, pans and random nonperishable food items. Lily refused to be discouraged and worked on what was right in front of her, carefully sorting things before putting them back in the cabinets.

She was so focused on the task that she didn’t realize that she had worked right through lunch. She was almost finished when she checked the time and realized Caden would be home in under an hour and she hadn’t started dinner yet!

She scrambled to get the rest of the stuff put away before washing her hands and starting on dinner.

She was almost done with the fried chicken and stir-fried veggies when she heard the front door open. She cursed, but turned toward the sound of her husband returning from work.

“Welcome home!” she chirped. She flipped the chicken in the pan right when Caden wandered in, looking handsome in his dark grey button-up shirt and black pants.

Caden pulled out a chair from the dining room table, and dropped his bag into it before approaching Lily. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her cheek. “How was your day?” he asked.

Lily sighed with contentment as she stirred the veggies. “Good. I got so into organizing the cabinets that I lost track of time though.”

“Hmm.” Caden’s arms tightened around her waist, one hand traveling down to the back of her skirt. “Is that why dinner isn’t ready yet and I’m still talking to my adult wife?”

Lily could tell that Caden wasn’t angry, his tone was light and teasing. For some reason though, she felt shy and embarrassed. She fidgeted slightly in her husband’s firm hold. “Yes. I’m sorry, Daddy.”

He added a couple of firm pats to her bottom and kissed her neck. “I’m going to go wash up for dinner.” He gave her one more solid pat, which was almost hard enough to be considered a swat, before leaving her alone.

Lily swallowed and rubbed her thighs together as she finished dinner. Once Caden came in and sat at the dining room table, Lily could feel his eyes on her, watching her every move. She looked up briefly as she plated the food to find that the look he was giving her was almost predatory. She lowered her eyes as she set the food on the table.

“Thank you, love,” Caden said. “It looks delicious.”

Lily couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you,” she murmured.

They ate in companionable silence for a few moments. Lily watched her husband enjoy the meal, trying not to appear too pleased. It didn’t seem to matter what she made for him; he always ate it as if it was the best food he’d ever had. Tonight, the meal was so simple too. It was just lightly seasoned fried chicken and veggies, but he acted as if it was the best steak in the world.

He had always enjoyed her cooking, even back when they were dating. He had explained that his parents worked a lot so he didn’t get home cooked meals every night. His mom would cook on the weekends when she was off though, and they were always his favorite meals.

Lily’s upbringing had been just the opposite. Her parents had both worked until she was born. Then her mother had quit her job to stay home with her. Lily grew up with her mother’s home cooked meals every day.

Lily dug into her own food, suddenly realizing that she hadn’t eaten for several hours and she was extremely hungry. She paused when she realized that Caden had stopped eating to watch her.

“You’re really enjoying the food too,” he noted. His expression turned calculating after a moment. He pursed his lips. “What did you have for lunch today?” He tried to keep his tone light, but Lily could hear the weight behind the words.

Lily hesitated. He had just warned her that morning to eat lunch. She swallowed nervously. “I was so distracted today because of the cabinets…”

“You were so distracted that you forgot to eat lunch?” Caden finished, not an ounce of humor in his voice.

At a loss for words, Lily just nodded meekly.

Caden’s eyes narrowed. “I see,” he said. He stood up suddenly from the table. “Go do the dishes please.”

Lily looked up at him in surprise. “But we haven’t finished eating yet.”

Caden raised an eyebrow. “I’m well aware of that. Now, go do as I say. We’ll finish eating once you’re done with the dishes.”

Lily sniffled, but stood up to obey. Caden sighed and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “I’m not mad at you, love. Now go be my good girl and do as Daddy says. Leave our plates though, since we’re still eating.”

Lily smiled and tiptoed to kiss his cheek, pleased that he wasn’t angry with her. Maybe she wasn’t going to be punished after all.

Lily hummed while she did the dishes, scrubbing at the dried food on the surfaces as she did so. She didn’t even notice when Caden came back into the room until she felt his hand on the back of her skirt. She jumped and whirled around, gaping at the sight of her husband standing there, armed with her small butt plug and a bottle of lubricant.

Lily blushed bright red and threw her hands behind her, covering her bottom protectively. “Daddy, please don’t.”

Caden’s gaze was unwavering. He gestured back to the sink with a tilt of his head. “Turn back around and finish the dishes, Lily.”

Lily whimpered, shaking her head. She hated the butt plug. It hurt when he inserted it and it was way more humiliating than a spanking in her opinion.

Caden held the plug and lube in one hand and used his other hand to grab his wife by the upper arm and propel her so that she was facing the sink. He bent her over and started to swat her skirt.

Lily cried out, but continued to wash the dishes, finding it nearly impossible as her husband peppered her bottom with harsh swats. She almost dropped the plate she was attempting to rinse when he flipped up her skirt and tucked it into the waistband, revealing tight pink panties to his gaze. He spanked the panties as well for a few moments before pulling them down to reveal matching pink bottom cheeks.

Lily set the last plate in the dish rack and squeezed the edge of the sink in her hands. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt Caden’s fingers between her cheeks.

Caden bent his head so he could look at his wife’s bottom straight on. “Forgetting to eat lunch isn’t something I’m going to tolerate anymore,” he told her, splaying her cheeks apart with one hand. Her bottom hole seemed to flinch away from him as he brought a lube-coated finger to it. “Maybe you need to wear a butt plug while I’m at work to help you remember.”

“No!” Lily cried. She wiggled her hips back and forth. “I won’t forget to eat anymore. I promise.”

Caden began to spread the lube over Lily’s back entrance, swirling his finger on and around the little hole. Lily started to whine as soon as his finger made contact. She let out a strained little cry when he dipped the tip of his finger inside, coating the inside of her as well.

He held his finger inside of her for several seconds, both to get her ready for the plug and because he knew it embarrassed her to have his finger up her bottom. “I hope you don’t forget to eat anymore,” he said in a grave voice. He pushed his finger in a little deeper and twisted it, making Lily gasp. “If you do, I’m going to make you hold the plug in during every meal for a week. Understood?”

“Yes!” Lily said quickly, wanting to wiggle her hips but knowing it would make her feel Caden’s finger even more. She tried to stay as still as possible instead.

Caden twisted his finger one more time before pulling it out and replacing it with the tip of the relatively small silicone plug. The widest part was just slightly thicker than his finger. He took his time inserting it, pulling it back out when it was about halfway in. Lily squirmed and tightened several times through the process. She gasped when the widest part was pushed past her entrance.

Lily groaned when Caden pushed the plug in all the way. He held onto the base, wiggling it inside of her, making her face flame. He then used one hand to clamp her cheeks together before spanking her right over the plug, making it push deeper inside of her. Lily squeaked and kicked her feet sporadically, drumming her toes against the floor. Her knuckles were turning white with the amount of force she used to squeeze the edge of the sink. She stomped her feet until Caden finally let go of the plug, but left it firmly seated inside of her.

Caden pulled up her panties for her and adjusted her skirt before giving her a firm pat. “Okay, we’re going to finish eating dinner now.”

Lily stared at him with large eyes, shaking her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe he was going to make her eat with the plug in.

Caden just raised one eyebrow and she turned to obey. Her eyes widened when she saw a stool where her kitchen chair had been. The tall white wooden stool had a tray across the arms.

It was clearly a highchair. Lily backed away from it nervously. Caden scooped her up from behind and plopped her down onto the wooden seat, forcing the plug further into her bottom. Lily’s face flushed when he buckled her in.

“Daddy, you don’t have to do this.

Caden didn’t answer and instead brought her plate of half-eaten food over to her and placed it on the tray in front of her. Lily pressed her lips together, swinging her legs since they weren’t touching the floor. He sat down across from her before scooping up a bite of food and holding it in front of her lips.

Lily hesitantly parted her lips and accepted the food. She couldn’t look Caden in the eye as she chewed and swallowed. She could hardly taste the food, all her attention on the plug pressing against the walls of her anus. It was causing her to wiggle around as Caden continued to spoon feed her.

Caden grinned fondly at her. “You got some sauce on your cheek, silly thing,” he cooed, standing up to grab a couple napkins.

Lily blushed hotly. “I can get it myself.”

Caden turned to look down at her and chuckled. He pressed a kiss to her forehead before gently wiping the side of her mouth with a napkin. “You’re very cute, you know that?”

Lily scowled up at him, her cheeks pink from both the cold and her current predicament. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”

Caden grinned mischievously. “What am I making you do?”

Lily looked away, her pink cheeks growing darker. “You know what.”

Caden wasn’t one to give up. He stopped walking and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. “Tell me.”

Lily shivered from the deep voice Caden used with the command. She grit her teeth together. “No.”

“Hmm, disobeying me right now isn’t very wise,” he told her. His hands traveled lower, resting at the very top of her bottom. “I might have to do something about that sharp tongue of yours once I’m finished feeding you.”

Lily was feeling bold despite the situation. “You like my sharp tongue,” she accused. “You said yourself it’s part of why you fell in love with me.”

“That was definitely part of it,” he allowed, dropping a kiss to the top of her hair. His hands traveled lower, cupping the tops of her bottom cheeks. “You didn’t answer my question.” When she still refused to answer, he put the fork down and slipped his hand under her backside and placed a hand over the plug, squeezing firmly.

Lily yelped and whipped her head about. “Caden!” she hissed, trying to pull away, but he held onto her tightly.

“Daddy,” Caden corrected. He grinned down at her. “Hmm? Now what were you saying about me making you do something?”

Lily glared at him, but answered in a trembling voice. “You’re making me eat with a… you know…”

Caden tilted his head, feigning confusion. “With a what?”

She looked down, clenching her bottom cheeks. “With a plug.”

To Lily’s relief, Caden removed his hands from her bottom and once again continued to feed her. He surprised her by leaning forward to kiss the tip of her nose.

“You’re so cute when you blush,” he informed her, his eyes twinkling with the light from the setting sun.

Then he really kissed her, pressing his lips against hers. Lily melted against his chest, her arms going limp at her sides as he explored her mouth. She had been cold earlier in her short babydoll dress, but she suddenly felt really warm.

When Caden pulled away, his eyes were shining. He kissed the tip of her nose again. “C’mon,” he said, tugging her along. “I think it’s time my naughty little girl went to bed.”

Lily was surprised when Caden’s lighthearted demeanor vanished and a hard, stern one took its place.

“Go into our room, take off all your clothes and stand in the corner,” he ordered, gesturing toward their bedroom. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. If you’re not naked and in position by the time I get there, you’ll be in big trouble.”

It took Lily a moment to read his mood. When he gave her a firm, but playful swat to get her moving, she understood. A blush spread out across her cheeks as she ducked her head and hurried to obey.

She undressed slowly, suddenly feeling extremely shy, despite this being far from the first time the two had had sex. She blamed it on the butt plug. It was awkward and left her feeling extremely naughty when she had it in.

She shivered as she tossed her bra and panties on the bed. The plug in her bottom suddenly felt larger, more pronounced. She shuffled over to the only empty corner of the room, her back facing the bedroom door. Her face burned even more when she placed her hands on top of her head and arched her back, pushing her bottom out. The plug shifted inside of her as she moved. She ducked her head and waited.

Caden grinned to himself as he tidied up. He wiped down the table and took out the trash in the kitchen and bathrooms. By now, his wife should be naked with her nose in the corner. He liked to keep her waiting, knowing that it made her wet with need the longer she had to stand there like a naughty little girl. He used the time to do some cleaning. He was tired from work, but it didn’t feel right for Lily to do all the housework on her own.

He knew his wife better than anyone and knew that she was probably feeling restless since she wasn’t working anymore. Lily was the eldest child of four and had to grow up pretty quickly in order to care for her younger siblings. It wouldn’t matter that she was working herself into the ground with household things, she would feel like she had to take on the entirety of the chores since she wasn’t contributing financially.

She was sweet, but also extremely silly. Caden knew that treating her like a child was helping her confidence and self-esteem.

Caden reentered the house after taking out the trash. After washing his hands, he made his way to the bedroom he shared with his wife. His grin widened when he spotted Lily exactly where he had ordered her to be.

He took a moment just to admire her beauty, the way her smooth skin shone against the dim lighting from the nearby floor lamp. Her long, chestnut colored hair tumbled in waves down her back, the ends tickling the skin of her waist. Her hips flared out like a delicate skirt, the curve accentuating the roundness of her bottom cheeks.

Caden watched as Lily’s body stiffened the longer he stared, her tiny toes curling against the carpet. He quietly made his way across the room to stand behind her. He couldn’t stand the space between them anymore and reached out to grip her waist in his large hands.

“Good girl,” he praised, kissing her ear lightly. “That’s exactly how I wanted to find you.” His hands traveled lower to her bottom and he kneaded the firm flesh, making Lily moan. She took a step back, trying to press herself against him. Caden swatted her.

“Don’t move,” he ordered. He then continued to fondle her bottom, his lips moving to the side of her neck. “Now, I want you to answer me honestly. Did you like having a plug up your bottom while Daddy fed you?”

Lily’s face flamed. “No!” she denied immediately, trying to bury herself further into the corner in humiliation.

“Hmm,” Caden hummed doubtfully. His hand dropped between her thighs, nudging them apart, one finger delving into her warm moisture. “Your body seems to be telling me otherwise.” He grabbed the base of the plug and slid it out halfway before pushing it back in, making Lily gasp.

He then began to spank her right there as she stood in the corner. He pulled her against him, pushing on her back so she bent over his arm. He spanked all around the plug, making it move around inside of her.

Lilly wiggled against him. Every swat made the plug activate the heat between her legs, making her writhe with need. She pressed her thighs together, her moans growing more pronounced with each second.

Finally, Caden released her and stopped spanking. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to the straight backed chair that sat in the opposite corner. He used his other hand to undo the buttons of his shirt. When they got to the chair, he turned to face her, his eyes intense.

Lily watched hungrily as Caden began to undress. Her eyes raked over the skin of his chest as he slipped his shirt off and dropped it to the ground. Her mouth went dry when he slipped out of his pants and boxer shorts. He sat in the chair, reaching out and grabbing hold of her wrist again to pull her to him.

Lily smiled shyly when Caden gave her a look up and down. He met her eyes and grinned in return. He then grasped one of her bottom cheeks in each of his hands and hoisted her up onto his lap so she was straddling him.

Caden’s eyes were dark as he shifted her so his cock was lined up with her slick entrance. Lily gasped when the two met and gave a tiny scream when she was lowered onto him.

Caden paused, just letting Lily get used to the feeling of him filling her. He used one hand to spank her bottom cheeks, pushing her further onto him.

Caden grit his teeth as Lily’s warmth engulfed his cock. He gripped her bottom hard, spreading her cheeks apart as he pulled her against him. He lifted her up so she slid over his hard length over and over.

Lily threw her head back, digging her fingers into Caden’s bare shoulders as she rode him. She tightened around his length, relishing in every thick inch of him as she rocked back and forth over him. She was already overwhelmed with the sensation of having both of her holes completely filled. She didn’t think he could be any deeper inside of her than he already was until he gripped her harder and thrust his hips, shoving himself even further into her.

Lily dropped her forehead onto Caden’s shoulder as she came, her whole body shaking violently. Caden tilted his head to kiss her firmly on the mouth before thrusting faster, still gripping her bottom to hold her tightly to him.

When Caden came, he groaned loudly, wrapping his arms around Lily’s limp form. He held her for several moments, enjoying the feel of her body cradled against his.

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