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His Little Runaway by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

His Little RunawayCould she let this happen? Wes the Navy SEAL bathing her, with no clothes on, in that enormous tub she had seen when she peed that morning?

He had just spanked her. And now he said he was going to wash her, in the bathtub, as if she were the young lady, the little girl, he kept talking about.

Was Ashley Lewis that young lady? Until fifteen minutes ago she would never in her wildest dreams have imagined that her body would respond the way it had to him. But his sheer bigness, and his experience—they seemed to work on her senses like an intoxicant, until she couldn’t even recognize the facts about her that she had always thought defined her. Like who her boyfriends would be.

She had never thought about sex much, even when the warden had promised to make her do sex things. That was just about power.

Wasn’t this about power, too, though? But power used for good as opposed to power used for evil?

Wes came back. Ashley could hear the water running into the tub now.

She spoke without really thinking about it, not even sure what answer she wanted. “Can I keep the t-shirt on in the tub, sir? I mean, you know, to… cover me?”

Wes smiled patiently as she looked up at him from the couch.

“No, honey. You have to take it off so I can see all of you. I’ll go get new clothes for you and let you use the washcloth on your privates, once I’m done with the rest of you.”

She felt her face go very red. How could he just say that about her privates? And her privates were so… well, they had gotten so warm and even wet, at the beginning of the spanking and then when he rubbed her bottom, and even when he had snuggled her in his arms. She had felt that kind of warmth before only a couple of times—never with a boyfriend, but just lying in bed thinking about things, like certain movie stars and certain movies.

Ashley knew theoretically that it was possible to use your hand to soothe that warmth away, but she never had, feeling always that to do that would be to give in to the feeling in some way, and thinking that she didn’t want to be the kind of girl who gave in that way.

Now, though, the urge to put her hand down there, between her thighs, on her privates—even with Wes watching—started to grow way, way past any point to which it had ever come before. To have him say privates seemed to light a fire in the place he named, so great that the warmth began to turn into an ache.

Wes bent down and picked her up just as easily as he had maneuvered her over his knee during the spanking, at that terrible moment when he had rendered her bottom completely motionless so he could finish punishing it. The worst part of the spanking had turned out not to be the pain, which did become bad, but the way being over Wes’ lap had made the pain somehow connect to her soul, so that to keep her bottom pushed up the way he wanted it became its own lesson in obeying him, and she really did feel ashamed that she couldn’t keep herself from kicking and couldn’t keep her right hand from trying to cover her poor little bottom.

The best part, of course, was when he took her in his arms, as she was in his arms now. To feel that she had had her first bare-bottom spanking, to teach her how she must behave from now on, and that the man who gave it to her—who had taken her in hand—wanted to hold her that way… well, it made being carried into the bathroom feel even more like flying than it already did.

The water was warm and bubbly. She didn’t think hard about why a former special ops warrior living in a cabin in the woods should have bubble bath, but merely enjoyed the perfectly warm temperature of the bath as, after standing up briefly so Wes could strip the t-shirt off her, she scrambled into the tub, wanting him to get as brief a glimpse as possible of her pussy.

Had he seen it when she kicked, during the spanking? At the time, she had been in too much discomfort even to think about it, but now she felt another blush suffuse her face. She looked down; the bubbles covered her up, thank goodness. But Wes handed her a washcloth and said, “You can put this down there to cover your privates if you want.”

She smiled nervously up at him. “Thanks,” she said as she took it and submerged it there. Somehow, though, to have the washcloth there made the feeling that, as strange as it seemed, she wanted Wes to see her pussy even stronger. She swallowed hard.

Wes had turned away to get another washcloth, and now he dipped it in the sudsy water and began gently to wash her face. The scrape on her cheek, though far from completely healed, hurt a lot less than it had only a few hours before. The warm cloth on her face felt delicious, and when Wes moved to her shoulders and upper arms, Ashley realized that she had started to press down on the washcloth between her thighs, and the ache there was growing. Oh, God, was she actually masturbating here in front of him? She guiltily eased the pressure, though her pussy seemed to cry out for more.

If Wes noticed anything unusual, he didn’t mention it. Just brushing against her breasts, he moved down to her tummy, clearly working to make sure he didn’t tickle her by making each sweep of the cloth even and long.

“Lean forward, honey,” he said, “and I’ll wash your back.”

Then it was her thighs, inches away from where Ashley held the washcloth, her calves, and her feet.

Then he said, “Alright, I’ll go find some clothes. You finish up. Wash your privates and then you can drain the tub and take a shower.”

He left the bathroom, the door behind him remaining ajar.

Ashley nearly refrained even from trying to wash herself between her legs, but how could she? The merest touch of the washcloth, though, as she spread her legs in the spacious tub and began to rub there, sent a shudder of terrible pleasure through her whole body. She had never felt arousal this strong. Suddenly the need to see Wes naked, the way he had seen her, seemed to take command of her imagination. She had never seen a man’s penis outside a picture in sex-ed class, but now she couldn’t stop picturing Wes’, hard and ready to do the thing Ashley had of course known she would do one day but had never really considered in relation to an actual, individual man. Sex. Fucking. For the very first time, Ashley Lewis thought she would like to be fucked, with a hard cock thrusting into her tender little privates. Wes’ hard cock.

She had her fingers under the washcloth now. She was playing with herself, not washing herself; how could she deny it? If Wes fucked her with his hard cock, it would go in here, where she could feel the opening, very low down. Two fingers could get in, and make her moan, while with the other hand she rubbed the place at the top with the dirty, dirty name: clitoris. Clit.

Would Wes spank her for masturbating? The very thought made the arousal fiercer, worse and better. The two fingers could go in a little way, but then they came up against what she knew must be her hymen—with too much force.

Ashley cried out in startled discomfort.

Wes came in, holding a t-shirt and athletic shorts, a concerned look on his face. In his eyes, she saw him realize exactly what was going on.

“Would you like daddy to do that for you, honey?” he asked softly. “Your daddy is the one who should make you feel good that way. Little girls who touch themselves without permission get spanked, because their daddies are in charge of their privates. I know you didn’t know that, though, so I’m not going to spank you.”

“B-but…” Ashley stammered, so embarrassed and so aroused that she wasn’t even sure she wasn’t about to ask him to spank her anyway.

“But now you do know that rule, and you either have to stop touching yourself, or tell daddy that you would like him to be the one to play with your little pussy.”

Ashley stared back at him, trying to make sense of the choice he offered her. Could he actually be saying that he would punish her for what she wanted to do with her own body, if she refused to let him touch her that way? As much arousal as she felt, something about that idea seemed wrong to her.

As if reading her mind, Wes said, in a very different kind of voice. “Ashley, I’m asking you if you want to start what’s called an ageplay relationship with me. If you decide you don’t want me to be your daddy, that’s fine, and I won’t spank you for masturbating. That’s part of the ageplay dynamic, and if you don’t want that dynamic I’ll just turn around and go, and this time I’ll shut the door behind me.” The ghost of a smile appeared on his lips, and it reassured her greatly.

“N-no…” she said, realizing that her hands had remained in the embarrassing places they had been when he walked in; now she guiltily moved them away and replaced the washcloth between her thighs.

“No, what?” Wes asked softly.

“No, daddy?”

His little smile turned into a grin. “That’s not what I meant, but I think I can tell what you mean.”

Ashley couldn’t help smiling back, as terribly strange as the whole situation seemed.

“No, don’t go?” she whispered.

“You want your daddy to make your little pussy feel good?”

“Yes, daddy,” she said, even more softly. “Please, daddy.”

“Did my little girl’s pussy get wet when she had her spanking?”

Why did it feel so perfect? So much better than anything had ever felt, to have this man only, what, maybe seven years older than she was, calling her a little girl and saying such dirty, naughty things to her. She could only think that Wes had been right: she needed a kind of discipline she would never have thought she could find, now that she had, according to the way most of the world looked at it, grown far past it.

“Yes, daddy. It got so wet, and I couldn’t help it. I had to touch it.”

Wes crossed the few steps so he could bend down and reach into the tub—deep into the tub, down between her legs. Ashley moaned loudly as he touched her there, began to rub her there with fingers that seemed to know how to soothe the aching and the burning, even better than she could herself.

“You won’t always be allowed to have your pussy touched after a spanking,” he said right in her ear, as his fingers made her back arch and her hands ball into fists. “When you’ve been naughty, sometimes daddy will need to make sure you understand that only good girls get to come.”

Ashley’s mouth hung open, her breath coming in short pants. She felt sweat beading on her brow. Come. She knew that some women couldn’t have orgasms, and she had thought she might be one of them. Wes was teaching her a new lesson, now: Ashley Lewis no longer doubted that she could come. The question would be whether she could be a good enough girl to come several times every day, the way her delirious brain seemed to be telling her she could never live without, because this, now, with her whole body spasming and splashing in the bubbly warm water, with Wes’ enormous hand still caressing her mercilessly, gently, this must be what coming was.

After the tension started to leave her body, Wes kept his hand on Ashley’s furry pussy possessively, still fondling but not actively wanking his wonderful little girl.

“Did that feel good, honey?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Ashley whispered.

“Would you like daddy to help you in the shower?”

She giggled: a wonderful silvery sound that seemed to shine light into places in Wes that had been dark for two years.

“Yes, daddy. You’d have to take off your clothes, wouldn’t you?”

“Would you like to see your daddy naked, honey? Have you ever seen a naked man?”

“Only in pictures,” Ashley said with another giggle.

“So you’ve never seen a man’s penis up close?”

“Oh, daddy!” She tucked her chin into her shoulder as pink spread across her face.

“I know it’s a little embarrassing,” Wes said, smiling, “but a little girl who touches herself in the bathtub is ready to have big-girl time, and that means learning to make her daddy’s penis get hard, and learning to make it feel good until the semen comes out. After your shower, daddy’s going to put his penis inside your little pussy.”

He rubbed her there again, and her whole body quaked with the pleasure of the touch and, he felt sure, the dirty talk that he loved so much. Her face had turned bright crimson now.

“And we’re going to shave you down here, too,” he said, not wanting to stop the flow of her arousal, or his—Wes’ cock felt like an iron bar inside his jeans and delaying taking them off and feeling Ashley’s first tentative attentions to her daddy’s pleasure had become a delicious torment.

“Oh, no…” Ashley said, as Wes began to run his fingers more pointedly up and down her tender slit, moving her toward another orgasm.

“Yes, honey. A daddy likes to have a smooth place to put his cock, so that when he looks down at what he’s doing he can see himself moving inside her. And a little girl likes to have a tidy private place under her panties, so she can always feel nice and clean. We’ll get you shaved tomorrow: daddy can’t wait much longer to fuck you.”

At the coarse, grown-up word, Ashley shuddered with pleasure and cried out over his fingers. Wes could tell she loved dirty talk just as much as he did.

“Move against daddy’s hand, honey. Help him make his little girl come. When daddy gives you permission, you can be as naughty as you want with your little pussy.”

She needed no further urging, but began to move her hips in the water, shamelessly bucking them so that she could rub her clit on his fingers even as they fondled her there.

“That’s it, honey. Such a good girl to show your daddy how much you need his big cock inside you.”

“Oh, God. Oh, God.” Ashley’s voice sounded strangled, as if this orgasm was going to be much bigger than the first; so big that she felt like her body couldn’t even deal with the pleasure.

“Come for daddy, now, and then daddy will show you his penis,” he whispered in her ear, and that set her off: she cried out and splashed water out of the tub and onto Wes’ jeans with the arching of her back that seemed to go on forever.

“You got daddy wet, honey,” Wes said in mock reproach. Now he didn’t spend any time soothing her pussy, because his need had become simply too great. He stood up, unbuttoning his flannel shirt. He stripped off his jeans, so that his cock sprang free right in front of Ashley’s face where she sat in the tub.

She gave a little moaning gasp. “Oh, daddy,” she whispered. “It’s too big. Isn’t it? It won’t fit inside me!”

“Shh,” Wes said, holding the hard length of his manhood in his right hand and pumping it gently as he looked at his naked little girl in her bubble bath. “It will hurt a little, but you’ll get used to it. You’re going to have it inside you every day from now on. Open your mouth.”

“Oh, no. Please. Please, daddy. I don’t think… I mean, I’m not ready?”

“Daddy will be gentle, honey, but he needs to be in your pretty mouth right now. Open up for him, so he can make himself feel good the way a daddy likes to do.”

Ashley’s eyes seemed to glow in response to the dominant tone Wes had instilled in his voice. “Please, daddy,” she whispered. “Please don’t spank me again.”

Wes fought to keep the smile off his face so that the paternal sternness could stay there, turning both of them on. “If you don’t want another spanking, Ashley, you need to open those lips right now, and stick out your tongue. You promised to respect my wishes, and I don’t think I’ve ever wished for anything as much as I want to teach you to suck my cock, right now. I won’t make you swallow today, but I’m going to claim your face with my semen. I need to come so that when I fuck your pussy for the first time I can be as gentle as I want to be.”

Ashley’s forehead developed a deep crease and her eyes opened very wide, as if she couldn’t believe how turned on the threat of a spanking had made her, now that Wes had begun to take her in hand sexually as well as for disciplinary purposes. We’re going to have so much fun, crossing this line over and over, little girl, he thought as he watched her jaw slowly drop and her sweet pink tongue even more slowly extend over her lower lip.

“That’s it,” he murmured stepping forward, still holding his cock. “Good girl. Good girl. Here you go.” He laid the head on her tongue, loving the way it looked and the way it felt to make eighteen-year-old Ashley Lewis suck a penis for the first time. He put his hands gently around the back of her head.

“Daddy’s going to fuck your face a little now, honey,” he said, and began to move in and out only a few inches. “The next time you do this, I’ll teach you how to move your head to make me feel good.”

God, it was hard to be gentle: Wes wanted to thrust in deep, make his little girl gag, and shoot his seed into her sweet tummy. But he contented himself with the shallow motion, just loving the way Ashley looked up at him, as if in wonder that she had become such a big girl today.

Close to coming, he pulled out. “Hold it in your hands, honey,” he said. “Rub it the way you saw me do, and just kiss the top to show how important daddy’s cock is to you. Keep your eyes on daddy’s penis so you can learn to give it pleasure.”

Giggling a little now, as if at the almost over-the-top dirty talk, she put her hands, wet and soapy from the tub, on the hard length of him, already moist from her mouth. She kissed very sweetly, and kept her eyes obediently lowered. She rubbed, a little clumsily, but Wes couldn’t suppress a grunt of pleasure.

“Put one hand under my balls, honey, and just hold them gently. That makes daddy feel very good. That’s it. So nice.”

Very close now, he moved her left hand away from his cock and pumped his erection himself. Ashley looked up again, seeming a little startled.

“Close your eyes and your mouth, honey,” Wes said as gently as he could. “Daddy is going to give you your first facial.”

Her eyes went even wider, and then she shut them tight and pursed her lips. Wes put his right hand down to play with her perfect little breasts, taking their pink nipples in his fingers to make her sigh. He reached down further, and held her virgin cunt, ready for fucking, in his hand, and the thought of fucking her, so very soon, sent him over the edge. His seed spurted out all over Ashley’s cheeks and her forehead and her chin, as she gave a startled cry.

“Now, honey,” Wes said gently, “you really do need a shower, don’t you?”

He kept her warm in his arms while the water drained, enjoying the wonderful feeling of his naked skin against hers, of his cock naughtily touching her bare tummy and making her giggle. When they got into the shower and he pulled the curtain closed, the warm water embracing them together, he turned Ashley around and made her stand in front of him, so that while she washed her hair he could play with the sweet little bottom he had spanked so hard. Wickedly he moved his already re-stiffening cock against the pert, adorable cheeks, parting them and even pushing the head against the secret little ring there, letting her know even before he told her in words that she would have to have his cock there, too, very soon.

“Daddy! What are you doing?” she said, turning her face, scrubbed clean of semen now, over her shoulder to try to look at him. Her hair smelled deliciously of the fruit-scented shampoo and looked sleek and sexy as it twisted over her neck. Wes didn’t answer for a moment, but bent down to give her an awkward but very passionate kiss, still pushing his cockhead between her adorable bottom-cheeks as their tongues met gently in the warm, falling water.

“A good little girl takes her daddy’s cock wherever he wants to put it,” he said, when he broke the kiss at last. “You’ll have your first lesson in bottom sex sometime soon, honey.”

“But… but why, daddy? Why do you want to put your… you know… in there?”

Wes smiled, wondering if Ashley even knew how thoroughly she had started to enter into the ageplay. He moved his hands from her pert backside and took her right breast in his hand, cupping it and thumbing the nipple, while he put his left hand down between her thighs, loving how available his sweet girl’s virgin pussy was to him now, and would be from now on. Ashley bit her lip as if at the arousal her daddy forced on her so casually.

He spoke softly. “I want to claim all of you, honey. To fuck your bottom is part of that. I want you to understand that when your daddy wants pleasure from your young body, he’ll have it, and you’ll learn to be a better girl by giving it to him, even if it hurts a little.” Her brow creased as if in fear, but Wes rubbed her clit a little more firmly, and her eyes widened with a little sigh from her throat. “Daddy is in charge of you now, and he’s in charge of your anus, too. Because your anus is the most private place of all on your body, and because it’s so nice and tight, daddy will spend a lot of time in there, enjoying himself and teaching you your lessons.”

“Lessons?” Ashley whispered.

“Are you all clean, honey?” Wes asked.

Ashley nodded.

“Then let’s get you dry and into bed. It’s time for you to have sex. Then I’ll tell you more about your bottom lessons, after I’ve fucked your pussy for the first time and you know what it’s like to have a man’s hardness inside you, claiming you.”

He reluctantly let go of her breast and reached out to turn the water off. From the hook next to the shower he took a big fluffy white towel and wrapped it around her, kissing her again as he snuggled her up in his arms. She trembled as he held her.

“Why?” she whispered, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“Why what, honey?” Wes asked, smiling.

“Why is it… I mean, how can it be so, you know, wrong… but…”

“So right, too?” He put his hand on her terry-cloth covered backside and squeezed it possessively. Ashley giggled and nestled against him more firmly.

“Oh, daddy,” she said, and kissed his chest. Then she whispered, “Daddies shouldn’t fuck their little girls’ bottoms, should they?”

Wes pulled up the towel so he could hold her bare bottom and work his middle finger inside the crack, touch her there, push in there just a little. Ashley gave a little moaning cry.

“They should if that’s what they think their little girls need, honey. Tell me the truth. Do you need your daddy’s cock in here?” He moved his fingertip in and out gently. “I’m sure you never knew that’s what you needed before now, but if I’m right about my little girl, you’re starting to understand your needs a lot better today.”

“Yes, daddy,” Ashley murmured, and kissed his chest again.

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