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His Naughty Little Housewife by Katie Douglas – Extended Preview

His Naughty Little HousewifeThea had seen pictures of women with impossible waists, and she had always secretly wanted to try a real corset, instead of those flexible ones they always sold in mainstream fashion stores. When she saw the corset on the bed, she got pretty excited. These two weeks might not be so bad after all. She stood in present, with her fingers laced behind her head and her feet slightly apart. Trent held the panties for her to step into, then he slid them up and put the corset onto her. She was impressed, as he knowledgeably clipped the front together, then slowly, gradually, tightened the laces at the back, making the top and bottom feel tighter before he worked toward the center, although the middle was definitely pulled in the tightest by the time he was finished. Sometimes she thought he must know how to do every single thing in the universe. It was no wonder he was always in demand at his office; they probably didn’t have anyone else who could do all the things he could do.

“How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Snug. Maybe too snug?” At first, she thought it felt far too tight, and her legs and arms felt a little strange.

“Give it a minute to settle; if it’s too tight still, I’ll loosen it. It should be tight enough to give a little resistance, but you should be able to breathe like normal.”

“Yes, sir.” She waited in present while her circulation decided if it wanted to rebel against this new type of bondage or not. After a couple of minutes, everything decided it felt fine, and Thea relaxed slightly.

“Get those elbows up, Thea.” Trent always noticed the slightest change to her posture. She straightened up immediately. “How does it feel now?”

“Fine, sir.” She couldn’t hide the surprise in her voice.

“Prove it. Touch your toes.”

She looked at him in shock. Didn’t these things have steel bones in them? What if they snapped?

“Three…” When he began counting, she knew he would punish her if she didn’t obey before he got to one. It was one of his ways of shutting down a meaningless argument. Or at least, it had been, in the brief time they’d played together before he’d got that dumb promotion that had him working all the hours of the day.

“But sir…”


Thea didn’t wait for him to reach one. She unlaced her fingers and, leaving her feet slightly apart, bent forward. Her stomach protested as she tried to bend at the waist, so she straightened up and tried again, bending at the hips instead this time, and trying to keep her back straight. Surprisingly, she could reach out and almost touch her toes, which was as good as it got, since, even before she’d been put in a corset, she hadn’t been able to quite reach her feet when she bent over.

“Good girl.” The two words would have had her wagging her tail if she only had a tail to wag. She smiled to herself and stood up again. “But don’t keep me waiting like that again. As for this,” he held up the weird thing that looked like a fabric spider, “it’s a garter belt.”

“What do I do with it, sir?” She couldn’t hide her interest in all these neat clothes.

“It fastens over your corset and it will hold your stockings up.” He showed her the clasp—it was the same sort that could be found on most bras—then he fastened it around her waist, sliding it down to just above her hips. He gathered up a stocking over one hand and held it for her foot, then stretched it out as he worked it up her leg, clipping the top of the stockings to the six straps on the garter belt.

“Modern garter belts usually have four straps, but I like old-fashioned ones, like this one I bought for you. It will make your legs look smolderingly sexy,” he explained, as he fastened the second stocking into place. “They’re also more practical, because the stockings can’t pull loose as easily with the extra clips.”

Thea wondered how Trent knew so much about all this, but she didn’t say anything. The idea of her pantyhose finishing halfway up her thighs, then just her naked skin, bare all the way to her panties, was incredibly sexy.

He put the dress on over her head and zipped it up. It had a wide, old-fashioned skirt and it finished about four inches below the knee.

“Take a look in the mirror, Thea,” Trent breathed into her ear. His tone made her nipples harden again. She took a few steps toward the mirror, and gasped in amazement.

Her hair definitely needed attention, and she thought about which beauty blogs might have tutorials on fifties styles. Thea instinctively looked around for her phone then remembered he’d confiscated it. She would have to find out how to do her hair some other way. Looking in the mirror again, she saw that the rest of her looked… softer, somehow. That skirt was made for twirling around in.

“What do you think?” He stood behind her and placed his hands around her waist. She sighed at the feel of him.

“I look pretty.” She giggled a bit when she said it.

“You sure do, baby.”

When she turned her head toward him, he grabbed the back of her neck with his hand and kissed her deeply. She could feel his firm lips pressing against hers, while his tongue claimed her mouth. She was his.

When he broke away, he swatted her on the bottom playfully, and pointed toward the stairs. He was apparently oblivious to the fact that her nipples had hardened again into points above the corset.

“Pop downstairs and get those phone numbers copied out of your phone, and stay off the Internet, then I’ve got one more task for you, sweetheart. After you’re done, I’m going to bring you back up here and I’m going to make you come.”

“Mmm, that sounds nice, sir.”

He pulled her phone out of his pocket and handed it to her; she took it and skipped downstairs. There was paper in the printer, and she found a pen nearby, too. Perching on the edge of the dining table, she opened up her contacts list and scrolled through, swinging her feet as she read the names. There had to be zillions of names and numbers here! This would take forever! She copied a couple of phone numbers, started writing a third, then decided this was the most boring task ever. Sure that Trent was upstairs, she opened the browser on her phone and started looking up hair tutorials instead. He would never know.

When she heard him coming downstairs, she quickly changed back to the phone numbers and picked her pen up.

“How are you getting on?” he asked. She smiled and held up the sheet.

“I’ve got a few done, but there’s at least a billion numbers here! It’s going to take forever.”

“Have you started with the most important ones?” Why did he always have a better way of doing things than she did? Was there a special training class that people could sign up for, or something?

“No, I did it alphabetically.”

He came and looked at her list.

“When, in the next two weeks, are you going to need three Albuquerque taxi numbers? We don’t even live close to New Mexico!”

“I don’t know. I haven’t cleared out my numbers for a few years. I don’t like deleting them in case I want them again, so I just keep transferring them to new phones.” Who cared? He was the one who told her to copy her phone numbers onto paper.

“Why have you only written three numbers, honey? I’ve been upstairs for almost fifteen minutes.”

“Uh…” She couldn’t think of what to say. She felt embarrassed; she really hadn’t made an effort to do this task, but the fact that he had noticed made the whole thing completely worse.

“Give me your phone, please.” He held out his hand and Thea relinquished her phone with a feeling of dread. He tapped a few things then fixed her with a very stern gaze.

“You don’t need your Wi-Fi connected to next door’s Internet to copy some phone numbers, do you? Or the mobile data turned on? If I check your browser history, what will I find?” he asked.

Thea closed her eyes. “That I was looking at web sites,” she replied. If she denied it, she would be in more trouble for lying when he checked.

Trent put the phone aside and shook his head.

“This is exactly why you’re not getting anything done. Bend over the table, please.”

“But I was only looking at hairstyles! You took my flatiron away, remember? For God’s sake, do you actually want me to walk round with my hair like this? I look like… like a bag lady, and I wanted to fix it. Don’t you care if I look ugly?” Too late, she realized she’d gone too far. She wasn’t allowed to say mean things about her appearance, and she definitely wasn’t allowed to speak to Trent so rudely.

“Over the table. If I have to ask once more, you’re bringing me the cane.”

Thea hopped down from where she was sitting, and bent over the table. The cane was the last thing she wanted anywhere near her bottom right now. She felt him turn her skirt back, then he slid her garter belt and panties down. She knew exactly what was coming next.

“Thea, I’m spanking you because you were told specifically to write those numbers down, and instead you disobeyed me when my back was turned, young lady. You aren’t getting your chores done because you spend too much time online, and, during a period of time when I’m trying to help you get back on track, here you are wasting time on the Internet at the first opportunity.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” She knew he was right, but that wasn’t going to make this spanking any easier. He caressed her ass and she sighed, feeling her clit twitch.

Thea thought she must be imagining things, but his hand seemed to make a swishing sound as it flew through the air, and she gritted her teeth as his hard palm smacked into her bottom. It always burned so much when he spanked her! His palm came down again and she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to relax her bottom. Nothing was helping to reduce the pain as he brought his hand down over and over again and spanked her rear end with his unyielding right hand. Soon, she was breathing hard and digging her nails into the tabletop. Her treacherous pussy was more than a little moist.

“You’re scratching the varnish off the table, Thea, so you get extras. You know you’re supposed to be still when I spank you.”

She wanted to shake her head but that would probably not count as staying still. “Please don’t, sir! I’ll try harder, I promise!” As the idea of a longer spanking grasped her imagination, she began to sob. After that, it was a matter of time before she was gabbling apologies and promises to behave, but Trent didn’t seem to pay any mind to that. When her breath started becoming used up, as she only had enough left to sob and whimper, and she could no longer talk, he finally stopped spanking her and rubbed her back reassuringly.

“You’re doing really well, little one,” he murmured.

She didn’t get any more time to recover before he pulled her upright while she was still crying, and he pointed to the corner.

“Nose touching the wall.” He placed a quarter on the wall and she pressed against it with the tip of her nose. She knew the position by now, but she had to press extra on the quarter, because her nose was wet from her tears and the coin was threatening to slip. If it hit the floor, she’d be in more trouble.

Standing against the wall with her hands laced behind her head, Thea got to wondering when he’d last spanked her. It had to be more than a month ago. Her bottom felt like it was on fire! Either his hand had gotten harder or her bottom was now softer than last time.

Despite the fact this had definitely been a punishment spanking, and although she felt thoroughly chastised, her pussy was dripping wet. When they’d been upstairs earlier, he’d told her that he was going to make her come after she wrote down those phone numbers. Was he still going to do that, after she’d disobeyed him?

Thea waited for Trent to release her, concentrating hard on not letting the quarter drop.

“Well done; you took your spanking well, honey. You try anything else that pulls you out of the fifties, though, and I’ll make you write me a ten-thousand-word essay on the difference between wanting something and needing it.”

Ten thousand words? How could anyone write so much on such a dull topic? Before she could say anything, however, he added, “With appropriate references.”

Thea nodded. He was really serious about this. Although she was slightly shocked that he’d done all this, part of her was secretly pleased that he was finally giving her the boundaries and discipline that she so badly needed. She was resolved that she wasn’t going to do anything else bad, not if it meant writing a long essay.

“Yes, sir.”

“Back to the job at hand; to make your task easier, I suggest you pick the twenty most important phone numbers you’ll need for the next two weeks, and only write those down. We’ll talk about organizing your phone some other time.” He handed her back her phone.

“Yes, sir.” She knew when she was beaten. She had the red bottom to prove it.

“Do I need to stand over you and watch you write some phone numbers onto a piece of paper?”

“No, sir.”

“You have five minutes. If you’re not done by then, little girl, I’ll want to know why.”

There was only one thing left to say, she thought. “Yes, sir.”

Thea started with her mom’s number and then worked her way through close relatives and friends until she had her twenty phone numbers. She was surprised that she had trouble finding more than ten that she actually used regularly. When she was finished, she switched off her phone with a sigh and went to find Trent. He was in the sitting room, reading.

“I’m done, sir.” She held out the paper for him to see. He glanced over it then handed it back.

“Go put this on the notice board next to the phone, then I want you to go to the kitchen and start washing dishes,” he told her.

“Yes, sir.” She turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked. Thea stared at him for a moment then realized what he meant. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and handed it to him.

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to keep it. Please don’t make me write a huge essay. I just forgot is all.” She started to color red.

“I know, sweetheart. You have an hour to get those dishes done. Do you know how?” He stood next to her, barely at arm’s length, and Thea was very aware that he was wearing his yellow shirt, perfectly complementing his golden tan. Today, he’d paired it with the cadet-blue tie that matched his eyes. From here, the scent of his aftershave was intoxicating. She tried to focus.

“Is there really no dishwasher?” She looked up at him earnestly.

“There’s really no dishwasher.” His smile conveyed sympathy, but Thea knew better than to think he was apologetic. After all, if he thought he had anything to be sorry about, he could give her the stupid dishwasher back. She thought hard about whether she knew how to hand-wash the dishes. She had a vague idea that it involved hot water and bubbles, but she’d never actually had to do this before, so she wasn’t completely sure. Was it even hygienic to wash dishes in a sink?

“I’m not sure how to do it.”

“I’ll show you.” He got up and followed her to the telephone, where she pinned her sheet of phone numbers. They went to the kitchen and he showed her how to wash dishes by hand. Very soon, Thea was doing them on her own, and Trent disappeared again.

When she looked at the huge stack of plates, bowls, cups, and pans that needed cleaning, Thea felt like she would never get this done. She had washed four plates so far and could see that the drying rack would be full long before the dishes were done. When it was full, she started precariously stacking plates between the ones that were already taking up space on the rack, until finally, she ran out of space to put clean plates. She wanted to show that she could wash the stupid dishes without running to him every two seconds, so she didn’t want to ask him for help. She took a new towel from the drawer, pulled the price tag off it and tried to dry one of the plates, but it smeared tiny pieces of cotton on the plate. Frowning, she rinsed the plate again and put it back carefully on the drainer.

If the drainer was full, she reasoned, then surely she was done. Thea wondered what to do about the stack of unwashed dishes, but decided that she’d already had her hands in the hot water for too long, and she didn’t want to ruin her nails, so she unplugged the sink and returned to Trent.

“Finished!” she declared.

“Already? That was fast. See? It doesn’t take long when you get on with it. I’m proud of you for doing your chores, little lady.” Trent gazed into her eyes and all she saw was lust. If Thea felt slightly guilty that there was still a kitchen mostly full of dishes, she ignored it. One of her contracted duties was to ensure he had sex whenever he wanted her, unless she had a good reason to say no, so she decided to put the kitchen out of her mind.

“Since you’ve been so good, how about you and I go upstairs? I got something you can wash right here.” He indicated his pants, where Thea could see an exciting bulge. She smiled and nodded.

“Yes, sir!”

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