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His Naughty Little Human by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

His Naughty Little Human by Rose St. Andrews

Charlie cast her eyes about the room. Everyone was frozen in place and looking at her.

Oh, shit, did I just step in it right up to my neck? “Um, I mean, I… ah, don’t I get a say in this?”

“Charlie, it is this or jail,” Qwin replied.

“How—how much time?”

“Six months.”

“Shit, some choice. I, ah—I guess I’ll take… it. So, how do we do… it?”

Qwin chewed his lip. “Hmmm, I’m not sure, as we’ve never done this before.”

“Qwin, what is the delay?” Ofra snapped.

“A moment, magistrate, we need to… do an analysis to determine the proper force.”

“We need to what?” Charlie squeaked. Oh, this just gets better and better by the minute!

Qwin formed a chair, sat, and then pulled Charlie over his lap.

“Hey, wait a minute! Uncle Qwin, not like this. Please, just let me bend over the chair or table or something.”

“Charlie, based on the data we just viewed, this is the standard spanking position,” he said simply.

“Yeah, but that’s for a child,” she snapped. “I’m a—”

“Juvenile as well!” Ofra shot back. “Qwin, continue.”

She groaned as he took aim at her small butt. His large hand very easily covered it. A smack fell, and she actually rolled her eyes—it had been the single wimpiest swat she’d ever gotten. The lady cop moved closer and held something against Charlie’s butt. She felt a tickle, like something vibrating for a second, and then the cop stood up and looked at a device.

“Insufficient,” she said. “Double the force.”

Qwin nodded, smacked her again, and Charlie jumped slightly. That one had actually stung. Again came the tickle.

“Better. You may continue at that level and even boost it by a half, and still be within acceptable range.”

Charlie cringed, braced for impact, and yelped as he smacked again—harder. That hand of his was large and hard, and he set up a perfect pattern of firm spanks to her poor ass.

“Ouch, ow! Hey, okay, you’ve made your point. Qwin, uncle, what’s the—ouch—deal with how long this—ow—stinking thing goes on?”

“Magistrate, she makes a good point. How long is sufficient?” Qwin said.

Charlie turned to look up at him, sitting there, taking his dear sweet time to reply. Yet that damn hard hand kept right on swatting away. Qwin might be brand new at spanking, but he was a fast study, and her damn spray-on clothes made her feel like she was being spanked in body paint. Ofra did his own search on the subject of spanking and reviewed a bunch of files and images.

“We will need to examine her posterior dermal layer to ensure a sufficient degree of redness has been achieved,” he said casually.

“Examine? Redness? Ouch! Hey, no one said anything about—ow—looking at my bare behind,” she snapped.

“I have regrets, magistrate, Charlie is not comfortable with nudity,” Qwin replied, still spanking away.

“Well, she is going to get comfortable with it—right now! Officer, disrobe her,” he ordered.

Charlie squirmed and struggled on Qwin’s lap, desperate to escape, but it was pointless. His large left hand and strong arm were more than a match for her. The lady cop stepped over to them, touched Charlie with one of the clothing removal devices, and presto—her clothes melted away. Charlie truly groaned and turned beet red. She was now buck naked and getting spanked like a naughty child. Could her humiliation possibly get worse?

“Qwin, are you sure you’re doing that correctly?” Ofra said. “Her other end is redder than her posterior.”

Yes, that qualified as worse. Qwin proceeded to explain about the human blush response, all the while casually spanking away. He finally stopped for a moment while the male cop did a color scan of some sort of her butt. Charlie turned and saw a huge hologram of her bright red behind hovering above them. Ofra analyzed the exact shade of red Qwin had imparted to her flesh. She lay there, breathing hard, and prayed.

“Very well, this is sufficient,” Ofra said. “Enter the images into the official file. That resolves the issue of her crime, now there is the matter of her lack of knowledge about our language. Therefore, as part of her judgment, I hereby sentence Charlie Hebron to attend an appropriate school to learn how to read and write our language. These proceedings are closed!”

He banged his ‘gavel’ and Qwin released her. Charlie grimaced, her hands flying to her throbbing ass as her jaw dropped.

School? What kind of school? You mean like an adult education center?”

Qwin rose and turned to her. “The term has no meaning for us. Ah, you mean a university, a place of higher education. No, our young are taught our language. So, you will have to attend a youth center.”

“What? Go to grade school? Go to class with a bunch of little kids? Never!” she screeched.

Silence. Charlie felt an icy chill ripple through her—despite the heat in her seat. She swallowed hard and cast her eyes about the room. The people did not look happy.

“Do you have something to say to me, Miss Hebron?” Ofra said, his voice slow and steady, but firm as steel.

She turned to him slowly. “Um… no, sir. I was merely… um, that is… I was… confused as to your exact ruling, and needed clarification. Everything is just fine.”

She painted a smile on, hoping it and her words would work. The stern expression on his face was not encouraging.

“Oh, you need clarification, do you? Fine, then I shall add it. I further order that regular reports on your progress be submitted to me. You are to learn our language at the same rate as one of our young. If you fall behind, you will be back here to receive further punishment of my choosing. Does that clarify the matter for you?”

“Yes, sir, very clear. Thank you, sir,” she managed to say, and then turned to Qwin. “Can I get some clothes on and we go home now, uncle?”

“Clothes? Ah, that could be a problem. I don’t have a dispenser with me,” he said, and looked about the room. “Anyone have one?”

Charlie looked too, and saw blank faces and shrugs.

“I have regrets, Charlie, but people don’t usually put on clothes in the judgment center.”

“Wait, I can get her a towel from the public hygiene station,” the lady cop said.

Charlie groaned, but knew better than to complain. When she saw the towel, she felt a little better; a Nitzanian face towel was as big as a beach towel for her. So, as she wrapped it about her, Qwin led her from the building—the press swarmed them, of course—and then they started in with the questions.

“Charlie, how did you atone for your crime?” someone shouted.

“Qwin, do you feel the magistrate was just in sentencing her as a juvenile?” another said.

Charlie pulled the towel as tightly about her as possible and was sorely tempted to punch her way through the crowd. However, the last thing she needed right now was a charge of assault on top of her troubles.

Damn right I’m going to behave; at least for the time being.

Qwin pulled her close, his long left arm wrapping about her as he cleared the way with his right. Charlie smiled. It was a bit of a comfort to have him there.

“Cease and desist, my friends. The matter has been settled and we are returning to our home. Charlie will answer no questions regarding her case, which is in keeping with the juvenile right in such an issue.”

Charlie couldn’t help it—she smiled. Damn, he’s good!

They finally got to his vehicle and headed home. Sitting was quite difficult, and she was very happy to get inside and out of view. Qwin got them lunch, which she stood to eat, but at least it was a nice meal. She really loved a rare cheeseburger, and Qwin’s food processor made an awesome one.

“Um, Q—uncle, could I have a chocolate shake?”

He sat in silence for a moment. “Well, I suppose that is acceptable. You have been subjected to a great deal of stress today.”

He gave her one, which boosted her morale, but then her humiliation was added to. A report came over the memory archive of the incident. There was footage of her at the park, the guards and police hauling her away, and then her coming out of the judgment center in a towel. At least there was no film of her spanking. However, the reporters did give a detailed description of her punishment, and concluded by giving her a new nickname: ‘The Naughty Little Exchange Student.’ Charlie just died!

“Shit, why are they treating me this way? I thought everyone was happy to have me here.”

“I have regrets, Charlie. While the traditionalists agreed to let you visit, many of them seek to discredit you—and Earth—and the whole humanist movement.”

“Oh, I get it, make me look bad, paint me and Earth as no good, and that gives them an excuse to send me home and cut ties with us. I’m sorry, uncle, about the park. I’ll try to do better in the future.”

“I am gratified that you say that, Charlie; however, it does bring up another matter. I have confusion as to why you don’t know more about our world. You had no knowledge as to our views on nudity, the length of our day, Emlen and Vesper, much of our technology, and how to read our language. How is it that you are Earth’s foremost expert on Nitzan yet are unaware of such simple facts?”

Charlie cringed and hung her head. “Um… well… you see. Oh, boy, okay, I confess; I cheated on the exams to be selected for this assignment. There was this man, Simon; he wanted to have… sex with me. In exchange for that, I had him hack into the computer and change my grade to the highest.”

Qwin gasped. “Why would you do such a thing?”

“I was desperate! I was the last in my class to get an off-world assignment. While I’m a genius by Earth standards—and I’m not bragging mind you, just stating a fact—I’ve never tested well. I know I’m a teen here, but I’m a young adult back home, and I am supposed to be starting my career, not—not spinning my wheels in endless training!”

“Oh, Charlie, this is… beyond bad. This is… I hardly know where to commence,” he said, turning away from her.

“But, it’s okay. I’ll go to your school for a week or so, learn your language, and everything will be fine.”

He spun to face her, frowning. “No, it will not be okay! Charlie, our society is a meritocracy; only those who have done great public service, who are true intellectuals, are permitted to hold office, and it is seen as a high honor. To lie or cheat is a terrible offense to us. If you were really worthy of this post, you would know that!”

“Oh. Now I understand why you’re so upset. Qwin, I am truly, truly sorry about this. Is there anything I can do to make amends?”

He was silent for a moment, pacing about, and then he turned to her. “Charlie, I do not know. I shall have to meditate on this matter.”

She nodded. “I understand. I’ll go to my room for now. It’s late—I mean, I’m tired, and I need to rest. Oh, this long day is going to be tough for me to get used to.”

Sadly plodding from the room, she made her way upstairs, tossed the towel aside, and climbed into bed. Considering all she’d been through and it was only half a day, she was beat, and needed rest. She flopped on the bed on her stomach, naked, and heaved a sigh. Between her sentence of going back to school, Qwin’s scolding, and the spanking, she was incredibly humiliated and embarrassed.

She squirmed, the heat and sting in her ass causing feelings she’d not had in a while. As she rubbed her thighs together, her stomach muscles clenched as she rubbed against the mattress. Her breathing sped up; she rolled over without thinking, biting her lip as her throbbing butt made contact with the bed. She slid and shifted, rubbing her ass against the sheets. It was as if her behind were a match and she was trying to strike it. Her hands flew to her clit.

Shit, what the hell is going on? I’m… burning up. Ohhh, ahhh, oh, God, this is so… hot!

Her breaths came in short ragged gasps, her hands rubbed her inner thighs, and her fingers reached inside—poking and tickling her clit. Images danced through her mind. She saw herself over Qwin’s lap. He spanked her in front of a huge crowd, all the while the media broadcasted the entire event, and everyone watched in gleeful delight as she bawled like a baby. Then, just as his hand struck her small rump, she lost it—she climaxed hard.

Later, licking her lips to taste the sweat on her upper lip, she calmed down and slipped under the covers. She felt much better—at least physically—and could now sleep. Even that muscle cramp she’d had in her right butt cheek was gone. There was still the guilt she felt over disappointing Qwin and the trouble she was in, but her mind was clearer, and she now felt she could deal with the issues facing her. She was very surprised by the fact that she’d masturbated, and that her sore ass seemed to contribute to a great climax, but she attributed all of it to the fact that she hadn’t had sex since her arrival. It was something she was used to enjoying, even when it was completely anonymous.

Within minutes, she was fast asleep, and slept quite well.

Qwin paced his study, unsure what to do. He was faced with a true quandary. Director Thompson had not only sent him Charlie’s official record, but her full bio. He had felt it important that Qwin know what sort of person she was. After all, they’d be living together for a year. As he’d read the documents, watched the holo-vids of her, he’d come to not merely know her but to understand her, and to care about her. Her life had mirrored his in a number of ways, but it had also differed in others. She came from a huge family: eight siblings; he was an only child: his siblings had died tragically in an avalanche. He had grown up in the hills of Cahya, a beautiful rural community where everyone knew just about everyone else. Charlie had been what the humans called a ‘military brat,’ and she had traveled the world, never staying anywhere for any length of time.

Despite all these differences, they had something in common: a thirst for new discoveries and new experiences. Qwin’s trips had taken him to a dozen worlds, and he’d said yes to a number of romances with off-world ladies. Yet not nearly as many as some thought. He had learned something from all of it, and not merely different techniques for lovemaking. No, it was that love knew no one form. He could sympathize with Charlie being desperate for an assignment and cheating to achieve one. However, sympathy did not translate into forgiveness. He had to do something to help her understand her actions had consequences.

She is such a child, in so many ways, and yet also a wonderful woman. I see so much potential in her, but she lacks internal discipline. If only there was a way for me to help her become the woman I know she could be. Wait, maybe there is.

Moving to his desk, he sat and accessed the memory archive. He had learned about a means of dealing with her crime to the satisfaction of the magistrate; maybe there was something in there concerning human discipline that would apply in this situation.

An hour later, he felt much better, as he’d learned a great deal about methods for disciplining and controlling naughty young ladies like her. He used the Home-Com to check on her, and smiled. She was fast asleep and looked so cute and innocent.

He sighed. Yes, she is adorable, but she is far from innocent. Oh, well, together we will work to make her a good girl.

Charlie sat up, scanned the room, and winced. Her ass still stung, but not as bad, and the lingering heat was actually quite delicious. She squirmed in bed, relishing the feel of her sore flesh against the sheets. Then she frowned. That feeling was silly and improper, and she would have nothing to do with it. Hot sex was one thing, but getting hot from a spanking—no, that was not right.

Getting up, she got out her Comm-Unit and filed her first report. She was careful to angle the camera up so her bare breasts didn’t show. While she was thorough and included the shots of the fountain, she did not mention her little ‘incident.’ After that, she decided on a shower.

Strolling down the hall, she reached the bathroom, and studied the bathing facilities. The shower was similar to a human one, except for having more jets—several positioned at the floor and angled up—and being big enough to accommodate about three people. Charlie’s chief problem was operating the controls; they were a bit high for her to reach. Still, by standing on her tiptoes, she managed. She set the temperature, hit the ‘on’ button, and was literally blasted out onto the floor! The next thing she knew, Qwin was helping her up.

“Holy shit, what the hell hit me?”

“I have regrets, Charlie; the cleanser is set to max. You must have misread the—oh, you can’t read the settings, can you?”

She cringed and groaned. “Ah, no. Sorry.”

He turned to the controls and studied them for a moment. “Hmmm, actually, I do not know that I can get the water pressure low enough to be safe for you. This is an adult cleanser, and you are… well…”

“I know—a limited adult. So, how do I get clean, wash in the sink?”

Qwin chuckled. “Most amusing. No, I will… hmmm, wait a moment; that idea has merit.”

“What?” she squealed in shock.

“When I was a child, my mother often cleansed me in just that fashion. Perhaps that can work for you—at least until I recalibrate the cleanser or fabricate an alternative. Goodness, I haven’t thought of those memories in… twenty years.”

“Really? Um, we never discussed age, but now I’m curious. How old are you?”

“I have twenty-nine years. By Earth standards, that would be just over… fifty-two.”

“Wow, I had no—whoa!” she squealed, as he scooped her up.

“Enough talk, you need to clean up.”

Before she could protest, Qwin sat her in the sink, and ran the water for her. It wasn’t as big as her tub back home, but it was sizable. It was just the feeling of being a child that humiliated her. At least Qwin didn’t stay and bathe her! He left, but did leave the door open—in case she had any other troubles. She got clean, wincing at having to sit on her sore ass, stood under the suction dryer, and then went to her room to dress. The impact of the clothing to her behind made her jump slightly, and then she headed downstairs to check on Qwin. She hoped he was over his anger about her confession.

He sat in the living room, brooding. “Charlie, I have come to a decision regarding this matter. Come and we will discuss it.”

She bit her lip, cringed, and moved to stand before him. Standing there, looking up at him, she felt all of about twelve. “Yes, uncle, what can I do to make amends to you?”

“Your penalty for this grave transgression shall be dealt with via two methods. First, rather than merely taking a class to learn our language, you will take a full course of studies at school, all subjects: history, social structure, geography, and so on.”

Charlie’s eyebrows shot up. “What? Me go to-to-to… basic school with a bunch of… children? Learn my A-B-C’s?”

“I am not entirely sure of the meaning of that alphabetical progression, but I would deduce it refers to the rudimentary subjects your young learn. If so, then yes, that is what you shall learn. On those occasions when you have to speak at a senate or other meeting, I will file a permission form, and you will make up any missed work. You will not be allowed to fail any class or you will be punished.”

“Pu-pu-punished? Wait a minute, what are we talking about here?”

“That is part of phase two of your penalty. I have reviewed the human laws regarding guardianship and reconciled them with ours, and corporal punishment is a viable option. In fact, from my review I have found it preferable, as I cannot confine you to your quarters.”

“You mean ground me?”

“Ah, yes, I recall that term from my evaluation. As you need to attend senate meetings and interact with others in social settings to complete your mission, grounding is not suitable.”

“Wait, so you’re going to-to-to spank me if I don’t pass my classes?”

Qwin nodded. “Exactly, and set up a series of punishments to atone for your deceptive actions in obtaining this assignment. That is part two of phase two of your penalty. As I understand your planet and people, an authority figure will often use discipline on a more youthful underling. When this is done out of love and a desire to help and educate the young, it is not only acceptable, it is even applauded.”

“Not by me!” Charlie snapped.

“Well, as I have been given authority over you, you do not have any recourse. I seriously doubt the magistrate would be sympathetic to your view. So, tonight, before bed, you will receive punishment number one with one of the implements I have synthesized.”

“One? Implement? How many are we talking about?” she squeaked in fear.

“As the evaluation you took had four parts, there will be four, each with a different device and done in a different manner,” he said simply. “Tomorrow, young lady, you will start school.”

Charlie groaned and hung her head. School, punishments, implements. Shit, maybe I died on the trip here, and this is hell!

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