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His Pet Human by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Ibis put a small mat down in what looked to be his office and added the blanket from before.

“Here you go, Gem, you should be comfy here. I’m in the next room, if you need anything. I’m going to trust you to stay here, clear? I don’t want to have to cage or tether you, and I think you understand that.”

She held up her hand.

He smiled. “That’s my little pet. Based on the data we got on your planet, your day and night is close to what we have here on Mari, that’s the name of our world, so I think you should sleep about as long as I do.”

She got in bed; he covered her and left, and left the door ajar. Crystal stayed put for what seemed like hours and then got up to explore.

There was no way she could sleep!

A low counter ran the length of the wall that had windows looking out over the yard. She climbed up there to look around. The landscape was like everything else: alien. Red was the dominant color. In the light of their three moons, she saw red grass, trees full of red and orange leaves, some with orange-yellow fruit, and a sky bursting with more stars than she’d ever seen and not a single constellation she recognized. She was like the family in that Lost in Space TV show.

Shit, I’m really screwed here! I remember Kennedy talking about getting a man to the moon by the end of the decade, and Apollo XI is supposed to go there next month, but I am hell and gone beyond that and the rest of the solar system! Unless I can convince these people I’m not just a wild animal, I’ll never see home again.

Climbing down, she explored the room and then the house. Many elements were familiar: chairs, tables, and other basic furniture were futuristic, but mundane. His lab was another thing altogether. It looked like something out of Forbidden Planet or Dr. Who and the Daleks.

She found Ibis asleep in his bed. He looked even hotter asleep, and he was naked under the thin sheet that covered his long muscular body. She took a look.

Holy shit, what a package! Oh, well, if I have to stay here, things could be worse.

Moving to the front door, she stepped out into the yard. The still night air was cool and crisp, it made her think of home and that made her lonely, and she wondered what was going to become of her once Ibis was done with her. Was it off to the zoo? Put on display like some trained animal act? She needed to learn more about these people and what they were after.

Why’d they send that probe to earth? In the movies I’ve seen, that’s usually a prelude to invasion! I need to—ouch! What the hell was that?

Something had smacked her in the butt. She spun around, but saw nothing. Movement on her right caught her attention and she turned just in time to see a sort of squirrel-type little critter go flying through the air. Another one sailed by and she understood. The lawn had little catapult things under it. When a pest walked by, it got tossed off into the nearby woods. She headed back into the house, getting several more whacks along the way, and paused on the porch to rub.

Damn, those things sting! Well, might as well try to get some rest. I want to be at my best for those tests.

Heading for her room, Crystal was struck by something: the lack of neighbors. Riding on his shoulder, she’d seen many sprawling homes, snug little cottages, and even places that looked like apartments, but Ibis’s house sat off by itself next to the dense woods.

Huh, he seems to be a bit of a loner. Shit, I hope he’s not some weirdo-like guys I knew back home.

Sleep did not come easily and nightmares of Ibis experimenting on her tormented her through the night. She woke early, used the bathroom without flipping out over how it cleaned her, and emerged just as Ibis came out of his room.

“Good morning, Gem,” he said with a smile. “Hungry? How about trying some of our fruit before we get started? They should be digestible by your body.”

Without thinking, Crystal nodded. When he didn’t react, she remembered, and held up her hand.

Leading her to the kitchen, they sat and ate, and fortunately the fruit was best suited to be eaten by hand. The drink cup still eluded her. She opened her mouth, thought ‘come to me,’ and nothing happened. Clearly her mind wasn’t strong enough to control it. Ibis got her a small bowl and put a red liquid that actually tasted like coconut milk in it.

She was so embarrassed. Shit, collar, leash, bowl; when does he get me a name tag and scratching post?

“Gem, I’ve noticed you move your head sometimes and then gesture in the affirmative. Is that how your race indicates ‘yes’?”

She nodded and did the gesture, and smiled. Yes, we’re starting to communicate!

He sat back. “Yet another detail to add to the report. So, let’s begin.”

Taking her by the hand, which just about disappeared in his, he took her to the lab. Sitting on a high stool, she felt all of about twelve, and he sat opposite her and laid out some weird items on the table between them.

“Now, let’s think this through. You failed the visual test and you’re nonverbal. So, I would deduce that your species uses auditory cues and body gestures to communicate. I’ll try some questions and you signal your answers. After that, I want to do a more thorough bodily evaluation to assess sexual responses and available discipline techniques.”

Crystal’s eyebrows shot up. Those last two didn’t sound so good. Yet, what could she do about it? Maybe if I just play along he’ll get to really like me, and then I can work at getting him to help me.

He worked out a series of hand gestures for her to use to represent ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ various numbers and words, and a few short phrases like ‘I don’t know.’ Then the tests started. The first were simple: figuring out a number series or simple math, word progressions, and such. Then they moved on to tougher ones, and some that she couldn’t answer. It was clear Ibis and his race were extremely intelligent.

He might be smart, but he can sure be dumb too. Why can’t he understand that I can talk?

Ibis made some further notes in his report. “Well, once I present these findings to the exo-biology board, I won’t have any trouble convincing them that you’re not a dumb animal.”

Crystal beamed.

Then he moved to stand next to a small padded bench, and she cringed. She knew what was coming now. Chewing her lip, she moved to it, slipped off her clothes, which made her blush bright red, and lay down on the pad. Putting her arms straight out to her sides, she spread her legs slightly, and Ibis lowered a huge thingy down close to her. It kind of looked like a TV screen, but it was super thin, and when it lit up it was pure white. The pad under her did the same. She giggled. Her whole body felt as if it was humming, her skin was alive, and multiple sensations washed over her. There was pleasure, pain, tickling, cold, heat, and more. Yet, none were so severe that she couldn’t handle it. When it was over, she actually felt incredible. It was like getting a world class two-hour massage in about ten minutes.

Again he made some notes, and then turned to her. “Gem, this data is incredible; it’s a much more detailed mapping of your neural pathways. Thank you so much for being so cooperative. Now, roll over on your tummy, and I’m going to try a sexual experiment.”

Crystal’s brow wrinkled. Sex this way? Huh, maybe this is their standard position. Oh well, I’m fine with doing it like this.

“All right, I’m just—whoa, Gem, what are these marks on your glutes? Hmmm, they look familiar. Wait a moment; I know where you got them, my pest removers. Gem, you went outside during the night?”

She cringed, but meekly ‘said’ yes.

He took a deep breath and frowned. “It seems the next experiment, optimal discipline methodology, is coming none too soon! However, first things first.”

He picked up a large shaft. It sort of looked like the nozzle they’d used on her for that wild enema, but as his fingers moved across it, it changed shape. One moment it was ribbed, the next it had little knobs on it, and then it had both. His hand rested on her ass, spread her cheeks slightly, and he thrust the shaft into her. She gasped, her nails digging into the pad.

Holy shit, he thinks this is normal sex for me!

He drove it deep inside her, wiggled it, swirled it, and made the ribs thicker. She moaned and arched her back, her ass going up in the air. It almost matched the way her passion rose within her.

“Yes, I see your vaginal secretions increasing, your breathing becoming labored, and the contractions of your upper leg muscles. It’s as I thought, you are capable of true sexual intimacy.”

No fucking shit, you moron! What was your clue? Ohhh, sweeeetttt Jesusssss he’s good. “Come on, more, harder, faster,” she begged. “Fuck me hard in the ass! Do it, do it now.”

Driving and rocking the shaft into her ass, he went deep, held it there for the longest time, drew back, and then rammed it deeper inside her. She wailed, the fire consuming her pussy, and the orgasm drawing closer.

He chuckled. “You make such cute little chirping sounds when you get excited, Gem. I love to listen to them. Are you close, are you going to climax?”

Crystal gulped air, her hips bouncing in sync with his thrusts, and could only nod as she screamed out her climax. Ibis kept at her, his hand moving the shaft around so as to draw out the experience for as long as possible. She lost count at orgasm number six, and just lay there sweaty and drained while he wrote up his notes.

My man, you may not be human, you may not be so smart, but, dude, you got some real talent there. Oh! What the…?

Lifting her head, she looked around as she felt a hum to her left cheek. Ibis held a small device close to her butt and an image floated above it with some of his alien writing. He read it for a moment, put the machine aside, and took ahold of her. Sliding her onto his lap, his left arm held her tight, and his right hand patted her butt. She groaned and cringed. It’d been four years since her last spanking—her dad when she was twenty and had wrapped the car around a power pole when she was totally wasted.

“Now, little pet, based on the tissue damage your glutes suffered and the fact that said damage caused you to come back inside, I can deduce that moderate impacts to your glute muscles are an effective means of discipline. The fact that this area has a large convergence of nerve endings supports this hypothesis. So, Gem, this is for making a mess at dinner and sneaking out when I told you to stay in bed,” he scolded.

Before she could form any sort of response—smack! His hand struck. It wasn’t too hard, but it was firm, and it was truly humiliating. He then set up quite the steady rain of swats and spanks to her bare cheeks, and it wasn’t long before she was yelping and squealing. Her legs kicked, her fists pounded, and she promised him anything he wanted if he’d just stop. Of course, none of it meant anything to him, and he just kept right on spanking and scolding her.

“Gem, do you understand? I will not tolerate disobedience from you. There are so many reasons you must do as I tell you. It’s not just that you’re a pet, there’s the fact that you’re not supposed to be here, remember? If you’re found, it’s off to the zoo. Is that what you want?”

She made a fist with her pinky raised, their gesture for ‘no.’

“Good, because I sincerely hope this type of discipline will not be needed from now on,” he said, giving her a final couple of solid smacks. “Now, you… let’s see, ah, I know, stand in that corner there while I finalize my report. It’ll keep you out of my way.”

Easing herself down from his lap, she rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe it, he’d hit on her mom’s favorite punishment. Cupping her tender cheeks, she nodded and moved to the corner to stand and lightly rub. For someone new at spanking, Ibis was good at it. He clicked away on his pad for several minutes, all the while her embarrassment growing. Yet, she had to admit, she did deserve a penalty for causing such troubles for him, and she felt better now that they’d cleared the air. She was also optimistic that he could convince the others that she wasn’t a dumb animal. It was the first step in getting home.

“All right, Gem, you can get dressed now. I’m going to the lab to present my findings. Can I trust you to stay put in the house and not get into trouble? If not, it’s in the cage with you!”

She held up both hands as if surrendering, which was their way of saying ‘Yes, big time,’ so to speak.

“Good girl. I’m going to activate the e-tain unit and leave fruit and juice available. You be good and I’ll be back in a little while, okay?”

She signaled ‘yes,’ he took care of everything and left, and she lay down on the couch to watch their version of entertainment. It was really quite fascinating; Marians seemed to love music and dance above all things. They had shows like The Lawrence Welk Show and The Ed Sullivan Show that she used to watch with her parents; there were singing and dance competitions, and even sitcoms where the main focus was either singing or dancing or both. There was one channel that was nothing but music. Some performances were just the artist(s) singing and performing, while others were practically little stories acted out as the song was sung.

Huh, short little videos that are nothing but music. What an odd kind of entertainment. I’ve never seen such a thing.

At one point, she got up and tried to mimic some of their moves, but her stinging butt made that difficult. She was just about to get something to eat when she heard a thump outside the door. Peeking around the corner from the living room, she watched the front door, unsure as to who it might be.

She was glad to see Ibis enter, but she bit her lip as she saw his expression. He looked upset or maybe sad. Stepping out so he could see her, she looked up at him, and put her hands in what she called the ‘butterfly position,’ because that’s what it looked like to her. It was their way of asking a friend their problems or concerns.

“Ah, thank you, Gem; yes, I’m troubled. Come, sit with me,” he said with a sad sigh.

Moving into the study, he sat in his chair, and she climbed in his lap without being told. It was clear he was in need of comfort. His eyes narrowed and he stared at the side of her head. Holding it in his large hands, he studied her ear for a moment.

“Why… what the…? A translator! Gem, did you stick that in your ear when you were inside the probe?” he said, releasing her.

She nodded.

“Huh, so that’s how you’re able to understand me. I was wondering about that. Well, what do you know, still more proof of your intelligence.”

Again she made the butterfly gesture.

“Yes, okay, I’ll tell you. I went in to tell them everything I’d learned about you, and… well, they discharged me. Oh, not for that, I never even got the chance to tell them my test results. It turns out, when the zoo reported finding the smashed cage, Klurg blamed me, and that was it. They figure you were either stolen or got away, and they’ve alerted the Animal Control teams to be on the lookout for you. Klurg then told me to pack up and go.”

She made the peace sign.

“Why? Because he can. You see, he’s the one in charge, and he’s been looking for a reason to get rid of me for a long time.”

She made it again.

“Well… that has to do with our social structure, which I’m not sure you’ll understand. Um, does your world have any bigotry? It does?” he said, after she nodded. “Ah, such a pity. Well, we do too, and it’s bad for people like me, people who are very tall. It’s why I live out here in the woods alone and help out at the Alien Collection Center as an exo-biologist. Being out away from so-called ‘normal’ people is the only place I can exist. Oh, listen to me, rambling on, and hoping you understand all the details of this. Ah, well, it makes me feel better to vent.”

Crystal bent toward him, wrapping her arms about his left arm. Using his right, he stroked her hair and patted her back.

“Ah, what a good little pet you are. Thank you for this; it’s been a long time since I was close to a woman, even an alien one.”

He rotated his arm under her, his hand lightly caressing her tummy. She grinned and moaned slightly, and spread her legs. His touch was magical, his scent heavenly, and he was the most stunning man she’d ever seen. She didn’t care if he was an alien, he was still smoking! Sliding forward on his arm, so that his hand slipped between her legs, she lifted her head to smile at him and kiss his chest.

“Oh, aren’t you sweet? Is this how you express affection?” he said with a smile. “Well, I suppose… just to be completely thorough and objective, I should be open to new experiences. What do you think, my pet?”

Her response was to rub her crotch against his hand and strain to reach his face to kiss him again. He kissed her back, long and softly, and she was gently pressed between his supple hands. His left caressed and tickled her pussy through her shorts while his right squeezed and kneaded her ass. The lingering sting seemed to heighten her enjoyment, sending bolts of pleasure straight to her pussy. She moaned, pulled away from him for a moment, and tugged her shirt up and off, freeing her ‘twins.’ Shifting closer to him, she ground her crotch into his hand. He took the hint. With very little effort, he was able to slide her shorts down and off.

Her pussy responded.

Rubbing hard against his beefy thigh, she moaned into his mouth as they kissed again, and she guided his left hand between her legs.

“My goodness, your vaginal secretions are excessive, and without any anal stimulus. So, sexual climax can be achieved by mere vaginal stimulation? Oh, this will be most exciting!”

Crystal was confused for a moment, and then she felt his fingers enter her. She almost shot off his lap! He had no mere digits there; he had truly magic fingers that teased her clit, made her wet, and thrust right to her g-spot. Meanwhile, his right hand swirled across her back, his nails ever so lightly etching lines of delight on her skin, which made her break out in goosebumps.

He chuckled. “It would seem my mapping of your skin is proving most useful.”

You said it, baby. Damn, he’s getting me off with just his—ohhh—fingers! I’m almost afraid for him to try his—ohhh, sweet Jesus—his cock, he could kill me. If that machine gave him a map to turning me on, all I can say is: Sweet!

Her hands raked across his broad chest as her back arched and her head tilted back. He thrust into her, deep and hard, and leaned forward to kiss her breasts, his tongue swirling about her nipples.

“Oh, Gem, never have I seen a woman with such breasts,” he groaned. “They are… they are incredible, they fire my loins like nothing I have ever known.”

Crystal was dimly aware of that fire; his cock was straining to be released from his pants. In went his fingers again. She squealed and shuddered, shot up, and then gasped as she came down. His massive cock was waiting and slid easily into her waiting wet pussy. A deep guttural moan escaped her lips. His cock was incredible; long, thick, and ribbed like her favorite sex toy back home. She bounced and jostled about on his lap, his hips rising and falling to thrust and drive that lovely member deep, deeeeppp inside her, and she lost it. Screaming out an orgasm of epic proportions, she felt an almost continuous wave of climactic bliss wash over her again and again. Then came his hands, they played and caressed across her naked flesh. His lips met hers again, then moved to her neck, her breasts, and even lightly kissed her belly. She shivered at his touch, and came again.

Suddenly, flames enveloped her pussy. Ibis had come and his hot seed flooded her, which pushed her off into the subspace of endless delight.

She was gone.

For the next hour, she was a ragdoll and only dimly aware of what was being done to her. Despite coming, Ibis remained rigid, and just kept thrusting and driving into her over and over as the seconds became minutes. Crystal came more times in that one night than she’d ever known in her entire life.

Finally, oblivion came to her.

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