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His Pretty Toy: A Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview


Her teeth sink into her full bottom lip, making my cock twitch in my trousers. I know exactly what I want her to do with that pretty mouth of hers. She looks up at me with wide, wild eyes. She’s nervous, but not scared. Brave girl. We’ll see how much she holds it together when she sees what I have in store for her.

No one makes me wait. Not without paying for it.

“Come.” I place the glasses on a table, breeze through the main floor to my private suite. I know she’s following—I can feel her gaze heavy on my back.

I stand beside the open door, letting her pass.

Her ass rolls in the dress as she makes her way to the center of the room. Her curves were covered in an apron at the shop. I had no idea when I asked for her that she had such a beautiful body.

I knew the red dress would suit her, but I didn’t know it would make my knees weak to see her in it.

“Do you mind?” She slips off her shoes. “They’re killing me.”

This one is a far cry from obedient. No problem. I’m more than happy to teach her.

I stare her down. “I didn’t say you could take them off. Put them back on.”

She shoots me an incredulous look. “Are you serious?”

“What about me gives you the impression I’m ever not serious?”

She eyes me, unsure of what to do.

“Put. Them on.”

She pulls herself to her full height of about a foot shorter than me, hands going sassily to her hips. “And if I don’t?”

My hand goes to the buckle of my belt.

“You don’t mean…” Her gaze goes wide, her cheeks flushing as she stares at my hand, resting on the heavy leather belt around my waist. “You want to… spank me?”

“I want to punish you. And I will.” I nod to the shoes. “Now put the shoes on.”

She stands, mouth agape, frozen in fear.

I cross the room in two strides. I cup her chin in my hand, tilting her face up, forcing her gaze to meet mine. “You signed your name to a contract. I’m holding up my end of the bargain. Now hold up yours.”

She shakes her head, shame in her eyes. “I didn’t even read the contract.”

“That was your first mistake. Being late was your second. And if you don’t put on those shoes, it’ll be your third.” I hold her gaze. “Three strikes and you’re out. Contract null and void and back in the car headed back to where you came from. If you put on those shoes, you consent to everything you signed your name to, and you are mine. Now, are you in, or are you out?”

She may be timid, but she’s not weak. I see the strength in her eyes as she straightens her shoulders. Her gaze cuts to mine. “Lend me a hand?”

Good girl.

I offer my hand. She takes it, slipping one foot, then the other into her punishing shoes. She’ll look so pretty wearing nothing but these heels and the mark of my hand on her ass.

I release her, taking a step back. My gaze travels the length of her body. Such a beautiful dress but it’s time for it to go. “Take off your dress.”

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” Her words are sharp but her tone wavers. “Ever heard of foreplay?”

“You’re sassy. I like that. But you’ll find the mouthier you are, the harder my hand lands on your ass.”

Her teeth sink into her bottom lip once more, reminding me of what I want from her mouth.

“Take off the dress. Now.”

She tries to hide the fact her fingers tremble as she reaches behind her, but I see. I see everything. The quickening of her breaths, the flush in her skin, the sheen of desire that hides behind the flash of fear.

This one is curious.

I wait, as I always seem to do with this girl, as she tries to manage her zipper. Has the girl worn nothing but denim and sneakers her whole life? Judging by the adorable way she wobbled to the dock on her heels, I’m guessing the answer is yes.

She fusses and fidgets.

I’m losing patience.

Finally, she looks up at me with frustration. “It’s no use. I can’t get it.”


She teeters over to me, looking younger than her years. I almost feel sorry for her.

But this is business. I paid for a transaction, and I’m going to receive it.

I grip the zipper, gently lowering it over her curves. Slowly with great care, I part the material of the dress.

No panties.

I suck a breath between my teeth as I gaze over her glorious ass. Her curves are natural, not built in a gym or filled with silicone. There’s nothing about her that would stop you dead in your tracks, or make you turn your head for another look, but here, in my hands, her quiet beauty surrounds me, stunning me with its realness.

She’s perfect.

She gives me a timid glance over her shoulder. “May I take it off now?”

She’s learning quickly. “Yes.”

She reaches up, slipping a strap over her shoulder. Then the second one. The dress falls to the floor.

“Turn around.”

She obeys, teetering as she goes. Her hands go to cover her bare breasts. My hands grab her wrists, stopping her. “Let me see.” Her hands waver at her sides as I take her in.

Beautiful, proud breasts standing at attention, her rosy nipples peaked, waiting to be kissed. I chose this dress not only because the color would complement her skin, but for the fact she could not wear a bra.

I wanted to know she was completely naked beneath the gown. That she was all mine under that dress. Just the way I wanted her.

Call it a power trip, call it an abuse of power, call it what you will.

But it’s the medicine I need to ease the pain in my side, the aching in my ribs, the burning of my scar each time I turn my torso. I won’t forget, no, I won’t.

But for one night, I need relief.

And it comes in the form of this brunette barista.

“On your knees.” My hands go to my belt buckle, the metal clinking as I undo it.

She goes to argue but one stern look from me has her kneeling before me, the shiny black heels kicked out behind her. She looks up at me with unsure eyes.

I pull my erect cock from my trousers. Her eyes drop from mine, taking in the length and size of my throbbing member. “Put it in your mouth.”

She’s unsure of herself, but she’s trying. My god, she’s adorable when she’s trying. She scoots along the carpet toward me on her knees. She reaches out, her fingernails lightly grazing my skin as she takes me in her hand. She gives me one wide-eyed, almost trusting look, then she wraps those gorgeous lips around the head of my cock.

Her mouth is warm and wet and the moment I feel her around me, tension rises in my balls, hitting me in my core. She strokes my shaft, swirling her tongue around me as she holds me in her mouth.


This girl knows what she’s doing.

She cups my balls as she moves further down my shaft, taking more of me. I grab the back of her neck, shoving her deeper. I want my money’s worth.

And I want to clear my mind. Not to forget but to have a moment of peace.

I close my eyes, letting her do her job.

“That’s it, baby girl.” I gather the hair at the back of her neck, giving it a tug. “Suck it.”

She gags but she keeps at it, fucking me with her mouth. My balls tighten, the climax coming like a rushing train headed straight for me. I moan, holding her hair tighter, shoving her against my cock as I come.

I feel my seed burst forth, filling her mouth. “Drink it all down, baby. Every drop.”

When the last twitch travels through me, I release her.

She pulls away, her eyes wild, her cheeks flushed. Her hair is a mess, her lips red and swollen. Shiny cum drips down her chin.

I swipe a finger beneath it, running it over her tongue. “Bad girls take every drop.”

She holds my gaze as she licks her lips, rousing my just satisfied cock.

“Lay yourself over the bed.”

She looks wary, but she obeys. I watch as she clumsily climbs up from the floor, teetering on those ridiculous heels, her ass rolling all the way. She gives me one unsure backwards glance over her shoulder as she lays herself over the bed.

“Like this?”

“Just like that.”

She’s only mine for one date and I’m going to make the most of it.


He’s going to spank me.

I’m trembling just thinking about it. I’ve never been spanked by a man before, having a vanilla life up till now. I’ve been told I give a good blowjob, I enjoy being taken hard and fast from behind, but that’s about as kinky as I’ve gotten.

Now I’m shaking, the cool air rushing over my naked body. My lips are sore, my mouth still tastes of him using me.

The toes of my shoes dig into the carpet as I rest my upper body on the bed. My ass is perfectly presented to him. For him to do whatever he wants.

I should be terrified. I should run.

Tendrils of fear crawl down my spine making chill bumps rise on my flesh, but I don’t run. I don’t move. I lie over the bed, obedient, curious. Is there something wrong with me? A flaw dwelling deep in my soul that keeps me pinned to this bed, wanting to feel the sting of his wrath?

I keep my thighs pressed tightly together. No need for him to know how wet his first punishment made me.

“Spread your legs.”

So much for hiding from him. I swallow down my false sense of modesty, overwhelmed by an intense sense of shame as I part my thighs. The cool air caresses my hot sex, wet with arousal for him. The scent of my turned-on body reaches me. I want to bury my face in the bed.

“Beautiful.” His finger trips lazily down my spine, sending shivers shooting over my skin. It trails down the cleft of my ass. I freeze, my pussy clenching as his wandering finger strokes the entrance to my ass. White heat flashes over my face.

I can’t believe he’s touching me there.

“Shame you’re not ready for me tonight. Otherwise, I would take you here.” He presses against my tight muscles. I try to hold back a moan and fail. “I’m guessing you’re an ass virgin.”

“You guess right.” And a sex on a yacht virgin, a spanking virgin, and a sleeping with a stranger for money virgin. Wryly, I ask, “What gave me away?”

“You’re responsive, curious. Yet so shy. You tense up too much.”

“Sorry,” I murmur. I must be terrible at this whole, being his paid entertainment, his dressed-up toy… thing—am I even giving him pleasure? A sick twist of shame fills me as I wonder if he’s disappointed with his purchase. Why should I care?

“That’s okay. I’ll teach you to relax.” His hand comes down in a sharp spank. The sound echoes through the room.

I want to jump out of my skin, the pain is so shocking, but I sense he wants me to stay in place, and I do. A whine rises in the back of my throat as the sting travels over my curves.

“Now don’t tense up or I’ll spank you again. I’m going to finger your asshole.”

“What?” My head flies back as my ass cheeks simultaneously clench together.

“Tsk, tsk. Naughty girl.” His hand comes down two more times in quick succession, filling the room with a cracking sound and sending pain shooting through me.

“Ow.” I wiggle my hips, wanting to dull the fiery burn. That gets me another smack.

I still, sucking breath between my teeth.

He sits beside me on the bed, his hip against mine, the fabric of his trousers rough against my bare skin. He wraps an arm around my waist. It’s heavy against me and makes a feeling of submission well in my chest. His other hand smooths over my curves. His finger finds my sex, dipping in and swirling to gather my slickness. “So wet for me, pretty girl.”

Shame. So. Much. Shame.

I’m so turned on, my nipples tight against the bedspread, my breasts heavy, my sex throbbing for his finger to return. But he’s got other ideas. His slick finger travels upward, finding my ass.

My ass is still burning from his last swat. I try to relax.

He presses against my ass, pushing his thick, lubed finger past the tight ring of muscles.

“Oh! Um… uh…” A warm wet feeling pulses through my sex, another wave of arousal dampening my thighs. It feels so strange to have his finger inside my ass, but it turns me on, making my sex feel empty and hot. The muscles of my sex clench together, wanting to be filled.

“Bad girls get their bottoms punished.” He pushes in all the way to what feels like his first knuckle. “Inside and out.”

He slides his finger slowly inside my ass, pushing, pushing till he’s all the way in.

I let out a deep moan. “Oh, my god.” My hips move against the bed as I shamelessly try to find some sort of friction.

He slides his finger out, giving me a sharp spank. “What happens to pretty girls who make me wait?”

He’s going to make me say it… out loud.

I can’t.

My throat feels tight and I swallow hard.

His finger finds my ass, thrusting forward. The sensation makes me gasp, my asshole burning from his rough entrance.

“Answer me.”

The words come rushing from me. “Oh, my god… you… sp-spank them?”

“That’s right. I spank them till their bottom is red and hot and sore. I spank them until they’re apologizing with pretty words and tears on their cheeks.”

Before I can think, his finger is out of me and his hand is crashing down on me. He spanks me hard and fast, peppering my ass with stinging swats. He spanks me over and over, alternating cheeks, aiming his spanks higher then lower to cover every inch of my poor curves.

The pain spreads until my entire ass is on fire. I can’t think. I can’t breathe.

I’m not above begging.

“I’m sorry I made you wait. I am!” My toes curl in my shoes; my fingers gather the covers, squeezing them tight. Tears spring into my eyes from the pain.

“Good girl. But I want to hear more.” He keeps spanking me.

I don’t know how much more I can take, but what choice do I have? Not only am I pinned to the bed, but I’m also here of my own free will.

The spanking hurts, my god, it hurts, but at the same time, my sex is aching with desire. My ass burns, and I burn… for him.

I think I know what he wants from me.

Because I want the same from him.

“Please, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Punish me with your cock.” The words don’t even sound like mine, they’re so filthy.

His hand pauses as he lets out a low moan. “What a very good girl you are.”

It’s exactly what he wanted to hear.

It scares me how naturally the words came to my lips. Like I wanted to say them. Suddenly, I’m wondering if I’d stay even if there was no money.

My body is so alive, electricity pulses through it. He strokes my hot, punished ass and it throbs, making my pussy throb even more. His palm grazes over my sex, gentle pressure gliding down the width of it, stopping just at my clit. The heel of his palm digs against the entrance to my pussy, his long fingers make a wall, pressing against my clit, applying pressure, but no friction.

I want to move my hips, to rub and grind against his hand. To shamelessly hump his hand, the bed, anything that will give me relief, but my ass is still on fire and I’m not yet ready for more of his harsh spanks.

I whimper, “Please, please, fuck me.”

“With pleasure.” He stands from the bed, his weight lifting from the mattress.

There’s the sound of a condom unwrapping and I’m not sure I’ll make it in the time it takes him to get it on, but I want it on him so I wait. I press my forehead, damp with sweat, against the bed and moan. My fingers tighten around the covers, my palms are sweaty too. I lie on my belly and I wait.

His hands grip my hips, pulling me up with one powerful movement until my knees are resting on the bed. He’s so strong, I feel like I weigh nothing as he moves me. He gives my ass a punishing slap, then grips my hips tighter than before. The head of his cock presses against my entrance. “Beg for it. One. More. Time.”

My words are a whisper, the need growing inside me. “Please. Fuck me.”

“I’m going to fuck you harder than any man has ever fucked you before.” His fingertips sink into my flesh.

Oh, my god, please, yes.

But when the full length of his cock slams into me, I reconsider every one of my pleading words. “Oh! Oh, my god.”

He’s so big and I’m so tight, my pussy burns as it stretches to accommodate him. I feel a fullness all the way in my belly and a tightness forms in my throat from how deep he is inside me.

He doesn’t give me a moment to recover from his harsh thrusting. He just goes for it.

“Oh, my… god!” I hold the blankets so tight I’d be worried I’d tear them if I could think of anything other than his massive cock slamming inside me. He holds my hips, his fingers digging in my flesh. He holds me so tightly, I know I’ll find circle bruises tomorrow.

My mouth gapes, my eyes rolling back in my head as he slams into me again and again.

I’m burning, it hurts. I want to cry out but I ride out the pain. Soon, it turns me on, becoming a burning ache of desire. The pain turns to pleasure, my body finally getting that delicious friction it craves. My clit rubs up against the bed with each powerful thrust, making stars burst behind my eyelids.

“I’m going to come…” I breathe.

“No.” His hand strikes what he can reach of my ass. “Unless you want to feel my belt.”

“But… but… how do I…”

“We come together, or you don’t come at all. Understand?”

What the fuck? How do I stop this climax that’s building inside me? I squeeze my eyes shut tight, holding back a whimper.

I’m so close…


Thank god.

He moves inside me, three quick fucks and an explosion tears through me, ripping me to pieces. Just behind that burst of an orgasm, another one takes hold, building quickly. My breaths come in pants, the tightening in my core almost unbearable.

He fucks me two more times and that climax bursts, shuddering through me. He pulls me tight to him, holding me there as he gives his own moan of victory. We collapse against the bed.

He goes to the bathroom to deal with the condom and I do a quick swipe test. No trace of his cum—good. When he returns, to my surprise, he pulls me into him, our sweaty limbs tangling. I rest my head on his chest, this stranger who I know nothing about.

“Stay,” he says. “Spend the night.”

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