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His Ranch, His Rules by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

Saturday, day eleven of my new Wild West life came with the same beautiful sunrise as the other days. Brody was back from taking Hayes to college. My heart felt full when I heard the knock on my door just in time to walk to breakfast. I opened the door and there he was.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so glad to see someone. He smiled that dimpled smile and said, “Georgia, I’ve missed walking with you.”

Brody flirted with me all day, even playfully swatting me on the ass—twice.

Unfortunately, the next day, after church, the ranch was opening back up for ‘the summer season,’ as they call it here. We would no longer have all three hundred and eighty-five acres to ourselves. Parties, weddings, lessons, vacationers looking for a taste of ranch life; it was about to get busy.

I was savoring every minute of the walk home from the Mess Hall with Brody, in case it was the last one in solitude, just us and the stars and the crickets and cicadas. Last walk before strangers were wandering around at night, thinking they owned the place.

As always, Brody offered me the crook of his arm, and walked me back to the bunkhouse. And as always, after saying goodnight, he kissed my forehead.

But this time, my mouth—perhaps due to excess energy from being underused—took on a life of its own.

As Brody drew back from me, preparing to clomp down the stairs and head home, I blurted out, “What the hell?” My hands instantly flew to my mouth, covering it up in shock of what I had just uttered out loud.

Brody turned back to me, raising a dark eyebrow. “Excuse me? You need to go back out to the barn for that mouth?”

No. I wouldn’t take it back. I would not apologize for a little bad language when he was putting me through a constant tug and pull of he likes me, he likes me not. I was going to clear up the blurred lines of our relationship, right here, right now.

Straightening my spine, I crossed my arms over my chest. “I. Said. What. The. Hell.”

He took two intimidating steps toward me, anger radiating off him like heat. Apparently, Brody disliked being cussed at even more than he disliked cussing. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, you spank my ass, kiss me on the forehead, walk me into the Mess Hall for every meal—with your hand pressed into my lower back, I might add—”

“I’m sorry, did that offend you? I was trying to be a gentleman and escort you to meals, so you wouldn’t feel awkward being new on the ranch.”

“No, you weren’t.”


Brody ran a hand through his hair, his gaze leaving mine and lowering to his boots.

I continued my rant. “There is only one reason a man puts his hand on a woman’s lower back when escorting her into a public place—and that’s to mark his territory. Look at me, Brody Jenkins,” I demanded.

When he looked up, he had a sheepish grin on his face. “Maybe I was. So what?”

“So what? You are sending me the most confusing signals ever. One minute you are the boss and everything is completely platonic, the next you are treating me like you would a girlfriend.”

“I thought I could handle our arrangement. You being an employee who needed a little guidance, me maintaining a professional demeanor—”

“With the exception of walking me to and from dinner, patting my butt, sunset horseback rides, flirting, forehead kissing—”

“Right.” His hand went to his hair, again, making it further disheveled and sexy. His eyes locked on mine. “It turns out that our original arrangement isn’t working for me.”

“Me either.” I crossed my arms.

He crossed his. “What do we do?”

“You tell me—you are the boss.”

“But I’m not the boss of you. You have to decide what you want, Georgia. And I don’t want you to make that decision lightly. There is obviously something between us, but intimately, I don’t go any further without some type of commitment. I’m a one-woman man and I’m not the easiest boyfriend to have. I’m demanding, I’m possessive…” He trailed off.

I finished the thought for him. “And you’re a spanking man.”

“I am.”

Too much time had been wasted. Too much time wallowing, fantasizing, scribbling what passed between us on notebook paper.

Yes, this was moving so fast, it was making my head spin.

Yes, the timeline felt unreal.

Yes, I wanted Brody Jenkins. The spanking man.

“I know what I want. I want you,” I said, my voice steady and my gaze locked on his.

Arms uncrossed, he closed the space between us in seconds. His hand wound around the back of my head, his fingers tangled in my hair. When his mouth finally pressed against mine, it did not disappoint. The tip of his tongue explored my mouth. The kiss possessed me.

A wave of heat liquefied my core as he pressed against me, whispering into my ear, “I want you.”

I murmured, “I want you inside me.” Wow—where did that come from, Georgia?

“I need you to know I’ve never done this with someone I haven’t known for a long time,” he murmured into my ear.

“Me neither.” Jake had been my one and only. Goodbye, Jake, I whispered happily in my mind, ready for the kissing to continue.

“Then this makes you my girlfriend.”

I pulled back in surprise. “Girlfriend?”


Shaking the cloud-nine fog from my mind, I asked the question that had been burning in my mind. “So, does this mean we are—official? Like, in a relationship?” My third-grade self continued on in my mind. Like—do you like, like me? Check the box yes or no—I was really good at interrupting a romantic moment.

“As I said, I’m a one-woman man.”

“And I’m a one-man woman, partner.” I snaked my arms around his neck, pulling him in to seal the deal with a kiss. That turned into the longest, deepest French kiss of my life. The way his hands were pulling at the hair on the back of my head made tingles run up and down my spine.

My legs felt like jelly as he moved us toward the bed. Laying me down on my back, he was all over me. Fingers unbuttoned my blouse as his thighs pressed between mine. The shirt fell open, exposing my peaked nipples through my bra.

“You are one beautiful woman, Miss Georgia.” Leaning over me, a fingertip ran from my jawline, down my neck, over my breast, swirling my nipple. It constricted further, and I let a moan escape my lips.

His lips pressed against mine, his tongue now becoming familiar in my mouth. He kissed my ear, whispering, “The things I could do to you.” Chills ran down my spine as his teeth nipped at my neck as he made a trail of kisses down to my breast.

My eyes closed, my head rolling back as he tugged at the fabric of my bra, pulling the cup down over my breast.

His mouth was on me, hot and wet, sucking and biting at my nipple.

“Mmm,” I murmured, completely at a loss for words. He undid the buttons of my jeans, a shiver of anticipation running though me. As he tugged at the waist, I helped him remove the tight skinny jeans.

I lay on the bed, shirt opened, bra still on, bare from the waist down, his eyes lingering in my shaved pussy.

“I like,” he said. His hands went to the bottom of the black tee shirt he wore. In one graceful move, he had the shirt up and over the back of his head.

Hot. Damn.

Brody Jenkins was tanned all over. His hard, muscled abs were sculpted by the gods—a product of long, hard hours working with animals and machinery. The curves of his biceps rolled up to his full, broad shoulders. His jeans slung low around his hips, showing just the top of the jut of his hips. And a tiny trail of black hair leading from his—

“Oooh!” His hands grabbed around my hips and had me flipped over, face down on the bed, shirt pushed up my back. My legs hung off the end of the bed, my hips and stomach pressed into the bed. Tingles danced across the skin of my bare bottom.

What did I expect? I had cussed at a spanking man.

His hands, rough from work, lightly caressed my bottom, sending tingles down my spine and chill bumps on my legs. I lay my head on my hands, grateful to hide the furious blush I could feel creeping into my cheeks.

I was so exposed. He had seen almost every inch of me. And we hadn’t even done anything but kiss.

I gasped as his caressing hands reached the bottom curve of my ass and his fingertips lingered at the inside area where my bottom met my thighs. His fingers slid down, parting my ass and thighs. A wave of embarrassment washed over me as the sound of my crackling wetness filled the quiet room as the lips of my pussy separated.

Burying my head further into my arm, I moaned, feeling a breeze on my revealed pussy.

“The first time I get to spank this beautiful bottom, in all its naked glory. My goodness, that is a breathtaking sight.”

Could he see everything from back there?

Despite my shame, my hips wiggled, pressing into the mattress. I was hot. I was wet. I was ready for his cock. But he had other ideas first.

Lifting my parted hips slightly, Brody slid his way underneath my hips, tugging me and turning me. My chest still rested on the bed, but now my lap was connected with his, my bottom over his right knee, my still spread legs lying on the bed instead of over the bed.

It would have been quite comfortable, if I hadn’t been so horny.

I pressed my face into the bed. His left hand found its way to the back of my head, gathering a handful of hair. Tingles ran all over my head and neck—pulling the back of my hair was a surefire way to turn me on. His right hand lightly smoothed over my ass, down my thighs, then up between them, stopping just before reaching paradise.

My hips gyrated as I moaned, “Brody Jenkins, you are a tease.”

“Not teasing. Just taking my time. You should know—I’m in no hurry.”

“I am. Hurry up and touch me already.” I pressed my hips into his thighs.

“I think we have a little business to take care of first, young lady.”

I gulped. “You mean the little ‘What the hell’ that slipped out?”


“I stand by it. It needed to be said.”

“Do you?”


“One rule on the ranch you should abide by. Never cuss at me.”

His hand came down on my ass, setting a fire that only made me moan more. Sharp slaps continued to land on my bottom making my skin warm and tingling. The feel of being practically undressed, bare under his gaze, and fully under his control was almost too much.

The spanks were not punishing with pain. They were punishing with pleasure. Only causing me to want him more. My pussy pulsed, my ass warmed by his hand.

My thighs were pushed further apart. A few little slaps landed on the interior of my thighs. He was inches from my pussy and his nearness drove me wild. My hips wriggled furiously. I had to have him. “Okay, okay, Brody. I learned my lesson. Now touch me, please!”

My shocked gasp filled the room as two fingers plunged within my pussy. His fingers remained within, stroking my g-spot. The palm of his hand curved around my ass, his thumb pressed into the flesh of my bottom. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as a deep moan escaped my lips. Nothing had ever felt so amazing in my life. The teasing, the spanking, it was all an incredible buildup. His hand continued cupping my bottom and fingering me and my hips rose in ecstatic pleasure.

I moaned like an animal, wild abandon taking over me at his touch. Every muscle in my body relaxed as he pleasured me. This was how a cowboy introduced himself to a woman’s pussy? If I had known, I would have left the city years ago.

“Good girl,” he crooned as his fingers slid a little bit out, then plunged back in, out and in, out and in, out and in, those fingertips working their magic within me. His thumb digging into my ass cheek gave me a sense of just how in control he was of my body—and my pleasure—and it was such a turn-on.

Then they slipped all the way out, abandoning my poor pussy. No! I had waited so long to feel his touch, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last if he did not give me the explosive orgasm that my body was demanding. I groaned, whimpering, “Please don’t stop.”

My mind felt fuzzy, my senses too overwhelmed to process what happened next. One of his fingers, lubed in my juices, slid up from my pussy, up the cleft of my ass, and pressed against an area of me that no one had ever touched. Shame and heat flushed my face as red as my exposed rear in the air.

My hips froze. An emotional blend of fear, embarrassment, and curiosity filled me as his fingertip pushed past the tight entrance and made its way up to what felt like the second knuckle inside my most taboo location. Oh. My. God. My boss turned boyfriend’s finger was in my ass.

And it felt amazing. “Uhh… err…” the finger slid in a bit further, “ahh… oooh.” A wave of intense pleasure washed over me as the tingling bundles of nerves responded to his touch by pulsing and quivering. His fingers were creating the same buildup there as they had in my pussy. The combination was mind-blowing. Now I really, really needed to come before my body revolted. I prepared to beg him to bring me to the peak of ecstasy.

“One day, I’ll take you here,” Brody growled.

Whoa! All thoughts of demanding an orgasm dropped from my mind at his words. Did I hear him right? Anal sex? the voice inside my head squeaked. It was so taboo, so naughty… so something I was dying to try.

His fingers left me and with a sharp slap on the ass that made me jump, he said, “But not today.” Grabbing my waist, he lifted me up off his lap, slid out from underneath me, and flipped me onto my back.

I skootched up the mattress, barely able to make eye contact after what had just been done to me. I settled in among the pillows, every nerve in my body pulsing. My ass slightly sore from all the attention he had shown it. My pussy dripping and begging to be pleasured.

Brody’s gaze roved over me, causing my skin to flush. He looked as if he would tear me limb from limb. “Take off that shirt,” he commanded.

I sat up, shyly peeling the opened shirt from my shoulders and arms. Cool air brushed against my bare skin as I stripped before his watchful eyes.

“And now the bra.” One brow raised on his strikingly handsome face.

Boss Man. When he gave a command, I had no way of resisting.

Reaching behind me, I quickly undid the one hook, then pulled the bra from my chest. My breasts rose high with my fast breath, my nipples tightening under his gaze. I laid back down.

He stood at the end of the bed, those jeans slung around those hips, a telltale bulge showing below his silver belt buckle. I was surprised when instead of removing his own jeans, he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Touch your breasts.”

“Umm.” A delicious shiver of shame ran through me. Could I really play with my nipples while he watched? Did I have it in me? Just the idea of it, and his stern gaze, had my nipples completely hardened.

He raised one eyebrow, indicating it was not a request.

Fine. Want to tease? Two can play.

I locked my gaze on his, my eyelids hooded over my eyes. I wet my lips with the corner of my tongue. Tilting my head just so, I slowly trailed my fingers over my stomach, up to my breast.

Never taking my eyes from his, giving a husky moan, I traced a circle around my nipple then took the peak between my fingers, pinching and pulling it slightly.

“Oh, girl,” he murmured, desire lighting in his eyes. “That’s incredibly sexy.”

My eyes widened as I took in the sight before me—shirtless Brody. His muscled chest was tanned from the sun and toned and tight from his work on the ranch. His flat stomach was complete with washboard abs, jeans slung low on his hipbones. I continued to stare—and probably drool—as he gave a cocky grin, his hands going to his waist. With a click, his belt buckle was undone. He unzipped his jeans and they fell to the floor. His rock-hard cock sprang forward as the denim left his body. It was… huge. The cowboy was not only drop dead gorgeous—he was hung.

That’s incredibly sexy,” I murmured.

With a grin, Brody’s naked body began to climb over mine. My skin tingled, little bursts of electricity fired as his smooth skin brushed against mine. Heat from his body radiated as he leaned down, the scent of his aftershave filling the space between us. Leaning down, all teasing aside, his lips neared mine. He kissed me. My body seemed to melt into the bed as his lips pressed against mine, his tongue exploring my mouth. It was a deep kiss, filled with passion—the kind you see in the movies—the kiss I’d been craving.

Then, his cock found the entrance to my pussy. I almost came right then. He slowly and gently pushed his way inside, filling me with his cock. My pussy clenched against him, begging him to fuck me. But, instead, his husky voice whispered in my ear. When he spoke, it was with such tenderness, that tears unexpectedly pricked at my eyes.

“Are you okay?”

I nodded, too moved to speak.

He gave me a heartbreaking smile, then brushed my cheek with a kiss. Lifting his hips, he pushed deeper within me. I groaned as his cock filled every bit of me. He began to move back and forth in slow, measured movements. My hips rose to meet his, groaning. I rocked with him as my pussy tightened, pulsing and clenching against his cock.

Above me, I watched as Brody closed his eyes, a look of sheer ecstasy on his face as his leaned his head back, giving the sexiest, husky moan, followed by saying my name as if he was saying a prayer. “Georgia.”

Suddenly, I was overcome with emotions. Tears pricked at my eyes as our bodies moved as one. His hands, his fingers, caressing ME gently, tucking my hair behind my ear, massaging my skin. His lips continually brushed my cheeks, my lips. His whispered words breathed softly against my ear. “Georgia, Georgia. Where have you been all my life?”

This felt like a lot more than casual sex. I was falling for this man and fast—my thoughts were interrupted by my pussy. Brody began to thrust harder and faster. My body curled around his, my legs locking around his waist. My fingers ran through his hair, over his shoulders, down his back as my hips pressed against his. Every muscle in my body tightened, my eyes closing, my neck arching back as I came. I was screaming, “Oh, my God,” white lights flashing behind my eyelids. I didn’t think I could take anymore, but he wasn’t finished with me. My pussy clenched tighter as he pumped hard within me, faster and faster. I came again—I didn’t even know multiple orgasms were a real thing—my body tensing, my mind gone.

With a groan, he held my body against his as he came, bursting inside of me. We stayed, locked against one another, catching our breaths. Then, we collapsed together on the bed, him beside me. I turned and wrapped my arm around him, my head lying against his bare chest, my damp hair tangled as I gave a contented sigh.

He brought his arm around my back, his fingertips tracing circles on my bare shoulder. “Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. I’m so glad you found your way onto my ranch,” he whispered.

“Me too.” I turned my head up toward him and the smile that he gave me melted my heart.

I was the luckiest girl in the world.

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