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His Rebellious Mate by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

His Rebellious MateOn the last day of their journey to Ramel, Maggie had to admit the forced rest had done her good, but she was feeling a lot better and Jackson’s constant hovering and protectiveness was wearing more than a little thin.

She was also sick of being threatened with a spanking every time she argued with him. She was a grown woman and was pretty good at taking care of herself.

“I’m going to explore a little today,” she said firmly after pulling one of her mother’s many caftans over her head. This one was a bright purple that set off her green eyes and short red curls. Though not a fan of dresses, Maggie had to admit she looked good. The dress lifted and plumped her full breasts out, then fell to skim all of her curves so she looked soft and womanly.

“I know you’re feeling a little stir crazy. I’ll take you on a tour,” Jackson said with a smile.

“No. I want to go on my own,” Maggie told him decisively. “I grew up on this ship so I probably know it better than you do and it’s my father’s ship so no one would dare hurt me. I need some time on my own, Jackson. I love you but you’re smothering me.”

Jackson sighed and studied her warily; it was clear he was torn. “It’s against my better judgment, but I’ll let you go exploring on your own. However…”

She held up her hand to stop him. “I know, I know… any problems or putting myself in harm’s way, yada-yada-yada and I’ll get the worst spanking of my life.”

“Good, you’ve been listening. I’m serious, Margaret. I had better not hear of any trouble you get into, or you will be eating dinner on a very sore bottom,” he said sternly.

It was still strange to have Jackson speaking so firmly to her; he was acting like any other mate would of course, but somehow from him it was unexpected. She’d always figured he’d pretty much let her have her own way, but she was finding that was an extremely erroneous assumption.

Maggie smiled as she wandered around the ship; she had no real destination in mind, it just felt good to walk without an overprotective shadow at her side. She strolled through the inner sanctum, which held a beautiful garden where she sat for a long time enjoying the flowers and trees, the birdbath in the center, and even watching the holographic birds.

She stayed there a good hour before leaving and heading toward the cafeteria. As she got near the doorway she saw a girl about nineteen arguing with a warrior.

“I won’t! I didn’t ask to be claimed! You’ve no right to take me like I have no say in my future!” the small blond woman yelled up at the Ramelian warrior.

“Mate, you will do as I say,” the warrior growled down at her. He was clearly very frustrated with the woman.

“No, I really won’t, asshole!” the blonde said loudly before turning her back on the man. In the blink of an eye, the warrior went down on one knee, tossing the woman across it and baring her bottom in almost one smooth motion. “No, you can’t,” she yelled.

“Watch me, little girl,” he said sternly as he began applying the flat of his hand hard and fast to her upturned backside.

Maggie stood watching, her mouth hanging open in shock as the girl’s bottom went from white to an alarming shade of scarlet in barely a minute. The girl’s cries of distress increased with every swat; she was clearly beyond being able to cope with her brute of a mate.

“Stop that at once!” Maggie said sharply.

The man paused and gave Maggie a sharp look. “Best you mind your business and your manner, woman. This is my mate and I will care for her as I think best.”

The girl looked up at her with tears in her big blue eyes, but then surprised Maggie with a fierce glare. “Don’t talk to my mate that way.”

“Inga, be polite, this woman does not know this is our way. She thought to protect you; foolish though it was to interrupt a warrior disciplining her mate, she does not deserve your ire, little one,” he told his mate firmly.

Inga sniffed disdainfully once before nodding. “I apologize, Rangar, you’re right. I shouldn’t have been so rude. My mate and I are fine, woman, thank you for your concern. Now go away!” she finished with another glare in Maggie’s direction.

Maggie blinked, shocked by the whole exchange. The woman was still in place over her burly mate’s knee, obviously waiting for her to vacate the area so she could continue having her backside thoroughly blistered. Shaking her head, she walked away and into the cafeteria; she could hear the spanking resume behind her along with Inga’s hoarse protests.

Apparently the couple was playing a spanking game of some sort; at first Maggie didn’t really understand but then she thought about how wet she got when Jackson spanked her and it didn’t seem quite as odd.

With another shake of her head, she ordered faux meat loaf of some kind and weird Ramelian veggies. She was thankful they ate Ramelian food from time to time growing up or she would never have been able to consume the manufactured food.

She forgot all about the incident with the other couple until later that evening when she and Jackson returned to the cafeteria for dinner.

To her dismay Maggie found herself sitting across from Inga and Rangar; it was also obvious Jackson knew the couple well.

He introduced Maggie as his mate and then Rangar gave him a big grin. “We had the pleasure of meeting your mate earlier today.”

Jackson frowned. “You did?”

“Yes, I was giving Inga a public spanking I’d been promising her for a week and your mate interrupted us and insisted I stop at once. Very brave but foolish; if I’d been a warrior truly disciplining his mate I would not have received her intervention nearly as well,” Rangar said with a meaningful look in Maggie’s direction.

Maggie blushed. “I had no way of knowing she was playing; her protests seemed sincere and I thought she was here completely against her will. That goes against the Ramelian-Earth Treaty of 2314.”

Inga and Rangar both blinked at her, openly shocked by her words.

Jackson sighed exasperatedly. “Nonetheless, such a thing could have ended with you being hurt. Your ribs aren’t even healed yet.”

“Don’t be such a mother hen, Jackson!” Maggie snapped. “My father would want me to intervene in such a situation.”

“No, he would not,” Jackson said firmly, before turning to look at the other couple. “Maggie is the youngest daughter of the commander.”

Rangar laughed. “I’d heard he had spirited offspring.”

“That’s an understatement to be sure,” Jackson muttered.

“You knew I was this way before you decided to finish the mating process, Jackson. Don’t complain now!” Maggie said loudly.

“Margaret, you will lower your voice,” Jackson growled. “You best heed my warning unless you want the spanking you will be getting later right here and now.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she gasped in outrage, then yelped as Jackson started moving toward her with obvious purpose. Maggie immediately began backing toward the cafeteria door as her mate approached her. “Now Jackson… think this through… you can’t do this…” she said as he kept pace with her.

“I think you know I not only can but I’m going to, young lady,” Jackson said firmly as he held a hand out to her. “Come here.”

Maggie snorted loudly, ignoring the amused chuckles from the warriors standing around the cafeteria watching the little drama play out. “I don’t think so.”

She turned and started to run. Ignoring the sharp pull in her chest and side, Maggie fell back on the years of training she’d put her body through and darted through the open doorway. Warriors by the door tried to reach out and catch her but she easily dodged them. They weren’t used to having to make any sort of effort when dealing with females. The poor women the louts came in contact with weren’t trained at all.

“Margaret! You stop right there. If you don’t come here right now, not only will you not sit for a week, you won’t be coming for a week either,” he yelled after her quickly retreating form.

Maggie stopped in her tracks, turning to face him in horror; she couldn’t believe he’d yelled in front of all the strangers surrounding them about denying her orgasms. “I cannot believe you just yelled that at me! Guess what, Buster Brown? I don’t give a rat’s ass how long you say I can’t have an orgasm, ‘cause you won’t be getting any either!” she yelled just as loud. Suddenly she was advancing on him, furious with the odious man.

“Margaret, your continued defiance is unseemly. I will spank you now and then we’ll continue this discussion in our quarters.” Jackson glared down at her and took her firmly by the arm.

“My continued defiance is unseemly?” she asked with her brows raised incredulously. “I find your behavior extremely offensive! I can’t believe how happy I was to have a human for a mate rather than one of those louts!” Maggie waved an arm around the room indicating the warriors watching them. “You are no better than a Ramelian warrior, Jackson, and I wish I’d never laid eyes on you!”

“I can’t believe you just said that, Magpie,” he said quietly and she felt a momentary pang of guilt at the genuine hurt in his eyes, but he’d started it.

“Whatever,” she said, trying to pull from his grasp but Jackson held firm and led her back to the table where they’d been sitting.

Jackson pulled a chair out well away from the table and sat down before pulling a still struggling Maggie over his knee. He was treating her very gently given the situation, making sure not to jar her chest or ribs and that there was no pressure on either area.

Despite his care, her bottom was bared to the room at large before she could say jack rabbit sprat and his hand was clapping off her upturned bottom.

There was no buildup; he went straight for her sit spots, spanking her hard and fast. He applied his hand over and over to one side until she was almost beside herself, and then he moved to give the other side the same treatment.

Maggie had intended to remain stoic throughout the spanking but found it impossible with the fast hard spanks falling repeatedly in the same place. To her mortification she soon found herself kicking her feet and crying out like a little girl. “Please, not there again… ooohhh… ouch… not the same place… owwww!”

Her pleas were ignored and his hard hand continued to fall. He just moved from side to side until the very tops of her thighs and the tender crease where they met her bottom felt like she’d stuck the area into a fire pit. Maggie finally gave in to her great humiliation and began to cry like a baby with promises of good behavior.

“I’m sorreeee… I’ll be good, J-Jackson… I pr-promise…” she wailed, barely registering when the spanking stopped and that same hard hand was running across the offended area in a soothing caress.

She immediately snuggled into his chest when he lifted her to him and held her close with one arm around her and one large hand cupping her flaming bottom. He rocked her as she cried into his neck as if her heart would break, and then he rubbed her back and whispered words of love in her ear until she calmed.

Maggie finally stopped crying and relaxed into her mate’s body, completely forgetting where they were. Then the clapping started.

She looked up to find them surrounded by a group of warriors who were now giving Jackson a standing ovation for the masterful spanking he’d given her. Maggie stiffened and held her body as far away from his as she could manage with his arm still holding her. She pushed at the hand still cupping her hot bottom but he wouldn’t move it.

She looked down at the floor. “Please let me up now.”

“Maggie, look at me,” Jackson said softly, finally relinquishing her bottom to lift her face to his with one finger.

Maggie met his gaze, letting him see how hurt and angry she was by his treatment and exposure to the asshat warriors. She clenched her jaw and looked at him but didn’t speak.

“Magpie, you left me very little choice when you defied me so openly,” he said quietly but firmly.

“I would like to return to my quarters, please.” She looked back down at the floor as she said it.

Jackson sighed and lifted her from his lap to stand in front of him without letting her arm go.

He nodded to the other warriors and then led her from the cafeteria without another word. As they passed their table, Maggie spotted Inga looking at her with a smirk and decided it wouldn’t be long before she kicked that little girl’s ass.

She was silent the entire walk back, trying to ignore the pull of the skin on her thighs and bottom; they felt like she’d gotten the worst sunburn ever. To make matters worse, wet heat was dripping down her inner thighs because as awful as the spanking had been, it had still aroused her, even though it had been in public.

The minute they were in the room, Maggie tried to pull away but Jackson wouldn’t allow it. “No, Maggie. We’re going to talk about this whether you want to or not.”

She found herself swept up into his arms once again and carried to the bed where he lay down with her on top of him, looking down into his concerned features.

“I’m sorry I had to be so firm with you, Magpie, but what did you expect? You challenged and defied me in front of a bunch of Ramelian warriors,” Jackson told her.

Maggie studied his earnest eyes and then had the grace to flush as she realized the import of what he was saying. She really hadn’t given him any other option. “I’m sorry, Jackson. I should have remembered where we were.”

“You were forgiven before I spanked you, Maggie, but I’m afraid your punishment isn’t over,” Jackson said quietly.

“What? My bottom is already really sore and…” Maggie said, nervously chewing her lip only to be interrupted before she could get worked into a long-winded protest.

“I’m not going to spank you anymore today,” he assured her.

She gave a big sigh of relief and then frowned; if he wasn’t talking about spanking, that could only mean… “You can’t mean… you wouldn’t!”

He shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry, Magpie, but you have to learn to think about your actions. I won’t give you a whole week but no orgasms for two days.”

“That’s just mean!” she yelled down at him as she began to clamber off his body. He forestalled her with an arm around her waist and slapped a hand down hard on her vulnerable backside. “Owww!”

“You’re already in trouble, young lady, do you want to go for more than two days?” he asked with a raised brow.

“No,” Maggie said with a slight pout.

“Didn’t think so,” Jackson said as he lifted her off him and placed her on her hands and knees on the bed.

“What are you doing?” she asked in alarm.

“Reinforcing the lesson,” he told her as he slid two fingers into her already wet sheath and began pumping them in and out forcefully.

“Ooooh… Jackson… that feels so good… I love the way your fingers feel inside me,” she panted and began shoving her hips back to meet his fingers. Soon she was lost in the pleasure, pressing her chest to the bed to take his fingers as deeply as possible. She began to moan as her orgasm approached and just when she was about to claim it, he pulled his fingers free.

“No coming!” he said sharply with a slap to her hip.

“Jackson!” Maggie wailed as she realized what he was intent on doing to her.

He ignored her wail of frustration as he parted her thighs impossibly wide and fitted the head of his cock to the rosebud of her ass; she groaned as he worked himself inside after slicking his cock with her arousal. She was stretched open and impaled on his thick cock… it stung, but it was also a delicious feeling.

Maggie loved it when Jackson took her ass; it was so dominant and yet so intimate. He began to ride her hard and fast but moved his hands between her legs and pulled her labia open wide, preventing her clit from getting any stimulation at all.

“Nooo… please, you can’t do this!” she cried out in protest.

“I’m making sure you completely understand how serious your misbehavior was and hopefully ensuring it will never happen again,” Jackson said just as he stiffened and filled her ass with hot ribbons of his seed.

Maggie whimpered as he pulled free of her body, leaving her aching with unfulfilled need. This was the first time he’d used her body for his own satisfaction without regard to her pleasure, and she didn’t like this punishment at all.

She held still while Jackson cleaned her up and tucked her into bed. “Jackson, I don’t want to go to bed. I’m not tired.”

“I didn’t ask, Magpie. I want you to stay in bed for a while and think about your punishment and what you could have done to prevent it.”

She sighed and then nodded.

“I shouldn’t have to tell you this but I’m going to anyway. No masturbating; if I catch you or if you steal an orgasm you aren’t allowed to have… I can promise you that you won’t like the punishment.”

“Yes, sir,” Maggie said; the sir popped out before she could stop it and it was all she could do to keep from slapping a hand over her lips. Jackson laughed, obviously amused by the expression on her face and kissed her forehead before leaving their quarters.

She lay there for a while, thinking about the situation. Her body was burning with need, her clit swollen and throbbing, needing release. Maggie knew it would take little to no time at all to bring herself back to the brink and topple over the edge. Jackson would never know.

Her hand moved down beneath the covers almost of its own volition, her fingers gliding through the wetness and into her empty core. Maggie’s head arched as she began working her fingers in and out hard, her palm rubbing over her clit with every stroke. It felt so good.

As her fingers began moving faster she moved her other hand down to rub her clit in a circular motion and then her body clamped down as the orgasm that had been hovering beneath the surface broke free and she came hard with a little scream of pleasure.

“What a naughty little mate I seem to have,” Jackson said from the doorway.

Maggie yelped in surprise and sprang up in the bed.

“I’d hoped we wouldn’t need this so quickly but I was bringing it anyway to perhaps help you to obey,” he said, holding up a large tubular-looking root.

“What is that?” she asked.

“Mandavalian spice root. It works a little like ginger on earth. A good spice added to food but also a good way to punish a naughty little mate,” he explained as he pulled a knife from his pocket and peeling away the outer skin until he was left with a long, fat, phallus-like purple root.

“What are you planning to do with that?” Maggie asked warily.

“I’m not going to do anything. You are,” Jackson told her as he moved a chair to the foot of the bed and beckoned her to him.

She frowned in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“You’re going to use this root to masturbate with like a dildo,” he explained helpfully.

Maggie felt her face flush hotly and moisture welled again between her thighs as she remembered what she’d read about ginger and the practice of figging on Earth. She licked her lips. “But that will burn.”

“Yes, ma’am, it will, hence the lesson.”

“How long will I have to…” she asked, waving a hand nervously in the air.

“Until you come,” he said succinctly.

Her eyes sprang wide; he couldn’t be serious! “Jackson, I…”

“Come here, Magpie.” His firm tone brooked no argument. She got out of bed and walked around to the foot to stand in front of him. “I want you to lie down right here,” he said, showing her exactly where he wanted her.

Another hot flush of embarrassment filled her neck and face as she realized he intended for her to lie on her back with her thighs spread wide while she serviced herself with the thick root as he watched it from a seat positioned between her spread legs. He would see everything!

Once she was on the bed in the position he’d requested, Jackson handed her the root and took his seat.

Maggie sighed as she looked at him. Her clit was throbbing with need again and her pulsing channel ached to be filled. Taking a deep breath, she put the thick bulbous head of the root against her opening and pushed it inside.

She was so wet that it slid all the way inside in one long, easy stroke, filling her hot channel almost to the hilt. Her hips rocked up involuntarily. The cool, smooth root felt so good but she needed movement. Her sheath tightened around the root as she began to pull it out and a little bit of the oil began to seep into her tender tissues. “Oooh! It burns!” she protested.

“Don’t stop, Maggie, you stop and I’ll spank you hard and you can start again with an even hotter bottom,” he said sternly.

She gave a little whimpering moan as she obeyed and slid it back inside. Soon she was working it in and out in an almost punishing rhythm. It burned badly but it also felt good, and she was lost in a world of heat, burning pain, pleasure, and rampant need.

“Oooh… I, ooohhh…” she moaned and rocked her hips up and down to meet every thrust of the thick root. It burned more and more, but it left her wanting it harder and harder at the same time. If Jackson had told her to stop at this moment, she wouldn’t have been able to.

Then she was coming hard and she started to pull it out but then Jackson was there, taking the root away from her hands and working it back inside her still spasming sheath. “Not yet, baby, I want you to come again for me.”

“I don’t think I can… oohhh… it’s so hot… Jackson, please,” she wailed and moaned as he began thrusting it in and out of her harder than she’d been able to do.

He worked it hard and fast. “Pinch your clit,” he commanded, watching as Maggie did and an even stronger orgasm broke through her.

Maggie came screaming his name and bucking her hips as she wailed out her pleasure. The orgasm seemed to go on and on… it was never-ending. Jackson continued thrusting the root in and out of her until he was sure he’d coaxed every bit of pleasure he could from her.

Then the root was gone but the burning sensation remained. It made her uncomfortable but also made her wet with need. She laid in an abandoned sprawl, her legs still spread lewdly, but she didn’t have the will to move her jelly-like muscles yet.

“Almost done with your punishment, my sweet,” he said ominously as he reached between her spread thighs and pulled her labia wide apart.

“What are you…?”

“Now I’m going to spank this naughty clit of yours,” Jackson told her with a slight smile.

“No!” Maggie half tried to sit up but found herself unable to with his arm on her stomach so his hand could spread her nether lips for his sensual punishment.

Her clit throbbed with heat, a combination of Mandavalian spice root and helpless arousal; the way he held her labia open also stretched her vaginal opening, emphasizing its current emptiness.

“It was your naughty clit that got you into trouble, wasn’t it?” he asked with a raised brow.

Maggie whimpered, helplessly appalled and embarrassed by the conversation he was trying to hold with her spread so wide for his inspection but also so ridiculously turned on, she could feel a fresh burst of wetness leaking down her ass. Her traitorous clit throbbed even harder in response to his words, eagerly seeking any sort of stimulation.

He delivered a sharp swat to her clit, making her suck in air as the biting sting emphasized the heat on her poor little nubbin. “Answer me, Maggie. Didn’t your naughty little clit get you into trouble today?”

“Yes!” she cried out.

“What should I do about it?” he asked.

She moaned hoarsely, knowing exactly what he wanted. “Please spank my naughty clit.”

Jackson chuckled. “I’d be happy to.” Another swat landed, this one harder and more focused and packing a lot more sting. Her eyes widened as she realized he had a long stick with a stiff leather tongue on the end of it, which he was using to punish her most delicate of areas. “Ingenious, isn’t it? I believe it was designed specifically to punish the naughty little clits of deserving young ladies.”

Another stinging blow landed, making her arch and gasp, and tears sprang to her eyes. The sting was intense but after the initial pain, pleasure unlike anything she’d felt before burst forth; each time the wicked little instrument fell she could feel her clit swell more and its throbbing beat became more and more forceful.

Soon Maggie was lost in a haze of pleasure and pain of Jackson’s making, each slap of the clit crop sending her further into the maelstrom until she shattered completely.

She screamed a long anguished wail of pleasure as her whole body seemed to convulse with the intensity of her orgasm. Jackson drove three fingers inside her, working them hard to draw out the climax.

Little black spots jumped in her vision as she rode out the almost unbearable pleasure. When she came back to herself, she was cuddled against Jackson’s chest as he stroked her hair and crooned to her what a good girl she was.

As he lifted her and placed her back at the top of the bed, tucking the covers around her with a knowing grin, Maggie blushed. He knew she could barely lift a finger; her body still trembling with aftershocks and as limp as a noodle.

“Now you go back to bed and sleep this time,” Jackson said after kissing her deeply. “Any further plans to misbehave?”

She shook her head vehemently. “No, sir. I promise.” Maggie didn’t think her poor sore and burning vagina could take any more Mandavalian spice root or clit spanking, even if it had given her the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her poor little clit still felt four times its normal size and every movement jolted it, leaving her unsure if she was feeling pleasure or pain.

She was almost asleep by the time the door closed behind him.

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