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His to Claim: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

As Max shifted, I took a deep breath. Even the scent of him was a sheer indulgence, the fragrance a mixture of absolute testosterone and heady spices. I was almost drunk from the single inhale. “A tough guy, huh?”

“Actually, I’m a cop. I live a few blocks from here and I protect my own,” he stated in a husky tone, his eyes locking onto mine.



I’m going to lick your sweet pussy after giving you the discipline you deserve.

I fought a series of shivers, taking another sip of my drink. “A cop. Interesting.”

“A necessity.”

I wasn’t ready to grill him on any specifics and I wasn’t certain he’d offer any details. Besides, I didn’t need to. I sure as shit wasn’t going home with the man.

Not now.

Not ever.

Then why is your mouth watering and your pussy quivering?

“Finish your drink,” he commanded.


He slowly turned his head, his gaze more penetrating than before. “Because you’re coming with me.”

There’d been little conversation and in truth, neither of us had found any need, our body language doing all the talking.

The way he flung open the door of his apartment was powerful, just like the mysterious man. I heard the intense growl pushing past his lips and all I could think about was he would devour me. I wasn’t frightened, just aroused in a manner I hadn’t anticipated. I wasn’t drunk, yet I felt high on the blood pulsing through my veins. I couldn’t want this.

A stranger.

A man who’d told me almost nothing about himself. He could be a monster, a stark raving mad lunatic hiding behind a convenient, safe mask. Willing me to succumb to him. Tempting me with his dark commands.

But I was here.

In his apartment.

And in his massive arms, locked behind closed doors.

Max yanked me closer, fisting my hair as he lowered his head. Even his hot breath was exciting, lighting every fire that I’d thought long dead.

“I want you and I will have you. Period. You now belong to me.”

Every emotion from anger to humiliation shot through me like a tidal wave, forcing butterflies into my stomach. I belonged to no one and never had. My instinct was to push away from him and I tried, shoving both my hands against his chest.

But the amazing draw of the man was far too intense, stealing my resolve to resist him. His grip remained firm; large fingers entangled in my mass of hair, husky growls pushing past lips meant for kissing the night away.

“You will not deny me,” he commanded as he dragged me closer once again. Our lips only centimeters apart, he blew a swath of hot air across my face as he towered over me, bending me until my back was at a complete arc. There was no way I was getting away from this brute.

His breathing remained ragged as his eyes roamed my face. Everything about this man was demanding, a force to be reckoned with and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to devour me.

Every. Single. Inch.

When he crushed his mouth over mine, pulling me onto my tiptoes as his tongue thrust past my lips, I could no longer focus. It was as if he’d placed some kind of spell over me, our worlds and bodies meshing together by some unseen force. I became lost in the kiss, the way his tongue dominated mine. The heat of his body became oppressive, sparks of electricity fueling my already jazzed blood cells.

There wasn’t a part of my body that wasn’t exploding from the raging fire, leaving my senses on edge and any rational capabilities tossed to the side. My fingers, which had attempted to shove him aside, now clung to him, grasping his shirt as if hanging on for dear life. I couldn’t want this man. I shouldn’t be here.

But I couldn’t refuse.

As the explosion of passion continued, our teeth gnashing together and his tongue drinking in every ounce of my essence, I found myself melting.

Max shifted his hand until he was gripping the side of my face, nails digging into my cheek. He held me tightly as he broke the kiss, every raspy sound erupting from his throat more animalistic in nature than before. He dragged his lips to my chin, licking the underside before blowing his scalding breath across my neck. He broke the connection long enough to chuckle darkly then engulfed the area over my pulse of life, biting down like a true savage. A whimper escaped my lips, my mind reeling from the realization that he had my life in his hands.

Just when fear wrapped around me with a strangulating hold, he eased back, taking several deep breaths.

“I’m going to punish you now for all your sins,” he whispered, issuing a raspy growl.

His words were frank, stated with a controlling flair.

“I’m sorry?”

“You heard me. You need a firm hand,” he answered, sliding his fingers from my face to my wrist, dragging me behind him as he took long strides toward his massive leather couch. When he faced me again, his dark eyes appeared luminescent, his pupils dilated. “Remove your clothes.”

“What?” I felt like some misbehaving child, uncertain of what was wanted from me, guilt and shame rocketing through my entire system.

He let go of my hand, nodding slowly toward the floor. “Every piece of clothing.”

“Punish? What are you talking about?”

His upper lip curled provocatively although his eyes were deadly serious. “You told me that you needed punishment for being careless. Caustic. I’m going to honor your request. I’m giving you a very. Hard. Spanking.” The way he drew out the last two words, both stated in a husky tone, sent chills slithering down my spine.

I was floored, blinking several times as a rush of heat crept along my jawline as well as between my legs. I was actually aroused by the fact a man I didn’t know was going to give me a spanking. I’d never been spanked before in my life. I was completely conflicted, tingling from the thought even as my mind rebuffed the concept altogether. I was a strong woman, taking zero shit from anyone.

“I’m very serious. The punishment fits the crime. Don’t you agree, Kathleen?” He reached for the buckle on his belt, his eyes never leaving me as he unfastened it in a slow and seductive manner.

Crime. Punishment. My thoughts were all over the place, shifting from scratching out his eyes to obeying him. For a fleeting moment, I could swear this had occurred before. In the end, I was barely aware my trembling hands had slid down the front of my dress, tugging at the silky material.

Obey me.

Blinking, I swayed on my feet, staring at the belt.

Another smile curled on his lips as he jerked the first few inches of the thick leather strap from the tight loops. “I always discipline a woman completely naked. The pain should be felt without the confines of clothing.”

“Uh-huh. Yes.” Why the hell was I answering him or buying into this bullshit? Yet I slowly pulled the dress over my head, allowing the material to slide through my fingers before dropping to the slick wooden floor.

“Beautiful. Perfect.” His words were smooth velvet.

Now standing in only a bra, panties, and heels, I glanced at the bank of floor-to-ceiling windows, holding my breath. His apartment was housed in an old factory, the open air feeling expanded by the incredible number of windows located on three sides. I’d driven by the building dozens of times since moving to the neighborhood but had never given it a second look.

The trouble was he had no window coverings of any kind, the second floor location allowing other apartments ample view directly into his living space. I was mortified, utter embarrassment keeping my fingers numb and my heart racing.

“Now, Kathleen. I don’t want to have to tell you again or your punishment will be much worse.”

I snapped my head in his direction, trying to recoup some of my normal hard-headed personality. This… man didn’t have any right to command me. Sadly, when he had the belt completely in his rugged hands, running his fingers along the coarse grain of leather, I did the unthinkable.

I obeyed him.

Turning slightly, I unfastened my bra, dropping my head as I eased the crimson lingerie away from my body. After swaying back and forth, I kicked off my shoes, struggling to turn away from him as I slipped my fingers under the thin elastic of my thong. The second I pushed my panties past my hips, my mouth became bone dry, apprehension and excitement nearly tearing me apart.

I could feel his eyes burning into me, searing every nerve ending. I could also hear his heavy breathing, guttural just like the beast I imagined him to be. I kicked away the panties, shivering to the point my teeth were chattering. God, I had to be crazy, unhinged for doing this. What was I thinking? All the training I’ve received as an officer of the law had been tossed out the window. All my secure methods of remaining safe—gone.


And I was standing here.

Fully naked.

Prepared for a spanking.

As if in a hypnotic state, I walked toward him, entranced by the sparkle in his eyes as well as the belt in his hand. When he slowly sat down on the couch, patting his lap, I swept my gaze from his chiseled face to his broad shoulders, my thoughts turning filthy. And I continued to creep forward until I was merely a few inches away. My nipples were swollen, hard, and aching, the longing I felt extreme, the scent of my pussy juice tickling my nose.

Another round of guilt shifted into my system, but I knew without a doubt I wouldn’t resist.

Or couldn’t…

“Mmm… I think you realize you need this, Kathleen.”

Even the way he said my name as if he’d known me his entire life created waves of tingles.

Max ran his fingers down the length of my arm before grasping my fingers into his, gently pulling me over his lap. As my hair fell past my shoulders, I planted my palms on the floor, taking several shallow breaths.

His cock throbbed against my tummy, another reminder that he was all male and one I was dangerously attracted to. I closed my eyes once again as he brushed the tips of his fingers down my spine, caressing first one side of my bottom then the other. God damn, the man made me feel like some wicked woman, prepared to give him anything he demanded.

When he tapped his hand on my ass, I sucked in my breath.

When his fingers pushed between my cheeks, I issued a single whimper.

When he slipped the tips past my swollen folds, I wiggled, grinding my hips against him.

“You’re wet for me. Hungry for me,” he said with a dusky vibe.

I couldn’t answer. I shouldn’t answer. He didn’t deserve an answer.

The first smack of his hand and I jumped. The second and I gulped in air. There was no pain, merely another flash of embarrassment. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh… God. This was really happening.

“Do you enjoy the feel of leather?” he asked as he rolled the thick strap back and forth across my bottom.

“I… I don’t know.” I shuddered to the point goosebumps popped along every inch of naked skin and I realized I’d parted my legs. As he rubbed the strap between them, I almost lost it, my pussy clenching and relaxing several times.

“The strap is the ultimate in providing required discipline. I think thirty will do for today. Such a dirty little girl you are.” He wasted no time, bringing the implement down in an aggressive manner, slapping first one side then the other.

I yelped from surprise, shocked that there was no hint of pain, no blinding moment of anguish that I’d anticipated. Okay, I could do this. I could handle the round of discipline.

He exhaled as he kneaded my skin. “You’re going to wear my marks, just as you should.”

The cracking sound wafted into my eardrums a split second before he brought down the strap several times, moving in rapid succession. I was thrown at the dichotomy of sensations.

Until the moment when anguish found a home, exploding in a flurry of electric shots pummeling up and down my legs.

“Oh, fuck!” I threw my hand back, my chest heaving as I gulped for air. Tears sprang to my eyes, the single moan turning into a ragged whimper.

He grabbed my wrist, pinning it against the small of my back. “Stay in position or I’m going to take my time starting over again and I assure you, I’ll add to the number you receive.”

My God, this wasn’t sexual foreplay of any kind. He was really punishing me for acting like such a bitch. Did I blame him? Not necessarily. I was pitched into a vacuum, ready to plead for leniency. As he brought down another volley, two of the strikes hitting me on my upper thighs, I thought I would die from the pain. Everything became intense, including the rapid beating of my heart.

I wiggled uncontrollably, scooting back and forth on his lap. His cock continued to twitch, pulsing against my leg. He was hard as a rock, adding to the wildness of the event.

“You need to learn to control yourself,” he commented, rolling the strap between my legs. “I’m just the man to make certain you obey.”

Obey. He was serious, as if this was going to happen again.


I shifted once again, blinking furiously as he allowed his fingers to tickle my pussy lips. I was so wet, the building heat almost suffocating in nature. All I could think about was having his thick cock pressed between my folds, driving in and out in a crazed manner. I held my breath as the spanking continued. There wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t shaking, the combination of pain and pleasure unthinkable in my mind.

But here I was, the throes of pleasure pushing me into a moment of raw ecstasy.

Bad girl. Bad… girl.

He threw his head back and roared, tossing the belt aside as he thrust his fingers into my pussy. The act was so brazen, so blissful that I bucked, riding his hand like some crazed wanton woman. Flexing his fingers, he drove them in and out. Even the sound of my juice slickening his fingers was a powerful aphrodisiac.

“Oh, God. Oh…” I could no longer feel my legs as the electrified sensations exploded like a vibrating blanket, pushing me further and further toward a raging orgasm.

“Good little girls, they receive pleasure unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. For bad little girls, there’s only severe punishment. Which will you be, Kathleen?”

“I… I…” Words failed me as he plunged brutally. I was close, so very close. “Please… Please…”

“Please allow you to come?”

“Yes. Yes!”

His chuckle was as dark as before, sensual in every manner and bringing almost as much pleasure as his savage actions. I had to be in a dream. This couldn’t be real.

“Then I’ll give you exactly what you’ve been craving,” Max muttered as he pushed his thumb past my bruised bottom, finding my dark hole. The moment he thrust his thumb into my asshole, I clenched, unable to hold back the orgasm.

Lights floated in front of my eyes as the climax jetted through me. I opened my mouth in a silent scream. The single climax turned into another.

And another.

His fingers worked magic, drilling into me hard and fast. I couldn’t breathe as stars floated in front of me, leaving me limp and almost desperate for more.

White-hot heat seared into my skin and I fell into the most incredible state of bliss. When he lifted me into his arms, jerking to his feet, I realized I was drunk on the moment. He stared down at me as he took long strides, moving his lips luridly, his breath coming in scattered pants.

“Now, I fuck you.” Max eased me down onto my feet, using both his hands as he ripped his shirt over his head.

I backed away, taking gulping breaths and licking my lips as I gazed on his physique. Every muscle was toned to perfection, chiseled out of the finest stone. His broad shoulders shifted into long arms, veins popping along both, six-pack abs that had seen months of long days at the gym.

His eyes never left me as he unzipped his pants, peeling them over his carved hips. A savage smile crossed his face as he yanked them down, merely kicking off his shoes before tossing away the beautiful linen. When he was fully naked, he crowded my space, walking me against the hard surface of the glass.

Trembling, I darted a look over my shoulder, peering down onto the road, imagining all the people walking the busy street—neighbors and coworkers.



He slapped his hands on the window on either side of my head, his upper lip curling as he growled. The sound was far too primal, sexual in every manner.

I crawled my hands down his torso, my fingers digging into his chest. Even the feel of him was intense, scintillating.

Max lowered his head, brushing his lips across my cheek. “Do you want my thick cock buried deep inside of you?”

“Yes.” My answer was far too easy.

“Do you hunger to have my shaft thrust deep inside your tight little ass?”

“Uh-huh.” A single whimper escaped my lips as I allowed my fingers to fall to his cock, running a finger down the underside. The moment I wrapped my hand around his balls, squeezing, he threw his head back and roared.

I was shocked the sound echoed in the heightened space, reverberating in my ears, exciting in every way. I kept the pressure on his testicles as I rolled my other hand around the base of his shaft, creating a wave of friction. My heart raced to the same beat his shaft throbbed, leaving my mouth watering to taste him.

To lick him.

To suck him.

When I glanced at his face, his expression was dark and dangerous, his eyes penetrating into mine. His chest heaved as I stroked up and down, twisting my hand back and forth.

“Such a tease,” he hissed.

“Mmm…” He allowed me to play, tempting him for a full minute. Now I knew I was guilty as sin and should be ashamed for my behavior.

Finally, he’d had enough of my mischief, wrapping his hand around my throat and jerking me around to face the window. “I want everyone to watch me fucking you, using you. I want them to know that you belong to me.”

He had no way of knowing how thrilling his words were, the effect they were having on me. I couldn’t stop trembling as he kicked my legs apart, immediately thrusting one hand between them, cupping my mound. When he rubbed his fingers up and down vigorously, I knew he was repaying my actions, enticing me until I couldn’t stop moaning.

“Keep your hands on the glass, my sweet Kathleen. You are mine to play with.”

When he yanked me by my hips, forcing my back to arch, I dragged my nails down the glass and closed my eyes. I wasn’t entirely prepared for his brutal behavior, the single ravaging thrust of his cock inside my pussy.

“Oh!” My scream filtered around us, my heart racing as my pussy muscles clenched tightly around the thick invasion. The man was huge, long and thick and perfect. Panting, I slapped my hands against the glass as he pulled out, driving back inside in even more savagely. I was tossed into ecstasy, the rapture all consuming.

“Do you see them, every man and woman studying you?” he asked, his mouth positioned by my ear. “Open your eyes and watch as they gawk. As they… hunger.”

I obeyed him without question, staring down and blinking and a moment of guilt and shame rolled through me as I could swear a crowd of people had formed. All with their heads tilted. All with their eyes pinned in our direction. I shuddered, moaning as he thrust in and out, the force pushing me hard against the glass. My hot breath skipped along the window’s surface, creating a fog. I almost laughed, praying to God the light foam would hide my identity.

As the hard fucking continued, I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself, or the raging orgasm that was already rearing its beautiful and sensuous head.

He rolled onto the balls of his feet, one hand wrapped around my neck, the other gripping my hip. With every barbaric plunge, he growled and tossed his head from right to left. All I could think about was he was a wild animal, claiming his mate.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…”

“Come for me, little one. Come on my cock for me. I want your juices soaking my skin, your scent covering me for days.”

His command was one I couldn’t ignore or deny. Within seconds, the climax raced up from my toes, shooting straight into my womb. “Oh, God!”

He picked up the intensity, powering into me like a crazed beast, pushing me into a climactic wave that shattered my last resolve.

I could no longer think or breathe, focus or care whether the entire city was watching us. This was simply far too superb.

“You are mine, all mine,” he whispered.

And dear God, I believed him.

Only when I lolled my head, struggling to relearn how to gasp for air did he slow down. When he removed his cock, running the tip up and down the crack of my bruised bottom, I was forced to suck in my breath once again.

“And bad girls get fucked in the ass.”

I could swear I’d dropped into nirvana as he positioned the tip of his shaft at my dark hole, pushing only an inch inside. Oh, God. Oh…

Max slid his cock in an inch at a time, pushing my muscles aside as if meant to be buried inside my ass. The pain was incredible, creating white-hot heat searing every nerve ending. As the sheer bliss took over almost instantly, I’d never felt so full and so dirty in my entire life.

I opened my eyes, studying my shimmering face over the foggy haze billowing against the window. Were my eyes dilated? Then I shifted my gaze, staring into his. The iridescent glow had shifted, flecks of gold burning around his irises. I was so drawn to him, mesmerized by the intense beauty, stunned how different they appeared. “I… I…” As I stuttered, trying to form any rational words, I noticed a smile crossing his face seconds before his nostrils flared. The face of a famished man.

Or beast.

The sound of skin slapping against skin interrupted my gleeful reverie, driving me to an even higher plateau of pleasure. I sensed he was close to coming, spewing hot cum deep inside. The moment I squeezed my muscles, the joyful sound of his husky howl was delicious and sweet.

A primal man.

A sinful interlude.

A secret…

Minutes later, Max wrapped his hand around my hair, twisting as he jerked my head. As he leaned over, the guttural whisper he issued was one I would never forget, ones that would haunt me long after the night was finished.

“You belong to me. You always have and you always will. There is no place you can run where I won’t find you. You are my possession.”


“But remember, Kathleen, I am a very dangerous man.”

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