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His to Possess: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“You don’t own me, Stone, and yes, I appreciate your help in the bar. Still, I don’t have to tell you a damn thing. In fact, I think you should just get the hell out of here.”

A smile curled on his upper lip as he advanced like a true predator, his hand wrapping around my wrist. “I’m not going anywhere, Vanessa, and that’s where you’re wrong. You do belong to me. Every. Single. Inch.”

“Why? Why in God’s name do you think that after all this time I would want you back into my life? I can’t handle it right now. Yes, I find you sexy as hell and yes, what we shared was exciting.” I took gasping breaths, a clenching feeling wrapping around my heart.

After taking a single long stride in my direction, he lowered his head, his gaze intense. “Why? Because you’ve hungered for me all these years. From the very minute we touched, the passion between us exploded. You haven’t been able to find another man who could give you what I was able to for only a short period of time.”

“That’s crap, Stone, and you’re showing me why my decision is the right one. I don’t like men who think they own me.” I jerked away from him, glaring in a hateful manner. The audacity of the man was incredible. He was entirely different than all those years before.

Because he’s protecting you.

Oh, God. A part of me wanted nothing more than to let go, stop pretending.

“Am I?” he asked, forcing me to back up two steps. He was dangerously close, our lips threatening to touch.

I hissed, remembering his damn eyes, the ones that had burned a hole into my very soul. “Who do you think you are, Stone? My protector? I don’t need anyone to protect me. I’ve done just fine my entire life.”

“Have you? Have you really? Then why are you running? Why are you terrified?”

“I’m not terrified, I’m just… tired.” I laughed softly, shaking my head.

His grin was wry. He took two more steps closer, the heat of his body all consuming. “As I already told you, I know when you lie to me. I could see your face in the bar, the terror riding through you. I could hear the pounding of your heart, your quickened pulse.”

“That’s not true.” There was no way he could know. None. Still, I was taken aback by his conviction, as well as his protective stance.

“Are you afraid of me, Vanessa, terrified of what I can do? Or are you simply afraid of finding out just how delicious we can be together?”

“Should I be afraid of you, Stone? Should I be petrified that from what I remember of the attack, you bested three men all on your own?” I could see the look of shock on his face. “Yeah, I do remember some of the details. You beat the crap out of those men singlehandedly and you know what’s even stranger? You were shot at least twice.”

He snarled, purposely looking away. “While you may believe you know what happened, you honestly have no idea.”

“Really? How does a normal man do that, take two bullets and not spent a minute in the hospital? What are you, Superman?” I shuddered, my mind reeling at the possibilities. Wolf. I’d seen a wolf. Jesus Christ. I was losing my freaking mind, the terror of the night before filling me with fireside stories.

“Yyyeeess…” he said hoarsely, elongating the single word. “You should be very afraid of me. I am the darkness you seek, the hunger that keeps you awake at night. I am the man you’ve longed for, one who refuses to allow you to remain disobedient. I am also the man who will fulfill your every fantasy, as long as you’re a very good girl.”

His words burned within me, driving past the series of locks I’d placed on my emotions. “Oh, my God. Don’t fool yourself, Stone.”

The bastard actually issued another deep chuckle, raking his eyes over me once again as he crowded my space. “Then why don’t you tell me why I was able to gather your sweet scent the moment I walked into the door? The fragrance of desire covers every inch of you.”

“God! What did I ever see in you?”

“The very man who could keep you in line.”

I swallowed, holding my head high, laughing softly. “You really must think you can control my life when you don’t know a damn thing about me. I’d call that arrogance, Stone.”

He chuckled in a husky manner, smirking as he if knew something I didn’t. “I know you’re hiding something significant, Vanessa, and whatever it is almost got you killed last night. I also know you came back to Denver for a reason other than accepting a job.”

My lower lip quivered and all I wanted to do was slap him across the face.

He brushed his two index fingers down the sides of my arms. “If you are thinking about striking me, sweet and luscious Vanessa, I would make another decision.”

“And what if I do?”

“Then you’re going to regret it for a long time. I’ll not only spank that pretty rounded bottom of yours, I’ll drive you close to an orgasm over and over again without giving you any relief.”

The words were so unexpected I shivered visibly, unable to think of anything to say.

“Now, as I said before, you belong to me.” He yanked me into an embrace, fisting my hair and pulling me onto my tiptoes. His breath was scattered, the heat sweltering as he blew across my face, the snarl curled on his lip igniting the fire burning deep within.

Yet every part of me refused to succumb, my hand pushing hard against his massive chest. There were no words to describe the sensations roaring through me as he lowered his head ever so slowly. I was captivated by his eyes, the intensity swimming around his dilated pupils. I was thrown into a vacuum, my mind swirling from far too many questions that could have no real answers.

He tilted his head slightly, taking a deep whiff. The slight chuckle trickling past his lips was a powerful draw, the scent of him sliding into my system only heightening the animalistic thirst we shared.

Every move Stone made was calculated, his lips now centimeters apart as he leaned over me. “I will take what belongs to me.”

There were no words to say, no amount of rationalization that could break the spell he had over me. I gripped his arm, digging my fingers into the suppleness of his jacket. I was overwhelmed with emotions, all the pent-up desires from years before bursting to the surface. I slid my hand up to his neck, swirling my finger around the face of the serpent tattoo as he smiled.

So knowing.

So dominating.

He issued another low-slung growl before pressing his lips to mine, grinding his hips against me. The feel of his throbbing cock sent a shower of light floating past my field of vision. I was drawn into his world, if only for a brief second, able to see into his very soul. Everything about this man was trouble, but there would be no further denial.

He used his lips in a soft and sensual manner, opening mine until he was able to slip his tongue inside. I was shocked at the gentleness he possessed, the ability to hold back even for a few beautiful seconds. As our tongues moved back and forth together, his hold became stronger.

Shuddering, I dug my nails into his skin, pulling him even closer. The taste of him was even more incredible than before, so masculine in every way.

The guttural sounds he made and the way he slid his hand down, cupping my bottom left me wet and hot.

As if unable to hold back, he crushed his mouth over mine, dominating my tongue. Every inch of my skin, my muscles and blood cells were bursting with energy. I’d never felt so alive, the passion he exuded brutal yet undeniable.

Stone swung me around in a full circle, the kiss becoming frenzied in nature. The way he sucked on my tongue created a wave of dark fantasies, filthy and kinky, dragging out the animal within me. I was stunned at my body’s reaction, my hands now ripping at his clothing, struggling to yank the jacket from his shoulders.

He refused to break the embrace, jerking off his jacket as he walked me further into the room.

I was overwhelmed by his aggressive actions, my nipples aching from the way my sweater sliced back and forth. When he finally broke the kiss, he cupped both sides of my face, nipping my lower lip, his breathing even more ragged.

I tugged at his shirt, jerking it from the tight confines of his jeans. The moment I slid both hands underneath, able to touch his naked skin, my fingers were instantly seared from the white-hot heat. Gasping, I closed my eyes as I marveled in the feel of his muscles, the heat of his body.

He brushed his lips across to my cheek before darting his tongue back and forth over the base of my ear. And the whisper was one that left me quivering in all the right places. When he jerked my hands away, he gave me an admonishing look.

“You seem to forget who’s in control.”

I swallowed hard, trying to regulate my breathing.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you,” he growled.

“Mmmm…” I laughed softly as he pulled at my sweater, finally yanking it over my head. The look in his eyes was powerful, as if he was intoxicated from the sight of my naked breasts. He dragged his tongue over his lips before using a single knuckle and sliding it down the side of my neck. Another snarl erupted from his throat, creating a wave of goosebumps popping along every inch of my skin.

I took scattered breaths as I reached out, rubbing my fingers up and down his cloth-covered cock. I hungered to have his shaft in my mouth, sucking on his cockhead until he released his seed. I was crazed with the notion, fumbling to unfasten his belt.

He shoved me hard against the wall, immediately lifting my arms over my head. “You aren’t in charge. That’s something you will need to learn.”

“Or what?” I asked, my heart racing.

A smile crossed his face, the kind that left me shivering to the core. “Then you’ll be taught a lesson. Again. And again.” He wrapped one hand around both my wrists, flexing the fingers of his other open. As he brushed the tips down my face, I closed my eyes, merely savoring the moment.

He crawled his hand down further, slowly grasping my neck. Once again, I could feel his hot breath skating across my skin, only adding gasoline to the roaring fire. The hold was one of possession, a mere reminder that he was in charge. I heard his husky chuckle as he continued his travels, using a single finger to slide it into the cleft of my breasts.

How could such a simple touch drive me to such a heightened state of arousal? When he swirled the same finger around my nipple, I arched my back, struggling to move closer.

He snapped his fingers against my hardened bud, another growl floating around me. “Bad girl.”

The pain was nothing more than a taste of what was to come. Even though I whimpered, the sensations were dazzling.

After sweeping his hungry gaze down the length of me, he lowered his head, dragging his rough tongue around the same nipple. The relief was instantaneous, my pussy quivering from the wave of sensations. He took my other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and twisting.

This time, the wash of anguish was pronounced, driving a live wire of current down my legs. I opened my mouth in a silent moan, trembling all over. As he began to suck and lick my nipple, I fell into a beautiful lull. The blinding pain quickly moved into the most extreme pleasure until I bucked forward, wiggling in his hold.

I could feel the vibrations in his body as his desire continued to build. When he very slowly began to crawl his fingers down my stomach, kicking my legs apart, I took shallow breaths. Now I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He exuded passion and danger, exciting me even more.

Everything about this moment was so wrong, but there was no way I could resist him, the hunger too great. The moment he slid his hand between my legs, I couldn’t stop the series of moans slipping past my lips. I was shocked at the swirl of sensations.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, his voice almost inaudible.


“Do you hunger for more?”

“Yes. Yes!”

He rubbed his hand up and down my pussy, the friction of the dense material against my tender tissue almost instantly bringing me to an orgasm. “Then are you going to follow my rules?”


“Yes, there are always rules; ones that keep you safe, those to keep you alive, and several that can bring you either pleasure or pain. It’s entirely up to you.”

“Don’t tease me,” I managed, butterflies swarming in my tummy.

“I can do exactly what I want. I own you.” He released his hold, moving his hand to his mouth and nose as he took a long stride backwards. “I can’t wait to feast on you.”

I slumped against the wall, trying to catch my breath as he yanked the shirt from his back, dragging it over his head. The rise and fall of his chest highlighted his muscular features; broad shoulders and long arms, a perfectly chiseled set of pecs, and a narrow waist. The slight hint of the deep V cut played into my wild imagination. I could only imagine the rest of his chiseled body.

Then I noticed the slight indentation on his upper chest, the realization forcing my throat to tighten. However, there was no way the wound could have healed to that level. It was just a scar. While he followed my gaze, a slight smile curled on his lip.

Maybe he hadn’t been in the garage or maybe my recollection was tainted from the blow to my head. I shuddered, still thinking of him as Superman.

Everything about him had changed over the years, the creation standing in front of me mouthwatering. His nature was entirely predatory, a beast stalking his prey. He simply pointed to me, giving me a stern and commanding look. “Finish undressing.”

I was shocked I responded almost immediately, obeying his command as if I believed he was my owner.

My mate.

The words skittered into my mind, forcing a strangled breath, yet I did as I was told. My fingers were shaky as I struggled with the button and zipper, shimmying my hips as I peeled away the dense material. Stone’s eyes never left me as he pulled off his boots, his nostrils flaring from the intensity of his own desire.

When I was standing in only my lace thong, the look on his face was carnivorous, as if he was going to eat me alive.

I walked toward him, planting my hands once again on his chest. The tingling sensations shooting all the way down my arms were incredible, leaving me panting instantly. This time, the heat was scalding, attacking every nerve ending. I could feel the effects shooting into every cell and vein, clouding my thoughts.

He tangled his fingers in my hair, yanking back my head as he lowered his. When he dragged his teeth across my neck, I dug my nails into his chest. I could feel his rapid heartbeat against my fingers and knew he had the pulse of my life in his hands. The realization was cathartic, emotional in a way I’d never experienced.

Stone held the stance then dragged his teeth all the way up to my ear, nipping my earlobe as he slid his other hand down my spine, wrapping his finger around and around the thin slip of material of my panties. “Obedience, my beautiful girl.”

I whimpered as he snapped his wrist, my thong floating away freely. As I brushed my hands down to his jeans, he chuckled darkly in my ear.

“Not so fast, little girl.”

This time, I refused to obey, shifting my fingers between his legs, rubbing up and down in a slow and easy fashion. “Don’t you want me to touch you?” I purred, enjoying the feeling of being in control.

He closed his eyes, tilting his head back even as his hold on my hair became tighter. He was keeping me in place, controlling my every action. “Mmm…”

I continued stroking as I lowered my head, peppering his shoulder blades and chest with soft kisses. His body remained tense, his breathing ragged. I’d always loved a challenge, caressing his cock more aggressively until he issued a strangled moan, his hips jutting forward. I dared to risk it all as I touched his buckle, half expecting he would put an end to what I was attempting to do.

When he finally relaxed, I pressed on, undoing his belt and button, slowly tugging on the zipper. The moment I slid my hand past the edge of his jeans, he let out a husky, seductive growl. “Be careful what you hunger for.”

“I’m never careful.” I peeled away the edges, tugging on his pants until they slid past his hips. I kissed all the way down his chest, finally dropping to my knees. As I slowly lowered his jeans, he dropped his head, gazing at me intently.

“Things will change.” His voice was gravelly, every vein in his arms pronounced.

I tugged on his pants until he was able to kick them away, standing with his feet apart. The touch was the same as before, the heat level increasing. The sight of his cock was truly magnificent, the bulbous tip deep purple and throbbing. I rolled my fingers around his cockhead, dragging the tip of my nail over his sensitive slit.

The guttural sound he made was far more animal than human and a sweet reward. His grip became firmer, as if he feared me racing away.

I licked all the way down the underside, drinking in his musky essence. His balls were so swollen, hanging thickly between his legs. As I wrapped one hand around his shaft, pumping up and down, I eased my other hand around his testicles, rolling them between my fingers.

“Fuck,” he managed, rolling onto the balls of his feet.

I squeezed his balls before blowing a swath of hot air across them, finally darting my tongue back and forth across his sac. The taste of him was tangy, intoxicating. As I took a testicle into my mouth, using my strong jaw muscles to suck, his body began to sway back and forth. I continued stroking, moving my hand up and down, squeezing the tip then releasing. I shifted my lips to his other ball, repeating the action.

“Look at me,” he commanded in a gruff voice.

When I didn’t respond immediately, he pulled my hair, forcing me to tilt my head.

“Suck me, sweet Vanessa. Wrap your lips around my cock.”

Mewling, I opened my mouth wide, taking just the tip inside. As I sucked aggressively, his legs began to shake. I took him down an inch at a time, dragging my tongue back and forth. As a few drops of pre-cum slid into my mouth, I sucked even harder, relaxing my throat.

He placed his other hand on my head, rocking his hips forward until I was forced to take several additional inches. My throat was squeezed tight, the man’s cock filling my mouth completely.

I took shallow breaths, relaxing my throat even more. I could tell by the look in his eyes that my limited control was over. As he began fucking my mouth, driving in slow and easy motions, I shifted my hands to his legs, brushing them up and down the insides of his thighs.

My nipples ached to the point of pain, longing to have his mouth and tongue surrounding them, his fingers pinching to the point of sheer anguish. I was shocked at my own blatant desire, the level of darkness that had swarmed into my mind.

He pumped more aggressively, plunging savagely until the tip hit the back of my throat. I was shocked at his barbaric actions, the hard thrusting of his cock, but as he continued, I sucked harder. I wanted nothing more than to taste his cum, to have it sliding down the back of my throat.

As the hard face fucking continued, I could see the strain building on his face, his body tensing once again. He tossed his head from side to side, his growls even more pronounced. Just when I thought he was going to release, he pushed me away with enough force I tumbled backward. He wiped his mouth with his arm before lumbering toward me. I knew from the ravaging look on his face that he was going to eat me alive.

I was shocked, thrown into another state of mind when he reached down, pulling me off the floor. He was so strong, much more than I remembered, lifting me high into the air. “Put your legs around my shoulders,” he commanded.

Thrown by his request, I did as I was told and the moment he dipped me down until my head was almost inches from the floor, a moment of utter fear washed into me. I scrambled to lock my feet together, fighting to touch the floor.

As he cupped my bottom with both hands, he brought my slickened pussy close to his face. “Now, I feast.”

I issued a string of moans as he licked the entire length of my pussy.

“Oh, my. God. Oh.” I was thrown into never-never land, smacking one hand against the floor as the other managed to wrap around his calf. Even as the blood rushed to my head, stars floating in front of my eyes, I was tossed straight into sheer ecstasy.

He growled as he ate me, licking up and down frenetically, shifting his head back and forth. When he slipped his tongue past my swollen folds, I almost lost it, panting and wiggling.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Stars floated in front of my eyes as he swirled his tongue around my clit several times, finally biting down until I screamed from the intense pleasure. I closed my eyes, allowing the rapture to float over me.

“Pretty little pussy,” he breathed, growling several times before he licked up and down the length of it several times. “Good girls get all the pleasure they can handle.”

“Mmmm… Please. Yes. Yes!” I was completely at his mercy, this man.

This… beast.

I couldn’t get the notion out of my head, but as another wave of longing as well as extreme pleasure rocketed into every crevice in my body and brain, nothing else mattered.

He blew across my wetness, using his mouth and tongue in the most amazing orchestration. Every guttural sound he made, every stroke of his hand on my ass cheeks was almost overpowering.

As he pushed his thumb into the cleft of my ass, I tensed, whimpering several times.

“Every hole belongs to me,” he muttered before burying his face in my pussy. He slipped his thumb into my darkened hole, thrusting in slow strokes.

That was all I could take, the orgasm sweeping down from my toes. “Oh. Oh. Oh!”

“Do not come!”

There was no way I could obey his command. None. Panting, I shifted my head back and forth, struggling to hold back, to continue obeying him. But I lost. As the climax rushed into me, I bit back a cry even as I heard his low-slung growl. I twisted and turned my body, the pleasure so damn intense.

“Oh, God. Oh!” The single orgasm turned into a beautiful wave, shooting up and down my legs, the flames erupting into a firestorm. My entire body shook violently as he continued to feast, refusing to let me go.

When he began to walk toward the dining room table, I fell into a blissful state. The wave continued, shooting me straight into pure ecstasy. I closed my eyes, the echoes of our combined passion ringing in my ears.

He hoisted me up even further, his muscles bulging as he managed to ease me down on the table. As he leaned over, he dragged his tongue across my lips. “You will learn to obey me.”

“Mmm… Yes. I…” My eyes were hazy, my breath skipping as he stood over me. When he gathered my legs into his arms, immediately thrusting his cock deep inside my pussy, I pushed up from the table from the sheer force. I could believe he filled me so completely, my muscles aching to take the girth.

He grinned as he pulled out until only the tip was inside. When he plunged inside again, skin slapping against skin, I gasped. He slid me up and down the width of the table ferociously as he fucked me, driving his cock inside brutally. He was taking what he wanted.

He’d spanked me.

He’d tasted me.

He’d fucked me.

And I knew there was nothing stopping him from owning me.

I lolled my head from side to side as he dug his fingers into my skin. I opened my legs wider, bending them back and accepting his roughness, hungering for even more. I clawed at his arms, trying to meet every hard thrust with one of my own.

As beads of sweat slipped down from his face, falling against my skin, I studied his face, his chiseled jaw and high cheekbones.

And his glowing eyes.

Stone’s brutal actions took my breath away, his guttural sounds nothing more than a reminder of my dreams and fantasies. I allowed myself to fall into the depth of our mating, my pussy muscles clamping around the thick invasion and drawing his shaft in even deeper. With every savage stroke, I wanted to beg him for more.

He gripped my thighs, keeping my legs pinned against the table as he leaned over, swirling his tongue around first one nipple then the other. I remained surprised at his voracious actions, the way he was using my body. So possessive. So demanding.

When he bit down on my hardened bud, I jerked up from the table, gasping for air. His laugh sent a shower of tingles dancing down my body. There wasn’t a part of me that hadn’t erupted into an electric storm, as if lightning had struck us both. There was no holding back an orgasm, no way to express the rapid fire of sensations that crested in one tremendous thrust of energy.

I opened my mouth, my breath catching in my throat. As the orgasm rushed into every cell and muscle, I squeezed my muscles once again.

His primal roar reverberated, the husky sound shaking my very foundation. He slowly leaned over me, until the full weight of his body was pressed against me. I could feel his cock swelling, stretching my muscles, the pleasure unlike anything that could be real.

And there was no doubt in my mind.

He was a beast.

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