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His to Protect by Shelly Douglas – Extended Preview

Sitting at the kitchen table, Anthony checked his watch for the third time before calmly folding his hands on the butcher block top.

“H-how long have you been sitting there?” Jennie mumbled, quickly walking past him with a bag of aromatic food in her hand.

“Long enough to know that you disobeyed me by leaving this house, and from the scent wafting out of the paper bag, I can only guess where you’ve been and who drove you there.”

“It wasn’t Domenic’s fault, so please don’t be angry with him. I needed to get out, and he said he was going to Orvieto—so I talked him into taking me. Jesus. It’s been a month since I’d been driven anywhere in a car, or had my favorite meal…”

He raised his eyes to meet hers. “Sit down, Jennie. We need to talk.”

After a deliberate exhale, she pulled out the chair and lowered herself to the worn oak seat before dropping her eyes. “No one saw us, and Domenic said we weren’t being followed…”

“Hush,” he scolded, stopping her sentence short with a finger to her lips. “First of all, you don’t know that for certain—and time will only tell whether either of those statements are true. Second…”

“I know. I get it. When you say we need to talk, that means you’re going to lecture and I’m going to listen.”

Drawing in a long breath, he contemplated his next words. “I spoke with my dad today, and he thinks I might be able to come home soon.”

“What about me?”

“I told him I’m not going anywhere without you.”

“But I thought you needed to be out of your country for at least six months.”

“Yes, well, it seems the Feds have their hands fuller than anyone expected, so for now, we’re going to be patient and wait to be given the green light.”

“If we’re going to leave Italy soon, does that mean I’m off the hook for taking the drive to Orvieto with Domenic?” she asked, tilting her head. “Are you still angry with me?”

His body became noticeably rigid in the chair as the muscles in his face clenched. “I’m disappointed in you, and you’ll be severely punished for disobeying me, piccolina. I want you to think about that as you head straight to my bedroom.”


He stood and jerked the leather jacket from his back. “I want you standing at the foot of the bed waiting for me with your pants off.”

Jennie’s sad eyes met his, obviously hoping for a reprieve.

“You’ll do as I say right now… unless you’re in the mood to make it worse for yourself,” he reprimanded in a firm tone.

“Were you warned of the consequences for breaking the rules?”

Jennie remained silent as her chin dropped, but two of his fingers instantly propped it up.

“You will answer me respectfully when I speak to you.”

Staring into his eyes, she watched as the light brown hue gradually changed into a much darker shade. “I-I’m sorry. I really am…”

He inhaled a deep breath and released a guttural growl. “Try again.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Twirling Jennie around, he unceremoniously bent her ass over the bed. “Finally, this thread of lace has a purpose,” he grated through closed teeth, yanking her thong up the crack of her ass until her groan was loud and soulful.

“I’m sorry for leaving the house.”

“Yes, I’m sure you are,” he said, shucking the strip of fabric to her knees before opening the end table drawer. “What did I say would happen if you left the property without my permission?”

She lowered her flushed face to the mattress, hoping his question was rhetorical.

It wasn’t.

“I’m listening, Jennie. What did I say?” His tone was deep and eerily calm as he squeezed the flesh on her firm bottom.

“Please,” she begged, turning her head. “Please don’t make me say it…”

His lips were stretched in a grim line as he landed a slap to each cheek. “Answer me. Now.”

“You said that you’d…”

He peppered her ass with quick smacks before clearing his throat. “I want to hear you speak in a full sentence, young lady.”

“You said you’d do more than spank me,” she uttered in a cracked voice, her eyes filling with tears. “Please. I just needed to get out for a while.”

“You know the rules. Not only did you risk your safety, but you talked Domenic into driving you to Orvieto—which put him in danger as well. Now, then… what is it that I’m going to punish?”

Though Anthony was always true to his word, it was still difficult to believe that he’d carry out such a threat. “You said you’d…” But as she squeezed her eyes shut to release one lone tear, a chill ran through her at the sound of a container clicking open.

And then her puckered hole pulsed at the memory of his warning.

“Say it,” he demanded as his wet finger rubbed the tender rim of her anus.

She swung her flaming face to meet his dark expression. “Please! I promise not to…”

“Answer my question, young lady,” he snapped, removing his finger to slap the inside of her thigh.

Her back arched as she jumped from the impact. “Ow! That burns!”

“Where? Where will I discipline you for disobeying me?” he demanded, tapping his thumb over her tight rosebud.

Though she could feel her face flaming with humiliation, there was an odd thrill that ran through her as he spread her legs further apart, boosting her hips upward. Tilting her head to glance at him again, his countenance seemed different than it had before. Although his jaw was set in a disapproving manner, his eyes were filled with a burning desire as he gazed in between her legs.

He was enjoying this.

As his thick finger slid into her crimped opening, her pussy clenched and her clit fluttered as she groaned. “You said you’d punish me… there.”

“Nope. Not what I’m looking for,” he stated nonchalantly, removing his lubricated finger only to drive it deeper into her fluttering pucker. “Hmm. Maybe if I finger fuck this snug hole, it’ll jog your memory.”

A large tear dripped down her nose as she choked out the embarrassing words. “My ass. You said you’d punish the inside of my ass.”

“Good girl.” His whisper was husky as he added a second finger to stretch her anus wider. “First, I’m going to slide a steel plug deep inside your delicate little ass, and then you’re going to ask me to give you a hard strapping with my belt.”

Her lower lip trembled as she considered his order. “Y-you want me to ask for a spanking?”

“Yes, I do, bad girl,” he growled, taking a fistful of her ponytail, yanking her head backward to meet his gaze. “Now open those pretty legs nice and wide, before I decide to punish this sweet ass with my stiff cock instead of a shiny implement.”

Jennie’s face radiated with heat as her bare behind quivered, waiting to be punished. She knew it was futile to try and change his mind, but she decided to beg anyway. “Please don’t do this. I’ll be good from now on. I will!”

“Promises, promises,” he said, delving his finger into her slick anus. “Reach back and separate your cheeks for me. I need both hands to prepare this instrument.”

Twisting her neck to see what he was doing, she blinked twice watching him slather the steel phallus with a thick lubricant. “I’ve opened this end table many times, and I never saw anything like that in there,” she uttered in disbelief. “Where did you get that… that thing?”

“That’s not for you to know,” he scolded. “Stretch your bottom wide for me.”

Reaching with shaky hands, she drew her globes slightly apart.

“Wider. I want them spread wider, bad girl.”

Her face burned with embarrassment as she dug her fingertips into her firm skin and stretched her buttocks open for him. And then she felt the cold, wet steel nudge against her crimped hole. “Anthony, please. I understand why you didn’t want me to go out. You don’t need to do this.”

“When I’m scolding you, you’re supposed to refer to me as Sir,” he said calmly. “Or have you forgotten?”

Dropping her face to the mattress, she closed her eyes as a wave of submission surged through her body. “Yes. I remember… Sir.”

“Take a deep breath, blow it out, and bear down,” he instructed, pushing the plug into her ass.

Jennie moaned as he stretched her snug anus with the instrument, but there was something about the combination of his stern tone and calm demeanor that made her pussy clench with an urgent need. She knew he was disciplining her because he wanted to keep her safe, and for some reason, that turned her on even more. Arching her back, she accepted every thrust of the implement until he seated it fully and tugged on it gently to make sure it was in place. Finally, it seemed her punishment had come to an end, and she wiggled her bottom at the strange sensation of being full. But then she heard a jingling noise and it made her heart skip a beat.

Fuck. He unbuckled his belt.

“Turn and face forward, young lady, there’s nothing here to see. You were warned what happens to naughty little girls who don’t obey the rules. And this is a punishment which I think you’ll remember for a long time.”

After obediently turning her head, a prickle of fear ran through her when she heard him pull the supple belt through the loops. Although she wanted to watch this dangerous hunk prepare her for a spanking, Jennie’s bottom quivered anxiously just imagining him wrapping the leather around his large hand—and then she sucked in a startled breath as he spoke in a deep serene tone.

“Ask me to discipline you.”

Her knees trembled at the firm resonance of his voice, and she swallowed hard, trying to form the words. There was a mixture of apprehension and curiosity pulsing through her trembling body as she waited for him to punish her, and the humiliation of her position was positively making her clit throb with need.

“Please whip me, Sir. Whip me for being a bad girl.”

“Raise your bottom up high.”

There was no doubt she had no idea what she was in for. As the pliable leather landed across the lower portion of her tender ass, a sharp cry came from her throat and she jumped up to rub her stinging globes. “Oh, God! That hurts! Please, no more.”

“Oh, there’s more. Much more. Now move your hand and get back into position, or I’ll add five extra lashes to the ones you’ve earned,” he grated in a hard, dark voice.

Jennie’s first instinct normally would’ve been to turn and glower at him, but his stern voice convinced her to lower her eyelids instead. A belt landing on her naked ass while a steel plug nestled in between her cheeks? Yes, there were plenty of choice words she had for this man, but she knew that even the least bit of a flippant inflection would probably get her into more trouble. So, she anxiously bent her body back over the edge of the bed and kept her mouth shut.

“That’s my girl,” he praised while landing another line of fire across her naked bottom. “Where was I with the count?”

Trying to speak through clenched teeth, she imagined a second welt forming directly underneath the first. “That was two!”

“Good girl. Now when you ask for the third, I want the request to be filled with remorse and your tone to be apologetic.”

Jennie tried to shake off the burn by waving her ass from side to side, but it was only making the plug feel more prominent inside her. “Punish me again, Sir,” she managed as her eyes filled with tears from the sting.

He did bring the leather down, but that time, he landed the strike where her buttocks joined her thighs. “Count for me, piccolina.”

“Oh, God, that’s three, and I’m so sorry!” she screamed, turning her head to show him large tears running down her nose. “It burns! It burns!”

His tone once again turned hard and dark. “Raise your naughty ass up high for me.”

She dropped her head, bolted her hips upward, and clutched at the sheet beneath her fingers, hoping he would another strike and be done.

But he was nowhere near finished.

“Do you understand why I have rules in this house?”

“Yes, Sir,” she eked out, her tears puddling into the wrinkled sheet.

“Do you understand someone could’ve seen you in that car and followed Domenic back here? Or worse, some thug could’ve put a bullet through the windshield, killing you on the spot?”

As the belt landed across her thighs, her voice quivered in response. “Four! Yes, I know and I’m so, so sorry.”

“What have I asked of you in order to make sure you’re kept safe?”

“That I obey your rules,” she sobbed, rubbing her swollen clit onto the mattress for comfort.

“I can smell your slick pussy from here, and you better not come. There is no coming during a punishment.” His order was firm as he landed the last stroke across her buttocks. “And if you don’t finish counting, I’ll start all over again.”

“Five!” she screamed, slowly lowering her fiery backside.

“No. Bring your beautiful ass back up. I need to teach you one more lesson,” he said, dropping his belt on the bed before placing his lips to the soft curve in her neck.

“Oh, God. I never thought a strapping would hurt so much,” she cried, turning her head to meet his intense gaze.

“Or turn you on this much?” he asked, rubbing his finger over her soaked entrance.

“Can you take that awful thing out of my bottom?”

“No, you’ll hold this plug in your ass until I think you’ve learned all your lessons today, little girl.” His voice was deep as he scolded her and tugged on the implement before sliding his cock deep into her wet pussy. “And keep your hips high, or I’ll have to spank your naughty ass again.”

This man was indeed a puzzle, and she wanted desperately to figure him out, but her mind had no time to process it. All she could do was savor every drive into her tight sheath as his hips began slapping and grinding against her ass. The act itself was so perverse and so wicked, yet so delicious and sexy at the same time. And though she’d had her ass plugged with a steel implement and been strapped with his belt, she now hungered to come with his stiff shaft imbedded between her legs, which were quivering with lust. “Please, Sir. I need to come,” she begged as every nerve in her body tingled and shuddered, taking her to the edge of her precipice.

“Nope. Not yet.”

She whimpered and clawed at the sheet as he gripped her hips and pushed his cock deeper, causing the plug to vibrate inside her ass. “Please. I’m trying to wait. I’m trying to be good and hold on for you. I’m waiting for permission. Please, Sir. Please tell me I can come!”

Anthony had to have known that the fire he was stoking inside her was about to rage out of control when he began pulling on the plug to taunt her. “Have you learned a lesson in obedience, bad girl? Have you learned who’s in charge, yet?”

“Yessir!” she managed through a gasp. “You are, Sir! You’re in charge!”

He gripped her hips with one hand and threaded his fingers through her hair with the other, tugging her head backward. “Come now, my precious girl. Come now!” he rasped.

Every reasonable thought in her mind clouded as a rush of ecstasy swept through her. Bright white lights spun in circles behind Jennie’s closed eyes while her heart pounded, and her clit throbbed relentlessly. The pain and the pleasure intertwined together in one intense cocktail of lust, and as he pulled back and drove into her depths one last time, her breath caught in her lungs before she let out an exhausted cry of release.

As she felt herself ripple around his heavy cock, he sucked in a long breath and let himself go, groaning as he filled her with bursts of his abundant seed. Coming a second time from the vibrations of his steeled shaft, her cries became muffled into the mattress and his arms banded around her waist while their heady scents perfumed the air.

She mewled when he turned her over to gaze into her eyes, and then his lips descended upon hers in a deep satisfying manner. Without words, Anthony managed to communicate how much he adored penetrating every entrance she owned. Finally, he reached beneath her legs, pulled the plug out and gently massaged her aching anus with his finger. “You need to obey me. You understand why, don’t you?”

All she could do was nod as he lowered his lips to hers once again, teasing her, parting her lips with his tongue. “We are one, and no one will separate us. Not ever.”

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