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His to Take: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview



Hold on a second or a minute, or a damn lifetime. It was all fun and games until he muttered the single word. I wasn’t immune to the meaning, especially in more primitive cultures. Mate, an organism who engaged in sexual reproduction.

As in producing babies, although I had no clue what creatures of their kind came out as. They were chameleons after all.

“Whoa. Hold on here, buddy. Nobody said anything about mating. I’m not ready to have kids yet. I’m too young. Look at me. Does this body say it’s wants to be big and pregnant? Oh, no.” Even as I pushed against him, it was like moving an impenetrable object. I wasn’t able to budge him even an inch. It was obvious by the look of lust in his eyes that he wasn’t concentrating on anything I was saying. He just wanted sex.

And lots of it.

He said nothing as he rolled his hand down my back, which wasn’t helping in my endeavor to shut down his advances. As tasty as the kiss had been, I wasn’t playing the game of house with the creature. He could find somebody else to produce his young. I wasn’t that girl.

“Mr. Alien. Did you hear me? I’m not your mate. I’m paying a price for bothering to step foot on this ugly planet.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised when he played his he-man act, tossing me over his shoulder. While I might not be familiar with his home, my gut churned away screaming that he was taking me into his bedroom. Girl, you really did it this time.

If only I’d paid more attention to the species before deciding to fly through the solar system. Was one round of copulation enough and poof, tomorrow I’d be pregnant? Oh, God. This was bad. So bad. “We’re not compatible. Besides. There is an Earth ship on their way to pick me up.” The lie didn’t even sound plausible to me.

“Then they will die.”

“That’s not fair.”

“They will not take what belongs to me.”

Jesus. The alien was dead set on consuming me. I swallowed hard, the cold shiver more intense than ever.

As expected, he ignored my pleas and by the time he put me down, I could swear the creature was frothing at the mouth. I backed away, the fight or flight instinct grasping what might be left of my mind. When he ripped off his shirt, I was mesmerized by his chest all over again. I’d never seen such powerful muscles in a man, his broad shoulders and huge arms just a taste of his incredible physique. His abdomen was a carved creation of beauty, not a six-pack or even eight, but twelve. The Primitive’s anatomy was absolutely delicious.

Even though my mouth watered, when he moved toward me like a predator, I reacted, or maybe I overreacted. I raised my hand to slap him, but he was too quick for me, pinning my arm against the wall. When I balled the fist of my other hand, slamming it under his chin, for the first time the bastard actually smiled. I wasn’t certain whether I preferred the brooding darkness of him or the additional amusement at my expense.

Of course my little slap did nothing but force him to yank my other arm over my head. Then he grabbed both wrists with one big, strong hand, his hold like steel. When he wrapped his fingers around my throat, leaning in, I gulped. Now I was going to get it.

“I’m sorry. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I can be your… consort. Working the mines will be just fine.”

Why the hell didn’t he say something, anything instead of peeling away the flimsy clothing inch by inch with his burning eyes, dragging his raspy tongue down from my mouth to my aching pussy?

“I’m not having sex with you. I’m sorry. As I said, I’ve changed my mind.” Who the hell was I trying to fool? He’d purchased me for life.

“No. We aren’t having sex, little human. We’re fucking. Mating.”

“Oh, no, no. No! Mating is just… that’s out of the question. I apologize if I led you on somehow, but I’m not that kind of girl.” I struggled in his hold, doing everything I could to free myself. There wasn’t a single chance I could get away.

The wry smile on his face only added to the number of shivers slamming into me like a tidal wave. “Stop fighting me, Rain,” he breathed as he lowered his head, pressing his mouth against my neck.

He’d said my name. That left me spiraling almost out of control. I gasped when he floated his tongue into my ear, taking his time swirling the tip. I was lightheaded and with every movement I made, my fully aroused nipples slid back and forth across the dress. There was no chance of focusing, no way of making this right in my mind, but my body said otherwise.

“I will show you pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.” The low buzzing vibrations as he spoke were like a soft, warm blanket rocking me to sleep. “When I’m finished with you, your sweet pussy will be sore, yet you’ll be begging for more.”

“I don’t… think so.” When he slipped his leg between mine, kicking my feet wider apart then wedging his knee against my thigh, I lost all desire to fight him. He nipped my earlobe as he released his hold on my neck, crawling his fingers down my side, bunching up the material in his hand then sliding his fingers between my legs just like he’d done before.

“You will learn to obey me in all things. I am your master, your lover, and your mate.”

I wasn’t certain which shocked me more, the fact he was spouting off actual sentences or the way my body betrayed me. Either way, it no longer seemed to matter. When his fingers slipped past my swollen folds, all bets were off as to how I’d be able to shut this down in my mind, let alone curtailing my body’s reactions.

“You are so wet, little human. You hunger for this.” The tone of his voice had changed, husky and seductive, his heated breath continuing to skip across my skin.

“No. I can’t want you. I mean you’re a… creature.” Yet my moan gave me away, the quiver of my lower lip.

“Is that why your luscious cheeks are stained a vibrant shade of rose or why your body quivers at my touch?”

“You speak real English,” I mused, no longer certain if anything I said made sense. “See, you’re wrong.” He swirled his finger around my clit several times before driving it deep inside, adding a second and third finger. Within seconds, I was riding his hand, shifting as far forward as his tight hold would allow. This was as sinful as anything I’d ever done, but my lord it felt so right.

Zadok’s eyes remained narrowed as he thrust in fast and hard jabs. My heart raced, the incredible yet sinful moment making me crazier than before. Within seconds, he brought me close to an orgasm then backed off, forcing a whine from my lips. He pulled his hand free, sliding them across his lips before licking his fingers. Goddamn, the man was driving me crazy.

“The little human hungers for more.”

“No! Maybe. Yes.”

He took that as my acceptance, releasing his hold on my wrists then ripping the dress over my head. My gasp sounded hollow, as if I was faking it. He was an animal sizing up his prey, his chest heaving and his cocks straining to break free. He cupped both my breasts, rolling his thumbs around my nipples. There was no chance they could be any more sensitive than they were. As the excitement of what he was going to do mixed with the continued repulsion of the entire situation, I knew I was losing the battle with shutting down the raw pleasure.

“A perfect human,” he mused then pinched both hardened buds at the same time sending a wave of pain from my arms all the way down the length of my body.

“Oh, my… That’s so…”

The creature took his time making my nipples sore, aching in a way I couldn’t explain. I could no longer feel my legs as tingles drifted through every cell and muscle. He kept staring at me, watching every reaction. When his breathing changed, ragged and raspy, I realized I’d broken free of the chains I’d wrapped around my inhibitions, rolling the fingers of one hand up and down his chest, teasing his cocks with the other.

“Yes, my hungry little human. You can play but only when I allow you to.”

“Not fair,” I breathed.

“Perhaps.” He lowered his head, laving first one hardened bud then the other, pulling the tender tissue of one into his mouth. As he bit down, stars floated across my field of vision. I continued trying to stroke him, but his body was too large. I settled for sliding my fingers under the waistband of his pants, floating the tips across his taut skin.

The Primitive was dangerous, but that’s what made the bubble forming around my hazy brain juicy. He was like tasting a true forbidden fruit. At least my inner voice was quiet, likely disgusted I was falling into his web of seduction.

But nothing had ever felt so damn good.

As he moved from one nipple to the other, I stopped trying to rationalize or think clearly. Seconds later, his deep voice sent vibrations deep inside my pussy.

“I am going to fuck you, but first I will have my feast.”

Within two seconds my body was rocketed up along the wall, my legs draped around his shoulders, his hold on me firmer than before. I was several feet off the floor, the heat of his breath now pulsing across my slickened pussy.

“Oh, my… What are you doing?” My question faded away as soon as he dipped his head, growling several times before burying his face in my pussy. Time didn’t just cease to exist, it was tossed aside, unwanted, the feel of his long tongue sending an array of small explosions throughout my body. He was so strong, easily keeping me just above his head. I remained tense, my natural tendencies forcing me to fight his iron hold.

Even if my resolve had almost melted away.

When he whispered words in his language, he sent another shot of heated breath across my pussy. The scent of the man, the jolts of current were intoxicating. With every swipe of his tongue, he brought me closer and closer to a mind-bending orgasm.

“Oh, my God. Oh…” I clenched my eyes shut, biting my lower lip to keep from screaming. He thrust his tongue in so deep I drifted into an utter state of bliss. Every guttural sound he made reminded me just how savage he was, but I was in the greatest moment of rapture a girl could have. He managed to drive several fingers in beside his tongue and the combination was too much to take.

I was pitched headfirst into the most incredible orgasm of my life. His tongue was amazing, hitting all the right spots. I writhed over him, struggling to hold onto his shoulders as he rocked my body. Every sound he made exacerbated the beautiful moment, pushing me even further into a state of nirvana.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…” Panting, I blinked several times, stunned at how sensitive my pussy lips had become. When he sucked on them, tossing his head back and forth, I lolled my head. There was no chance of focusing or concentrating on anything else but the amazing sensations.

The moment he managed to bring me to a second orgasm, I moaned for a full thirty seconds, yet there wasn’t a single sound. His mouth was warm and as he lapped my cream, a sliver of embarrassment tumbled into me. He continued to tease me, flicking his tongue until every nerve was standing on end. And still he refused to stop.

I wasn’t certain just how much pleasure a woman could take, but he was determined to find out. As I stared down at him, lost in the moment, he lifted his gaze, never missing a beat. The man knew exactly what I wanted, and what I’d thought would never happen, satisfying every need then driving me into hungering for more. He wasn’t kidding about feasting on me. I’d become his dinner and dessert, and the man was insatiable.

As I slowly drifted into a beautiful lull, he eased me down by several feet, allowing me to drape my arms over his shoulders.

Then he simply turned around, tossing me onto the bed. I was shocked at the aggressive action, immediately jumping onto my hands and knees. I had no idea what I thought I’d accomplish by scrambling to get away from him, but it was my natural reaction. Being the brute he was, he wrapped his hand around my ankle, jerking me back.

“Do not move,” he stated with far more authority than he’d done before.

I was out of breath, still quivering from the incredible use of his tongue, but as soon as he pulled down his pants, I swung my head over my shoulder. Oh, fuck, no. Being at eye level, I realized there wasn’t a chance in hell one massive cock would fit let alone two. Did he use them at the same time? This was crazy.

Without any further hesitation, I rolled onto my back, scooting backward and managing to get to the other side of the bed. He leered at me, cocking that giant head of his, the insanity of his two cocks standing at full attention not something I could ignore. I also couldn’t ignore the change in his eyes. The deep purple was now almost entirely obsidian black. As his chest heaved, he took calculated steps around the bed platform. The beast had now become a predator.

There was no fighting him. He picked me up in his arms, returning me to the bed and onto all fours. Then he smacked my bottom four times in rapid succession. It wasn’t just a reminder that he’d purchased me like some good warrior. The hard swats were also a warning.

“Obey.” The single word was the exclamation point. If I didn’t want to be pulled over his lap again, I had to be a good girl.

Although that was very difficult for me. No one had ever accused me of being good, either in or out of bed. How pathetic.

I shivered from the slice of pain but was horrified that my pussy was quivering all over again. How could raw, blinding anguish enhance the hunger raging inside of me, the wetness between my legs? I clawed at the strange bedding material, fighting to keep my sanity at the anticipation of what he would do. When I felt the weight shift as he climbed onto the bed, every muscle stiffened.

“They’re not going to fit,” I said quietly, although it really didn’t matter at this point.

“Only one for now, little human. I will prepare you for more.”

‘More.’ The word had a distinctly possessive and primal sound to it. I refused to whimper as he pushed the bulbous tip of one against my sex. I expected him to thrust inside, not caring that I’d never had a man as large as him, but he eased his shaft inside just an inch or two, allowing my body to get used to the invasion. I was shocked as my muscles stretched immediately, allowing him access without a bit of hesitation.

It would seem every single part of my body was treacherous.

He crowded my body, rubbing his hands up from my bottom, moving them around to cup my breasts. I held my breath as he pushed in another inch, maybe two. Then two more. As he continued the process, my pussy muscles clenched then released a half dozen times. My mind was a wondrous blur as the sensations increased, my entire body on fire.

Zadok continued claiming my tight channel, another two inches going inside. I’d never felt so full in my life. He flicked his fingers back and forth across my nipples a few times before pinching and twisting them.

The combination was stunning, stilling my nerves and awakening something truly filthy from deep inside of me. It was like a series of lights were flashing over my head, pulling me into a surreal state.

“Oh…” The whispered word popping from my mouth was followed by several ragged moans. When he thrust the last of his cock inside, the weight of his hips against my bottom indicating he was fully seated inside, I let out a series of gasps. “So big. So… huge.”

He growled in such a dark and husky tone that I shuddered all over again. Then he lowered his body over mine, placing one hand on the comforter then sliding his other down my stomach. The moment he swirled his finger around my sensitive clit, he pulled his cock almost all the way out, then drove the entire length deep inside.

I threw my head back, gasping for air. I tried everything to concentrate on my breathing, my mind even foggier than before. As I started to relax, he repeated his hard plunge, the force driving us forward. Then he did it again and I pushed up from the bed, arching my back. After that the tidal wave broke within me. I was basking in the way he was fucking me, like some wild animal in heat.

His sounds became gruffer, the force he used almost making me lose my balance. When I finally did, he grabbed me around the waist, holding me firmly in his arm. I was jarred, my breasts aching from the brutal fucking, but I never wanted it to end. I pushed back again, and I could sense his vigor changing.

He chuckled, the sound more ominous than anything that had erupted from his mouth. Somehow, I knew that I’d just given him permission to fuck me any way, in any position, and as often as he wanted.

As another beautiful wave crashed into me without any advance warning, I threw my head back and screamed, the orgasm managing to be more powerful than the one before. His response was issuing growl after growl, the sound much more animalistic than anything else.

I was lost in the moment, whimpering as the electricity rocketed through me, my skin seared from his touch. And I wanted more.

“Zadok!” I yelled, shocked after doing so.

He tensed, ceasing all movement for a full five seconds before starting again, this time fucking me relentlessly like the beast he was.

Without realizing it, I’d just surrendered my body to the rugged warrior.

And I knew there was no turning back.


The moment she’d screamed out my name, everything had changed.

The desire.

The need.


I plunged my cock in hard and fast, my muscles straining.

The warmth of her pussy continued to shock me. Nothing had felt sweeter than my shaft throbbing deep inside or the way her muscles had clamped down, drawing me in even deeper. I wanted more of her, but I knew the little human couldn’t handle both cocks the same time. There was a significant chance I’d damage her, and I couldn’t allow that to happen.

I pulled out until just the tip was inside, surprised when she shifted her hips backwards, her small whimpers echoing in my ears. It was as if she was made for me, my body. My soul. I thrust several times, my muscles tensing as I tried to control my seed.

As she wiggled under me, I yanked her back, keeping my hold on her waist. She slapped her hands on the bed, tossing her long hair back and forth. If she only knew how much she was enticing me, driving me to the point that I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I would fill her every hole with my seed soon enough, but this was far too enjoyable, electrifying to the point I had difficulty breathing.

She’d continued to believe that she could get away from me, yet her attempts were feeble at best, futile no matter what she did. Soon enough she would realize that I was her only method of remaining alive. Training her would prove to be difficult if not impossible. She was a fighter, her free spirit everything I craved about her, yet the one thing that could prove to be a weakness I wouldn’t be able to protect.

And I’d already begun the mating process, blind to the consequences, only my needs mattering.

I rode her hard and long, the pressure building. My body started to shake, the air in the room denser than before. As a series of jolts slammed into my muscles, my balls filled with seed. Soon, my scent would mark her as mine.

That would only make her even more of a draw, other Mazians desiring to take what I’d already claimed.

Now the pressure was too intense. With three hard thrusts, I erupted deep inside, savoring the breathless sounds she made.

Even though my balls emptied, I remained hard, my other cock needing attention. I raked my fingers down her back, enjoying the feel of her soft skin against the rough pads of my fingers. She made a mewing sound as I pulled all the way out, dropping her head and taking several gasping breaths. When I rolled her over, she stared at me wide-eyed then shifted her gaze to my still fully engorged shafts.

I leaned over, hungering to taste her mouth all over again. Her eyes remained open wide as I licked around her lips before capturing her luscious mouth. She remained stiff, still fighting the connection that had just been formed, uncertain of what I would do to her. When she slid her fingers along my chest, it seemed her last wave of resistance faded away.

Our tongues danced back and forth together, her need for exploration growing. Within seconds, she fisted her hands, pushing against me even as she lifted her torso, arching her back. There was no denying the desire we shared, hunger that couldn’t be contained.

I enjoyed the taste of her for a few seconds before pulling away, lifting one of her long legs and placing it over my shoulder, then the other. Her eyes remained open wide, her mouth twisting as she realized I was preparing to fuck her a second time.

“No. No. It’s too sensitive,” she whimpered. “You don’t understand.”

“Relax, Rain.”

“I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.”

I yanked her arms over her head, giving her a stern look before easing the tip of my second cock against her glistening folds.

Her eyes half closed as I pressed a single inch inside, a slight smile crossing her face as her body tensed. I waited before satisfying my needs, enjoying allowing my eyes to feast on her spectacular beauty. She was a tremendous prize, an unexpected pleasure, and every part of me wanted to dominate her completely.

When I slid my cock in slowly, I was rewarded with the lilt of her voice as she moaned for several seconds. She’d awakened something inside of me that shouldn’t have been, but now that it was, there was no turning back.

As my shaft began to expand, she wiggled underneath me, her soft purrs and moans of pleasure fueling the beast deep within. I pulled almost all the way out, thrusting savagely, the force driving her into the bed. Then I became nothing more than an animal, no longer able to control my actions.

Her eyes never left mine as I fucked her, the way she was dragging her tongue across her lips enticing as hell. I couldn’t seem to get enough, my balls already filling with seed. Nothing had prepared me for the intense sensations or the powerful draw to the little human. I would become insatiable, my mating needs surpassing anything else. It had been a risk I was willing to take. Now I only hoped she would survive the process.

With every brutal thrust, she tried to arch her back, her entire body reacting like no other female had before her. Her eyes were glassy, her skin shimmering and I wanted this to last as long as possible.

“Oh… I…” She half laughed as she shifted her head from side to side, her pussy muscles clenching and releasing. The feisty human was wet, a single bead of perspiration trickling down the side of her face. As soon as she jerked her head up, I could tell she was ready to have another explosive orgasm. Her body’s reaction fascinated me, fucking her entirely different. My cock expanded even more, the bulbous tip filling her completely.

Every undulating movement she made only fueled the roaring fire, pushing me harder. Within seconds, her entire body began to shake, her moans escalating.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” Her cries filtered around us, tickling my senses. As one climax drifted into another, she lolled her head to the side, her eyes half open.

Only then did I allow my needs to take over, pushing me into giving up all control. As the ache grew, my muscles tensing, I threw my head back and roared, erupting deep inside her womb.

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