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His to Train by Maria Monroe – Extended Preview

Without a watch she wasn’t positive how long she ran, but guessed it was about twenty minutes before she stopped, panting, in front of the dorms. She put her hands on her knees and bent over, catching her breath but feeling that good hurt that came from pushing herself.

“I did it,” she whispered to herself. “That was amazing.”

“Good run?” A low voice snapped her to attention. Luca stood above her, arms crossed over his chest, which was covered in a light blue T-shirt, contrasting deliciously with his dark brown hair.

“Oh. Luca. Hi! I did, um, have a good run. Yeah. I felt really strong.” She shifted her feet, hoping he wouldn’t be pissed at her.

He nodded slowly, his expression unreadable.

“I’m just going to go inside and, you know, shower. Maybe read. Get ready for tonight?” Why she ended her final sentence as a question she wasn’t sure, but something about the darkness in Luca’s eyes was making her nervous.

“You had an intense workout this morning. You can’t possibly have forgotten that.”

She scowled at him. “Don’t be patronizing, Luca. Of course I haven’t forgotten that, since it only happened like two hours ago.”

His lip tugged upward, like he was trying not to smile. “Right. So you must also remember what I said after training. About resting up this afternoon?”

She nodded. “I do remember. But I felt so good. And I really want to make sure I’m getting as strong as I can, as quickly as I can. I want to be able to fight as soon as possible. And, I ate a lot of protein today, just like you told me to.” She hoped her grin, and the fact that she’d followed at least one of his rules, was enough to push him into a good mood.

“I want you to be ready to fight soon too, Victoria. But if you overdo things in the beginning, you can get injured. And then, it will take even longer to build up the strength and skills you need. We went over this.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“No. You probably won’t. Not after I spank you for your failure to stick to the plan, as you agreed to do.” He didn’t lower his voice, and Victoria glanced around, hoping nobody had overheard. How embarrassing it would be if someone knew that he was going to spank her for misbehaving, like a child.

“I’m sorry.” She’d already apologized, but maybe a second time would do the trick.

“I know you are. And you’re going to be even more sorry when we’re done. Let’s go to my house, Victoria.”

“No. Please. I seriously promise not to do something like this again.”

“If you don’t come with me right now, I’ll spank you here, in front of the dorm, in full view of anyone who happens to come by. Would you prefer that?” His voice was calm, but his eyes were glinting with those gold sparks that seemed to appear when he was angry or excited about something.

“I don’t want that. I’ll come with you.” Looking at the ground, Victoria followed Luca down the path to his house. Each step was filled with trepidation, but also with anticipation, with a strange heat in her belly she didn’t quite understand. Underneath her feet the gravel crunched as they made their way toward his house. And with every footfall, Victoria considered that she could turn back. She didn’t have to do this. But she wanted to. Needed to. The thought of Luca punishing her made her heart pound and her pussy ache, both in fear and sublime anticipation.

“I didn’t think we’d have to do this again so soon.” Luca opened the front door for Victoria.

“I didn’t either,” she muttered. “It hurts so much when you spanked me last time. Are you going to spank me just as hard this time?”

“Unfortunately, I’m going to spank you harder, Victoria. And I’m going to use my hand, but also a hairbrush, to make certain you learn your lesson.”

Oh, god. The thought of being spanked by his hand again was enough to cause her stomach to squirm. But a hairbrush? On her bare bottom? She wasn’t certain she’d be able to handle that.

“I know you’re scared. And you should be. It is going to hurt. But you will be able to handle it. I think you’ll be surprised by how well you do. You know you deserve this, right?”

Victoria finally made eye contact with him as he stood before her. She sighed. “Yes, Sir. I deserve this spanking.” It felt so humiliating to say that, but she knew it was true.

“Good girl. Let’s start with a warmup over your shorts.” Like last time, he sat down on the couch and patted his lap.

Victoria lay over his legs, adjusting herself until she was comfortable, or as comfortable as possible in such an awkward and embarrassing position.

“Why am I spanking you?” Luca lightly patted her bottom.

“Um, because I disobeyed you.”

“Yes. And you know I’m doing this for your own good, right?”

“I know.” She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Ask me to begin, Victoria.”

She hated this part. But she knew she had no choice. “Please, Sir, begin my spanking.”

He did, harder than Victoria expected. Her shorts were a thin material and provided little protection from his hand, which landed over and over, moving from cheek to cheek.

“Ooh,” she moaned, shifting slightly.

He didn’t respond, except to continue his onslaught on her poor, stinging ass.

“Luca, it hurts.” She knew it was only the beginning, but how was she supposed to take this? And then the hairbrush?

He paused. “I know it hurts. And you know it’s supposed to.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Let’s get these shorts down.” He pulled on the elastic of the waistband. “Stand up, Victoria.”

With a sigh, she stood, facing Luca as he sat on the couch.

“Actually, I’d like you to take off all your clothes this time.” He tilted his head as he looked at her.

“Why? I mean, yes, Sir.” She slowly began to pull the T-shirt over her head. The air in the room was cool on her stomach, and she fought the urge to pull her top back down and tell him this was enough. She wasn’t going to do it. His eyes never left her body, though, and his gaze became a sort of aphrodisiac, pushing her forward even despite the humiliation that coursed through her veins.

“I find that it’s more embarrassing for a naughty girl to strip naked before a spanking than to simply remove her pants and panties.”

“I think both are embarrassing,” she responded, risking angering him.

But he chuckled. “I imagine they are.”

His eyes were on hers as she dropped her shirt to the floor, then struggled out of the jog bra. Finally, she pulled down the elastic of her shorts, remembering she had no underwear on since the shorts had a built-in pair. She didn’t—couldn’t—meet his gaze as she stripped. The thought that he had total control over her, that everything he told her to do she did, made her stomach flutter. Why wasn’t she refusing? Why was she allowing this to continue? Something about giving in to him—giving up her power to him—compelled her to take off her shorts. Her nipples were hard, responding to the cool temperature of the room. But her pussy was warm. And wet.

Luca’s eyes darkened as she pushed the thin fabric down to the floor and stepped out of the shorts.

“Turn around.” His voice was so low, practically a growl.

She did, her feet unsteady, her legs trembling as anticipation and desire and fear circulated through her blood.

“Your ass is such a lovely shade of pink.” Luca’s words dripped with arousal. “Come here. It’s time to turn it red.”

“Yes, Sir.” She whispered the words as she turned back to him and, without needing to be told, placed herself over his lap again.

“I’m going to spank you with my hand on your bare ass. And then I’ll have you get the brush and finish with that. How does that sound?”

“Good, Sir.” It didn’t. It sounded terrible. But she knew that was the response he wanted.

“Are you ready, Victoria?” His hand was skimming lightly over her ass, so lightly she wanted to ask him for more. To touch her harder. And in more places. But she was here for a punishment.

“Yes. I’m ready. Please spank me some more.”

He growled again, or made some sound that sounded like a wild animal, before spanking her on her right cheek. Hard.

“Ow!” Her body twitched.

He spanked her again in the same spot.

“Oh, Luca! This hurts!”

But he kept going, finally smacking her left cheek instead, then alternating between the two. Sometimes he spanked her right in the middle, and low down, where her cheeks met the tops of her thighs. That hurt a lot, but also reminded her of how he’d made her spread her legs last time. And how turned on that had made her. Would he do that again? Would he maybe touch her this time?

She forgot about her fantasies as the spanking continued, as he rained smacks onto her bare bottom over and over. With each spank she wriggled and cried out, the stinging building and building until she felt like her ass was on fire.

When he finally stopped, though, she wasn’t relieved. She knew exactly what was coming next.

“Stand up, Victoria.” Gently he helped her onto her feet, where she stood in front of him, rubbing her ass and trying to alleviate the stinging. “You know it’s time for the brush, right?”

Head hanging, she nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Please open the drawer of the end table over there and bring me the hairbrush.”

She did, aware that she was naked, and that he was probably watching her every move. Was he staring at her ass? Did it turn him on to see her naked? To see her bottom so red and hot? Through the pain, she focused on how he must be viewing her, and she wiggled her bottom just a little, hoping to do it just enough to really get his attention but not so much that he knew she was trying. It was a delicate balance.

In the drawer was a wooden hairbrush, and as she picked it up it occurred to her that she’d never been afraid of a brush before. She’d only seen them as objects of beautification. Never as an object that was about to be used on her ass to punish her.

With a deep breath, she turned and headed back to Luca, who was sitting on the couch waiting. She stood in front of him holding the brush down at her side.

“You’re doing so well, Victoria. For the next part, I’m going to take you back over my lap and spank you with the brush. On your bare bottom, obviously. It’s going to hurt very much, but it’s also going to teach you a very important lesson. What is it going to teach you?” He raised an eyebrow.

“To follow directions, Sir. Not to disobey your rules.” She stared at the floor as she spoke.

“Good girl. I promise you won’t make the same mistake any time soon.”

She finally looked up and made eye contact with him. His face was serious, his eyes deep and dark.

“I won’t.” Her voice was quiet. “I am definitely learning my lesson, Sir. I will obey all your rules from now on.”

“I expect nothing less. Now, hand me the hairbrush and ask me to spank you with it.”

Victoria shut her eyes for a long moment and opened them. She could do this. She held out her shaking arm and spoke in a murmur. “Please, Sir, will you spank me with this hairbrush?”

He reached out and took the brush from her, his fingers grazing hers gently as he did. “Thank you, Victoria. I’m going to spank you hard with this brush. And you’re going to thank me afterwards.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Over my lap again.” He patted his denim-clad legs, and she climbed over him once more, getting herself in position.

“I’ll start easy at first, but I’m going to be spanking you hard very quickly. Get ready. It’s going to hurt, but you can take it.”

“Okay.” Her heart was pounding in anticipation of what this would feel like. His hand had caused so much pain already. What was the wooden brush going to feel like?

She didn’t have long to ponder, because he started so soon, the brush peppering her ass with quick and light spanks. Luca was going easy on her, but already it hurt, each quick taste of the wood making her cry out and writhe on his lap.

“A little harder now, Victoria.” His words were calm, a strange juxtaposition with the fact that he was spanking her bare bottom. And spanking it even harder. He kept the quick pace the same, but the brush met her skin with more force.

“Oh, god. Oh, my god. This hurts, Luca… I mean Sir!” It took all her strength not to reach back to protect herself.

“Good. It’s supposed to hurt. I’m going to spank harder again.”

“No! Please. Sir, please!”

But her cries were to no avail. Once more he began to spank harder until real tears spilled from her eyes. After a few minutes, her hand flew back, trying to stop Luca from spanking her any more.

“Keep your hands away.” He grasped her wrist and held it behind her, pushed against her back.

The sudden movement surprised her, an abrupt reminder that he was in control. She pulled against his hand just to test the strength of his grip, and he grabbed even harder, a warning for her to hold still. A tiny spiral of panic swirled in her stomach. What if she couldn’t take it? How could she get him to stop? But deep down she knew that she didn’t want him to stop. That she needed this, and she could—would—force herself to stay in position. She would submit to him.

“I’m going to give you some extra punishment at the end for that. And I’ll keep adding more on each time you try to interfere with the spanking. Do you understand?” He leaned down as he spoke, slowly and deliberately.

“Extra punishment?” She knew it would piss him off, but she couldn’t help asking. What did he mean by that?

“You’ll find out soon enough.” A tinge of humor lit up his voice.

She moaned in embarrassment and shame. Here she was, at his mercy, after having agreed to be at his mercy, naked with a red and stinging ass. And the promise of a lot more to come.

“Take a deep breath, Victoria. I’m starting again.”

She did as he instructed, breathing in deeply and slowly exhaling. “I’m ready now, Sir. Please continue spanking me.”

“Fucking perfect, Victoria.” He bent down so she could feel his words, his breath, on the back of her neck. “You’re turning into a remarkable student.”

A surge of pride filled her chest. And then disbelief as she realized she was feeling proud of being able to take a punishment. Which, if you’d told her a month ago would be the case, would have made her laugh forever.

“Spread your legs.” His voice was gravelly.

Was he going to spank close to her pussy again? She shivered at the thought, both in fear and desire. She didn’t want him to do that. But she would be disappointed if he didn’t. It made no sense. None of this did.

Still, she slid her thighs apart, feeling the cool air on her soaking wet pussy. Another thing that made no sense.

“Very nice,” whispered Luca. “A little more.” He tapped the inside of her right thigh with one finger.

“Yes, Sir.” She pushed her legs even farther apart, and he pinned her outer leg under his so she was held fast in place. “Oh,” she gasped, realizing there was little way for her to wriggle or get away.

He tapped her ass with the brush a few times gently. Like a warning that he was going to begin again. And then he did, starting in hard and fast. He alternated between her right and left cheeks, landing spank after spank on them.

After a little while he moved lower. His force and pace slowed down, because he was getting close to Victoria’s pussy. At least that’s why she thought he slowed down. Now he focused on the most inner part of each ass cheek, spanking there until she was crying in earnest and struggling to get free. He stopped finally, and she lay still but tense, waiting for him to begin again.

Then, to her horror, he spread her cheeks apart with two fingers, and began to explore. A finger gently touched her tight, delicate asshole, pushing in just a little. Just enough to make her jump and groan. It felt weird and wrong. But also made her pussy clench hard, moisture gathering between her legs.

“The spanking part of your punishment is over.” He leaned down and spoke in a low and dark tone. “But now I’m going to give you your extra punishment. The one you earned from reaching back like a bad girl.” He pushed farther into her asshole, turning his finger slightly as he did.

“No. Oh. Ow!” moaned Victoria at the intrusion, however mild it was so far.

“Oh, Victoria.” His voice was filled with false concern. “My finger’s only in, let’s see, up to my very first knuckle. That’s nothing.”

“I know, but it feels so… strange. And it hurts a little. And it’s so embarrassing!” She was positive her face was bright red because it felt so hot.

“I’ve learned that a really good punishment for really bad girls involves not just their bottom, but their bottom hole as well.” He pulled his finger out almost all the way before inserting it the same amount again.

“Oh, god. I don’t know… I don’t…”

“You don’t what, Victoria?” He pushed his finger farther into her ass.

“I don’t like this, Sir!”

“You’re not supposed to like it. It’s supposed to hurt. So it reminds you of how you misbehaved.”

“But I’m sorry! The spanking was enough!”

“But who’s in charge?” He suddenly pulled his finger out of her ass.

“You are, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now. For your extra punishment, I want you bent over the couch. Get up, please.”

She stood, her ass burning from the spanking, and her asshole tingling from the invasion of his finger only moments earlier.

“Kneel on the couch, facing the back. Then bend over.”

As soon as she kneeled on the couch, he placed his hand on her back and gently pushed her so she was leaning forward.

“Very nice, Victoria. Now spread your knees apart. Wider. A little more. Good.”

She was opened and exposed, bent over and on display. What was he going to do? Put his finger in her ass again? She’d felt so violated. So embarrassed. But, if she were being honest, also so turned on.

“Sometimes,” began Luca, “a naughty girl needs a spanking right here on her tight hole.” He pulled her cheeks apart again and, with a few fingers on his other hand, tapped her lightly between her cheeks.

Victoria moaned in humiliation. Here she was, with Luca holding her wide open to spank her asshole. But she did more than moan when he spanked her seriously, his fingers landing quickly and firmly right there… To have someone not only touching her there but striking her there was beyond embarrassing, and the humiliation was far worse than the pain, though it did hurt a lot.

“Oh! No!” Victoria couldn’t help getting out of position. She flew upward, her hand covering her bottom. “I can’t! Please!”

“You can. And I will. Bend back over, Victoria, or this is going to be much worse for you.”

“But I don’t like it!”

“And you’re not supposed to. Remember?” He chuckled, and the fact that he was laughing at her expense, when she was being forced to take a long and hard punishment, made her even more embarrassed.

“I remember, Sir.” She bent over once more, then spread her legs wide.

She heard him walk away, then return, and when she glanced up she saw that he was holding a thin wooden rod in his hand. It was about the length of a ruler and the width of her pinky finger. She didn’t like the looks of it one bit, but she knew better than to ask him about it. Not to mention the fact that she had a feeling she’d discover what it was for very, very soon.

“This time I want you to reach behind you and spread those cheeks as far as you can so I can spank you right in there.”

“Oh, god,” she moaned, humiliation filling her stomach. But she did as he said, reaching back and grabbing her cheeks, pulling them apart as far as she could.

“Beautiful.” Luca ran a finger over her hole before stepping back. “I’m going to use this very thin wooden rod to spank you right there.” He tapped her anus twice with the tip of his index finger.

Victoria’s cheeks burned as she imagined how terribly this was going to hurt.

“I’m only going to do ten, since this is your first offense. I think this will teach you that it’s better to just take the original spanking with dignity than try to stop it and get these extra punishment spanks instead. Now. Don’t move out of position this time. I know it’s going to be difficult to keep holding your bottom open, especially since you’re the one making it so easy for me to spank you there. But it’s important that you participate in your punishment like this. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” She forced the words out and steadied herself. “Please, Sir, spank me between my cheeks with the wooden rod.”

He inhaled sharply, and then she heard him take a few steps away and then return. “Are you ready?”

She nodded, though she wasn’t sure she was at all.

The first spank took her by surprise. It wasn’t particularly hard or sharp, but the sensation of being spanked on this most delicate spot made her jump.

The second one was much harder, and Victoria yelped as the wooden rod bit into the tender flesh right between her cheeks.

“I’m going to do the next three very quickly one right after another. Do not let go of your grip or position, Victoria.”

“Okay.” She sobbed out the word, unsure she could do what he was asking.

He tapped the rod against her asshole a few times in preparation before bringing it in hard and fast once, a second time, then a third.

“Aargh!” cried Victoria, tears running down her cheeks. She was still, somehow, holding her bottom open, and she strengthened her grip, refusing to have to take any extra of these.

“Five more. You’re doing really well, Victoria.” Luca’s words were soothing, and that seemed so strange, coming from the same person who was causing her so much pain.

“I’m ready.” Her body was weak and shaky, and she wasn’t at all sure that she was ready for more. But she wanted to make Luca proud. His reassuring words, him telling her how well she was doing, made her want to prove to him that she could handle this. And, though it felt strange to admit it to herself, something about forcing herself to hold still, to stay in position for him, was turning her on. There was an undeniable ache between her legs, despite the pain she’d been feeling and knew she would again in a moment.

“Good girl. I’m going to do all five with about a second in between them. Stay in position. Yes?”

“Yes.” If she could, she would.

The first of the final five whipped down, and she jumped, but kept her hands in place. The next two were so fast upon one another that it felt like one long spank instead of two, each biting into her flesh so she cried out in pain. The final two were the lightest. They both stung, but nowhere near as severely as the others.

And she was done. Unable to move yet, she stayed bent over the couch, her crying growing weaker and weaker until she was finished, her body stilling. Once she stopped, she realized Luca was slowly and gently rubbing her back, staying away from her burning ass, but moving his hand in slow, reassuring circles.

“You’re done,” he whispered. “You did good, Victoria.”

“It hurt so bad! I hated it,” she whimpered.

“All of it?”

She wasn’t sure. It had hurt. There was no debating that. But when his finger was pushing inside her bottom? Wouldn’t she be lying if she said that hadn’t made her excited? And even when he was forcing her to hold her own cheeks apart to accept punishment. It was so… domineering. And embarrassing. Humiliating. But also undeniably hot as hell.

“I don’t know.” That was the truth. “I’m really confused.”

“That’s normal.”

“Is it?” Her eyes closed as his hand moved lower, caressing, kissing its way so gently over her burning bottom.

“Very normal. Sometimes the line between pain and pleasure is blurred. Something that hurt can also feel good. Feelings and sensations can’t be broken down into absolutes. Some people love sour food. Some people hate it. Some people like certain music that grates on other people’s ears and souls. So why isn’t it also possible that something that’s physically painful to one person can still hurt but also be a huge source of pleasure to another?” His fingers traveled lower, pushing between her cheeks, finding her delicate hole but moving away, lower still.

“Oh, god,” she gasped as he found the outer lips of her pussy, stroking them gently.

“If you didn’t find some pleasure in the punishment I gave you, you wouldn’t be so. Fucking. Wet right now.” His finger slid in between her soft wet lips, stopping just at the entrance to her throbbing pussy.

“Please, Luca.” She’d lost all sense, all ability to actually think coherent thoughts. All she could do was feel and want, the desire for him to touch her, feel her, take her filling every crevice of her being.

“Please what, Victoria?” He leaned closer still so she could feel his breath on her shoulder.

“Please, Luca, I want you so bad.”

“I fucking want you too.” His finger slid farther inside her, and she bucked her hips back, wanting more. She wanted his body pressed up against hers from behind, his thick, hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. Pushing in. Hard and fast.

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