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His to Wed: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

“I’m sorry,” I tell him.

He narrows his eyes suspiciously. “What for?”

“I’ve been trying to antagonize you. It pissed me off when you demanded obedience and I wanted to teach you a lesson.”

Alessandro cocks his head to the side. “Is that so?”

The amusement in his voice tells me he knew what I was up to all along. He walks around the island and stands in front of me. He reaches out and cups my cheek with his hand. It’s a tender gesture. Unable to help myself, I lean into his touch.

“What should I do with a wife who admits to being so naughty?” Alessandro’s voice is so seductively growly it sets off a flickering between my legs. This is heading toward him spanking me again. I shouldn’t want that, but I do.

“You must do whatever you think is right, Alessandro.”

The wicked grin that curves his lips tells me he’s formed a plan. He leans forward to whisper in my ear.


Startled by that command, I take a step back. “What?”

“I want to chase you, little bunny, and when I catch you, I’m going to spank your ass, then fuck you senseless.”

My heart rate kicks up a notch. I look up to meet Alessandro’s gaze. His eyes are dark with desire. He told me to run, but my feet are frozen to the spot. Though I understand the point of the game is to heighten his arousal and mine, I’m hesitant. I have no experience of playing with a man and certainly not one like Alessandro.

“Tell you what,” he says when I don’t move, “I’ll give you a head start. Ten… nine…”

As he gets to eight, I kick off my mid-heeled court shoes, gather up my skirts, and run, heading out of the kitchen and along the corridor. Behind me, I hear him speeding up the count so he gets to one before I’ve made it twenty feet. Looking back over my shoulder, I see his pace is unhurried as he comes for me. He’s entirely confident of his ability to catch me. Why shouldn’t he be? He’s bigger and stronger than I am and he knows the layout of the house. He has every advantage.

As I reach the bottom of the grand wooden staircase at the front entrance, I have a split second to decide where to go. If I head upstairs, Alessandro will be on me before I reach the top. He’ll carry me off to the bedroom and make me his. Am I ready for that? I’m not sure I am. Making my decision, I fling open the front door and run out into the driveway.

“Emilia!” Alessandro shouts as I sprint across the front lawn, enjoying the feel of the grass beneath my bare feet. “Get back here.”

He doesn’t sound like he’s playing now. By coming outside, I’ve messed up. Ahead of me, there’s a high wall. I remember the huge metal gates that opened to let us drive onto the property. The security measures here are pretty full on. Perhaps I’m not safe out here. I come to a stop, intending to go back inside, just as Alessandro reaches me. Grabbing my shoulders, he whirls me around.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Merda. He’s furious. Before I can utter an apology, he takes my arm and pulls me back toward the house. I stumble as I try to keep up with his long strides.

“Alessandro, please slow down.”

His response is to sweep me up and drop me over his shoulder. It happens so fast I shriek in surprise.

“Quiet!” Alessandro commands.

I don’t utter a sound as he carries me back into the house. Anger vibrates through him. I really have messed up.

Expecting him to head upstairs, I’m surprised when he walks along the corridor and takes me into the living room. He deposits me on my feet.

“Turn around and bend over. Grab the back of the sofa.”

He barks out the instruction in a tone that’s impossible to defy. I do as he said, placing my palms on the back of the cream leather sofa. This is a lovely room. It’s large and airy, with pale blue walls and curtains. I focus on the décor to try to ground myself. It doesn’t work. Fear spikes in my veins as Alessandro flips my skirts up around my waist and rips my panties from my trembling body. I’ve been naked in front of him before, but being bared like this while he stands behind me, bristling with rage, is terrifying.

“Don’t ever leave the house alone!” Alessandro snarls. “It isn’t safe.”

His palm crashes down hard on my bottom. The crack of his hand on my flesh is startlingly loud. I let out a surprised yelp. There isn’t time to ponder how I feel about it before he smacks me again. A harsh breath hisses out of me. Already this hurts far more than it did when he took me over his knee. He is not messing about here.

He spanks me again, hitting a spot on the left side of my butt. My breath hitches as warmth fans out from the point of impact. It spreads through me, seeping into my intimate flesh to make my clit throb. I wriggle my hips reflexively as I try to cope with the unexpected sensation.

“Stop moving!” Alessandro commands.

Giving me no opportunity to show I can obey, he places a hand at the small of my back, pressing me against the sofa. The firm way he handles me does funny things to my insides. I like him taking charge.

As he begins to spank me in earnest, I dig my fingers into the leather sofa. Blow after blow rains down on my ass, each delivering a harsher sting than the last. I struggle to keep my breathing steady. The ache in my bottom intensifies to where I can barely hold in tears. Surely my bottom must be black and blue by now? What Alessandro did to me back in Italy was mild in comparison with this.

“I’m sorry,” I cry out as another smack jolts me. “I didn’t think.”

Alessandro tuts disapprovingly. “You can’t afford to have lapses in thought, Emilia. There are people out there who would think nothing of hurting you to hurt my family.”

He strikes the fullest part of my ass, and a sob escapes me. Pain prickles over my skin, an unpleasant sensation. Despite that, desire swells inside me. I need something, but I’m not sure what.

“Alessandro.” Whining in desperation, I move my hand off the back of the sofa and instinctively reach between my legs.

“Get back in position!” Alessandro says harshly. “Nobody touches your pussy but me.”

A wave of humiliation sweeps over me. I can’t believe I tried to touch myself in front of him. Bowing my head, I get back into position. Alessandro’s hand lands heavily on my throbbing ass repeatedly until I can’t help but wiggle my hips to try to alleviate the pain. Tears trickle from the corners of my eyes. They’re born mainly from the internal turmoil I’m experiencing. I should hate being punished by Alessandro, but I don’t. Not entirely.

It’s overwhelming to have pleasure rippling through me, even as my husband punishes me. As I think of Alessandro in those terms, it becomes too much to bear. This is our wedding day. I can’t believe this is happening.

“Please stop, Alessandro.” No longer able to hold myself up, I slump forward. “I can’t…”

I don’t finish the thought. Alessandro pulls me to my feet and turns me so he can see my face. I’m surprised when he gently brushes the tears from my cheeks with the back of his fingers.

“It’s over now, dolcezza,” he tells me. “But the next time you decide to act recklessly, I will take my belt to your ass. Do you understand?”

I nod miserably. I’m glad he doesn’t demand a verbal response because I don’t think I could summon words right now.

“Good girl.” He smiles at me, his expression the softest I’ve seen from him so far. “Now, let’s go upstairs and get you out of this dress. It’s time to make you mine.”

Standing in front of the mirror in the luxurious bathroom that adjoins Alessandro’s bedroom, I sigh. Regrettably, there’s nothing I can do to reduce the red puffiness around my eyes. I tried splashing some cold water on my face but it’s had little effect. Alessandro will just have to accept that his bride looks a complete mess. He’s the one who made me cry, after all.

He granted me a few minutes to compose myself but forbade me from removing my dress. It seems he wants to take it off me himself. I wonder what that represents in his mind. Perhaps he views it as a stripping away of innocence. Who knows what’s going on in his head? I don’t have the first clue what to expect from him. Will he be gentle as he takes my virginity, or are the remnants of his earlier anger going to make him want to hurt me?

Either way, I know I can’t delay any longer. Taking a deep breath to fortify myself, I step out into the bedroom. Decorated in various shades of green, the room is darker than the ones I saw downstairs. It has a moodier vibe. The focal point is the enormous bed with its dramatic quilted headboard that reaches almost to the ceiling. With black sheets on the bed, it resembles an open mouth, waiting to swallow me whole. I don’t much like it.

Alessandro is at the window, arm raised above his head as he leans in close to the glass and stares out into the garden. Though he’s taken off his shirt and pants, he doesn’t appear at ease. I guess a man in his position rarely lets his guard down.

I swallow hard as I let my eyes drift over his body. The tattoo on his shoulder is stunning. It’s so incredibly detailed. I still don’t know what the dark, winged horse signifies, but it reveals one aspect of my husband’s personality. He can be patient when he wants to be, because it must have taken hours to get that done.

His legs are long and lean, his ass taut beneath blue and white striped boxer briefs. As he turns toward me, I gasp. It’s not his muscular chest that makes my heart stutter, but the massive bulge at the front of his underwear. I should look away, but I’m transfixed. A quip about him being pleased to see me pops into my head, but I don’t make it. The moment is too important for me to make light of it.

“Come here, dolcezza.”

Before, he wanted to chase me. Now he’s making me come to him. I guess either way, it’s a demonstration of his power. He’s the master here and I must obey. If I’m honest, I’m glad about that. I need him to take charge because I am way too nervous to act of my own accord.

Hoping he doesn’t see how nervous I am, I walk toward Alessandro, my skirts swishing about my ankles. The dark desire in his eyes should frighten someone as inexperienced as me, but instead, it boosts my confidence to know how much he wants me.

“Turn around,” he commands.

I do as he asked, spinning on the ball of my foot to offer him my back. He sweeps my hair out of the way and unzips my dress. I hold my breath as the rough pads of his fingertips graze my skin. How can such an innocuous touch make my pulse flicker?

“I’m glad I chose one with a zipper,” he murmurs as he pulls my dress down over my hips. “Because I cannot wait to see your beautiful body.”

“You’ve already seen it.”

Alessandro turns me around and helps me to step out of the pool of fabric on the floor.

“Yes, but you weren’t mine then.”

There’s a growly possessiveness in his voice that makes my pussy clench. I press my thighs together, a move that doesn’t go unnoticed, judging by Alessandro’s knowing chuckle.

I stare up at him as he gently strokes my cheek. The tenderness is welcome because I’m getting more nervous with every second that passes. He curves his hand around the back of my neck and bends to kiss me. His lips are soft, warm, as they brush against mine. He kisses me tentatively at first. I doubt he’s usually this cautious with a woman. It’s obviously a concession to my inexperience.

As I part my lips to let him in, he deepens the kiss. His hand goes to the small of my back as he explores my mouth with his tongue. He pulls me closer, so I feel the hardness of his erection against my stomach. I moan as my desire spikes.

“Feel what you do to me, dolcezza.” Alessandro kisses me again and then leads me to the bed. “Lie down.”

I get onto the bed, positioning myself in the center with my head on the pillows. The temptation to cover myself is strong, but I resist the urge, suspecting Alessandro will scold me if I try to hide. My cheeks heat and I know they’re glowing red, a response to my feelings of vulnerability that cannot be concealed. My gorgeous new husband smiles down at me, then strips off his boxer shorts. Merda! There is not a part of this man that’s small.

“Don’t worry, dolcezza.” He reads my apprehension correctly. “We’re made to fit together.”

He gets onto the bed next to me. Lying on his side, he strokes the hair back from my face.

“You needn’t fear me, Emilia. I intend to take excellent care of my lovely new bride.”

His words are reassuring, but don’t completely banish my fear. I’ve waited a long time to give myself to a man. Though Alessandro wasn’t my choice, I do want him.

“Your skin is so soft, dolcezza.” He trails his hand down my neck to the curve of my breast. “So pretty.”

I sink my teeth into my bottom lip as he circles his thumb around my areola until my nipple hardens. Alessandro grins as I shift my hips restlessly. He knows just how to read my reactions. I try not to squirm as he continues his exploration of my body.

“Such a cute belly button.”

I giggle as he lowers his head and kisses my abdomen.

“Something funny, dolcezza?”

“You’re tickling me.”

“Am I?” His tone suggests he knows damned well he is.

He leans back, propping himself up on his elbow once more as he moves his hand to cup my feminine mound.

“Why are you bare?” he asks.

“The ladies who came to my grandfather’s house to give me spa treatments said it’s better.” I chew on my bottom lip. “Don’t you like it?”

“I do, dolcezza, but it makes me wonder if you’ve waxed for another man.”

“What other man?” I ask, confused by the jealous note in his voice.

He lifts his shoulders in a shrug that’s at odds with his intense stare. “You might have had your eye on someone.”

I shake my head. “No, Alessandro. I’ve never wanted any man but you.”

His eyes widen in surprise at the admission I can barely believe I just made. “You want me, Emilia?”

I nod slowly. “I do.”

“Then let’s get you ready for me.”

He puts his hand on my inner thigh and pulls my leg toward him, opening me up to his gaze.

“Such a pretty pink pussy,” he says.

My cheeks heat. Nobody has ever spoken to me in the crude terms Alessandro uses. As his fingers explore my intimate flesh, I forget my embarrassment. I loved feeling his lips, his tongue on me earlier, but this is every bit as exhilarating. He pushes a finger inside me as his thumb presses down on my clit, which throbs in response. Once, twice, three times he pumps his finger inside me, before curling it toward the front of my body and stroking me gently. My mouth falls open as a breath judders out of me.

“Alessandro!” I gasp.

He bends to capture my nipple between his lips as he rubs a finger over my clit. His skilled fingers continue to massage my g-spot. His teeth graze the sensitive flesh of my breast and pressure builds inside me. I whine, needing something to carry me over the edge.

Suddenly, Alessandro pulls his hand away and raises his head. I whimper at the loss of contact.

“If you want to come, you’ll do it on my cock.”

He moves over me, positioning himself between my legs. The head of his cock nudges my entrance.

“Tell me if you need me to stop, dolcezza.”

He pushes inside me, but not all the way. It feels strange. He played with me before, but his fingers couldn’t have prepared me for this intrusion. I hold my breath as he presses forward. There’s a pinching sensation, but it’s not as bad as I feared. He seats himself fully inside me. The tension in his face tells me it’s agony for him to hold still.

“Are you okay?” he asks. “Can I move?”

I nod, loving that he checked. “I might die if you don’t.”

Alessandro laughs, a deep throaty sound that rumbles up from his chest. “Well, we wouldn’t want that.”

He withdraws a little and slides back in. It burns but isn’t too painful. Alessandro establishes a slow, steady rhythm, allowing me to become accustomed to the way our bodies are joined. I move my hips to meet his thrusts, bringing him deeper into my welcoming channel.

“More,” I urge Alessandro.

I don’t need to ask him twice. He immediately picks up the pace, slamming into me so hard the breath is forced from my lungs. He raises himself up on the palms of his hands and lifts my legs up over his shoulders. At this angle, his cock brushes against my clit with every stroke. The tiny bud pulses furiously as Alessandro drives into me as if determined to make an indelible mark on my soul. He fucks me ruthlessly. It hurts, but in a good way. I never understood before how pain and pleasure could play off each other to create the most incredible sensations.

My head thrashes from side to side, and I clutch the sheets as the ripple of ecstasy swells to build the most intense pressure inside me. The need for release from this torment becomes overwhelming, but I can’t quite get there. I whimper and moan as Alessandro plows into me.

“You’re so fucking perfect for me,” he grits out. “Such a good girl taking my cock.”

If it’s possible, his words make me even wetter. He changes our position, lowering my legs to the bed. I absently wonder if I should do something rather than allowing him to move me around like a puppet, but that thought evaporates as he reaches between us and pinches my clit between his forefinger and thumb.

“Alessandro!” I cry out as my hips buck off the bed.

My pussy clenches around him, and I feel his cock pulsing inside me. Warmth fills my tight channel as he spills his seed inside me. Alessandro gathers me into his arms and holds me tight as intense pleasure washes over me. It’s a lot to deal with and I’m grateful he’s there to catch me.

As my heart rate slowly returns to normal and the trembling in my limbs calms, Alessandro carefully pulls out of me. He kisses my forehead and rolls onto his back beside me. I glance up at him as he gathers me close and try to read his expression. I want to ask him if that was good for him but worry about revealing my insecurities.

“Are you okay?” Alessandro asks.

Si, marito.” I’ve been fluent in English since I was a small child, but right now I can’t summon any words.

Alessandro chuckles, a sound I hope to hear from him often. I like this softer, gentler side of a man who I’m sure is more used to violence.

“I hope I haven’t broken you, dolcezza.” He drops another kiss on my forehead. “Because I have no intention of sending you back—ever.”

Smiling, I snuggle closer to him. I must be experiencing some sort of post-sex brain fog, because in this moment, I never want to leave this bed again.

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