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His Willful Bride by Maggie Carpenter – Extended Preview

His Willful Bride by Maggie Carpenter

Having agonized over her choice of lingerie, Charlotte studied his face for any reaction as she moved slowly towards him. He was scrutinizing her, but he was smiling, and she felt nothing but approval as she neared. The long white silk gown was joined by satin ribbons down the bodice, and the fabric floated softly around her body. She had taken the bold step of remaining naked underneath, and the feel of the silky material, and the thrilling apprehension of what was about to happen, was making her nipples harden to life.

“You look stunning,” he purred, moving off the bed to greet her. “What a lovely gown. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

“I hope not,” she twinkled.

“You are so cheeky,” he grinned.

“It’s very modern,” she murmured. “I wasn’t sure.”

“It’s perfect,” he whispered, lowering his lips to her ear, “and you look perfect in it, but I suspect you’ll look even more perfect when I take it off.”

“Edward,” she breathed, “the things you say.”

“First, however, I must spank you, and there will be no argument unless you want me to spank you very hard indeed.”

“No, sir, no argument,” she whispered.

His fingers wrapped around hers, and as he began to lead her forward, she discovered she was unable to breathe, and her mouth was falling inexplicably dry.

Guiding her towards his bed, Edward could sense her nervous excitement. It sent a surge of energy through his loins, and as he approached he had a sudden change of plan. He did not climb on top of the mattress to lean against the headboard, but settled himself on the edge of it instead.

“Bend over the bed next to me,” he said warmly.

“Oh, sir,” she bleated, “must I? Can you not hold me and kiss me first?”

“Didn’t you just proclaim there would be no argument?”

“Sorry, sir.”

“I suspect arguing might be a habit, Charlotte. Never fear, it will be habit soon broken,” he remarked firmly.

“Yes, sir, I, uh… I’m not sure what to say,” she stammered.

“Of course I will hold you and kiss you, but we must start our married life the right way.”

“Are all brides spanked before…?”

“I am not concerned with all brides,” he said, interrupting her with a smile. “I’m concerned with only one bride, mine. You have been without proper authority for far too long, and you must have a clear understanding of your place.”

“But I have a clear understanding.”

“My goodness. There you go again. The very fact that you continue to argue even after you just stated that you wouldn’t, tells me you do not.”

“I’m sorry, sir. Perhaps you’re right,” she sighed. “Perhaps it is a habit.”

“You’re forgiven, Charlotte. I expect you to be a good and obedient wife, but I realize that’s going to take some time. No doubt I’ll have to smack your bottom often to achieve that goal. How often will be entirely up to you. Now do as I say, and lie over the mattress next to me.”

Resignedly, Charlotte stepped forward and stretched across the bed. In spite of her protests and misgivings, a thrill rippled through her as she settled, and when he leaned over and began to raise the hem of her gown, she couldn’t suppress a low, deep moan.

“How elegant your legs are,” Edward murmured as he continued to glide the silk to the backs of her knees. “Narrow ankles, and nicely developed calves. Most pleasing to the eye.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I didn’t have the opportunity to fully study them when I spanked you in the forest, and now I see such divinely milky-white skin.”

Charlotte felt her face burn, but she was as excited as she was embarrassed, and as he smoothed his hand over the back of her thighs, she felt a fresh shudder of pleasure. He was lifting her gown ever higher, and suddenly she felt the cool air whisper over her bottom. He could see her, all of her.

“Such beauty,” he purred, “and there remains a pale pink blush from earlier today. Exquisite, simply exquisite,” he crooned, moving his hand over her full moons, “but that pink skin must be spanked until red. I will be pausing to speak to you, to outline my rules and expectations. How are you feeling? Do you like my hand roaming over you?”

“Yes, sir, but it’s a bit scary.”

“Are you worried about my hot hand spanking you again?”

“Yes, sir.”

“It is good that you feel that way. It is necessary that you understand I will not hesitate to discipline you should you need it, but before I begin, I wish to touch your sweet womanhood. Spread your legs for me, show yourself to me.”

“Oh, sir,” she breathed, “that you ask such a thing.”

“I shall be asking much more, sweet wife. This will soon be great pleasure. You do know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, I do, but it is still scary.”

“Separate them, do it now.”

Biting her lower lip, she shuffled her feet apart. Her eyes had been closed, and opening them, she peered over her shoulder to study him. He was leaning forward, staring at her womanly charms. A strange rush flooded her sex, and she felt almost mesmerized as she watched his hand move towards her.

“Yes,” he muttered, touching between her lips. “Wonderfully wet, just as I knew it would be.”

“Ooh, sir,” she mewled, squeezing her eyes shut and burying her face in the mattress.

“Take a deep breath and enjoy the feel of my fingers,” he purred. “Relax. You do love me petting you here, don’t you? Doesn’t it feel rather wonderful?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered. “It does, very.”

She wasn’t lying, it did feel wonderful, much more wonderful than she’d thought it could, or would.

“When I’ve finished spanking you, I shall examine you even more closely, then gently probe,” he murmured, sliding his fingers deeper into her slit. “The spanking will hurt, but it will also cause a fire to burn inside you, a fire that will make you crave my attention.”

“It will?” she stammered. I know it will. I just don’t know why.

“Yes, I promise you, and now it’s time. Do your best not to kick out, and if you need to wail, please do so into the mattress. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. We shall begin.”

Edward dispatched his hand, landing several swats to each cheek, then paused and gently rubbed.

“Are you listening to me, Charlotte?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m going to lay out two basic rules.”

“Rules, sir?”

“I have rules in my house, and as my wife you must obey them. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You will be courteous and polite to everyone who comes here. You are the lady of my house, and you will treat all guests with dignity and respect.”

“Yes, sir.”

“My hand will make sure of it,” he said sternly as he resumed his smacking, “and I have other instruments of discipline should you break this rule.”

Ow, oh, sir, that, ow, ow, does hurt, ow!

“If you must yell out, face into the mattress, Charlotte.”

“Polite and courteous, yes, sir, I understand,” she wailed as his hand continued to rain its unrelenting hot swats.

“Face into the mattress, girl,” he barked, whisking his determined palm across her sit spot. “My goodness, learn to do as you’re told, when you’re told!”

Turning her face into the bed, Charlotte kicked out her foot. Edward was strict, so strict, and as much as she adored him, between each stinging swat, she found herself wondering if she’d made a terrible mistake.

“What is rule number one?”

“Courteous and polite, sir, to all who come here,” she mewled.

“That is correct,” he said, roaming his hand over her reddening moons. “It matters not how tedious their conversation, you will nod your head and smile.”

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.

“I mean it, Charlotte. I know how easily you become bored, but you must not let it be seen.”

“I understand. I’ll be good.”

“Aha! You’ll be good? So all those times you were rude to the guests in your uncle’s house, you knew you were misbehaving.”

“Uh, yes, sir, I did,” she whispered. “I just couldn’t stand to listen to those people drone on and on.”

“You will stand it in this house,” he said firmly.

Returning his flattened palm to her sensitive sit spot, he delivered a series of smarting blows, ignoring her muffled squeals as he continued to move his determined discipline from side to side. When she began to gyrate her hips, he paused to study his handiwork.

“Sir, please, I beg you, sir, no more!” she pleaded breathlessly.

“Your bottom is almost the color it should be,” he calmly remarked, “but before I continue, the second rule, and then you shall be in my arms.”

“The second rule?”

“There are many more, and each of them will be delivered with hard smacks. I fear it’s the only way I can reach you, Charlotte. As I said before, you have been without authority for many years, and as my wife I cannot allow you to continue with your bad habits.”

“I’m with you now, sir. I’ll be a good wife.”

“I believe you will, but you must understand I will punish you if you disregard my instructions. This is merely a lesson, Charlotte, one I hope you will learn.”

“Sir, you are so strict.”

“I am strict when I must be,” he said as his hand caressed her hot skin. “If you find yourself over my knee, or bent over this bed, it will be deserved.”

He heard a heavy sigh, and knew it was a sign he was getting through to her. She had run rampant at Kimberwick Hall, exasperating her aunt and uncle to despair, but she wasn’t going to enjoy the same frivolous freedoms under his roof.

“The second rule,” he began, resting his hand in the center of her backside. “Are you paying attention?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ve saved this because I want it to be the last thing for which you will feel the sting of my hand. It is the most important. You will obey me, Charlotte. You will do as you’re told. I am always willing to listen to you, but you must not be insolent, impertinent, or argumentative. Almost every time I tell you to do something, you quibble. It must stop. Do I make myself clear?”

“Ooh, yes, sir.”

“These smacks will be the hardest. The next time you disobey me, or speak back to me, you will feel more than my hand.”

“I understand, sir.”

“Face into the mattress, and do not, I repeat, do not throw your arms back in an attempt to cover your bottom.”

He heard a muffled response, and tapping his palm lightly above her cheek, he let it fly with a forceful swat. Her leg kicked out, telling him the swat was as keen as he had wished it to be. Moving his hand to the opposite cheek, he repeated the discipline; light taps, hard swat.

“You,” he said sharply, returning to the first cheek, slapping down forcefully, “will,” he continued, returning to the second, “obey,” back to the first, “me!”

Owwww,” she wailed, her cry muffled by the mattress.

“Six more, and that should dispel any doubts that I am very serious about this. Obedience, Charlotte, obedience.”

Landing three severe slaps on her first cheek, eliciting muffled cries of pain, he paused until she had settled, then carried the same punishment to the second.

“There, I believe I have made my wishes abundantly clear,” he declared, gazing at her crimson bottom.

“You, have, sir, you have,” she swore. “Please, will you rub me, please, it is burning.”

“Thank me, Charlotte,” he said tenderly, granting her wish and caressing her red, seared skin, “for loving you so much that I would take my hand to your bottom to make you a better woman.”

“Ooh, thank you, sir, for spanking me. I do want to be better for you. I know I have been, uh, not so good sometimes.”

He rubbed her gently, waiting for her to settle, then sliding his hand downward, he touched her slit. Her slick wetness greeted his fingers, and traveling them forward, he searched out the sensitive button hidden between her velvet lips.

“Oh, oh, sir!”

“Is this not pleasant?”

“It is most pleasant,” she gasped.

“Raise your nightgown and sink onto your knees,” he directed, dropping his hand away.

“How high should I raise it, sir?” she asked demurely as she dropped from the bed.

“Just so you’re not kneeling on it.”

Gathering up the folds of material as her gown fell around her, she settled onto her knees and looked up at him expectantly.

“You are very flushed,” he said tenderly, reaching for the top bow near her neck and pulling on the ribbon.

“Yes, sir, I feel very flushed.”

“In a moment I’m going to bring this nightgown over your head,” he murmured. “I have waited with great impatience to cast my eyes upon your unclothed body. I already know you will be captivating.”

She lowered her gaze as he continued to undo the bows, and when he’d reached the last one, he gathered the fabric at her waist.

“Arms up,” he said softly.

Doing her best to swallow back her modesty, she lifted her arms and shut her eyes. Feeling the gown being gathered together and moved up her body was an extraordinary experience, and as he carried it over her head, leaving her naked, she instinctively placed one arm over her breasts and lowered her other hand to cover her bushy mound.

“As I knew you would be, your body inspires and delights me,” he purred. “Climb on the bed and I shall hold you. Soon all your shame and embarrassment will be gone.”

Helping her up, he laid her next to him, engulfing her in his arms, and when he pulled her tightly into his chest, he heard her release a long, heavy sigh.

“Charlotte, my dear wife, you are a lovely creature, and I promise I shall always take care of you.”

Sinking against the soft fabric of his robe, she closed her eyes.

“I do feel strangely wonderful,” she whispered. “Being naked with you is beginning to feel, uh, nice. More than nice. Much more than nice. I feel safe, I feel protected, but more than that as well. It is like heaven.”

“But I am not yet naked,” he remarked. “I will be in a moment, then you will feel even closer to me. For now I just wish you to lie here and feel my love.”

“Thank you, sir,” she sighed, wriggling against him.

“You are already feeling less modest?”

“I am, it’s true, I am.”

He wanted her to rest and catch her breath, and allow the sting of his spanking to abate. Sinking into the bed, he closed his eyes and relished her soft yielding body, waiting until he sensed she was completely at ease. When she snuggled even closer, and softly kissed the small area of chest hair peeking over the fold in his robe, he shifted back and stared down at her full, luscious bosom.

“You are lovely,” he murmured as he journeyed his hand across her breasts. “Such bright cherry points, delicious.”

“Sir, I like that very much,” she breathed.

“You will like many of the things I will do to you. Some might worry you at first, but you must trust me. Your body and all its delights are mine now,” he purred, lightly pinching her nipples.

“Ooh, that feels awfully good.”

Closing her eyes, she raised her chest, silently inviting more of his attention, and when he dropped his lips to her nipples and gently sucked, she let out a cry of pleasure.

“If you’re a good wife, I will do this often,” he muttered between kissing and tonguing her breasts.

“I’ll be good, I’ll be so good,” she moaned as his mouth devoured her pert rosebuds in a long, drawn-out suckle.

“I hope so,” he mumbled, raising his head, “because I want to lavish great care upon you. I will be most upset if I have to deny myself in order to punish you. Do you wish me to kiss you?”

“Very much,” she gasped, “yes, please, very much.”

It began as a warm, soft gliding of his mouth, then his fever surged, sending his lips to press firmly against hers. Without thought she brought her arms around his neck, and surrendering to the heat pulsing through her body, she threw her leg over his thigh, salaciously grinding her crotch.

“Oh, you precious girl,” he panted as he pulled back. “You possess such passion. We shall have a thrilling life, but I am not like other men, rather, most other men, and you must never gossip to other women about the things we do together, do you understand?”

“I never gossip,” she replied, “and I would never talk about us. You don’t have to spank me to ensure that.”

“No, I have always felt that about you. As I am different, you are not like the other young women of society. Soon you will make friends outside our social circle, special friends, friends who share my particular erotic tastes.”

“Erotic tastes?”

“Indeed,” he nodded, “now lie flat and spread your legs. You are going to meet my manhood.”

Dropping her arms from his neck, she rolled on to her back, wincing slightly as her hot, scratchy bottom moved across the towel, then watched him rise to his knees above her and undo the sash tied around his waist. As the black robe fell away, she stared in astonishment at his rampant cock.

“Good heavens,” she breathed.

“Are you truly so uneducated about these matters?” he frowned.

“Uh, no, not really. Maybe. I’ve read some, uh, naughty novels,” she murmured. “As far as, uh, what you’re about to do, my aunt told me to lie very still and allow you to do what a man does. That’s exactly what she said. On your wedding night, let him do what a man does. It bore no resemblance to the things I’ve read, and certainly not to what you have done and how I’m feeling,” she exclaimed. “How could I possibly just lie here? I don’t understand.”

“My goodness,” Edward sighed, shaking his head. “That certainly explains a great deal.”

“It does?”

“It does. A woman who thinks the way your aunt does is most unhappy. I can promise you, Charlotte, you will not be an unhappy woman.”

“I believe you,” she whispered, still staring at his impressive erection. “I’m not even sure why, but I do.”

“Place your hand around it.”

“Oh! Should I?”

“Of course, place your hand around it.”

Taking a breath, she raised her arm, tentatively reached out, but paused as her fingers were about to take hold.

“It won’t bite,” he said with a smile. “You like it very much when I touch you. I will like it just as much when you touch me.”

His words made sense to her, and wanting to please him, gingerly she curled her fingers around his shaft.

“There, you see, I told you it didn’t bite,” he exclaimed as he dropped his hand between her legs. “Now move your hand up and down, while I rub you.”

As his fingers explored her wetness and began to massage her clit, she let out a long, low moan and instinctively tightened her grasp. A surge of unfamiliar sensations was moving through her nether regions, and the more he rubbed, the stronger they became. Without thought her hand began to stroke him, and when the first drops of pre-come oozed from his tip, she looked up at him with a puzzled stare.

“It is natural, it will help me when I glide inside you.”

“I can’t imagine it going there,” she panted. “It is so big, but your rubbing is making me feel very good, like something amazing is about to happen.”

“Take your hand from me,” he said softly. “Your sweet cunnie is ready.”

As her hand dropped away, he climbed between her legs, gripped her hips, and pulled her pelvis into him.

“This beginning part might hurt a tiny bit, and you might bleed a little, but you must be brave and bear it. Soon afterwards you will feel pleasure, and the pleasure will be much greater than any momentary pain.”

“I read about this in my uncle’s secret books,” she confessed as he rubbed the head of his cock between her lips.

“I want to hear about those books, but later,” he said as he pushed slowly forward. “For now, close your eyes and try to relax. I must knock down the guard at your gate.”

His grip was holding her fast, and he thrust with determination as he watched her face. Her chest was already blooming with arousal from his play, and as he continued his powerful thrusting, she unexpectedly brought her fingers to her mystical nub.

“Yes, my dearest, yes, rub it. It will help you.”

“I felt the need, I must, I can’t seem to help myself,” she moaned, but a moment later she cried out, and he abruptly realized he was in. “Oh, my goodness, you are filling me,” she gasped.

“Are you all right? Do you feel any pain?”

“No, not really, no, just a little, and I feel as if I must keep rubbing.”

“Yes, keep at it, my darling, keep doing it as I thrust.”

“Edward, I feel something else, something… I’m going to… oh, Edward, something is rising up in me.”

“Let it, let it rise up and have its voice,” he said earnestly, beginning to pump, shocked that her body was responding so quickly.

“Oh, Edward, it is upon me, what is happening?” she wailed as she neared her orgasm. “I am going to explode.”

As her orgasm rippled through her body, her tight pussy clutched him fiercely, making his cock spasm in response. He groaned loudly as his moment swept him away, but his eyes never left the glorious sight of her. As the convulsions swept over them both, then waned, then finally abated, he dropped from her depths, and rolling on to his side, shocked at the suddenness of their mutual moments, he cradled her next to him.

“That was truly extraordinary,” she panted.

“Indeed it was, as are you, my dearest Charlotte,” he said breathlessly. “Next time it will last longer, and as the days pass, longer still.”

“I have such great feeling for you,” she declared, tears threatening as the swell of emotion engulfed her.

“We are one,” he purred, kissing her forehead.

“Yes, Edward. I have never longed to please someone as I long to please you,” she murmured, snuggling against him. “I don’t think you will ever have to spank me again, at least not hard.”

“We shall see, my dearest,” he replied with a knowing smile. “I’m going to hold you for a moment more, then I must have a quick wash, and you must soak in a warm bath for a few minutes.”

“Another bath?”

“Yes, you need to tend to yourself. Your womanhood needs to be cleaned and pampered.”

“Oh, did I bleed?”

“A little bit, not too much.”

“I didn’t empty the tub after my first bath. I can just add some hot water.”

“That’s good. That will save time. I think we both need something to eat.”

“I agree. I hardly ate anything at our wedding party.”

“After your soak, have Helen come up and dress you. I shall arrange a light supper for us in the small dining room.”

“I don’t want to leave your arms.”

“It won’t be for long, then I will hold you all through the night, and tomorrow I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise? What kind of surprise?”

“You will find out tomorrow,” he promised, kissing her softly. “Now we must freshen up.”

Charlotte watched him climb from the bed, don his robe, then reach for her hand. As he helped her pull her nightgown back over her head, she could feel the moisture, and a sweet soreness, permeating her sex.

“Shall I return here, or meet you in the dining room?” she asked, leaning against his chest, loath to leave him for even a minute.

“Meet me down there. I’ll make sure there’s a hot pot of tea waiting. Off you go now.”

A few minutes later, sinking into the lukewarm water of her bath, she closed her eyes and leaned back, her mind swirling with thoughts.

I never expected anything like this. It’s as if I’m living a dream. My bottom hurts, but I don’t mind. In a strange way I rather like it. I cannot wait to sleep with him through the night. What a peculiar and wonderful thing that will be. I shall never be lonely again.

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