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His to Tame by Kallista Dane – Extended Preview

His to TameHe let his words sink in for a moment, then went on. “On Gadolinium, your behavior would first warrant a punishment session, doled out by the man you belong to. If you’ve wronged someone else, that person has the right to witness your punishment. Afterwards, you would be required to perform whatever action the injured party demands, no matter how shameful or demeaning you deem it to be. You do so without question or protest, to show that you surrender your own drengr and bow to the person you wronged, restoring his or her honor in the process—and thereby your own.”

His voice grew solemn.

“Selena Reston, you have agreed to abide by Gadolinean customs in order to make amends. In my world, for the punishment portion of her consequences a woman is required to present herself with her bottom cheeks bared, and bend over her man’s lap for a spanking, either with his hand or with any implement he chooses. Since it is your first transgression, I will deliver your spanking with the flat of my palm.”

She looked up at him then, her eyes wide with horror.

He sat up straighter in bed, tossed the sheet aside, then patted his naked thighs. “Present yourself as required, and we will begin.”

Selena opened her mouth to protest, then shut it again. No matter how humiliating and painful it might be to remove her clothing in front of this stranger and then allow him to strike her naked bottom with his bare hand, it was infinitely preferable to the idea of being exiled to a penal colony.

She respected the logic of his decision. If she was to suffer punishment for what she had done, it should be in a way that held significance for him, since he was the wronged party. Being banished was Earth’s civilized way of dealing with criminals. His society was more primitive. It made sense that he would only be satisfied by meting out a physical punishment.

He was waiting. She had to go through with this. He’d made it a matter of honor for both of them. Selena swallowed nervously and began unfastening the front of her uniform. One solid piece of fabric, she had to take it off from the top to bare her bottom for him.

She kept her eyes downcast as she stripped it off her shoulders. The uniforms were designed to hang shapelessly, so as not to draw undue attention to one’s physical attributes. But underneath it was molded to fit her body, so she wore nothing else except her shoes.

Selena heard him take in a sharp breath as she drew it down to her waist, baring her full breasts to his view. She could feel his eyes on her. She shivered involuntarily and her nipples hardened. No one had ever seen her naked breasts before. She wondered how they compared to the breasts of the women on Gadolinium. Did he find them… pleasing? Resisting the urge to cross her arms over them, she kept on going.

Hands shaking, she pulled her uniform down to her thighs with one quick yank. Then she climbed awkwardly onto the bed. Supporting most of her weight on her elbows and knees, she hovered over his lap, trying not to let her pubic area come in contact with his naked penis.

For a moment, neither of them moved a muscle. Selena’s stomach was in knots. Her heart raced so hard she was afraid she’d faint. When his hand touched her back, she flinched as though he’d struck her violently.

“I know you’re frightened. As well you should be. A woman’s first punishment session is a serious matter. It is customary to begin slowly, pausing between strokes to allow the one administering discipline to deliver a stern speech reminding her of why she is being spanked and give her time to adjust to her submissive state.”

He brought his hand down on her backside without warning. She heard the loud smack, then milliseconds later felt a fierce burning sensation on her tender bottom. Selena let out a startled cry. This was far worse than the smacks he’d delivered over her uniform. She’d never been struck anywhere on her bare flesh before. It was horrible. Barbaric. She almost shot to her feet and told him she’d rather be banished.

But then he began speaking again while his hand traced slow circles around the spot he’d just struck. The burning eased and she found herself falling under the hypnotic spell of his deep voice.

“Now you know what to expect, how it feels. The next one won’t be so frightening.” When he brought the flat of his palm down hard, she felt a flash of pure rage as hot as the lick of fire on her backside. He’d tricked her, waiting until she relaxed to deliver the smack.

“You’re angry with me now. I can feel it. But trust me. Taking a spanking hurts less if you don’t resist. When your muscles are clenched, the pain lasts longer.”

He began running his big hand over her stinging bottom again. She tensed but his hand continued its slow path.

“Submission is a difficult lesson, I know, especially for one who is used to being in charge. As warriors, we learn to submit to the commands of our leader, without question or delay. The penalty for disobedience in battle can be death.”

He spanked her again, three swats that came so fast and hard she could barely draw in a breath. Selena gritted her teeth as a wave of blistering heat poured over her rear cheeks.

“My world can be a harsh, unforgiving place. You can freeze to death getting lost in a blizzard, starve inside your own house if you get snowed in without provisions. Snow leopards and wolves roam the woods. Viking men have a duty to keep our women safe and we take that duty seriously. We require obedience from our women in all things. They learn never to disregard a rule, no matter how foolish they might think it to be. If they do, they are punished.”

He started spanking her steadily now, firm whacks first on one cheek then the other, still talking all the while. The fire on her backside built until it was a blaze. His voice dimmed. Gripping the sheet with her fists, she struggled to stay on her elbows and knees when all she wanted to do was collapse over his lap in a ball of tears.

“You disobeyed a rule of your people, Doctor Selena Reston. You touched me. Without my permission. When you did, you awakened the fiery passion of a Viking warrior. You made my cock stiffen and grow. Throb with need. Made my balls swell and ache to spill their seed.”

He spanked her faster, building the pace as his tone grew more forceful. Selena choked back a sob. She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. Her whole being centered around the searing pain on her buttocks.

“And then you stopped.”

He stopped too. Stopped spanking her so abruptly she gasped. Then both his hands grabbed her hips, forcing her body down, pressing it against his. His fingers dug into her burning bottom, driving the heat deep into her belly.

“This is what your disobedience created, Selena. My cock has been punished too, just like your ass. You left it hot and hard and straining for sweet release. Feel it now.”

She cried out then, as he rubbed his rigid shaft against her mound. Burning pain dimmed, blocked out by a stab of pure lust, stronger than anything she’d ever felt before. His cock pressed against her. Long and thick. And so very hot. Igniting a raging fire inside her.

The Viking’s phallus was nothing like her puny mechanical probe. She cast aside everything she’d ever been taught, everything she’d believed to be true. Lost herself in the shocking thrill. He rocked her hips back and forth against his body, stroking her with his iron-hard manhood from the tiny nub of nerve endings on her clitoris to the damp folds of her labia.

He must have felt the sudden gush of wetness there the same moment she did. He let out a low growl.

“Your pussy calls to me. Flows with slick juices, beckons me to bury myself deep in that sweet heat.”

He thrust his pelvis up and she felt the head of his penis graze the outer lips of her vagina. “Are you aching to feel it sliding ever so slowly inside you, Selena? Do you hunger for my cock now?”

She answered as though under a spell, her voice rough with need. “Yes. Please, yes.”

Haldor looked down at the nearly naked woman in his lap grinding herself shamelessly against his cock. He forced himself to ignore his own savage need. He put a bite in his voice to add a note of authority to the brazen demands he was about to make, then went on to carry out the rest of his plan.

“You’ve taken your punishment. Now it’s time for you to pay your debt.”

He lifted her off his lap and stood her at the side of the bed with her garment bunched around her upper thighs. Selena stared up at him, shocked, her eyes still glazed with lust.

“If you recall, I said when it came time to make amends, Gadolinean custom requires you to perform whatever action the injured party demands, no matter how difficult or even shameful and demeaning you deem it to be. You do so without question or protest, to show that you surrender your own drengr and bow to the person you wronged, restoring his or her lost honor in the process—and thereby your own. Did you agree to these terms?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

He could see her shaking. For him, this wasn’t about breaking Selena down, but rather about taking her to a forbidden place to discover the sensual woman inside her. But she’d have to pull herself together or he’d never be able to get her past a lifetime of self-denial.

She had the drengr of a warrior. Perhaps she had the training of one as well, automatically following the orders of a superior officer. He barked out a command.

“In the future, you will address me as my lord, as a sign of your submission to the terms of this sentence.”

She flinched, then raised her chin and met his eyes squarely.

“Yes, my lord.”

“In my world, the making of amends is a solemn ceremony. You are forbidden to speak again, until I give you permission. From this moment on, you will do whatever I tell you to do. No delay, no refusal.”

He waited a moment to let his words sink in.

“Take off that uniform.”

Her hands trembled but she did as he asked without protest. Slipping off her shoes, then drawing the garment down over her thighs and letting it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood before him, hands at her sides, head bowed in embarrassment. Spending her life under the dome left her skin smooth and white, untouched by the sun. She had the firm body of a young woman, never softened by bearing a child. Full breasts, nipples dark and hard with arousal. Slim waist widening into curvy hips. Hips he’d dug his fingers into moments ago, as he stroked her wet folds with his cock, letting his raging hunger build.

Building her hunger as well. As he meant to do. This woman was a virgin. She’d never known the wild thrill of man and maid melding. Haldor had no intention of taking her fast and hard. He’d take his time, stoke her fire. Then show her the all the pleasures she’d been denied. Selena gave him back his life. This night of ecstasy would be his gift to her. But to accomplish that, she’d have to obey his every command.

She stood there, stiff as a board, not meeting his eyes.

“Turn around in a circle. Slowly. I want to look at you. All of you.”

She turned. His cock hardened even more when he saw the glowing red imprint of his hand on her sweet ass.

“A woman as beautiful as you should not be forced to hide her charms under a shapeless sack. Don’t be ashamed of your nakedness, Selena. Your body is lush and full, made for a man to caress with his eyes and his hands—and his tongue.”

She glanced up at him then, shocked.

“Let down your hair for me.”

She lifted her arms and pulled the pins from her hair. It spilled over her shoulders, a soft golden brown curtain flowing down to brush the tips of her nipples. His eyes raked her body. Lower down, between her legs, she had no matching mass of curls. Only a few wisps of hair. His cock jerked at the thought of spreading her apart and exploring that nearly naked pussy.

“The men of your world are fools. On Gadolinium, our finest warriors would battle for the right to pleasure you over and over until you begged for mercy.”

She blushed at that, her cheeks turning a red as lovely as the shade on her ass.

“I am going to ask you questions now and I give you permission to answer. Do you have one of the devices women use to pleasure themselves here in the lab, one of those probes?”

She looked surprised. “Yes…my lord,” she added.

“Go and get it and bring it to me.”

Her hips swayed as enticingly as those of any palace serving wench as she turned her back and headed into the other room. She was back in a moment, carrying a smooth metal cylinder not much bigger around than his thumb.

She handed it to him. He turned it over and over in his hand, fingering the rounded tip at one end.

“This is what you use?”

“Yes, my lord. Mine at home is roughly the same size.”

He snorted. “It’s shorter than my prick was when I was just a lad, before I learned how to make it grow.”

Haldor handed it back to her. “I’ve never seen your pussy pleasured. If you truly want to make amends, climb up here on the foot of the bed. Facing me. Show me what you do to yourself with this thing. It’s only fair.”

Selena backed away in horror, shaking her head.

His voice grew hard. “You stripped me of my honor. While I slept. Touched my naked cock. Stroked it, watched it stiffen and swell. Now you would deny me the same right?”

“No, my lord.”

Selena took two hesitant steps toward the bed, tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn’t do as he asked. She just couldn’t. The very idea of allowing another person to witness her gratification ritual left her paralyzed with shame. It was bad enough that she’d humiliated herself earlier, grinding her pelvis against his male organ like some kind of savage. She’d lose every shred of dignity she had if she allowed him to see her in the complete abandon of achieving gratification.

But at the same time she knew she must do it. She’d shamed him even worse. Taken advantage of her position. Broken her code, not just as an Earther, but as a medical professional. Guilt at what she’d done weighed even heavier on her than the embarrassment she’d suffer.

Keeping her eyes down, she climbed onto the bed, staying as far away from his body as she could.

“Lean back against the foot of the bed and spread your legs apart so I can see. Do you bend your knees?”

“Sometimes, my lord.”

“Then do it. Raise your knees and put your feet flat on the bed.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to pretend he wasn’t there, then did as she was told.

“Now talk. Use that rod while you do and describe what this ghostly lover does to you.”

“He comes into my room, late at night. I’m already undressed, waiting for him. He caresses me softly, like this…” One hand strayed to her breast, running lightly over it. “Then he kneels between my legs. I take his… penis …in my hand… and guide it in.” She closed her fist around the probe and slid the rounded end slowly into her vaginal opening.

The probe began humming and her breathing quickened. She let it go and it corkscrewed its way inside.

“He penetrates me deeper. Stimulates the nerve endings along the frontal wall of my vagina.”

The humming grew louder, became a rhythmic pulsing. She started panting. “He’s… oh, now he’s… oooh!”

The humming stopped abruptly and the probe slid out. Selena’s eyes popped open. She snapped her legs shut and wrapped her arms around her breasts.

Haldor raised his eyebrows. “Go on.”

“That’s it.” She saw a dark look appear on his face. “My lord,” she added hastily.

“That’s it? That’s all?”

“Yes, my lord.” She couldn’t keep a note of defensiveness from creeping into her tone.

“And you’re… gratified now?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Well, I’m not. I don’t feel that amends have been made at all.” He rubbed his chin, staring at her silently for a few moments, then shook his head as if coming to a decision. “I know what’s wrong. This wasn’t a fair exchange. You touched me, stroked my cock with your hands, fondled my balls. To fully restore my honor, I need you to lie down while I touch and fondle you—until I have had enough.”


His expression grew fierce. “No?” he thundered. “You say ‘no’?”

He shot out a hand and yanked her back across his lap, face down. His hand peppered her bottom with a volley of hard smacks.

Selena forgot all about her agreement, her promise to submit. She began struggling, kicking her feet wildly. He held her down easily, one hand pressing on her back while the other reignited the blistering heat on her bottom.

It was no use. She was no match for his strength. And to her shock, as he went on she became aware that his primitive mastery was awakening long-dormant sexual needs. Being held down, naked, across his lap. Feeling his hot, hard cock pressing up against her clitoris, sliding along her cleft as his hand ignited a fire that spread from her bottom deep into her belly.

Suddenly it was as though that gratification session had only been a prelude. Her vagina ached to be filled again, clenching and spasming. Her body thrummed.

She stopped struggling.

“Please, stop. Please, my lord. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want, whatever you say.”

He gave her three more hard whacks, testing her. Selena bit her lip to keep from crying out, but stayed in place. His hand came down again, this time resting on her burning bottom. Stroking it with his palm, running over her stinging cheeks in soothing circles.

When he slid down to part her legs, she opened them automatically.

He dipped a finger inside her, exploring, then lifted it to his nose. “I love the smell of a woman’s heat—your slick sweet juices. This world has no meat, no ale. But you have something else I hunger for. Lie back as you did before. Spread your legs for me—and let me taste your pussy, Selena.”

Trembling with a mixture of fear and wild arousal, Selena closed her eyes and rolled over. She slid back and bent her knees, then opened her legs.

With her eyes closed, every other sense came alive. He shifted on the bed and his distinctive masculine scent grew even stronger as he came closer. Then a prickling from the dark stubble on his jawline sliding up the delicate skin of her inner thigh sent a shiver through her entire body. She felt his warm breath on her damp slit as he hovered over her, inhaling her aroma.

When his fingers parted her labial folds, she gasped, then let out a tiny scream, half shock, half pure ecstasy, as his tongue probed the entrance to her vagina. He buried his face between her legs. Ran his tongue inside her, then moved up to flick it back and forth over the swollen bud of her clitoris.

She writhed on the bed. His hands snaked around her hips, fingers digging into her rear cheeks to hold her immobile. Suddenly, realizing she was helpless, at his mercy, sent a savage thrill rocketing through her. He gripped her hot aching ass tighter as his tongue took possession, plunging in. The potent mix of stinging pain and hot wet pleasure combined to send her spinning off into a whirlwind of wild sensations. When he fastened his mouth over her throbbing bud and sucked, Selena screamed. Frantic, mindless, she gave in and let the vicious climax carry her into the void.

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