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Hoss: A Rough Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

He increased the strength of his hold as he dragged her around to the front of the couch. He sat down, unzipping her jeans and making short work of pulling them down around her knees. His grin grew exponentially when he realized she was wearing red lace panties. He grasped the thin material and snatched it away while allowing his knuckle to graze her clit. Remi made the mistake of looking down and saw the massive erection threatening to burst the buttons on his fly.

He caught her eye and chuckled. “Yep, Remi, I’m happy to see you. Last chance.”


Hoss pulled her over his hard thigh, using his legs like a vise grip to keep her from kicking or getting away. He placed one hand between her shoulder blades to hold her down. She glanced back to see him raise the other above his head before it came hurtling down on her exposed buttocks.

She yowled, swore, and began to really try to get away from him. He landed another blow across her backside, causing her toes to curl and her hips to bounce on his muscled leg.

“Shit! You bastard, that hurts!”

“Glad to hear it. I’d hate to think I’m not getting the job done.”

“You’re done, you bastard!”

“I hate to tell you this, Remi, but I’m barely even started.”

Over and over, Hoss spanked her. Each blow was distinct yet blended with the others. Remi swore two things to herself: first, that she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of crying or asking him to stop, and second, that he would never know the depth of the arousal his manhandling of her was creating. She thought she might rather face whatever threat was out there than to give in to her shameful desire for this man and what he was doing to her.

Hoss didn’t seem the least bit fazed by her stoic demeanor… he just kept spanking. The swats were steady and hard. The only thing that seemed to change was the precise placement of each and every one. The fire spread across her backside and seemed to start to burn out of control. Suddenly, he moved his targeting to her upper thighs and the tender area where the back of her leg met the lower portion of her bottom. She yowled with renewed enthusiasm.

“Want to reconsider your options, Remi? Your backside is a fierce shade of red at this point and I’d think it ought to feel like I lit a wildfire all across it.”

Suddenly the dam broke and Remi could not hold back her tears. She began to sob and beg him to stop. She wailed louder and harder each time his hand connected with her ass.

“Morgan, please stop. Please!” she cried in desperation.

Mercifully, he brought his hand to rest atop her crimson globes. He traced a single digit between her cheeks and rimmed her rear entrance only once before drifting lower, parting her swollen lower lips and gently inserting his fingers into her wet heat.

“Jesus, Remi, you’re soaked. Do you want to get up and tell me everything there is to know? I’m warning you… if I have to put you over my knee again, once I’ve finished spanking you, I’ll mount you from behind and fuck that wet pussy of yours raw.”

He had no way of knowing she would have given anything at that moment to feel him do just that. Shame infused her body, turning desire to anger.

She nodded her head between sniffles. He rubbed her backside gently before releasing her legs and helping her to her feet. Silently, she balled her fist and gave him a swift uppercut with all the strength she could summon. It surprised him enough that he released her momentarily, but that’s all it took for her to make a dash for the door. She might have made if it weren’t for her jeans bunched up around her knees.

“You evil-tempered wildcat,” he roared.

Hoss came up off the couch and grabbed a fistful of her hair, preventing her further escape. He swung her around and trapped her against his chest. His mouth descended on hers, and his tongue claimed her mouth as something that belonged to him. There was no tentative probing, no hesitation to see how she would respond. This was one strong alpha male declaring his intent to take possession of what he believed was rightfully his.

He moved to the back of the couch and removed her jeans. He pinned her to the top of the back of the chesterfield.

“I’ll teach you to punch me or act out when you’ve gotten the spanking you deserve. Tomorrow morning when you can’t sit down and your pussy is tender from the ramming I’m going to give you, remember this could have gone a lot easier on you.”

She watched as he pulled the belt from the loops. He doubled the well-worn leather into a single strap and began to lay welts across her already painful backside. She struggled and fought, but all that accomplished was the increased tempo of the stripes he seemed intent on laying down. Remi was far less stoic this time and began to sob and plead with him almost immediately.

She breathed an enormous sigh of relief when he lay the belt down on the seat of the couch. As she tried to rise up, he grabbed her by the back of the neck, holding her in place. With his other hand, he unfastened his jeans and allowed his cock to jut out away from his groin through the now open fly. He stepped behind her, spreading her legs.

Remi couldn’t believe he meant to fuck her. More than that, she couldn’t believe how much she wanted him to. Her clit and nipples were every bit as swollen and hard as his cock, and her pussy was leaking the honeyed essence that would make it easier for him to accomplish what they both wanted. She made a token protest as she felt the head of his cock probing for her entrance.

Morgan stepped back and Remi wasn’t sure whether she was disappointed or not. The thought barely had time to form before he swatted her entire vulva with his hard hand.

“No,” he growled. “I warned you that if I had to spank you again, I’d mount you like a stallion mounts his mare and fuck your pussy raw. I plan to unload enough of my cum in you that it should help to soothe it, but when I’m done, you and I are going to come to an understanding about how we proceed from here.”

Without another word, he stepped back between her legs and guided his cock to the entrance of her core before thrusting forward ferociously, forcing her sheath to accommodate all of him and extracting a powerful climax just from his possession. He grunted with satisfaction as he gripped her hip with one hand and slid the hand that had been on her neck to the top of her shoulder to hold her in place as he began to take long, deep strokes.

Remi felt as though he was going to split her in two. Each time he drew back, she mourned the loss of feeling him fill her completely. But each time as he drove forward, she could swear the head of his shaft rammed into her cervix. There was no relief for her as he had her trapped. All she could do was submit to his rough claiming, to soften her body so as to make it more receptive to his and to agree without words to his dominant control.

Morgan’s cock stroked her over and over as he grunted and groaned in predatory satisfaction.

“Jesus, you feel good. Come again for me, Remi. Your cunt squeezing my cock feels incredible.”

Without warning, her entire body convulsed, and her pussy contracted all along his length, pulsing in the same rhythm that he plunged in and out of her. She could feel him pushing her to the edge. He was forcing her to accept pleasure from him in the same way he had forced her obedience. She winced each time his rough jeans and cold buttons slammed into her heated backside as his cock scraped her vaginal walls.

Even her repeated climaxes and the copious amount of her honey that he demanded she give him were not enough to completely negate the ravaging his cock was giving her pussy. Roughly he began fucking her with more fury and speed. She felt her body gearing up to meet his in triumphant climax.

Thrusting in and out of her, he roared, “Now!”

She screamed his name as she tumbled over the abyss into an ecstasy she had never known before. She felt her mind and spirit leave her body and watched as if from above as he thrust into her three more times before his cock erupted, emptying his essence deep inside her.

When he was finished, he withdrew from her, his cock covered with their comingled creamy response and dripping the last remnants of his seed. He stood her up and stripped the rest of her clothes from her. Morgan had moved his hand from her shoulder to the nape of her neck as he marched her around to the front of the couch. He sat down and guided her to her knees.

“Suck it until it’s clean and hard.”

Remi wrapped her hand around the base of his cock as she wet her lips. Opening her mouth, she was unprepared as he fisted her hair and drove her mouth onto his semi-erect cock. She suppressed her gag reflex as he pushed it to the back of her throat.

“I said suck it. Make sure you get it nice and clean, but I’d make sure it’s nice and wet before I pull it out.”

Remi began to use all of her oral skills and was pleased with herself when he seemed to lean back and just allow her to service him. And there was no doubt in her mind that in Morgan’s opinion, she was doing just that—servicing him. Her tongue traced every vein and fold of his cock as it began to become rigid again. She had not expected him to recover so quickly.

“That’s right, Remi, I have a slow release and a quick recovery. Now you crawl up here on my lap and impale your sweet cunt on my hard cock. Then we’ll have us a little talk.”

“Wha… What?” she stammered.

“You heard me, Remi, and I don’t like to repeat myself. I find when a woman’s had her ass spanked and her pussy fucked hard, she’s far more inclined to do as she’s told. Now if I didn’t accomplish either of those goals, you let me know and we’ll start over. Is that what you want?”

Shaking her head, she whispered, “No.”

“Then you be a good girl and come sit on my cock.”

Remi stood up on shaking legs and kneeled on either side of him. He kept one fist in her hair and held her chin with the other so she couldn’t break eye contact.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned as she lowered her hesitant pussy onto his massive staff. “Nothing feels better around a man’s hard-on than a woman’s soft, yielding cunt.”

She was still wet, but he was huge. She felt all of the textures of his staff as she slowly lowered herself. She had never felt as full as she had when he had first mounted her and now as her core was being stretched to fully encase his rigid member.

Once she was settled, he reached up and pinched her nipple, making her cry out. She might have tried to move away from him, but having his shaft lodged deep in her sheath made any kind of movement to avoid him difficult, if not impossible.

“The next time I tell you to put my cock up your cunt, or your ass for that matter, you do it. You don’t question, you don’t protest, and you sure as hell don’t tell me no or not do it. Understand me?”

She nodded and he pinched the other nipple.

“When I ask you a question, unless I’ve got something stuffed in your mouth, you answer me. Understand?”


Unbelievably she could feel the fluttering in her lower belly that signaled her arousal had kicked in and that her orgasm was imminent. She found it hard to believe that after what he had subjected her to, she could feel any desire for him so quickly and intensely. He rubbed her back and lowered his head to her breast and suckled. The instant he latched on, Remi flung her head back and called his name as her pussy trembled before squeezing him as she came.

“That’s my good girl. You come as often and as hard as you can unless I tell you otherwise, understand?”

“Yes,” she answered unsteadily as she collapsed against him.

“We need to come to an understanding…”

“Please, Morgan. I’m exhausted and I hurt. Can’t it wait until morning?”

“Is there any chance anyone else will get hurt if we do?”

“I don’t think so. Please?”

“We can let the trouble you’ve managed to get yourself into wait, but before we do anything else, you need to understand the rules and let Adam know you’re safe. He was worried about that.”

“You know Detective Mitchell?”

“Yep, old army buddy.”

Hoss reached into his back pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Remi tried to uncouple from him, and he gave her a hard swat to her already punished behind and pinched both of her nipples.

“Ouch, Morgan.”

“First rule, not in any particular order of importance. You do not get out of any position that I’ve put or told you to get in until I tell you that you can. Understand?”

“Yes,” she said sullenly.

He reached between them and pinched her clit, which made her wince.

“Next rule. You don’t cop an attitude with me. Understood?”

“Yes,” she replied in a far more neutral tone.

“Good girl.”

He punched in the numbers for the detective. “Adam? It’s Hoss. [Pause] You missing a murder suspect? [Pause] Well, I’ve got her here with me. [Pause] No, she didn’t tell me she’d fled the jurisdiction. Her tail’s got plenty of sting in it right now, but if you want, when I let her up off my cock, I can give her another couple of welts from you.”

Hoss chuckled before continuing, “No, her lawyer isn’t here, and she’s got a bit of an attitude, but nothing spending some time over my knee or servicing my cock won’t fix. [Pause] You need me to bring her back up there? [Pause] No, I can keep her safe here. [Pause] I can see if I can find out anything else she might know about the other contestants or the show. I think she’ll be a bit more forthcoming if you have future questions.”

Morgan hung up and tossed the phone onto the coffee table.

“Rule three. You will cooperate with the police and if Adam needs to question you, you’ll be a good girl and answer all of his questions respectfully. Rule four. You’ll be staying here with me and I will protect you. That means you obey me; disobedience will earn you another trip over my knee and another good hard ramming from behind. Really fuck up and I’ll take my belt to you and give you another couple of welts. Understand?”

“Yes,” she said, leaning heavily against him.

“Rule five. In exchange for my protection, I’m going to fuck you whenever, wherever, and however I feel like it. You should know I like to fuck. I also like the idea of having you available to service me. You’re the best piece of tail I’ve had in a long, long time. You may as well not wear panties and be prepared to spread your legs for me several times a day.” He tapped her mouth with his finger to prevent her from arguing. “Rule six. Arguing with me or whining when I want to fuck will be considered disobedient behavior and be dealt with accordingly. Understand?”

She nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

“Last rule for now… all three of your holes belong to me.”

“Three?” she squeaked.

“Three—that pretty mouth, that wet pussy, and that tight little bottom hole. I’ll start getting you used to that, but before long, I’ll sink my cock into that hole and stroke you until you come. Understand?”

“Yes, but…”

“The only butt I want to hear out of you is either you asking me not to spank your butt or begging me to fuck it. Let’s try again. Understand?”

“Yes, Morgan.”

He leaned down and suckled her again. It occurred to her that this time it was more comforting than stimulating. She sighed contentedly.

“That’s my good girl. You go up to our room while I double check to make sure we’re secure for the night.”

He helped her up from straddling him. She moaned as her sheath finally cleared his cock.

“I expect you to be on your back with your legs spread when I get upstairs.”

Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared, but she didn’t say anything. As sore as she already was from being stretched and fucked by him, she found it hard to believe that he really expected her to let him have at her again. She looked down at his still firmly erect phallus. Morgan stood and slid his hand between her legs, rubbing her gently before giving her clit a playful tug.

“You don’t sleep until it’s soft and flexible. And come tomorrow morning, I’ll give you a good plowing before we start the day. Go on up and wait for me.”

“What if I fall asleep?”

He tweaked her clit. “Don’t worry, Remi, I’ll wake you up.”

He turned her toward the stairs and patted her bottom, reigniting the fire in both the welted and unwelted flesh. Remi spun around to find him standing with his legs spread, his arms crossed and his staff remaining at attention.

“Do you want to disobey me?”

“No,” she said, hating the weakness not only in her voice but in her resolve.

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