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Hostage: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Aleks wore his emotions on his sleeve, taking another sip of his drink before easing it down and pressing a button on an iPad.

The recording had started.

Another round of utter humiliation.

A moment of passion forged in time.

I swallowed, giving Ruger a slight smile.

“What I want to do to you,” he stated, his tone laced with domination.

I noticed the other two advancing, all three surrounding me like a pack of wolves, ready to consume their prey. I was blinded with shock and a heady round of shame filtered into my system, swirling around my mind. This was dirty and kinky, horrible and disgusting.

Delicious and enticing in the most sinful manner.

There was a slice of blissful excitement bursting within me, a longing for the taste of the dark and dangerous. Still, the humiliation of knowing my nipples were hard and my panties soaked because of my own longing was almost too much for my rational mind to accept. I had to shove aside every concept of right versus wrong.

Such was the draw of the rough-hewn men, my intense attraction was far too strong.

Using two fingers, Ruger brushed down the side of my face, trailing them ever so slowly down the length of my arm. He moved behind me, his steps methodical as he continued to slide the tips across my back. “You are so beautiful.”

I shuddered from his touch, electricity shooting into my very core. He made me feel beautiful, a word I’d rarely heard. I closed my eyes, imagining another time and place, wishing I could simply fall into the fantasy.

Wishing this could be forever.

The thought tripped in my mind, leaving my lower legs trembling. How could I think this way?

Damien closed the distance, cupping my face. His lips were pursed, his breath ragged and there was no doubt what he was thinking. Stripping me of my clothes.

Baring my naked skin.

Feasting on every inch.

Another shiver trickled down my back as he rubbed his thumb back and forth. His touch alone kindled the embers, creating a wafting of extreme heat between my legs.

My body was betraying me even as my mind fought to stay focused, to push away every emotion surrounding this moment.

He lowered his head until our lips were only centimeters apart. “We’ll take care of you.”

I could read the conviction in his eyes, but whatever his care might be, there was a portion he would have no control over.

Ruger ever so lightly slid his fingertip down my spine to the low ‘V’ of my dress. Growling, he allowed his hot breath to cascade across my shoulders as he slipped his finger under the material.

I took several shallow breaths, realizing I’d arched my back, forcing my lips to press against Damien’s. I could taste the bourbon as he darted his tongue across the seam of my mouth. His grip firm, he held me in place as he inhaled, issuing the most barbaric sound under his breath.

Ruger eased the slender strap of my dress down one shoulder, pressing his lips against my neck. He licked up and down, taking his time as he lowered the other side. Within seconds, gravity allowed the silky material to slide to the floor, pooling around my feet.

I could hear Aleks’ heavy breathing as he inched even closer. Reaching out, he swirled the tip of his finger around my already taut nipple, going around and around in circles, driving me to the point of madness.

I was on fire, my muscles tensing, darting look after look at the camera. Damien crushed his mouth over mine, dragging my attention away from the horrors of being watched. As he thrust his tongue inside, tasting my essence, Aleks pinched my already hardened bud, creating a slice of pain coursing down the backs of my legs.

I’d never felt so consumed. My heart raced, sending a shower of goose bumps skittering along every inch of naked skin.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” Ruger stated with absolute authority. He bit down on the back of my neck until I whimpered into the kiss, clinging to Damien’s arms.

The kiss was passionate, Damien’s actions becoming more brutal as the intimate moment continued. Our tongues entwined at first, but he wanted utter control. There was no doubt given his ruthless actions, his barbaric needs.

Damien slipped his finger down the cleft of my ass, raking his nail up and down in a provocative manner. “You’re going to get a hard spanking for disobeying our rules, for attempting to escape.”

“Yes, she deserves nothing less,” Aleks half whispered as he twisted and plucked my nipple.

Stars floated in front of my mind’s eyes, the anguish rattling every muscle in my body. I was lightheaded, my blood boiling. I crawled my hand down Damien’s chest, cupping his cloth covered cock. The feel of his throbbing shaft in my hand was filthy and wonderful, the kind of sin that good girls didn’t partake of.

I was no longer a good girl.

I heard what Aleks was saying, knowing much of this was about posturing for the camera. I still couldn’t abate the continued quivers, only this time they shot directly into my aching pussy, my muscles clenching in anticipation. I was wet. I was hungry.

I was ready to be taken by three savage men, driving me to new heights of euphoria.

Gone were my inhibitions, the deep-seated concerns. I simply wanted to feel alive again, to enjoy the ravaging round of sex as if there might never be another time.

Damien made another animalistic sound as he licked around my mouth, tilting back my head until he was able to nip my chin. “See how hard I am for you?”


“Imagine my cock being buried inside your sweet pussy, taking your tight ass.”

I did just that, envisioning the time from before, the way his thick shaft felt inside. I’d been wet then too, even working through my fear and horror of the experience I’d been attracted to him. To the beast who’d taken me like a wild animal.

And it was going to happen again.

Ruger slapped my ass, the smacking sound filtering into my ears. I winced, but only from the realization that some wicked part of me craved the discipline, a harsh round of punishment. I could feel heat rising on my face as another round of shame pulled me to a quiet place. I knew my role. I understood what was expected.

And I finally just let myself go.

“Remove your panties,” Ruger directed as he took a step back.

Damien broke the kiss, nipping my lower lip before walking away, but his eyes never left me.




I was drawn to those ice blue eyes, the ones that had once frightened me. The slight curl on the side of his mouth seemed poised for everything that was going to come next. When he licked his lips, I did the same, smiling in a playful manner.

“She thinks she’s a little vixen now,” Damien stated, chuckling under his breath.

“She believes she has some level of control,” Aleks added. “But she’s wrong.” He eased in front of me, glancing up and down. “Kick out of the dress. Lose the heels.”

“Yes, sir.” The words came more easily than I would have liked. I followed his orders, now standing in my bare feet and a slender pair of lace thongs.

The moment I moved to cover my breasts, Aleks wrapped his hand around my wrist, pulling down my arm. His expression was dark, his eyes drilling into mine. “None of that,” he whispered. He smiled then gave me a respectful nod before slipping his hand between my legs. “You’re very wet.”


Aleks smacked my pussy, forcing me to jump. “You will show us respect at all times, Carina or your punishment will be much harsher.”

“Yes, sir.” I could tell the man was reveling in his moment of power, his hunger increasing.

“Remove your panties.”

I bit my lip, trying to hold back a moan as I slipped my fingers under the thin elastic of my panties. I caught Damien’s eyes, the predator watching his prey and sensed Ruger’s uneasiness as he waited. His hunger was off the charts, his breathing so ragged. Closing my eyes, I did as I was told, wiggling the slip of material down my legs.

I heard the snap of his wrist, the ripping sound of material as the panties were yanked from me, as if I wasn’t fast enough in my reactions. My eyes remained open wide, unblinking as Aleks took a step back, admiring his prize. He lifted his arm, swirling his index finger.

Without making a sound, I turned in a full circle, allowing him to see their prize.

“Perfect in every way,” Aleks said in a husky tone.

“Yes,” Ruger offered as he smacked both ass cheeks hard and fast.

Yelping, I clenched my fists, resisting the urge to cover myself.

Ruger wrapped his hand around my long strands of hair, forcing my head back in order to look him in the eyes. “Now, you’re going to be spanked. Go to the couch and lean over the back.”

“Yes, sir.” There was such a twinkle in Ruger’s eyes, as if he was in his realm and savoring every moment. I was mortified, my legs quaking as I walked toward the leather couch. The view would be perfect for my punishment, those who’d ordered the video able to see every second of my blatant humiliation. I held my breath as I crawled onto the soft seats, gripping the back as I bent over. I was able to see my reflection in the floor to ceiling glass, a shadowed version of myself. I could also see the three men, and while their expressions were hidden, their body language told me everything.

They were enjoying this tremendously.

My three Masters.

My three captors.

My three…lovers.

I snapped my eyes closed after seeing Ruger unfasten his belt, but I imagined the way he would pull the thick leather from every belt loop. I envisioned the way he’d curl one end around his hand, leaving the strap free. Or perhaps he’d double up the ends, using the loop to create the most anguish.

I took several gulping breaths but wasn’t able to calm my nerves. I was terrified on one hand, exhilarated on the other and couldn’t stop chastising the vile woman inside who almost craved this. I felt a warm hand caressing my skin, fingers running down my back, darting just past the folds of my pussy. “Oh!”

The sound seemed to filter into the air, floating all around me. Opening my eyes, the sight of Ruger was breathtaking but sent a roar of anxiety into my system. He was so commanding in his ways, so primal in his needs.

“You don’t seem to understand that you aren’t in charge of anything any longer. I told you once. You don’t talk without permission. You don’t leave your room without permission. You aren’t allowed to dress without our permission. Do you understand me?”

The words were so frank, so bold in nature, and I knew I’d be forced to follow those rules.

Disciplined if I ignored them.

Punished if I disrespected them.

“Yes, sir.” My words were little more than a whisper.

Ruger issued a long and slow breath as he inserted his fingers deeper into my pussy, using his knees to kick apart my legs. “You are wet.”

“Yes, very much so. Sir.”

Dragging his soaked fingers up the crack of my ass, he wiggled them between my ass cheeks as he leaned over. “Soon, every hole will be taken. They belong to us. Every inch of you belongs to us.”

When his fingers dipped into my dark hole, I stiffened, gripping the back of the couch.

Chuckling, he patted my bottom before taking a step back. “Ten by each of us for your serious infractions.”

“Yes…sir.” I knew the spankings from before would be nothing in comparison to this. I gritted my teeth, the anticipation keeping me on edge. I heard the whooshing sound of the belt, and the hard cracking of his wrist a split second before the belt smacked against my bottom. The force was incredible, pushing me against the couch.

I waited for the pain, the stinging sensations blooming ever so slowly, sliding all the way down the back of my legs. My breath was stolen and before I had any time to react to the anguish, another strike was issued. Then another.

“Oh!” Dropping my head, stars floated in front of my eyes. I was on fire, my entire backside exploding with heat. “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” The sounds flew out of my mouth as I gasped for air.

“You’re doing very well.” Ruger rubbed his fingers in circles around my bottom, brushing gently, but I stiffened again, kicking out my legs. “Keep in position.”

I held my breath once again, cinching my eyes closed as the whooshing sound occurred again.

And again.

With every hard smack across my bottom, I jumped, my legs kicking involuntarily. I wiggled to the point Ruger was forced to push his hand against my lower back, simply to keep me in position. He issued another two, one coming after the other and I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. “No. I’ll be good.”

“Yes, you will.”

Ruger finished his round, taking his time, the last slap smacked against my upper thighs. I could barely breathe and there was no amount of thinking. I was just lost, my nails digging into the leather as I held on.

Damien’s massive body loomed in the reflection, his carved muscles creating a huge silhouette. My pussy quivered, giving my desire away and when he inhaled, a smile curling on his face, I clamped my muscles. He knew I was aroused, my own hunger sliding off the charts. Confusion rocketed through me at the same time. How could I be anticipating the second round of punishment and be so wet, so very hot?

I could feel the heat on my bottom increasing as he rubbed his calloused fingertips across my naked skin.

“You’ll have difficulty sitting,” he said, as if proud that would be the case.

A snarl formed on my lips, but I help back, merely trying to concentrate on keeping my position. Damien wasted no time and gave me no mercy as he issued four of the ten in rapid succession.

I yowled as the pain became blinding, even as my hardened nipples scraped across the textured leather. The dichotomy was intense.

He touched my skin then issued another two, waiting as I sat down. “Back in position or I’ll add additional strikes.”

“Yes, sir.” I wasn’t an obedient woman and this was nothing but a clear reminder. I closed my eyes once again, willing my mind into another place as he snapped the belt, issuing the last four in his set.

And I still had another one to go.

I found myself whimpering, shocked my pussy muscles were clenching.

But they were.

I could almost sense a climax racing around the corner. Oh, my God. How could I even think about pleasure?

But I was.

I gritted my teeth as the belt was handed off, uncertain of what to expect with the dark and dangerous Russian. He was the mystery man in all of this. When he leaned over, sliding the hair away from my neck, I quivered from his touch alone. To be attracted to him, to any of them was…the truth. I almost laughed at the ridiculous admittance. I was attracted to him, to his ruthless demeanor and his brooding moods.

“Do you want to come, my little minx?”

The question caught me off guard. “Yes, sir.”

“Then you’re going to earn that privilege.”

“Yes, sir.”

I held my breath as the last round began, the force pushing me forward with every hard smack. While the pain was intense, sending a shower of anguish up and down the length of my body, there was a moment of peace shifting through every cell and muscle. There was no rhyme or reason why, no understanding of the series of emotions that allowed the sensations.

A knowing settled in.

We were all damaged.

We were all hostages.

And none of us would come out of this unscathed.

“Come here, Carina,” Ruger instructed.

I heard the command from the vacuum I’d placed myself in as I continued to lean over the couch. There was no softness, no coddling of the woman who’d just been punished. After all, the camera was still rolling. How far did the mother fucker Raven want this to go? Would he turn this into some sicko porno movie? I shuddered at the thought.

I also had difficulty understanding how aroused I was, the concept of humiliation more of a turn on that I could have ever imagined.

Shameful girl.

Wretched woman.

Yes, they were both true.

“If I must ask you again, we’ll start another round of punishment.” I heard the hint of concern in Ruger’s voice even though he masked his tone as scorn, but I knew him more than he wanted already, the man hiding behind a mask of steel.

“Yes, sir,” I managed as I eased around to face them. I hadn’t noticed that they’d removed their clothes and the sight of them, three of the most incredible and muscular men I’d ever seen took my breath away. All three were well over six feet, rippled muscles in all the right places. I was staring at three men carved from the finest stone, a painting for all to admire.

The various colorful tattoos covering Damien were true art, accentuating the badass he purported himself to be. All three had carved hips and what could only be described as mouthwatering, cocks standing at full attention.

And the crazy thing was, they were all mine for the taking.

I crawled off the couch, remaining on hands and knees as I inched closer, taking my time. In that moment, I didn’t care we were being watched, I was far too hungry to have their cocks in my mouth. When I was between their legs, I looked up, still admiring their physique. This was indeed every girl’s fantasy.

I allowed my hands to roam, moving over all three cocks, running my fingers up and down their shafts.

“She’s going to be a tease,” Damien said under his breath.

“Only for so long,” Ruger said, chuckling darkly.

I slipped my hand between Damien’s legs, cupping his balls and squeezing.

He threw his head back, roaring as he jutted his hips forward. “You are so bad.”

“Mmm…” I rolled his testicles between my fingers, savoring the weight. They were so full, ready for his cock to erupt deep inside. With my other hand, I caressed the base of Aleksandr’s cock, pumping up and down as I twisted my hand. My reward was the way his breathing changed, becoming nothing more than heavy pants.

I blew across the tip of his cock, refusing to allow my lips to touch.

Just yet.

They would wait.

Ruger shifted closer, unwilling to be ignored. I inched toward him, wrapping my hand around his cockhead and running my little finger back and forth across his sensitive slit.

“Jesus,” he whispered, the word strangled. I could tell his eyes were glassy, desire building to the combustible point.

They wouldn’t allow me to play for long, but I enjoyed every second, moving from one to the other, stroking and caressing. Every one of their cocks filled my hand, so wide and so long.

“Suck us, little minx,” Aleksandr instructed. He had his hand wrapped around his cock, holding his shaft out for me.

This command I wouldn’t disobey.

Taking Aleksandr’s cock into both hands, I blew across the tip before darting out my tongue, swirling in circles and zigzags.

He gripped my head with both hands, keeping me in place as he rolled onto the balls of his feet. “That’s it. Suck me. Take my cock into that hot little mouth of yours.”

I continued teasing him, sliding just the tip of my tongue up and down the underside of his cock. Finally, I stroked the base as I rolled my tongue around his thick balls. When I took one of them into my mouth, he let out an exaggerated breath, his legs shaking.

“God, your mouth is so…hot.” His accent was far too enticing, filling my head with truly wicked thoughts. I did enjoy sucking a man and having three at the same time was nothing more than a fabulous feast.

I dragged my tongue back up his shaft, rolling the tip around his bulbous head. When I placed just his cockhead inside my mouth, sucking, I was rewarded with a few sweet pearl beads. The taste was incredible, the scent of him so exotic.

“More. Take me down, Carina,” Aleksandr instructed, his grip becoming even firmer.

I obeyed, relaxing my throat and gazing into his eyes. His body continued to shake, his muscles straining. He took full control, sliding his cock in an inch at a time. When the tip hit the back of my throat, I fought to keep from choking. He was so huge, filling my entire mouth.

He fucked me, jutting his hips forward and backward. “That’s it. So good. So damn good.” He tossed his head back and forth, and I could tell he was struggling to hold back.

I rolled my tongue continuously, keeping one hand on the base.

Issuing a low-slung growl, he pushed my head back, breaking the connection and swearing in his native language. “Damn. You could make me come so easily.”

Purring, I moved to Damien’s cock, wrapping my hand around his shaft and drawing a circle around my mouth with the tip.

He kept his hands on his hips, staring down at me like the true animal he was. Everything about him screamed power, the kind of man who was volatile and used to getting his way.

Being in control.

His mouth was slack as he watched me, his pupils dilated given his level of hunger. As his chest rose and fell, a slight growl slipped past his lips. A reminder that he was carnal in nature.

I took my time sliding my lips up and down his shaft, darting my tongue out every so often. When I reached his balls, I blew across them, inhaling their all male fragrance. God, the man was built, so powerful in every manner.

Damien intertwined his fingers in my hair, tugging just enough to keep me in place. He remained silent as I teased, finally taking his cock into my mouth. I moved up and down on his cock, enjoying the thick veins pulsing on his shaft. His grip became firmer, his breathing more ragged and I took more of him inside.

“God, I want to be inside of you. I’m going to fuck you so damn hard,” Damien struggled to say, every word skipping.

After pulling his cock all the way out of my mouth, I licked my lips, issuing a series of husky purrs. I noticed Ruger stood off to the side, stroking the base of his cock in a seductive manner, but his patience was wearing thin.

I crawled ever so slowly toward him, sliding my hands up along the insides of his legs.

“Do you see something you hunger for, little woman?” he asked so casually, as if we had all the time in the world, but I knew better. All three men would devour me soon enough.

“Very much so.” I brushed my cheek against his thigh, rubbing up and down in catlike actions. Reaching up, I fingered his cock, rolling the tip around in lazy circles. Then I sat between his legs, able to look up at the underside of his cock, his glorious balls hanging in my face. They were far too tempting to resist. I licked around both sacs, darting my tongue back and forth.

“Such a freaking tease,” he mumbled.

I sucked on one and the other, still rolling my tongue as I savored the moment. As his legs began to shake, I shifted my attention to his glorious cock, dragging my tongue along the underside, finally crawling around to face him.

He didn’t bother waiting for his turn, merely lifting me under the arms and tossing me over his shoulder. As he took long strides toward the kitchen table, there was no thought from either of them whether the camera would be able to catch the play by play.

His actions barbaric, he eased me down on the table, yanking me until my ass was exactly to the edge. His eyes never leaving me, he yanked the hardback chair into position, pushing my legs up and out. Still unhappy with the location, he dragged me down ever further then lowered his head, making growling noises as he licked up and down my slickened pussy.

The vehemence of his actions dragged every concept of breath from my body and I struggled to keep my position as he ate me in a ferocious manner. I stared up at the ceiling, taking deep breaths as stars and shimmers of light flashed across my eyes.

“Oh, yes. Oh…” I jerked up from the table the second he thrust all four fingers deep inside. This wasn’t about romance in any manner just taking and fucking me like the crazed men they truly were.

Ruger plunged long and hard into my pussy, flexing his fingers open as he licked around my clit, sucking and nipping until the tender tissue was ultra-sensitive.

And he refused to stop.

“Oh. I…” Laughing, I slapped my hand across my mouth as the electricity soared, so intense that my toes curled. He angled his fingers, hitting the perfect spot and I almost lost it. When he drew back, yanking me down from the precipice, I slapped my hand on the table. “Please let me come. God, please!”

“In time,” he said, growling again.

Oh, my God. He was teaching me a lesson. I wasn’t going to be able to take it.

Ruger licked up and down, darting his tongue beside his fingers, the perfect orchestration was just about all I could stand.

I couldn’t believe my body was reacting with so much ferocity, betraying me in every manner. There was no holding back, no way I could fight the roar as a climax neared.

Ruger drew back completely, removing his fingers and tongue, licking his lips in an exaggerated fashion. “Pain before pleasure.”

“What? What?” I heard the demanding tone and this time, I was rewarded for my insolence by hard smacks against my pussy.

He cracked three fingers across over and over again, the sting one of the most incredible sensations I’d ever felt.

I opened my mouth in a silent scream, my fingers digging into my legs as I attempted to keep them in position. “Please let me come. Please.” I was babbling like a bad schoolgirl, begging for a treat. And I would continue begging.

Ruger swirled the tip of his finger around my clit before lowering his head, blowing across my pussy. “So beautiful when you plead for something. I’ll keep that in mind.”

There was something about his words, the way he said them that sparked a memory. Where? I held my breath, trying to figure it out, losing every concept as he buried his face once again, wiggling back and forth and growling like a wild beast.

I struggled to hold on, slapping my fingers on the table. My entire body was shaking, my mind reeling and my heart beating so fast. Just then, two sets of hands yanked my arms over my head. I looked up in awe at the other two, their powerful hold, knowing they would take their turn in another manner.

Fingers pinched my nipples, twisting and pulling. I gasped for air, struggling to focus as the combination became a firestorm of heat consuming every inch of my body.

“You come only when I say you can,” Ruger instructed, his garbled voice barely registering in my ears.

Suddenly I wanted to obey, would do anything to do so if only he’d allow me to come. “Yes. Yes. Yes. I mean…” I lolled my head, blinking as the pain in my hardened buds kept pinpricks of heat dancing up and down my body.

Another volley of fingers smacking my pussy lips was almost all I could take. “I can’t hold… Please let me!”

Ruger thrust his fingers inside, pumping in a crazed manner, his eyes glued to mine. “Are you ready?”

“Yes. Please just yes!”

“Then… come for me. Come!”

I was shattered, my body rocking as Damien and Aleks continued twisting my bruised nipples. The climax raced through me, shooting into my legs and rocketing into my pussy. My body jerked involuntarily as the orgasm stole my breath.

“Oh… Fuck. I…” I heard my bedraggled scream floating toward the ceiling, one climax turning into a massive wave crashing into me.

There was no moment of resting, no time to adjust or think clearly. I was blinded with rapture even as strong arms dragged me from the table. Within seconds I was shoved against the wall, and lifted into the air, muscular legs holding my legs wide open.

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