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Hunted and Claimed: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Riley slept with the same damn erotic dream that seemed to claim her more nights than not. That one encounter with Cameron had obviously made a bigger impression on her than she thought. In her dream he was wrapped around her, his arm draped around her middle and spooned closely along her back, his hard cock nudging her backside.

As she started to wake, she realized that the physical sensations she thought were just the dream were instead quite real. And that the man about whom she had dreamt was once again sharing a bed with her. His scent was composed of alfalfa, the Texas sky, leather, and whiskey. Those had always comprised his scent before. Now there was an added spicy note she didn’t recognize until she really focused on it… fresh ginger. She lay still feigning sleep and listening to the sound of Cameron’s breathing. It was strong, deep, and rhythmic. Riley tried to ease her way out of the bed.

The arm that had been so casually draped over her middle clasped around her waist like a vise, slamming her back into his muscular body.

“Don’t,” he seethed. “I’m tired, I’m horny, and I’m really pissed. And you, little wolf, are caught.”

“No!” she cried, bringing her head back into his and trying to wrench his arm from around her waist.

She’d felt the back of her head connect with his nose in a most satisfying manner, but it didn’t seem to be enough to cause him to lose his hold on her. He rolled away, pulling her onto her back and then rolled back, trapping her beneath him.

“You, my naughty mate, had best knock it off. I’m in no mood to deal with any more of your bullshit.”

“Have you hurt her?”

“Who?” Cameron asked in confusion.

“Margaret. She isn’t one of us. I swear if you harmed her…”

“Jesus, Riley, what kind of bastard do you take me for? Of course I haven’t hurt her. Nor did the alpha in Marseilles do anything to his mother. She is under lock and key for a while as will you be when I get you home.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Riley renewed her struggles but found it impossible to get away from him.

“Get off me!” she shouted.

“No. You quit fighting me and yelling. If I were you, I’d be looking for a way to put my mate in a much better mood than he’s been in for the past several months. You’ve had everybody and their brother worried about you.”

“Why? Because I wouldn’t follow your rules? Follow tradition and just be a good little she-wolf? That is such bullshit, Cameron. I don’t want you. Find another.”

Cameron growled at her quietly but seductively. She saw him watch as her entire body shivered in response.

“Because you have been in constant danger. I wasn’t the only one hunting you. And the others intend to do you far more harm than I do.”

“So, you admit you are going to harm me.”

Cameron rumbled at her again. “I do indeed. You gave me far too long to plan exactly what I mean to do to punish you for this foolishness. But before I harm that pretty backside of yours, I plan to ease the almost continual hard-on I’ve had since you left.”

“No. I won’t let you.”

“You’ll find it impossible to stop me, but I intend to get your agreement before I do so and I will mark you as I claim you tonight.”

“You plan to do that here?”

“No, I plan to take you back to Marco’s where you and your whole little band of she-wolves are going to tell us everything you know.”

“I won’t go with you,” said Riley. “You’ll find it impossible to get me in and out of an airport.”

“Luckily, I won’t need one. I have Jean-Michel’s plane at my disposal. We will fly under the radar from here to Marco’s private airstrip. Once at the villa you will take your vows in front of your brother and Liam who is flying in just for the occasion. And then, mate, I will take you upstairs to mark and claim you.”

“I won’t agree. You’ll never be able to make me submit.”

Cameron’s laugh was harsh and unrelenting.

“Trust me, Irish, about the third or fourth time you feel me lay my belt across your naked backside, you’ll do just about anything to get me to stop.”

“I hate you.”

“No, you hate that you got bested. Seeing as how your nipples are hard, my guess is your clit is also swollen and ready for some pleasure and I’ll bet that sweet pussy of yours is just dripping with need. It’ll be more so by the time I get around to using it.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, suddenly growing apprehensive.

“What do I mean? You don’t honestly think we’re leaving here without me putting you over my knee and turning your pretty backside a vivid shade of red, do you? Come on, Riley, you’re smarter than that.”

“No, Cameron.”

He sat up and pulled her across his corded, naked thighs. She too had worn nothing to sleep in and could feel his cock surging up against her belly.

“I probably shouldn’t, but I have to tell you, I’m going to enjoy this.”

Cameron lifted his hand and brought it crashing down on Riley’s rump. She yowled in pain and humiliation. He quickly set up a strong, powerful rhythm of swats all over both of her cheeks. He ensured they were throbbing before he moved down to her sit-spots and the backs of her thighs.

Riley fought and tried to get away from him, but he had her completely under his control and was bound and determined to give her the worst spanking of her life. Over and over his hand caught her bare flesh and inflicted another stinging blow to it. She begged him to stop, but it did nothing to even slow him down.

She began to cry tears of pain now mixed with remorse.

“Cameron, please stop. I’m sorry. Please.”

He stopped his hand mid-swing. “Why should I?”

“Because I’m sorry. I can’t take any more. Please stop.”

Cameron stood up, helping her to her feet. He had her red mane fisted in his hand but held her away from him. He wanted a good look at her. He growled low, enjoying her body’s response to his call. Her backside may have been red from his discipline, but her body was flushed with desire. Her nipples were swollen and hard.

Cameron slipped his other hand between her legs and rubbed her engorged clit.

Riley could not suppress the moan that escaped her lips. She tried to wiggle away from his hand as he tugged on her clit, drawing her closer to him, before reaching further still to trace his finger along the lines of her labia before parting it to feel how wet she was.

As he growled again, she could feel her saturated sheath pulse and gush more of her own lubricant onto his fingers.

Cameron drew her close and captured her mouth with his. He thrust his tongue past her teeth and tasted the deepest recesses of her mouth. She only managed a token resistance before succumbing to her own need.

Riley pressed herself against him and reached up to cradle his face in her hands as she kissed him back, allowing her tongue to duel with his. She felt him turn and press her backwards onto the bed. She hissed as her now very swollen and painful backside made connection with the bed.

“Cameron, that hurts,” she whispered, not sure whether she wanted him to stop or not.

“Only for a moment,” he said.

He placed a pillow under her bottom, which did lessen her discomfort. His mouth finally released hers, only to latch onto one of her nipples and suck, drawing it and her areola into his mouth where he swirled his tongue around both before focusing his attention on the distended bead in its center.

She inhaled sharply and the exhale came out as a growl of passion and need. Riley knew she had lost this battle to him. She no longer had the will to fight him. All she wanted was for him to claim her as his own and ease the ache that had taken up residence deep in her core.

Cameron moved his mouth from one breast to the other, but brought his free hand up to play with the one that had been enjoying the pleasure he could create orally. When he finally left her other nipple, he brought his other hand up to continue to fondle and caress. Riley felt him kiss his way down her torso, licking and nipping her belly button before wedging his shoulders between her thighs.

She felt herself opening to him as his mouth took possession of her clit and began to suck. Riley howled as she climaxed. Cameron’s answering growl caused her need to grow instead of abate as the orgasm began to fade. He licked and sucked her nubbin and then moved lower. She could feel her pussy continuing to pulse, both from the pleasure he had given her and that which she knew still awaited.

His tongue invaded her pussy and she felt her core release more of her honey for him to lap and enjoy.

“Jesus, you taste good.”

“Cameron, please…”

“Cameron, please what?”

“Claim me.”

“Not until you have taken your vows.”

“Fine, what do you want me to say?”

He chuckled but turned the chuckle to another sensual growl and continued to lap up her essence as she teetered on the edge of another orgasm.

“You don’t get to take your vows until you do so in front of your brother and Liam. Then and only then will I mark and claim you fully.”

“No,” she wailed in desperation.

“Yes,” he whispered as he moved back up her body, kissing and licking. “I would be willing to ride you long and hard if that’s what you want, but only if you ask me nice.”

“Mother fucker,” she hissed.

“Not nice, Riley,” he said as he swatted the swollen lips between her legs, causing her to howl again but this time not with pleasure. “Try again.”

“I hate you.”

Another hard swat as she began to fight anew. He landed a third strike on her pussy, saying, “Enough.”

“Cameron,” she wailed.

“Ask me nice, Riley. Show me you can be a sweet mate when you try.”

“Please, Cameron, fuck me.”

He settled himself between her thighs. “We’ll have to work on teaching you to ask nice, but I’ll settle for that this time.”

As he spoke, he cupped her sore buttocks in his strong hands and steadied her as he thrust himself to his hilt into her writhing pussy, which accepted his possession by climaxing and causing Riley to wrap her arms around him and arch her body up into his to offer him even deeper penetration.

“Yes,” she cried.

Cameron began pounding her pussy for all he was worth. Hard stroke after hard stroke as he withdrew almost completely before driving back into her. Each time she bowed her body to allow him better access to her core and reveled in his power. She began to nip at his collarbone in a desperate act of need and response to his dominance.

He rode her through another climax without slowing his pummeling. As he felt her body start to work toward another orgasm, he allowed his own release to start. He could feel it rushing up as he began to spurt thick ropes of his cum into her grasping pussy.

Riley raked his back with her nails in response to her primal need for this man and his ability to make her respond to him with such passion and fury. She felt his cock beginning to slow its release of his seed deep within her and felt her pussy pulsing all along its length to milk the very last drop.

When he’d finally finished and he began to soften within her, she opened her eyes to see him staring down at her. He kissed her lazily but with intense emotion.

“And that, my beautiful mate, is how it should have been the first time for you with a wolf.”

“You remember that?” she asked softly.

“I have forgotten nothing about you, Riley. You are my fated mate and you will damn well admit it by the next time I sink my cock into you.”

Cameron uncoupled from her and got up, pulling on his jeans, boots, and a sweater. He handed her clean clothes from her duffle and put the dirty ones away. He offered her his hand as he helped her up from the bed. As she started to the bath, his hand clasped more firmly around hers.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“I’m going to go take a quick shower. I don’t need to be getting on a plane and showing up at Marco’s or seeing my brother smelling like I just had sex with you. I’m sure whoever is on the plane would appreciate my having a shower as well.”

Cameron laughed. “If you are laboring under the impression that people are not going to know that I fucked my mate good and proper after she received a well-deserved spanking, you are kidding yourself. I rather imagine the men I had stationed around this house heard some of your responses, both to the spanking and to the lovemaking. And having one’s naughty mate smell of having been possessed by him is also a time-honored tradition. Get dressed. I want to get you to Marco’s villa, get you to say your vows, and then take you up to our room to claim and mark you completely.”

Riley blushed. It had never occurred to her that anyone would have heard them.

“I hate you,” she screeched as she tried to claw his face.

Cameron brought her into his arms and kissed her until she ceased to struggle.

“No. You don’t.”

“How can you say you care for me and humiliate me this way?”

“Humiliate you? Interesting you should ask that. How do you think I felt when my mate went missing right after the first time we were together? Do you think that feeling improved any as I chased you all over Europe trying to keep you from getting yourself killed? Or how about in Florence when twice you evaded getting caught. Think that didn’t humiliate me in front of our pack… in front of other packs? No. You need a little humbling, Irish, and it starts now.”

“So, this is just payback because I embarrassed you?”

“No, this is an alpha wolf claiming his alpha fated mate because she is too proud and stubborn to yield to him. Not to worry, those who matter to me know what a pain in the ass you’ve been and frankly will take a little delight in seeing you hoisted on your own petard. Now, get your ass in gear or I swear you can enter the DeMedici villa in the same state Marco brought Catherine home.”

Riley said nothing as she had never heard anything about that.

Cameron smiled. “Marco had her wrapped naked in a bedsheet, slung over his shoulder with a freshly spanked bottom and her pussy dripping his seed.”

“And the lot of you wonder why we don’t just make nice when you try to lay claim to us.”

“No, sweetheart, actually I’ve come to agree that the best mates are those an alpha has to fight for. So, you fight all you want. Just remember I am your alpha and your fated mate and I will win… each and every time.”

Riley took another swing at him as she kicked his shin.

“Jesus. You ill-tempered she-wolf.”

He sat back down on the bed and once again, pulled her over his knee. He laid into her with hard, staccato strikes of his hand. Riley yowled as he reignited the heat and sting on her rump. Once he’d reached whatever predetermined number he’d decided upon, he stopped. He held her in place and when she tried to get up, he swatted her three more times.

He waited to see if she would stay where he put her. This time she did. He chuckled. She wouldn’t stay still for long. Cameron leaned over to the small nightstand beside the bed. Riley now saw the source of the ginger smell. He was picking up what looked to be a small, fresh finger of the root. Cameron dug in his pocket and pulled out a Swiss Army knife. He made small scores in the ginger.

“You, my mate, are going to get your first taste of a different kind of punishment.”

Riley was a chef and knew full well what happened if you got fresh ginger juice in a cut.

Cameron reached between her legs and scooped out some of her pussy’s liquid essence. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, making her moan as he withdrew. She inhaled her breath sharply as he took his now well-lubricated index finger and probed her puckered rosebud.

“No, Cameron, don’t touch me there.”

“Yes, Riley. Naughty little she-wolves learn that their mates are creative in the ways that they discipline them. It’s been said that even the haughtiest of alpha females quickly acquiesce to their mate’s authority with a bit of scored ginger up their bottom hole. My guess is you’ll be no different.”

Riley began to struggle in earnest and Cameron held her legs apart and alternated swatting her deep red backside and her very wet pussy.

She howled in outrage, shame, and pain.

He stopped swatting and began to pump his fingers in and out of her pussy, making her give over to her aroused state. As she began to climax from his attentions with her mind focused on what he was doing to her pussy, Cameron deftly pushed the fresh ginger in her dark entrance.

“No,” she wailed.

“Yes, Riley. Once I think it’s served its purpose, and you’re feeling the sting as well as the discomfort of having your ass plugged for the first time, I’ll finger you until you come and then I’ll remove the ginger. If I get no more resistance from you, I’ll let you get dressed. Keep up this caterwauling and struggle of yours, and you can keep the ginger in your ass until we get to Marco’s. I have to tell you, little wolf, that’s a long time to be letting that ginger work on your attitude.”

“Please, Cameron, take it out.”

“You want to show me you can behave and take your punishment?”

“Yes,” she said, starting to cry. “Cameron, please.”

Cameron watched as the ginger did its work. Riley’s butt cheeks clinched and she writhed over his lap seeking some kind of relief from the ever-increasing burn. He didn’t fuss at her as he could tell she was only trying to soothe her own discomfort and not get away from the punishment itself.

“Good girl,” he crooned as once again his hands stole between her legs.

He began to gently stroke her well lubricated pussy, and then stroke with more vigor. Riley’s whole body was now pulsing with need for him. He increased the speed of his fingers as he growled lowly at her, watching her body shudder with need. Her voice caught and the sounds that she was making now made him smile as they indicated she had given up the fight.

Riley climaxed calling his name.

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