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Hunted by the Wolf: A Dark Shifter Romance by Raven Willow – Extended Preview

Her boots trampled loudly through the crunching leaves, giving away her every movement to the creature. The icy fear prickled down her back, motivating her to move faster. No clue where she was going, she zigzagged through the trees, just barely missing the thick branches above her head.

The thing was gaining on her. Violet swore she felt the prick of one claw touching her hair. Her braid came undone, her glasses having fallen off her face, and she was only armed with a useless walkie. She frantically searched her pockets for her phone, but that was gone too.

Fuck. It must have been lost in the mad dash.

Now her blurry vision was hindering her escape. Her lungs screamed as she tried to catch her breath quietly in some thick brush. In the moonlight, she saw the massive creature skid to a stop, lifting its snout to sniff the air.

He was horrifying and looked just like a wolf. But more rabid, with thick black fur and crazed eyes. He didn’t have paws. She counted five huge claws digging into the ground. Its snout curled back, exposing white shiny teeth. Suddenly, it was on two feet, raising its huge head to the sky. The howl pierced through her eardrums. When she moved to cover her ears, her hiding place rustled, giving herself away.

Violet bit the inside of her cheek, praying he would just make it fast. A single tear descended her cheek when her hiding place was literally ripped from its roots. Staring back at her was exactly what they had been hunting, only now it had hunted her.

Violet did the only thing she could think of and threw dirt in his face. He backed up, wiping his eyes long enough for Violet to scamper away. But she didn’t see the log on the ground, and it sent her flying forward in pain.

Two huge fur-covered hands caged her to the ground from behind. The warm body of the creature pressed himself against her back. Its breath was hot on the back of her neck as it panted.

Violet took a deep breath as its cold, wet nose trailed from her neck, down her back until it reached just above her ass. Once it reached her hip, he nudged her to lie on her back, facing him.

I have to watch my death happen. Her body stiffened, trapped under the… strangely expressive beast. Its head tilted before bending to sniff the crook of her neck. Pushing her hands against him, Violet dared to open her mouth.

“No. Go away!” she ordered him as if he were a dog. Violet chided herself, like that would have worked.

He raised himself up, as if he heard her. But he exposed his teeth again and grabbed at her coat. Too afraid to fight him, she allowed him to pull it off her with surprising gentleness.

Violet was left in her jeans and long-sleeved shirt, but it did little to keep her warm. He ignored her protests and inhaled her scent as he traveled down her shivering body, stilling when he reached between her legs. Violet raised her hands, in some feeble attempt to prove she wouldn’t hurt him.

He seemed to notice her trembling, and his long tongue lolled out of his mouth, finding a sliver of skin beneath her shirt. He dragged the fabric up, exposing her stomach. When Violet tried to cover it, the creature growled.

“Easy, easy!”

Her voice seemed to calm him, until he shuddered in pain while squeezing his eyes shut. The creature dragged himself away from her, limping. Was he hurt?

Violet sat up slowly, knowing she could seize her chance to run, but instinct kept her in place out of concern for him.

The matted fur receded back into its flesh, which pinked up to human skin. The hind legs curled back, the joints cracking so loudly that Violet cringed.

The fur turned into mid-length hair of the same color, with rippling back muscles. Two biceps exposed themselves where the front legs had been. Veiny forearms became large, callused hands and before her was simply a man.

He turned to Violet, panting with sunken eyes and an exhausted but hungry expression. Her scream turned to dust in her throat.

The man-creature, whatever he was, strode toward her, but Violet backed away.

“What are you?”

The man breathed in the air around them. “Yours.”

Violet stepped back as he caged her against a tree. The change had left a heavy pelt around his shoulders, which he peeled from himself and wrapped around her.

“Mine,” he hissed as he hoisted her in the air.

“No! Put me down!” Violet struggled in his immense arms. He settled on his knees while she tried extracting herself from the warmth of the pelt. All he seemed to want was to stare at her.

“I have the loveliest mate.” His groan slithered beneath her skin, settling between her legs.

“What?” Violet covered herself with the pelt.

“Shh. I won’t hurt you.” He laid her gently on the grass, keeping the pelt wrapped around her. “I would never hurt you.” One hand toyed with the remnants of her braid, undoing the rest. The other trailed from her temple, down her cheek. “You cut yourself, mate.”

Violet took in the stranger. Thick stubble tickled her cheek as he bent down to kiss the wound. His eyes were brown now, with prominent cheekbones below them. His lips pressed in a thin line, as if holding himself back.

“What are you?” Violet shook beneath him, but she wasn’t sure if it was the cold, or the man studying her as if she were the first meal he’d had in ages.

“You will find out soon, sweet mate. Let me look at you.” His warm hands moved up her shirt as his fingertips slipped beneath the hard wire of her bra.

“This isn’t real. I’m dreaming.” Violet shook her head.

“I am afraid not. What you came to hunt has hunted you down, little one.”

“I-I didn’t want to! I told them to leave you alone, I swear!”

Not a lie. For each time Charlie bragged about wanting to kill the monster, Violet chastised him for it, citing the cruelty.

Had this been some form of retaliation?

“It’s alright, princess. I have you now. You’re safe with me.” The stranger soothed her as he dragged his mouth hungrily down her slender throat. He smelled like the ocean, pure and clean.

Violet couldn’t resist feeling the corded muscles of his arms. He took one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist, running his large hand over her thigh. So warm, even through her jeans. Her body shamefully responded by arching into him.

“What are you doing?” she sighed.

“Proving my adoration to my female.”

Her head snapped up, and she attempted to back away to no avail.

“My friends will come looking for me.” Violet avoided his lips, but he followed every which way she turned her head. The warmth of his body proved too difficult to abandon.

“No, they won’t. You ran too far. And you will not leave this spot.”

Violet squinted in the darkness as he allowed her to slightly sit up, only to lay her back onto her tummy. She could no longer hear passing cars or the sounds of the small town.

“Not until I’ve well and truly claimed you as mine.”

His face pressed in the center of her back. Against her better judgment, she pushed her ass into him, desperate for his heat.

“Careful, girl, my control is at its last resolve.”

He behaved like a wild animal, taking in her scent wherever he could, snapping his teeth when she resisted him.

“Your name, I need to know your name.”

“Why?” Violet bit her lip.

“Is it not customary for humans to know the name of the person you are about to share your pleasure with?”

Violet’s jaw snapped open. Christ, this was real.

“I’m not what you think I am. You have to let me go before my friends find me and expose you!”

“Not before I run off with you in my arms.” The man settled himself fully atop her. His weight was almost comforting. “Your hair is beautiful. I wonder what it’ll look like wrapped in my hand.”

With that, he wound her curls in his fist, pulling slightly. A wanton moan escaped Violet’s lips.

“I said I want your name. Now.” His breath blew against her cheek as he gave a gentle warning tug on her hair.

“Violet! It’s Violet Batten!” She drew in a sharp gasp, pressing her thighs together.

The man groaned as something hard poked into her backside.

“What is your name?” Violet squeaked as he rubbed his entire body over her, nipping exposed skin where he could find it.

“Jack is the name I use to integrate into society. But you will call me Fenrir.” He pressed his nose into her hair.

“Fenrir. The Norse wolf. The gods believed he would bring the end of the world.”

A surprised hum followed. “My mate is well read. But you have nothing to fear from me. I will bring you only happiness. And pleasure.”

Fenrir moved down her back. One hand crashed, swatting her on the ass.

Violet cried out, glaring back at him.

“Just testing my new mate’s tolerance for a spanking. Though I doubt you will need many. You seem like a sweet, pliant little thing.”

Violet shut her eyes, whimpering as he eased her shirt above her head to leave her in her bralette.

“Beautiful…” Fenrir made his way to her jeans. She instinctively lifted her hips to help him peel them from her legs.

Once the cold hit her skin, she wanted him on top of her again.

“You’ll know no other man by the time I’m through with you tonight, Violet. You are mine now.” Fenrir helped her up so they both knelt on the pelt. Bathed in the moonlight, she looked down to see his hands splayed over her belly while he nipped at her earlobe. Of course, the moon was full.

The material of her bra was ripped straight down, but she no longer cared. Her panties were torn from her as well, and then she was as naked as he was.

The stranger was pinching her taut nipples, and Violet hissed through her teeth. God, what if the group stumbled on them like this? Now she hoped they were miles from civilization. Anything to keep her here with him. His hands roughly caressed any inch of flesh they could find, almost painfully squeezing her breasts. When she flinched, he pressed a tender kiss to her temple, as if to apologize.

One hand trailed down her wrist, feeling her pulse. “Breathe, mate. Let me care for you.”

Fenrir had her flipped over back onto the pelt in one swift motion. He loomed over the sighing woman when she shyly downcast her eyes. He took her chin, forcing her to hold his gaze. A female always looked her mate in the eye.

“Never look away from me.”

Fenrir fisted his length, pumping to relieve the pressure building. The woman’s legs spread under the gentle weight of his hands, ready to receive him.

In a swift thrust, he surged inside of her to the sound of their collective groans. He filled her to the hilt, refusing to move while she adjusted to his size.

A flutter of curses escaped her lips as she raked her hands over the wiry hair on his chest.

“Good girl…”

Fenrir grunted as he withdrew, but her legs wrapping around his waist prevented him from going any farther.

“Nonononono…” The mantra filled his ears, pleasing him.

“I make the rules here, Violet. Submit.”

His throaty command prompted her obedience, and she pouted as she allowed him to thrust again, this time harder.

Her head threw back as he hit the special place in her core. If Fenrir concentrated hard enough, he could hear her accelerating heartbeat.

The little razorblades at the ends of her fingertips found their way to his back, punishing his flesh. If only he could bring himself to care.

She was finding her pleasure and enjoying his body.

And his cock.

Violet’s body was something he could have only conjured up in dreams. She was soft and creamy where he was hard and rough.

A pained squeal erupted beneath him, and he ceased his movements. Her hand had slipped between them, keeping his hardened muscles from digging into her hips too painfully. Her pretty tattoo was almost perfectly parallel to a scar on his hip. Did she have tattoos anywhere else?

Only one way to find out.

Fenrir sat up on his haunches. This proved a much better position, as each bounce of her breasts urged him further.

He took hold of her hips as he mated her, unrelenting and punishing. Her myriad moans and curses became music to his ears. How cute she was as she encouraged him to take her harder.

Violet attempted to sit up and draw him in closer to her.

Fenrir wrapped a hand around her delicate throat, applying slight pressure.

“I said submit,” Fenrir growled.

She bit her bottom lip hard. Too hard.

“Fuck,” Fenrir snarled as he laid himself atop her again to free her poor plump lip, crashing his mouth against hers. The rich taste of his mate’s blood coursed down his throat. The rut was unstoppable now.

Violet’s small hands ran over his long hair, which she pulled in desperation.

Now she’s just teasing.

With his teeth bared, he hiked one thigh over his waist, enough to expose her buttock. Fenrir delivered several slaps to the plump globe. He loved the satisfying echo it made throughout the trees.

She yelped against his lips, and a gush of arousal soaked his cock.

She likes it rough.

“And here I thought you were a shy little female.”

Violet wordlessly begged for more, grinding her pussy against him. How long had it been since she had been with a man? Not that he was complaining about her ravenousness.

“Up.” Fenrir hoisted her into his arms, guiding her to hold onto him tight as he fucked her in midair.

Her wild hair flailed uncontrollably as she screamed for his cock. She had bruised his shoulders for sure; mere child’s play compared to what was about to be on her body.

“Yes! Yesss!” she cried as she held on to him for dear life. Her grip loosened, signaling how much Fenrir had tired her out.

Seizing his chance, he pinned her down again, savagely taking what he now knew would always be his.

“There’s a good girl.”

Fenrir caressed her face, and she sucked his thumb into her hot little mouth. The sensation went straight to his throbbing dick. Once she bit down, her fate was sealed.

His heavy sac tightened, and he arched his back, preparing himself. Fenrir’s teeth protruded from his gums. Violet noticed the pearly white gleams, yet exposed her throat in response. As if she knew what was to come.

With a triumphant roar, his seed painted her inner walls while his teeth sank deep into her shoulder. Violet’s body stiffened as she clamped down on his member. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. The pain she surely felt sent a wave of guilt to him; she would never, ever be in pain under his care again.

Fenrir shuddered as he spent every last bit of himself, unclamping his teeth and licking to seal the wound.

As she came down from her orgasm, she finally released his finger.

“You will never know another man ever again, my Violet. You’re mine now.”

Her tiny whimpers tugged at his heart as he unwillingly pulled out and let her go. She was actually holding her arms out for him.

“Don’t go. Please…” Seeming to come back to herself, she shivered from the cold and the noises of night scavengers. Every tiny crunch of a leaf made her jump.

“Never. You need sleep. I’ll watch over you.”

Fully wrapping her in his pelt in sleeping bag-like fashion, he pressed a claiming kiss to her forehead. She smelled of him now, just the way he wanted it.

“I can keep you safe, Violet.”

With one last kiss, he watched intently as she drifted off to sleep, comfortably wrapped in his scent.

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