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Hunted and Caught by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Hunted and CaughtUnable to tear his gaze away from the beautifully pink flesh of Rena’s freshly spanked buttocks, Riks felt his cock rise. He looked up and down the woman’s curvy body, not sure what it was about her that was making him react this way. She was beautiful, but it was more than just her appearance that was making him feel like he hadn’t felt in at least a dozen cycles. Her spirit seemed unbreakable and the temper that went with it begged for the strict discipline of a man’s heavy hand. His heavy hand.

The scent of her arousal rose from between her legs and Riks looked there to see that her undergarments, skimpy as they were, were soaked in her juices. Clearly, her feelings about his discipline mirrored his own. He turned his head slightly and saw from the corner of his eye that Jayne was still standing outside the cage, staring in disbelief at what had just happened. Still holding Rena firmly on his knee, he turned so he could see Jayne fully.

“I told you not to get too close,” he growled. He never should have let her talk to the woman.

“I… I’m sorry… I just… she seemed so sad…” Jayne said, thick tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Riks melted a little at the sight of them. She was always doing that.

“Never mind. Go get the doc. He’s waiting at the ramp. Tell those grunts to get up here too. We might need extra hands to hold her down.”

Jayne nodded then scurried away, leaving Riks to turn back to the half-naked woman he was holding over his knee. He felt her squirm, but a firm press of his palm on her back made it clear that there was no hope of escape. He turned his attention back to the area in between her legs. Putting a large hand on her rear, he pulled the cheek slightly aside, revealing the tiniest hint of the girl’s soft pink folds peeking out from behind her soaked underthings.

Riks felt his cock flex with desire. He shook his head, trying to clear it of the image he’d conjured of claiming the woman as his own. She was his ticket out of debt. He could pay his crew and find another woman to plunder another day. That’s how he had to think of her. She was nothing more than easy money.

As much as his mind wanted to think so, his body didn’t feel the same way.

“Enjoying yourself back there?” The sound of her voice shattered his daydream and brought him back into reality. He couldn’t help but grin at the question.

“Not as much as you are,” he said, his lips spreading into a smile. The comment was met with a tense silence. Riks wondered what she was thinking.

“Let me up. I won’t fight. I promise. Just let me up. Please.”

Something in her voice was impossible to ignore. She seemed flustered, embarrassed almost. It was no matter. The doc would be there soon anyway.

Rena tried to hide her face as she pulled up the pants of her flight suit. She could see Riks standing at the entrance to the cage, blocking the entirety of the opening with his giant body. She’d never once in her life felt the way she did now. He’d obviously seen the wetness between her legs, seen the way her body reacted to his admonishment. Nothing had ever made her more ashamed than being so out of control and so exposed in front of a man. It wasn’t that she was a prude. It was that normally she was the one who called the shots.

“What now?” she asked casually, turning fully toward him. “I suppose you’re mad at me? For trying to escape?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he answered. Movement at the door caught her eye. A man in a long white coat, along with a woman dressed in white entered the room and stood a few feet in front of the cage. A few moments later the grunts came in, followed by Jayne, who was looking down at the floor. Rena scowled as she watched the way the four men eyed Jayne’s slender body. It couldn’t be fun for her, working on a ship like this.

“What’s going on?” Rena asked, turning to Riks and trying to hide the trepidation in her voice.

“Like I said,” Riks replied, “you’re to be examined. To see if you’re fit for the journey.”

Rena stiffened. She held her back straight, trying to look as nonchalant as possible in light of what was about to happen. She knew she’d have little choice in the matter. Once again, the ache between her legs began to throb.

“I told you,” she said, leveling her gaze at Riks. “I’m not sick. There’s no need for this.”

He looked at her squarely, his expression leaving little room for argument. “I told you. I’m not leaving this to chance.”

Rena watched, helpless as the four grunts scurried into the cage, surrounding Riks. She knew they meant to restrain her, and she wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

The first of them was sent sailing and crashing against the hard bars of the steel cage before Riks got his hands on her again. She winced in pain as he twisted her wrists behind her back, leaving just enough space between them to let another grunt take her hands. The dirty man held them behind her back as she squirmed, unable to move.

“The sooner you relax, the sooner this will be over,” she heard Riks growl. She knew he was right but it didn’t make it any easier to accept what was going to happen.

“You’ll have to remove her clothes. I’ll need full access to her body,” she heard a man’s voice saying and she assumed it was the man in the white coat. She felt her pants being tugged at once more, felt hands pulling at the top of her flight suit. She tried to wrestle but by now more hands held her fast and in position. Her top was pulled off and her breasts tumbled out. A moment later her panties were removed and she was completely naked in the cage. Embarrassment flooded through her body as she faced the wall, unable to turn around and face her captors.

“We will need a table. I can’t examine her without a table.” The voice seemed to be the doctor’s once again. Rena tried to look back to see what the commotion was behind her but she soon felt a man’s hand, most likely Riks from the feel of it, pulling her hair taut so that she couldn’t move her head. She was pulled to one side of the cage, held firmly by many hands until she heard the scraping of metal on metal. She strained to see what was being dragged in and only once it was within her field of vision did she realize it was a metal table that had been pushed inside the enclosure and up to the far wall. “Get her on top of it,” she heard the doctor say right before more hands gripped her body and lifted her into the air. Then she was on her back; the ache and moisture between her legs had returned, betraying her body’s pleasure at her submission, and Rena found herself staring at the man in the white coat standing between her legs. When she looked to her sides, she saw the grunts restraining her and Riks looking on, staring at her intensely.

“Has she had an exam of late?” the doctor poised at her middle asked.

“I have no idea,” she heard Riks rumble in response. “She just… arrived.”

“Very well,” the doctor replied, donning a rubber glove first on one hand, then the other. “I’ll have to perform a full examination then.”

“Whatever you see fit, doctor,” Riks answered, staring at her the whole time.

Rena felt the discomfort of her arousal plying her body again. There was no reason for it. She wanted nothing more than to find a way to escape, a way to run back to her ship, away from these men. But there was no escaping the hands that held her firmly pressed to the cold steel of the table she was on. All she could do was look on and wait to see what happened next.

“Part your legs, young woman,” she heard the doctor say.

Rena tried to free her leg of the hand holding onto it, tried to shake it off in an attempt to lash out at the white-coated man with her foot. But any such movement was impossible. Each twitch of her muscles only made the men grip her more firmly. Slowly, painstakingly, she felt her thighs being spread until her legs were as open as they could get, her pussy completely exposed to the doctor. Another wave of arousal washed through her body and Rena turned her head to one side, hoping she was the only one who had noticed.

“She is quite aroused,” she heard the doctor say as she felt his finger press at the softness of her core. She winced but no amount of acting could hide the fact that moisture began to seep from her slit. “You mean to take her to the Bani? For breeding?” the doctor asked.

“That is my intention,” she heard Riks reply.

“They’ll be happy to have such a creature,” the doctor answered, “if she’s properly trained. They don’t tolerate wild women and this one seems wild enough.” Rena tried to scowl at him, but the position she was in, bared to the entire room, her legs spread and held open by the four dirty grunts, made it difficult to convey anything but shame.

As the doctor stepped forward, Rena wriggled again, trying hopelessly to free herself of the men’s grasp. But any movement only served to make them tighten their grip and drew their unwanted attention to the moisture dripping from between her legs. As she wriggled one last time, she saw the doctor frown, then glance at his nurse. The woman stepped forward quickly and Rena soon felt a hard, painful slap on each of her sensitive inner thighs. “Hold still,” the doctor grumbled, glowering at her. Setting her jaw, Rena decided to accept her fate for the time being.

She felt the doctor’s gloved hand touch the swollen outer lips of her pussy. Her body tensed at first at the sensation. She glanced at Riks. He was still staring at her. Not just at the softness between her legs; his eyes were roving along her whole body, devouring her curves. Rena felt the blood rush to her face under his gaze. She tried to turn away, to hide the heat that would betray her embarrassment but there was nowhere to turn. Everywhere she looked, another set of eyes was looking back.

Pushing the soft folds open, the doctor moved two fingers of his gloved hand inside her and the sound of her own sticky wetness filled the room. Rena tried to keep her jaw clenched, to remain expressionless but a tiny moan escaped her as her lips parted. She closed her eyes, unable to meet anyone’s gaze. She felt the doctor’s fingers moving inside her, felt the ache temporarily relieved for his presence there. Another wave of shame washed over her. How could anyone in their right mind be aroused by this? she wondered.

“She’s fertile. You’ll have to be careful if you mean to…”

“I don’t mean to do anything like that,” Riks said with certainty, cutting the doctor off in mid-sentence.

A small part of her felt relieved at hearing the words. But another part of her, deep beneath the surface, felt an odd regret. She pushed the thought away, not wanting to confront it just then.

She felt the doctor pull out his gloved fingers, heard the sounds of her wetness closing at his departure.

“Nurse. Thermometer,” he said, holding out a hand, his words clipped and stern. The nurse rummaged in the small bag hanging at her side, then pulled out a thin glass tube with a tiny display on the side. “I’ll have to do this rectally. It’s the most accurate result.” Rena gasped and writhed again at the doctor’s words. “Lift her bottom up.”

Rena’s legs were lifted from the table, pulled up and toward her head until she was resting entirely on her back with her bottom in the air, and then she felt hands descending on her still sore cheeks, spreading them open. She glanced over to see Jayne staring at her intently, and Riks too. This had to be the ultimate humiliation. Both her holes were now completely exposed and accessible, to be seen by anyone in the room who cared to look. Between her legs she saw the doctor applying some kind of salve or ointment to the thin shaft of the thermometer and she realized he was lubricating it. As he placed a hand on her ass and pulled her cheeks even further apart, Rena whimpered as she felt her rear hole open.

“Now stop that,” the doctor chided, “don’t be a child. It’ll be over in a moment.”

Rena closed her eyes and tried to think of something, anything but the situation she was in. The first touch of the cold, slim shaft at the tight circle of muscle that guarded her rear entrance caused her to clench and wriggle again. The doctor’s own heavy hand landed on her rear this time and Rena realized she had no choice but to comply. She felt him spreading her again, felt the tip of the shaft push past her entrance. She gasped at the sensation. No one had ever touched her there, nor had she ever felt anything penetrate her that way. The feeling it brought was a confusing swirl of embarrassment and arousal. Once more the ache between her legs returned, but at the same time, she wished she could just hide from everyone and never see any of them again. The faint beeping of the thermometer brought her back into the room.

“A perfect temperature.” The doctor unceremoniously pulled the length of the shaft from her and Rena couldn’t help the moaning gasp that escaped her as the implement left her body. She looked to her sides at the sounds of laughter to see the grunts who were holding her in place, giggling and staring steadily at her soft core. Their attention made a fresh wave of arousal soak her even further. When they lowered her back onto the table, she felt the liquid dripping down her thigh. “You have here a perfect specimen,” the doctor proclaimed. “The Bani will be most pleased. Most pleased,” the doctor repeated. “All that’s left is to clean her and you can begin her training.”

Clean her?

“Alright,” Riks said. She turned to stare at him as he moved toward her. “You think you can be good? Or are we going to have to leave you in here without any clothes on? I don’t want anybody else flying across the room.”

Rena stared at him, unwilling to concede that he had the upper hand, despite her exposed position. But he didn’t look away the way most humans did when she locked onto their gaze. He held her just as intensely in his own until finally it was she who was forced to look away.

“Well? Is that a yes? No funny business?” he asked.

“Fine,” she said, her voice terse. She glanced back to see him nodding at the grunts, then felt their grip on her release. Her legs falling forward, she sat up on the table, trying to cover her exposed breasts with her arms. The grunts stepped back but moved no further. She could tell by the mounds that stood at attention between their thighs that if there were no one else here they’d have no trouble having their way with her. She shuddered at the thought.

“You grunts get out!” Riks roared at the four men, waving his hand in the direction of the door. The four of them scurried away, making sure not to collide with his massive palm. Each of them stole a final glance at Rena, no doubt to cherish the memory for later that night.

“Good,” the doctor said, removing his gloves. “My nurse can take care of the cleaning.” He looked at the small watch strapped to his arm, pushed a button on it, then looked back up at Riks. “There’s my invoice. To be paid before you leave.” Riks raised an eyebrow at the doctor’s directness but said nothing in response. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going to my next appointment. The nurse will stay for the cleaning.”

“There’s nothing else,” Riks responded, bowing slightly and motioning toward the door. “I’d see you to the ramp, doctor, but I’m afraid that…”

“Never mind,” the doctor snapped. “I found my way in, I can find my way out.” He turned and walked quickly through the entrance of the cage and down into the darkened hallway beyond.

Rena now found herself in the company of the nurse, Riks, and Jayne, who was still looking on in great curiosity from the other side of the bars. The nurse came toward her.

“Turn around, girl,” the nurse ordered sharply. Rena shot her a scowl but remembered her promise as Riks stepped toward her again.

“I’m turning,” she said, putting up a hand and stopping him from doing it himself. Slipping off the table, still holding one hand to her breast, she turned slowly to face the wall. She heard the nurse rummaging through her things again and saw her pull out a sack with some sort of liquid inside and a tube attached to it.

“You’ll have to hold her open for me. Take this,” the nurse ordered, handing a small round thing with a protrusion on it to Riks. “When I’m done, you’re to plug her. She’s to hold it in for ten minutes, then she can void.”

Rena’s mouth dropped open as she realized what kind of cleaning this was going to be. She spun around and put a hand out. “Oh, no. Uh-uh,” she said, waving her palm in the air and trying to climb back up on the table.

The nurse looked up at Riks with a raised eyebrow, waiting for his reaction. For a moment he stood there, seeming unsure of what to do. Finally, he looked at the nurse with an outstretched hand.

“Give me that. I’ll pay extra for it. I’ll do this myself later.”

The nurse scowled. “The doctor said that…”

“I heard what the doctor said. I said I’d do it myself. I’ll pay for that… thing together with the invoice.”

For a moment Rena wasn’t sure what the nurse would do. Finally she shrugged, handed the sack to Riks, then pushed a button on the phone on her wrist. “Suit yourself,” she said, picking up her bag and walking toward the exit. “Remember, she’s to hold it in for ten minutes for a proper cleansing.”

“Fine,” Riks growled, staring at the sack and the long tube attached to it before turning his attention back to Rena. “You want your clothes back?” he asked.

Rena was caught off guard by something in his voice, something softer than anything she’d heard from him before. No, it couldn’t be. She was imagining things. A situation like this would make anyone a little crazy.

“Of course I want my clothes back.”

Riks looked back at Jayne. She scurried inside, picked up Rena’s clothes, and handed them to her.

“We’re leaving soon. Our food order has arrived and the fuel supply’s nearly changed. You’ll get your dinner shortly.” Riks glanced at her, then down at the bag he was holding. “We’ll do this… later.”

Rena glared at him as he left but he didn’t look back. She found that strangely disappointing but pushed the feeling away along with all the others. What was wrong with her? The man was a bastard and about to sell her to be a breeding slave. How could she want to feel his touch again so badly?

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