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Hunted: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

She is intentionally provoking you, Tandor warned as Jobek wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth.

I’m aware, Jobek growled out telepathically. He had never taken a female in anger and he would not start now. However, his feisty little mate was in desperate need of a lesson and his patience for her antics had just run out. He bent and shoved his shoulder into her belly. She grunted as he straightened and secured her kicking legs with one of his arms.

“Be still,” he ordered.

“Put me down!” she countered, her little fists pummeling his back.

She was adorable. Feral and undisciplined, but adorable.

He strode across the main living space and into the largest of the three bedrooms. Like the rest of the house, this room was uncluttered and utilitarian. The lights activated immediately and he sat down on the foot of the bed. Ansley wiggled and twisted as he maneuvered her from his shoulder to his lap. The belt on her dress was not knotted, so one tug loosened it completely. As he worked her arms out of the sleeves, Jobek glanced at Tandor.

Print an anal trainer and magnetic cuffs. Also a clit stimulator and some lubricant.

Tandor hesitated for a moment then nodded. She brought this on herself.

Yes, she did.

Jobek finished undressing their defiant mate while Tandor went to create the requested items. Jobek paused to appreciate the elegant line of her back, the dip of her waist, and dramatic flare of her hips. Her ass cheeks were plump and silky looking. He couldn’t wait to watch them blush deeply from the spanking she had more than earned. Her legs were long and nicely toned. She continued to kick, so he trapped her legs between his and quickly crossed his ankles. Next, he drew her hands to the small of her back and held them firmly in one hand. This left his other hand free to stroke, squeeze, and swat, so he proceeded to do all three.

“How is this helping anything?” Ansley protested as he squeezed one cheek and then the other.

“You accused me of lying.” Jobek accented the reminder with a swat to each rounded cheek. She renewed her struggles, tugging and twisting as she lay across his lap. “You struck me in the face even after I warned you that there would be severe consequences.” His hand smacked her upturned cheeks over and over. Her sweet little ass quivered each time his hand connected with her flesh and the scent of her arousal soon perfumed the air.

Her hands fisted and her legs tensed, but her struggles accomplished nothing. He had her well and truly trapped. “This isn’t what I want,” she cried, gasping and yelping as his hand continued to fall.

“This might not be what you want, but it is clearly what you need.” The next few spanks were even harder than before. All her wiggling and rubbing made him intensely aware of her soft body. He’d been shocked when she opened the dress and flashed her nakedness. She’d been so modest on the ship, so hesitant to reveal herself. Now the image was imprinted on his brain. Her breasts were full and round, the nipples dark rose and tightly gathered. She had no body hair, which he appreciated. But he was curious when and why it had been removed.

“You are wild and disobedient.” He shook away the delightful distraction and focused on the task at hand. “You need to learn your place.”

“I need access to my power.” She sounded less defiant now, as if she was starting to accept defeat. “I need your cock deep inside me.” Plaintive surrender softened her tone.

“Soon,” he promised as he delivered more stinging slaps. “Have no doubt. We will experience all the pleasure your body has to offer and you will become well acquainted with ours, but not because you are afraid and I am angry.”

The tension gradually eased and her struggles stopped. He continued to spank her, wanting the lesson to remain long after the pain faded. Her bottom cheeks glowed a deep pink and her skin was hot to the touch, so he slowly migrated to the backs of her thighs.

A cry escaped her throat with each firm smack. He had no doubt that the sting was sharper now and his feisty mate didn’t like it at all. When her thighs were as red as her bottom, he uncrossed his ankles and released her legs. “Open. Show me your pussy.”

She twisted her neck and looked back at him. Uncertainty and hope warred within her bright blue eyes. “Are you going to… take me now?” Hesitantly she moved her legs apart, offering him access to her wet center.

He rubbed the soft folds, teased her clit for just a moment, then carefully spanked the slick flesh.

She cried out in anger and surprise, trying to close her legs.

Releasing her arms, he held her legs open. “I decide when you’re ready for our cocks.” He spanked her pussy again. “Nothing you say or do will change that fact.” He spanked her twice more, each slap firm, yet careful. She released a harsh sob as her head drooped forward, her face completely concealed by her hair.

Pleased with her surrender, he lightly stroked her well-spanked bottom. “Do you understand the situation now?”

“Yes.” Her voice trembled, adding a syllable to the word.

“Yes, Commander,” he reminded, stroking her pussy with the same light, soothing touch.

“Yes, Commander.” Another sob shuddered out of her. “I’m sorry.”

He lifted her to sit on his lap. She winced when her tender bottom connected with his thighs.

“Why am I disciplining you?”

“I accused you of lying and tried to make you angry enough to…” Her face pinkened and she averted her gaze.

He arched his brows, amused by her reticence. “You had no problem saying it before. What were you trying to get me to do?”

“Take my virginity.”

He chuckled. “You tried to manipulate me. Did you like it when you realized that the founders had manipulated you?”

“It’s not the same,” she objected, renewed spirit sparking in her eyes. “I was trying to get you to do something I know you want to do. Neeva tricked me into risking my life so she could sell me to the highest bidder.”

“You’re right,” he granted. “It was not a good comparison. But the fact remains that you defied me and struck me when I warned you that the consequences would be harsh.”

Her eyes widened and she scrambled off his lap. “You’re not finished, are you? You’re going to do something even more demeaning to me.”

“You left me no choice. If I do not punish you severely, I become the liar you accused me of being.”

Anger flashed through her gaze and she looked around as if searching for an escape. “You’re twisting my words. Using them against me.”

He pushed to his feet, ready to intercept her if she chose to run.

“Where did Tandor go?”

“He’ll return shortly. Come here.”

Her gaze darted around the room, likely looking for something she could use as a weapon. And she was nervously covering her breasts and pussy with her hands.

“I did not give you permission to conceal your body,” he growled out the warning. “Lower your arms.”

“I haven’t accepted you as my mate,” she argued, backing away from him. “You don’t have the authority to treat me like this.”

“The purpose of a courtship is for the males to prove to the female that they are worthy mates.” He stalked toward her, each stride slow yet purposeful. “If a controller cannot control his conduit, he does not deserve her.” He flashed a wolfish grin. “I am determined to show you just how worthy I am.”

He lunged for her, easily dragging her hands away from her body as he pulled her back to the bed. He urged her down onto her back, legs hanging over the side. Pinning her hands above her head with one hand, he used his knees to spread her legs. “Much better.” Their gazes locked as he stroked her breasts, his thumb teasing her nipples. “Is this what you want, sweet little innocent?” He trailed his index finger down the center line of her body, dipping into her navel and then over her mound. He sank between her slick folds and pushed two fingers deep into her tight, virgin pussy. “Are you desperate to have this hole stretched by your mate’s hard cock?”

“No,” she sobbed, turning her face to the side. “I want access to my power and fucking you is the price I must pay.”

He chuckled and drew his fingers nearly out.

She moaned, her muscles tightening needfully around his fingertips.

“I think you need more than that.” He thrust his fingers deep, drawing a cry from her.

“Stop teasing me!” she yelled as she tried to wiggle away from his hand.

He shoved into her again and again. The motion felt like a mini-claiming, possessive and savage.

“Why do you get so wet whenever I spank you?” And she was sopping wet.

“I can’t control my body’s reactions.” She faced him again, glaring up into his eyes. “Is it intentional every time your cock gets hard?”

“The founders twisted your thinking. They taught you to value independence and resent authority. But you are an Altorian conduit.” He continued to finger-fuck her needy core as his gaze bore into hers. “Your body craves my dominance. It needs to be controlled and challenged.” With his fingers buried deep inside her, he found her clit with his thumb and lightly stroked the sensitive bud. “You were not meant to be independent. You were engineered to operate as part of a triad.”

She stared into his eyes as her hips began to rock against his fingers. It was likely she didn’t even realize she was moving so sensually.

“Submit to my authority.” He circled her clit, pressing a little harder as his fingers stretched her inner muscles. “Trust me to give you what you need.”

“I need your cock,” she cried, tears escaping the corners of her eyes. “I need my power.”

He removed both his hands from her body and straightened, wiping his fingers on his pant leg. His expression was stern as he stared down at her. “Our joining is a privilege you have yet to earn.”

An exasperated cry tore from her throat and she covered her face with her hands. “This is so unfair.” She lowered her arms and sat up, drawing her legs together.

“No,” Jobek snapped. “Legs open, arms at your sides. Your body belongs to your mates and this mate enjoys looking at you.”

“You’re only my mate if I let you claim me,” she grumbled, but eased her legs apart.

Jobek moved closer, allowing his gaze to move at will over her delightful curves. “You please me greatly,” he admitted softly as he cupped her breast. Her only response was a sharply indrawn breath so he continued to explore. He pinched her nipples until they stood high and tight. “I will clamp these one day soon.” He pinched both tightly between his fingers and thumbs. “Then release them while I fuck you.”

She whimpered then shivered, clearly imagining the act.

He trailed his fingertips down her body and lightly teased her bare mound. “How do you keep yourself so smooth?”

Her brows drew together and her gaze returned to his. “Shortly after I went through puberty, Mistress Neeva gave me a lotion to use. It removed all of my unwanted hair. Is this not the custom in your star system?”

He continued to caress her soft skin as he spoke. “It is the custom for females who share pleasure or are preparing their bodies to please their mate. It is more proof that the founders intended to sell you and the other conduits.”

She pushed his hand away and tried to stand up.

“Stay there,” Jobek ordered.

Tandor returned moments later, drawing Jobek’s attention to his teammate. The items were concealed in a cloth bag, a detail for which Jobek was thankful. All of these implements would be more effective if she did not see them first. Jobek motioned Tandor closer to the bed then turned back to their wary mate.

“If joining is a privilege I must earn,” she paraphrased, “what do I have to do to earn it?”

“Obey,” Jobek said firmly. “If you want to move this courtship on to more intimate activities, you must do whatever you’re told without argument or hesitation.”

Ansley sat on the edge of the bed, ready to tell him how ridiculous she found his suggestion. But that would just prove his point for him. If she wanted access to her power, she needed to start thinking like a conduit. She sighed and averted her gaze, unable to strategize when she looked at either of them. “What do you want me to do?”

Tandor held the bag open, allowing Jobek to reach inside. “Hold up your hands, wrists close together.”

Dread dropped into her belly like a stone. There was only one reason for that position. “Why do you want to bind me?” She looked from Jobek to Tandor and back. “Have I been that bad?”

“Are you refusing my very first directive?”

“I’m not refusing. I’m requesting more information.”

“You are arguing. Hold up your hands or this session is over.”

Resentment surged past her other emotions but she lifted her hands and placed her wrists near each other. She had to keep her mind locked on the final goal, gaining access to her power. Let them play these stupid games. It would all be worth it in the end if she was no longer powerless.

Jobek snapped sleek restraints around her wrists then turned his attention back to the bag Tandor held for him.

Ansley examined the device more closely. A short length of cable connected the cuffs, allowing her to move her hands independently. The cuffs themselves were like slender metal tubes. They felt cool against her skin, but there was no visible opening, no latch. How the hell did they come off?

“What are these made out of?” She tugged against them, testing their strength. They would easily hold her.

“Xeritium alloy,” Jobek told her as if that explained everything. “Turn over and get on your hands and knees. Ass in the air.”

Tension banded her already tight stomach and her mouth went dry. Her bottom still throbbed from the spanking he’d just given her. She wasn’t sure she could tolerate any more pain. “Am I allowed to know why?”

“No. Assume the position or I’ll consider it disobedience.”

“Will you ever compromise with me? Have you ever heard of meeting in the middle?”

Jobek took two long strides toward the bed, his features expressionless. “This lesson is about basic obedience. You have yet to follow the simplest order without arguing or complaining. Until you do there will be no compromise.”

No longer sure that accessing her power was worth subjugating herself to this asshole, she turned her back on him and then positioned herself on her hands and knees. With her kneeling on the bed and him standing beside it, they were aligned perfectly for him to shove his cock deep into her pussy. She knew that wasn’t what he intended. At least not yet. He’d made that abundantly clear. But knowing he could see her and had ready access to her sex made her even wetter than before.


If it weren’t for the mockery in his tone, she would have welcomed the praise.

“Now spread those legs wide and lower your head.”

Determined to prove him wrong, she did exactly what he told her without uttering a word. He’d seen it all before. Why should she care if he gawked at her naked body?

“Did you spank her pussy?” Tandor asked. “I don’t remember her being that red.”

“She punched me in the face. She’s lucky I only used my hand.”

Being exposed was bad enough, but displaying herself so lewdly while they talked about her most intimate parts sent a wave of shame crashing over Ansley. Her eyes burned with unshed tears.

Someone traced her slit. She held perfectly still, not giving them the satisfaction of reacting to their deplorable treatment. A long finger pushed into her aching core. It slid back and forth a few times then the increased pressure told her a second finger had joined the first.

“Are you sure I can’t fuck her?” Tandor asked. “This pussy is more than ready for my cock.”

“I’m not finished with her discipline.”

Slowly the fingers withdrew. “Then let me taste her.”

“Damnation, Tan. You’re as impatient as she is.”

Tandor’s chuckle was unapologetic and his warm hands grasped her hips. “Don’t worry, brother. I won’t let her come.” Before Ansley could crawl away from him, Tandor pressed his face against the backs of her thighs and drove his tongue into her core.

“Oh, God,” she cried, shocked by how wonderful something so wicked could feel. She knew mouths were used for pleasure, had seen the act performed on the internet. But seeing and experiencing were two very different things.

His only response was to slide his tongue down to her clit and bring her right to the edge of orgasm. He paused, waiting until the sensations receded and then he did it again and again. He licked her everywhere, sucking her folds into his mouth and even sucking on her clit. But every time she was close to release, he pulled away and denied her.

“Stop, please stop!” she yelled as the orgasm fizzled out for the fifth time. She needed the release so badly that her thighs were shaking and wetness was starting to trickle out of her core.

“I could do that all night,” Tandor muttered as he finally stopped tormenting her. “She tastes so fucking good.”

“You are doing very well,” Jobek told her as he moved behind her. He ran his hand down her spine, his touch surprisingly gentle. “Continue to behave and this will be over before you know it.”

“It hurts,” she whispered miserably. “I need to climax so badly.”

“There are many kinds of punishment.” Jobek dragged his fingers across her bottom. The throbbing was nearly gone, but the skin still felt unusually sensitive. “Tandor just demonstrated one. I’m about to demonstrate another.”

“But you already spanked me.” She made sure she sounded confused rather than insolent.

“The spanking was for calling me a liar. This is for punching me in the face.”

She looked back at him, torn between anger and hopelessness. “And what Tandor did? What was that for?”

“For trying to use passion to manipulate your mates,” Tandor told her. “Did you think we would forget about that one?”

This was all a game to them. She turned her face back around and lowered her forehead to her bound hands. They’d objected when she said she’d lose control of her life as soon as she chose her mates. But everything they’d done so far proved that she was right. Females were powerless in their star system. Even if she had access to her abilities, she was afraid it wouldn’t matter.

Tandor sat down beside her on the bed and brushed her hair back from her face. “Look at me, Ansley.”

“I don’t want to,” she whispered.

Jobek slapped her bottom, reigniting the throb. “He gave you an order. You will obey.”

Begrudgingly, she turned her head and met Tandor’s gaze.

“The first few days of any courtship are always the hardest. The males must establish their authority and females often feel compelled to test them. Once you have determined how far we will bend, this will fall into a natural routine.”

She didn’t find the concept nearly as encouraging as he’d intended. Jobek was not willing to bend at all and their idea of natural was vastly different from hers. “If you say so.”

Something cool and slippery dripped into the cleft between her bottom cheeks. Panic jarred her out of her self-pity and she twisted around, trying to see what she’d just felt.

“Face forward, shoulders down,” Jobek snapped. “I did not give you permission to move.”

“What was that? What are you going to do?” She reluctantly returned to the position he’d requested. Her mind whirred with anxious speculation, but she couldn’t come up with anything that explained the odd sensation.

Jobek pulled her bottom cheeks apart and gathered the slick substance on his fingertips. “The female body has three openings. All of them can be used for pleasure or punishment. Because conduits have two mates, they have more need than most to make use of their other holes.”

Ansley’s eyes widened as she realized what he meant. “You’ll put your cocks in my b-bottom?”

“One of us could fuck your mouth while the other fucks your pussy,” Tandor told her. “Or one could enjoy your mouth while the other pleasures himself in your tight little ass.”

“But the ultimate joining,” Jobek pushed against her puckered opening, easing his finger just inside her tightest hole. “The joining necessary to claim a conduit is when one of her mates is in her pussy while the other is in her ass.”

She shook her head as Jobek drove his finger into her back passage. It felt strange, decadent, but not unpleasant.

“Because you are so small compared to us, your body must be trained.”

“Trained?” She was pretty sure she didn’t want to understand what that meant.

He withdrew his finger and pressed against her with something even bigger. “Relax and accept this into your body. The lubricant will ease the way, but you must remain open and accepting.”

She managed to stay relaxed until the stretching began to sting. “That hurts.” She tried to crawl forward, away from the intrusion, but Jobek grabbed her waist.

“Remain still and stop clenching.” He applied more lubricant before he drove the unseen device inward again.

Ansley groaned as her bottom was forced open. The stretch made her ache, but the stinging became a subtle burn.

“We’re almost there.” He continued advancing with slow, yet steady pressure. “As soon as you’ve taken it all, I will reward you.”

Clinging to that promise like a lifeline, she concentrated on breathing and kept her muscles nice and lax. The fullness made her want to rock her hips and rub against the bedding. Watching couples having sex on the internet often made her feel restless and achy. This was much worse. Her pussy ached to be filled while the stretching fullness in a place she’d never even considered confused and titillated her.

Her body suddenly contracted around an indentation near the end of the trainer.

“There we go,” Jobek muttered. “And because you took the entire thing without complaint or argument, I will reward you with pleasure.”

She heard a faint humming just before he touched her clit with a powerful vibrator.

“Oh,” she gasped. “Oh, God.” Sensations radiated out from the nub and she shamelessly arched her back.

He circled her clit with the vibrator, skillfully gathering tension into a tight pulsing ball. “Come for me, pet. Come right now.”

Unable to resist the sensual timbre in his voice, she released her inhibitions and let the pleasure take her. Deep ripples of sensation gripped her core while tingling streamers shot down her inner thighs. She cried out, shocked by the intensity of the orgasm.

“Good girl,” Jobek praised as she collapsed onto her side. Tandor started to lie down beside her, but Jobek motioned him toward the door. “Let her rest. We need to check in with your brother.” At the door he turned back to Ansley and said, “Do not remove the trainer. When it is time, I will remove it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Commander.” She was so pleasure drunk at the moment she forgot to be annoyed.

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