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Hunted: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I shivered as Dominik shoved me into the hotel room, the Russian flipping on the light then tossing our bags. Backing away, I watched as he locked the door, shutting the drapes and placing his weapon on the table in front of the picture window. Then he turned toward me, the kind of look in his eyes one that should terrify me.

Instead, I was more enraged than before. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I wasn’t thinking straight, my fear and worry consuming me. But I couldn’t stop myself from lunging toward him, able to rake my nails down the side of his face. “You motherfucker. I hate you. I fucking hate you!”

Snarling, Dominik grabbed for my wrists, struggling to get both of them into one hand. I wasn’t going to be taken so easily. I kicked out, managing to drive my knee exactly where I wanted it to. Anguish washed across his face if only for a few brief seconds, but he did what I hoped he would do. He released his hold just enough I was able to scramble away, shoving him hard before racing toward his unattended weapon.

But he was too quick for me, snagging my arm and jerking me backwards, tossing me on the bed like a ragdoll. I quickly recovered, jumping off and running toward him, punching him in the jaw.

His growl was more like an animal’s. As he grabbed me again, he took no chances, shoving me brutally against the wall, knocking the wind out of me. I gasped for air as he crowded my space, lowering his head and staring into my eyes. His were nothing more than dark pools, but not just of rage and frustration.

They were pools of lust.

Disgusted, I continued to struggle until he slammed me against the wall twice more.

“Stop fighting me,” he commanded.

“No. I will never stop fighting you. You bastard.”

He took several deep breaths, tipping his head back and hissing. “Then you will be punished.”

“You’re nothing but a fucking monster.”

He wrapped his hand around my throat, lightly digging his fingers in. While he wasn’t hurting me, I had no doubt he could snap my neck with a single twist of his wrist. I did what I could to remain defiant, seconds ticking by. I was floored by the heat he exuded as well as the sexual prowess that I’d already found myself attracted to. I was furious that my body had already betrayed me several times, aroused from his close proximity alone.

How could I ever be attracted to a man who would eventually kill me? Was this some kind of sick predisposition that victims had with their captors? I’d taken enough psychology classes to know it was possible. No way I was going to give into my ridiculous building desires.

Dominik took several deep breaths, frustration covering every inch of his face. “You don’t seem to understand what we are up against, Hope.”

“Then why don’t you tell me.”

My God, the man lowered his head another inch. At this point, our lips were almost touching.

Kiss him.

As the thought drifted through my mind, I smacked my hand against his chest. That only forced him to tighten his hold.

“You are already aware of what the Ivanov family can and is willing to do to their enemies. I had a time limit on disposing of you. Within a few hours, the ticking clock will expire. That means I’ll be the latest asshole on their list to eliminate. I am the only hope you have of both you and your son surviving. Period. There is no other choice or chance for you to live a normal life.”

“Do you think I believe you? Do you honestly think that I would dare place my trust in a monster like you?”

The electricity crackling between us became combustible. I was thrown by the lights flashing in front of my eyes, the way my nipples had hardened to pebbles, aching to be caressed and licked. I continued to be repulsed by the fact my panties were damp, the scent of my desire likely filtering into his flared nostrils.

“No, you shouldn’t.”

What he did next shocked me to my core. He captured my mouth, taking his time to massage my lips with his, opening them slowly until he was able to slide his tongue inside. While I expected this kind of man would be forceful in everything he did, he was almost gentle, tasting instead of possessing.

Every part of me was shaking, my mind reeling at what was happening between us. After a few seconds, I realized my clenched hand that had tried to push him away was suddenly clamped around his shirt, pulling him in closer. The taste of him was all about the liquor he’d consumed but also held a hint of the dark and dangerous man he was.

As he pressed his body against mine, the fact he was hard as a rock was both exciting and terrifying.

The kiss became more passionate, turning into a savage moment of lust and need. I couldn’t think straight, had no understanding of what was happening. I tried to swim my way up from the fog, but he was in full control.

Of my body.

And of my mind.

I heard his guttural growl slipping past the intimate moment as he dominated my tongue, swishing it back and forth in a brutal manner. My heart was hammering so loudly I could swear I heard echoes in my ears. This was insane. This was horrible.

This was… amazing.

When he finally eased back, I took several ragged breaths, trying to clear my head. Then my sense of being took over. I slapped him hard across his face, although the angle and closeness prevented me from being able to use but so much force.

Still, he jerked his head to the side as if I’d actually hurt him. His hold remained, squeezing with more intensity and very slowly he turned his head in my direction. The change in his eyes was insane, pushing me into another moment of anxiety.

“You need to learn a lesson. You are going to do everything I tell you to do. If you don’t, your punishment will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.”

I could feel my eyes opening wide and while I wanted to lash out again, I was shaken to the very depths of my being.

He slipped his hand down my side, gathering my dress into his hands.

I was horrified, unable to react quickly enough. When he tugged roughly, removing his hand from my throat and yanking my dress over my head, I finally let off a cry of fear.

Huffing, Dominik placed his finger over his mouth, shaking his head. Then his words became even more of a reminder that at this moment, I belonged to him.

“There is no one around us, Hope. I suggest you begin to accept that you’re under my protection.”

Protection. Was the man kidding me?

He tossed the dress as if it meant nothing, taking a step away and peering down. “I do hope you have different clothing.”

What did he want me to say? I’d managed to toss a couple pairs of jeans, a few tops and underwear into my bag in the three minutes I’d given myself. I wasn’t entire certain what I’d brought with me. What the hell did he care? “Yes.” I decided to give him the answer he was searching for.

“Good. Remove your underwear.”

I automatically threw my arm over my chest, as if that was able to keep him from seeing more of me. My mouth was dry, but when my crazy reaction was to drop my gaze to the thick bulge between his legs, another wave of nausea flashed through me. Now my mouth was watering, hungering to see his thick cock. While the man was gorgeous, his attire unable to hide just how muscular he was, all I wanted to do was laugh at my reaction.

“What if I say no?” I asked. God, I hated the timid sound of my voice.

“Then I’ll rip them off. It’s as simple as that. Your choice.” His accent seemed heavier tonight, as if the liquor or maybe exhaustion had deepened his tone.

Hunger. He wants you.

The little voice was going to drive me bat shit crazy. I had to be half out of my mind. That was it. Worry and fear were to blame. Right? Whatever the case, I had few choices. He knew it. I knew it. He had the clear advantage, but the night was young. If I could get my hands on his weapon and keys, things would change.

That’s when I decided to go along with his insanity. I would do my best to follow his directions, no matter how disgusted they made me. If I ever wanted to see my baby again, there was no other choice.

Biting back a whimper, I turned away from him, fumbling with the straps on my bra, my hands so cold that they were stiff. After a few seconds, I managed to get it off, tossing the pink lace onto the dresser. I was forced to place my hand on the wall for a few seconds, trying to catch my breath.

“I’m waiting,” he said gruffly behind me.

After that, I heard some kind of noise and jerked my head over my shoulder. My God. He’d placed a pillow on the bed. He was serious about this. What kind of a monster spanked women for punishment? Wasn’t he supposed to pistol whip me or use a knife or… Another laugh bubbled to the surface. I was definitely losing it.

I slipped my fingers under the elastic of my panties, almost as horrified that I’d selected an old ugly light blue pair instead of a sexy lace thong. Oh, my God. I was completely irrational. Shuddering, I lowered them down my hips, swaying to the point I thought I was going to fall to the floor. When I managed to kick them away, I didn’t have the courage or the strength to turn around and face him.

Until I heard his command.

“Turn around, Hope. You need to fully understand what you’re facing and what will continue to happen if you disobey me.”

Swallowing, I finally shifted around to face him, biting my lower lip to keep from saying awful things. I knew that would only make it worse. He’d removed his jacket and the sight of his forearms continued to leave me aching all over. His arms were covered in tattoos, ink creeping down his wrists. With his broad chest, his appearance seemed even more ominous.

I tried to find my resolve all over again as he unfastened his belt buckle. He was going to use a leather strap on me. Shaken, I realized I’d backed against the wall, darting glances toward the door. The man seemed to be able to read my mind.

“I assure you that if you run, I will hunt you down. There is nowhere you can go where I won’t be able to find you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

His eyes remained locked on mine as he slipped the belt through his belt loops one by one. He was making me wait, forcing me to face the anticipation of the brutal spanking. The fucking bastard. I couldn’t wait to pull the trigger on his weapon at some point.

And I would.

When the strap was finally free, he pointed to the bed without saying a word. There was something entirely different about the way he was looking at me, as if he was sizing me up. The man was a giant in comparison to me, his large frame outweighing me by at least a hundred plus pounds. And his muscles… The Russian was built like a fighter, able to kill men with his bare hands.

I was stiff as I started walking to the bed, even dragging my feet. Then I thought of what I was planning. I would get through this. Nothing and no one would ever be able to stop me.

After leaning over the pillow, I fisted my hands, taking several deep breaths. I’d never been touched by anyone this way.

Dominik simply gave me a commanding look, his chest continuing to heave. I was resigned that this ugly round of discipline was going to happen.

But I would never forget.

As I lay across the pillow, I took several scattered breaths. Everything remained unreal in my mind, yet the moment was a foretelling. This was going to happen. I bit back a cry as I fisted my hands, folding my arms under me. Then I pressed my face against the scratchy comforter, still struggling to breathe.

As he walked closer, I could swear I felt the vibrations in the floor. Goosebumps covered every inch of my skin. My heart continued to flutter, my pulse skipping. For a few seconds, I slipped into a safe space, sweet memories of spending time at the beach with Grady able to lift me to another plane of existence.

But as I felt his fingers brushing down my spine, I couldn’t help but whimper. Damn. Damn! This was a nightmare.

“I think you need twenty tonight. Then we will see.”

The sound of his voice continued to send shivers all throughout my body. My mind was still reeling, yet a sudden calm splashed over me. Maybe he would make good on his promise, protecting me from the horrors of the Ivanov family.

Or maybe both of us would end up dead.

I heard the noise as he cracked his wrist, the slight whooshing sound the belt made as it was sliced through the air. Maybe the panic that remained furrowed deep inside kept me from feeling the initial pain. However, the jolt from the force used was enough to drive a series of moans from my mouth.

Dominik delivered another two before taking a minute to brush his hand across my bottom. I could already feel the heat building just as much as the tingle running all throughout my system. I took a deep breath, holding it in as I heard the belt whizzing through the air once again. This time I felt the pain, anguish blooming down the backs of my legs. I squirmed, wiggling to the point the pillow drifted between my legs. Almost instantly, I was so aroused I had difficulty breathing. The sensations were incredible, adding to the explosive heat surrounding my body.

I was cognizant he issued at least four more in rapid succession, but between the way my nipples scraped against the comforter as well as the understanding my pussy was trickling juice down the insides of my thighs, I became electrified. “Oh, oh…”

“You need to learn that following my rules will keep you alive.”

His words seemed to echo, sounding so far away. I shuddered to my core, fighting to maintain what little was left of my dignity. He had to know just how turned on I was. He had to realize what he was doing to me. I was sickened and embarrassed, kicking out my legs as I twisted back and forth.

“Stay in position.” His tone was husky, his words meaning little to me.

The agony was biting yet the wetness between my legs continued to increase. Panting, the moment he smacked the belt down two more times, tears formed in my eyes. I allowed them to fall, my fear and worry about Grady’s well-being intolerable. How could I have allowed him to stay with a stranger? Why had I dared to trust a man who’d put a gun to my head?

I braced myself as he cracked the strap down, one coming after the other. The humiliation of allowing him to do this to me would never leave.

My mind shifted into a blur as he finished the horrible deed. I could tell how heavily he was breathing, sensing he remained close. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball, pretending the last few days had never happened. I also had the need to get the hell away from him. There was no way I could trust the brutal man. I took several deep breaths as I moved onto all fours, trying to crawl to the end of the bed. When I managed to slip onto the floor, I couldn’t hold back a cry of frustration. I closed my eyes, trying to do everything I could to pretend this wasn’t happening.

Dominik crouched down in front of me, the heat of his body becoming oppressive. When he dared to lift my chin with a single finger, my normal fighting instincts took over. Lashing out, I pummeled my fists against him, doing everything in my power to shove him away.

“Stop fighting me,” he commanded, as if I could give a shit what he was ordering me to do.

“No. No!” Even though somewhere in the back of my mind I knew my struggle was useless, I refused to give in, jerking away then slamming my fists against his chest.

He jerked me to my feet, holding my arms, his breathing just as ragged as mine. For a few seconds, he stared at me, the dark cold look in his eyes keeping me trembling. There was no doubt what the man was thinking.

The bastard wanted to fuck me.

I twisted and kicked out, managing to shove my knee into him. Rearing back, he growled then stumbled. I jumped across the bed, once again heading for the weapon. This time, he fisted my hair, dragging me several feet. When he forced me to face him, the electric current between us shot to an entirely new level.

I’d never been so attracted to another man in my life. While my brain continued to try to warn me, my body did something else entirely. The betrayal was gut wrenching, but almost impossible to ignore.

“Such a bad girl,” he whispered as he gazed down the length of me, his chest heaving. He yanked me onto my tiptoes, his hot breath cascading across my nose and cheeks.

“I’m just a girl,” I rebutted, almost laughing at myself for issuing the words. When he crushed his mouth over mine once again, I palmed his chest, but it was no use. The kiss was even more powerful than before, his tongue sweeping across mine, growls erupting from his throat.

This time there was no way to get away from him.

He rubbed his hand down my spine, cupping and squeezing my aching bottom. As he dug his fingers into my skin, I clawed at his shirt, gasping for air. Every part of me wanted to fight him off, to drive the insatiable feelings away, but the connection we shared was off the charts, exploding deep within me until every nerve ending was seared from his touch alone.

As he ground his hips back and forth, the heat continuing to build, stars floated in front of my eyes, their vibrant colors dancing in swirls. He was so damn hard, the sensations as his jeans pushed against me unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

After breaking the kiss, he yanked back my head, issuing another series of guttural sounds as he dragged his tongue around my mouth. The dazzling vibrations were almost too much to bear, the adrenaline rush crushing my system. Growling, he nipped my chin then licked down the side of my neck. As he pulled us apart by several inches, he cupped my breast, squeezing until another flash of pain washed into my system.

He was so rough, his callused fingers creating another set of tingles. When he pinched my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, I couldn’t hold back a series of moans.

“Oh. Oh…”

“Are you wet for me, Hope? Do you long to have my cock shoved deep inside of you?”

His questions seemed blasphemous, yet I realized I was trying to nod. What the hell was wrong with me? Even though I pushed against him again, fighting the darkness inside of me, it was no use. He had utter control.

Very slowly he lowered his hand, tickling my side as he kicked my legs apart. When he slipped his hand between them, I was thrown into a frenzy, unable to stop the whimpers escaping from my mouth. Everything remained a blur until he slipped a single finger around my clit, rolling the tip in slow and even circles.

“God. I…” I licked my lips, forced to stare up at the ceiling. It had been so long since I’d been touched intimately by a man that my pussy clenched and released several times. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, his animalistic sounds reflecting his blissful joy from teasing me.

“You are wet and so very hot.” He pressed a single finger between my swollen folds, darting it just inside.

My muscles immediately clamped down on the foreign invasion, trying to draw him in even deeper. But the bastard continued toying with me, barely pumping his finger in and out. As I bucked against him, I heard a dark chuckle resonating from his lips.

“No,” I said weakly. “You can’t do this.”

“I can and I will. Do you know why, Hope?”

“No. No!”

“Because at this moment in time, I own you.”

The words were strangely erotic, the darkness within him surging to the surface. The second he pumped two fingers inside, thrusting hard and fast, I realized I was matching his rhythm, gyrating my hips in order to drive his fingers all the way inside.

Dominik took his time, adding a third finger then plunging with wild abandon. I had no idea how long he finger-fucked me, but within seconds, I was shoved toward a massive orgasm. There was no way of stopping my body’s reaction, the excitement and longing continuing to build. I had to be losing my mind, but the pleasure was so amazing I allowed myself to become lost in the moment.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” There was no holding back, no method of stopping my body from losing all control. I pitched and squirmed, every part of me aching. “I’m going to…”

“That’s it. Come for me. Come on my fingers.”

His command was even darker than before, his thrusts becoming more savage. As the orgasm erupted, sweeping through me like a tidal wave, I opened my mouth to scream, but there was little more than a strangled series of moans.

He refused to stop, driving into me with wild abandon. I was thrown into the most amazing aura of ecstasy, my body tingling all over. As he slowed down, I started to breathe again, yet my heart continued to race. I was wobbly but he continued to hold my hair, locking me in place.

When he removed his fingers, I suddenly felt a chill skating down my spine. Panting, I knew I was clinging to him like a lifeline, but for the life of me I couldn’t feel any sensations in my fingertips.

“Look at me, Hope.”

His words were just as demanding, his whispered voice almost like a lion’s. I barely managed to open my eyes, watching in fascination as he slipped his fingers inside his mouth, making suckling noises as he licked every long digit clean. There was no mistaking the scent of my desire, the wafting fragrance titillating. When he was finished, a sly smile crossed his face, his eyes devoid of light.

Seconds later, he pushed me down onto the bed, the shock of his actions shoving me into a frozen state of mind. I was stunned that I couldn’t seem to move a muscle, my mind reeling as I watched him undress. While I knew what he was going to do to me, the brutal bastard staking his claim, I was no longer horrified at what was about to happen. In fact, I was excited, enough so a few purrs left my mouth. There was no way to justify his actions or to forgive him, but as the glory of his muscular body came into view, I was hypnotized.

Dominik yanked his shirt over his head, exposing his massive chest. The tattoos continued, covering almost every inch of his skin. They only added to his persona, but in a way that was entirely personal. Whatever his story from the past, I had the distinct feeling that every work of art had a story all its own.

He wasted no time removing his boots and trousers, tossing them away as if they meant nothing. The sight of his massive cock made my mouth water. The long, thick shaft was a marvel of beauty. A warm flush crept up my neck, shifting to my cheeks. Just being around him this way was embarrassing as hell.

But oh-so decadent.

Then he advanced like the predator he was, every action becoming deliberate. “Move onto all fours.”

I opened my mouth to object, but I obeyed him without saying a single word. I even tossed the pillow aside, preparing for the horrific moment that was about to begin. My mind remained muddled but with every passing second, every thought going through my mind was lurid.




I’d never been this way before, my life always revolving around fighting for everything in my small world. The thought of surrendering to anyone, let alone a man had always seemed disgusting. Why him? Why allow myself to fall into such a perilous action? There were no decent answers, nothing that would soothe the inner girl inside.

I felt his presence behind me but dared not look over my shoulder. Still shaking, I clamped my fists around the comforter, trying to keep from panicking all over again.

Without hesitation, he yanked me back by my hair, forcing my legs over the edge of the bed. Then he kicked them apart before rubbing the tips of his fingers all the way down my spine. With the exception of his heavy breathing, he remained quiet, taking his time to brush the tips of his fingers across my hips them down to my left thigh, tickling my skin from the lightness of his touch.

I bit back a cry, clamping my eyes shut as he continued his exploration, shifting his hand to my right leg. When he crawled his fingers up slowly, caressing my bruised and aching bottom, I couldn’t stop a moan from escaping. A clipped scream erupted from my mouth when he slid a single finger down the crack of my ass, easing it to my swollen pussy lips. Every part of my body clenched from anticipation, my blood pressure rising. His cock was so huge, I wasn’t certain I could handle him fucking me.

Tak mokro,” he whispered. “So wet.”

Swallowing, I jumped when he smacked his cock against my bottom. I did everything I could to stop reacting, refusing to allow him to know just how unnerved I was. But when the bastard chuckled darkly, it was all I could do not to kick him in the nuts. Maybe that was all he deserved. Not my obedience. Not my compliance.

And certainly not my acceptance.

He released his hold on my hair, moving his hand to my hip and digging his fingers in. Then he guided his shaft to my pussy, slowly brushing it up and down.

Gritting my teeth, I realized only seconds later that I was rocking backward and forward unintentionally, my actions doing nothing more than encouraging him to fuck me. Oh, God. I couldn’t believe the man sent to kill me was fucking me. And I was allowing him to without fighting to the death.

Think of Grady. Breathe.

A single tear slipped down my face from worry and fear, but the second he pushed his cockhead inside, easing past my swollen folds, a rush of excitement and pleasure replaced the sadness. There was also an explicit feeling of guilt.

“A beautiful woman,” Dominik muttered then thrust the entire length of his shaft inside.

There was no possibility in hell that I could hold back the scream that burst from the depth of my being. The sensations and boosted electricity immediately sent me into the kind of bliss maybe felt once in a lifetime. My muscles struggled to accept his wide girth, aching as they clamped around him.

“You are tight, little Hope.”

There was still a part of me that wanted to scratch out his eyes for his callousness, acting as if I belonged to him. Yet as the ache continued to morph into extreme pleasure, I was falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of emotion.

Growling like some wild animal, he pulled out, leaving just the tip inside then slamming into me again. The force was enough to push me down until my face was only inches away from the bed. When he repeated the move, my natural instincts kicked in and I pushed up, arching my back.

He gripped my other hip, his long fingers keeping me exactly where he wanted me. Every sound he made was primal, guttural, and the tone alone was enough to add fuel to the already raging fire. I gasped for air as he fucked me, driving hard and fast to the deepness portions of my pussy.

“Oh. Oh…” I hung my head, licking my dry lips as the bliss continued to build, every blood cell dancing with excitement, my muscles completely stiff. But as the seconds turned into minutes, the sound of his skin slapping against mine floating into the air, I was pushed closer and closer to another orgasm.

I didn’t want this.

I couldn’t allow this.

But the rapture was as perfect as it was intense.

“Come for me again, solnechnyy luch,” he commanded with such passion in his statement, as if the man actually cared whether or not he brought me any satisfaction. He shifted the angle, slowing down his actions for just a few seconds, the tip of his cock hitting my G-spot over and over again.

While I’d had lovers in my life, there’d been none with such expertise on pushing me to the very edge of nirvana then pulling back, able to manipulate my pussy like a master puppeteer.

I bit my lip until I could tell I’d drawn blood, the coppery taste almost pleasant. There was no struggling to hold back the inevitable. The man pushed me into a dazzling stratosphere, my body exploding from a fusion of current and ecstasy. As I met every savage thrust with one of my own, I couldn’t stop shaking violently. “Oh, God. This is… Yes. Yes!”

He’d already sensed my reaction, whispering softer words entirely in Russian. The sultry sounds managed to infiltrate my brain, only adding to the incredible joy. As another orgasm erupted inside, I clawed the bed, ripping at the covering.

I wasn’t certain how many times I climaxed, but every one of them stole a portion of my ability to breathe. I could no longer feel my legs, my arms like dead weights. But he refused to stop, powering into me even more brutally.

He was taking exactly what he wanted.

And I had no doubt he would do it as often and as roughly as he desired.

When I finally realized that he was prepared to come, the incredible rush of ecstasy returned to the realization of what was really happening.

He was nothing but a killer and I had been his intended victim.

At some point I wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Then I would be dead.

There would be no pleading that mattered, no offers given because I had nothing else. I would simply lose all I had because of the bad choices I’d made in my life. This was my reality now, one I needed to accept. Maybe, just maybe, if I could remain obedient, I’d be able to negotiate for my son’s life.

As he issued a series of growls, I suddenly wanted this horrible mess to be over with. I clamped my muscles, a sigh of relief escaping when he exploded deep inside. What I wasn’t expecting were the few words he whispered at the end.

“Now, you belong to me.”

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