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Hunting Their Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

They would never break me, and I would never fall in love.


I held my breath, involuntarily sliding my hands down the form-fitting dress. Why should I care what they thought of me? I was nothing but their slave.

The first man entering the room was Talyn. He seemed to wear his emotions on his sleeve, his look of blazing hunger creating lines in his otherwise chiseled and perfect face. He was rugged, although the boyish quality was much more endearing than the bleakness of Zacon’s harsh expressions.

He blinked several times, his pupils dilating as he walked closer. “You are… stunning.”

“Thank you,” I managed, much more cognizant of the way my already hardened nipples were highlighted through the thin material. Quivering, I followed his gaze as he slowly lowered his eyes, drinking me in. He had a sensuous aura and as he stood in his commanding uniform, I noticed the very thick, throbbing outline of his two cocks. Two. Oh, my God.

Zacon strutted in as if he was the one in charge, a sneer curled on the corner of his lips. I expected nothing but the coldness I’d witnessed before. When he stopped short, rearing back, I was surprised that his features softened. A smile even crossed his carved face, allowing the single dimple in his chin to appear, one I hadn’t noticed before, which gave him a seductive quality. I could smell his testosterone from where I stood.

“Impressive,” he whispered, coming closer. He held out his hand, moving very slowly. When I didn’t flinch, his smile widened, and he brushed the tips of his fingers down from my forehead to my chin.

I was shocked at my body’s reaction, the quiver moving directly into my pussy. My mouth was bone dry, a slight longing filtering out the utter hatred I’d felt only moments before. There was no way I was just suddenly attracted to him.

Perhaps you were all along.

The single drifting thought almost brought me back to what Sabrina had said. Sex was the great equalizer, allowing a warrior to remove his armor. Maybe Zacon was this kind of man. What are you thinking? He’s your enemy. I swallowed and attempted to look away.

Zacon captured my chin, pinching with his thumb and forefinger as he kept my head directed toward him. “You have nothing to fear, little human. I may be a fighter, but tonight, I am your lover.”

As if I should or could believe him.

Talyn crowded closer, running his long fingers through my braids. “I’ve never seen another woman with your exquisite beauty.”

Another shiver forced me to suck in my breath. I wasn’t ready to simply fall apart, succumbing to their will. I would do their bidding but I would hate it.

The damn little voice was laughing at me now, reminding me that my nipples ached with longing.

Leaning over, Zacon licked across the seam of my mouth, growling under his breath. “You taste amazing.” He shifted his fingers to my throat, tipping back my head as he lowered his lips to mine. “I will enjoy every second of sliding my cocks deep inside that sweet pussy of yours.” When he captured my mouth, he kept our lips pressed together for several seconds before parting them, darting just the tip of his tongue inside.

I wanted so much to shove him away, to push him straight into hell, where I thought every Cenzan belonged, but he was slowly awakening the same tingling sensations that Killer had. I’d clamped my hand around his shirt before I realized it, clinging to him as he pulled me closer. The feel of his pulsing cocks pressing against my stomach was titillating, my muscles clenching.

I knew Talyn was still behind us, his fingers dancing down the length of my back. I was stripped of the hatred, if only for this moment in time, the desire looming, threatening to allow me to enjoy. Damn my body for betraying me. Damn my mind for the deep yearning.

And damn the fact my armor was slowly sliding away.

Shame rushed into every portion of my being. I couldn’t want this. I wouldn’t condone this. I refused to care about this. I…

The kiss became more passionate as Zacon jerked me completely into his arms, his fingers digging into my neck. As he shifted his hips back and forth, the action becoming more and more aggressive, I fell into the moment of lust. I slid my arm around his neck, intertwining my fingers in his long strands of hair. The glorious silkiness gave a slight jolt of electricity.

Our tongues twisted, his dominating mine as he became more intense, the embrace demanding in its own right. The captivating scent of the man was completely unlike Killer’s, invigorating in its intensity, intoxicating in its fragrance.

Zacon moved his open fingers to my face as he broke the kiss, the hold screaming of ownership. He nipped my lower lip, finally breaking the connection and taking several steps backward. “Yes. I will very much enjoy spending time with you.”

The flash of arrogance was just another reminder that he wasn’t human in any regard. I stood tall, almost forgetting that Talyn was in the room.

But the hungry beast refused to allow me, his hands moving around my shoulder and cupping my breasts. “So you long to have our cocks inside, filling you?” Talyn whispered in a rugged manner as he squeezed.

I quivered, the new wave of electricity shooting down the backs of my legs. “I will see.”

“Such beautiful defiance,” Zacon stated as he yanked his shirt from his waistband, peeling the material over his head.

There was no possibility of pushing aside my attraction for the man as he stood, his naked chest gleaming in the gorgeous light violet color of his skin. Rippled tendons gave way to ab muscles that were carved straight out of stone.

Talyn slipped his fingers inside the bodice of my dress, flicking the tips across both nipples. I could no longer fight a moan that had been building, the sound utterly shameful. He pinched my already hardened buds, pulling them into elongated peaks.

The pain was blinding. Exhilarating.

Panting, I leaned against him, smiling as he undulated his cocks against my bruised ass.

“Imagine having my cocks in your ass and pussy,” he muttered, offering a wisp of hot air across the base of my ear.

Goosebumps popped along every inch of skin and there was no way I could stave off my increasing hunger, famished for the attention that I’d missed.

But where was Killer?

“There are rules that you will follow,” Zacon stated, his tone even more demanding.

The statement forced me to tense. “I follow no one’s rules.”

Talyn released me but remained close, his energy covering me like the softest velvet blanket. He was very much the protector.

He chuckled darkly as he moved to within a few inches, taking a single finger and sliding one side of the slender straps holding my dress down my arm. When he exposed my breast, he issued another guttural sound, very much like a famished animal. “You will find we will be fair, but you will learn to obey, and punishment will be swift and without question.”

I bit back a retort as Talyn slipped the other strap, allowing gravity to take it further. Humiliation rushed in and I kept the dress from falling as I folded my arms, my breath scattered.

There’d been no sound made, no indication that Killer had even entered the room, but suddenly he was there. Looming larger than life, his broad shoulders held back and tense as he witnessed the other men fondling me. I was breathless seeing him again. Gone was the soot of fire and the filthy clothing. He stood like a Roman god, a true gladiator in his tight black pants and gilded shirt.

The Cenzans were all about ceremony and he was making certain the others knew there would be hell to pay if any harm was done to me.

The shirt highlighted his extraordinary muscles, honed from years of fighting battles. With his clenched jaw and piercing eyes, he was quite possibly the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Now able to see his tats in brighter light, I was mesmerized by the raging dragon, the design popping off his skin. It suited him.

“You’re late,” Zacon said with no emotion.

“And you started without me,” Killer countered, taking long strides in our direction. The other two moved away, allowing him space. There was no method of refusing this man. He’d accepted his position but had no intention of taking a back seat to anyone. He was the man intent on dominating me. “You belong to all of us and I will honor the code, but never forget…”

He didn’t need to finish the statement. As he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, yanking me forward, I felt a combination of helplessness and exploding desire. He kept his lips centimeters away from mine, his breathing heavy.

Shimmying, I allowed the dress to fall to the floor, still quivering although my heightened desire was rekindling the embers.

Killer moved his lips across mine, the action so intimate that I was caught off guard, clinging to him as he tipped my head back further. He was such a powerful man, strong and foreboding to all those who didn’t know him. But for these few seconds, he allowed me to see a taste of his gentle side, caring in a manner I hadn’t expected.

Then he devoured me with his mouth, the passionate roar that we’d experienced before bolting to the surface. There was no sense of time or place as he thrust his tongue inside, exploring the dark recesses, taking utter and complete control.

His hunger was unabashed, stripping me of all reality. Lifting me off my feet, he kicked the dress away then slid his hand down to cup my bottom.

I slid my leg around his thigh as I clung to him, moaning past the tight embrace. The realization that I was completely naked, ready to be shared by three men, stole my breath. I heard rustling sounds, as if the other two were undressing and the anticipation and anxiety melded together. This was happening. This was my reality.

There was no way of knowing how long the kiss lasted, but when Killer finally let go of my lips, I was lost.

He brushed the backs of his fingers down my side, the tickling effects leaving me trembling all over. The sensations were subtle but oh-so powerful. I kept my eyes closed as he eased apart my legs.

“You will follow our rules, Kristina, Warrior of Earth, but in doing so, you will be well taken care of,” Killer whispered, the sound so deliriously husky, leaving me wet and hot.


“There will be no discussion,” he breathed, his fingers sliding between us, brushing back and forth across the top of my thigh. “There will be punishment as necessary, but you will be a good little human, won’t you?”

Hearing the way he asked the question initiated an immediate answer, one coming from some hidden place deep within. I’d never wanted to submit to any man. There’d been no one who’d tried.

At least who lived.

“Yes.” The word was intriguing to say.

He cupped my mound, clamping down. “And you will learn respect.” With the other hand, he smacked my bottom several times.

I swallowed, surprised the sound seemed to echo. “Yes, sir.” I gritted my teeth afterward. This time, my emotions had rebelled against me, answering without thinking.

“Better,” he said under his breath before licking from my jaw to my earlobe, nipping the tender flesh. Then he whispered so that no one else could hear, “And you will belong to me.”

“Yes, sir.” This time, the words came easily, even with continued reservation.

The second he slipped two fingers inside, wiggling them back and forth, my knees almost buckled. He could bring me to a raging orgasm with limited movement given my state of arousal.

“I will fuck you soon, baby. Trust me.” His words were so feral, all commanding. He continued pumping in and out as my body swayed back and forth.

I was shaken to my core, no longer certain I could control my actions.

Killer issued a series of very deep breaths before pulling out. With lazy eyes, I watched as he slid his fingers into his mouth, his eyelids dropping as he sucked and licked.

The simple action was overwhelming in some crazy manner, the suckling sounds playing against my thumping heart.

The heat from the others was all encompassing as they surrounded me. Both my hands were taken, one from Zacon and one from Talyn. When my fingers finally touched their long, thick cocks, I whimpered. All four were equal in size, one completely smooth and the other rippling with nubs. I was floored, a level of excitement jetting to the surface. This wasn’t real. This couldn’t be real.

“This is what you can expect every day of the rest of your life,” Talyn growled, the sound so authoritative and seductive.

“Mmmm.” Licking my lips in appreciation, I stroked up and down with both hands, marveling as the glorious sensations caused by the nubs. I could only imagine them deep within my pussy.

My ass.

Oh, sweet Lord. They were going to fuck me in the ass with their…

I opened my eyes, noticing the amusement on Killer’s face. I also hadn’t realized he’d removed his clothing, standing in all his naked glory. The man was built like a true god, powerful in every manner. He seemed to nod to the others, as if giving them permission to take me first. I was swiftly turned until I faced both, finally able to bask in the glory of their fabulous cocks. I hadn’t been prepared for the pleasure I could receive.

My brain locked out all the reasons I should fight them, my raging desire taking over. This wasn’t the end of my hostilities, but for now, I would enjoy the spoils of… war. The thought was far too consuming.

Both Talyn and Zacon rubbed their hands all over me, brushing the tips of their fingers in swirling motions. I was over-sensitized, the moans slipping past my lips involuntary. I switched to their other cocks, giving even more attention, my hand twisting and turning until Zacon threw his head back and roared.

“You are one bad girl,” Talyn said, his chest rising and falling. Even the color of his eyes had changed from his extreme hunger. He groaned then lowered his head as he lifted my breast, engulfing my entire nipple.

“Oh… Oh!” The scattered moans left my mouth. I rolled my hands up and down, squeezing their cockheads. My mouth watered with the thought of having one then the other inside. When Talyn bit down, still sucking on my hardened bud, I let out a bedraggled yelp. The pain was invigorating.

I could almost taste my desire, the scent filling my mouth. I was so wet, juice trickling down the insides of my thighs. There was no denying my attraction to all of them, no possibility of hiding my yearning. I was rewarded by both men, strings of cum slipping from their bulbous heads. There was no way I’d be denied the taste. Not now.

Perhaps not ever.

As I dragged the tips of my fingers across their sensitive slits, I was rewarded with hazy looks in their eyes. They were losing control, almost desperate in their need to have me. I purred then slipped first one then the second finger into my mouth, sucking in an exaggerated fashion.

Their animalistic sounds were barbaric, primal beasts ready to consume their prey.

Everything seemed to move into a blur as Zacon lifted me into his arms. “I’m thirsty.” As if with no effort needed, he tossed me onto a table, my head hanging off the other side.

I gasped, my heart racing.

He wasted no time as he hunkered over, lifting and spreading my legs, running his fingers along the backs of my thighs. “I can’t waste to taste your sweet little pussy.”

I bit back a moan, feeling more exposed than I’d ever been in my life. They were going to fuck me.

Fill me.

Use me.

Claim me.

Talyn was suddenly there, peering over me with an almost evil grin on his face. “Are you hungry, little human? Are you ready for a feast of your own?”

I reached out, able to slide my fingers in between his legs, shuddering the second I wrapped my hand around his swollen balls. They were so full, ready to spew cum deep inside.

“You are going to be so much trouble,” Talyn hissed between clenched teeth, his body already shaking.

Zacon’s hands roamed my stomach, tickling my skin as he blew across my pussy. “Glistening. Delicious.”

Talyn took control, slapping one of his shafts across my cheek. “Are you ready to suck me?”

“Uh-huh,” I managed, taking several deep breaths as I opened my mouth, darting out my tongue. He slid the tip of his cock across it.

The second Zacon’s tongue darted across my clit, I jumped, arching my back. He held me down as he swirled just the tip in very slow circles. Around and around. I was almost instantly lightheaded, sensations rocketing through me. He kept me wide open, alternating blowing across my pussy then licking, driving me into a wild state of need.

Talyn thrust his cock just inside my mouth and the taste was incredible, so sweet and decadent. I rolled my tongue in lazy motions, trying to concentrate as Zacon nipped my tender clit. Everything was larger than life as both men began their ravaging act of seduction.

I sucked on Talyn’s nubbed cock, mesmerized by the way his shaft felt. So thick, so throbbing. I couldn’t seem to get enough, relaxing my throat as he pumped in rapid motions, forcing me to take one inch after another.

Zacon licked up and down my pussy, finally plunging his tongue inside. I tensed the moment he added a finger, then two and three, moving in the most perfect orchestration.

I was floored by the dazzling vibrations, my blood pulsing to the point my heart was racing. I clamped my mouth around Talyn’s cock, sucking with enough vigor that he issued a series of deep moans. Every part of my body was on fire, the embers bursting into flames. I could no longer feel my toes but as Zacon’s thrusts became wilder, I had to fight to keep from climaxing.

I rolled Talyn’s balls between my fingers, wanting nothing more than to suck on them, savoring their musky flavor. The scent of our combined sex permeated my entire being, and I felt utterly intoxicated. I would wear their scent for days.

Zacon licked in a fervent manner, adding a fourth finger until I felt filled, my pussy muscles constricting over and over again. He moved his mouth up to my clit, sucking and licking. When I didn’t think I could take any more, he slid something inside my ass.

The pain was biting, sending a shower of light particles in front of my eyes. I couldn’t stop shaking as he claimed my ass, pumping in and out. I tried my best to continue sucking on Talyn’s cock, but I was thrown into a sublime state, the bliss incredible.

“Suck me, little human, or I’ll be forced to discipline you,” Talyn murmured, although there was no anger in his statement, merely the words of a man desperate to come. He held my head in place, taking over, angling his hips until he was able to thrust in jabbing motions. The tip hit the back of my throat. I rolled my tongue back and forth, even as I bucked hard against the way Zacon was eating me.

His tongue lapped at my cream and there was no holding back, no way to control my actions. As Talyn pumped in a savage manner, filling my entire mouth, the climax raced up from my toes. In the next few seconds, I was pitched into sweet nirvana as I orgasmed, the tingling sensations jerking me up from the table. There was no light or sound, no comprehension of anything, the ecstasy too great.

Zacon refused to let me go, licking and growling like a true predator. He moved his lips to my inner thigh, biting down on my skin.

Marking me.

Claiming me in his own way.

Talyn’s body tensed as he rocked up, tossing his head back and forth. He opened his eyes wide, his expression one of rapture. When he came, shooting seed into my mouth, I fought to keep every drop. I licked and swallowed, marveling at the flavor and still, strings of cum slipped past my lips.

“Yes. Gods above. Yes!” Talyn roared, his fingers digging into my skin. He kept his control for a full minute before jerking back, breaking the connection. “That was…”

Panting, I licked my lips, finally cognizant that Zacon had pulled away, easing my legs down until they dangled off the table. I found it difficult to catch my breath, but my mind shifted to Killer. Finally lifting my head, I saw the look of darkness in his eyes; it was telling.

What he wanted was full and absolute control and he was willing to bide his time. I closed my eyes, still swimming in utter euphoria when massive arms scooped me up. His scent was far too enigmatic, entirely different than that of the Cenzans. I felt safe in Killer’s arms and nuzzled against his chest, the feeling of exhaustion remaining.

I realized quickly his patience wasn’t going to last for long. Seconds later, I was eased onto the bed, Killer’s hulking mass leaning over me.

“Are you ready to be fucked in your other holes?” he asked, his eyes glistening.

“Yes. Yes!”

He climbed onto the bed behind me, jerking me around and into a sitting position straddling him. The feel of his thick cock between my legs was far too much of a draw.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft, pumping in a vigorous motion.

A slight curl on his lips was followed by his hands gripping my hips and lifting. “I’m in control. I suggest you remember that.” He yanked me down, impaling me with the entire length of his cock. We both exclaimed together, our bodies shaking from the raw desire.

I slipped my arms around his neck, holding him as close as possible, our lips just touching. He took his control, pumping me up and down. We were so hot, the electricity all consuming. His cock expanded my muscles, so thick and hard. I clamped my knees against him, rocking.

Killer nipped my lower lip, sucking as his actions became more brutal, the sound of my bottom slapping against his skin a beautiful hint of what was to come.

Intertwining my fingers in his hair, I licked across the seam of his mouth before darting my tongue inside. The moment was passionate, a dark becoming of our combined souls and bodies.

He smacked one hand against my ass as he fucked me, the discomfort mixing with the racing of my heart. I was lulled into a trancelike state, clenching my muscles as the hard fucking continued. When different fingers traced down my spine, I let out an elongated purr.

Zacon. He was to be next, driving his cock into my ass.

Killer slowed his actions as Zacon took his position, lifting my hips. “Hold on, sweet girl, because you’re in for the ride of your life.”

I heard Killer’s words, but I still tensed as wet fingers were slipped into my ass. Preparing me.

Stretching my muscles.

I held my breath, trying not to whimper. The pain as two fingers became three was biting, washing through every cell, but within seconds I was able to relax. The anguish shifted, another round of warmth swimming into my muscles.

“That’s it. Just think, I have two cocks,” Zacon chuckled as he pumped in rapid motions.

Killer nuzzled into my neck, biting down then licking up to my ear. “So wet.”

“Yes,” I whispered, closing my eyes as Killer’s cock continued to throb, even growing in size. As Zacon straddled my hips from behind, I stiffened once again.

“Relax, little human,” Zacon muttered.

Breathing out, Killer licked across my jaw to my lips, crushing his over mine as Zacon slipped the tip of his shaft into my asshole. Oh, God. Oh. Fucking. God.

I was stretched, my ass muscles straining to accept the width and I had no way of knowing which cock he’d used. What did it matter? I was filled utterly and completely. Inch by inch, Zacon pushed further inside, all the while issuing words in another language, comforting sounds that continued to surprise me.

The man had another side.

One I could find… tolerable.

As Killer entwined his hands with mine, Zacon slid his hands until he cupped my breasts. The pressure as he squeezed was intense, but I was so alive, every nerve ending seared from the red-hot heat.

Killer finally eased back, taking me with him, planting one of his hands on the bed as the two men began to fuck me in unison, rocking as if they were one.

Bottle rockets were shooting through my brain, stealing every cognizant thought. I was in lust with both of them, the two rugged and sexy men who knew exactly what I needed. I closed my eyes, my head lolling forward as they fucked me long and hard. I was their puppet to do with as they wanted, and in truth, I didn’t mind.

They moved harder and faster, driving in wild yet even strokes. I had no idea how long the amazing session lasted, but I could feel another climax racing to the surface. I clenched my muscles with enough force that both Zacon and Killer roared, the sounds like the sweetest music. Goosebumps popped along my skin and my pants became strangled moans, matching theirs.

Barely seconds later, our combined fire became a sizzling firestorm as both men erupted. I held back, trying to keep this going forever. Then I lost it, the climax jetting into my pussy.

“Oh. Oh!” My scream was louder than their guttural sounds, floating into the air above us.

I was well aware I was clinging to Killer, my sharp nails scratching his roughhewn skin. They both held me for a few seconds and I reached back for Zacon when he left the bed, my eyes opening wide. Was he disgusted at the arrangement, having gotten his rocks off? I was distracted when Talyn eased down, lying on his back.

The shimmer of depraved lust in his eyes drew me in, an awakening perhaps of my own soul. I could see into his, a smattering of the life he’d lived. His loves. His fears. The powerful moment was a direct connection that I knew would last. If only Zacon and Killer would allow me in, but the two brutal men would remain enemies even as they learned to adapt to the arrangement.

A moment of sadness filtered into my system until Talyn pulled me away from the others, resting my back on his chest. He stroked down my chest, swirling the tips of his fingers around my nipples and pressing kisses against my neck. When he lifted my hips, sliding his cock inside my darkened hole, I shot out a scream.

“Oh, God!” I wasn’t expecting the intensity by a simple angle change.

“Tight. I love it,” Talyn whispered, his hot breath creating a wave of heat between my legs. “But you will need anal training.”

Training. What the hell was he talking about? “What?”

“Don’t worry, our beautiful pet. I’ll make certain you have everything you need. We’re going to stretch your tight little hole.”

Talyn was serious. Oh, shit. I wasn’t naïve in any manner. I knew about the dark kink people craved, their longings to be flogged and hogtied, preferring pain over romance, but training? I was mortified.

No, I was trembling all over, but it had nothing to do with fear.

How could I want this? How could I tolerate this?

The questions didn’t have any answers and even if they did, my body had no rational state, just simple needs of savage pleasure.

Killer leaned over, yanking my head by my hair, his eyes full of dangerous intent. “Training will be very good for you as well as very strict rules. You’ll be on a short chain until we can trust you.”

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